Crossroad of Life!

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Every time, I prayed to save a Life

Settling all the rife

But this time, I had to stand strong

Praying to Almighty

To minimize the suffering

Of the caged soul.

The Artificial Respiration & Tubes

Saved her pulse

But, She was unable to recognize.

It was baffling for Me

To watch a witty Soul

Suffering for no cause.

She had lived a life

Of dignity & poise

Her Sparkling skin

Was envy of All.

Prayed to God

To free her Soul

From the worldly bindings

To soar high

Into the realms of Peace & Calmness

Where there is no strife.

My wishes were granted

Finally, She laid in peace forever.

The immortal soul got freedom

To take a flight

Away from Us.

I am sure

Her blessings will be always there

Of the pious soul.

The memories of past

Is etched in my heart

And, it will stay there Forever

To cherish my stay in her company.

© Ila Varma 14.07.2018

In tribute to my Granny with whom I shared my teen life and got acquainted with her versatility, wittiness and a big heart to accommodate me with love and care. Last month, she suffered with a stroke and health deterioration was in full swing. The consciousness dissolved and she was hooked to artificial machines to press her heart beat. She was in a bad state of health and I had to act stern and ask for mercy to free the soul from the burdens of diseases and multiple organ failure. Yesterday, She departed forever to rest in peace leaving the memories of togetherness intact.

A Film Packed with Lessons Learned from Life – Sanju!

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A week before, I along with my friend went to watch Sanju…a biopic of Mr. Sanjay Dutt, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and the role played by Ranbir Kapoor as Sanju.

There are wide difference of opinion regarding the role of Ranbir Kapoor, some agree that he has justified his role as Sanjay Dutt and some are disappointed…divided opinions and it has to be…millions and zillions cannot hold same view…perception of each individual differs.

I have never been a fan of Sanjay Dutt nor have I ever tried to watch his movie on priority…watched if got a chance.

This time, I watched Sanju on preference as I was eager to see his biopic and what was it that had made people crazy for Sanju.

Normally, I prefer weekdays to watch movie and that too noon show is preferred because this time of the day, I am free with all the family and self-obligations and there is less crowd at the venue.

The scorching heat did not deter people and the Cineplex was packed with young brats, hopefully many had left their classes and studies to watch the movie.

Been a psychology student, I view and perceive things differently and I did the same with this movie, rather I got a chance to prove my point through my subject.

I discovered that there are umpteen lessons to be learned from the movie, Sanju. The lessons are for the teenagers, for the parents and the society.

The story of Sanju revolves around the real life of Sanjay Dutt, how he got into the habit of drugs, how the indifferent attitude of parents affected him and how he went deep into the abyss falling into bad company.

Let me start from the angle of Teens.

Teenage is the most vulnerable age in an individual’s life. There are number of changes within, physio and psycho and are the cynosure of socio eyes. The individual in this age is volatile, daring and energetic and weird dreams and desires keeps him occupied. The movie shows how Sanju is allured by the people, who are into drug business. He is a known figure in society and people knows his affluent background. The indulgent in the business introduces him to drugs that starts with fashion, gets into passion and finally, he lands as a drug addict.

It is a lesson for the Teenagers to be away from the strangers or friends, who provoke them to booze, use drugs, smoke cigarettes, or any type of abuse which initially takes them far away from the real world. If ever any teen comes across such people, confide in your parents, guardians, siblings or well-wishers and acquaint them with the incidents that is been confronted by you. They can take the stock of the situation and can weigh all the pros and cons and tell you the veracity of the incident.

Teenage is the age, where you cannot trust yourself and then how you can trust the world…you need a guide, a mentor to pass through this phase.

Next comes the Parents.

Paresh Rawal has enacted the role of Sunil Dutt and Manisha Koirala is in the role of Nargis. The movie shows that Sanju was emotionally very close to his mother. Father loves him a lot but there is an emotional barricade between them. He does not exhibit his love openly and the son feels that he is been ignored. There is immense pressure on Sanju to perform to carry his father’s legacy in Bollywood. He is perplexed and not able to concentrate on his role. In the meantime, his mother gets diagnosed by cancer and leaves the world forever. Sanju is devastated. His drug addiction leads him to drug rehabilitation centre and it is a tough time for him. He gets weaned out of drugs but has to pay a heavy price for it. When he gets out of drug addiction, he comes into contact of underworld mafias and he gets framed with the charges of a terrorist in the severe bomb attack in Bombay. Arms and ammunition are discovered from his possession and once again, trouble seethes him and his family. In the beginning, father is unable to come to terms with it but the unconditional love for him makes him blind and he wants to wash the charges of a terrorist from his son’s life and for that he is ready to give up his high held principles.

