Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Way To Peace!!! #Poetry

Published in Praxis Magazine Online is pleased to present “Peace Poem, 2016″

The World is on Spin
Booting with the tough cycles
Ticking to disasters
Trimming the blessings of nature
Life cringing in despair
Hatred has entered our lives
Making it hopeless for all the life
Chipping in selfishness and bribe.

Let us lift the veil of gloom
Streaming to good fortune
Dancing under the misty moon
Spinning with harmony
Abstaining from gloom.


© Ila Varma 31-08-2016.
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Monday, August 29, 2016

Fiction in 5 Sentences


With vindictive intentions, he handed him tart currency notes asking him to keep with him till he asks for it.

He made the clippings to show to the world that it was an underhanded dealing and an innocent got trapped and framed under the law of taking bribe.

He pleaded hard to scour his image and prove his innocence, but the sadistic law could not see beyond and the tentative incident brought to light could not acquit him.

There was no witness of this show because it was meticulously planned to bring him under scan.

He could not think of any virile reason as to why his close accomplice chose him to frame and malign his career and he lost faith in humanity.

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Abandoned!!! #Fiction

I was on meditation but incessant cry of an infant disturbed my concentration. I tried to ignore and turn towards meditation but it did not work out.

I changed to casuals and followed the direction from where the cry was coming. I ambled around but could not make out.

I stood at one place only to make out the direction and I felt it was somewhere nearby the old garbage can installed at the cross of the road under the lamp post.

I lunged forward hastily and I was aghast to find an infant girl wrapped in green cover crying.

Without giving a second thought, I picked her up in my arms and brushed off the dust from the green wrapper.

I was about to enter my gate, my mother with scornful eyes warned me to leave the infant back.

I could not make out why she was so harsh and acting silly and senseless.

“How can you say so, Maa?” I pleaded.

“I said, leave her where she was. Don’t carry the dirt of others inside the house.” Maa howled.

I had never seen her so enraged before and my mind could not strain beyond, but my motherly instincts was sparked and I was in no mood to leave her back.

"What wrong this child has done, to be punished and left in the garbage." Thought sparked within.

I was only 18 plus so wasn’t aware that what made her parents take such a turn.

I sat in my garden and called Papa to come out and face the tantrum of his old lady, my mother.

“What happened Gita?” Papa enquired.

“Just see this child, so serene her face is and Maa is not letting her in.” I told Papa and made him aware of the rows of events.

“See beta, you both are right on your part but your Mom has seen the harsh reality of life. We don’t know her antecedents and police can intercept us and we will have to face the music. Even your identity would be at stake. You are a growing girl and someone can mud sling your character if we keep her with us. Give it to me and I will inform the police and complete the formalities.” Papa said.

I had no choice rather than absolution to what they said.

With heavy heart, I handed the infant in my father’s arm. My hands were free but my mind got entangled with numerous queries.

I was amazed at my mother’s reaction and didn’t know even in my wildest dreams that she can smite an infant with such a dreadful approach, I was scared.

After the formality of handing over was complete, Papa sat beside and made me aware of the complications that one can face accepting the abandoned child.

I tried to understand the decorum of our society but frankly speaking my adventurous mind of 18 years could not accept it.

It was difficult for me to unplug myself from the incident.

I played the songs and sat on the mat to delve into the passage of meditation, which was not easy at that moment of time.

Written for the post of Wordle 263Whirligig 74

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Disclaimer: It is a pure fiction and any resemblance to living or dead is purely coincidental.

Few Limericks!!! #Poetry

A day I dedicate to Limericks, Do read and share your feelings.


Freedom is a state of mind
Numerous theories churn & wind
Leniency incline you to mistake
Rigidity fuels you to fake

Follow middle path to bind.


The bullocks went antic
SUV’s roaring on the road frantic
Spacious houses reducing to flats
Open fields dividing into racks
Dreams of people grew gigantic.


She believed, she dreamt about him
Her affections sparked with whim
Her thoughts beat her to run
To embrace him in the sun
Her faith shattered, her friend was with him.

All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma 29th August,2016
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Count Your Blessings


When my hopes flicker & images blur

Over the unrelenting issues

Rushing in my life

Leaning me wayward.

I start unwinding

All the cracking things

Which anchored me through.

The days of laughter

Under the clear sun

Without a minor blur.

I count on my blessings

I have ample water to drink

Enough food to lean.

