Thursday, December 28, 2017

Shalini Kapoor enters Prithvi Vallabh!

Shalini Kapoor has risen to fame for her phenomenal performances in several shows and as it seems there is no looking back for this talented actor. Shalini has joined the star cast of Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming historical saga Prithvi Vallabh. The much-anticipated show has her playing one of the pivotal characters. Shalini will be seen essaying the role of Rajamata (mother of the king).

Shalini has already started shooting for the show and is extremely excited to be a part of the team. She believes that her role is different from all the others characters she has portrayed on the small screen before. She will be playing lead Ashish Sharma’s (Prithvi Vallabh) mother. Sources from the show’s team mention that Shalini fits the role to the T and has been receiving a lot of praises for her incredible performance on a daily basis on the set.

When contacted, Shalini confirms the story and says, “I am glad to be a part of such an amazing and engaging show. I am living the life of Rajamata through Prithvi Vallabh and enjoying every bit of it. I am sure people will like my character as much as they will love the show.”

Prithvi Vallabh is scheduled to go on air on Sony Entertainment Television in January 2018

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Popular actress Mona Lisa’s hot item number in Nimki Mukhiya!

Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya is gearing up with some excitement of Nimki’s grand and much awaited wedding. Bhumika Gurung aka Nimki is on the cloud nine. Makers of the show have left no stones unturned to make the entire wedding a grand one.

Adding on the wedding excitement, the popular actress Mona Lisa is going to make a presence on the show with a dance performance especially for the engagement of Nimki and Babbu Singh. She is known for her dance and thumkas and is a popular actress in the Tollywood industry. The show is based out of Bihar, and her presence on the show will connect best with the audience.

She will be seen dancing on the song ‘Aa re Pritam Pyare’. Mona Lisa says, “Though I was on the show only for a song, but my entire experience while shooting for it has been amazing. The entire cast is so energetic and warm welcoming. I really loved the entire set up especially my costume that was designed for the dance. Hope the audience enjoys my dance number.”

Watch Mona Lisa on Nimki Mukhiya, Monday to Saturday 8.30 p.m. on Star Bharat

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Namik Paul dares to bare in Ek Deewaana Tha!

There is something exciting coming up for the viewers on Ek Deewaana Tha on Sony Entertainment Television!

According to the sources, Namik Paul who is portraying the role of Shiv, a spirit in the show will dare to bare for a special honeymoon sequence shot in Manali. What makes it more interesting is that the entire sequence has been shot at night in an icy cold temperature of the hill station. What’s more? The handsome lad will go shirtless and will be seen wearing bare minimum clothing! That is what we call a bold move!

Several interesting sequences will be shot in the coming days. The entire cast has already left for Manali and the shoot is in full swing. This sequence, in particular, will be an important part of the storyline and for the first time, the viewers will get to see the focus shifting to Namik’s character in the show.

Stay tuned in to upcoming honeymoon episodes of Ek Deewaana Tha, Monday-Friday at 10:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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New Year Quotes from Sony SAB artists!

Manav Gohil as King Krishnadevraya from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-

This New Year, I will be traveling to New Zealand for a vacation.  We have planned a road trip and are particularly excited about this road trip since it’s my daughter's first. My fondest memory of New Year's will be particularly the one which I celebrated in New York, on my honeymoon it was beautiful as it was snowing. I wish the year 2018 will be a year of advancement and dynamic growth. I want to work harder and fulfill all my duties a husband, father and a son. My New Year resolution would be Haste Raho and Hasate Raho.  In 2018 I want to continue what I am doing as an actor and I think I am doing a fantastic job.

Priyamvada Kant as Sharda from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama-

Every New Year is special as 1st January is my birthday. This year I am shooting so will be celebrating New Year in Mumbai only. I have innumerable fond memories of my birthday! Friends have thrown surprises over the years. I have always had an awesome time. New Year coincides with my birthday so it’s always special. My resolution on the New Year will be Work harder, be happier, and be a better person than last year. We all should take up the resolution of Haste Raho and Haste Raho, staying happy is most important. Staying happy makes you healthier and wealthier so more laughter and love to all.

