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Rahul (Anu Mallik), Anjali (Kajol) and Tina (Geeta Kapoor) from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai reunite on Comedy Dangal!

Geeta Kapoor, the queen of dance and one of the best female choreographers in Bollywood recently, joined Comedy Dangal team as celebrity guest for a special episode that pays tribute to women. Since the episode is a special dedication to all the ladies of the country, it is full of entertainment, drama and lots of spice. 

The show will see Anu Mallik and Bharti Singh team up to present a parody on Geeta Maa's debut movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! While you will get to see Anu Mallik as the 'cool dude' that SRK portrayed - Rahul, Bharti as 'jhalli' Anjali will rock the stage. But the icing on the cake is Geeta Maa joining the duo as the 'sexy' Tina and showing them the moves on the song Koi Mil Gaya! And that's not all! 

Impressed by Surbhi Jyoti’s ichhadhari naagin and Rajesh Kumar’s sapera skit, Geeta Kapoor and Bharti Singh were compelled to join them on the stage to dance on the tunes of naagin song along with other ladies of the show. The ladies Bharti and Geeta also give the men a crash course in bargaining!

The masaledar episode turned into an emotional ride for Comedian Mubeen Saudagar who was surprised by the cast and crew of Comedy Dangal with his wife who is soon expecting a baby. Like a loving husband, Mubeen thanked his wife for all her support during his struggling days.

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Give Wings to Your Child’s Creativity! #Creative #Imagination


While surfing, I came across a beautiful project made by a lady. I loved her project and congratulated her for her creativity. But her reply dampened my mood.

She told me that she had made the school project of her child who was a student of Class I.

The project that she had prepared was not a match for a student of Class I. It was far ahead of his age.

I could not stop myself and I right away told her that her concept was not approachable…she should not do it…unconsciously she was clipping the creative wings of her child.

She told me that it was not possible for her child to prepare the project all by himself, so she made it.

I told her that it is nice to indulge in creativity and if she has inclination towards it, she should pursue wholeheartedly using her creative ideas to decorate her house, prepare gifts for special occasions or can also take up as professional commitment…but please don’t clip the wings of your child.

My intention was not to hurt her but to show her the right path.

I asked her to give her child the liberty to use his imagination in school projects and let him prepare the things all by himself.

This is not the story of one Mother…there are many Mothers who do the same.

Even in my neighbourhood and extended family, there are many parents who do the same.

I believe that in this way they are not helping their child rather blocking their imaginative power.

Whenever I come across such parents who spoon feed their children, I object to it firmly because I don’t approve this idea.

Through this post, I wish to request to all budding parents not to nip the creative ideas of your children.

Let them explore their ideas, this way their imagination power will improve and will give wings to creativity.

Children learn through trial n error and in this bid, they may scatter things around or may spoil the things, but they need that space to develop.

Always remember your childhood…once upon a time you too went through the same phase, so keep the patience with your kids.

Arrange the things required for the project and let them take the initiative, guide where they falter.

If you have inclination in creativity, pursue your own hobby and use it for yourself…don’t impose them on your kids.

If the project is far ahead of the child’s age then the teachers too understand that it is the parent’s skill and child does not receive due credit. 

Further other school children get discouraged if their work is not appreciated.

The child ability won’t develop then they will always be in a lookout for ready-made solution.

Parents…give fair chance to your child to soar high on their own ability.

My Experience:

One of my close relative spoon-fed their children and in school time, they achieved high marks in all subjects but later in life, they could not clear any competition. I had watched them closely. All the homework and school work was done by the parents and the kids mugged up. The school projects were either bought from market or made by parents. I too was a kid and watching them achieve feats of success in school, I grew envious of them n at times despised my parents for not helping. Later in life, I realized their parent’s mistakes and feel sorry for the children.
While raising my children, I did not repeat the mistakes that my relatives did. I accompanied them but never imposed my skills and the result is that I am satisfied with my children skills, few they have inherited from us and some they have developed on their own.

Mothers, Shower your love and affection but not at the stake of clipping their wings…Watch them soar heights…you will love to watch their achievements. 

Me Time! #FridayFotoFiction



Since childhood, I was fond of reading and my shelves were stacked with different kinds of books and magazines and this reading habit gave birth to my writing skill.

My inner desire was to get my writings published giving shape to a novel.

Being the eldest of five, I was married off early and got totally engrossed in family life, managing kids, husband and household and could not take time out for myself.

After shouldering off my responsibilities, once again I diverted my attention towards my reading & writing habit.

