Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meeting Point

Pre-retirement, all the colleagues of our office whose retirement was due within six months planned for an errand to North India. We wanted to enjoy with our people of same age group, away from the hustle-bustle of city life and feel the serenity of nature. A group of eight people, we started from Delhi with our journey planned by a travel agent taking care of the tickets n accommodations at destinations of Punjab & Haryana.

We deliberately got our travel tickets booked by train in first class AC, for a change, we were bogged down with the air journey been frequent flyer; we craved to travel by train and were sure that train journey would be enjoyable in group wherein we can share our words & be at ease.

We started site seeing from Chandigarh Rose garden n our trip the last point of was Wagah border Amritsar. The trip was a thorough fun and we all were refreshed & rejuvenated in the lap of nature.


While I was strolling near the fences of Wagah border, a teddy hung on the wire in one of the isolated corners drew my attention. I walked towards the spot and seeing it from close quarters, I felt a sense of belonging with the teddy and the spot.

Memories of past flooded in front of my eyes taking me into the times when I was in my  teens soon after the partition of India & Pakistan by few nationalists who partitioned this land in the lust of power and the sufferer were the common man as history holds since its advent.
Noor & I were neighbors and we were good childhood friends and our mothers were good friends, so we spent most of the time together. The announcement of partition led to the separation of our families. Been a Hindu, we moved out of Pakistan it wasn’t our decision; circumstances compelled us to leave. The instances of moving away from Pakistan was traumatic and more of a nightmare for all in the wake of partition.

Till we were together, we didn’t feel a longing for each other; the day I was moving with my family, emotions upsurge, ripping my heart into pieces.

Noor locked herself in her room and in spite of calling her thousand times, she did not turn up. I banged the door to get a glimpse of her before leaving the place, but she did not pay any heed to my repeated requests.

I had no choice & had to leave the place forever with a heavy heart. I gave the teddy to Noor’s mother requesting her to give to Noor as a gift from my side as a token of friendship.

The border of the two countries India & Pakistan was demarcated by a wire fence and heavy patrolling was on both the sides.

Every day in the evenings before sunset, I used to stroll near the fence with a hope that Noor might come someday to meet me. After a fortnight, she came. I couldn’t believe my eyes but yes, she did come.

I was overwhelmed to see her and storm of emotions roared within me. Dressed in a pink suit, she looked more beautiful. She approached near me embracing the teddy close to her heart. My happiness knew no bounds.

“I love you Manpreet, I love you” Noor whispered coming near me without wasting a moment further.

“I love you, Noor more than anything in this world.One day, I will bring you with me with full honors.” I said.

Tears rolled down our cheeks profusely venting out the unsaid emotions bottled inside our souls since long.
I saw a crowd approaching towards me and I sensed trouble nearing.

“Go back Noor, Run fast else you may be caught” I wailed.

Her face went white and she sprang back to the fields and in a rush, teddy fell from her grip near the fences.
With a heavy heart, I picked the teddy and hung into the fence as a symbol of our meeting point with a hope that Noor will come often to meet me at this point.

Before the crowd could reach near, I slipped between the bushes and hid in else it would have been a wild torment for me.

I waited each evening for her, but she never came back again. I knew her bindings but still the heart longed with a hope.

A group of torch bearers and a sound of the shot of air gun broke my trance and I was back to present.
I leaned forward to take out the teddy from the wire but an unknown yell stopped me from behind.

“Don’t move; don’t move" yelling he moved towards me.

"Sorry Sir, I want to take this teddy back. There are numerous memories entangled with this pricey possession, please Sir, do me a favor." I pleaded with a hope of mercy & my eyes were moist taking toll of my emotions.

I was taken into custody and after heavy interrogation, was released and the humble officer handed me the teddy with a warning not to barge into this barricaded No Entry Zone ever after.