Vanshika Sharma as Sam from Sony SAB’s Aadat Se Majboor-

I don’t have any plans for New Year as such, I always like to bring in the New Year surrounded by family and friends. The warmest memory of New Year for me will be from my childhood all of us kids used to prepare act like a dance performance for the entertainment programme. My Resolution for the New Year will be to exercise every day. Each one of us needs to take the resolution of Haste Raho and Hasate Raho. There can never be enough laughter or smiles in the world.

Vipul Roy as Aditya from Sony SAB’s Partners Trouble Ho Gayi Double-

This year’s New Year will be very special as my family will be joining me in Mumbai to celebrate it with me, that too after ages. My friends from different countries are also flying down to celebrate New Year in India so we will be having a gala time. The most memorable New Year will be last years when I celebrated the New Year in Vegas. This year my show Partners is keeping me busy but yes I am loving it. My 2018 resolution will be to control my craving for sweet.  The New Year is going to be a very exciting year. This year my show partners will give me the opportunity of making people laugh, I am so blessed to be in this profession.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Unique sheet of the Bey Bee keeps children safe from all infections!

A product of premium Indian child product "Bey Bee"

Bey Bee is a popular brand of the baby care product manufacturing company Baby and Mom Retail Private Limited. There were acute shortage of standard product for safe caring of infants and children in the country. Good products favorable for tender skin of the children were not available in the market. Children are having more danger of the infection while Bey Bee products keep safe children from all these infections. Children require very safe, tender, comfortable and products which keep them safe from danger of the possible infections. But, after launching of premium Indian Bey Bee products this shortage has been fulfilled up to an extent. This company has manufactured such unique products which are not only look like toys but also save children from many dangers of the infection by giving them safe environment.

Manufacturers of the "Bey Bee" product said that "customers of the Bey Bee products always get satisfaction, it is our only biggest capital. In last two years those parents used Bey Bee products, expressed their satisfactions. Bey Bee sheet is among most favorite product of the Bee Bey. This is a product of better quality which is not only cost effective but also having good absorbing capacity. In this regard, one of the first tine parents said that their colors are very attractive for children which are not available in other brands. These are very delicate products which keeps child happy. It is very delicate and useful sheet for the infants. According to a parent these are better products which are being used by use since last two years.  One of the first time mothers declare it as a good product of value for money. While one working woman consider it as an excellent  Bey Bee sheet for her mother who is caring her child because child sleeps on it very comfortably  and not fell any wetness. Its size is so good that it covers complete bed."

Manufacturers of the Bey Bee care products spent lots of time in nursery store and made detailed study of all the products before its launching. After that they found that there is a big difference between available Bey Bee products and other world standard products.  Bey Bee is not only manufacturing child products but also taking care of convenience of the parents. By valuating all these and seeing availability and excellent customer service, Baby and Mom Retail Private Limited started Bey Bee care products with Bey Bee brand name which get immense popularity within a short span.

To manufacture Bey Bee product is an honest work, a service for giving practical advice and is a social responsibility. After all it is a most exciting moment for any parent that is why before manufacturing a product for infant it is very essential to have a positive experience, complete information and easy availability. By keeping this essentiality Bey Bee products are made available through online and off line retail purchasing. Bey Bee products are now also easily available on Amazon, Shop clues. Snapdeal, EBay and other online stores.

Water frock and ultra-absorbent: Beside water proof this is having 100% waterproofing capability with airflow technique. It keeps safe child from allergy, dust particles, bacteria, sweat, urine and other liquids. By using this children bed can be kept dry and children can be kept safe from the infections of wetness.

Easy Care: It can easily wash by hand or in washing machine with warm water having temperature between 30 to 60 degree Celsius. It is comfortable, delicate and silky. It is having capacity to absorb water more than 8 times of its actual weight.

Features:  This baby sheet made from skin friendly and heat free soft fabric is very light in weight which gives comfortable sleep to the child. Due to its water absorbing capacity and immediate drying property it can be used immediate after washing. Child not feels any heat under this sheet.

