Wednesday, November 30, 2016


At times, transition is painful, Thank God, it has been a boon and it has never shook me hard, rather it has made me learn new the professional transition has been beneficial to me n I enjoyed the moves.

After studies, which I completed after marriage chose to stay at home, being full time mother to my kids, it was my decision and I had secretly wished the same when they weren't born, so it was my choice and thankfully, I didn't need to step out to bring money in the house, so the move was satiating and been a mother of two cutie pie, it was wonderful and I was on cloud nine. When they grew up my lap, I started searching for some assignments that can be carried out working from home. Few encounters I had but all I was losing hope, a surprise barged in. I was given C&F agency by a multinational company on terms & conditions without any deposits to manage two states and the business was commendable. The surprise banged on n I got engagement at home with handsome earning and it was going peacefully.

After five years, fodder scam was unearthed and we dealt with veterinary products, so our business got hampered or God had some other plans for me. It was difficult to close down the operations of MNC but it was difficult to survive on meager business, so wound up. During that process, Parul, my neighbor approached me to handle her departmental shop as she was not doing well. The godsend plan was wonderful and my toddlers had grown up to stay at home alone for few hours after school, so I took up on a positive approach. Again, there was a transition from indirect sales to OTC sales and I gave up my full and gradually, I owed the shop.

But the God had charted varied plans for me and when the financial market was growing, I tried to get into it and thankfully, my past experiences in sales was counted in and I got a was surprising for all & I joined as a Telecaller for the brand and in two years time, I was heading as Relationship Manager which gave me a fantastic growth in terms of money & post. In the meantime, I had chipped in required certifications of Financial market and gave my 100 percent to learn the basics n tricks of market & in a decade, I was known figure of financial markets n even changed over to leading brands of finances. After 15 years, my health issues crippled me and I started contemplating of changing over. In these years, my cuties were settled so I had to work in for engagements n few bucks to be independent.

I was inclined to my childhood passion n started pursuing the same on mass level and it's been a year but the journey has been beautiful, satisfying and I have carved a small space in the kingdom of blogging & creative writing where I am getting recognition. I feel like a butterfly who comes out beautiful after been polished at different stages, the ugly larvae transition to a colorful butterfly, people can't take eyes from her.

The Sweat of Summers

Hardened my Gleam & Clear Beauty

Spring Electrified.

© Ila Varma 2016.

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What is Haiban? 

The Haibun is prose (or a prose poem) interleaved with one or more haiku:

  • The prose is not an explanation of the haiku.

  • The haiku is not a linear continuation of the prose.

  • It is a style of Japan creative writing.

Monday, November 28, 2016


                                                           Image Credit – Timur Saglambilek

"Karan, let’s spend some time together." Tia said.

"Today, no way. I've a meeting with my Director. Why don't you join your friends?

Tears rolled down and she was speechless.

She had booked the table for them and had thought of surprising Karan with his preferred cuisine.

She pinged Karan with a request to join and he confirmed that he would.

She was overwhelmed.

She walked to the table in new dress gifted by Karan.

She waited anxiously. Karan stepped inside.

She froze spotting her friend Allen with Karan.

They took their seats.

She walked out with heavy heart.

Monday, November 21, 2016

My JUG! #Dear Zindagi


Till I didn't meet Alia on Dear Zindagi, I knew the simple literal meaning of Jug, the vessel which could hold drinking water.

When I read the whole story of Dear Zindagi, then I came to know or my lessons were revised as she called Shahrukh Khan by the name JUG, whom she considered her friend, mentor, a special friend with whom she was free to discuss right from politics to her likes n dislikes and where she did not had to wear masks or pretend, rather she was quite frank n open, with no formalities n inhibitions.

I loved the word JUG and hence its usage, here too it is close to its literal meaning, the person whom we call JUG is the one who holds all your emotions and cooperates at every juncture of your life and never judges you, rather gives you freedom to soar high and spread your wings in the way you like.

I thought for a moment and found that my pet Rocky was my JUG, who patiently handled all must be feeling what I am saying...yes, it's true...he cared for my comforts in all possible ways.

When Rocky was brought in the family, my kids took great care of him but due to higher studies, they had t leave my nest and now we husband wife was left to be with Rocky. He missed the kids badly and gradually became attuned with us.

