Friday, January 30, 2015


The Most Critical Moment In Life

When Someone Very Special 

Hurts You Deeply

Gives Tears To Your Eyes

 And Ask What Happened?

 & You Just Reply, 


Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Am Sure, I'll Get There !!!



" I May Not Be There Yet, But I'll Get There.


 No Matter What It Takes, But  I'll Get There.

I Refuse To Let The Trivial Things Of Today 


      Weigh Down My Tomorrow !!! "

Couldn't Agree More









#Random Thoughts

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

MIND YOUR TONGUE -- IT PINCHES hurts to see the people with good educational background don't have control on their tongue...they don't even care what they are saying in bad temper...are we getting educated to just amass certificates &medals to showcase in our cupboards & a bank balance to enjoy the comforts of life...when they lose their temper, they don't care what they are saying & listening to them at that moment, you can't differentiate between an educated & a rustic...

It is said that the words that are said can't be taken why not think before speaking else if you can't think then at least be silent instead of hurting the one who is just requesting & who can't dare to think bad of or for you and wishes best for you...

It is just disgusting to hear such words or threatening which can't be imagined from a friend or a well wisher it the refund of one's affection & faith....Think about might not be able to think positive now but it's better to take few moments out from one's busy schedule & ponder....

Feelings differ from person to person in any relationship....feelings can't be measured on weighing scale...even way of responding differs...but at least we can respect one's feelings & be soft instead of being hyper...even if one hurts till the person is in the good books of the stands all the conflicts and just offer to be cool & good in responding.

# Why not we check our habits and bring in a change in ourselves & bring peace & happiness in lives of all...nice soothing words with a smiling lips doesn't cost much but certainly brings in radical changes in the lives of all you touch...THINK THINK THINK !!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inspiration is everything

"You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you 
listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the 
conversations you engage in. 
You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, 
the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. 
You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. 
You are every single second of every single day. So drown yourself 
in a sea of knowledge and existence. Let the words run through 
your veins and let the colors fill your mind until there is nothing 
left to do but explode. 
There are no wrong answers. Inspiration is everything. 
Sit back, relax, and take it all in. Now, go out and create  

Accept Me As I Am

I want to be accepted as I am so that I may become what I am...with my best abilities & shortcomings...with all the flaws...I am full of life & won't find any deception or pretension in me...simple & soft at heart....a bit irrational at times..that's one is perfect & I love to grow with my imperfections...perfecting it time to time as required but mind it, no intention to hurt anyone deliberately...try to help the helpless...It's my request to accept me as I am....accept & feel the will enjoy my companionship....My smiles will nurture the lives of people who are associated with me as I keep Smiling & believe in spreading my smiles...the most priceless but precious possession that can enlighten the lives that I touch....& seeing others happy keeps me happy & contented !!!!

Love You !!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

A Careless Girl Wove a Dream
And, One Fine Day
Her Prince Of Charm
Stepped Into Her Life
Took Her Along To Start A Life Fresh !!!

Life was not only Bed of Roses
It had Thorns Strewn Along
But the Beauty of Roses
Subdued the Pain Of Thorns !!

She Adored Her Prince
Her Madness For Him
Made Her Do All The Wonders
To Adorn Her Life With Him !!!

He Was Ignorant & Naive
Never Tried To Peep Into Her
She Believed That One Day
He Will Realize Her Feelings
Anxiously Waited For The D Day !!!

Their Love Bloomed
She Was Blessed With Two Beautiful Kids
Her Whole Life Revolved Around Them
She Forgot Her Wishes & Was On Her Toes
To See Both Of Them Happy !!!

She Left No Stone Unturned
To Give Them The Best Of This World
Couldn't Bear Tears In Their Eyes
Searched for A Smile On Their Lips !!!

Time Came When Her Kids Grew
Left The Nest To Settle Their Life
Their Success Welled Her Eyes
The Tears Were Of  Happiness
She Saw Her Dreams Fulfilled !!!

 A Void In Her Life Was Created
 And A Turmoil Inside 
One Self Was happy
& The Other Self Helpless !!!

