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I could not compete with the timings of Monday Mommy Moments and could not write on time due to other commitments but still I wished to write on this topic…Anger Management for Moms.

Here is my take on this topic.

Been sensitive, I don’t believe in yelling at children. I
know how it hurts so I never went to the extent of yelling or going mad with
anger while raising my kids.
From the very beginning of my life, I am cool with kids and
old but all hell break loose on adults…the reason that I sort out is that what
kids do, they do in innocence but adults deliberately indulge, so I lose
patience with grown-ups…though to some extent, I have managed controlling.
I had great share of anger outbursts in my childhood days
and I had promised that I won’t commit the same mistake with my kids.
And the day came, when I conceived and my happiness knew no
bounds and I got busy with the preparations to welcome my bundle of joy and
finally, the day arrived when I was holding my flesh in my hand…and the feeling
was surreal and no words can suffice to express my feelings.

I kissed him on his forehead and promised to him that you
will never be a victim of my anger and I will try my best to explain the things
when you are wrong, avoiding yelling at you to get rid of my frustrations.

I believe that the kids are fragile and we need to handle
with care.

His arrival in my life made me responsible and patient and I
knitted numerous dreams and all revolved around him…though as a wife…I
justified my presence…so I was successful in managing the both ends and both
were Happy.

Their happiness was my happiness and I felt contended.

Soon, I was Mom of two cute boys and my patience while
raising them proved to be a wonder. They turned out to be well-behaved kids. It
doesn’t mean that they were not into mischief, they were but within the purview
of limits or you can say that my No reaction on their mischief treaty helped
them to be docile.

The kids are smarter than Moms. When they find their Moms
losing their temper, then they deliberately involve themselves in mischief to
enjoy the tantrums of Mama…it’s my perception.
After finishing their chores, I used to sit with them n let
them play with their toys and puzzles and never went eccentric even when they
messed around, just watched them in silence that they don’t hurt themselves
hard…rest I hardly cared…Over caring too poses issues.

The early years were very relaxed but when they entered in
primary school, an unknown pressure built within me and I started losing my
temper at slightest pretext and they poor were victims of my wrath.

One fine day, I pondered over the situation and discovered
that sub-consciously, pressure was building that they study well and do well…so,
I was becoming over-ambitious. I stopped myself then and there…checked my

But there were instances where I had to do drama of been
angry to control their tantrums in their growing stage and it worked out…I
never yelled much rather explained them in their context to discipline them and
my silence worked in moulding them.

They too are my flesh and they  abhor yelling and been

Few times, I spanked them when they were really at fault and
need to be corrected.

They were able to assess for what my anger built up and they
learnt how to avoid those instances…so our co-ordination was perfect…I was
their sole guardian while raising them and there was no interference from my
husband’s side…while I scolded them or checked them…It proved to be a liberty.

Normally, I see that while checking kids, the couple get at
loggerheads and their views on disciplining differs and this difference is
taken as advantage by the children, who are not at an age to judge, rather they
get hooked to the person, who is liberal and encourages even when he is wrong.
I never spanked or yelled at them in frustration or in mood

Where they need to be reformed, I never backed out, I was
there to correct them.

I wish to share my suggestion.

Many times, it happens that if we are in good mood and the
kid has done seriously something wrong, we overlook them in our fun time…and if
we are in bad mood and the kid is demanding something genuine, we spoil the
play because of our anger outbursts…and the innocent has to face the music.
This mood swings of Mom’s blots the kids for no fault of

Remember a golden rule, however good mood you are in and
your ward needs to be corrected, don’t back out, then n there pin point their
mistake and ask them to correct sternly…and never make them victim of your mood

Give them a chance to distinguish between Right and Wrong.

My silence played wonders in raising them…now they are
grown-ups individuals and now if they deliberately go out of way, I yell at
them on top of my voice. They frown at me but never reply back rather when I am
cool they explain me patiently.

I request the existing Moms and would be Moms to work on
patience and anger management and always, remember your childhood days, it will
be convenient to tackle your kidoos.

