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Looking life from close quarters, realized that the energy that we waste in storing precious possessions are all futile.

The prized possession that remains with us is happiness spurting within & positivism towards life, gather them in your life dropping grudges & bitterness.

Random thought penned.

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One Liner Wednesday!!!



Religion germinated to bring people on common path of spiritualism but people got misled and started using it for communalism.

Musings By Ila Varma, March 2017.

The scenario of present world, where people are hungry for people’s life and people are killed in the name of hatred and religion.

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Indian Bloggers

Misunderstandings brewed.

In surge of emotions

The wild minds vowed to part ways


The mild heart repents


© Ila Varma 21-03-2017.

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Five Beauty Products!!! #ThankfulThursday

                                              Beauty is skin deep – Sir Thomas Overbury.

We all know that real beauty is inner beauty but proper
grooming is essential to look presentable and 
flaunt beauty products of one’s

Beauty products are synonyms to woman or vice-versa.

The beauty industry thrives on the Diva’s of this world, so
you can well understand the connection between women of this universe and the
beauty products.

In my childhood & early teens, I was a careless beauty
and wasn’t much fond of beauty products but with growing age, the lust for the
products grew immense and a reasonable chunk was spent on these items. I
started hoarding Face creams, Lipsticks, Nail Polish, Bangles & Bindi &
Shampoo. I use the term hoarding because whenever I go for shopping, I buy
again in spite of availability in my cupboard…it’s a weakness to shop.


From initial days, I used Tiara egg shampoo for shampooing
my hair. I have silky hair and it needs great care and I have a habit of
washing hair on daily basis. Tiara egg shampoo was withdrawn from the market
and I switched to Sunsilk egg shampoo for long years. Sunsilk again withdrew
egg shampoo and came up with Black Sunsilk and Yellow Sunsilk and these two
became important items in my cupboard. As I shampoo daily, I use mild shampoos
too in between and Sunsilk Pink comes to my rescue. After every six months, I
change to Garnier Green Shampoo or Tressemme Black to give my crowning glory a
change and then I return back to Sunsilk brand.


I use Lotus White glow Skin Gel cream in winters & LotusNutramoist cream in summers for my face & neck on daily basis and Lotusnight cream while sleeping.

In summers, often, I dab white tone powder while going out
in daytime. I avoid too much creamy base face creams as I don’t feel
comfortable dabbing them on my face.

Gel cream are best for me.

I hoard foundation, face powder and other BB creams which
adorns my shelf more than me. The chance of using them are quite bleak, still
they stand tall in my collections.

Recently, I have started Aloe Vera gel and the results are
mind-blowing, it removes the scars and clears the skin. I dab on my face one
hour before bathing.


Bindi adorns my face 24 hours. Since the day, I got engaged,
I am wearing bindi on regular basis, even at night, and I don’t remove them. 

is an inseparable part of me. I use simple round bindi’s of different sizes in
hues of red, maroon, brown & black and I have dozens of them in my beauty
bag, daily purse and in my personal cupboard.


I am fond of glass bangles since childhood. In my childhood
days, I never ever wore bangles but bought it each time the Churiwalli visited
our house and they adorned my shelves. Even my grannies used to say that why I
buy when I don’t wear. I wasn’t much interested in wearing but it satisfied me
watching them the colourful stack and it gave me an unknown pleasure.

After marriage, I started wearing bangles. I don’t wear
bangles of all hues. Some selected hues adorns my wrist; the all-time favorite
hues are shades of red, maroon, pink, yellow, orange, golden and multicolored.

I prefer glass bangles more as I love the tinkling sound of
them but I do wear bangles of lac and metals.

I avoid metals in regular wear because it causes skin irritation
but do wear occasionally.

I have huge collection of bangles of all hues and of all
types available in the market.

Lipstick & Nail

I love buying Lipsticks & nail polishes. I don’t wear
lipstick daily but buy shades of red, pink, maroon and chocolate hues and I
carry in my daily purse too. Whether I wear or not, that’s not a concern but it
should be in my bag.

I wear them occasionally but buy dozens to satiate my
hoarding habit.

I love shades of red, pink, chocolate nail polish and I use
it for my toe nails. I don’t wear nail polish in my hands but my toe nails are
always painted with some hue or the other.

I have got large collection of nail polishes.