Lesson for a Parent

Never overburden your child with your desires and ambitions. Don’t discourage them or build grudges against them. Exhibit your love and concern openly because your child cannot foresee your wrapped love and emotions. Further, if your child is proven wrong, punish him for wrongdoing so that he understands his mistake. Make your child comfortable in your company so that he can share all that he goes through or want to share. Be friendly with them and discuss everything under the sun. Educate them with right and wrongs of life. Befriend their friend and watch their company, the child is in. Been a parent of a teenager is not easy, you have to walk an extra mile to watch his mood, behaviour, perception and they need to be handled with care. Never ever suggest them to take a wrong path or a short cut to save their skin. Don’t wash their dirty linen in public but confide in them and take required action so that they repent their wrong doing.

It was an emotional moment for the people watching the movie when Sanju read the letter on the demise of his father. The boundaries raised between the relationships held him back to exhibit his concern and love for his father in his lifetime.

A Worthy Friend

The movie Sanju has portrayed the character of a worthy friend Kamli, who stands by Sanju & his family through thick and thin of life. He tries by all means to correct Sanju and shows him the path of righteousness. He is there with Sanju in the days of his addiction and his wrong doings but moves apart when he comes to know that he is framed under the charges of possession of RDX. The trust in Sanju and his family is breached and he cuts off his relation with Sanju, though feelings exist for them. I am not sure whether such character do exist in real Sanjay Dutt’s life but such friend is a possession in one’s life. The reel character is played by Vicky Kaushal. The character of friend Kamli is so positive in the film that the people has fallen in love with the character of Kamli.
When you are stuck on wrong path, it is difficult to return back on right track. However, hard you try to rectify yourself, the media, the society and the onlookers starves you and makes the path all the more difficult. The bad elements poke in their nose so that you don’t return back into the world of consciousness.

This movie is with a strong message for the youngsters and the parents, both should share a strong relationship and confide in each other.

My take: The teens are vulnerable, illogical, blunt and daring, use their burning energies tuning them into positive energy. Let them speak out their thoughts so that you can read their mind and their thoughts they are sailing through.

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Disclaimer: The views are solely mine and I wrote what I felt and liked to share with my readers and peers. It is my point of view.


Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry VI – ATTAKALI #Odissa


The Sixth Contestant of Traditional Food Contest is Tina Acharya and has shared recipe of State Orissa.

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About Tina Acharya:

Tina Acharya is an Author of Two Books Hide & Seek, The Game of Life and Songs of a Gypsy Heart. She is a blogger, an amateur photographer and a political and social observer too. Besides an avid reader, music and nature lover and a movie buff, she is a foodie and loves to play badminton.
The Recipe Attakali shared by the Blogger Tina Acharya in her own version with a background of the Sweet Dish of Odissa, India.
On a safer side I should start it with this disclaimer that I’m not a good cook.  In fact I don’t enjoy cooking also. I manage it anyway at my home.
I am a sweet tooth person. In fact I can say I have a sweet craving. I love almost all sweet dishes. The sweet dish I am going to mention here is a very special one. It’s not just one of those sweet dishes but this one is very close to my heart.
Before explaining the recipe, let me tell something about why it is special to me.
I hail from Odisha where it is said that “Bara Masare Tera Parab” (In Twelve Months, thirteen festivals). It actually means that in Odisha we celebrate lots of festivals. No month goes by without a festival attached to it. Every festival has its own set of rituals and some special delicacies attached to it.
In the month of Margashira (eighth Month in the Indian Calendar) every Thursday is celebrated as Day of Worship of Goddess Laxmi as “Margasira Gurubara”. The story is related to Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Laxmi in Puri Jagannath Temple.
There are at least four (sometime five) Thursday Falls every year. Almost Same rituals followed for the worship of Goddess Laxmi in all the Thursdays. However the dishes prepared for the Puja sometime differs.
The Dish “Attakali also it is called as Gaintha” is a sweet dish specially prepared in these Thursdays only.
However in Odisha, same dish is prepared in a varied way in different places. So The Attakali or Gaintha I’m mentioning here is different from how it is prepared in the central Odisha (Cuttack or Bhubaneswar) (we are basically from south Odisha). It’s a variation of Main Attakali or Gaintha we can say.
 Also, my mother prepares it in a bit different way. So I can say it’s a typical home secret dish. That’s why it is special to me as every time I make it at my place, it simply makes me Nostalgic!
Ø Rice flour
Ø A small bowlful coconut cut into small slices
Ø 4-5 black pepper
Ø 1/2 tsp. roughly ground pepper
Ø Two cloves
Ø 2-3 green cardamom
Ø A small piece of cinnamon.
Ø A small piece of ginger
Ø 7-8 Cashews
Ø 7-8 Almonds
Ø A handful Black Grape Raisins/Or any Raisins
Ø A pinch of salt
Ø 250 ml Water
Ø 300 ml Milk
For Garnishing: Some Pomegranate seeds and Grated Coconut.
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
1.   For Rice Flour, take 2/3 cup arwa rice (Sita bhog, Gobindo Bhog or Sona masuri raw rice).  Wash and soak the rice for 2-3 hours. Drain all water and spread on a plate to dry (preferably under the sky or under a fan) for 1-2 hours.
2.   Take the rice in a grinder jar and grind into a smooth powder. Use a sieve to gently sift the flour into a dry plate. 
3.    Take 4-5 table spoon rice flour in a bowl and add some water into it to make it a semi thick paste. Keep it aside.
4.   Place a Cooking saucepan on the Gas. Add the water, the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, peppers and the crushed ginger. Add the sliced Coconut and a pinch of salt. Let the water boil. After five minutes, add cashews and raisins.
5.   After another five minutes, add the grounded pepper. If you want to prepare it with sugar, add 3-4 table spoon of it, if Jaggery add around 50gram to it at this moment. After a minute simmer the Gas and add the semi thick rice flour paste into it with constant stirring. After 2-3 minutes, add Milk and Still it. After 2 minutes, switch of the Gas.
6.   Let it cool for a while. Then garnish it with pomegranate seed and grated coconut.
I remember my mother used to prepare this in a big pot as we were a big family. Still it was not enough for us those days. We would always wait for the next Thursday. And After the completion of month of Margashira, We would again wait for the next year. Normally dry fruits are not added. But my mother used to add it at home. I can say it’s a secret “Family Dessert”  So it’s one of the dish that always makes me Nostalgic, reminds me those days and also reminds me the Mom’s Hand’s taste (though it never matches with it).