The tender little fingers

Of my cute tots

To hold on

And a strong broad shoulder to lean on.

Why I be concerned & cringe

Over the hovering issues

It is instant

And will disappear soon.

I lift my mood

Ticking my thoughts

To boot in positivity

Trimming the mist around.

My thoughts spin

Watching the colourful butterfly

Clinging on the stem

Chip of joy prints in my soul

I feel easy and clear

Under the darkness of night

The moon shines bright

Tickling me to bouts of laughter.

Why to give up or rush for materialism?

The inner joys chips in & live

To derive pleasures of life

From the little miniatures

That surrounds us

That is the true blessings

To lean on.

© Ila Varma 27-08-2016.

Image: All Rights Reserved of Ila Varma.

Written for the post of Daily Prompts MiniaturePoets United Midweek MotifPrompt 138Wordle 262, and Whirligig 73.

Tiny Tales

Indian Bloggers


There she stood teary-eyed,

Envisages that she romanced with, lay dispersed.

She bit her lower lips and sighed,

Tears were her only companion.

© Ila Varma 26-08-2016.

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On a Date to Nandi Hills Bangalore #Karnataka

I had heard a lot of Nandi Hills from friends and family staying at Bangalore and even had a chance to read about it on web and was charmed by the photo clippings shared with me. I had been to Bangalore numerous times but never got chance to enjoy in the Nandi Hills.

This time, I hit Nandi Hills though we were a bit late & missed the encounter of the sunrise view from the top of Nandi Hills.

As we took turn for the spot, a fresh air enveloped us and greenery sprawled around was a real treat. The fragrance of freshness emanated from the surroundings and I felt wonderful.

Once Bangalore was known for its greenery but now with shooting population & massive construction around has stolen the charm of the beautiful garden city.

As we inched closer near the foothills, I was enchanted by the view. The mist on the top hill was a sight to watch and it felt soothing and relaxing. But my joy was short-lived. As we meandered through few turns, a huge crowd awaited further and the road was packed with traffic clogging the road. We waited for some time inside our car but there was no scope of taking it further. People started parking at one side of the road and our journey to reach Nandi Hills started off on foot and in more than an hour, we reached near the top.

The mood was dampened by the crowds, it was 14th of August 2016, a long weekend and people had thronged in large numbers and most people were on four wheelers.

It was my first trip to Nandi so I captured moments of our trip and I felt nice roaming amidst the mist laden atmosphere and the tall trees of Eucalyptus stood tall in the hills. It was refreshing and the refreshing air helped me to walk barefoot for more than ten kilometres on one side, but we could not reach on the top because the mist cleared and the beauty of Nandi hills is the condensation of greens which enables the mist to envelope the entire Nandi hills.

It was a great respite from heat of North India and I felt fresh. The localites of Bangalore had dressed up tight in warm clothes, but I felt soothing in my cotton suit.

I am still in Bangalore and planning one more chance to barge in the hills of Nandi on any working day to be saved from the chaos of crowd.

Enjoy the clippings that I could manage to click. 

Monkeys relishing banana & biscuits

                                                        Traffic Congestion on the Hills on 14th August 2016


All the pictures are captured by me and it's the sole property of

Friday, August 26, 2016

Limericks #Future


For a better tomorrow
Better health rules to follow
Eat healthy drink healthy
Save doctor’s fee & be wealthy
You will never face scarcity in future to borrow.

All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma August,2016

Thursday, August 25, 2016

One Liner Wednesday- Paternity Leave

The New Pops burp their infants after each feed, change nappies without smirking and cuddle in the midst of night without second thought, hence paternity leave shouldn't be denied....Musings of Ila Varma,2016.

Hue and Cry over #Paternity Leave in India...discussion roll over...some are in favor and some against...There was a time when Men did not take care of domestic issues like raising children rather they enjoyed with their friends while the womenfolk went through the pain of bearing kids and the ladies of the house co-operated to take care of new born. Now the time have changed and so the outlook of the Men and gender discrimination is gradually pacing out from society. Today's youth take part in household activities and help their counterparts in raising children and household activities and take leaves to be available during childbirth and hence Paternity Leave is the need of the hour and it should not be denied....Leave For Papa is a Must....Pass The Bill & Bring Changes in Society.


Debate on YouTube: Discussions on Paternity Leave



My Take....Ila Varma 2016.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Learning is a continuous process and the day you stop learning, you cease to exist. It is not only the text books that comes to learning, we learn from each instances of life and the good motivates to move further and the worst gives us a chance to mend our ways and try again, so in both ways, we gain.