Silence speaks more than yelling.

Whenever, you feel like yelling, start backward counting and
by the time you will finish the count, your anger will diminish.

Advantages of Not Yelling:

You will be happy and your family will be happy.

Kids will be friendly with you and will share
their secrets.

Your saved energy will kindle your Creativity.

Kids will grow into mature adults and will know
how to handle adversities.

Kids won’t learn to bicker or retaliate.

Many will say, it is easy to say than to be done. I too
agree but we can at least try for the sake of our children.

The image of a Mom is loving and caring then why to spoil
the image by yelling and getting angry on slightest pretext.

What is Anger?

It is a bottled up frustration and when one gets a chance,
they explode hurting themselves and others.
I am quite impressed by the words of Lord Buddha which runs
as under and this quote proved magical for me and it helped to master control on my
pangs of anger.
Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the
intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

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Is Bursting Out the Only Solution? #Anger

Since childhood, I despised people who showed anger for no cause and I maintained a good distance from them to save myself from their wrath.

I believed that if someone (parents or extended family) really wish to correct me then they better explain me coolly instead of showing resentment & anger which I despised. I evaded from such company and at times, if caught, I retaliated instead of listening…I know my retaliation increased the level of anger of the person who wished to correct me.

Though I was in my pre-teens, still I declared openly that if really you wish to get over me, then try with warmth and love instead of burning in anger…but who cares of kids…in those days, it was firmly believed,

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” and I became victim of it most of the times when I fumed over their bickering’s.

At times, I felt offended and been emotional stuff, at that stage, I vowed to myself that I would never show anger to my children nor would yell and would treat them with utmost love and care.

It does not mean that my parents did not love me. They loved me a lot but their way of showering affection was different.

One more reason of my mother’s yell was that she was the only daughter-in-law in our family of extended family & three generations resided under one roof and her bottled up resentments turned towards us…her children. She was so much done that she couldn’t realise her folly.

In those days, DIL couldn’t voice her concerns and she found easy to open her resentment on us.

Emotionally, I grew up more than my age and my writing habit made me maintain a diary of the incidences that I faced and I even wrote my perceptions about it and how I would manage these issues in my family life, later on in life.

I am not an easy person but I work on my faults or weakness and gradually weed out from my life.

People can’t convince me till my conscience is convinced but I have the ability to realize my mistakes and I have learnt a lot from the mistakes of my parents, siblings, friends and so on.

At this point of mid-forties, I have rectified myself to a larger extent by the lessons learned by life. I can’t be perfect because a human being can’t be perfect but still I have travelled a long way and has been successful in working on my weaknesses n those mere weaknesses of the past are my strength today.

Don’t feel that I am foolproof, still I commit mistakes but it is done deliberately in full conscious and if my conscience suggests that I am on wrong, I try my best to prove that it is fair.


I can’t exist without faults because I am a normal human being and a normal person can’t be a Perfectionist, YET I HAVE OVERCOME MOST OF MY SHORTCOMINGS.

Learning lessons of life is on and it will be till the last breath of my life.

  • Suggestion for the people who get angry quickly.

Anger is like a storm rising up from the bottom of your consciousness. When you feel it coming, turn your focus to your breath.

— Thich Nhat Hanh.

Feel the difference.

What I do control my Anger?

I count backwards, 100-1 and it works for me.

Do this…your anger will vanish.

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Mumbai in Monsoons!!! #Rains #Photography


                                      View of  JK Kapur Chowk, Worli ,Mumbai on a Rainy Day.

                                                    View from Charni Road, Mumbai on a Cloudy Morning.

                                                                       View of Andheri West, Mumbai on a Rainy Evening.

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Under Eye Cream Review! #Mamaearth #Eyes

Hello Everybody,
Today, I am going to introduce to the innovative
product of Mamaearth, “Under Eye Cream” especially for Moms.

