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Mahindra Drives in its New Electric City SmartCar, the ‘e2oPlus’ in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

·       The e2oPlus marks the entry of electric vehicles in one the most prominent emerging state capitals of the country.

·       Price starts at Rs. 7.46lacs (for the P4 variant ex-showroom Chhattisgarh, post FAME incentive)

Raipur, August , 2017:Mahindra Electric, part of the diversified USD 19 billion Mahindra Group and a pioneer in the development and production of electric vehicles in India, today announced the launch of its new electricCitySmart car, the‘e2oPlus’in Raipur. With zero emission, the ‘e2oPlus’ is set to usher in a whole new concept in urban mobility and is priced at an attractive Rs. 7.46 lacs (for the P4 variant ex-showroom Chhattisgarh, post FAME incentive).

Commenting on the launch, Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric said, “Mahindra strongly believes in Sustainable mobility.  We are one of the first to invest in electric technology and being the pioneers, we Mahindra Electric, are committed to be at the forefront of the movement to transform mobility and make it cleaner and more sustainable. We are happy to launch our electric hatchback e2oPlus in Raipur today. Mahindra e2oPlus with its zero- tail pipe emission will support the government’s vision to make New Raipur – a world class city. We are confident that the existing favourable state policies will serve as a positive support towards adopting sustainable mobility and will help Chhattisgarh create a greener future.”

On a full charge, the Mahindra e2oPlus can travel for upto140 kms and can achieve a top speed of 85kmph. Powered by the latest electric drive train technology from Mahindra Electric, the e2oPlus can effortlessly cruise through city traffic and drives Mahindra’s vision of the Future of Mobility. The tall-boy design and spacious interiors make for a compact city car that can comfortably seat four adults. 

At the core of the e2oPlus is a collection of connected features that have been developed to make the car both easier and more enjoyable to drive and maintain. Whether it is planning a route, checking the health of the car, or remotely cooling the car, the e2oPlus seamlessly integrates technologies to offer functionality and is aptly designed for easy urban commuting.

The host of innovative features include remote diagnostics through telematics, connectivity through smart phone app, new and advanced infotainment system, regenerative braking, Hill Hold control for easy driving in hilly terrains, REVive® for reserve charge and automated messages amongst others.

Charging the e2oPlus is as simple as charging a mobile phone. Customers can choose between 4 trim levels (P2, P4, P6, P8) and 4 exciting colours namely Coral Blue, Sparkling Wine, Arctic Silver, Solid White.

Key features of e2oPlus

Hassle free drive:

Regenerative Braking – This revolutionary technology (first in India) charges the battery of e2oPlus every time its brakes are applied, helping the car literally recover the energy it dispenses.

Instant Torque -  In the absence of a heavy engine or moving parts lagging the power output, the e2oPlus provides an instant torque to zoom with maximum momentum from the very minute its engines are cranked.

REVive® - REVive® is a first in the world feature by Mahindra Electric. On the rare occasion that the car runs low on energy, REVive® can be activated to gain an extra 5-10 kms of range, to help the user reach home or the nearest charging station.

Easy Home Charging – The e2oPlus can be easily charged through any normal 16 Amp plug point, making it highly convenient and easy.

Small Turning Radius – With a small turning radius of 4.35m and electric power steering, the e2oPlus makes maneuvering the tough city traffic highly easy.

Hill Assist – This feature assists in preventing the e2oPlus from slipping backwards or forwards on a slope, making it accelerate without any jerks.

Reverse Camera – It assists to spot blocks, gauge distances, and unravel blind spots making it easy and convenient to reverse.

Compact yet spacious – The e2oPlus has been designed smart with ample knee room, headroom and cabin space, making it versatile for families of all sizes.

Low expenses:

Low running costs – At just 70p/km, the e2oPlus beats almost all other cars on running costs.

Direct Drive Transmission – The e2oPlus operates without a conventional gear box - which means no clutch. This translates to reduced mechanical losses resulting in maximum efficiency. 