Versatile: it is a versatile product. This is not only use for sleeping of children but dippers of the children can be changed on it. By using this product, you can also keep safe your furniture.

Easy Care: Bey Bee sheet is favorable to skin of the child, heat free, helpful in taking clean breath, durable and 100% water absorbent. It keeps your costly mattress safe and not left any stain and not spill liquid here and there. It absorbs wetness and made child safe from the sweat.

Three layered: Bey Bee sheet is protective and a best absorbent and made up of three layered safety fabric which keeps bed sheet dry and provide more comfortable feeling to the child and his parents. Due to its tenderness it provides extraordinary softness to the tender skin of the child.

Composition: Bey Bee sheet absorbs liquid of different level very fast because its composition is such that it child is not feel wetness for a long time from its upper side. Therefore, usually there is no danger of skin infection. These are made up of 100 % organic materials.

Rexins:  Second part of the Bey Bee sheet is made of Rexin material and can be used as a dipper changing mat. This sheet is light weight and cay be carried anywhere. It can be washed as per your convenience and can be used again and again for a long time.

For senior family members: As it is having matchless quality to absorb liquid spread over the bed, it can also be used for the senior members of the family. Its super thin and effective light contact is very pleasant which left very good feeling on the skin. It spread equally on the bed.

Full value for the money: Indeed, it is cost effective in every sense and pays full value for the money. It can be used again and again. Even after spreading lot of water it can be used by keeping your clothes completely dry and safe!

Useful for pets: It is not only useful for children and old aged members of the family it is equally useful for your dear pets (dogs and cats) too. It is infection free and can be spread anywhere. It is easy to wash. If your pet sleeps with you on your bed, you can also use this sheet on your bed to keep yourself and your pet from any kind of wetness.


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Saturday, December 23, 2017

How to Handle Pet Spoiling Clean Up? #FourWheelers


Pets are very dear and you develop a soft corner for your pet and your pet reciprocate the same. Being an animal, they need utmost care and pet spoiling clean-up apart from love and pampering.

Behavior Training

Behavior training is most important for the pets so that you can easily tackle them else it will pose difficulty for you by their tantrums. They require training just like human toddlers. You have to train them how to manage themselves still you need to be careful and responsive to them. You need to understand the language of your pet and park your car to let him attend nature call. However, how much responsive and careful you may be, there are probabilities of accidental peeing or littering spoiling the interior carpet or seat covers.


Ways to take care of Pet Spoiling Clean up

Few articles should be always ready and available in your car if you are travelling along with your pet. The journey is quite comforting with pets for the pet lovers but to face minimal concern of pet spoiling clean-up, you should be ever ready.

Groom Your Pet

If it’s a shedding season or your pet is nervous shedder, brush its fur coat before the ride so that excess fur remains outside the car. Shedding is not in control of the pets and even in off season, the hairy pets are likely to lose some fur. Even you can use T-shirts for heavy shedders pet.

Use Single Vehicle

Even if you have multiple cars, use single vehicle to go on a ride with the pet so that you have concern about cleaning the single vehicle.

Place the Pet in Back of the Car

To keep the car clean from the mess, place your pet at the back seat of the car and use seat belt harness to restrain your pet.

Protective Seat Covers

At the stage of teething, it may bite, scratch or tear the interiors. Sometimes, it behaves wildly on errands because of been confined in a limited space and even in playful mood, it can indulge in something untoward that you don’t appreciate. Use easy to install, durable and washable seat covers so that it can be washed after every ride. If you are not in a mood to buy covers, you can spread old blanket or thin mattress to keep your seat cover clean.

Pet Cleaning Kit

Assemble cleaning kit in your car which includes paper towels, wipes, pet brush, plastic covers, biodegradable covers, microfiber towels, lint brush for yourself, tick removal tweezers, sprayers and spare water bottle ready. These articles are pet spoiling clean-up and it comes handy in emergency if your pet pee, litter or vomits accidentally or is sick or restless on ride. Even if it answers nature call on outer area, you require to clean their paws before letting them jump inside the car.