She Had No Choice
Had To Accept The Truth Of Life
Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses
& To Enjoy The Fragrance Of Roses
You Have To Get Pricked By Thorns !!!© By Ila Varma

Monday, January 19, 2015


As penned down by Ashwin:

It was a new & exciting experience with my beloved Divya, we knew each other since a long time & we thought that we knew each other very well but on our honeymoon trip to Puri...I understood that there was more unseen facet of my girl which wasn't explored by me & never knew that the experience to explore her self would be so enticing...a meek, sweet & shy girl could be so seductive as a wife ...I don't have any grudges but the time I took to raise the veil between us could be so wonderful & beyond my imagination...totally new & adventurous....our courtship days were quite disciplined....except for one or two instances...when I had lost control on myself ( though it was checked on time)...but Divya used to be very composed & I never imagined that she would defeat me after be very frank...she did !!!

Now I understand that male only boast but the women fare well than male counterpart & she has the vigor to sustain the climax...I completely surrendered myself in the hands of my beloved wife...and with each encounter, I came to know more of her...a complete new facet of my beautiful angel who adorned my life with her beauty & love. She knew to lure me & her advances made me feel my importance in her life. Her hot & beautiful body attracted me more to her & she was very fond of me too ( as she used to put in ).

I felt complete in myself...the young saplings were firmly planted & now it was time to grow with the  warmth of our relationship. Love is a wonderful feeling which starts with the rapid heart beats of young boy & girl...sight of each other mesmerizes us from within & the mere sight of each other soothes our soul...gradually with time...expectations increase manifold...we enjoy each other company...& we care more of our counterpart than our-self...our concern for each other develops with the passage of time & our heart asks for more & more & after marriage...we seek pleasure in each other company & we desire more &'s on increasing side.....we both were in the same boat enjoying company of each other...promising more & more to be together till our last breath of life.

This simple girl had made interesting plans for our honeymoon....her choice of wardrobe was just mind blowing...& her sense of dressing for her hubby was baffling....I had become slave of my love...she knew the I was sure....Ohh...this woman...she had driven me crazyyyy.

All the time, I longed for her proximity & the plans to roam through Puri stood still...I just desired to sit beside her...& nothing else...we talked endlessly....

The trip of a fortnight was very exciting & thrilling & the experience was awesome....we visited important places of Puri & was back to our place amidst our family. There was significant changes in Divya...beautiful lady was glowing in my love & I prayed that she remains sweet throughout life & this bond grows stronger with time.

It was truly a bliss to be with my beloved Divya !!!

to be continued..... 

Sunday, January 18, 2015


You returned back my Smiles
And relieved me with all the Stress
& fears of losing !!!

Hope I return back to my form
With your kind Support & Care
I need a Trusting Hand
Who can help me to fight
& Win my Subdued Confidence !!!

I'm trying my best
But A Sincere Effort
Will sure Bring in A Change
& Tame My Sufferings !!!

Just Be There To Hold Me
When I lose My Balance
So That I Can Stand Back
With A Wide Smile & Ease !!!

© By Ila Varma

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Once a King called his astrologer and asked to tell him about 

his future....and to tell only truth no lies....The astrologer said 

that you have a very long life ,you will outlive other members 

of your family...each one of your family will die but you will live

 very long....hearing this King was furious and asked his 

soldiers to put the astrologer in jail...the astrologer could not 

understand why he was put behind the bars when he did 

nothing wrong...only told him the option was there 

for the astrologer.....After few weeks..again the king asked other 

astrologers of his kingdom to meet him...None got ready...One 

of the senior astrologer decided to meet the King...When he met 

the King...again same question was asked by the King....he 

wanted to hear truth, no lies....the astrologer said after 

examining his horoscope that the King is very lucky and blessed

 with a very long life to enjoy all the comforts of life and 

nobody till yet in his kingdom has such longevity of age....he is 

fortunate to have such horoscope...the king was happy with the 

astrologer's prediction and he asked him to ask anything of his 

choice...The king will like to gift him....he knew that his friend 

astrologer who was arrested was also not he asked 

the King to release his friend in jail...that would be a great gift 

and nothing else he wished. The king asked his men to release 

the arrested astrologer.