I dusted the journals that I was carrying in my shelves and synchronized them and sent to various publishers to get it published.

Thankfully, one of the leading publishers of  Mumbai accepted my work and today I received the paperback of my publication.

I can't scribble my emotions in words...I am speechless.

© Ila Varma 30/08/2017


Word Count: 147 Words.



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We are having your “Office Space” #Indore

Indore: you are having passion to do a lot. You also know what to do and also having ideas for the same. Not only this, you are having sufficient time and a good team to execute your job. But, you are not having required space, where you and your companions perform your work. Even not having such space where you can give time of your appointment to someone who wants to meet you. If you are facing this problem, then no need to worry, we are having a reliable and most convenient option to resolve your space problem as we offer you a "Co-working space" You can use this unique space for your office as per your needs on daily and hourly basis. Here you will get all facilities and infrastructure which you need to execute your entire job without any disturbance. This facility is available at Bhadas Café, 27-A, Chandra Nagar, near Syndicate Bank, MR-9, Indore.

We are having an air-conditioning and peaceful space in the heart of the city, where you will get a computer system equipped with Wi-Fi system. We will provide you clean water and can provide light refreshment on your demand. You can also avail audio-visual facility on Television set made available especially for people like you. You need not to leave your seat to get printouts for your job. If you desire to display your work, you will get white board at a very convenient place. If you feel uncomfortable to work on table-chair than you can choose lavish sofa or beanbag provided by us especially for you. Not only this if you want to sit with more comfort for your work, than we will provide you such comfortable facility, Intention is that, we are making available every possible facility under one roof.  You will get all these facility at unbelievable rate a (Rs. 999 Per Month) which can be affordable for everyone including you. 

For more information please dial us at 9755020247.

For more information please contact:
Atul Malikram

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August 2017: Mumbai based start-up is a leading vaping brand in India. It was incorporated in 2014 with a vision to help people quit smoking and to ensure that vaping products are affordable and accessible to the Indian population.

Vaping is a term used to describe the inhaling and exhaling of vapor produced by an electronic battery-powered device which is a healthier alternative to smoking the hazardous cigarettes.

There are approximately 108 million smokers in India; tobacco is the second highest cause of disability, WHO also calls tobacco a gradual killer. Many addicts are looking for a healthier option and has helped over 1 million smokers switch to vaping.

Speaking on the occasion Nilesh Jain, Founder, said, “There is very little awareness about vaping as a cleaner alternative. At, it is our endeavor to help smokers quit tobacco out of will and not compulsion. We use only FDA approved flavors in our e-liquids which are meticulously handcrafted at our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing unit.”
Since inception, witnessed a month-on-month sales revenue growth of 10-15 percent. And being a pioneer in India’s vaping industry, aims to create a widespread awareness about vaping to help the millions of tobacco addicts in India.
Smoking versus Vaping:

In India, the government is skeptical about legalizing vaping. However studies in the west show that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco based cigarette. Recently in the US,The Food and Drug Administration announced a road-map to reduce deaths from tobacco, and tobacco-related disease. According to the body, more than 480,000 deaths in the US are caused by tobacco every year. The FDA in the United States wants people to switch to a healthier alternative like vaping.  The greatest health hazard of cigarettes is the smoke that it produces, it also contains harmful chemicals like cyanide, carbon monoxide and methanol. These primarily affect the heart and arteries.  Vaping doesn’t not contain any of the harmful chemicals, experts also believe that through vaping the physiological need of nicotine reduces as body undergoes a, weaning-off effect. Vaping also doesn’t leave the foul smell and taste of burnt tobacco.

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Indore, September2, 2017Radisson Blu, the iconic hotel brand driven by innovation and design, launches ‘The Art of Weddings’, a campaign created exclusively for the India market. Building on the brand’s global ‘Something Blu, A Wedding of a Kind’ concept, the initiative will run across all of India’s 34 Radisson Blu hotels. Aimed at establishing the upper-upscale brand as the venue of choice for weddings and bridal related events, ‘The Art of Weddings’ is targeted at new age Indian couples and brings together the finest names in wedding services for a truly elegant, stylish and sophisticated wedding experience. Special privileges such as food and beverage discounts and a bonus of 25,000 Club CarlsonSM Gold Points, will be extended to all wedding bookings made at Radisson Blu hotels across India during the campaign period.