 Mamaearth believes
in nature and they come up with “Under Eye Cream” keeping the mind the woes of New
Mommies whose eyes become puffy and dark circles, due to sleepless nights.
This “Under Eye Cream” can also be used by the teenagers
and women of all age. This is fully
loaded with Vitamin C, Peptides, Caffeine and many more supplements to
fight against dark circles, puffiness, bags and wrinkles leaving your vision
clear and sparkling eyes.
Product description: The key ingredients of “Under
Eye Cream” are Coffee, Cucumber & White Lily Extract to get rid of dark
circles and puffy eyes.

    The brand
Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful
product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and
use MadeSafe certified ingredients.
ensures that the products are completely free of behavioral, dermatological and
environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.

Usage: Clean your face and apply a fair amount
around eyes. It needs to be applied daily for best results and to see the
product efficacy.
Packaging: Packaging is presentable and the color
Pink & Green. It justifies for the products for Women. It comes in a sturdy
plastic small tub with well fitted lid which prevents leakage and spillage. It
is safe to carry while travelling.
Pricing: 500 for 50 ml.
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Product review:  I have been using this product on regular
basis since mid of June and I am contended with the product efficacy. I use it
twice a day around the eyes and on face after cleansing. It has improved the
dark circles and puffiness is reduced. Been a content writer by profession, I
work late nights. My hubby was flattered by the improved look of my eyes but I
haven’t yet disclosed the product behind. It’s recommended for eyes but it can
be used for face. The choice depends upon user.
My sisters used this product and is convinced with
its usage and has confirmed that they will be a constant user of “Under Eye
I highly recommend this product to women of all age
groups & teens.
Use it on regular basis to fetch good results. The
product efficacy is awesome.
Pros: Awesome product derived from nature and it
blends easily into the skin and gives relief to tiring and puffy eyes restoring
it to original.

Cons: Only a Price is on a bit higher end but the
results are worth buying.
My rating: 4.5/5
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*****I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest &

Argan Hair Mask to Reduce Hair Fall. #Mamaearth #ProductReviews

Hello Everybody,
Today, I present you the detailed presentation of newly
introduced product by Mamaearth especially for Mama.
As Mamaearth believes in nature, they have entered
into the market with “Argan Hair Mask to Reduce Hair Fall” especially for New
Mommies who face hair fall during pregnancy and after childbirth. Their hair
need extra care and this hair mask is going to solve the issue of hair loss in Mommies.
This hair mask will not only reduce hair loss but it will add sheen &
strength to crowning glory.

This “Argan Hair Mask” can also be used by the girls
and women of all age. It takes care of hair health and is good for long or
short hair. It’s usage is easy for the busy Moms as it absorbs the contents and there is no issue of dripping and messy.
Product description: 
The ingredients used in the
mask is Argan, Avocado Oil, Milk Protein & Curd Extract. The Argan Hair
is a complete solution to reduce hair-fall. It repairs damaged hair and cleanse and
soothes the scalp. It is a toxin free product and improves total hair health.
    The brand
Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful
product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and
use MadeSafe certified ingredients.