These are my best five beauty products for which I am
thankful and more or less, it is a part and parcel of daily regimen which takes
care of my hair & skin and adorns my persona.

Apart from using beauty product, I take care to keep myself happy,
clean & fresh.

Be happy and it will add radiance to your persona which no
beauty product can enhance and the real beauty lies in the eyes of the
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Out of My Comfort Zone!!!

To achieve something good and be versatile, we need to stretch out of our comfort zone.

The butterfly stretched herself out of the cocoon to see the beauty around and show her beauty to this world and the same implies to all.

You are a versatile singer or writer…people would know you better if you show your work to the world…so to gain something or to know what’s going around, one has to break the shell of comfort zone and become independent in entity and thought.

I remember my first day at school…I had cried a lot while parting from the lap of my Mom and the loving teacher appeared to be a monster, but once I got used to it, my love and respect for my teacher grew manifold and I followed her teachings and advices sincerely and one day, she became my role model…this all happened when I decided to explore the world around myself and equated my thoughts.

Similarly when I watched my Mom working in kitchen for long and sweating in summers, I felt sorry for her plight and thoughts exploded inside me as to why she was taking so much pain to feed all. Why can’t all prepare their own food stuff instead of been dependent on her and bothering her. When I was in my teens, I started experiments with food and then realized the happiness & satisfaction that one feels by serving the loved ones and the gratifications one feels is worth the effort.

There are people who don’t dare to take a plunge out of their comfort zone fearing that they might lose.

Life is a risk, the one who dares is a game changer.

Watch out the background of people who attained 100 percent success in life, maximum were those who started from scratch, took pains and dared, won the race…the eminent personalities of the world, who are reigning on the top or have reigned in the past were all who chased their dreams, sacrificed the privileges and took a dive into the sea of opportunities.

The people who dared and were courageous flared to the top. Right approach in the right direction is all required to accomplish success and to be successful, one has to go through the path of thick and thin, experience the good and the worst and then only Sky is the Limit for those courageous souls.

Come out of your cocoon and see the world with your own eyes and experience the joys of life.



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A Day in Space with Alien!!!



Indian Bloggers

I am thankful to Blogadda and Colgate Magical Stories, who chose me to weave a story with my kids based on the images given inside the box of Colgate Strong Teeth with Cavity Protection Toothpaste.

This is the second time that I am weaving stories for the brand Colgate Toothpaste.

I love the company of kids and adore to interact with them.

My kids have outgrown my lap and they are settled in their jobs at Bangalore & Delhi respectively.

I called the kids of my society who are regular visitors to our house for playing with me and weaving funny stories.

I engage them to play scrabble, general knowledge Q&A sessions & Word Antakshari. Studies with fun, they find it interesting and a feeling of competition has developed among the children.

On Sundays, I ask them to weave stories giving objects or words and the one who wins gets prize…the prize possession is not a big thing…main idea is to brush their grip on language & develop imaginative powers & skills.


When I received the three packets of Colgate, I summoned all the kids at my place and showed them the packet and kept the condition that the kids who weave best story will receive a packet of Colgate Toothpaste…I planned the reward to motivate these cute kids.

The boys were more interested to weave stories around Space Adventure rather than gals of my society.

They neatly cut the packets and arranged the figures neatly & brainstorming session took its advent.

I took my seat in the middle so that I could hear their discussions and can suggest where they missed.

Here the story goes as weaved by the 6 boys. All of them are student of Std. IV.

One day Jack & Jill went for a ride and lost their way. They landed in an island, where there was no sign of any human inhabitants. It was getting dark and there was no network in their mobile. They were helpless and cried for help but all in vain. Thankfully, it was a full moon day and the moon light helped them to see through around the island.

“Jill, see there is beacon of red light dwindling behind the bush. Come on, let’s go…someone is there and can help us to find our way.” Jack said.

“Are you sure? It can harm us too, Jack.” Jill said.

“We are already in danger and our lives are at stake. No need to fear, let’s try our luck.” Jack convinced Jill.


They both ambled towards the place. As they got near, they saw a Rover standing there and it was its light on the top of the rover.

They inspected the Rover from all angles.

“Wow, this will take us back.” They both cried out in unison and their smiles returned on their faded faces and were bit relieved.


They saw a figure dangling near the rover, with big protruded eyes, wearing a yellow suit and green boots.