In those years, I was diagnosed with neuropathy and my movements were restricted and I found immense changes in Rocky.

When I would be alone at home, he would never ask for food or water. When I felt better to move then I would give his meal and he would walk in my pace with me while going for toilet or pee. I was astounded by his love n concern for me, even the humans can't cooperate, the way he did. He was quite patient with me.

If anybody in family would scold him, he would come to me and sit at my back. He was sure of my motherly instincts to save him, so our respect n concern for each other was mutual.

At times, when I felt rigidity in my joints, I kept the door open. He used to sit between the space of the door & made sure that none barged in till I gave green signal, his honesty & obedience was mind blowing.

When I would feel low, he will sit near me and play with me wagging his tail or tried to make weird movements of his body to see the smile on my face. He was a great observer too.

He was special in many ways. He lived up to eleven years and all throughout never ever, he went into the kitchen & puja room, never pee or toilet inside the premises and never touched or destroyed a bit in house.

He was truly my Jug, who understood my feelings by watching my face and my movements gave him idea of my health issue.

I felt like a god was living with us and always thinking of our welfare and safety.

May God bless his soul & rest in peace.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

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Repentance! #FotoFiction3

"You are not worth to be my husband." Tia screamed.

Her words pinched me hard n I felt my dignity at stake in-front of my kids. Silently, I left the home when all were sleeping.
Undecided, I stepped out & wandered hither-thither.When I woke up, I found myself sleeping on the pedestrian. I rubbed my eyes & pinched myself. I was sleeping on road. The sky was clear & bright & the view was amazing..Unfortunate incident of last night stirred my emotions.I shrugged off thinking when Sun can appear after every night, why can't we drop our grudges & start fresh. I started for home.

© Ila Varma 2016.

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Dear Zindagi #My Jug

Who is my Jug? The sudden question by Blogadda left me bewildered and I could not think of anything appropriate.
I started working on it and read the story of Dear Zindagi online and understood that Shahrukh Khan is the Jug of Alia and she dotes on him and they both are crazy for each other and has great compatibility.

I scratched my mind to find who is or was my Jug in my life and with whom, I am the real self with no pretence…there are ample people in my life who had shared the path of ins & outs of life but all can’t be my Jug.

The First Jug of my life was my Granny, who was my lifeline and she showered all her love on me, unconditional love and I too reciprocated. The emotions can’t be weighed, so could not know, the scale of which side was higher. She was my friend, Guru, and my playmate too. We shared the same bed and every night, she used to tell me stories of fantasy and I slid in sleep. There was no bar between us and we shared everything of life and she took care that I was not scolded by my parents.If ever my Mom tried her hands to hurt me, she got good thrashing from Granny and I enjoyed their bickerings...naughty Me.

The Second Jug of life is my Life partner, who reads my emotions and I don’t have to tell him. Even, in my silence, he reads my mind. He takes great care and tries to manage household front when I am unwell or slogging. We do quarrel over petty issues but he never backs out. He is quite supportive & understanding. He is a great mind reader and he lost his mother in early age of life, so he is quite vigilant for me.

The Third Jug of my life is my Two Sons, who are always there for me. They are the God messenger for me and we three share great compatibility, love & concern for each other. There is no pretension between us, we are what we really are. They too are my Jug on whom I can rely & they never break my trust. They are quite concerned about my health and they do every bit to keep me happy. We do have differences of opinion but we amicably sort it down & at times, we shout at each other to release the bottled petty issues. They are more like friends than kids and we go for outings & movies together.

I have been lucky to have these in my life and they have shaped me in a better way and helped to realise the true potential in me.

I wish that Alia gets Jug like Shahrukh in her life.

  “am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

 (‘Who’s Your Jug?’ – #DearZindagi Activity!)

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Best Birthday!!!

From the day, I gained senses, I was very much particular about my birthday celebration n every year, and I waited with enthusiasm doubled each year n even the friends doubled over the years. Till, I was a tiny tot, my mother used to take me to Hanuman Mandir, Patna to receive the blessings of the Lord & get snapped at Shadow Studio, Patna.

