It Is Too Late Now!!! #Fiction

We all know that time and tide waits for none and the moment
passed cannot be reversed, still to motivate and inspire us we say, it’s never
too late.

To learn good things or to change to better and best situations,
this assumption is quite true and holds a weightage but it can’t fit in all the

If the seeds are sown on proper time then only one can reap
the fruits at right time. The flowers of marigold will bloom in winters if it
is sown before or just after the advent of winters, if the same seed is planted
in summers, you will get the bushes but no flowers will appear as It Is Too Late Now.

The same thing holds for getting placements on right hour of
life. If you start late or get stuck in or diverse in between then you won’t
get the job on time and best opportunities are missed if you are late because you
don’t fulfil other required parameters. Your grades are good but you are
scaling above the age-limit and you get the reply from the hiring authorities, it’s
too late now.

Many instances of life are such that if you don’t pay heed
on right time in right approach, you miss the train and lag behind. You are let
down by bouts of regret that you missed the opportunity or you failed in your

Tarun loved Tia and he was a perfect match for her but he
could not muster courage to propose with a fear of refusal and time went by and
Tia was married to some other guy. Tarun was invited but he did not attend her
marriage. After marriage, when Tia called Tarun for not surfacing then he told
her that he could not bear the sight of seeing her getting married. Tia was
dumb, she too had a liking for Tarun but she waited for Tarun to approach. Time
lapsed and the two souls who possessed love for each other were separated just
because of not acting on right time and the regret of losing remained etched in
their hearts for long.

This is not the story of one person, there are many who have
lost their loved ones just because they did not act n right hour.

The true instance of my life. When I was married, I did not
go for outings rather stayed back and fulfilled other obligations of life
considering that life is long and after fulfilling the necessary chores of
rearing child, getting a roof overhead and lot more desire will venture out on
errands. Time passed by on its chores, duties and responsibilities were
fulfilled and when I planned to take the trips, the life gave me a hard blow
and was diagnosed with neuropathy. It is difficult to move with it, I have time
and money but not the strength to fulfil my dream of wandering. It’s too late
now. If I had taken a bit more strain or ignored few less important things of
life and would have taken up few outings then regret of losing opportunity
would not linger with me.

People remember you cannot reverse the lost opportunity, so
act on time and keep yourself free from regrets.

Speak out your emotions, whether, it’s your love or anger,
gratitude or agitation, express on right time.

It’s true that if you lose one opportunity, next door opens
but it is not the same in all context of life.

Cheer up before it’s too late. 

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Story Time #Colgate Strong Teeth

I received four packs of Colgate Strong Teeth with Free Magical Sea World inside from Colgate.I have grown up kids so I distributed them to my close relatives whose kids are school going and one of them rolled out the story. Here it is.

One day Piku was feeling sad & lonely. He was the single
child of his parents & parents were working. After school, he was all alone.
He was sitting in garden gazing at the sky, his thoughts wandering. He felt his
chair wobble and felt a soft tap on his shoulder. When he lifted his eye, he
saw a beautiful angel standing staring at him and passing a sweet smile.

“Why are you sad, Piku?” Angel asked.

“You know my name, Angel?” Piku asked with startled

“Yes, I know and I am here to play with you. You won’t feel
lonely and sad.” The angel said.

“Come with me, I will show you the magical world and
numerous friends to play with and I am sure you will enjoy.” She said.

“How can I go with you? My parents won’t allow?” Piku told

“You don’t have to go anywhere. Just close your eyes Piku
& wait till I ask you to open. Don’t worry. You are safe with me. I am your
friend.” Angel said
“Open your eyes Piku” A sweet voice whispered.

“Wow, what a beautiful lavish Castle. I am amazed. Thank You
Angel.” Piku said but he did not find the angel, instead he saw a beautiful fish Mermaid holding his hand.

“Who are you? Where is my Angel?” Piku asked surprisingly.

“I am the Angel. I have brought you in my kingdom and here I
am in the figure of Mermaid. This is our Magical Sea World. See around, you
will find all the creatures of underwater world. This is our Underwater Castle.
This Shark whale will give you a free enjoyable ride and take you on tour to
our world and you can play with them as much as you want.” The Mermaid told

“Shark whale, take Piku around and show him our world. He is
our guest, so take good care of him and make his trip memorable.” The Mermaid
said to Shark whale.

“Come Piku, sit on my back and let’s roam and play.” The
Shark whale said.

“Piku, Keep this Treasure Map with you, if you miss the way,
you can reach safe by following the map.” The Mermaid handed over the map to

Piku kept it safely in his pocket. The Mermaid wrapped a cover
around Piku’s body to keep his body warm while swimming in chilly water.