Life is a lesson and everyday we learn something new in our daily life and this gives an insight to move further in life.

The interactions with people enrich our perceptions and even a small child can be your teacher and you learn something new and nice from him.

When we land on the planet, we are naive and we know only two things, crying and feel of hunger...Correct me if I am wrong. It's my perceptions and the rest that transforms us are through learning.

The first turn, sitting up, standing, walking, talking are all learnt through lessons of life and the tutoring starts from Day One...the precious lessons.

At times seeing the text books, we yawn or think it's so tough to get through...everything in life that we learnt through was not easy. Unwind the situations and see for yourself, before sitting up in shape, how many times, you missed and fall. Few falls were easy but at times, it gave deep cuts and wounds but still we managed to stand after each fall and it strengthened our motive to try further.

The words of Michelangelo hold truth, "I am still learning."

Written for the Daily Prompt.

Musings of a Devil Mind...Ila Varma :P


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Skywatch! #Photography

The photograph is shot by me while flying to Bangalore and I love watching sky and clouds while flying and love to capture in my camera. It's the nature's beauty and a treat to our eyes and clears the thoughts.

This snap is shot by me while descending down from Nandi Hills @Bangalore and the day breaks in.

All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma 2016


Monday, August 22, 2016

#Advice That Mattered #Stoodnt


 “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The most common prompt that every child faces in his childhood.

It’s a routine affair to interact with the children & to watch their imagination run. Some reply meekly, some are curious and few children’s imagination run wild. It’s a fun to watch the child’s response especially if the child is extrovert, then this simple question acts as a spark to his imagination and he lands chasing the unimaginable world and his expressions are awesome.

I bet the childhood days are the best part of life, without any botheration, nothing to fear. We are ignorant about the facts of life so life is easy and wonderful.

The few children follow their dreams and passions, some forget and some take life as it comes.

I have passed more than four decades of life and have seen a lot of changes happening around, favourable & unfavourable.

I have seen the warriors taking back seat later in life and the meek ones transformed to hard-core courageous winners.

Life is unpredictable and so are the instances.

stands apt for many, rather “Failures are the Pillars of Success” justifies more.


There are bonafide reasons for the transformations. Parents are the first teachers and their values and habits gets imprinted on blank mind of a child. The first lesson of life starts from home, next is our extended families and neighbours which impacts the mind of a child and the final is the school and teachers which gives final shape to a child.

My life too has been full of twists and turns and brought up in a big family where three generations resided under one roof, I got full exposure of the existing generations and transformed me into an individual who could adjust in any circumstances, liberal in attitude and caring personality.

My school too had a positive impact on my personality though health issues tried to stunt my growth but been a fighter, I kept knocking the adversities and finally emerged as a strong personality who could stand alone against a crowd to follow my dreams and passions.

My life has been one of good examples wherein efforts of many people helped me to shape my personality.

In early days of my childhood, my Father was my idol and I tried to follow his style and gestures. I used to accompany him on his errands and he was vigilant to shape my gestures, improve my language and vocabulary and instilled etiquette and manners…so he is my first guide and whose guidance enriched my language and became aware of the world outside home.

Second is my Mother whose hardworking skills, ever ready to welcome guests pouring and home management imbibed in me the qualities of patience of handling things and in this endeavor, my efficiency marred her, this is my mother’s words, not mine.

I went to Mission school and there I got exposure of both studies and discipline. The missionaries not only focus on studies equally they give importance to inculcate good habits, morality and discipline in child and thus came out ingrained with good manners and knowledge with depth.

Thereafter, my wings got strengthened and I was ready for the flight of life. The adventures of health too was on run and chased me through thick and thin.

In early years of my college, I got married and the course of life took a sudden turn, a carefree girl transformed to a caring mother, been blessed with two cute tiny tots.

My mother’s characteristics emerged in me and I devoted my full time and energy on shouldering their responsibilities all by myself and shelved my passion learn and earn for few years.

After few years, my dreams and passion started fluttering, encouraging me to navigate the world outside my dream home but motherly instincts did not allow me to step out leaving the kids on support staff and I took a middle path.

Seeing my craving to work, I got an offer to start a business venture in my premises. My house was quite big and had extra space to start the venture and it took off.

