Monday, February 27, 2017

Mother's Guide!! #Exam Stress!

The word “Examination” creates a fear in the minds of school going children, to some extent, it’s healthy because it creates an attention to do better in the subjects and bring good scores in the exam. Even the studious child, who is regular in studies and keep himself updated, still the word Exam has an effect on him to concentrate on his subjects…but if exam disturbs the child to such an extent that he runs away from appearing, then that’s a concern and he needs attention of his parents and if still he is unmanageable, then opinion of counselor should be taken to drain out the fear from his mind.

My kids are no more in this stage, they are settled in their jobs, but in my society, there are many school going children, so I get opportunity to watch the reactions of the kids and their parents.

Since a decade or more, I have been observing that the exam pressure is not only built in the minds of the children but their parents too are much tensed and they are after their child to mug up all the answers to score high in class. I too took care of my children & sacrificed my Me time investing in their study hours but I never got tensed nor never ever did their homework or project work….These days, I find the parents completing their children’s project and homework and they spoon-feed their children.

I find few reasons behind this behaviour…they have fear instilled in their minds that their child won’t score high if they invest their time in doing homework…for project work, they think that they will mess the house so they better do it to maintain cleanliness around and further, they feel that their parents didn’t spoon-fed them and they take spoon-feeding in right notion.

But here, I wish to say to the parents of this age to drop fears from their mind & take care not to instil fears in the minds of children. Their children can do much better if he is left to do it on their own…Man learns through trial & error method and by the mistakes, one corrects himself…same way, if you let your child do his project on his own, there are certainly chances that he will mess the house but he will learn how to do it skills and his creativity will bloom…same way, if he does his homework on his own, the contents will remain in his mind and he won’t need lot of extra time to learn….Stop spoon feeding…let him evolve, learn & use his intellect.

I observe that the parents are quite easy going before the exams and when exams approach, they confine the kids and themselves and start forcing the child to complete the assignments & the portion that is due to be asked in the examination…but this practice should be stopped.

My thoughts differ from the crowd of today and I wish that all parents of today should adopt & inculcate healthy habits in their children and keep their life in routine in normal school days and not to pressurize them during exams.

  • Regular in Studies: Inculcate habits in your children to revise the taught lessons. The child should cover up all the portions of every subjects on daily basis. If the child is regular in studies then he don’t have to invest lot of time during exams. Regular study & revision is a must to minimize exam stress.

  • Stop Spoon-feeding: Already mentioned above, Stop spoon-feeding. Out of affection, parents indulge in this practice but with this technique, your kid won’t be able to explore his ideas or use his creativity. Dropping this practice, you will find immense improvement in your child because using his own brain, he will become independent & his quality of thought will improve too with the passage of time.

  • Give him healthy Diet: Mommies instead of fretting & fuming over exams or mugging up lessons of your children, concentrate to cook healthy diet for them including much of green & protein & avoiding junk or readymade food….I hear mother’s saying that she couldn’t cook due to kid’s exam nearing or getting the homework completed & ordered from market. This practice will stunt physical & mental growth of the child and a school going child needs enough nutrients to boost his growth in all spheres.

  • Assign time for Extra-activities: Assign fixed time for watching TV, playing computer or video games or any hobbies that your child has. Extra activities release the stress of the children and it refreshes their mind…Even during exams, they should be provided time for these activities.

  • Proper Sleep: Adequate sleep is a must for the growing children. Don’t let them over-stress during exams, rather they need to be peaceful during exams so that they can write the exams efficiently…at times, overstraining leads to nervous breakdown. Sleep is essential to repair the cells of the body.

  • Boost the morale of your child: Instead of saying, “You can’t do it”. Boost them that he can do it…It has a very positive impact on the child’s mind and his confidence builds up.

Exam time can be fun if the child is regular in revision. I have followed the above practice with my children and it yielded positive result and it reduces exam stress to a great extent.

Try this & you will see wonderful change in your child’s behaviour pattern.