Gradually, the custom began to celebrate birthdays at home, where she tried her culinary skills and prepared delicacies of the choice of B’day girl, sweets, balloons and cake. All my friends were invited and we had a gala party and enjoyed every minute of it along with family n friends and after all the guests were see off, it was the time to unpack the gifts.

The major attraction of b’day party and the curiosity to know what was all in the packaged packets. The people take long time to ready the gift packaging and we tear off mercilessly to see what it holds. 😄

This custom continued till I was Eleven years old, after that I started in my own way of celebration. The cooking part was the Mumma’s department, but the decorations and amusements sessions I chose and got it done along with my younger sis. My birthday falls in May, so we had long summer vacations and we had ample free time to organise the events in our best way.

All of a sudden, a proposal came and my marriage was settled when I was in my sweet sixteen. The charm of sweet sixteen had done its job of attracting and some unknown was attracted and he directly visited my Pa for the alliance. No one was prepared in my family but finally the proposal was accepted.

Thirty years ago, girls did not had the voice to protest and had to agree. The marriage was to be solemnized next year.

I requested my parents to see if they get marriage date on my birthday. I was asked to explain the reason…It was my childishness, now I feel and I laugh at myself.😆

I was very particular about my birthday celebration, this day was special in my life and I wasn’t sure whether my in-laws or hubby will remember my b’day, so if the marriage date falls on the same day, then certainly it will be celebrated.

My demand was accepted by parents and finally I was married on my birthday. It was the day which changed my life and me completely. It was the game changer event and certainly a big day in my life, when I got a caring and doting partner, who gave me freedom to fly with my own wings.

I am into thirty years of marriage and till today, my birthday is celebrated every year with great pomp n show and every year, it is celebrated in a new way.

Now people tease me, you chose marriage day and b’day on the same day, you miss one party every year…but I don’t have any regrets for it.

My best birthday was the day when I got married and as a gift, my parents gifted me a person who could take care of me lifelong.💕

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I was missing someone. I checked my watch, it was 2 am. I peeped out of the window and saw the dark sky outside with brightly lit stars, it appeared as if diamonds were studded in the sky. I took the car keys & tip-toed out of the house. I accelerated & drove on the highway. A bright orange ball of Sun sneaked from the clouds, it was a break of a new day. I turned the wheels towards my friend’s house whom I was missing with intention to revive the severed relationship to start afresh with better understanding.

© Ila Varma 2016.
Tina Basu

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Butterflies!!!

Under the blue sky

Race was held

Of butterflies

The butterflies were tasked to

Grab the juice

Of red flowers around.

Time was locked

To complete the task assigned.

Vowing to win

Burning their bums

Took the blessings of bright Sun

Not to lose & stump.

Finishing the task

They had to take seat

On the stick

Voting was on start

All performed best

To their abilities

Concealing the flower juices

In their mouths

Red butterfly won the race

Defeating others in line

None was subdued by defeat

B’coz they had true fun

Among their friends


They partied together.

© Ila Varma 2016


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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trekking Tips!!! #Everest Base Camp trek

                                                                                                Source: here

Trekking word sounds so adventurous, so just think how the expeditions would be. It’s quite adventurous and requires physical training to endure walking on heights and proper backpack to be ready for the trekking.

People especially the youngsters who are ready to accept risks and motivated to take up trekking but first one should plan before starting for trekking. It’s better if one gets his/her health check-up and is certified by the doctors to take up mountaineering expeditions. On heights, there are lot of possibilities of lowering of oxygen level, so the person with heart and lung ailments are not allowed to take up trekking. The people with fear of heights and physically disabled in hinds too are not advised to partake in these expeditions.

In reality, trekking on mountains are very exciting and adventurous but one needs to be fit and fine to taste the experiences of trekking. The base camp trekking are more interesting and fun – filled because you get a chance to wait in late evenings or nights among the valleys and mountains and the experience of staying in the lap of nature is awesome and one feels elated and light at heart, away from bitter stress of life.

Before taking up expeditions, please follow few steps to reap maximum benefit from the journey.

  • Plan your trip: Proper planning will execute amazingly, planning not only includes dates of itinerary; the budget or the amount your wallet allows, proper season to go for trekking and then chalk out the dates and accordingly book your dates for adventurous expedition.

