One Sentence Story

I stood alone in the empty room inspecting the walls which had the engravings of faded 

designs of colorful crayons and my heart cried out for the kids who were settled far.

Love & Doubt


Love and doubt can’t lean together

One has to break from one another

Ignore the gossips buzzing around

It’s all irritable melodrama of the town

To infect your heart with frown.


Be patient and sound

Else you will be jarring around

Gossip mongers will feast

Watching you infected with rumours.

Be light hearted and kind

Find wing to your passion & unwind.

Enjoy life with your spouse

Toasting with rich foods in house.

© Ila Varma 28th Sep.2016

Written for the post of Three Word Wednesday.498 & 499

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Shadow #dVerse prompt


Holding hands of My Sweetheart

I was walking tall

Moon was in full bloom

Soft breeze tranquilized our souls

We entwined.


I felt tickling all over

I bit her earlobe

She sealed my lips

A shadow of us

Was shimmering

Under the silvery moonlight.

© Ila Varma 28th Sep.2016

Written for the post of dVerse Quadrille #17

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Scream of Trees #AutumnFall

After summers
Autumn comes with a fall.
Green vibrant blades
Turns yellow
Mature n mellow.
Trees scream
“Will you stay?”
Leaves decline its wishes
Plunges to stray
They have a date
With beautiful Earth.

The golden blades
Ready to submit n sublime
In the earth’s womb
Rinsed to ashes
Fertility to the fields.
The blades mess with soil
Engraved in the chest of Earth pot
Gives birth to new shoots & shrubs
Which stand tall.
The rhythm of spring & fall
Comes steadily every year
Still the trees feel sad

When the leaves depart.

© Ila Varma Sep.2016

 Written for the post of Wordle 267 & Poets United Midweek Motif 

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My Love Story

Indian Bloggers

More than three decades have passed but still the thought of train journey gives me goosebumps and a wide smile spread on my lips.

Many times, my kids ask, “Mamma, what’s the secret behind this smile?” I still blush & change the topic and they exchange questioning glances.

I was in final year of degree and an excursion was arranged by our college for sight seeing and a get together party. Every year, the final year students went on an excursion and the next batch used to be excited for their chance. There used to be many stories of the excursion which was flashed in the college, we did not know about its authenticity but it did excite us to get an opportunity to participate. Finally, we got a chance.

Three decades before, it was a challenging task to get the permission of parents for an outing with friends and teacher and it was a herculean task, where co-education existed.

The excitement flushed us with courage to ask for permissions and after great perusal, finally my parents agreed and there were dozens of reprimands along with it to follow and I nodded to follow each one as a responsible child and made them believe that I will be careful during my trip & not break their faith.

Packaging was done by my Mom and she took care that I carry enough of warm clothes to cover myself and a whole lot of delicacies was loaded along-with my luggage and a list of do’s & don’t’s were instilled by repeating the same things again and again till I was out of sight.

Finally, I took a deep breath when I walked away from home. We gathered in our college premises and hulla bol was on on full tone in the ground & the excitement could be well seen written on each faces. We were twenty five, excluding teachers.

Arjun and I were best friends and shared a platonic relationship and we looked forward to be together during this trip. College friends had doubt about us, but we never disclosed the facts fearing that it might reach our homes & create trouble for both of us. We were waiting to complete our education and fetch a good job.

The journey took off from Lucknow by train and we all loaded ourselves with our belongings and Arjun had sheepishly informed me to take seats near him so that we can spend our me time together and enjoy the trip.

It was my first trip with friends. I liked his idea but butterflies churned in my stomach at the mere thought of sharing seat with Arjun.

After arranging our belongings, we spread out in groups and Arjun kept seat vacant next to him. I adjusted myself next to him and the touch and warm breath of Arjun shivered me from within but I loved the close proximity and when stars twinkled in the sky and darkness descended around, Arjun closed his fingers around mine & passed smiles and at times, winked. I was loving the journey along with the group and Arjun.

Next day, we reached Shimla. It was the month of November and whole Shimla was covered with snows. The rays of sun set dwindled on the mountains and the snow glittered as gold scattered around, it was an amazing sight. I am a lover of nature and these tricks of nature mesmerizes me from within and I captured all beautiful moments in my camera and I fell in love with nature. My eyes were glued to the scenic beauty around.

“Hey Shampa, where are you busy?” Arjun howled from behind and caught hold of my arms and twitched.

“Ohho, what are you doing, leave me.” I too talked in high pitched tone as I felt pain in my arm.

There was no one around and darkness had enveloped the places.

Arjun tilted and lean on me and his hand circled my waist. I felt he was growing wild and might break the barriers.