ensures that the products are completely free of behavioral, dermatological and
environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT
Usage:  Moisturize your hair with enough water so
that it can be towel dried. The water should not drip from the hair but it
should be moist. The hair should be clean before the usage of mask to give good
& positive results. Use a fair amount of the Argan Hair Mask and apply it
generously from scalp to the roots. The usage amount depends on the length and
volume of the hair. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with sufficient
water. It can be used before shampooing the hair or as a conditioner. It adds
sheen to the hair and leaves it soft and silky and hair volume improves. Use
twice a week to keep your hair healthy. It treats split ends too.
Packaging: Packaging is presentable and the color
Pink & Green justifies for the products of Dames. It comes in a sturdy
plastic tub with well fitted lid and it prevents leaks and spillage. It is safe
to carry while travelling.
Pricing: 599 for 200 ml.
Shelf life: 24 months from the date. Of manufacture.
Product review:  I am very careful about my hair and take extra
to maintain my shiny and bouncy crowning glory. Two decades before, I had long
and silky hair without any damaged hair. But with time, pregnancy, childbirth
and age, hair has lost the original shine though it is silky. Even, I cut my
hair to shoulder length due to job and time constraints. I use henna to color
my grey hairs. I am very choosy about hair products and use only authentic
products. I received Argan Hair Mask from Mamaearth. I took advice from the
gals who used before and they convinced me about the product.
Initially, I used the mask in my shampooed hair. I
moistened my hair and applied generously from roots to the ends and left for 20
minutes. The best thing is that it absorbs into the hair and scalp so there is
no issue of dripping and mess. I washed off with sufficient water to remove the
mask and I was surprised to see the result on my crowning glory. Generally, I
don’t use creamy products after shampoo and in the beginning, I had the
inhibition that it might leave hair oily. But my inhibition proved wrong, my
hair came out smooth, manageable and silky with added sheen. After that I am
using it as a conditioner and it works well and enriches the sheen & volume
of hair.
My sisters used this product and was convinced with
the usage and has said that they will be constant user of “Argan Hair Mask toReduce Hair Fall”.
I have applied four times in 21 days and I am
contented with the positive result. I highly recommend this product to women of
all age groups.
Use it generously and see the result for yourself
and I am sure you will thank me for this good stuff.
Pros: The product claim is very true and after its
use, it leaves the hair soft, silky and manageable. It will be a good bet
especially for the frizzy and brittle hairs. The hair treatment with this mask
reduces hair fall, split ends and repairs damaged hair. It thoroughly cleanses
the scalp and it is very soothing.
Cons: Only a Price is a bit high but it’s worth the
My rating: 4.8/5
Buy from AmazonFlipkart Nykaa.

*****I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

Solution to Women’s Health! #VLCC Wellscience

VLCC is a globally renowned name in the field of beauty, health and fitness. It provides real solution to the problems faced by people and has rescued lots of people suffering from different ailments and obesity and skin problems.
The beauty treatment of VLCC is also notable and the products pertaining to treatment are awesome at reasonable prices and the packaging is attractive too.
VLCC acquired Wellscience and personal care and have come up with the Trademark, “VLCC Wellscience”, and a group of VLCC.
With this acquisition, they have entered into Direct selling arena creating job opportunities and is creating awareness about Ayurveda among the masses.
Ayurveda is the oldest medicine with its historical roots in Indian sub-continent. The Ayurveda medicines are derived from plants & herbs and it is a holistic approach of healing.
VLCC has come up with the wellness products for the Women.
In women, there are numerous physiological & psychological changes such as Menstruation, Child Delivery and Menopause. Due to several hormonal changes it affects her health and they need care for her bones and body constituents. With each transformation at different age, there is an erosion of important components from her body and she needs medicines to replace & compensate the depleted ones.
Two three decades back, the women were not so aware of her physical constituents and they ignored their health while looking after her family and children. Even the girls health were neglected which gave rise to several complications during Menstruation.
With the passage of time and the development of technology, social media and rise in literacy rate, the women has become aware of her body and takes care of her health & fitness.
The VLCC WellscienceTM WomenHealth is going to help her in solving her problems of Anaemia, Osteoporosis, Bone density and Menopause. It will help her to sustain health in good conditions and it will boost her longevity and confidence.
Product of VLCC WellscienceTM WomenHealth
Women Health: is a product which helps her to tackle Anaemia, Osteoporosis, Bone density and Menopause. Generally to get rid of menopause blues, she goes for hormone replacement therapy, which is an expensive treatment with numerous side effects.
That is why we have WellscienceTM WomenHealth, which provides us the solution in a unique and natural way by restoring the body’s ability to absorb calcium.    
It contains phytoestrogens, phyto means plant and estrogens because it affects the estrogenic activity in our body. There are ingredients found in few plants that acts as an estrogens in our body but they are not the same as the true hormonal estrogens that our bodies produce. Women Health also provides us essential iron and other trace minerals to fulfill the iron requirement of our body.
          Key Ingredients:
  • Cissus Quadrangularis- contains phytoestrogens helps in absorbing and assimilating Calcium, promotes good bone health.
  • Asparagus Racemosus – is a premier herb for women. It also contains phytoestrogens.  It nourishes and cleanses blood, supports a healthy uterine function. 
  • Hemidesmus indicus – reputed herb in all systems of medicine in India. It also supports a healthy uterine function.
Thus WellscienceTM Women health not only restores the body’s ability of assimilating and absorbing calcium by providing phytoestrogens, it also maintains a healthy uterine function.
  • Carbonyl Iron   – most bio available form of Iron. Helps to treat iron deficiency.
  • Folic Acid and Zinc   –   essential nutrients for healthy woman. Folic Acid is one of the B vitamins, and it helps your body make new cells, including new red blood cells to carry oxygen in the blood. If you don’t have enough red cells that lead to anaemia. 
Reason of Osteoporosis is depletion of estrogens hormone. Estrogens hormone gives women the feminity and it plays a vital role in absorption and assimilation of calcium. Due to the hormonal changes which a woman goes through in a cyclic basis, estrogens starts depleting. Hence the calcium absorption level also comes down, which leads to calcium deficiency. Lack of calcium makes the bones brittle and leads to osteoporosis.
Along with osteoporosis, anemia is also affecting women health. During the hormonal changes, iron also goes out of the body. Our food habit remains the same hence the iron deficiency is not replenished adequately. Eventually it leads to anemia
VLCC product Women Health will help women to compensate their losses of vital components from body and it will balance her health.
The composition of Women Health is Hadjot, Shatavari, Anantmoola, Carbonyl Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc, Copper and Calcium Citrate. It comes in a bottle pack in tablet form and it contains 90 tablets. 
Do visit your nearest centre to know more about VLCC WellscienceTM WomenHealth and solve your health issues with their help.
Women needs to be healthy to retain her feminine statistics and give birth to healthy children and take care of her family and kids.