It appeared to be an alien, quite different from human and in spite of legs, it was not walking, it was dangling in the air.

Both Jack & Jill were frightened at the sight of the alien and Jill caught Jack tight hiding behind him and was sobbing.

“Hey guys, don’t get upset. I am good alien and I help people, so don’t get scared. Jack & Jill come here.” The alien said.

“How do you know our names, Alien?” Jack asked.

“I know everything about you. I live among people and I don’t harm anyone. You haven’t lost your way. I brought you here. You have to help me.” Alien said.

“How can we children help you? You are alien and I know you are powerful.” Jack said gathering courage.

“Hahaha…you are mistaken guys. The evil aliens are powerful, we are good ones and we lack power to destroy.” Alien told Jack.


“My UFO is hijacked on the planet Jupiter and you two can help me out. At present, we are on the planet Neptune and we have to ride on the rover to Jupiter. My whole gang, my wife and kids are there in UFO and Jupiter has held them captive. Jupiter watched both of you deviating from your way and you were travelling towards planet Pluto & he wanted me to rescue you. If you two would have reached Pluto then you would have lost your life, it’s so cold that life can’t exist there. With my power, I straddled you at Neptune.” Alien detailed to Jack & Jill.

“If we believe you, can we know the reason why your UFO is hijacked?” Jack asked out of curiosity and wanted to ascertain the truth.

“Oh, you guys are smart. You are not bothered about your safety. Here is the story. The UFO is my creation & I am the sole designer and I took out for ride in the space without getting permission. Planet Jupiter is strict disciplinarian and want others to follow the norms. He suspected some foul play and summoned us. I accepted & apologized for my wrong doing and requested for mercy. He put the condition of saving you two. This way, he wanted to ascertain whether I belonged to evil alien clan or good evil clan and so I am here. Let’s expedite else my family will face the music.”


The alien gave us green space costumes to wear, which had inbuilt oxygen to breathe in outer space and after putting it right, we sat on the rover. A bright light flashed and we were on the planet Jupiter.

“Jupiter Sir, here are the guys, Jack & Jill. Now, return my UFO and my gang. Now, you are sure that I am good alien and I don’t harm anyone.” Alien pleaded.

“I am happy with your service and releasing your discovery UFO and your family gang. Do me a favour. Take Jack & Jill with you and show the beauty of the space around and take them to Mars, where Earth is planning to deport their men. When they have come so far in ignorance, let them enjoy in space and early morning, you take them to the Earth in the Space Toyota. I trust you and so I am leaving these kids in your care.”

Jack and Jill was amazed to meet caring Jupiter and they were enthralled to go on a trip to space along with the gang of aliens.

Jack & Jill was amazed to see the UFO from so close and they took their seats inside. The gang of aliens welcomed them with a welcome song and exchanged words throughout the tour.

The feeling to watch the space from so close quarters was like sailing in dream and they captured fascinating picturesque  in their mobiles.

They were speechless at the magnificence of the space.

After a complete round of space, the UFO landed on the Mars and the alien accompanied Jack & Jill. It resembled more like Earth and the alien gave Jack & Jill a red flag to unfurl on the planet as a token of their visit on Mars. They saw the launched space shuttle on the Mars.


“Come on guys, let’s go. It’s three a.m., by four, you have to be in your home.”

The UFO left Jack & Jill on Mars and vanished in space with the alien & his gang.


The Space Toyota came and loaded them to deport on Earth.

They tip toed inside the house & slept on their beds

“You are getting late for school, Jack and Jill” Their mother said.

“Yes, Mom, getting ready.” Both said in unison.

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Irony of Fate


The hands that held me tight

When I stumbled

Is now fragile

Searching someone to hold him tight

Keeping him away from fright.

I couldn’t hold my tears

To watch Robust of yesteryear’s

In fears.

This is where

The fate breaches faith.

© Ila Varma  Mar.2017


She!!! #WomanOfSubstance

She was indeed a Goddess, who stood by us when I was
bed-ridden and my husband was unable to move due to fracture of the patella and
my two angels, aged 4 & 2 years were helpless.

It was the first time in my life when I couldn’t move on my
own and was totally dependent on others for my daily chores at a mere age of
22-23 years. I use to cry a lot thinking why God punished me so mercilessly.

M too was helpless and everywhere there was darkness.

No relatives around to help us.