Depreciation benefits – Self-employed and businesses can avail tax savings of close to Rs. 1.6 lakhs on purchase of the e2oPlus in the first year itself.

Low maintenance – Fewer moving parts in the car accompanied by real time monitoring by Mahindra experts ensure glitch free driving and low maintenance.

Government incentives – Government offers tax exemptions, subsidies and incentives to ensure low purchasing cost for electric vehicles like the e2oPlus.

Environmentally friendly:

Zero tail-pipe emissions.
 Low carbon footprint.

Strong Connectivity:

Remote Diagnostics – The e2oPlus has 10 on-board computers that track around 196 performance and health related parameters to ensure that any possible snag is fixed as soon as it crops up.

Regular Progress Reports – Car performance and driving patterns are analyzed to review the battery’s service requirements which help improve the vehicle’s overall performance.

Charging Ports – The e2oPlus app informs on the nearest charging station in order to ensure a peaceful drive for the car through the city.

 Smart Phone app connectivity – The e2oPlus app puts the car’s information and control in one’s smart phone. It allows one to lock/unlock the car, retrieve performance metrics and health metrics and draw charging schedules.

About Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric, a part of the USD 17.8 million Mahindra Group is a global pioneer in the development and production electric vehicles. Mahindra Electric is India’s only EV manufacturer with indigenously developed EV technologies that have won global accolades. The Mahindra Group has one of the most diversified portfolio of electric vehicles with the e2oPlus hatch, the eVerito sedan and the eSupromini van and panel vans.

Pushing the limits of technology and innovation, Mahindra has acknowledged the need to redefine mobility at every step. This lead to a vision with a desire to transform; a vision which provides an imagination which is more sustainable and more dependable. Venturing into the paradigm of alternative technology has helped Mahindra enable a clean, green and a smarter tomorrow.

About Mahindra

The Mahindra Group is a USD 19 billion federation of companies that enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It has a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world’s largest tractor company, by volume.  It also enjoys a strong presence in agribusiness, components, commercial vehicles, consulting services, energy, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, steel, aerospace, defence and two wheelers. Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 200,000 people across 100 countries.

Learn more about Mahindra on www.mahindra.com / Twitter and Facebook: @MahindraRise

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Innocence Breached! #Rapes #MoralityatStake

Violence, threats & murder, rapes and incest paints the newsprint, ho halla on multiple channels steal the serenity of our mind and at times, we question with ourselves?

What’s going on?

Why so much of turbulence in an educated society?

Have we got educated for the sake of acting barbaric?

The news of a ten year old girl giving birth to a girl child left me shattered and thousands n thousands of queries stirred me from within...and I can feel her blank eyes.

Who is safe in our community?

The small kids are raped and sodomized. The kids who go through carry the scars with themselves forever and nothing can help them to erase these unfortunate incidents.

What are the people up to?

How can a man be so cruel with her?

Was he not able to judge her innocence while outraging her modesty?

My blood boiled when I came to know that a close family member was involved in this heinous crime…the man stole her childhood forever.

I don’t know whether this case is the first case of such incident but in my life of 45 years, I have heard it for the first time and this incident challenges all to be vigilant towards their kids.

Though news has been floored that she is not informed about the pregnancy & childbirth but the pregnancy blues are not so easy to digest for a responsible n grown up woman…how she faced the trauma so silently…She didn’t understand when the man breached her virginity but carrying baby for so many long weeks…she might be aware of all the transformations within…even the hushes around are loud enough to make one aware.

There are immense physiological & psychological changes, how can it go unnoticed under her nose?

I don’t know her nor have I seen her but my heart cries out for her at the thought of so many unfortunate incidents that saddled her life and never can she be a normal child again.

The ignorance of her parents jeopardized her life forever.

How her Mother could not notice her physiological changes?

Even the illiterate chunks are well aware of these basic things.

