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Wove millions dreams around, Happiness was in the air, Forgot to notice that it was short lived and it left me ajar…© Ila Varma 31-08-2016

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Way To Peace!!! #Poetry

Published in Praxis Magazine Online is pleased to present “Peace Poem, 2016″

The World is on Spin
Booting with the tough cycles
Ticking to disasters
Trimming the blessings of nature
Life cringing in despair
Hatred has entered our lives
Making it hopeless for all the life
Chipping in selfishness and bribe.

Let us lift the veil of gloom
Streaming to good fortune
Dancing under the misty moon
Spinning with harmony

Abstaining from gloom.


© Ila Varma 31-08-2016.
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Written for Wordle 262,

Fiction in 5 Sentences


With vindictive intentions, he handed him tart currency notes asking him to keep with him till he asks for it.

He made the clippings to show to the world that it was an underhanded dealing and an innocent got trapped and framed under the law of taking bribe.

He pleaded hard to scour his image and prove his innocence, but the sadistic law could not see beyond and the tentative incident brought to light could not acquit him.

There was no witness of this show because it was meticulously planned to bring him under scan.

He could not think of any virile reason as to why his close accomplice chose him to frame and malign his career and he lost faith in humanity.

This post is written for Three Word Wednesday 493 & 494 and Daily Prompts Witness

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Abandoned!!! #Fiction

I was on meditation but incessant cry of an infant disturbed
my concentration. I tried to ignore and turn towards meditation but it did not work out.
I changed to casuals and followed the direction from where the cry was coming. I ambled around but could not make out.
I stood at one place only to make out the direction and I felt it was somewhere nearby the old garbage can installed at the cross of the road under the lamp post.
I lunged forward hastily and I was aghast to find an infant wrapped in green cover crying incessantly.
Without giving a second thought, I picked her up in my arms and brushed off the dust from the green wrapper.
I was about to enter my gate, my mother with scornful eyes warned me to leave the infant back.
I could not make out why she was so harsh and acting so silly and senseless.
“How can you say so, Maa?” I pleaded.
“I said, leave her where she was. Don’t carry the dirt of others inside the house.” Maa howled.
I had never seen her so enraged before and my mind could not
strain beyond, but my motherly instincts were sparked. I was in no mood to leave her back.
“What wrong this child has done, to be punished and left in the garbage.” Thought sparked within and I questioned.
I was only 18 plus so wasn’t aware that what made her parents take such a turn.
I sat in my garden and called Papa to come out and face the tantrum of his old lady, my mother.
“What happened Gita?” Papa enquired.
“Just see this child, so serene her face is and Maa is not
letting her in,” I told Papa and made him aware of the rows of events.
“See beta, you both are right on your part but your Mom has seen the harsh reality of life. We don’t know her antecedents and police can intercept us and we will have to face the music. Even your identity would be at stake. You are a growing girl and someone can mud sling your character if we
keep her with us. Give it to me and I will inform the police and complete the
formalities.” Papa said.
I had no choice rather than absolution to what they said.
With a heavy heart, I handed the infant in my father’s arm. My
hands were free but my mind got entangled with numerous queries.
I was stunned at my mother’s reaction and didn’t know even in my wildest dreams that she can afflict an infant with such a dreadful approach, I was scared.
After the formality of handing over was complete, Papa sat beside me and made me aware of the complications that one can face accepting the abandoned child.
I tried to understand the decorum of our society but frankly speaking, my adventurous mind of 18 years could not digest it. I truly wanted to speak out but I couldn’t and heart wept for the child.
It was difficult for me to unplug myself from the incident. I felt helpless, if I would have been earning, I would have adopted that girl who was left in the lurch by the stone-hearted mother.
The image of a Mother in my mind changed that day watching my Mom’s reaction and the Mother who bore this child and left her in the garbage to succumb.
Mothers are not only saviors they are at times disastrous.

I played the songs and sat on the mat to delve into the passage of meditation, which was not easy at that moment of time.

Ten years have passed still that incident haunts me and still, I am figuring out, “How can a Mother be so wild to leave her flesh in the garbage to die whom she carried for 9 months? It would have been wise to abort. What future the girl met with?”

My mind is not at peace whenever I visit the memory lane of yesteryears and worst feeling erupts for the dual faced society we are living in.

Written for the post of Wordle 263Whirligig 74
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Disclaimer: It is pure fiction and any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidental.