  • Get your health check-up done by the physician and book the dates if physician allows to take up trekking

  • If you are going for the first time, then choose the best season for trekking, that is March to May & September to November. The weather neither hot nor cold, it’s pleasant and no rains. Monsoons are the worst for trekking. Once people are through, they plan their trips in season of their choice. If you wish to experience cold and ice then you can prefer to start in December but do remember to carry enough warm clothes to wrap on especially at nights.

  • Backpacking is the most important in this itinerary and be prepared for all the possibilities and do carry the things you will need during the trip. Make a list of the things required and buy for yourself.

  1. First aid box & Important Medicines
  2. Toiletries
  3. Dry fruits & Refreshments
  4. Full cap & Gears according to the climate
  5. Trekking Shoes
  6. Warm Clothes
  7. Water Bottles.
  8. Keep a small diary with contact numbers
  9. Walking Stick.

  • If you are in a small group, you can distribute the items and carry but if you are with a big group, you can keep a porter to carry the items, a cook to cook food for the group.
  • It is always advisable to hire an experienced guide who can guide you throughout the journey.

Base camp trekking are wonderful where you break in your journey and enjoy the beauty of nature, it’s truly inspiring and majestic.

To help you in the expeditions, has come up with interesting itinerary, so do grab the exquisite offers and make your trekking experience memorable.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

When I was A Child!!!

As I was flipping through the pages of the album, this snap of mine with my brother, my perfect partner in crime...Don't go on his looks...he looks cute & innocent but he is away from these two in practical life.

Blogadda WOW prompt, "When I was a child" prompted me to meander down the lane of childhood n bring back the sweet memories of past, where we fussed so much that at times, Mom used to get annoyed and lose patience but we hardly cared.

Childhood days are the wonderful days of our when I rewind the gone days, I feel at a loss to have severed myself from the golden era of life where we only knew, life means fun & we fully enjoyed n at times, enjoyed the look on the face of my Mom, an anxious look but her love for us made her forget our tantrums.

There is a gap of only two years between brothers and when we were small, we started crying & throwing tantrums simultaneously...but now I remember how patiently she handled silently.

The days of childhood are the best because there is no stress and the children are the king of house and elders shower all their love and affection and pamper us so much that we feel loved and center of attraction.

There are no policies to be followed, no routine to stick to, no cut-throat competition, no thought of leg pulling, no thought of status and dignity. All seem equal, no disparity...Yeah, Life is a just wonderful garden and the children are the lovely flowers of the garden.

Just watch the glow on my face on getting a tricycle as a birthday gift, now even if I get a Mercedes then too such a smile won't spread on my face now. This is the true innocence of a child, who is not worried about financial management and receiving gifts of his choice leaves him drenched in joy & satisfaction and the shelter of parents means a lot, which I miss now.

Crying and sprawling on the floor to gather the attention of parents...can I do the same now...if I repeat it, I would be taken as a mental case...My name is the same n my parents are the same...So what changed My temper, my outlook, my perceptions. In early days, we don't have any inhibitions and we act as heart says.

The golden era moved out with life but reminiscences are fresh in memory and I love to dwell in those moments of love and laughter and these snaps of childhood give me goosebumps n revive the past glory.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Dear Zindagi!!!

Dear Zindagi,
Whenever I am in a fix, I am at wits end and ask you, “Why you always choose me. Aye Zindagi, yeh to bataa Tera iraada kya hai?”

You don’t reply to my question but your actions speak much louder & it shakes me thoroughly…Zindagi tumhare pyaar se darr lagta hai, Re.

When I run my eyes around, I find that whenever anyone is in fix, he asks you the same question though the ways are different but your existence is there. At times, I feel sorry for you too, when I am happy and catch people swearing you…but it’s your humdrums which makes each individual cry out and are helpless, all stakes & shares are in your department…Don’t you think that you keep testing people to the core and their writhing gives you happiness, I feel, that’s the reason you are after people, chasing everywhere…even in dreams, you don’t leave….Zindagi…that’s not fair.  ;)

You are a good friend from the perspective that throughout life, till we breathe, you are with us and you never give up. We give up numerous times but you don’t. You sever the relationship on the day, heaven gives us a final call.

As a friend, you are the one who slogs along in trying times as well as in spring of life, a true friend but cunning at heart…at times, you screw us tight.