My husband’s constant support helped me to achieve my aim and support of my family members and neighbours helped me to flourish, my efforts did count to flourish but the support of others too held importance in my life.

I ran the venture for more than a decade and within this passage of time, kids took a promising turn in their life and did well in their studies and grew independent.

Due to some unexpected circumstances, I had to wind up my venture but the eagerness to stand out gave me courage to grab a promising job in financial market…It was a great leap and in new world…from pharmaceutical industry to finances, there was no match but the unmatched zeal & determination helped me to soar high.

Initially, I was a big zero…didn’t know ABC of the market. I took the challenge to prove my abilities and got certified in required financial market certifications and a month was enough to adapt the knowledge of the market and my persistent efforts helped me to encash the opportunity.

The mentors of the corporates, the seniors and the colleagues supported me in this run and I became a known figure in financial market of my state and I was more known for my hard work and resolving issues.

The success gave me growth vertically and horizontally, position and earning both enhanced and the success motivated me to take deep plunge and generated awesome revenue for my organisation.

I am indebted to my parents, siblings, husband and my cute souls, friends, colleagues, subordinates, mentors and all who are in my concern who helped me to barge in the exciting world and carve a niche for myself and I feel glad to be connected with the good souls who helped me to deliver my best, step out of the hurdles of health and it boosted my confidence and my dream turned into a beautiful reality. 

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

School Time- Golden Period of Life



As I was dusting my cupboard, I came across this snap of my school days and memories of yesteryear's flashed before my eyes and was transported to the world of my school days, the golden period of life, now I feel so after facing so much of struggle to carve a niche in adolescence.

When I was a kid, I thought the elder people were at their best enjoying life and no hassles and bindings and we kids were deprived of freedom.

The adage is absolutely true, "The grass appears greener on the other side."

Yes...when stepped in the shoes of elders then realized that the childhood days are the best and school days are the golden period of life.

Best thing that I loved of this photograph is that all the girls are more or less looking same in school uniform, not much differences in looks or status. Uniformity in diversity...isn't it.

In our days, we never questioned with our friends or class mates as from what background they hailed or social and economic status of their parents, so we never felt disparity among class mates and we treated all equal.

If I compare from today's generation, the kids of today are more concerned about the status of their parents & flaunt expensive possessions. Nowadays, all are money minded and discrimination speaks up in school itself.

In our days, we never bothered about these petty issues and mingled well.

The snap revived the best memories of life and the best thing that stole my heart was that we all look alike and till today we are connected with most of them and we never showcase our status to each other and giggle like school girls.


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Friends #Limericks


We are siblings from different mothers

Our heart beats for each other

We are quirky, fiery & crooked

We share all secrets dark & wicked

We are true friends, people mutter.

© Ila Varma 21-08-2016.

Image Credits:here


Friday, August 19, 2016

Break Up!!! #Poetry


You traveled into my crooked life

Demystifying  the clinging slime

Enthusiastic & charged was I

Trusting you would stay by my side

Stretch of trust smiled

Radiance of love sailed

Misunderstandings crept in


Chipping the standing relationship

The scars were severe

Than the burns of a bullet

You stood composed

I was queasy & jar

Painstaking was the break up

Snatching life’s radiance.

© Ila Varma 19-08-2016

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

One Liner- Outlook

"Perspective changed with time and so did the outlook to weigh the relationships, new theories appended and the people with old outlook knocked down"....Musings of Ila Varma 2016. 



Wednesday, August 17, 2016

15th August 2016


Saffron, White & Green

Unfurls High

Recalling the Sacrifices

Of Great Souls

Who aided

To Acquire Freedom!

Vande Mataram!!!

Wish You All A Very Happy 70th Independence Day, 2016.


Pics Courtesy : Cakes at Ji Huzoor Bangalore, captured from mobile.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Our Country India #VISION 2050


Yes our country India was coined as “Sone Ki Chidiya” and watching the glorious past, the name conferred seems true.

Numerous sacrificed their lives to free the country from the clutches of British Rule and finally, India got independence on 15th August, 1947 and today we are celebrating 70th year of Independent India. It is a rich country in traditions, heritage, architecture and monuments, mineral and natural resources, so it’s truly “Sone Ki Chidiya” who has lost its glory.

What our forefathers & fathers dreamt of, of Future India, it progressed more than the expectations in all spheres. I feel low and sad watching the violence that is stirring in our country. It is advancing with each day creating chaos and confusion among people and so feel gloomy as to what future and circumstances our coming generation and next generation is going to face.