Dear Readers, Please try this exclusive recipe and share your experiences with us.

This dish can be used to prepare as an offering to God during holy festivals as a sweet dish offering.

This recipe and the snaps used with the recipe post is duly submitted by Tina Acharya for sharing on my blog.

We will love to hear from you.


Those Innocent Faces!

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Since a year, I am engaged with a NGO to help the unprivileged class, who cannot make his living by his own effort because of old age and physical disabilities. Simultaneously, time to time, we visit orphanage to distribute snacks or items that they require periodically.

Our dreams are embedded with our NGO, but it is in an infancy stage and a minuscule number support us in this race. 
I dream to walk miles before I sleep.
My observation shook me from within when I first stepped inside the orphanage. There were small children from the tender age of 4 to 18 years. 
When they gathered inside the campus to meet us, those innocent eyes that gazed at us were mostly of Girls, only 5 boys were there among the crowd of 50.
The disparity in number of gender triggered queries inside me.
Why the numbers of Girls is so high in orphanage?
A fine reason settled inside me and my conscience supported the reason.
Are these Girls abandoned by the parents?
Are these Girls borne by the Moms out of wedlock or result of outraged modesty of girls?
My inner conscience said yes and my soul was shocked to watch those innocent cute faces. A hollow smile writ large on their faces.
What was the fault of these innocent souls?
Humans are judgmental and they love what they prefer. But, how God can be so cruel with them?
I have seen people asking for children, who aren’t blessed with a child. They are not on the page of choice of gender rather they pray to God to bless with a child. Their only choice is child, Boy or Girl doesn’t matter.
How come God blesses these cursed souls, who don’t have care for a girl child?
I was moved at the sight of those innocent faces of cute girls, each had its own beauty and charm. The life that they are gifted with, has a tag of orphan but my mind dwindled in conflict, “are they really orphan.”
My soul was not ready to accept. A feeling emerged that they are tagged orphans due to the compelled ignorance of their parents and extended family members.
Woman is known for her unconditional love for her child and what are these woman made of who abandoned their new-born at the mercy of none.
Science and technology is advancing each and every moment but still the numbers at orphanage growing and that too of GIRLS….pathetic.
It was a trying moment for me.
I want to do a lot for them to bring happiness in their life but I cannot do for all because of my limitations, personal and financial.
I have vowed to help them periodically by distributing stationary items, clothing, food articles etc.
I along with my accomplice and my children distributed snacks among them.

While leaving, I enquired what they want in my next visit.
Most of them said chocolates and colour pencils.
They bid us goodbye with a Big Thank You note and See You Again.
Hopefully, will visit soon but I pray to God in silence to hold the numbers of Orphans.
Why to bring them in this world to be looked upon as an object of sympathy?
Many questions keep rising in my head shaking my belief on humanity.
I have scribbled my feelings that I encounter with in my solitude. I share the turmoil that churns within me on the subject. No offences to any social or political people.

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