How to Arrange Diaper Bag Essentials for Your Baby

Mother Sparsh India's #FirstWaterWipes

A diaper bag is essential to maintain a checklist of baby’s requirements. It is easy for the Mom to have a dedicated diaper bag. It eases her job at home, on outing or on long journey without being harassed of searching things at last hour.

Babies and infants require close contact and vigil of a mother and she cannot leave the babies for long. Further, in initial months infants poo and pee at every half an hour or so, hence, designated diaper bag is an essential kit.

Pack diaper bags with all the essentials that you may need for your baby and yourself.

Arranging a diaper bag is an art in itself and you require to arrange it meticulously so that you are not stranded helpless with the baby.

Checklist for the Diaper Bags

  • Convenient Diaper Bag: The first and foremost requisite is a convenient diaper bag wherein you can tuck in all the articles that you need. Purchase 2 diaper bags, one small clutch bag with enough space to accommodate the articles of baby’s use for an outing for 1-2 hours. 1 large one for use at home as well on outings. While buying, check that it has enough separate pockets and zip closures to tuck the things neatly and you can pull out safely as per your requirements. Prefer the bags with backpacks so that it is easy for you to carry along with the baby.
  • Diapers: Stack diapers of reputed companies such as Pampers and Huggies of appropriate size. Keep cloth diapers too because the fabric helps the baby skin to breathe and keeps off rashes.
Mother Sparsh
  • Wipes: Use Mother Sparsh #UnscentedWaterWipes which comes in reseal packaging and is easy to store without losing its moisture content. They are #SuperThickWipes and it can be used generously for cleaning baby after poo and pee. It can also be used for cleaning baby’s face, hands and toes as well as the baby’s toys and dirty surfaces. It is easily available online, click here to order.

  • Feeding Bottles: Keep Feeding bottles separate for milk and water for infants. Keep one extra in case you miss out or it is damaged.
  • Sip Cups for Toddlers: Sippers are essential for your toddlers and store in water or juices as required for the baby.
  • Baby Snacks: Baby is on solids then you can take preferred snacks to feed them such as jar of cooked food, finger foods and spoons and few bibs to take care of while feeding.
  • Baby Bip: It is essential for use while burping and feeding. It prevents soiling of baby’s dresses.
  • Baby Cover or Blanket: Blanket is useful and multipurpose, it can be used for covering the baby or as a nursing cover.
  • Lip Balm: Don’t forget to get a lip balm for the baby. Baby’s skin are sensitive and it needs to be applied for softy and smooth lips and cheeks. Always buy a reputed brand for the baby and do read the ingredients, more natural ingredients merrier.
  • Sunscreen Lotion: Sunscreen lotion comes handy for the baby during long drive and outings.
  • Changing Pad: Many diaper bags comes with a changing pad which is easy to use and protects the baby from germs else you can use a soft baby size towel to change the diaper.
  • Extra Clothes for Baby: Stack in clothes of the baby as the baby’s soil while passing poo and pee or it gets soiled during feeding or burping.
  • Biodegradable Disposable Bags: Disposable bags are essentials to carry the soiled diapers, napkins and wipes etc.
  • Emergency Numbers: Store numbers of your family doctor and carry health insurance cards in case of an emergency.

The above mentioned checklist are the essentials that Moms need to maintain along and more articles can be added as per the Mom and baby’s requirement.

Diaper bag is very useful if you happen to tow out of home for few hours or few days. Maintain inventory as per your baby’s requirements and maintain another inventory at home so that you aren’t stuck when market is closed or in case of emergencies.

February – Month of Love in the Air

Will You Be My Valentine

14th February, Valentine day celebration dates back to 496, in honor of Saint Valentine, a 3rd-century Roman saint associated with courtly love. The customs of Valentine Day upsurged in modern England and other European countries in the 19th century. Today the day is celebrated as Lover’s Day.

ZEE5 plans to Go Nostalgic by showcasing classical movies of the romantic genre of the 1950s to 1985s during Valentine Week to stir emotions of love in the audience. Different movies of different decades showcased romance through varied themes.

Dil Deke Dekho – starring Shammi Kapoor and Asha Parekh features love story in a different variant. It is a comical love affair wherein the lovers are competing with one another to woo the girl of their dreams. You have to watch the movie to know who won her heart at the end of the movie.