Car Cleaning 

After each ride with the pet, overhaul your car thoroughly using brushes and vacuum cleaner to suction out dirt, germs, mites etc. and spray air freshener to keep it odourless.

Follow the above discussed steps to keep your car sparkling and hygienic.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Kochi - Land of Backwaters! #Travelogue


It was a Friday evening and I had a long weekend ahead of me waiting with no plans. I did not wanted to spend all of it in Coimbatore, my training location. I looked up for the places around and found out my cousin in the Navy stationed at Kochi. "You can catch the morning bus if you get up early", that’s what my mind said but my habit of sleeping late kept everything in suspense. I went off to sleep packing my small bag sincerely hoping to get up and make it to the nearby bus depot. To my luck, it was some day as I got up by 5 in the morning and by 5:30, I was in the bus sleeping again hoping to see Kochi by noon.

The Journey from Coimbatore started by 0600 hours and I was awake by 0730 when the Volvo stopped for breakfast. I removed my curtains and it was a bliss, in the middle of nowhere with all the greenery around, shading the bus completely. I got down, splashed my face with water and here was my morning - Serenely placed in the greens of Kerala. When in Rome, be a Roman, and so was I, sitting at the breakfast table with a banana leaf topped with Idli - Vada - Sambhar and Coconut Chutney, in short heaven.

The bus took off after a while and the journey witnessing the splendid landscapes continued, the journey from Coimbatore to Kochi is mostly dominated by boring straight national highway with few stretches of beautiful state highways. I could see backwaters and coconut trees hanging low on them throughout and it was refreshing. The Weather was slowly becoming humid, expected due to the shores and I could see Ernakulam boards hanging around. Being a native of North India, I had heard Ernakulam mostly with a suffix "Express" for the trains which commuted down south. I asked one of my fellow passengers and he told that Kochi is a city in the Ernakulam district of the state. I did not know that, was a new one. The bus stopped at Willingdon Island ending the journey.

My cousin was staying at this island which was close by to the historical locality of "Mattancherry", the island was full of huge ships of Navy and proud officers in uniform. Patriotism hits a new high every time I get into such surroundings. My cousin came to pick me up at the Gate where I had to show my identity card and log my details. We went to his house, typical huge government quarter and surprisingly well maintained. We got out for a late lunch at Naushad's, a famous food chain there and had a steamed pomfret with spices in banana leaf. It was amazing, till date I long to go back to Kerala and have the same dish again. "We work on Saturdays you civilian", he said and left for work again after dropping me back. He had given me instructions on how to take the ferry to Mattancherry and go around, as expected from the independent defence brother.


I took the ferry to Mattancherry from a dock near Taj Malabar, another marvel of the Taj Hotels. This was a new experience, travelling alone, exploring a new place alone, the ferry, the people and Mattancherry. It took hardly about 10 minutes to get on the other side and I was on my feet, exploring the old town. 

Mattancherry is mostly a historically rich site hosting the grand Mattancherry Palace, a Synagogue, Classic Old Churches and a beautiful beach with all kind of flea markets. When you walk here, you can feel time sliding into the older eras seeing the old houses with vintage doors and windows. I took plenty of pictures, thanks to my Canon point and shoot camera.

I covered all of it and sat on the bench at the beach for a while watching the fishermen catching fishes using the Chinese fishnets, the sun too went low and it was a beautiful evening as I took the ferry back to Willingdon island where my cousin was waiting at the dock. Later, we went to few local eat outs, had dinner and crashed to sleep by 10 as next morning we had planned to drive around Kochi and Old Ernakulam town.

And as planned we were on the streets exploring the town, but weather had a different plan as it started pouring, so we had to return back. It was a blessing in disguise, as my cousin took me inside the huge naval ships and one word for it - unbelievable. It was really unbelievable how complex these ships were and the operational procedure they had, it was so much of patience and hard work managing the whole ship. 

I soaked it in, it was really a proud moment to see one of our biggest defence weapons in its calmness.