‘The Art of Weddings’ will roll out in the form of a two-day lavish experiential ‘Wedding Fair’ at Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar on August 25 and 26 and Radisson Blu Hotel Indore on September 2 and 3. Partnering with the campaign are – Indias finest couture designer, Payal Singhal who will present ‘The Azure Collection’, an exclusive line designed for Radisson Blu; renowned Celebrity Chef from Radisson Blu, Rakesh Sethi and his specially curated signature dishes; Ramit Batra, acclaimed destination wedding photographer and storyteller, who ties together vibrant and colorful memories of weddings through his photography; Puneet Gupta and his fashionable, bespoke wedding invitation designs; Jewels D’Allure that will bring together personalized, high-end jewellery and Eclairs Cakes; a specialist in designer wedding cakes. Leading Make-up artist Kangana Kochhar will also participate in the New Delhi Fair to help would-be brides look their best on their special day.

Bespoke wedding packages include Silver and Gold Tier options with highlights such as Signature dishes by Rakesh Sethi, a complimentary upgrade to Club CarlsonSM Silver/Gold status and exclusive offers with local sari houses, jewellers and florists. Couples who book a wedding at either Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar or Radisson Blu Indore Hotel during the ‘Fairs’ also stand a chance to win specially crafted Payal Singhal outfits worth INR 50,000 each.

Experiential workshops are also a key feature at the ‘Wedding Fairs’.  Attendees will learn how to create an unforgettable destination wedding, select an ideal wedding invitation, trousseau and other gift packing techniques and latest trends, styles and flavors in the world of wedding cakes and much more. An exclusive session with Payal Singhal on a bride’s trousseau is also open for first 20 registrations in each city.

Sandy Russell, vice president, commercial operations, Asia Pacific, Carlson Residue Hotel Group said, “India is a very important market for us where we are committed to strengthening our brand presence. The ‘Art of Weddings’ taps on the huge potential of the wedding market in India and is unique in its targeting, delivery and reach. The campaign is designed to create personalized wedding experiences and we are confident that the campaign will resonate strongly with consumers in the country.”

Raj Rana, chief executive officer, South Asia, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group saidWe are excited to launch The Art of Weddings in India where we have Radisson Blu hotels located in primary and secondary cities. We believe that Radisson Blu with its service philosophy of ‘Yes I Can!SM is uniquely positioned to deliver a one-stop destination for all wedding needs of the Indian consumer. By introducing this campaign across all Radisson Blu hotels in India at one-go, we have ensured an inclusive, consistent and seamless experience for all guests looking to book their special occasion with us and we hope to leverage our strong brand presence across the country to maximize guest service.”

Radisson Blu Hotel New Delhi Paschim Vihar offers ‘Olympus’, a spectacular, one-of-a-kind banqueting facility, spread over 12,000 square feet with a sky view deck. The hotel’s wedding specialists work with guests to create themed interiors with customized food and beverage menus to ensure the best wedding experience. Radisson Blu Hotel Indore encompasses over 3,250 square meters of modern and elegant blowout banquet space to hold cocktail receptions, sit-down dinners and stand-up buffets. The hotel closely assists in providing solutions for every requirement from the wedding ceremony to the honeymoon through stylish venue, chic accommodation and exquisite food choices.

Entrance is free and open to the public at both ‘Wedding Fairs’. For additional information on ‘The Art of Weddings’, 
please visit:


About Radisson Blu®
Radisson Blu® is one of the world’s leading hotel brands with 300 hotels in operation in 69 countries and territories. Radisson Blu’s vibrant, contemporary and engaging hospitality is characterized by a unique Yes I Can!SM service philosophy, and all of its first class hotels offer a range of signature features that are empathetic to the challenges of modern travel, including the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Distinguished the world over as the brand with Hotels Designed to Say YES!SM, Radisson Blu offers a vivid visual celebration of leading-edge style where the delight is in the detail. Radisson Blu hotels are located in prime locations in major cities, airport gateways and leisure destinations across the world.

Radisson Blu is a part of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, which also includes Quorvus Collection, Radisson®, Radisson RED, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM. 

For reservations and more information visit, Connect with Radisson Blu on social media: @RadissonBlu on Twitter and Instagram and

About Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel companies and includes 1,440 hotels in operation and under development with more than 230,000 rooms and a footprint spanning 115 countries and territories. The Carlson Rezidor portfolio includes a powerful set of global brands: Quorvus Collection, Radisson Blu®, Radisson®, Radisson RED, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM. Guests can benefit from Club CarlsonSM, a program that redefines hotel rewards with a collection of exceptional benefits, services, and privileges at more than 1,000 hotels worldwide. Over 95,000 people are employed in Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group hotel systems and the company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Singapore, and Brussels. 