Piku sat on the back of the Shark whale and the Shark whale
took off with a thrust.
Indeed it was a wonderful underwater world and he was
astounded by the beauty. It was a colourful magical world, colourful fishes
swimming around and singing sweet songs. The music of the land was ethereal and
he felt very happy to watch them so close.

“Piku, alight from my back and roam around. The creatures of
this world will host a welcome program in your honour. You are our supreme
guest.” Shark whale said & stooped low to alight Piku.

There was greenery all around and the soft grasses caressed
his toes. He wandered in the garden freely, beautiful flowers were in full bloom,
butterflies with lights flickered around.

The colourful fishes sang a welcome song and the octopus and
the crabs shook their hinges on the tune.

The tortoise trailed like a train. The queen tortoise led
around Piku riding on her back.
Piku was very happy and clapped for the show and thanked the
wonderful creatures addressing them as his friends.

After the show, Shark whale told Piku to accompany her back
to the palace.

“Whale, I want to take some flowers.” Piku said.

“No Dear, you can’t. In our kingdom, you can see and play
but cannot hurt someone. See, no one hurt you and so you cannot hurt them.” The
Shark whale explained.

“Can’t we stay for some more time? It will be my pleasure.” Piku asked.

“Come on, let’s go back Piku. The gates of the Castle close
at night and we will be stranded outside. There are wonderful things inside the
palace, the Mermaid will treat you.” The Shark whale explained Piku.

Shark whale twisted her tail and took off for way back.

She stopped outside Castle and showed a close view of the Castle.

Piku was amazed by the enchanting view of the palatial Castle  with
high rising towers illuminated with colourful dimmed lights and it looked
heavenly and pleasant to eyes.
“Thank You Whale for riding me to the magical sea world.”
Piku said.

“Piku, now it is time to return back to your world. Close your
eyes.” The Mermaid said smiling.

“Open your eyes Piku, you are back to your world.” A sweet
voice whispered.

His chair wobbled and he was back in his garden. He felt happy
and was delighted.

This beautiful story was carved by my nephew with the help
of Colgate Magical Sea World Cover which tickled his imagination and he stroked
it beautifully.

I thanked him and cooked his favourite dish as a treat for
the wonderful story. He smiled sheepishly and when I asked him to laugh out
loud, he did but the stained teeth could not go unnoticed.

I gifted him a pack of Colgate Strong Teeth and asked him to
sparkle his teeth just like his sparkling story and to weave one more from the
pictures inside the cover.

Limerick #Peace


Peace and war are very far

Yet they entwine at par

At one pace there can’t be both

Leave war adopt peace take oath

To make the world serene and humanity roar.

© Ila Varma 29-07-2016


Published in Praxis Magazine Online is pleased to present “Peace Poem, 2016″




They accepted her wholly

Willingly acknowledged all her whims

Dreams were linked

Of all the people lonely.

They gave in their more

To call her own.

She could not see through

The love flowing in extremes.

She drifted apart

Cringing all the anticipations

Deliquescing the dreams nurtured.

Acceptance is in both ways

One end cannot adhere.

© Ila Varma 28-07-2016

Written for  Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Acceptance

#If I Met A Ghost


If I met a Ghost-  I will ask how life is at Mars, fed up with terrors on Earth.

A quirky wacky line crossed my mind n I found LindaGHill One liner Wednesday appropriate to share.

Masti in Monsoons!!! #Monsoon

Few Lyrics in Hinglish, it’s for humour, so go on easy. The props are the things must in Monsoons, Raincoat, Umbrella, Body Lotion, & Ginger Tea. They all make Monsoons enjoyable.

She:I am Videshi n my umbrella is Desi

He: Hey, Me n my Dil both Hindustaani, let’s drench in
Indian monsoon.


Jab Raincoat ho Saath,
Monsoons mein no fear,
if it will rain,
we will go insane
wrapping ourself near.

You are looking awesome in Monsoon, what is the raaz;
Using body lotion everday with naaz.

They tilted their Chatri in heavy rains to izhaar their
pyaar, evading nazar of people near.


Monsoon ki Masti along with my Chhatri and my friends, jumping
in and out of the puddles.


Granny gifted me a colorful raincoat on my janamdiwas, with
viswaas that I wear in Monsoons.

Raincoat is valuable, kabhie mujhe bachaye baarish se,
kabhie meri girlfriend is saved by my mother.


Body lotion is to Skin just like garam ginger chai in

© Ila Varma 28-07-2016

“I always wanted to…”



Wants & desires never come to an end and this crave pushes us further in life. Imagine a life without desire…it isn’t possible. An ambition to do something fruitful pulls out from the cocoon and the man starts searching to fulfill the aim.