The day passed by exploring more about the naval base and its history and the tasty tandoori chicken at the canteen, and it was night. One thing I did not like about Kochi was that the commercial areas shut very early, it was almost lull by 2100. We had another meal at Naushad's as I was asked to choose. Had the same fish again and went back and slept.

Next morning, I took the Volvo back to Coimbatore after my cousin gifted me- I love Kochi t-shirt.

It was a refreshing trip and Mattancherry remains the place in my mind for another visit whenever time permits next.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 7 ready to rock Indore!

Celebrated playback singer Monali Thakur is all set to captivate the audience

Indore: Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged is back with yet another season of its sensational multi city musical tour. After completing six enrapturing seasons, Season 7 of the riveting musical experience continues to captivate the music lovers of the country. Monali Thakur is all set to entertain Indore, swaying the audience to the tunes of celebrated playback singer, Monali Thakur who will perform her popular hits, unplugged!

Perfection only needs a stage and with this thought, Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 7 is the perfect stage to feature India’s musical perfection. Having given the country some of the most magical musical renditions, Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged promises yet another mellifluous season. This season will witness a stellar line up of musical maestros like Vishal Bhardwaj, Papon, Shankar Mahadevan, Farhan Akhtar, Monali Thakur and Armaan and Amaal Mallik.

Commenting on Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 7, Raja Banerjee, Assistant Vice President (Marketing), Pernod Ricard India said “With each season Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged has taken perfection a notch higher in music and we are looking forward to yet another magnificent season. We are delighted to continue our long-standing association with MTV. This has been a successful and fruitful association for the brand and we hope to continue to enthral the Indian audience with a musical stage like no other. It is indeed a perfect stage for legendary musicians as this musical extravagance brings alive the brand’s philosophy of “Make it Perfect” in every way. Witness these accomplished musicians showcase their versatile repertoire only at Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged.”

Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged showcases India's biggest musical maestros performing their chart topping numbers that have rocked the nation in their purest form - with acoustic arrangement of music and a live studio performance without any post production. This season, audiences are in for a delight as some of the biggest musicians of today will be seen performing unplugged music. The tour kick started in Kolkata and after Indore, the musical celebration will travel to Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Guwahati and Bhubaneswar.

Ferzad Palia, Head, Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Viacom18 said, “Year on year we have been surpassing audience expectations and surprising ourselves with each new season of Unplugged. The latest season features a unique and beautiful confluence of soul- stirring vocals and interesting musical arrangements, doing away with anything that distracts from what is pure. This year as well, the audience will be privy to a great line up of artists who will be transforming some of their biggest musical numbers to the unimaginable in a more vulnerable and intimate setting. It’s going to be fascinating to see artists like Vishal Bharadwaj, Shankar Mahadevan, Farhan, Papon, Monali and others going unplugged and recreating songs that people love so much. Also, it’s extremely exciting for us to have Royal Stag Barrel Select back on board for the sixth consecutive season which just goes to show that good content will always be appreciated.”

Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 7in Indore will witness an electrifying performance by Monali Thakur, the award-winning and celebrated playback singer. Born in a Bengali musical family, Monali Thakur is known for her soulful and soothing voice. Extremely thrilled to rock the stage and perform to some of her chart topping numbers like‘Sawaar Loon’, ‘MohMohKeDhaage, and ‘Zara Touch Me’,Monaliis set to make it a night to remember.

Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged provides the artists with a platform to showcase their calibre, courage of experimentation and their dream of achieving musical perfection. The singer and his skills as a musical genius will come to the fore through the passion and intensity of his sensational music creations. Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged Season 7 will capture the essence of the brand “Make it Perfect” as the artists endeavour to strike perfect chords of music amongst their fans.