It’s solely my take and my observations.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Skills That I learnt! #Motherhood

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A day a woman becomes a Mother, she is reborn. As she holds her bundle of joy, a sense of maturity creeps in and she is no more a carefree girl…She transforms to a doting mother where her child becomes her priority…and all love & affections flow for the child.

I too was not an exception…motherhood changed me completely…I careless and bindaas girl transformed into a caring mother, the moment I bore my first child…and the joy to hold my flesh in my hands cannot be put into words…words can’t elaborate the feelings that I went through…I was amazed to watch my child with the features resembling me…I couldn’t believe my eyes that I had carried him for complete nine months in my womb…the feeling was surreal and it fetched me immense happiness & satisfaction….it took time to accept that he was my fragment, incarnated by me.

Motherhood transformed me completely. The journey to motherhood wasn’t easy but I readily accepted all the physiological, physical and emotional changes within me and the pregnancy blues with happiness just for the sake of my child and when the doctor put me into my arms, tears of happiness welled in my eyes & that day itself, I promised with myself to rear him a good human with good values…I think all Mom’s feels the same.

Motherhood blessed me with Patience & Tolerance: I was the impatient one and I was not well- acquainted with the word patience. I never got irritated even if he kept me on toes whole night rather I managed him solely with happiness emerging within me. I used to give him five times massage in a day, all by myself after C-Section. I fed him on time at regular intervals as suggested by doctors & mums at home. Never ever I felt tired or low while attending my son, even I was amazed at the change in me and never knew the hidden potential within me…the relatives & onlookers eyes were widened watching me handling the things with ease…I believe the virtue of motherhood teaches us well. Now my toddlers have outgrown my lap, but with time, I have grown more patient and calm and lend them my ears whenever they need my guidance.

Motherhood transformed me to Early Bird: Never in my life, I had woken up at 4 am in the morning not even for the final exams, but just a vague cry of my son early in the morning broke my slumber and I was alert to do his chores…normally, I never woke up before 8 am and if ever I did, I took half an hour or more to be alert but becoming mother changes within me came in drastically.

Motherhood made me Overprotective & Faint-hearted: With the passage of time, I found that I had become overprotective and possessive about my son and feared something untoward when for a fraction of second, my eyes missed him…such was the impact of becoming a Mother. I never left my son with support staff or helpers, an unknown fear gripped on the thought of leaving him to strangers and preferred that he be around me most of the time.

Motherhood graced me with DIY skills: Never before, I had knitted sweaters or stitched any cloth but after becoming a mother, I learnt all the skills and guys, you will surprised to know that my kids never ever wore ready-made sweaters till Std. XII. It was my passion to make sweaters for them and this passion led me to learn it in depth & afterwards, I started tutoring people who had flair for knitting. Same was the case with stitching, I stitched all the napkins, caps, frocks and bed rolls for my kids. I derived happiness indulging in stitching and knitting and I gain mastery in these subjects especially knitting. Even I updated my knowledge in Homeopathic medicines & learnt the techniques of first-aid, which comes handy when the child hurts while learning to walk or crawling. I became well versed in Do-It-Yourself Techniques.

In my eyes of my children, I am their Role model and they follow me and their trust is built upon me, so I have to keep myself updated so that I don’t ever disappoint them. Becoming mother, once again, I revised all the rhymes of kindergarten, updated my general knowledge quotient because in their eyes, I am a Supermom, who knows everything at the fullest.

Becoming a mother is challenging but once you cuddle your sweetheart in your arms, the world looks small and we feel our wings strengthened ready for any ride, be it on smooth plains or on roller and coaster ride. With babies, we enjoy each moment of life and the tough ride appears easy. The best thing is that they keep you busy, you don’t get time to brood over disappointments of life and their cute smiles & the way they reciprocate to your lullabies makes your day beautiful and you profusely thank Supreme power for gifting you a cute child, a part of you plays in your lap.