Suddenly, the reprimands of Mamma stood before me and I removed his hand and ran as fast as I could towards the guest house where we had boarded.

Arjun asked me to stop but I did not listen to him and finally stopped on the gate of guest house and immediately got busy with my group so that I could avert the attention of Arjun.

Next day, we started off for sight seeing tours to near by places of Shimla.

Arjun was trying hard to seek my attention and I was evading his glances.

We started off a ride on toy train and in mid way, a tunnel approached. Suddenly, I felt a tight grip on my mouth and hand and before I could say anything, I was standing on the tracks.

I was totally numb for few seconds but when I saw Arjun standing in front, I understood the whole story behind and I was very hurt by his behavior. My faith in me had shook so I was evading him and did not wish to be a topic of gossip among group.

He came close to me.

“Don’t dare you touch me.” I almost shouted at him and started crying.

“I beg you, Shampa. Don’t misunderstand me. I wanted to be with you for some time, that’s why I pulled you out of the train. Please, please, please.” Arjun almost begged.

“So what next? We will be stranded here or move out?” I asked him, controlling my emotions.

“Come, let’s catch train.” He strode towards the standing train and I followed him, there was no choice in the silent woods.

When I stepped in, the whole train was empty. I was petrified. I had a soft corner for Arjun but could not confide on a young man in loneliness. Anyhow, I gathered courage to face the situation deliberately created by Arjun and took a window seat with a motive that if he tries any untoward act, I could raise my voice and passersby could listen. My mind was acting as a devil’s mind.

Arjun took a seat in front of me and was silent.

“What happened Arjun? You wanted to spend time with me in this way…been mute then even in group, it could have happened.” I said sarcastically.

“Shampa, I never knew that you did not had faith in me, else I would have never tried this. I thought that you would enjoy my company so I got mischievous. Sorry.” Arjun said in a hushed tone.

“It’s not like that Arjun, I don’t trust myself. We both are at the threshold of youth and I don’t wish to let down my parents, but I love you.”  I told him.

Arjun got emotional and sat on his knees and proposed.

“Will you like to grow old with me?” He said.

“No, Dear, I want to be young with you.” I giggled.

We both giggled and our laughter echoed in the empty train.

The train whistled and screeched, starting for the next station.

I sat relaxed and Arjun sitting in front was silently watching me. I wanted him to be by my side but did not had the courage to declare my wishes.

The excursion and the empty train gave voice to our feelings and we promised to stand by each other whole life.

After waiting for five years, we exchanged rings with the consent & blessings of our parents.

More than three decades of our courtship have passed but the fragrance of love and desire is same as it was in our twenties when we met.

Empty trains scare with nightmares but our journey in empty train started on a good note and once again, I wish to accompany him on a long journey in an empty train…waiting for that pleasant moment to fulfill my wishes that I long with my love.

Short Story By © Ila Varma 25-09-2016

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Friday Skywatch

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.” 
― Hafiz

Recently I was travelling and I am fond of captivating sky views at different timings at different places.

                                                     #Bangalore morning Skywatch

                                              Day break view at #Mysore Road, Bangalore.

                                               Mid-noon sky view of Mumbai Skies.

It leaves me mesmerized and I feel calmness within me, watching the captivating captures.

Captured by Ila Varma by Canon.

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Trending Mehndi Designs

I was flipping through the albums and the digital snaps loaded on my system and found a lot many

Mehndi designs and decided to take a plunge to share it on my blog to share with my viewers and the

world around.

                                                                 Image of Nandita Zafar

                                                                                            Monalika Kumar

                                                                                                Monalika Kumar

Flaunt the designs on the auspicious occasions of coming Durga Puja & Diwali. Month of festivities arriving with a bang.

All the pictures are property of and these designs are of my friends and family members.

Thanks for sharing friends.

Autumn Fall


Green leaves, trees glory,

Descends on earth, to welcome Fall,

Trees stand shy & naked, awaiting new.

© Ila Varma 24-09-2016

Written for the Post: Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Equinox, Equator

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Positive Influence of BollyWood Movies!!!