The law of our country proved futile for her…leaving her at the risk of giving birth to a child when she herself was a child, who saw only ten springs of her life.

I may sound harsh n stern but it would have been far better to terminate her pregnancy risking her life…even this take was a real threat to her life.

A child came into this world, who got abandoned on the very first second of life; how she will cope with her life later on…this question haunts my mind.

In today’s world where technology is so advanced still such child are born who are consequence of lust and are abandoned…indeed a very sad facet.

How her Mother ignore her daughter’s missed period?

Appeal to Parents:

Be frank with your child and let them open up in your presence, especially Mothers need to be careful.

Teach them about good and bad touch.

Win their confidence so that they share each and every piece of information….good or bad.

Be vigilant for both; Sons and Daughters.

At times, parent’s surveillance is more towards the girls of the family and this creates a rift between siblings and the girls don’t share their feelings fearing they might be scolded.

Be firm when the child is wrong but in normal cases, be friendly in your approach.

Don’t make your children timid, strengthen their innate qualities and be in reach when they need you.

Educate them about Puberty so that they don’t get traumatized when they face and inform the bare truth of Puberty.

Have faith in your child but check their movements, friends & social circle.
Accompany them when they are going for outing.

Even check the antecedents and movements of the extended family who are your regular visitors or staying with the family.

This incident can be a real lesson for many parents who ignore their offspring’s, keeping them over busy in professional, personal and social commitments.

Always remember, your child needs your presence much than your gifts.

Many might argue that the commitments that they are involved in are for their children…it’s true it is, but don’t ruin their childhood…their safety also comes under your jurisdiction so the parents needs to keep their eyes and ears open and time to time evaluate the situations.

If ever you find your child low, don’t ignore.

Discuss openly the reason and try to solve and bring back their smiles.
A parent folly stole her smiles forever.

I pray to God that not again such incidents take place…it’s very tragic for the child, family and the society.

Today…Morality is at stake.

 ***In our society, people are more vigil for girls and ignores the male community but such acts is the amalgamation of both the sexes, so parents, teachers and guardians should be vigilant towards both the sexes so that they don’t get involved in such mistakes where repentance cannot change anything.

Disclaimer: The views are solely mine and it is my outburst so the feelings penned are raw.

Monday, August 21, 2017

STAR BHARAT inspires the nation to ‘Bhula de darr’. #NewBeginning #TVChannels

Mumbai, August 20, 2017: Star India, announced the launch of STAR BHARAT from the 28th of August 2017, 6 pm onwards. Star Bharat will showcase inspirational stories about journeys of strong and fearless characters that rise for the collective. 

​Celebrating the many facets of Fearless India, STAR BHARAT unveils a content line up with strong, rooted icons and differentiated programming that is in line with the brand's philosophy of "Bhula ke darr, kuch alag kar". 

Om Shanti Om: For the first time on Indian television, a channel will celebrate the essence of devotional music with a contemporary twist. A devotional music reality show where tradition meets trendy, creating ‘traditional’ music. The show will depict the musical journey of 14 voices that will give a contemporary touch to devotional songs and unify audiences across the country with their renditions. Produced by Colosceum, the show will mark the debut of Swami Baba Ramdev on television as the Maha Judge. While the esteemed panel of judges will include Bollywood sensation Sonakshi Sinha, singer and music director Shekhar Ravjiani, and singer Kanika Kapoor.