About MTV

MTV, world’s premier youth brand, is a dynamic and a vibrant blend of music and pop culture. With a global reach of more than half-billion households, MTV is a cultural home to the millennial generation, music fans and artists. 32 MM fans following MTV across show pages on social media have made the brand #1 in social influence as well. MTV products are available across 35 unique categories with targeted brand licensing. MTV also has a buzzing MTV Live business with properties like MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Bollyland. Aiming to entertain, lead and collaborate with young people through its evocative communication and youth relevant shows like MTV Roadies, Coke Studio@MTV, MTV Unplugged, MTV Rock the Vote, MTV KaisiYehYaarian etc. For information about MTV in India, visit

About Royal Stag Barrel Select

Royal Stag Barrel Select is the premium offering of Royal stag for the discerning consumer who seeks an evolved taste. It is for the young, confident, progressive and inspiring individual who has tasted their first success, want to be seen as the one with discerning taste, evolving in their journey of life and standing out through perfection. The brand inspires individual who has a desire of magnifying his life in terms of refinement and the assurance of having arrived- making his life grander and richer. Royal Stag Barrel Select drives the brand proposition of “Make it Perfect"

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Apollo Munich introduces WINSURE! #Insurance

A new category in health insurance by launching first-of-its-kind Health Wallet plan

Indore, December 16, 2017: In an endeavor to offer a unique winning proposition to its customers, Apollo Munich Health Insurance (AMHI) today introduced a new category ‘WINSURE’ with its revolutionary WIN-WIN health insurance plan called ‘HEALTH WALLET’. This one-of-a-kind policy is set to redefine the health insurance category by addressing pertinent questions such as value for money, ease and great service. Health Wallet not only addresses the current needs of the customers by paying for their hospitalization and OPD expenses that are usually not covered by health insurance policies, but also ensures affordability of continuing their policy in later years.

The disruptive and innovative Health Wallet plan comes with a path-breaking ’RESERVE’ benefit. True to its name, this feature creates a reserve kitty for the customers that can be used for a variety of out-of-pocket expenses such as speech therapy, purchase of medicines, vaccinations, dental expenses, diagnostic tests, spectacles, contact lenses, medical devices like blood pressure and sugar monitors, oxymeters, prosthetics, consultations with medical practitioner, physiotherapist, dietician etc. That’s not all, it also allows the user with the flexibility of paying for ‘non-payable items’ that are generally excluded from any health insurance. As a unique offering, it pays for other medical expenses that are not covered under any other medical insurance such as cosmetic treatment, Alzheimer’s etc. Last but not the least, customers can even use this reserve amount to fund for co-payment and deductible cost.

Reserve Benefit - One-of-its-kind product which offers ‘Reserve Benefit’ that pays for a variety of healthcare expenses -Let’s your money earn for you by offering a 6% bonus on the reserve balance at the time of the renewal

The most interesting part of the RESERVE benefit is that it lets your money earn for you. Every year the unused reserve amount gets carried forward and earns a 6% bonus. This accumulated reserve kitty can in turn be used to pay up to 50% of the renewal premium, post 5 continuous renewals. It is unarguably a new milestone in health insurance industry that addresses the Indian savings and returns mindset and allows the customers to fund for their health insurance premium in the later years.

Speaking on this announcement, Suraj Mishra: CEO – South & Central Zone, Apollo Munich Health Insurance said, “With changing lifestyles, healthcare needs of Indians are changing at a rapid pace and with this, we believe it is imperative for the health insurance sector to redefine itself to cater to the evolving needs of customers. With respect to healthcare financing there are three major insights at hand and perhaps also the reason for low health insurance penetration. One - India ranks 183 out of 189 countries on account of out of pocket expenses, which means almost 70% of healthcare expenses incurred is out of pocket. Two - Indian customers are probably most judicious as they always look for great value for money and it has been imbibed in their minds to save money and plan for their future. Three – Post retirement people are worried about funding health insurance premiums. These pertinent concern areas of customers lead us to re-invent the industry. Today we are proud to be the pioneers in leading this change for our sector and introducing a new category WINSURE, along with a revolutionary product – “Health Wallet” which addresses all of the above concerns”.

“Health Wallet, a next-gen product has been designed to address various dilemmas people have while buying health insurance and caters to their complete healthcare financing needs. Health Wallet is set to create a new vocabulary under the premise of ‘WIN-WIN’ deal. It’s an absolute WIN when all your healthcare needs from OPD to hospitalisation to emergency are addressed by a single plan and also a WIN your money earns for your tomorrow. With this, we strongly believe that we will bring change in the communities at large through our distinctive offering and will continue our endeavour in making India a health confident nation.”