We all know movies are for entertainment & as actress Vidya Balan puts in, in one of her films, Dirty Picture, Movies are for “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment”, it was not Vidya Balan, it was the director & script writer behind but we common fellows take it as deciphered n depicted by the actor on the silver screen…this is the Impact.
The films get the subject from society and the world around and leave an impact on the minds and lives of audiences. Each and every movie cannot deliver but there are films which have changed the course of action, mind, and feelings of people and left a long-lasting impact.
I am not a Movie buff but do find time to watch the movies which stand out in the crowd and my preference is to watch movies on the big screen.
Let me start with the movie of my favourite icon Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Abhimaan, 1973, directed and written by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and edited by Das Bhai was a huge success.
It is a single movie that I have watched a dozen times & still if I get a chance, I can go for more. It is a simple movie but it moves the audience from within. It is a film of ‘70’s when very few women stepped out of the home to pursue career and she makes big in comparison to her husband and the rift erupts in the smooth relationship of reel life couple Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan), who are also couple in real life. Both are in the same profession and after marriage, the popularity of Jaya rose which becomes difficult for Amitabh to digest. The ego of man gets defeated. Difficult times steps in, relationship loses its sheen, loses unborn womb and Jaya steps out of profession.
In spite of several hiccups, the film ends on a positive note, they unite and encourage Jaya to give a performance on stage. The emotions shown are very real and it had a positive impact on the minds of audiences and a change was noticed around in the society.
Watching the movie Abhimaan, people realized the intricacies of working couple and understood the emotions and society approved working of wives.
The impact was positive and the Man realized that how false Ego disturbs family. It is a social movie and I give 5 star to Abhimaan.
Again, the movie of my favourite icon, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Baghban, 2003, directed by Ravi Chopra drew a large number of audience.
The story is of a desperate couple i.e. Amitabh Bachchan & Hema Malini, parent of four sons, who languishes all his wealth to provide amenities and education to the children and does not saves for the hay day believing that the sons will be a pillar of strength to the parents after retirement. The emotions of the lead hero AB plays and he takes stand emotionally without giving a second thought. The realization sets in after retirement when he asks his sons to come down at his place and declares his plan. The sons are astounded and the bickering starts behind the back of the parents. The most interesting aspect that they have shown in the movie is that not only the daughters-in-law are worried about the plan even sons are baffled. Finally, the sons conclude that the parents will stay separately at their son’s place and they will move to the places in turn. This comes as a great shock to both the parents and even audience sense the reality of the situation the society is reeling in and it creates a whirlwind of emotions. As usual, Mother in reel role, Hema Malini accepts the decision and move out to their sons. The emotions take a turn during the stay of Mother- Father and they are treated as outsiders not only by the DIL even son’s attitude is pathetic towards their parents. The story is quite long so I won’t go in minor details. I am jumping to the impact of this movie on the audience.
The impact of the movie Baghban was intense and it aroused and titillated the emotions particularly of the people who were parents of grown-up children, middle-aged people, and the senior citizens. It was a hard blow of reality and people felt insecure. The realization dawned on people that in every circumstance, one needs to save for his old age simultaneously fulfilling their dreams of children.
All children don’t have the negative attitude towards their parents but still, a fear and insecurity gripped them. Even teenagers & adults were moved and vowed not to repeat instances like Baghban towards their parents. The society got a hot topic of discussion and it was the talk of the nation.
My view is that the impact of Baghbaan is positive on people around, a saving attitude for the old age and not to be over-dependent on kids. Think with the mind and act with heart, it will come out well.
The movie 3 Idiots, released in 2009, directed by Raju Hiraani & the film stars Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi Vaidya, and Boman Irani.
The influence of the movie was positive on the minds of audiences. The movie stated that only degrees cannot help a person in his life, their way of perceiving and creativity and discoveries small or big brings sparks to one’s life. The study course can be mugged up, scores can be scored high but it is not a guarantee that one can be successful in his life. Interests can’t be forced on children or it is not essential that the child will fulfill his parent’s dream.
It insisted on voicing one’s passions and interests and not be suppressed by the parents or teachers. It also sends a message that there are more things to choose as a profession, there are other takes than just textbooks and scores.
The young and the old generation‘s emotions were stirred and it gave rise to new thoughts, aspirations and changed the perceptions of the children and the old. I can sum up in few words, Mindset of generations changed. It is not an easy thing for a movie to create wonders in the minds of people of all generations. Basically, it proved to be a thought-provoking film and the children started believing in their dreams and the parents started readily agreeing to the passions that fired their children mind. It gave voice to children and they started voicing and pursuing their interests and parents & grandparents happily accepted their decision.
So the movie, 3 Idiots brought a revolution in the thought process of society and people love to watch it again and again, the message is conveyed through comedy and humor.
It proved one more thing that a comedy film too can be thought-provoking.
I finally conclude with these three. There are many for discussions but my first take was these 3 movies.
The facts and figures are inputs from the web and the words and the thoughts are exclusive of Ms.Ila Varma and are non-biased.
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What a Tragedy?


When we own something, we don’t value and when we don’t have, we yearn for it, Ohh…What a tragedy.

Musings of Empty Mind By Ila Varma 22.09.2016

Written for the post of Linda G, #1linerWed

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