Lagta hai…I criticized you more than required…Sorry Dear…Maaf kar do…you are the one who take us out of the trouble and open our eyes to see the truth prevail.

Dear Zindagi, I am thankful that I was born in a family where I was the apple of the eye of the family and they showered all their love on me…it was a testing time for them too as I was born with an ailment and was a female child…but despite my shortcomings, none neglected me or isolated rather all were on toes to rectify my ailments…so you gave me a chance to gaze their love which was pure and real.

I was born in a joint family so I had the privilege to experience the love and affection of all other than my set of parents…Zindagi, it was all your blessing.

When I was in teens, again you gave me a shock of life and I was very hurt & cried a lot and my each sob cursed you to bless me with deadly disease where I had to take utmost precautions, taking hot water bath in hot summers, no ice-creams or cold desserts…all my favorite things were snatched by you, but in the long run, I found a positive side of this breach of life, I grew more stronger at heart and could digest tougher issues of life. The disease scarred my body but my soul was unscathed and you, my dear friend…it was all your grace.

As I grew, I met numerous faces and maximum wore masks and it was pretty difficult for me to identify the real ones and in this trial error game, initially I failed and incurred losses of wealth & mental health but this exercise made me able to identify the real people and the impostors. You did not help me in the beginning but you transformed my personality and improved my thought process. Now, I realize that if you did not tie with the unmatched situation, I could never learn the tricky people…it was your trick which helped me to learn a lot of public affairs.

At times, you snatched my precious people from me and I was totally wrecked but you never thought of helping me out, you were a mute spectator and I cursed you with all my heart…but after walking miles n miles, I realize that you did the right thing to leave me alone & watched how I managed myself…losing people is the inevitable truth of life, no one is spared and gradually with experience of life, we learn to accept the truth of death and parting and makes us courageous to accept next unpleasant situation of life…Zindagi, you are amazing, you know how to groom a simple soul.

Zindagi, you have given me several setbacks in life but you have showered me with courage & endurance to bear all.

I am thankful for what you gave me, the surprises that left me giggling and the amazing instances which groomed my persona, amazing relationship to feel the zing of life and made me a doting daughter, wife & mother and all feel happy to have me around.

After walking miles n miles, I learnt a lot from you and learnt to overlook the flaws of life and add the simple joys of life to make my life bright & wonderful.

Dear Zindagi, you have given me the exquisite smiles and I receive a lot of compliments for the same.

Be there in my life as a torchbearer and show me the path whenever I breach from the right one. Now at this point of life, where my kids are settled and I have had enough, I don’t have any urges nor any grudges from you. You are the best silent teacher and you mold your student in a right way in a right direction.

Best path of life is not the easy one, one has to face the hurdles to reach the aimed destination...but Zindagi, you were always there when I stumbled & felt low, you took me into your arms and cajoled me...Love you Zindagi.

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

How Unpredictable Life Is?

Yes, it’s true, Life is unpredictable and life is such that the things that we predict never ever happens at the right time…Our wishes n desires are fulfilled but not at the time we thought to crack, but the time life has stored for us.

People say that everything is predestined…how to believe when we are unaware what the things are predestined?

Life is unpredictable n tough for those who see as tough n easy for those who readily accept each n every move of life, without twitching the brow.

I am no exception, I too go through the same.

My early marriage was an unpredictable moment for me as well as for my parents, family n all those who knew me and in three months, I was transformed totally not in girth but in worth.

The careless who moved in trousers n frocks till yesterday was engaged…unbelievable.

I pinched myself several times if really it happened or was it a passing nightmare…I have used the word nightmare here because I was reluctant at the tender age of 16 years to get hitched to a man whom I had not seen or heard of.

I too had a dream of a Prince who would come some day and ask for my hand. The Prince did come but not to me, his move was directed towards my parents. They too were not mentally ready to see me off on the pretext of marriage, so they asked time to think n rethink.

The matter was not disclosed to me but round table discussion was on. My mother was not ready to pack me up to in-laws place knowing that I had ambition to do something good in life and marriage could be a hurdle.

The round table discussion with extended family concluded with the decision to start the move from the alliance, the groom had asked my hand. He had seen me in some gathering n had decided to make me his princess n straight away, he had contacted my Pop.