For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @carlsonrezidor

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How to make an introvert child more friendly? #MommyMoments

Parenting is a skill and it requires lots of patience & perseverance on the part of parents while addressing kids. Each child is unique in its own way and accordingly the parents need to take care of them…

Some are outspoken, fearless and daring and they require less guidance while some are shy and meek and they need more attention from parents.

If you see around, you will find kids of one set of parents are quite different in personality though they are brought up in same atmosphere been given same privileges and comfort…Their characteristics and vital statistics vary because each kid perceive things differently…so it is the duty of the parents especially the Moms to unearth their kids potential and weakness and deal them accordingly.

In my childhood days, I was a mixture of both; some knew me as Introvert while others knew me as a full package of life and vigor and over Extrovert.

I myself don’t know the reason of such dual personality. In our times, parents were loaded with so much of responsibilities that they did not had enough time to spare to delve into such fine details. They had the huge responsibility of extended families, five children and looking after the house.

Still, I am a pack of both but certainly, I pulled myself out of the shell with passing years and now, I am introvert where I choose to be…it’s my choice else I am extrovert, ready to pour my ideas and beliefs and even give sermon where required.

I know that been over introvert mars the personality and at times, we lose best opportunities…though my been introvert rewarded me with writing skills because whenever thoughts gushed inside me, I poured it raw on the journal and this was my bright side and today I am a gainer choosing blogging as my profession…my been introvert made me Creative.

In our time, we did not had so many gadgets…we had limited choice…either to play in the playground…indulge in some creativity or study…but the scenario of today is quite different.

Children of today are hooked to gadgets, as today’s children have access to multiple gadgets and if they are left alone, it will hamper their personality.
Parents needs to be vigilant so that the personality of kids are not at stake.

Parenting Tips:

1.If your child is dull and don’t want to mingle with the kids of their age group, he needs your attention. Rule out the reason for this behavior and encourage them to be active and participate in group activity.

2. Find out their field of interest and encourage them to participate fully.
Have open discussions with your kids and inquire if something is bothering them. At times, children don’t open up because of some unknown fear or inadequate knowledge.

3. Invite them in your living room when some guests visit your house and introduce them to your guests, gradually he will develop habit of conversing with strangers and it will boost their personality.

4. Encourage them to participate in social activity and give them liberty to arrange special programs on festivals and special occasions…it will add creativity in them.

5. Take them along when you visit your family and friends, at times, they may be reluctant but slowly it will interest them.

6. Fix hours of watching TV and playing games on Computer because these activities nips the creativity and imaginative skills of a child.

7. If he is more interested in extracurricular activities, encourage them to indulge. Study is important but they need assistance in carving a niche in their field of interest. Discouragement too make kids introvert.

8. Don’t leave them alone for long hours…keep a watch on their activities.
Time to time, try to find out about the activities of your child at school or with friends, it will help you to know how he is performing with others.

9. Keep a silent vigil on your child’s movements. All things should not be pronounced especially when your kids is approaching teens as they are quite vulnerable at this age and they need utmost care.

What I did as a Parent?

While raising my kids, I followed their movements silently. I involved them in all extra-curricular activities and in celebrations.

Brushed their skills and encouraged them to polish their areas of interest.

Never bullied them in front of other family members, friends or neighbors.

Whenever I found their energy levels low, I sat down with them and discussed openly what was bothering them.

These tips encouraged them to come out of their shell and enhanced their personality.

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Gujarat welcomes Madhya Pradesh to experience the many hues of tourism!

Tourism Corporation Of Gujarat Limited holds special road show in Madhya Pradesh to promote tourism.

August 26, Indore: On Saturday, a motley crowd watched in awe as a presentation unfolded before it portraying the rich culture and heritage of the picturesque state of Gujarat. The presentation was a part of a special Road Show organised by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL) at Indore in Madhya Pradesh to promote Gujarat as a splendid tourist destination.

The audience mainly consisted of travel agents from Madhya Pradesh with whom TCGL is looking at forging ties to showcase the best of Gujarat to the people of Madhya Pradesh. Shri. Jenu Devan, Managing Director and Commissioner of Tourism, Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited took the travel agents through the presentation that elucidated the eclectic offerings of Gujarat in terms of its culture, traditions, music, tourist spots, its treasure trove of artefacts and handicrafts and much more. This is the first time that Gujarat is visiting Madhya Pradesh and is looking at building a bond with the latter by inviting its people over to visit and experience the state’s inimitable tourism. The idea of inviting travel agents for the Road Show was to join hands with them and leverage the relations to carry out diverse exchanges between the two states.

