Pampering My Baby with Pampers!!!

   “The cute bundle of joy
packed my life with bounties of love & happiness,                                                       how lucky I am!!!”

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 Nothing is better than the virtues of been blessed with the joys
of motherhood and it makes a woman complete. Baby skin care is not a task for a
single day, it has to be followed in everyday regimen and regular care is
effortless & comfortable for the baby.

The best thing
for the parents is a healthy baby with glowing skin and smiling face. The
babies need utmost care and protection from harshness of weather, chemicals etc
and free from germs to grow into healthy & happy children.
                              “5 things that can be done to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.”

1. Oil
– it can be natural mustard, olive or coconut oil or the baby oil
free from chemicals and fragrances. I’m insisting on “free from
chemicals” because chemicals are very harsh and it will harm the skin of
the new born. There is no such technique need to be implemented in baby
massage; just the hand strokes should be gentle on the baby skin. Touch
triggers hormones, boosts immunity, and helps fight disease and the baby is calm
and relaxed.
2. Sponge the baby with warm water, till the umbilical stump falls
off. Regular bathing is not essential, twice or thrice a week is enough. Baby
should not be soaked for more than three four minutes, baby skin is very tender
loses the natural oil of the skin. The skin should not be rubbed, instead pat
to dry.
3. A good baby lotion or moisturizer prescribed for the
babies should be used to moisten the baby skin just after bath, when the
baby is still wet. Utmost care is needed to maintain the softness &
suppleness of the baby skin.
                                        Image Source: Google; Edit: Self
4. Talcum baby
powders should be avoided, it cause lung
problems & the cornstarch can aggravate yeast diaper rash.

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5. Rashes are
common in babies and many rashes are normal and don’t pose any harm to baby’s
skin, still if irritation persists or baby is uncomfortable, do visit the
pediatrician and follow the prescribed advice. Use good quality and apt size
diapers for the babies and The Pampers
Premium Care Pants is a one stop solution for the diapers to provide your baby
with utmost comfort.
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brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like
softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus
keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. 

Soft, Supple & Cuddly- Woogly – WOW Pampers

Motherhood is indeed a blessing
and the most rewarding job and it comes with the responsibility &
challenges to nurture a new life in the best possible ways and the Mothers
leave no stone unturned.
Nowadays, it is the shared responsibility of parents in nuclear family, and
both the partners share and care in rearing babies. 
When I was blessed with two kids,
my happiness knew no bounds and I followed the methods religiously to keep
their skin glowing and free from skin rashes.

                     “ 5 things that can be done to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.”

1.Oil Massage : Massaging the baby with baby oil,
free from chemicals and fragrances. Gentle stroking and massaging babies
relaxes them and induce them to better sleep. A sweet lullaby, baby talk and
eye contact with the baby is a wonderful way to interact with the baby.

2. Laundry tips: A gentle detergent should be used
for washing the clothes of baby, bedding’s, towels and all baby accessories.
Even new clothes should be washed before using to keep the baby safe from
infections. The skin of baby is very soft and to avoid skin rashes & keep
baby smiling, we need to adhere to this method.

3. Baby Bath:Regular bathing is not required
in case of new born, two- three days in a week and only mild soaps prescribed
for babies are used to retain their skin moisture and keep rash free & free
from skin allergies. Babies should be sponged till the umbilical cord is there.
The skin folds should be cleaned and dried properly.

4. Cotton Essentials:Cotton fabric is the best
fabric, good absorbent and suitable for all seasons and quite comfortable to
the baby skin. Sweaters should be worn over cotton clothes to keep the baby
skin free from rashes & irritation.

5. Do’s & Don’ts: The toys and all the
accessories used for the baby should be cleaned daily.

Nails should be cleaned
and cut properly at intervals.
Direct rays of the sun should be avoided and sunscreen lotion
prescribed for babies should be used on the exposed parts to avoid sun burns.

If baby has
red skin around the diaper area,it is diaper rash, which occurs because of skin irritation, the reason can be tight,wet diapers and not too absorbent. Change at right time, clean & moisten the area and apply zinc oxide cream, it helps in skin rashes. The Pampers Premium Care Pants are the best for the babies to keep their skin soft,supple and rash free….and Cuddly-Woogly Wow with Pampers.
Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its
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allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby

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कभी तो वो तरसेगें मेरे लिए

उसे निहारता रहा
लब सिल गये।
मेरी खामोशी को
बेरूखी समझ
बढ गये, वे अकेले
थाम लिया
दूसरे का दामन
तन्हा रह गया
मैं अकेला।।
मेरी आशिकी के किस्से,
बंद रह गए,
मेरी डायरी में।।
घरवाली ने रद्दी समझ,
बेच डाला,
कौङियों के मोल।
आवाक् हो
सिर्फ “उफ्फ “कह सका
दोषी तो मेरा दिल था।।
किस्मत ने,
रूबरू कराया उनसे,
जिन्हें फुर्सत न थी,
मेरे दबे एहसास को जगाने की।।
काफूर हो गए
एहसास मेरे
बैठा हूँ,
आस लिए
कभी तो वो तरसेगें मेरे लिए।।
© इला वर्मा 29/11/2015

देखो, हँस न देना


हाय रब्बा
मजाक भी अच्छी कर लेते हो।
मेरे दिल का अजीज
बन गई मेरे दोस्त की नसीब।
गुस्ताखी थोङी,
मैंने ही की थी।
नौकरी बचाने के चक्कर में,
चंद रूपए,
सिनेमा घर के टिकट के बर्बाद न हो
मैंने ही भेजा दोनों को साथ।
क्या खुदाई,
दोनों ने निभायी मेरे संग।
कसमें खाई,
रहेगें संग सदा,
मैं उनकी शादी में,
बारातियों के स्वागत मे तन- मन से लगा रहा।

देखो, हँस न देना
थोङी सहानुभूति के आस में हूँ।।
© इला वर्मा 25/11/2015

Dev Deepawali- The Deepawali Of Gods

                                                                                           Image Source: Google

Dev Deepawali or the Diwali of Gods is the festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Karthik (a month in Hindu calendar) on the day of Karthik Purnima, Karthik Poonam , Tripurari Poonam, fifteen days after Diwali celebrations. It is believed that on this day, the Gods descend on this earth to bathe in the holy rivers of Ganges. It is one of the famous festivals of Hindus celebrated on the banks of holy river Ganga at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Kashi, one of the important traditional place of Hindus) on the full moon day, Karthik Purnima and the whole Varanasi is decked up with innumerable lights or “Diyas” illuminating the place and the whole place looks heavenly & pleasing to the eyes. 
It starts with the chants of holy Vedic mantra chants, by the priests on the banks of sacred river, Ganga, sparkling fire crackers and lighting bunches of Diyas, paying tribute to the Ganga river, as believed.  A strong aroma of incense envelopes the entire atmosphere of Varanasi, adding more holiness to this holy place and it is celebrated with great fervor & blast and it truly appears God has descended on this earth.

                                                  Image Source: Google

Varanasi is a place of tourist attraction for its holy & historical importance, temples and ghats and on this day, people and pilgrims from varied regions & abroad flock to this place to have a glimpse of this place and capture the beautiful views. The number of pilgrims begins to increase in manifolds and most of the pilgrims or tourists camp by the riverside. The steps of all the ghats on the riverfront of the Ganges River, from Ravidas Ghat at the southern end to Rajghat, are lit with more than a million earthen lamps, “Diyas” in honor of holy river, “Ganga”, the Ganges, and its presiding goddess.


                                                      Image Source: Google

The main ritual of this day is the “Karthik Snan
or “Ganga Snan” taking a holy dip bath in the Ganga river
& it has immense value from religion perspectives and swarms of pilgrims
flock to this place to take a dip in the Ganga throughout the day with a belief
of purification of body and soul and one who worships and take dip in Ganga
acquires  Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha (salvation).There is a belief
that donating anything on this day is equivalent to 100 Ashvamedha Yagyas. Charity on this day leads the individual toward the way
of salvation and such pious deeds bring the devotee closer to Lord Shiva and
get blessings of good health as well as wealth.

                                               Image Source: Captured by Sony Camera

The evening starts with the prayer of Lord Ganesha by presenting Ganpati Vandana, followed by laying of flower garland. Dev Deepawali ceremony is presented by 21 Brahmins and 41 girls sounding the Vedic mantras in the background. “Deepdaan”, offering of oil lighted lamps or “Diyas” floated in Ganga in evening and the Maha Aarati, held at Dasaswamedha Ghat is the main attraction of this place. Huge lamps are lighted and the priests hold forth the lamps, the holy mantra chants by them, rhythmic drum beats and conch shell blowing envelopes the whole atmosphere of Varanasi. It is performed with a belief that the Gods descend on this holy banks of river, Ganga. and in whole, this episode is a treat to the eyes and soul, energizing the five elements of this Universe. (It’s my belief). It’s all a matter of faith and these rituals are carried with full faith, gaiety and fervor. Lacs of people gather from all over to take a glimpse of this enchanting view of shimmering lamps, which leaves us mesmerized at heart, & It compels to believe that “The faith has the power to move mountains.”