Mere Jeevan Saathi – starring Rajesh Khanna and Tanuja released in the early seventies showcased the different shades of romance and trio love which was quite new for that era. The love of the artist for an NRI doctor goes through a roller coaster ride, and he is finally unsuccessful in gaining his love back in his life.

Dream Girl – starring Dharmendra and Hema Malini went very popular in the late seventies. The hero of the movie has vowed to find a dream girl for his alliance and accidentally collides with Hema Malini. He is mesmerized by her spellbound beauty and their hide and seek game throughout the movie hooks the attention span of the audience.

Devdas – We all must have watched the one with Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit as the main leads. But what most of us don’t know is that movie was a remake of an old classic movie also named Devdas. The narrative of the movie revolves around Devdas who is head over heels in love with Paru. But his world turns upside down when her mom gets her married to the wealthy zamindar. This 1955 classic featuring Dilip Kumar and Suchitra Sen has paved the way for the other heart-break movies.

Ram Teri Ganga Maili – debut film of Rajiv Kapoor and Mandakini. The hero meets her accidentally and swayed by the fantasy of lust, they get into a physical relationship. It is the story of being deserted in love and how the immoral society takes advantage of her. The movie was appreciated for being way ahead of its time and till date makes for a good watch. You can watch the Ram Teri Ganga Maili full movie on ZEE5.

Do watch these romantic numbers to enjoy the stark of romance with your loved ones. It will revive the moments of love and romance in the hearts of beloved and will instill vivid belief in your love life. The feelings of the past will be invigorated. If you are a fan of the comic genre, Dil Deke Dekho, Dream Girl will be entertaining, and for emotional fools, Mere Jeevan Saathi and Devdas will stimulate your soul.

Movies plot and story are manifested from the reality and shades of intense love and songs makes it interesting for the viewers.

So this Valentine’s day try spending the time with your loved ones by watching some of the classic romantics from the list. Did I miss something? Let me know in the comment section.

Get a Perfect Gift for Your Mother on This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Poster
Mother’s Day Poster

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws” -Barbara Kingsolver

   Mother’ the angel sent by God for us- to introduce us to a new world and to care for us lifelong.

There are unlimited reasons for which our mothers are present in our lives.

 The love of a mother shapes individuals and cultures amongst us and this is the reason why a mother’s love is stated as non-comparable.

We ourselves need to look inside after our own experiences of relationships with our mother.

 I don’t think that any writer or lecturer would be able to define or express the peace and warmth which we get being close to our mother.

It is a bond which has no end.

It is the purest form of relationship we all have in our life.

Family Portrait
Family Portrait

Mother’s love never leaves you alone whether it is the saddest moment of your life or the happiest one.

 She is always there for you in your difficult time whether your friend or lover would be with you or not.

Distance doesn’t matter for her anyway.

You would always have her blessings and wishes around you.

In today’s generation, people are getting more practical in their lives which results in them to create more distance from their own family.

The emotional intimacy of relationships is ending day by day.

 But these are the occasions when you realize that bonds matter and the people around you are important in your life.

So it is the time to realize the importance of your most loved one who wishes for you every single second of her life.

We all know that for her nothing is as valuable as her family’s happiness.

For all these sacrifices, express your love and celebrate the day for having this beautiful bond with your mother.

Surprise her with a special gift on this occasion and make her happy!

We have brought you the best gift that will be a forever mark for the love and value you feel for your mother.

As we know that art is the best form of expressing your love and value for a particular person.

Turning your mother’s photo into a portrait painting would be the best thing you gift her on this occasion.

Painted portraits are the perfect gift because of its uniqueness and the way it expresses your feeling of love.

You have various options by which you can select one and make it more beautiful by your choice:

•    Charcoal sketch

•    Watercolor painting

•    Oil painting

•    Colored pencil sketch

•    Acrylic painting

•    Pencil sketch

These are the various forms of portrait paintings you can opt for turning the photo into a painting.

Art is an ancient way of expressing emotions and some unforgettable moment with our close ones.

The colors express more than the emotion our heart holds. It explains the importance of that human in our life.

A painted portrait always shows something pure and true. It shows the importance of a relationship without speaking a single word.

Custom portrait basically reveals the inner feeling and connection that we share with the person.

On this special occasion, gift a beautiful portrait painting to the first lady of your life because paintings express your inner love.

‘Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.’

So make a memorable moment this year by gifting photo painting to your mother. 