Few Limericks!!! #Poetry

A day I dedicate to Limericks, Do read and share your feelings.


Freedom is a state of mind
Numerous theories churn & wind
Leniency incline you to mistake
Rigidity fuels you to fake

Follow middle path to bind.


The bullocks went antic
SUV’s roaring on the road frantic
Spacious houses reducing to flats
Open fields dividing into racks
Dreams of people grew gigantic.


She believed, she dreamt about him
Her affections sparked with whim
Her thoughts beat her to run
To embrace him in the sun
Her faith shattered, her friend was with him.
All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma 29th August,2016
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Count Your Blessings


When my hopes flicker & images blur

Over the unrelenting issues

Rushing in my life

Leaning me wayward.

I start unwinding

All the cracking things

Which anchored me through.

The days of laughter

Under the clear sun

Without a minor blur.

I count on my blessings

I have ample water to drink

Enough food to lean.

The tender little fingers

Of my cute tots

To hold on

And a strong broad shoulder to lean on.

Why I be concerned & cringe

Over the hovering issues

It is instant

And will disappear soon.

I lift my mood

Ticking my thoughts

To boot in positivity

Trimming the mist around.

My thoughts spin

Watching the colourful butterfly

Clinging on the stem

Chip of joy prints in my soul

I feel easy and clear

Under the darkness of night

The moon shines bright

Tickling me to bouts of laughter.

Why to give up or rush for materialism?

The inner joys chips in & live

To derive pleasures of life

From the little miniatures

That surrounds us

That is the true blessings

To lean on.

© Ila Varma 27-08-2016.

Image: All Rights Reserved of Ila Varma.

Written for the post of Daily Prompts MiniaturePoets United Midweek MotifPrompt 138Wordle 262, and Whirligig 73.

Tiny Tales

Indian Bloggers


There she stood teary-eyed,

Envisages that she romanced with, lay dispersed.

She bit her lower lips and sighed,

Tears were her only companion.

© Ila Varma 26-08-2016.

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On a Date to Nandi Hills Bangalore #Karnataka

I had heard a lot of Nandi Hills from friends and
family staying at Bangalore and even had a chance to read about it on web and
was charmed by the photo clippings shared with me. I had been to Bangalore numerous
times but never got chance to enjoy in the Nandi Hills.

This time, I hit Nandi Hills though we were a bit
late & missed the encounter of the sunrise view from the top of Nandi
As we took turn for the spot, a fresh air enveloped
us and greenery sprawled around was a real treat. The fragrance of freshness
emanated from the surroundings and I felt wonderful.

Once Bangalore was known for its greenery but now
with shooting population & massive construction around has stolen the charm
of the beautiful garden city.

As we inched closer near the foothills, I was
enchanted by the view. The mist on the top hill was a sight to watch and it
felt soothing and relaxing. But my joy was short-lived. As we meandered through
few turns, a huge crowd awaited further and the road was packed with traffic
clogging the road. We waited for some time inside our car but there was no
scope of taking it further. People started parking at one side of the road and
our journey to reach Nandi Hills started off on foot and in more than an hour,
we reached near the top.

The mood was dampened by the crowds, it was 14th
of August 2016, a long weekend and people had thronged in large numbers and
most people were on four wheelers.

It was my first trip to Nandi so I captured moments
of our trip and I felt nice roaming amidst the mist laden atmosphere and the
tall trees of Eucalyptus stood tall in the hills. It was
refreshing and the refreshing air helped me to walk barefoot for more than ten
kilometres on one side, but we could not reach on the top because the mist
cleared and the beauty of Nandi hills is the condensation of greens which
enables the mist to envelope the entire Nandi hills.

It was a
great respite from heat of North India and I felt fresh. The localites of
Bangalore had dressed up tight in warm clothes, but I felt soothing in my
cotton suit.

I am
still in Bangalore and planning one more chance to barge in the hills of Nandi
on any working day to be saved from the chaos of crowd.

Enjoy the
clippings that I could manage to click. 

Monkeys relishing banana & biscuits

                                                        Traffic Congestion on the Hills on 14th August 2016


All the pictures are captured by me and it’s the sole property of

Limericks #Future


For a better tomorrow
Better health rules to follow
Eat healthy drink healthy
Save doctor’s fee & be wealthy

You will never face scarcity in future to borrow.

All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma August,2016

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