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? –1 Saas. 1 Son. 5 Brides. Boon or bane? Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal? is a comedy of errors where a mother’s quest for the perfect bride lands her with five. See how a desperate mother’s prayer for the ‘perfect’ bride with 5 essential qualities gets answered in the form of 5 women with 5 different qualities. What follows is a series of funny events. Sometimes getting more than what you ask for can be a curse! Created in association with Optimystix, ‘Kya Haal Mr. Panchal?’ is a rib-tickling comedy starring Kanchan Gupta as the saas and Manindar Singh as the son.
Promo Link:  https://we.tl/2XvRsgZFls 

Nimki Mukhiya- Set in Bihar, this is a story of a village that has been ruled by men for years. Women here are confined mostly to being home makers. But a wind of change is about to set in. Call it opportunity or sheer luck, for the first time ever the state will witness something extraordinary. A naïve and bubbly young girl, Nimki, who loves to day dream and is unaware of the world outside her house, is about to take on the responsibility of her village and become the Mukhiya. The show is a journey of self-realization that power to change oneself as well as the environment we live lies within. Nimki’s unexpected position as the Mukhiya gives a comical twist to situations.
Promo Link- https://we.tl/NscFxPq4OF 

Saam Daam Dand Bhed- Saam Daam Dand Bhed is the personal journey of Vijay Namdhari, played by Bhanu Uday, a high-potential but misguided youth who doesn’t know what he wants from life. This family drama, based in a fictitious town in India, is produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. When a storm shatters his life, Vijay finally finds the courage to fight back and protect his family. The show will trace his transformation from a carefree youngster into a political leader, who becomes the inspiration to many.

Ayushman Bhav- Set against the backdrop of Mathura, Ayushman Bhav is a gripping story of Krish. The show depicts the poignant tale of an eight-year-old boy whose childhood is not as simple as others’. Like other children his age, Krish plays with toys and games but he also harbors a burning desire to seek justice for the wrong doings in his past life. Produced by White Horse International, the revenge drama stars popular child artist Ricky Patel as the lead and Avinash Sachdeva, Megha Gupta, and Manish Goel as cast members.

Star Bharat’s launch campaign 'Mat kar'​ is based on a simple yet powerful insight on how we unknowingly allow different kinds of fears to creep into our minds and how ​these fears end up in stopping us from pursuing our dreams.

‘Mat kar’, an oft repeated phrase in Indian society refers to a pull-back factor. Pulling back from free flowing fun, nurturing a dream, making a life choice or simply following one’s instincts. The film, conceptualized by Star India’s creative team and directed by Shimit Amin of Chak De fame, takes us through various scenarios, some significant and some apparently not so, all of which play on fear.  Star Bharat's answer to "Mat kar" leading to fear is a resounding Bhula de darr...

A New Beginning



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Madhya Pradesh is one of the seven states where child marriage is most prevalent. #ChildMarriages

Madhya Pradesh continues to battle one of the most regressive practices in modern Indian history, Child Marriage. The state is one of the 7 states in India where child marriage is the most prevalent. According to NCPCR’s report on Child Marriage in India based on 2011 census data, Madhya Pradesh ranks among the top ten states with high percentage of child marriages among both boys and girls.

“When one thinks of child marriage, the image conjured up is that of times gone by. The image is of days when education was not accessible to women and girls were married off before they could even enjoy childhood. Sadly, child marriage has been carried into the technology driven 21st century and shows no signs of slowing down,” says Sh. Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel PeaceLaureate and founder, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation.

Let us not think that child marriage is restricted only to rural areas and it is not an urban phenomenon. It is alarming to note that it is growing in India, across both rural and urban spaces. It is a growing menace that cuts across class, caste, religion and region.

While the access to education has become easier, and awareness about this social evil is widespread across the country, it is ironic that it is still practiced at will in India.

“Child marriage is one of the biggest forms of socially sanctioned sexual, physical and mental abuse of young children. The practice of child marriage has time and again received been strongly opposed by government institutions as well as civil society. And yet, as India grows economically prosperous, its future continues to fall prey to illegal, under-age civil unions,” says Mr. Satyarthi.

Several studies indicate that one of the strongest factors that force people into marrying off their children is poverty. This is true, especially in the cases of the girl child, where they are seen as a liability to their family.

Even in urban areas, despite the improvement in the overall education of the people, the lack of economic alternatives contributes to the prevalence of this practice.