The support staff was very nice and she took care of my
house and kids.

One day, we both were very sad and was crying at our fate,
when M’s subordinate visited us.

He could not bear our state and he offered to send his
mother to our house to manage the things till we recovered.

She came to our house. I regarded her as Maa Durga who
descended when we were facing the trying times of our life and her entry to our
house brought a bleak of light and I was at ease.

She was very homely and friendly woman and within two days
span, she took the whole responsibility of the house and her way of caring was
mind-blowing…I felt as if my mother was
in the house and I was free from the responsibilities.

She boosted my moral strength too which I had lost due to

The smiles on the face of the kids returned in her company,
they regarded her as granny.

The fate was not happy with our agony, it trapped the kids

Both of them got infected with chicken pox but I am indebted
to the lady who took great care of them with great patience.

After complete one month, few signs of recovery showed in me
and with regular physiotherapy, I regained some strength in my limbs.

M plaster was removed and he too was undergoing physiotherapy.

The kids recovered and were back to school.

She lived with us for more than two months and managed the
house so well with the support of support staff that not even a spoon missed
from the house.

I had no words to thank her but I vowed that I will try my
best to get her only daughter married in an affluent family.

She was unlucky in terms that her husband had left her and
financially, she was weak.

I remembered my vow and after two years, I managed to find
best alliance for her daughter. The boy was settled in Central Govt job and
they were financially organised and affluent and even the boy was sober.

Till today, I am indebted to the person who stood for me and
by me when we were enveloped in gloom & darkness.

Her strength and patience pulled us out of the well of darkness.

I feel lucky to have her in my life and indebted to her

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Review- Open-Eyed Meditations!!!


Format: Paperback Title: OPEN-EYED MEDITATIONS 

 Author: Shubha Vilas

 Genre: Self-Help

 Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing

Release Date: August 1st 2016

 Pages: 280

 Price: 250

 Source: Blogadda.

ISBN: 978 81 75 99 390 7

My Rating: 4.5/5



I feel lucky to be chosen by Blogadda Book Review programme to review this book and the cover of the book is simple but eye catching and the Title chosen by the author is very enamouring and will pull the crowd of book lovers.

Introduction: Open-eyed Meditations is a beautiful compilation of thoughts wherein each meditation takes you on a journey to the past, bringing a secret herb to heal a problem of the present.

A true distillation of ancient wisdom tips for modern lives, this unique self-help book uses the wisdom of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to solve your everyday problems.

Beyond the story-line, something deeper is waiting to be discovered from these ancient texts. This book is an attempt to uncover the hidden layer of wealth that is cleverly packaged within the commonly known story-lines.


Review: The word Meditation in general implies to concentrate on a specific object or thing or to keep mind away from distractions with eyes closed. Real meditation is not easy for the commoners, but here the author has justified his title and emphasizes to tread on the path of righteousness in our daily life by understanding the life of this world and has taken aid from our glorious epic, Mahabharata, which states the path of righteousness and shows us the consequences of deviating on the path of negativity.

The author, Shubha Vilas has divided the book into 64 different chapters and each chapter deals with the practicalities of daily life and the author has tried his best to illustrate the issues that we encounter in our daily life and how to handle it well and has illustrated the examples of our great Epics, Mahabharata & Ramayana.

This self-help book will stir the feelings of readers and they will try to follow the ways to clear off the gloom in one’s life.

He has depicted the instances that crop up in our daily life, at workplace, at home, with friends and the chaos and the turmoil that goes within which distracts the mind of a person.

If a person keeps his eyes & ears open, then he can observe & perceive the things in right direction and mend it to maintain the equilibrium of life and will improve the quality of life.

I am not delving deep into the context of the book because I want people to read by themselves, explore and benefit from the writings of the author, Shubh Vilas. It is a book which defines practical wisdom for our daily life and when one will read then only his emotions and feelings will stir and he will try to adopt the methods which will heal one’s life and his inner eyes will open to differentiate between good & evil.

I loved the writing style of the author, simple words of wisdom written in the language of the common people.


Author: Shubh Vilas holds a degree of engineering and law, but in essence, he is an author, a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and a terrific storyteller.


My perception: I found the book interesting and it is a book which can be read multiple times to inculcate the values & discipline in our life. If one abides by the writings of the author, it will prove to change the lives of many, who are deviated from the median.