Twenty- nine years back, parents never ever thought that the bride need to be asked or informed about the alliance or her decision matters…nothing of that sort…but it was believed that she will accept all that is said.

Same thing happened to me, I was asked to summon in a sari with earrings etc. at a nearby temple.

Before this day, I had never tried earrings, bangles or bindi in my life and I found it weird but chose to keep silent respecting elders.

Finally, I stepped in the temple and fleet of people surrounded me n barged several questions like Lord Shri Ram arrows.

I felt as if I was moving like,
"Suraj Hua Maddham, Chaand Jalne Laga

Aasmaan Yeh Haai Kyoon Pighalne Laga...

Main Thehra Raha, Zameen Chalne Lagi

Dhadka Yeh Dil, Saans Thamne Lagi"

I was literally trembling with fear of these outstretched eyes and answered all the questions wrong, I tried hard to sound confident but all my boldness flowed out of my body. I was mentally blank.

In spite of giving wrong answers, I was selected. The choice of the boy mattered, these all that was reeling were gimmicks, in the name of formality.

Finally, my marriage was fixed.

On the day of my engagement, I was crying. People rejoice but unknown fear of losing my people, my family, my future added to my desperation and I cried a lot.

I was engaged but my parents bought time of a year to complete my Plus 2 at least n the groom party was communicated about continuing further studies and it will be my decision.

The event of engagement created some magic on me and I carefree girl gradually started transforming for the good, becoming more responsible, learning home décor and polishing culinary skills along with my studies.

In one year time, I was totally changed, my outlook n perspectives changed and that was the magic of unpredictable life who predicted my marriage as per its choice and changed me completely.

I was adamant fellow and followed what I liked but this life made me kneel down as per its choice.

We are mere puppets in the hands of life and we play as per its directions.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ban on Notes #Demonetization of 500 & 1000 currency

Dreams drained, Wish no more,

Ban on Notes Creates furor,

Searching Banks to Store!

© Ila Varma Nov.2016


One Liner Wednesday #Money

Wallet is stashed with notes of 500 & 1000, but can't buy a bread for the family, What an irony?

Musings of An Empty Mind By Ila Varma, 2016.

After the paper money of 500 & 1000 banned for spending further, the whole chunk is feeling dizzy, they have the money in the wallet but none is ready to accept for a deal, not even for the daily bread. The life of these currencies changed overnight - Demonetization.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Triumphs #Haiku

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Fort Worth
Gamy Trump Triumph
Halting the Expectations
Far-fetched Dream Encash.

Random Thoughts of Ila Varma

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Tuesday Prompt: Ultimate

Modi bans 500-1000 currency in India after midnight, his ultimate motive behind this ultimate step is to curb terrorism & put an end to circulation of black money, PM, you are ultimate.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Weakness!!!

The Friday Reflections ask me to elaborate about My's difficult to spot own weakness.

Just for a try, ask someone to spot weakness of someone known or unknown, they will count on it in seconds n reverse the game, they will stop n brood and fight within hundred times before spelling out their own's the human instinct and it is universal truth for the human on the planet Earth.

Let me see how I explain my weaknesses and what are they?

The five important ones:-

I am an emotional fool and build castles in the air and when it crashes, my dream rushes down too leaving me drained & heart broken...don't mistake for love-life...Dil bahoot reasons se tootta hain... :)

I burst out badly when I am in real's the outrageous one and I forget the prominence n existence of the person whose class I take...the spurts don't take up easily n it's conditional. If my close associates don't respect my words & if the onlookers n other person try to cheat me or is dishonest, then i handle them with great care...with extra effort.

Tears...tears...tears...they take toll of my pain or hurt...roll down easily and at times, they embarrass times, I love to conquer the conquest of tears but it fails me. I lose myself more often.

I take time to get associated with someone but once I gain confidence in people, I carry on the relationship n my intense dreams & expectations get associated with them. I consider it my weakness because if a person ditches or breaks relation, I am spurned, so I take time to associate in the first place.

Music is my greatest weakness and my best friend in both, best time or the worst time, music exists always. It's a great healer n balm for my soul.

There are numerous, but I found these five the best to share with my readers & friends.

Wish You All A Joyful Day Ahead!