Talking about the unique Road Show, Shri Devan, said, “We are extremely happy to be in Madhya Pradesh and connect with the people here. This is the first time Gujarat is visiting MP but we are hoping that we will be able to build long lasting relations between the two states. I would like to invite the people from Madhya Pradesh to witness and enjoy the beauty of Gujarat, its cuisines, its art and culture, tourist spots, its many fairs and festivals and everything else that the state has to offer. This Road Show is mainly to reach out to travel agents here and work out opportunities to promote Gujarat tourism. Together we can build some excellent exchange between the two states.”

Hordes of tourists from Madhya Pradesh are known to visit Gujarat every year. This year, the number of tourists from Madhya Pradesh was a whopping 18 lakh and the figure is expected to grow exponentially. In fact, in recent years, Gujarat has become one of the most popular destinations in India. Over 400 lakh tourists visited the state from within India this year –a 17% rise from the previous year. Similarly, a record number of NRIs and foreigners –a total of 10 lakh – visited the state this year making it the highest number in the last decade.

Gujarat’s versatile fairs and festivals are already known to be huge crowd pullers. The annual Saputaramonsoon festival (13 August to 10 September, 2017), Tarnetar fair (24 to 27August, 2017), Navratri Festival (21 to 29 September 2017), the Rann Utsav (1st November, 2017 to 28th February, 2018) and the International kite festival (7 to 15January, 2018) are some of the many colourful events that draw tourists from across India and abroad.

The State Government gives tourists the chance to experience local culture at its best by offering the most earthy accommodation option – that of homestays. Homestays are known to provide the comfort of a home with all the facilities and an opportunity to eat authentic local food and interact with incredible locals. Besides, there are also several luxury hotels in the state that provides hospitality services.

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Resham Tippnis back with a bang on TV! #Entertainment #TVSoap

Yesteryear actress Resham Tipnis marks her comeback on television with &TV's latest offering Half Marriage. Resham Tipnis is going to essay the role of Janki who is lead Arjun Sharma’s (played by Tarun Mahilani) aunt. She will be seen as, an authoritative figure. As the head of the family, Janki is a shrewd and cunning lady. But she portrays a Colorful personality with a great sense of humor. Once crowned a local beauty queen, she flaunts her beauty and competes with her own daughter!

On talking to Resham, Resham said, “I have previously worked with Rajshri, it's like my second home so Half Marriage is like a family reunion for me. I was away from television for a year as I was looking for quality work over quantity. So when &TV’s Half marriage came my way I immediately took it as the role of Janki mami was really exciting. I am going to play the role of the lead’s aunt who has grey shade to her character. I always look for challenging role and Janki's role is nowhere close to what I've played earlier on television. I am sure it will be a nice change for viewers to see me in this role.”

To get more updates stay tuned only on &TV.

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Wish I could Rewind the Clock! #WOW




Yes…I wish  to go back and revisit those moments where I brimmed with innocence and never knew what envy or pride was. I could laugh out easily on the silly jokes and play pranks on friends and family without any guilt.

I questioned few of my friends that if they get a chance to revisit the past, what will they do?

Most of them wanted to change their past as they are hanging out with regrets.

I asked myself, what I will do if I get a chance to revisit the lanes of the past that I left back 25 years before.

I ransacked my brain and concluded that there is no inclination to change anything about the past rather I was a more a happy soul 25 years back where I did not care about the status of my friends or neighbours nor I was worried about boasting my status in society.

I was in my real self and enjoyed full freedom of expression. I did not had to wear any mask in those days like today. Wherever I go, I tread with my mask which changes in different situations so I possess numerous masks and it has become a habit that I have forgotten who am I in reality…I have lost my identity.

These worldly overtures has snatched my innocence and has loaded me with guns of envy, distrust and pride, making me aggressive and ever ready to compete with my near and dear ones…my mind always been at loggerheads.

All my healthiest possessions are lost.

In my early days of life, I was more caring and sharing but now maturity has jeopardized my mind, even if my conscience is ready to care the needy, my ego fights with me and asks me what the other has done for me.

When I was in my younger self, I never weighed down the pros and cons but now I am ever ready to weigh down each and every relationships on the scales…I am no more my real self. The world has polluted my mind and infected my souls with jealousy, false pride, and distrust and believes more in boasting.

I don’t have any regrets for the past rather I wish to change my present self. I want to shed down the scales that have encroached my real identity and laugh out loud.

I wish to delve deep into the past and bring my innocence back and the faith that I had for the people around and once again, I wish to see the world with the naïve eyes of my younger self.

Wish, I could turn the clock back.

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