दिल ने कुछ कहा कुछ हमसे कुछ तुमसे

दिल ने कुछ कहा
कुछ हमसे कुछ तुमसे
हमने सुन कर मुस्कुराया
तुम गुमसुम बन बैठे ।।

हमारी मुस्कुराहट ने मचा दी तबाही
बिना बात के नासुर बन गए
क्या मेरी यही सजा थी मुस्कुराने की
मैंने तो अपनी बर्बादी पर मुस्कुराया
वो समझ बैठे मैंने उनकी खिल्ली उङा दी
मैंने तो सोचा था मेरी मुस्कुराहट
उनकी दुनिया को रंगनियों से सजा देगी
अंजाने में मैंने तो अपनी दुनिया ही उजाङ दी

 दिल ने कुछ कहा
कुछ हमसे कुछ तुमसे

 इतनी तकल्लुफ से तो अच्छा था
पूछ लेते मुझ से मेरी मुस्कुराने का राज
गम को धुएें में उङा कर
कुछ कहकहे सुना देती
तो तुम भी मेरे संग मुस्कुरा देते
मैं भी कुछ क्षण के लिए
अपने गम को भूल कर
तुम्हारे साथ ठहाके लगा लेती।।

 मेरी भी शिकन दूर हो जाती
और तुम भी मुस्कुरा देते

दूरियाँ नजदिकीयाँ में बदल जाती
और दिल तन्हां ना रहता
 दिल ने कुछ कहा
कुछ हमसे कुछ तुमसे।।

 ----- इला

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

इंसान की पहचान

ख्बाबों में तुम्हे पास पाया 

सोचा था साथ चलोगे मीलों 

कसमें भी खाई थी संग छोङगें ना कभी 

मैं भी इतरायी तुम्हारी बातों पर

खुद को खुशकिस्मत समझती

गम से बहुत दूर अपने आशयाने में 

ख्बाबों को पिरोया सजाया

खूब इठलाती मन ही मन

पर जब सहारा माँगा 

तुम्हारे हाथों का

झटक कर बढ गये आगे

ठगी सी देखती रही

बुत सी बेजान सी

जुबां कुछ नहीं कह पायी

पर अंदर से खोखली पायी

कसमें देने आसां हैं

पर कौन है हमसफर

यह समय ही तय कर पाता है

इंसान की पहचान भी समय ही कराती है।।

 ----- इला 

It's All About Money, Honey

It's all about Money, Honey....there are varied opines on the importance of Money in our Money the only thing that can bag happiness...straighten out a broken relationship...maintain a status symbol in our society & family...I never attached importance to this paper...a very dirty thing but still in this materialistic world, we guard it more than our life...Once I was just introspecting , what was the dirtiest thing that we find around & concluded that this paper Money is the most dirtiest thing..very unhygienic but we never wash our hands after touching the circulates from so many hands...many keep inside their body & even in their private parts but still we never think twice while picking up these coins or notes...just because it can fetch all the comforts of life...not even a single person would have ever thought of washing hands after counting the notes...this is materialistic world & many close relations are also weighed on this scale...the people with better monetary power gets more attention than the one who lacks or has less...

Not only in social circle, people with hefty pay packets are respected but even in family people with best salary structure are given more importance & are good at heart, helping nature but you don't have much to spare , you won't be welcomed...people will cut off from you & will have an apprehension that they might have to help the insufficient & this apprehension creates a hype in the relation....

I know better that this Money is not going to fetch inner happiness or peace...but..believe me, you can buy relatives, friends, well wishers, a status in society from this this dirty paper is very valuable in our life...the people who have read this would be thinking how stupid I am saying that the Money is not so important...yes, it has immense importance....but is it so important that you keep other relations on stand...even parents who has borne the child into this world & has given many sermons to become a good human being too start differentiating between their kids on the pretext of money....these things hurt me a lot....& I pray to God that never ever make me so that I too start weighing all the relationship on the bar of economics...till today I feel proud of myself that I don't have ill feelings for my relatives & I am keen to help all as much as I can...& feel happy for all & don't hold any prejudice though I find many who are jealous of their siblings & friends on their success.