Image Source: Captured by Sony Camera

The tourist take boat rides along the river front in evenings to watch the enchanting views of million- zillion of lights illuminating the entire Varanasi and the famous Ganga Aarti. The cultural programmes of dance and music, art & craft fair, sculptures display etc are the major attractions.
Legends & Myths:
1. Lord Vishnu returned to Vaikunth, his abode on this day after the Vamana incarnation & visiting King Bali.
2. Karthik Purnima is the birthday of Matsya, god Vishnu’s fish incarnation or avatar.
3..It is also believed that Radha and Krishna danced Rasa and Krishna worshiped Radha on this day.
4. On this day, Demon Tripurasur was killed by the Gods, so it is named as Dev Deepavali and celebrated as a victory day of the Gods at the Karthik Purnima. Lord Shiva killed the three demons, who were killing the gods & human on this day and destroyed the three cities built by them.The victory of Shiva over them on this day and so it is also known as Tripurari Poonam and the gods were liberated from the clutches of these powerful demons, hence, the victory over demons is celebrated as Dev Deepawali on this day.
The day Karthik Purnima and Dev Deepawali day is considered as one of the sacred day in Hindus calendar and there is a great importance attached to this day and the people from all place celebrate piously.
Varanasi is decorated enormously on this day and the experience to watch Varanasi on this day is awesome. It fills the air with spiritualism amongst holy bath,holy sacred chants of Mantra,illumination of Diyas and many more.

                                                 Image Source: Captured by Sony Camera                                    

Moksha means “liberation”or Mukti means “release” is liberation from sansara, the cycle of death and rebirth or reincarnation and all of the suffering and limitation of worldly existence. It is a state of absolute freedom, peace and bliss, attained through Self-Realization. This is the supreme goal of human endeavor, the other three being, dharma (righteousness), artha (wealth and power) and kama (sense-pleasure). It is seen as a transcendence of phenomenal being, a state of higher consciousness, in which matter, energy, time, space, karma (causation) and the other features of empirical reality are understood as Maya.

(Inputs are from the self experiences and data validated from online web data and the photos added are from google and few captured by my lens.)



बंद पृष्ठों को,
हवा न दो,
संभाल न पाऊँगा,
खुद को।

अवशेष में,
उफान है बाकी,
बङी मुश्किल से,
रोका है इन,
उमङते सैलाबों को।।

© इला वर्मा 24/11/2015



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एक टीस


खफा हो,

चली आई उनसे दूर

रह गई,

एक टीस

दिल में बाकी

“काश, वे मुझे मना लेते।”

© इला वर्मा 24/11/2015


Thanksgiving Day – Day of Feast

Thanksgiving is a national
holiday celebrated mainly in Canada & USA; it is a day to give thanks for
the blessing of the harvest .In Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday
of October and on the fourth Thursday of November in USA. This day is
celebrated in other countries too. It is an official holiday to spend the time
with family and friends.
In every culture, there exists a
custom, ritual or a tradition to celebrate the harvest season and to be
thankful to the God for good harvest and they pray for the same in the coming
years. The harvest thrives on Nature and it’s believed that the nature is
regulated by the Almighty God, who takes care of everything. Sunlight, rain,
breeze, the different seasons, all in proportion is the basic requirement for a
good harvest. The Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with full pomp and show to
thank the God for his blessings on each and every life on this earth. It is a
celebration of the blessings of the year, including harvest.


The immigrants who sailed to United States
aboard the Mayflower were people of Puritan sect, who took shelter in
Netherlands but were disgusted by their lifestyle. They settled in United
States for a better life but they were petrified by the calamities of nature
and many lost their lives in mid. But in 1621, after great turmoil, there was a
huge harvest and the left people celebrated with 91 Indians who had helped them
in their tough days. In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians
shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first
Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of
thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until
1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed
a national Thanksgiving Day to be held each November. And in 1941, in United States, the day was finally
sanctioned by the Congress as legal holiday on the last Thursday of November,
every year. It’s also believed that it is the starting of holidays and this day
of celebration precedes Christmas celebrations.
                                             Source: here
 The centerpiece of contemporary Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada is a large meal, generally
centered on a large roasted turkey.
“The First Thanksgiving,” the 1621 feast between
the Pilgrims and theWampanoag at Plymouth Colony contained turkey, waterfowlvenisonfishlobsterclamsberriesfruitpumpkin,
and squash.
Thanksgiving turkeys are stuffed with a
bread-based mixture and roasted. Sage is the traditional herb added to the
stuffing (also called dressing), along with chopped celery, carrots, and
onions. Other ingredients, such as chopped chestnuts or other tree nuts,
crumbled sausage or bacon, cranberries, raisins, or apples, may be added to
stuffing. Deep-fried
 is rising in popularity. Turkey being the most common main dish of a
Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving is sometimes called “Turkey Day.”
It is the food we bring to others in their
times of need. It is the food we share, with love, with our families and with
others. It binds us together. It is a day of celebration of food with the people