                                                                       Copyright Ila Varma, 2017

It was my share…What you learnt as a Mom, Do share.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review of Mama Earth Baby Products!!! #Childcare

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 Mama Earth Asia’s 1st Made Safe Certified Toxin Free Brand.

The founders of Mama Earth is Varun Alagh & GhazalAlagh. They were one of the carefree couple but when they were expecting their first child, they became conscious of the safety of the baby and they started the research of the baby products. They discovered that most of the baby products contained toxins which is harmful for the health of the babies. They were not only concerned about their own baby but for all the babies they knew in their friend circle. There, their journey began to create products which were completely safe and certified toxin free. A brand which develops products from world class research after heavy trials in an attempt to solve the little problems that each parents face. With this projection, they ambled forward and in this way, Asia’s 1st Made Safe Certified Toxin Free Brand Mama Earth was born.

Mama Earth’s 4 Core Values

  • Safety:  Mama Earth are first made safe certified toxin free brand and they take care that each product is clinically tested and trialled in Europe.

  • Honesty: The ingredients used in the products are clearly mentioned on the packaging for the parents to know what all are been used & even on the website, the products are rated & details mentioned therein, so transparency is there.

  • Mum-empowerment: The best part is all the products are by the mom, for the mom & through the moms.

  • Best of the earth: They choose the best available ingredients be it natural, plant-based or synthetic and the concern is both for safety & efficacy of the product.

The well-being of the Baby matters most, its equivalent to Baby’s love.

The product of Mama Earth is free of all the below mentioned harmful chemicals.

  • No Parabens
  • No Sulphates
  • No Phthalates
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Petroleum
  • No Synthetic Fragrances or Dyes.

In Feb.2017, I received a Travel kit of Mama Earth products by the brand and was enamoured by its packaging, it’s quite comfortable to carry during outing with your baby.

The travel kit comprised of 4 Daily use baby products:

  • Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies.
  • Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies.
  • Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies.
  • Soothing Massage Oil for Babies.

When I received the product, at first, I used on myself before trying on my niece, Rose to be sure of the efficacy & safety of the product and found it very soothing and toxin free and then my cutie, Rose tried on and we thoroughly enjoyed using the baby products.

Come on, let me tell you in detail about the ingredients of the products, one by one and the experience with Mama Earth Baby Products.

Moisturizing Daily Lotion for Babies: consists of Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Calendula extract, Almond & Jojoba Oil, all ingredients pulled out from nature and it’s a light weight blanket of moisture and it protects the skin from dryness and skin irritation. It isn’t greasy, so the baby feel fresh and velvety soft and the mother’s don’t need to bother about staining. As I have already said it is a product which both Mom & baby can use it and enjoy the blend of mild fragrance of nature. My sis-in-law & Rose is using it profusely and at times, I use it for myself.

I insist the mothers to buy this product for their babies and enrich the skin with the mildness of natural products, free from toxins.

Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for Babies: constitutes of coconut based cleansers & conditioners & Lavender essential oil, products extracted from nature and it cleanses the scalp, leaving the hair soft & silky and it lathers easily. Few drops are enough for your baby. The best part is that been toxin free, it doesn’t irritates the sensitive eyes of infants, so Mumma you can use for your baby without making her cry & even it is gentle on the skin.

Deeply Nourishing Body Wash for Babies: is prepared from coconut based cleansers & conditioners, Aloe Vera, orange essential oils, all by products of nature. Nature is in abundance in each and every formulae of Mama Earth Baby products. Give your baby a bubbly bath and enjoy the freshness of it. It gives complete cleansing to the skin from head to toe and keep skin soft, supple & nourished. It is friendly to eyes & skin.

Soothing Massage Oil for Babies: is prepared of pure almond, jojoba, cold pressed sesame oil, coconut and olive oils. It is very soothing to the baby’s body & regular massage with this oil will improve the girth of the baby, strengthen their bones and keep them fit & healthy. It is easily absorbed in the skin. Baby loves massage and with natural oils, you & baby both will fall in love with it. It pampers the skin of the mother & baby.