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True Effects of Colors! #Top 10 Colors, Art & Inspiration.

Can we imagine life without colors? It’s impossible to live with white & black.

Colors have great significance in our lives. It plays an important
role in our life and it acts as a stimulator. It stimulates our mind and
enhances our mood.When you spot a rainbow after rain, however gloomy
you are, you feel happy to spot it and it’s comforting to gaze at or
capture in our mobiles. The amalgamation of seven colors is serene to
look at and it gives positive vibes…so are the different colors…some
have positive vibes and few have negative vibes.The different colors
have different significance in different cultures and traditions and its
choice depends upon varied parameters. For instance, Red hue will be
best for the bridal wear but the same hue would not be suitable for an
old woman. Shades of white will look graceful & elegant in elderly
ladies but it won’t be suitable for brides. So the choice depends upon
person, place, occasion, space etc.It’s easy to zero in apparels but it
is a herculean task to decide the colors for the home space and
interiors, workplace and commercial outlets. Pantone TPG Color Guide will help in your choice.

There are primary colors and indefinite number of shades are obtained
from these basic primary colors, Red, Blue & Yellow.The choice of
colors reflects the personality of an individual because each color
reacts with the brain and how an individual perceive it. Based on the
theory of reactions and perceptions, the Egyptians and the Chinese uses
colors to heal and this process is called chromo therapy. This therapy
is used to cure psychological diseases and the studies have proved that
it has positive influence on the person.Nowadays people are more
concerned about the usage of the colors in their bedroom space, office
cabin and so on and believe that it controls fatigue and stress.Two
three decades before, people were not so concerned about the colors of
their home or office and basically, it was painted to give a clean look
but today, the situation is entirely different.

Why we need Designers?