I feel I am lucky self that I don't harbour such feelings.....Money is the medium to survive & lead a life of our choice as per our income....but after life, all that you hoard are scattered and what trails is your good deeds, I have seen life from close quarters & found that the people who ignored all the relations or comforts of life just to guard the money in bank accounts did not lead a quality life & one fine day left for heavenly abode leaving all the accounts full with Money...but did it give them happiness or peace...No, never & now no one even take their names...

I know many won't agree with my view...I have seen ups & downs of life & have enjoyed the good & bad days of life...with lots of money or with meager sum...but never ever I changed my way of accepting people & I welcomed all with a happy heart in my good or worse way never
Honey...Money is important but don't attach too much of's not above the relationships...I know we can't do without it...but the joys of  life can't be bought with it.....Time to retrospect !!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why we run away from challenges

The word Challenge inspires us to be challenging & we take up on a positive note  thinking it  would sail away smooth on a fast pace & if it does not work as thought, we try to evade from the scene. The thing which appears to be challenging needs your time & patience to compete with it , if it would have been easy then certainly it would not be challenging but many don't understand.

In the beginning, one puts in all his effort to make it work out but if they smell that it's not working up to their expectation, they just give up & put their hands off saying that I can't. Man, Life isn't so easy nor their hiccups easy to handle, if it would have been so easy then why would one approach you , it would have been managed on their own.

The starters of today lack the patience & they give up easily....the people lead a fast life of two minute Maggi noodles...they don't have the resistance power...when they can't think of cooking for oneself then how can one resist life's poses hurdles to test your power of fighting with adversities & tests your power & the people who come out of it are the real winners & the ones who back out lack the power to fight with the odds.

Life has never been easy....when you dawn on this planet you are fed only when you cry out...if the people would not have felt the pangs of hunger no one would have cooked food so at each juncture of life, there is pressure to perform & the pressure mounting compels us to is our student life...the pressure of family, peers & society & a threat to do something better to lead a smooth life inspires us to study well & the target is set to meet in order to lead a better life....if there wouldn't have been a pressure...there would have been few in numbers  to work hard in schools / colleges.

Whole life revolves round pressure & challenges & the person who has the capability to handle are the real winners & they keep themselves happy & contended as well as the people who are associated with them. In service industries, there is a challenge & commitment at every step & your patience is tested at every nook & tend to meet people who are contrary to your expectation...few are difficult to handle...some may appear a threat to you but been in the industry of servicing, you can't deny the privilege to service & you have to maintain your coolness...what you are going thru is not the matter of concern of your clientele, you are there to help him & you have to when you have vowed to & escaping from the scene is not expected...this is the time to test your grit....and when you have got the opportunity then don't deny...maybe at this level of immaturity you reject but in the long will be a guilt that you will better shed your ego & impatience & offer your support & this constant support will help you in the long rewards us in small packages not with one single big it is with our savings....we save amounts in our bank accounts by investing small amounts at regular intervals !!!

I would like to quote one instance which can be a eye opener for many:

A man visited hospital with his only son badly wounded & he required instant help from surgeon to save him. He was crying & yelling at the doctors to provide immediate help. He became impatient when he came to know that the surgeon was not available in hospital. In a fit of rage, he condemned the whole hospital the mean time they admitted his son & started his treatment & soon the surgeon attended the patient & he was operated & his life saved. The surgeon left the hospital post operation, but the man was disgusted & remarked that couldn't he wait for my son to regain consciousness. The nurse of the hospital told him the episode the doctor was facing, she told him that the only son of doctor had breathed his last & he was going to perform his last rites when his son needed emergency operation  & the doctor came to the hospital just for his son & when his operation was over, he left the hospital so that he could perform the last rites of his son.
The man after knowing the truth was speechless & thankful to the surgeon for providing timely aid to his son & save him. The surgeon did not cared of his tough situation but managed to provide service to his patient on time. He accepted the challenge in the most adverse situation of life.

One shouldn't run away from adverse situation but ready to accept the challenge....Stay committed &  make the difference in owns life as well as in life of others.

It's the way of Almighty to test his own people !!!