My sis-in-law & niece Rose are loving the mild fragrance of the Mama Earth baby products and she thanked me profusely for briefing her about the product and she bought 200 ml packs of all the four products from online store and she has vouched to use it always for her baby and herself.

Even it is cost effective, and it is safe and efficient. Realizing its efficacy and safe, I am grateful to the couple Varun & Ghazal Alagh, who came up with the best product.
Kudos to the team of Mama Earth.

You can buy the products online from Amazon, First Cry & Nykaa portals.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine Day Celebrations

Once Upon a time, Valentine Day was a Greek word for Indians but thanks to the world of media that even the old pairs who have completed their golden anniversary too are busy with the celebrations….then what to say about the young pairs….they are anxious and their expectations rise high.

A month before 14th Feb., cards & gifts are decked up for the occasion, tables booking is on in restaurants and varied discounts & add-ons are added by the hotel industry.

The town is painted red in the anxious wait for the Valentine day and all swear their love to their partners and those they don’t have, they are in ardent search to express their love…with the advent of Feb., love starts brimming.

I too get high in Feb, but I am poor in expressions and so my heart fails to propose or vow and the same is the condition with my partner.

We are an ideal couple who are poor in expressions.

Further, my take is that love is not a thing to be celebrated only on a specific day.

Love is a fire which kindles when eyes and soul of two meet and decide to carry on and the passion for each other increases with each passing day, building trust upon each other and it reaches the zenith where even the biggest mistake of love is pardoned…such is the intensity of love and it can’t be erected in a day, it takes a lot of time, patience and perseverance.

Falling in love is easy but to remain in love is promising and when it reaches the zenith, the love turns unconditional where it only believes in giving with no expectations…but all relationships or love don’t reach to that extent.

Still, I don’t disagree with the celebrations but my choice is a bit different.

I don’t celebrate but still I have a list of choices where materialistic things are missing, it’s more to enjoy the day with spending less & enjoying more concept. It would be fulfilling too, it’s my view.

Start the day with a kiss planted on the lips of your love, it will revive the lost passions and you will feel fresh and present a beautiful red rose promising to stand by each other through thick and thin and just as the thorns manage to keep the rose petals safe; same ways you two vouch for each other.

Ask to wear the dress of your choice and prepare breakfast for each other. Even one of the partners can surprise showcasing their culinary skills and table management.

Decide to be together…if there is no urgency at office, take a day break and enjoy the leave with your partner, indulge in sharing and caring and love making as mood of both desires.

Go for a long drive with the favourite music playing in the backdrop, it will entice your passion.
Grab the hours to use in your own way as you desire to be with your partner.
Decorate your bedroom, light colourful aromatic candles, play music and enjoy the hours of close proximity.

If you indulge in with pleasant mood, I can challenge nothing better can replace these moments and no amount can fetch you these small pretty , invaluable, precious joys of life.

Don’t wait for one long year to celebrate the valentine day, take a break from fast life in a quarter and enjoy the leisure time with your partner….this way, the couple come closer and the fire of love rekindles.

This is my choice of gifts on the V-Day…what is yours? Do share & care.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Uff, Yeh Blogging & Tum!!! #ILoveBlogging

Since childhood, I have a habit of scribbling…in those days, papers were used for writing and I scribbled my outbursts both healthy n jovial ones as well as disastrous ones…it was my way of venting out my emotions which I don’t share easily with anyone but papers and pen are my companion and I trust them.

I am not an introvert nor extrovert, a blend of both…at times, one can find me loud and at another time, they may find submitted to myself and many take my this side as snob or of proud nature…and generally in initial encounters, few are able to understand me…maximum misunderstand me and get to know me better with times.

I cleared my battles of life with the scribbling my emotions on paper and kept them properly tucked in a file and I had a habit of re-reading number of times.
With time, the mode of scribbling changed and became digitized and I moved to system & keyboard leaving my favourite pen & paper…but the process of venting out remained the same.