Condom Bazaar – One Stop Solution for Safe India

We belong to the land where Kamasutra was written in ancient India and it got acclaimed worldwide, yet, the topic sex and contraceptive is discussed under hushed tone. Indian people are uncomfortable to educate people about sex which leaves youngsters vulnerable. They are often stranded in awkward situations in lack of sufficient knowledge and fall prey to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. The condom is one of the best methods for family planning and proper spacing between children, termination of unwanted pregnancies and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Contraceptive devices are available in chemist and department stores but people don’t feel comfortable to buy for themselves. Sex education is still under wraps in our society. To avoid embarrassment, people have to walk miles away from their residence and working place to buy a condom and other contraceptive tools because they don’t want to get recognized.


Kick off of Condom Bazaar

A young guy gave birth to the concept of online portal Condom Bazaar in 2011 after his weird experience to get condoms for himself. He had faced embarrassment after marriage and he was well acquainted with the situation that an individual confronts while buying condoms and other contraceptive tools. The people scorn and pass a wicked smile at the buyers and the customers are labeled as immoral or doubtful characters. Surveys on the subject revealed that most people back out from purchasing just because of being identified as buyers and embarrassment, a negligible population is bold enough to deal.

Many people tried other online websites to procure condoms but it was not easy for them as many times, they got damaged or expired products and due to embarrassment, they never returned the article. Further, they got into an awkward position to receive parcels because the parcel container had condoms mentioned on the packet, hence, maximum avoided to use condoms for their personal use.

Safeguard Privacy of Buyer

To safeguard human health and to habituate the Indian population, Condom Bazaar, came into existence. The website is designed to keep ease of the buyers in mind to select and choose condoms and sexual wellness products and accessories. You can visit the portal from the privacy of your room and pick and choose related products upon your own choice and comfort. You have ample time to study the details of the sexual wellness products and buy. There are condoms and other accessories for both, men and women. Any individual above 18 years can access the website and select products for their use.

Condom Bazaar is a boon for the sexually active men and women which protects the 100% privacy of the individuals. The unique USP of the Condom Bazaar is that it protects the identity of the buyer. The buyer receives the parcel packed discreetly and there is no mention of the details of contents on the packaging, hence not an issue of being embarrassed. The bank transactions do not reflect the transaction details of condoms. This practice of discretion has encouraged individuals to buy products without getting embarrassed. In spite of being highly educated, still, Indian people cannot digest words like sex and condoms in an open forum. Sex education has started but it is in the infancy stage and will take long years to be a healthy discussion of a living room.

Condoms of all brands and all types are readily available at the online shopping portal, Condom Bazaar. This online portal is a boon for fertile men and women who can purchase the required essentials without any hassle and will habituate individuals to buy and use condoms, contraceptives, gel, and sexual wellness accessories. The platform is highly beneficial for the Indian population. It guarantees the privacy of shipping and transaction.

Condom Bazaar portal aim is to educate the masses about safe sex and sexual wellness. It has the option of same-day delivery and prompt delivery.

Ideal Platform for Sexually Active Population

Condom Bazaar is an ideal portal for the sexually active population eager to enjoy safe sex and be away from STD and unwanted pregnancies. The portal not only deals with contraceptive tools, but they have also diversified in sexual wellness tools, lubricators, gels, lingerie, and adult toys. It is identified as one of the excellent platforms to habituate Indians about getting into safe sexual activity. Easy to browse and select products after getting into minute details. There is an easy option for online payments through various banking networks.

The experience of the customers is amazing due to its discreet packaging, prompt delivery, and a wide range of fresh products; hence guaranteed ease.

The condom awareness in the cradle stage and there is a huge opportunity for Condom Bazaar to penetrate in the Indian market. Condom Bazaar humble attempt is to educate and habituate Indian mass to use contraception regular to keep them safe from sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and to enjoy the intimacy without any underlying fear.

Condom Bazaar has spread wide and it believes that in a few years, they will be able to capture a wide market of India and the people will avail the advantage of it. Exclusive online portal for the Indian mass population and one-stop solution to Healthy India.

Make Handsome Money Online Using Your Sense of Humour!

Am not joking, it’s very true. Your comic sense can fetch you a handsome income if you choose to write humorous Jokes in Hindi. It is easy to make a person cry but it is a tough job to make people laugh at your jokes, so you require a good sense of humour to tickle laughter pangs in people.