We are not the only creatures who eat, of course: “all that exists lives by
eating,” Schmemann writes. “The whole creation depends on food. But the unique
position of human beings in the universe is that we alone “BLESS God” for the
food and the life we receive from God.
Thanksgiving feast is an opportunity to lift up
the good gifts of God with loving attention, to remind myself that God is more
abundantly generous than I can hope to be, to bless God for the sweet and rich,
the spicy and creamy, the cool and the warm, the feast days and the ordinary
days, the hungry bellies and the full ones. The Thanksgiving feast stands as a
reminder that scarcity and hunger will not last forever — but that abundance
and good taste will.
                                              Image Courtesy:here
Each day is a new day of our life as we all don’t
know how long our life is and it is a blessing to find our self alive in bed
every morning. So, we should be thankful to the God for his blessings.

“God gave you a gift of 86400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “Thank U?”

The Dance Bible- Connecting Body With The Soul

Dance is an ancient practice, explored by different cultures throughout the ages. Dance is a rhythmic movement of the body in alliance with the mind and soul. It is a unique human activity connecting with the musical rhythms of life and the varied movements of our body relaxes the muscles of our body, rejuvenating our body and mind. I believe dancing is also a form of exercise, which keeps our body firm and supple and energizes our mind and adds joy to our life. It’s a great stress buster and gives an artistic & spiritual bend to our mind; it acts as refreshment to our soul. It keeps one alive and perky. In recent years, it has exploded in a new way of practice but definitely it has drawn its roots from ancient times, when dancers performed in temples, in festivals and social gatherings. Dancing makes us more “Alive” and raises our consciousness bar connecting with spiritualism and substantial increase in body stamina. I feel more alive and rejuvenated & relieved after my dance sessions and I feel the same feeling would be of other people who love dancing.  In dance, you know the feeling when you feel it, and therein lies the connection” among body, mind, and spirit. In my view, the people who follow artistic skills in life, they are more disciplined and in a way, it curbs the mind from going astray. I may sound philosophical but I believe that it’s true to a great extent.

The Dance Bible is a boon for the dance lovers, a platform which will help millions in shaping and sharpening their potentials and skills, which is lying dormant in many, in lack of proper guidance and care. The Dance Bible is a one stop online gateway for the dance lovers to get connected with the world, where the talented minds can showcase their talents to the people around the globe. Dancing industry is a shy industry and has not been much promoted on social platforms as it deserves to be. So, The Dance Bible has emerged into social networking channel to bring all the talented minds together under one roof to share the different aspects of dance. It is an online platform developed for dancers, choreographers, dance educators, dance parents and all dance enthusiasts worldwide.


The Students, The Dancers, The Mentors, The Dance Institutes all can extend their reach around the world on this website “The Dance” and can find unexposed talents & promote their skills. It is an open platform for all, no restrictions, no bar, anyone from any corner of the world can connect them, share in their experiences. The professionals can put up their activity on board.

The website has been developed keeping in mind the need of the people and are segregated into different important interfaces dealing in detail.
The styles of dance from contemporary  to modern styles, the anatomy of dance ; how to maintain the body supple and fit, following the proper diet and exercise regime .

The website interface has been developed keeping in mind the essentials and necessity of showcasing dance talents. The experienced and talented minds can share in their experiences in writing, upload snaps of their talent and skills. The audios of dance songs are available which can help the learners to dance to the tune. The choreographers can create their portfolios  and promote their schools of dance and can reach the corners of the world which remains untouched and many talented minds haven’t got an opportunity to show off their potential.


In today’s fast moving life, people don’t have time to chase physically, the institutes for them or for their children and now with a click, they can view the institutes and the mentors that are running the different dance schools and can even discriminate their potentialities with the details available online and the visitors review, which will help them to make proper choice.

The users of social platforms are increasing manifold and the platforms are scaling to new heights with each passing day and in this scenario, a website on the shy subject Dance will sure bring in tremendous change and outlook for this industry. The numbers has increased after live promotions on media but still it has to go a long way and I am sure that this website is going to help millions of people around the globe and it will be a huge success for all the people who are associated with the dance industry. Wishing Good Luck to the developers of “The Dance” for Huge Success in future endeavors.
Visit the website and face book page to get updated about it and get connected. It will satiate your queries in a beautiful manner and add color to your life with its different hues of dancing.

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