Soon, I deciphered the world of blogging and gradually started posting my emotions, experiences and observations that I daily encountered in my life and now, it has become a habit to post daily, if perchance, I miss…I become impatient and wait eagerly to venture in my world of blogging and on this valentine day, I admit that I am in love with blogging.

Don’t ask me When, Why & How I fell for blogging….I can’t describe figuratively but I can assure that my heart yearns for blogging.

The reasons are ample and realistic…the first and foremost is that my mood swings sometimes makes me a writer or sometimes a poetess, at times, I act as a journalist and at few instances, I pry in others privacy, so I become spy…and handling ample professions is making me versatile with each passing day.

My emotions don’t churn inside me…through blogging, I emit all the foulness brewing inside me and I feel fresh and light and the readers’ comments boosts my confidence which at times shakes with bitter experiences of life.

I paint my blog red when my passion and love speaks loud and in those best moods, I write poems of love and giving the form of compositions makes me more passionate and it kindles the rage of love inside me.

The incidents that I encounter in & around my life and the experience that I derive from those moments, I give it a form of prose or poetry and it helps me to learn from those small things of life…the good ones rejuvenates me and the bad ones gives me a lesson to learn….and jotting down is wonderful.

The captivating moments of nature, I capture through my lens and share on my blog.
The habit of scribbling remained the same but there was a great transition…when I wrote on papers, it remained under the cover and only I had the permission to read but the world of blogging brought transition and the outbursts are now on public platform and people are free to read, comment, appreciate or criticize.

The most appreciable quality of a blog is that by reading the notions of others, we learn great many new things, learn to know more about the changing perceptions and reflections of people and this sharing help us to reform our ways and the joy of others adds joys to our life…other tough times comes as a lesson to learn from other mistakes…sharing makes the people caring.

In the world of blogging, you can find answers for every query…the arena is vast and the specialty of one’s character or profession reflects in their blog…you can easily find answers to your query about pregnancy & parenting, cooking & baking, lifestyle & beauty, travel & tour, love & emotions, spellings & grammar and many many more.

I love blogging because I love jotting down my emotions, perceptions, reflections, experiences and observations that I encounter around my life…it has given me a digital identity on various social networking sites…discovered many friends from different niche and we learn a lot exchanging our ideas and love to participate in the ongoing contests in the world of blogging and meeting the deadlines.

When I get impulsive, my family asks me why you are so impatient to blog…why so much priority been given to blogging…I give them a smile with a wink and say it aloud, “I am in love with blogging”…hearing this only one word comes out of their mouth, “Uff, Yeh Blogging & Tum.”

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Sky Under My Lens #Ooty #Coonoor

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                                                                      Deserted Look +Bandipur Tr 

                                                           Skywatch @Pine Forest Ooty

                                                                          Skywatch @Pine Forest Ooty

                                                                On Way to @Ooty

Pic Credits: Copyright 2017 @Ila Varma

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Taj Madikeri, Coorg!!! #MMTLuxuryStays

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The word “Honeymoon” itself gives butterflies in stomach, so you can imagine my status very well. After getting married and heading for honeymoon after a fortnight. You will be amazed why I chose to go for Honeymoon after a fortnight of my marriage. The reason was that I stayed back with parents so that my wife could mix with my family and she’s recognized in the family, few may feel weird. Anyways, each individual has its own way of looking at things.

I will share my secret of our destination. Our Honeymoon stay was wonderful in the lap of nature and peaceful ambiance – Coorg at the famous Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri. The staycation added colors to our trip and the days afterwards.

I will not delve more about my alliance with my beautiful lady but would definitely delve into minute details of the staycation @ Taj Madikeri.

We started from Bengaluru by car in late evening and by morning, we had our eyes gazing at the amazing valley of Coorg from the stunning lobby of Taj Madikeri. We were given a warm welcome at the reception in a regional manner. The start was so beautiful, our expectation rose high and the team of Taj met our expectation without any hiccups. Frankly, the service was much higher than my expectation and imagination. 