Additionally, at the event, Mr. Jacob introduced Bollywood celebrity, Farhan Akhtar as the brand ambassador of the Company. He is an eminent multi-facet personality, who has succeeded in various aspects of life from being an actor, writer, director, songwriter to a doting father and fitness enthusiast. Sharing his views on the association, Farhan Akhtar opined, “I have always believed that healthcare is not a privilege but a right. In a country where on one hand healthcare is becoming so sophisticated that people around the world come to India for treatment; on the other hand most Indians can’t afford these services. It saddens me to know that over 7 crore families in India get pushed below poverty line every year while trying to tend to the healthcare needs of their loved one. Seeing what an unforeseen health episode can do to a family, I believe health insurance is a necessity for all as it not only enables access to quality healthcare but also protects the dreams of a family. I feel a sense of pride to be associated with the concept of health insurance and more so with Apollo Munich for their passion and purpose of making India health confident.”

For customers who can take care of the first few lakhs of healthcare expenses either with their personal funds or corporate insurance policies, Health Wallet also comes with a deductible option. By opting for deductible, the customer chooses how much expense he/she will be able to take care of in case of a health emergency.


§  Reserve Benefit – A unique benefit that continues to grow and earn for you, helps you secure your retirement. Reserve benefit has been designed to ensure that your money does not get wasted, that’s not all the amount is carried forward incise not used during policy period. The amount that is carried forward also earns a 6% bonus at the time of renewal. And the good news is, that you can pay upto50% of your renewal premium from the accrued Reserve benefit post 5 continuous renewals.

§  Restore Benefit- This feature automatically restores the sum insured if a claim is made.

§  Multiplier Benefit- If you’ve had a claim free year, your basic sum insured will be increased by 50% as no claim bonus. If you don’t claim even in the second year, your basic sum insured will be doubled as no claim bonus i.e. 100% of the basic sum insured.

§  In-patient treatment- If the insured is admitted in the hospitals for more than 24 hours for treatment, this policy will pay for medical expenses.

§  Pre-hospitalisation - The medical expenses incurred before admitting to the hospital is called pre-hospitalisation. It will cover up to 60 days, prior to admission.

§  Post-hospitalisation- The medical expenses incurred after discharge from the hospital is called post-hospitalisation. It will cover up to 90 days, after discharge from the hospital.

§  Day care procedures - Covers in-patient treatment and day-care medical expenses incurred for emergency treatments for an illness or injury sustained or contracted outside of India which cannot be postponed until one returns to India, provided such treatment was medically necessary and certified as an emergency by a medical practitioner.

§  Organ Donor- For donor, the surgical/harvesting charges for the organ are paid through this benefit. Organ cost is not paid.

§  Ayush Treatment - Medical Expenses incurred for in-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha or Homeopathy upto 100% of in-patient sum insured.

§  Domiciliary Treatment- Treatment in home is covered, provided if there is no bed available in the hospital or the person cannot be transferred to the hospital. It is not outpatient.

§  Recovery Benefit- Under this, a lump sum payment of Rs. 10,000 is given where hospitalization exceeds 10 continuous days. This benefit is payable only once per illness/accident per policy year. This benefit is not applicable if optional deductible is chosen.

§  Ambulance cover benefit- Expenses incurred on transportation of insured person to a hospital for treatment in case of an emergency, subject to Rs. 2000 per hospitalization.

§  Worldwide Emergency care - Covers expense on treatment of illness or conditions first manifested during the Policy Period while travelling overseas upto a maximum of 20 L, provided Hospitalisation or Day Care Procedure was necessary and was done


Apollo Munich offers innovative and award-winning health, personal accident and travel insurance plans, with state-of-the art infrastructure and uncomplicated services, delivered by engaged employees. It is a joint venture between the Apollo Hospitals Group, one of Asia’s largest healthcare group, and Munich Health, Munich Re’s health business segment, which offers global health insurance and reinsurance excellence. 

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