Innumerable shades can be obtained by mixing the primary, secondary
and tertiary colors and one has to do detailed study to bring out the
real effect of colors. It can’t be picked up randomly. The virtual
medium and the graphics has made the task easy for the designers to
create, recreate and amalgamate, giving birth to new hues. Proper
combination of colors enhances the look of spaces and gives a new &
elegant look. The size of the spaces can be narrowed or broadened by the
use of appropriate colors creating optical illusions. The dark areas
are colored with light colors whereas the sunlit areas are painted with
dark colors.The color compatibility depends upon various factors such as
age, direction, individual choice, personality, upholstery, furniture,
artistry, sunlight etc. Nowadays people decide on the basis of their sun
signs and birth dates.The designers work on the usage & purpose of
the space, location of the space and the user of the space and
accordingly combines colors.Designers work hard to create color tone as
per the demand of the customers keeping in mind the choice of customers.
It needs a careful planning and its implementation in a right way and
in right proportion. Over usage of colors will mar the look of the
space. The colors used on the wall surface and roof should complement.It
is a daunting task and it has to be given utmost importance in
selection of colors. The choice of colors also differs on geographical
locations, weather and climate of a certain place. A careful planning
will give a svelte & extravagant ambiance to the spaces.There are
specific colors associated with different institutions such as in
hospitals, generally shades of white, blue and light green is used. It
is believed that these colors have soothing effect on the
patients.Bright colors are used for children, cool colors for elderly,
warm and radiant colors for young age.Designers need to have perfect
knowledge of Color psychology and the symbolic definition of a specific
color.Practical testing of colors is an integral part while deciding
colors for spaces. At times, the colors that look attractive in
photographs, do not appear the same on the surface.A Designer with good
knowledge and practical experience need to be employed to work with
perfection and the usage of Pantone graphics will give a picturesque look to the interiors of the spaces.

Colour Psychology: 

Just imagine if the world around was painted in one color or the
veggies & fruits were all of the same hues…life would have been
monotonous & boring.The colors around us breaks the monotony and
infuse positive vibes in our life. The colorful flora & fauna spices
our life and the mood and emotions too are governed by the colors.The
red board on the road depicts symbol of Stop, green color symbolizes
Nature, yellow color symbolizes ripe and so on and many times non-verbal
communication takes place on the basis of colors around.

Psychological effects of Colours on the Aura of Humans:

Red indicates strong emotions such as high
level of energy, blood, strength, anger, love, pride, passion,
aggressiveness etc.Use of red color is mostly avoided in rooms as often
it creates negative affect on people and leads to high BP & pulse
rate.Red in used in kitchens and restaurants as it denotes appetite and
is considered good for these spaces.It has higher visibility so it is
profusely used in alarms & signals. Blue
color radiates positive energy and it gives a clean, cool and clear look
energizing the minds of the dwellers. It is the color of the sky and
the sea. It controls BP and heart rate and emits positive vibes. It is
associated with wisdom, confidence, faith, and trust. It is mostly
preferred for living rooms and bedrooms and the usage of blue changes
the dimension of the space. Green symbolizes
nature and the affect is cool and calm and it creates a relaxing
atmosphere. It is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, and
fertility. It is very soothing to the eye and a natural healer. Yellow symbolizes
brightness and it lends optimism to the atmosphere. It is the color of
sunshine and is associated with joy, intellect and cheerfulness. White
is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, spirituality and
virginity. It is the color of clouds and snow and it gives clean &
clear appearance. It enhances the mood and keeps one happy and hale. It
connotes peace.Black is generally associated
with negative connotations and is associated with death, evil, mystery,
grief and fear. It has positive connotation too and it associates with
strength and authority.
The mixing of these colors with different colors gives innumerable
color dimensions and the designers choose with perfection for the
required spaces.The designers can take help of Textile Design Studio to create more combinations as human aura is guided by colors.

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Parenting Journey! #Parenting #MMM

The journey
of Motherhood was very satiating and each moments were so captivating that I
don’t wish to change anything.
Why I don’t
wish to Change?

There are
valid reasons.
Stress & Fatigue: The time I gave
birth to my cutie pies, I was very young and sturdy and no amount of stress
tired me rather it energized me. If I go through once again, I will not able to
cope up with the stress & fatigue of a Motherhood.