The majestic property of Taj mesmerized me from within. Its grandeur, architecture, aesthetic design and the location of the property is surreal and breath-taking. It is tucked into the hills and greenery sprawls all over the landscape of hills and forest.

From reception, we were escorted to our beautiful cottage by a buggy. The Buggy had to basically run down the slopes of the hill and we could see the other beautiful cottages on our way.

As we stepped inside our cottage, the intricate design, aesthetic sense & simplicity simply awed us. It gave us a royal feeling for sure. My wife was mesmerized and we thanked ourselves for choosing the best we could, considering that we did not wanted to travel too far from Bengaluru.

We were asked to visit the Breakfast dining area. The spread was nicely decked up and consisted basically of all types of cuisine – Continental, North – South Indian specials, some special delicacies of Coorg(Kodagu) and wide choice of juices. We tried as much as we could, it was sumptuous.

The lunch and dinner varieties were equally amazing and there are no words to describe how well Taj stands out from the rest. 

The property also has a small museum which reflects on the history of Kodagu (Coorg) along with some plantations of coffee, tea and strawberry.

The lobby of the hotel stands at the best place, offering view of the entire valley. The infinity pool adjacent to it, only make the view stunning. The Barbeque restaurant at the foothills – the Grill along the pool is mind-blowing for what it serves.

We enjoyed the stay at Taj thoroughly and the courteous management stole our hearts – right from the reception, during our stay in the property, housekeeping staff, F&B teams at Ferntree and the Grill were amazing.

The property is immaculately clean and grandeur and they take too much care to maintain the cleanliness of the property.

Due to professional obligations, we stayed for three days & two nights but the memory of the stay is etched in our memory and I look forward to many more stays at Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri to enjoy the lavishness in the luscious backdrop of Coorg.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Here are my few clicks of the Taj property which I managed to click when I was relieved from my newly wedded bride.
Overview of Taj Madikeri, Coorg.

                                                                    View from Lobby

                                                                                Breakfast Joint

                                                                  Internal View of Cottage

                                                             Cottage Decked up #Honeymoon Package

                                                                           Neat Decoration with Warm Wishes

Inputs by Ila Varma, in the voice of my Son.

“I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Thank You God!!!

We count our blessings for what we have but today I had to count on my blessings for the things that I don’t have. In one go, it sounded ridiculous to me but when the concept sank in then I understood what message it conveyed between the lines.

It asked me how I am thankful for the things that I don’t have in my life as having those will be adding trouble to my joyous life…it wasn’t easy to find the weeds in my life…I brooded long and finally, it worked out.

I profusely thank the Supreme Power that he hasn’t instilled Jealousy in me that doesn’t mean that I can share my love with someone…not at all. In my context…I don’t have inert properties of J in me…I feel happy if someone related or unrelated is happy… If my siblings do well, I feel proud but never ever I am J at their accomplishments…care pours in from my heart but never ever it gets mixed with J…I am really thankful that the Supreme Power did not inject me the chemical properties of Been Jealous.

Cheating & Playing Politics weed is not in my fields…I am quite straight forward and raw and an initial interaction with anyone mars their opinion about me…they try to shoo away from me...but when someone is associated they thank their stars…I am honest and poor at playing politics, at times, it poses issues but still I thank Lord for not instilling these poisons in my blood.

I am not Greedy for wealth nor I get infected with other’s wealth…I am only greedy to acquire information & knowledge through books, internet and experiences. I am very much contended with what I have & I don't have complains to unknown power.

I am tea-lover and prefer drinking black tea without sugar but thankfully I am not addicted. I can live without it. I don't have any Addiction of any kind in my life, no drug abuses nor alcohol.

From bottom of my heart, I thank God for making me what I am and keeping me aloof from the evils and my prayer continues to keep me as I am today, polish my qualities for betterment not for becoming a monster.