Children who are forcibly married, are often not provided access to any form of education for their livelihood. This lack of education is creating a cesspool of ignorance among girls and boys. Child marriage is a monumental hindrance to the socio-economic progress that is expected of a state, and ultimately, the country. It poses significant risks to the health, education and demography of the country. At a time when children are expected to play, study and live a carefree life, they are being pushed to abandon their childhood and take up responsibilities that are highly uncharacteristic and unbecoming of at such a tender age.

Child marriage, apart from being illegal, is also associated with a multitude of risks to the children involved. These range from the physical and sexual complications that arise with pregnancy to the subtle yet equally grave psychological trauma the children must endure.

The weak implementation of the prohibition of Child MarriageAct 2006 (PCMA) is another contributing factor to the growth of these marriages. There is limited understanding of the law and very little understanding of the functioning of the law or consequences of the act.

Mr Satyarthi said, “Children should be playing sports and studying hard. They should not be pushed in marriage. We should not turn a blind eye to this growing problem. The time has come for the whole country to take a strong stand against this practice of child marriage. Madhya Pradesh has already taken an initiative to end this social evil.”

Society at large needs to be educated on the numerous problems associated with child marriage and the society must be made aware of the pitfalls that dot the lack of education in the state. Unless a strong stand against this regressive practice is taken, there will be no end in sight to the menace of child marriage in this country. Child marriage should not exist in 21st century India.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017


- Continues to strengthen Tier II presence -

The Body Shop, the iconic global retailer of cosmetics and toiletries, is all set to strengthen its base in Nagpur by opening its second store in the city. This is the second standalone store in the city, the first one being in the Empress Mall. This outlet offers a wide range of 100% vegetarian products for Skin Care, Bath & Body, Make Up, Hair, Fragrance, Men's and Gifts. Apart from the fabulous products, the store also offers specialist services like skincare consultation and make-up application. Customers can also enroll into The Body Shop Customer Loyalty program “Love Your Body” for a nominal fee and they will be able to enjoy fantastic member benefits, year round discounts, member's special offers, VIP access to all important brand events and many other privileges throughout the year.

Speaking on the occasion of new store opening, Ms. Shriti Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, The Body Shop India, says: “We are extremely excited to announce our second retail store in Nagpur with our new standalone store. Since the inception of The Body Shop in India in 2006, we continue to be inspired by the thoughts ideas and ethical passion of our fonder, Dame Anita Roddick. In our endeavor to expand our horizon and the reach to as many consumers across the country, we have added another store to the brand. With this store, The Body Shop has presence in more than 150 stores across India and we continue to work passionately, campaigning for causes close to our heart and bringing positive impact for thousands of local communities. The Body Shop Commitment places us at the fore front, affirming our mission to be the most ethical and sustainable beauty brand in the world. We are proud to be representing The Body Shop and the Commitment in our country.

The Body Shop has over 150 stores in India across 50 cities which includes standalones, Shop-in-Shops available in malls, shopping centers, high streets, department stores and airports. 

The Body Shop has recently launched a new campaign ‘FOREVER AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING’ for a global ban on cosmetics animal testing on products and ingredients by 2020, revolutionizing the beauty industry and protecting millions of animals around the world. Partnering with the leading non-profit organization working to end animal testing, Cruelty Free International, The Body Shop aims to collect 8 million signatures and will take the campaign to the highest authority, the United Nations, and request an international convention banning cosmetics testing on animals forever and everywhere.

Store Address:

The Body Shop, Shop No. 2, 3&27,
Ground floor PrathibhaSankul,
Beside Alankar Cinema,
Nagpur - 4400010

About The Body Shop
Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England, by Anita Roddick, The Body Shop is a global beauty brand. The Body Shop seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering high-quality, naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably. The Body Shop pioneered the philosophy that business can be a force for good and after being acquired by L’Oréal in 2006, it is scaling up its vision. The Body Shop has more than 3,000 stores in more than 60 countries.

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