If you are one of them who knows to tickle and rush adrenaline of the masses, then you are certainly equipped for writing jokes earning handsome income. There are different online websites which pay a good sum to receive number of jokes from the writer on different subjects.

History of Jokes

Jokes dates back to ancient history and during the reign of kings and kingdoms, there used to be a Vidushi whose duty was to entertain rulers by their great sense of humour. Laughter is the best medicine and the typical jokes throws us into pangs of laughter. The way of telling jokes matter much and the reaction is equivalent to the way it has been presented. It started with Vidushi in Raj Darbar and now in the era of technology, it has entered in the realms of What Sapp and social media channels.

Category of Jokes

The jokes have various category and a writer has to scribble his sense of humour accordingly.

The popular category are:

  1. Friends Jokes
  2. Relationship Jokes
  3. Santa Banta Jokes
  4. Political Jokes
  5. Teacher Student Jokes
  6. Funny Jokes
  7. Wild & Dark Jokes
  8. School Jokes

Guys, if you have the virtues of attracting people in masses and if people love to hear comical strips from you, you are the right person to use your writing skills for joke writing. Your search ends here to earn being a comical strip writer. Online Joke Hub is the right stop for you and your efficiency can drive your income from 1,000 to 10,000. The more, the merrier.

Caption image

You can write Jokes in Hindi on different categories stated above and the most relevant topic on Joke hub is Father Son Jokes.

Crack jokes and increase your bank balance, isn’t it awesome. It feels heavenly to watch people smiling and your capability sends positive signal in air. Laughter is contagious and you can bank on your wittiness.
Now, don’t wait anymore. Visit Joke Hub website and start writing for them, choose your category and taste & become popular.

TweetFables Edition 4.0 #V-Day

Every Saturday, we (Paresh & Ila) host #tweetfables and gather on Twitter for spontaneous story weaving along with twitter fellows interested to weave stories. The opening lines are given by the hosts.

The February month is the month of love and V-Day is approaching near.

Here is the #tweetfables 4.0 edition woven by Paresh, Ila, and Ammy.


“Why people create so much hype around Valentine’s day? Don’t they love their partner or girlfriend every day?” Rahul asked Anjali on 14th Feb.

There was utter silence in the hall hearing Rahul where people had gathered with their loved one to celebrate the V-Day in a novel way…as their heart desired.

Hosts created a perfect ambiance for couples. They slowly opened the roof of the hall. Now the couples were in each other’s arms under the open sky. The recliners and comforters added to the occasion and almost made most romantic than ever.

Love was in the air, with age having no effect. Everywhere only two souls in love were visible.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became peppy and bustling;

“What is wrong, Anjali?” Asked Rahul.

“Nothing wrong, but your words made me ponder, is only a day in a year sufficient to shower love. Love is the quotient that requires to be showered every moment to bring happiness and cheers in life. Youngsters brim with love but with age, does it fade?” Anjali said

“Hey, my lady love, relax and enjoy the Valentine day. Don’t brood, I proposed the question to the people in hall to take mazaa of the responses, it was not for you. Come on, bug up and what special u have stored for your love.”

A cute smile lit her face, “Wait Rahul, wait…don’t be impatient, see the people around, getting crazy by each passing moment.” Anjali said.

“Here is my surprise for you dear, open up and see for yourself: Rahul handed over the packet and a long stemmed red rose…

“Go to restroom & change, I want to see you in the apparel I have bought ” Rahul winked. Anjali blushed to crimson. A beautiful high necked one piece maxi of magenta hue perfectly fitted in her body contours and she herself could not recognize her.

‏”Aww…what a beauty, my love, it’s my choice…you & my dress, New pinch,” and he pinched her.

“Thank you Rahul, Gifts are for the special occasion. Promise me that you will shower love throughout life 24*7, loving words n loving deeds will matter much in life.”

“Promise” Rahul said and held her tight against him.

The people in the hall applauded and wished Happy Valentine day to each other.

One old man trudged and stood beside Rahul and said, “Hey young man, you don’t need a day to celebrate but as years drift, responsibilities crop in of family, job and society and we forget to wish each other. Love exists but we don’t get time to decipher and this special occasion reminds me that we require to decipher the language of love. People book restaurants, picnic spots or anything that they love to dwell and take out time from busy schedule to celebrate.” The old man said. . .

“Fine Sir, but I will keep an hour a day for my love.” Rahul said & gave a soft peck on Anjali cheek sealing promise of love forever.

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