Pic Credits: here

Friday, February 3, 2017

My Five Favourite Shopping Platforms #Online

Online Shopping…there was a time when people had immense fears engraved regarding online shopping…no one budged to take interest…if anyone tried to take the initiative, he was given lectures not to indulge…reason was clear…people didn’t had faith in online shopping and the past remnants are vivid in my memory.
In my childhood days that is late seventies and eighties were the regime of parcels and there were some shops who parcelled the chosen articles via parcel. There were few agents who had brochures of the items and they took the order over brochures…few shops delivered proper goods but few sent cartons in parcel, no chosen item and this way families were duped so they believed in direct shopping, convenient & trusted.
Gradually, time changed and the initiatives of reputed brands changed the mind-set of masses and people ventured out for shopping and they tried from cheap items initially and now people shop for more than lac and in this way, the reputed brands played well to win the hearts of Indian population and finally they achieved their mission and now people of all financial strata indulge in digital shopping and today, one can buy tickets for travelling abroad to a mopper of household item.
In the comforts of our home or office, we can book tickets for movies, tables at restaurants or can enjoy food on the table via home delivery, just you need to have the connectivity and digital payments facility, shopping is at your fingertips.
You don’t have to rush in for marketing things of your choice neither you have to chase the sales guy to serve you better. In cosy corner of your home or office, you can choose from different brands, colors, price range etc.
Today, I am online shoppingholic and I happen to buy grocery items to furniture items and that too in relaxed aura…no pollution, no jiffy or jammed traffics…I have not tried jewellery items, still I need to visit the brand of my choice and feel the texture of it before going for it…not dared till now but I believe shortly will dare to indulge.
If you step in my house, you will find maximum home décor, furniture, wall hangings, carpet, home accessories, dresses, carpets, rugs bought from online shopping…I love shopping but this online shopping has many advantages and now I vouch for online shopping…shopping done with cool mind & comforts.
The major brands where I indulge in shopping are as follows:
1.     Flipkart
The first online shopping I indulged in, was on Flipkart and my first purchase was novel. Frankly speaking, initially, I had fear of getting duped so I started with a low cost item and gradually the sphere of shopping widened as my fear subsided and I dared to get Geyser through online shopping. My hubby too discouraged me in the beginning but now he is happy that he is not disturbed in the weekends to be on shopping spree and my choices and the brands availability at Flipkart had bowled him clean.
This platform beautified my house with their range of furniture, wall shelves, bathroom cabinets, rugs, carpets, bed sheets and other household items. Their return policy is amazing so no fear if by chance you receive a product damaged in transit. They have wide range of furniture items and the price range is broad, so you can buy according to your capacity.

3.    Snapdeal
This platform comes handy in festivals, there are awesome deals on household items and I never miss those deals. Here too, you can purchase from a broom to grand sofa…I have purchased centre tables for my living room at a splendid price.
4.    Amazon
Initially, I wasn’t comfortable with Amazon but now they have changed their style of business and its quite amicable and user friendly and range of products. Initially, I started with MTR packets which I don’t get in Patna. Before Amazon, my son parcelled MTR packs of my choice from Chennai. One day, he found that it is available on Amazon and he shared the good news…now I am regular customer of MTR products. I check for enticing deals on Amazon for grocery shopping or for clothing and I plunge in whenever I locate deals of my choice. 
5.     Zivame
This platform helped me a lot to choose from varieties of lingerie’s, which I never got a chance in stores…When I shopped from store, I asked for the packet with specific number and straightway came out of the shop blushing. I felt very shy and this shy nature never let me discover the up-to-date undergarments. Zivame solved my issue completely and I wander on this platform for hours before zeroing in for my size and design. I feel awesome shopping online.

These are the major platforms that I use for indulging in online shopping. There are times when we buy on impulse, it depends how one takes it. Some take impulse buying as negative. The best thing about online shopping is that there is no need to rush or screech…tune in the music and do your shopping coolly. 

Writing this for #MondayMommy Moments prompt.