I had moved to Mumbai for my higher studies. After my
classes, I came to Juhu beach to spend my time with nature. The dark clouds
were hovering in the sky and the cool breeze at shore was quite refreshing and
the high rise waves crashing on the shores, touching my feet and receding back
in rhythm was an enchanting experience. There was heavy crowd on the shore, all
preoccupied with themselves, but I was feeling lonely and gloomy. For the first
time, I had parted with my family and it was homesickness, I believe.

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Lost Love


I had a crush for Tia since school days but I concealed my
feelings because she had a liking for my best pal, Tarun and I did not wish to
spoil the game and intrude in their lives. I found Tia to be quite chirpy and
sporty with Tarun and her happiness was my concern. I loved to watch her
wearing smiles on her cute face.

After schools, life raced and we all parted in different
directions. In the beginning, we were connected through phones, but time
constrains snatched our precious associations and all got busy in shaping and
securing their future.

After completing my higher studies and snatching a higher
profile, when I returned to my home town, I came to know that Tia is settled in
a respectable profile in financial industry and had parted ways from Tarun. I
felt bad for her broken relationship, but somewhere I saw a hope for myself.

My feelings for her got intense which I had concealed long just
for the happiness of my friend and my love.

I found her profile on facebook and without wasting time
further, I sent her a friend request and it was instantly accepted by Tia and
she initiated chatting.

Thousand messages flowed from both the sides sharing the
times of the past years but she did not utter a word for Tarun. I wished to know
the reason of their break up but could not gather courage to inquire.

Tia told me about the get together of school batch been organised at Goa and
asked me to join. She appeared very enthusiastic and I agreed to join the
party. It was a fair chance to meet my love after a gap of over a decade.

Tia booked my accommodation and forwarded the details on my
email id and as per the plans, we reached the venue. It was a grand resort on
the beach of Goa.

After check in and getting refreshed, we all had to gather
in the ball room for the celebrations.

I dressed myself in one of my favourite suit and cared to
look handsome to catch the attention of Tia.

Finally, I was in amidst the group and bingo, it was mind
blowing experience and we met like tiny tots of Primary school among Hoo &
haa…weaning out of the skin of superficiality that we held in our professional arena.

My eyes were frantically searching for Tia and finally, my search ended
and settled on her. She had grown more beautiful and charming and her supple
skin glowed and I heard the thuds of my heart beats.

She approached near me and I was astounded by her beauty and
lovely trim figure dressed in blue gown with matching accessories. I was

I extended my hand asking her to join me on dance floor and
she briskly accepted my request. A diamond ring sparkled in her ring finger and
her nails were painted with blood red nail paint which enhanced the beauty of
her long fingers.

Ring on her finger…it bothered me…I held her close and moved
on to the dance floor. A romantic number was been played and I enjoyed her close
proximity but my concealed feelings were stirred spotting a diamond ring on her
finger and this time, I did not wish to keep silent.

I asked her about the ring. Tia smiled and told me that she
was engaged to Tarun.

“Tarun…you broke off with Tarun?” I blurted out.

“Yes, we had moved away from each other for three long
years. The long absence made us realize our follies and we decided to hold the
relationship with more care and this time, our parents played the trick of
getting us engaged to understand the value of commitment and relationship and
we are going to marry in Christmas this year.” Tia said coolly.

My bottled feelings spurted and I said, “Tia…you are lucky
to get a chance to win love back and I am loser in the journey of love. I loved
you but never ever apprised you. I still love you and when I came to know that
you have parted ways with Tarun, I was hopeful.”

“You loved me…I am shocked, I never knew. You never
disclosed.” Tia said.

“I never got a chance, this time too, I failed in my
attempt. May God bless both of you.” 

I said and moved away from her.

I ran out of the ball room and when to my room to change.

I cancelled my previous booking of air travel scheduled day after tomorrow and checked
out of the hotel. I wanted to go back to my town and I started off for the
airport with heavy heart and tears rolled down.

Wordy Wednesdays

Daily Prompt- Frivolous


Remunerations were exiguous

Detriments frivolous

Clueless, how she was grappling.         

© Ila Varma 29-03-2016

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Edging at the cliff

When he saw down

His eyes were mesmerised

By the view

Of green plains

Sprawling in vast land

He felt

As a rainbow laid down

The colourful flowers

Were in full bloom


On the wave of spring

The charm of the nature spread

Enticed his senses

He felt an edge

For the beauty

Woven by nature

The temptation of nature’s delight

Filled him with aroma of freshness


He felt his mind

Light & clear.

© Ila Varma 29-03-2016

Written for the Daily Post Prompt

Fiction in 99 Words – #Colours of Love

Green colour was smeared on his face, but his looks looked
familiar. Gradually, he 

ambled towards me. I felt thud in my rib cage. I wanted
to run away from the spot to 

conceal myself from the followers gaze.