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” — William H. Gass



Monday, November 7, 2016

Period Pride

The topic of Menstruation, flow and periods were the hush hush topics till yesterday and it wasn’t discussed openly in families. Each n every woman went through and it’s quite a normal thing, but it was the thing to be ashamed of and there were many inhibitions and taboos associated with it.

I do remember, in my childhood days, I saw my Mom n Aunts to stay away from kitchen for three-four days n they slept separately and when anyone asked about them in their period of exile, they were told that they were not well and now I think that the matured men understood the reason but it was beyond my thought to understand the reason, so in simple words, I understood that they were ill but a conflict arose in my mind that why they were not allowed to take their food or give us food or snacks, they appeared more as untouchables.

When I was in my 12 years, my mother & granny used to ask me umpteen times in hushed tone about bleeding in panty and they were on vigil. At that moment, I didn’t understand their concern but now I have understood. My menstruation was late than normal girls, so they were more concerned but they never explained me clearly.

Soon, my younger sister had her period on time and she was exiled just like my Mom n Aunt, sleeping in another bed, not allowed in kitchen blah...blah. I directly asked my sis, she told me that she was bleeding n Maa had asked her to refrain from entering kitchen & puja room, washing hair and touching pickle jars and be vigilant in changing sanitary napkins n staining dresses and not to discuss with anyone…I understood the Mazraa behind this hush hush and been rebellious since childhood, I told my Mom that if you are continuing since nonsense practice of exiling people in periods then I won’t ever disclose to you…I hate this practice.

“Thud” a hard slap hit my face…this was my Mother.

“How do you say nonsense? All members abide by n are you the one exceptionally unique from others…you are bleeding and keeping it a secret.” This was my Mom, fast n furious.

I told her that I wasn’t bleeding but I feel very bad watching this practice and if I come of age n start my periods, I don’t want to go through such practices.

I was in my 15th year and every now n then, the hushed topic of the ladies of my house was that my periods were late in spite of proper physical features n they persuaded me to see the doctor for the same. By this time, I understood the pangs of period’s n was reluctant to visit doctor for the same. Granny gave me one year’s time to wait for it else it was compulsion to see the doctor. I was relieved for a year but my bickering continued about the age old practice.

Before completing 16th birthday, stains of flow showed up and the elder ladies were relieved that I had joined their group but a rebel has its own way. I slept on the same bed, went into the kitchen and led normal life and this way my younger aunt n sis too was relieved from their monthly punishments.

I felt proud of myself that I helped in bringing a change and I led a normal life, the flow did not disturb my daily routine, only I refrained from God worship…maybe the fear of unseen power held me back.

When I was in Tenth, our biology teacher explained the reason of ovulation and its importance in women’s life, I was amazed to know about the production house that a woman carries and how ovulation helps to manufacture eggs with the amalgamation of man’s sperm.

The child is regarded as a soul of God and so the woman who carries the life in her womb for 9 months should be worshipped as goddess and this Period should be regarded as a Pride of a Woman who makes her eligible for motherhood.

The mothers should openly discuss and explain the ins & outs of periods and educate every daughter how to manage herself in periods and lot more associated with it….it is a thing of Pride that God has bestowed to every female on earth.

How to take care of Periods Pride?

  • Maintain cleanliness n good hygiene.
  • Change sanitary napkins at proper intervals and in case of heavy flow, change whenever you feel uncomfortable with the flow.
  • Carry extra napkins while going at work or school.
  • Discomfort tit bits are normal in periods but if you experience excruciating pain n discomfort, immediately see the doctor.
  • Never neglect discomfort, pain n heavy flow, there can be medical emergency & follow Maya app, best friend of a complete Woman.
I feel proud to be a woman and I take special care of myself during my sacred days.

“This blogathon is supported by the Maya App, used by 6.5 million women worldwide to take charge of their periods and health.”

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finally, I conquered!


"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do."
--Henry Ford

Fear is the word quite common in our lives and the greatest fear a man has is to lose his life. Hold an infant away from you, they will pull you towards them or catch you tight…so a small infant unaware of the worldly things too has a fear of life.

Everyone has some fear embedded in them, fear of heights, depth, loneliness, water, animals, cockroach and lizards.