Every child faces this question, “What you want to become?” and this question is raised to the child when he is in his primary school and not well versed with life and the world around.


Every child gives big answers, some answers on the basis of interests and some wish to step in the shoes of his parents.


But when we descend into the real world, many times “I wanted…” is side-lined and we pursue other than the pursuits that one dreamt of. There are few who dare to stand rigidly on his choice and either they make it or break it.



General crowd sweeps in the crowd that is in trend at a particular phase and his choices depend upon various factors, the trend at that moment, family views, financial issues n lot many other components lead him to make the decisions.



The real ambitions take a back seat. I was no exception. The same happened to me.

The WOW prompt took me down the memory lane. More than three decades have passed but still, the unfulfilled wish lingers.


I wanted to pursue fine arts in Music. I belonged to the family where importance was given to studies only and Music was a Big Nono. I am a lover of music and wished to pursue in this field to become a good singer strumming the hands-on guitar. Three decades before, options were limited and we did not have the privilege of the platform that today the kids have and the perception too have undergone a tremendous change.


I did not dare because the avenues were limited and there was a fear of been let out behind. The essence of music is still fresh and I breathe music so you can well understand how connected I am with Music. I wanted to become a playback singer and I became a singer…bathroom singer. 🙂

In my dream, I see myself giving programme on stage strumming an electric guitar and the audience applauding. The dream satiates my desire and I feel fresh and happy.


If my coming generation will be interested in music then I will certainly back them and help them to pursue their dream.


At this juncture of life, I learned one more thing that it’s good to have ambitions and imagination should run wild to catch but seeing the chaos and stress around, I feel we should insist the kids choose happiness as their ambition and the true happiness will give them wings to soar high and fly.


It’s important to be materialistic in life to achieve worldly things and fulfill inner desires but spirituality is equally important to become a good human being and in present scenario where man has become enemy of man and literally people are eating lives of one another so now we need to instill moral values in upcoming generation and show them that there is a world other than the materialism and for that we need only happiness.


Playing Piano

Yes, it’s true my desires did not get wings at the right moment but while walking through thick n thin of life, I learned new things and discovered the key to success is to be happy and share happiness.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Limerick Challenge Week 30: Antonyms

Sweet relationship turned sour

In less than an hour

What the eyes saw was fake

But her heart couldn’t make

Emotions were tough to overpower.

© Ila Varma 24-07-2016

#Friendship Battered-One Liner


We met after ages, lunged to embrace him, his bullets pierced me and  I could gaze a sly smile on his face.

© Ila Varma 19-07-2016

Written for One Liner Wednesday

Traditional Indian Wedding

My nephew who has just entered into teens is a query box, a high curious mind and unending queries throttles the mind. We too have gone from the same phase and I know that it’s important to satiate the queries of a growing mind.

He was confused watching the customs and traditions and his Big question was why to include cow dung, mud, mango leaves, fire wood …blah blah in marriage when the two individuals have to marry.

The Indian wedding is not a marriage of two individuals but two families unite and the five elements of Universe too has their role in the traditions.

The reason that I find behind this age old practice is that our ancestors were linked with our rural land and in those days, people had parcel of agricultural land, cattles, elephants n horses, fields, ponds, wells, orchards, so in a way they were linked with nature and for food and shelter, their life thrived on nature. On every auspicious occasions or festivals, all the things of nature were included, it was a way to pay reverence to the things.

With urbanization, links were severed from rural areas but the tradition still flourishes. 

In Indian families, customs n traditions are passed on from one generation to another and in passing, few things have been modified or curtailed as per the requisites of time but still it prospers.

His prompt question was, ” When we don’t own, why do we include them now in our traditions?”

I too hold the same, but a single voice can’t change things in Indian families, rather the single person will be ousted from the social circle.

It’s better to enjoy the charm. I was able to satiate his mind to some extent.

I wish to share the snaps of the things included in the wedding ceremony, The Fire, The Earthen Pots, The Cow Dung, Milk, Mango & Tulsi leaves, The Holy water of Ganges, Flowers, The Sound of a Bell.

A pot filled with holy water and flowers immersed in it. The mango leave is used to sprinkle the holy water during worship and traditions followed.

                      The colourful toys made of Clay adorn the Mandapa of Marriage.

                                                         The grains 

        The coconut is gifted to the groom. The coconut is ornamented with colorful ribbons.

                                        The Sound of a Bell tingling the environment.

                                                               The sacred fire

                            The Earthen pots, Diyas, flowers…Nature’s Best Things.

In a way, Nature participates in the show.

Pics Courtesy: Pushpam Verma

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