As I put my first foot forward, a deep voice stopped me, 

“Happy Holi, Lata”

I could not believe my ears, my first love was standing before

I felt hands of my husband on my shoulders. I smeared his
face with the colour red and 

greeted him fervently, closed my eyelids
concealing the tears within of my lost love.

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He Rose Again – Happy Easter


Up from the grave, he rose again
The calm soul, Got a chance to revisit Earth
But, The ill- treatment that he met, in his stay
Was so etched in his memory
That, He chose to board far away
Dwelling in heaven
He could bring justice
Monitoring doings of all
Guiding them
On path of spirituality
healing their bruised souls.
absorbed the sins of sinners
save Mankind.

© Ila Varma 27-03-2016



Clichés have penetrated in our life and become indispensable
part of life and we are used to use it, it is submerged in our unconscious mind
and we use them in day to day language. Times changed, lifestyle changed but we
are still hanging with the clichés that our forefathers used, we haven’t missed
them. It is passing on from one generation to next just like it is the legacy
been carried away.

The WOW sequel “kill the clichĂ©s” empowered me with a vision to
part with these worn out clichés rather kill them seriously, it is no use, just
in a habit we are going with it whether it is in Bollywood films or inside our
houses or the society around.

Just count these cliches and reason it out, are they really
essential to stay with us or rather the time has arrive to kick them out of our

Been a woman, will start with the common ones that slips
from the tongue of feminine power out of habit….unconsciously.


She spends maximum springs of her life with
her husband and his family, still she is stuck with homesickness, height of
homesickness. The couple has celebrated their golden anniversary along with
grandchildren….hahahaha….drop it now…high time to carry.


 Common clichĂ© used by mothers on their
growing kids…my great granny used, granny and mother used and fair enough, few
times, I used it too. There can’t be any vital truth in the statement nor it
make any sense. No two siblings are the same then how can you expect kids of
two generations be same and on top of that how can you prove that you were very
docile & disciplined. Further, the sentence is vague, what it implies, “HUM
tell them how were you but sense it out can you
accept your nonsensical acts that you did as a child in the face of your child
and even your mother won’t dare and the poor soul can’t question you and you
fare out safely stating out the sentence…Kill them in one shot…many have been
shot down by this dialogue better we invent something new.
Now, let us enter the Men sphere, it isn’t
the ladies alone famous for the clichés, Men too, do attack with old age
classic clichés affirming them masculine power.


The most common version used by Men to show
off their mother’s skill to their wife and wife feels jealous. Two simple
reason to feel “J”, a woman cannot stand a praise of a woman and further, a
mother is adorable for all kids. Ask your kids, they too will have the same
story. A mother is beautiful to each and every child and her caring attitude is
adorable for all the kids. Poor men forget and use it simply without thinking
of the consequences falling off after their dialogue…common, shoot at site,
respect your mother but please don’t use these words to your better half and
belittle her efforts.


This one is the most widely used one, you
don’t act as you are required to and you fail in your effort and you hold God
responsible for it. If you succeed in your pursuits, you take self-credit and
when things go wrong, you blabber your frustration to God. Please Men…drop this
cliché…when things go right, start giving credit to the Supreme power and you
will enjoy the failures too. The beautiful rose too thrives among thorns and in
the same way life too has ups and downs…Enjoy the ride, killing this age old cliché.


Height of misled minds or how unmindful we are, this is the
most common phrase and it is in roaring practice, even I do the same…It is in
our habit and I would say, it has taken entry in our blood and we often throw
the question, without giving a thought. We see people doing the things, still
we prompt.
The common prompts shot down even after watching the person
is busy in his spree.

  • You are studying- asking with the person who is
    busy with books.

  • You are watching TV- even after seeing that the
    person is eagerly watching the match on TV.

  • You are eating- asking a person who has morsels
    in his hand, ready to take entry in his mouth.
Now, it’s high time that we come out of
these worn and torn out clichés…SHOOT AT SIGHT ORDER is need of the hour and if
you are really in love with the clichés, DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW IN SEQUENCE TO
Share in your views, what are your thoughts
about the clichés and how to handle them.
I have shared views of mine.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

The views are solely of the author, Ila Varma. 


Stomping of his feet

Made me aware

Of his erratic moods

Sweeping his mind.

I was no angel,

No tarot card reader

No astrologer

To read his mind.

I, was his mother

Who very well


The mood-swings of her child


The footsteps that followed

Warned me

What was in queue?


I was ready with my tools

To handle

My growing kids…

© Ila Varma 27-03-2016

Post written for Daily Post Prompt Footsteps.


Reality Check

“How can you be so real in stage performances? I was shuddered to the core.” Tarun asked


“Performance was on stage, Tarun but the emotions that held the audience was real and

the reason for such dynamism is you, Tarun. You breached my faith in love.” Tara exploded.

Today, Tarun was in face to face with reality.

© Ila Varma 26-03-2016

My Post for Prompt ” Real” for #SoCS March 26/16.

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