Cockroach n lizards are enough for few women to drain out their energy, they have so much fear from these small creatures.

I am no exception and I too had fear. Born n brought up in a large family where we did not a fix bed or place to sleep, we got the comfortable space but it wasn’t specified, so in the beginning of my childhood, I had a fear of been left alone and loneliness ate me but with the passing years, I came out of it but the shadow of dreaded fear was deeply embedded in me, fear from Dead.

A death in the family or in neighborhood moved me from within and just a news of a death disturbed my mental peace to the core and the affect was cumbersome.

The news revolved in my mind and several questions erupted regarding death which is inevitable and the date is fixed but no creature on earth knows when the end is. The news troubled me a lot and been emotional, it took a toll of my physical n mental capacitors n basically, it crippled my routine and my movements.

If the person would be known, the picture used to revolve in front of my eyes and all the incidents n moments spent would revolve around breaching peace of mind and what happened next was frightening…I used to land in high temperature, utter weakness and no appetite. Even I couldn’t intake enough water. It was a matter of concern for the parent’s n elders of my family.

A news of death terrified me so much and so no one allowed to go near the place of death or to see the corpse. Many times, my mother didn’t disclose the news of death to keep me away from nervous breakdown due to death.

Really, it was one of the bad phase of my life and it continued for long years.
I have been able to overcome this fear after crossing four decades of life and through this transition, life wasn’t easy, it created a lot of turbulence in health conditions and used to be wary.

After lot of explanations about life & death, reading books and magazines, practicing breathing techniques and age & maturity gradually cleared my fear.

Finally, I conquered my fear, the journey to overcome was not so easy rather it was tough. It was tough to accept the harsh reality of life and my well-wishers, friends & family came to my rescue in helping me to erase the fear of death.

Death do stirs my emotions but I have accepted as a phase of one’s life n take it in a positive way.

"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
--Nelson Mandela

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Impregnating Joys

I hid joy under my palm

never parted

till someone

asked for alms.

When I grew tall


in the paths

of hunger

of pain

of poverty.

The pangs of pain

hit me hard

shivering my soul

I promised myself

to stand for those

who are really in need

of time, money & care.

I parted

with my share

to help.

At times

My soul was bruised

or landed in

dire circumstances

by the erratic behavior

of few vapid souls


I continued my way

Forgiving all

who wounded me

in the adjoining lanes

of diffusing joys.

Sending smiles

to all lives

that needed

my hand

I felt vibrant & bouncy

in my calculations.

© Ila Varma Nov.2016

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In's & Out! #SOCS

She knew the in's n out of the people around her but chose to maintain silence to retain peace in her life.

Musings of an Untamed Mind.


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Blog Marathon 2016


I was overjoyed to participate in Blog Marathan of Blogchatter and was quite enthusiastic to complete it with my two blogs, and Thoughts Uncovered and wrote everyday n it was going hand in hand till the Day 24. 

The festival arrived and so did my kids and busy in delivering family obligations, I was left behind the schedule n finally, I missed 8 articles, that is 4 days in 31 days...not bad but disappointed to have missed the target of 62 articles in 31 days.

Diwali been the festival of lights n cleaning n first Diwali of my DIL, so my attention was diverted more towards family after Day 24.

I am a regular writer n normally 1000 words in a day is quite normal for me but my difficulty is I am Behta Paani, I can't be bonded. This time, I took the challenge to bind myself in an affair with words but slipped out.

Still 54 blog-post in a months time is not bad with managing my daily chores n health and will definitely try to qualify in next Marathon.

I wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo 2016, but I am travelling this month n Panchkarma is scheduled so I may lag behind but unofficially I will write 1660 words everyday for a practice and next year will keep myself free for the challenge postponing other obligations & commitments

Let's see how I fare in my commitment of writing and a novel is on cards and some more big changes I wish to create in my blog journey.

I thank my readers for believing in me n reading my blogs n encouraging me to do better. 


Looms! #Prompt

Terror looms,peace busted

In-spite of risk,they stand straight

Salute army!

“Loom” is the word of the day for the Tuesday. Terror hovering on our country, creating restlessness n the fleet of Army safeguards our country.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Diwali Lights

Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya.

Lead me from darkness to light!

Light arrangements @home on the night of Deepawali 2016

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