Impatient with Age: I was careless
when I got married but as I conceived, I was transformed with lots of patience.
I enjoyed their tantrums rather getting exhausted and never lost temper…no shouting…no yelling…no beating. I silently accepted their mistakes,
follies etc. Now, I can’t control my temperament and get irritated easily and
I hold growing age is the factor responsible for being impatient &
 Enjoyed Cooking & Creating things
for them:
Now, I want them to help me in my chores and create ideas for my
blogging. I am in no shape to restart the journey of parenting. Still I love to cook & bake for them but can’t figure myself running after kids to feed them.
Satisfied with my journey: I am
totally satisfied with my parenting journey and don’t wish to alter a single
block of it because the consequence of my parenting proved rewarding and
watching my big boys fills me with confidence and pride. If I restart, I may
not give my best what I gave to my kids.
I did not
missed as such something very important to think of restarting the parenting
journey but certainly, I look forward to enjoy the bliss of grand motherhood
and would love to indulge with them.
I missed
capturing the beautiful moments in my mobile as camera wasn’t as handy as
mobile is and making videos and short movies via Handycam, so would love to capture them when I am blessed with grandkids.
I am fully
contended with my parenting journey and would not like to modify anything.

I am proud
of my boys for what they are and they are the rewards of my nurture.
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Happy Memories! #Motherhood!

The word,
Motherhood” brings lots of memories with it and I believe those are the
happiest moments of life in the life of a woman. The journey isn’t easy rather
it is a roller coaster ride but we face the upheavals of motherhood with smiles

The day
pregnancy test comes positive, she jumps with joy and start weaving dreams about the
life that she is carrying the womb. She faces lots of mental and health traumas
but she bears all happily just for the sake of her flesh. During those nine
months, her dreams revolve around her baby and watches her movement and kicks
within. She readily accepts the bodily changes with each month.
undergoes nerve wracking pain to give birth but the cry of a baby soothes her
pain and she is overjoyed to see the face whom she nurtured with her blood.
treasures each moment of motherhood capturing in her albums, notebook, tape recorder and in
her treasure box.
She notices
each small movement with joy and she is overwhelmed to watch baby growing with
each month.
My boys have
outgrown my lap but still the memories of motherhood are intact and fresh and I
cherish those memories to keep myself happy. Those are the precious treasures
of my life and with each moment, number of stories unfold and it feels as if it
is the incident of yesterday.
Two decades
before, there was dearth of digital media but the Kodak camera and scrapbook
came to my rescue to store those moments of life.
Camera: I am
fond of photography since childhood. When my baby was born, I kept the camera
in my purse and captured each moments into it. In those days, we had to take
prints of the captures so tried to finish the reel in one go as it was
difficult to wait for long. There was curiosity to see them and stick into the
albums. So all memories of my motherhood was captured by Kodak camera and
several albums are stacked in the shelf. Whenever, I feel lonely, I spend time
with the albums. Now I have started scanning them to preserve in my laptop,
because the snaps are losing its sheen in albums.
Scrapbook: I
maintained a scrapbook in which I jotted down my feelings from the day of
conceive till they passed the boards. All the results, moments of pride when
they won contest etc. are preserved in it. When I read them, I feel as if my
kids are around and memories are refreshed.
Since few years, I started scanning the snaps and maintaining a folder of each
year of my boys. Whenever, I miss them, I go through them to recollect memories of the past.

holds their small clothes, the first that they wore and of many other
important occasions. They even hold their toys on which they were not able to try
their engineering, certificates of achievement nicely stacked in files. It hold
the small joys of life.
The first word they spoke, the first sentence they learned was
earlier stored in audio-cassettes, which is now segregated in CD’s. Their cute
baby talks evokes positive vibes within me and in my empty nest, I hear again n
again to bring back the reminiscences of the golden days.
Lots and
lots of memories of Motherhood is stored in my heart and it will always be
intact till the last breath of my life.
The best
thing that happens to a woman is Motherhood and it fills her with unconditional
love and affection.
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