Let’s discuss it subject wise, the facts and status of present and what I envision in 2050.

I am an optimist and strive and pray for better tomorrow and to have best of it, we the citizens of our country need to work on it with selfless motive and mend the shortcomings and achieve best.

Our past generations fought for the rights of underprivileged, tried to bridge the gap between the people, worked on removing untouchability and instilled the awareness to get educated.

The unprivileged got the rights not on socio –economic levels rather it was provided on the basis of castes, religion, and minority community and now this issue has flared up in society to such a level that it has created great gap among people and people have developed hatred for each other and has lowered down to violence in the name of reservations for higher education and jobs.

Reforms I wish to see in the coming years is that the reservations do exist in our system but on socio-economic levels and certainly it will boost the morale of the people, who are deprived of the education and jobs in lack of funds. If it comes into effect, our social strata will improve and the gap will be reduced and if this is implemented in recent times, India 2050 will be enriched with healthy brains healthy attitudes and the hatred in the minds of people will vanish and even the topic of discussions and discrimination on castes and religion will come to an end.

       “India will be fledged with Super Brains & Calm Minds in 2050!”

 The advancement in technology reached its zenith in all spheres, some became boons for the people and few bane. The boons have been that we got connected worldwide and many personal things can be managed by self, it is the consequence of advancement in connectivity. The advancement in realty did provide homes with advanced technology but the rich got more homes and farm houses and the underprivileged class were deprived of it due to soaring costs in cities, towns and even in rural India. Many poor people sold out their land in avarice of money but they are suffering in real terms. The factories and establishments sprung up in rural India and it did give jobs to many but at a cost of disturbing their establishment the consequence of which was far reaching. Once India thrived on agricultural income and at present, it has reduced to a great extent and the consequence is we don’t have enough to feed the existing population.

Reforms that I visualize till 2050 is that if we start our insistence on agriculture and increase our agriculture production today then none will go starved and we will have more than enough and we will even feed other nations.

The “Go Green” initiative will too get a boost and it will improve the weather and health index of people of India. The Eco balance of the country will flourish in 2050.

 “Green India with Robust Health, Strength and Laborious People in 2050.”

 The news of shrinking water level and reverting to Recycled waters gives me nightmares. We have so many rivers, so if we procure technology to connect all and remove the state barriers then we will have enough water and rain harvesting will too add in the volume and the water level too will be normalized in coming years.

Reforms that I visualize till 2050 is that all the Indian rivers will be connected for the people of India and working on other methods will improve water level and it will add greenery boosting flora and fauna of our country India.

                   “Clean & Clear Drinking Water for All in 2050.”

 Literacy rate has improved drastically but people have become insensitive and morality has gone down to such level that not only woman is raped in the land even the men are raped by the men. Gender discrimination has reduced but sexual exploitation is at alarming level.

Reforms that I visualize is that the incidence of sexual exploitation does not exist and both sex enjoy equal rights and privileges and lives freely without fear.

                “Healthy and Peaceful & Fearless Society in 2050.”

 Games and Outdoor activities has come down in the age of technology, kids are hooked to computer, phone, mobile for playing games and adding kilos and health deficiencies and even creativity gets blocked while hooking to social media. Social bonding is too endangered and the business of Gymkhana have soared. The weight does improves by gym but the minds are clogged and people feel suffocated residing among people giving rise to violence, suicides and agitations. Sharing and Caring term does not hold importance in the lives of people.

Reforms I visualize by 2050 that technology be used as a technology for improving quality of life and kids, young and old flock to open spaces, mix with people of surroundings, indulge in open discussions and bring back sense of moral responsibility towards each other.

    “Healthy Physique, Optimist Mind and Healthy Society in 2050.”

Really I pray for India to be one of the best country in 2050 and we use our resources in right way, where along with latest technology and equipment, we have healthy people with healthy minds where agitation, self-centric minds vanish off from society.

The young leads the country in right spirit and perspective.

I visualize India in 2050


I have given more importance to social level because spurt in crimes, unrest in country, intolerance and differences hovering on our country is having adverse effect on the minds of people and it will affect the upcoming generations.

Let we all strive to be One instead of dividing India into fragments and we respect each other’s faith’s and beliefs and together we stand in peace.

Happy 70th Independence Day.

I foresee India in 2050 singing national anthem with peace and harmony.

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

***Rabindranath Tagore

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