We have adopted western culture to a great extent and it’s time to return back to our roots to regain and the knowledge of epics will help the readers to assess better the writings of the author.

I feel one who is ignorant of our Epic will certainly love to read the epics Mahabharata & Ramayana after reading this book, Open-Eyed Meditations.

This self-help book is open for readers of all age groups.

Buy Book: @Amazon & @GoodReads.




Thank You Blogadda & Shubh Vilas.

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Those Five #Woman’s Day


Our world revolves around Women and there are numerous of
them at every nook of our life and their role is commendable in instilling good
values & morality as well as she is the creator of this universe. She has
created me too and today, I am a woman of substance just because of a Woman in
my life.

I have been asked to choose five women in my life, whose
role played vital role in my life…I was born into a joint family so one or two
women were not there, there were too many heads…my great grandmother, my
granny, my mother, my aunts & bua’s…they all were women but still despised
the birth of a girl in the family…narrow mind-set.
My birth was celebrated with great pomp n show because my
predecessor was a son who was still born and thereafter, I arrived in this
family after long years of his death…family members had lost hope…so, I was
considered lucky to arrive and so I was the apple of the eye of the members in
& out of the family.
My Granny was the first woman in my life, who did not give
birth to me but she was My Karmic Maa, who introduced me to this world and
showered all her love & affection on me and I was so enamoured in her love
that I didn’t recognize My Dharmic Maa. The child seeks love and understands
the language of smiles, love & affection and Granny well fitted in this
frame. She cuddled me into her arms and I loved the softness of her wrinkled
skin. My childhood world revolved around her and I did not leave her for a
moment. She was my full time mother attending to all my chores & whole
night, I slept on her arm. She taught me the basics of life and imbibed good
virtues in me. The best thing about her was she was very patient and her
tolerance level was remarkable. She did not get annoyed easily and I was fan of
her cute smiles. She left me for another world when I became mother of my tiny
tots and understood the fact of life, death. I feel lucky to have her in my
life and pray that we meet again in another life in changed roles but prefer to
be born a woman.
My Bua’s presence were important in my life because they
were the one who took great care of my personality; external appearance as well
as internal beauty. They groomed us well and taught how to be smart and
presentable and in my childhood, I was careless and hated powder and kajal and
for that they even spanked me. They played with us, sang lullabies and songs
and I gained a lot in their company.
My Sisters: We are four sisters & I am the eldest one.
We share nice compatibility that doesn’t mean, we don’t argue or discuss. We
don’t agree easily but the bond is strong between us and in spite of
differences in opinion, we are glued with each other and we stand united. The
best thing that I love about our relationship is that we don’t try to compete
each other nor jealousy brew within us and we stand for each other as situation
demands. Being the eldest one, they respect me a lot and I too reciprocate with
the same values.
My Teacher: I am indebted to all my teachers who made me
what I am today but there was one teacher in my life, who stood by me when I
required her support in the subject and she tutored me free of cost ( my father
disagreed for tuitions) and gave her valuable time to help me out in Maths. My
heart goes out to her. She is no more in this world but she resides in my heart
for her greatness and her helping attitude.

My Mom: I chose to discuss her in last because she is mine
and I didn’t wish to discuss about her in very first though the line starts
from her but I decided to close it with her…she is infinity for me. I won’t
say, I am indebted to her because God chose me for her and I brought back her
happiness which she had lost along with her first child. She is very strong and
iron lady with super will power and can stand any adversity in life and even
she challenged Death. Her super powers inspire me. The only drawback in her
that she gets easily worried about her children and she loses her patience. She
is simple and kind, dedicated to family and god and fond of treating people
with variety of foods…I have inherited her quality of treating people. She
never backs out from problem, rather sometime she creates one…. (We tease her
so). I thank god to give her as my mother in my life.

Initially, I was more attached with granny but when I myself
became a Mom then I realized her importance and her care and felt sorry for
ignoring her all these years. Now we share a close proximity and at times, I
act as her mother but she doesn’t listen to anyone.
There have been many woman in my life whose care and
affection has brought me at this stage where I am an independent woman, full of
love and sympathy for the needy, affection for all and always ready to help others
in my means and at times, I stretch at necessity.

These five hold supreme positions in my life and I will be
indebted to all of them throughout my life.

Life without a Woman…just can’t imagine one.

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