I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked my stars, waving above to the Almighty with the teddy in my hand and felt a fragrance of Noor near me & prayed for her welfare wherever she was.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Lonely Soul

A girl in her twenties suddenly came in front of the car. Mike slammed on the car brakes ...He unrolled the windows to fire her for suddenly surfacing; he could not utter a single word when the girl turned back to him neither he steered further.
Amazing beauty stood before him; he was stunned by the beauty. He had not seen such beauty in the countryside.
Her black gown and its slender straps hanging on her shoulders added finesse & accentuated her curves at right places, her crowning glory flowing on her shoulders with streaks of red and flawless skin made her look like a princess and the way her eyes dawned on him, he was completely lost in her.
Row of cars stood behind Mike’s car and all slamming their horns requesting Mike to steer further as whole traffic was disrupted but he was sailing in a different world where he could only see the beauty and nothing else.
The people waiting in the cars were annoyed & the police were informed to get the road cleared off. The knocks on the car panes brought him back to senses and he was booked under the law for jamming the road in peak hours causing trouble to the residents.
The girl was nowhere to be seen. The impression of the girl had left an impact on Mike and he was restless. In any case, he wanted to meet the dream girl.
After getting relieved from the law, he started off his car and started a frantic search for the girl whom he had met instantly on the roads but nowhere could she be seen.  He roamed around the countryside checking all the lanes; no trace of her.
Mike was emotional n longed for her but his search for hours for the stranger went futile.
Late night he reached his room. His friend, Francis noticed that Mike was upset so he inquired the reason for feeling low.
Mike briefed him about his sudden encounter with the beautiful stranger but when Francis spilled the truth, his jaws dropped.
“Mike, you are lucky to be back safe and sound. She is not a beautiful girl but a lost soul who has lost her way; it is the people’s belief. Many people go through the same encounters but those who follow never return back. You were lucky that you did not steer further else you too would have lost your way. People get charmed by her beauty, which is a mask to allure men and men are the only victims of this poor soul. Different people come up with different stories but no one knows the truth. You are lucky Man, cheer up and I want to caution, don’t run after beauty, and run after brains.” Francis laughed out loud saying this to Mike.

Francis laughter echoed in the sky; which was lit up with bright stars after the drizzle but Mike was terrified to see the color of his skin changing, and there in front of his eyes stood a skeleton dancing in the air and he felt like someone is gagging his throat and he fell and fainted therein.

© Ila Varma 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

In memory of My Pet

When I was near about two n half a years old, my father brought her home in an office bag while returning from tour. Very cute with brown fur coat n its eyes twinkled. I was very much attracted to her and my days were busy with this new guest who soon was a part of my family. I was myself a toddler, but I took great care of Kitty aided by my granny. When I tread into the memory lane of yesteryears; I am myself surprised as how I cared so much for the pet at the age when I needed the utmost care. I feel that if one loves or find pleasure in doing then the person goes out of way to do it, so it’s all about the feeling of love or attachment.
I used to cuddle in my short arms; it was more a bundle of joy for me. My granny used to oil my younger sister who was just born and I imitated the act and oiled Kitty. The kitty was so meek; she cooperated well with me and never bit me. Gradually, it was a full grown doggie and the best guard of our home, mingled well with the other members too.
In evenings, I used to play ball with her in my big sprawling campus in acres and she used to bring the ball back catching between her teeth and kept near my feet. I was bowled over by this act and my love for her strengthened with the passage of time.
She was well trained by my father and never ever poop here and there nor ever went inside the kitchen because my granny n Mom was against the idea of animals roaming inside or near the kitchen. I believe she had read their thoughts; never tried to go near the kitchen or their bed. Kitty had her own cushion and she relaxed on her own bed.
The most noticeable thing in her was the sound of barking differed for the visitors or family members and for strangers, animals or snakes barging inside our campus. The pitch of her bark would let us know on whom she was barking at.

Dogs are very sensitive and faithful to their masters, it’s true, but I found Kitty more amicable than the rest dogs. Few activities of her were quite remarkable.
In evening generally I along with My Pa or granny used to take her for stroll but if for any reason none could accompany she went straight into the fields to relieve herself and would knock on the door with her tail till the door opened.
When I came back from school, she would jump on me, licking my hands n face, running after me and she appeared to be full of joy. I could sense her happiness and see a smile on her face... (The people who don’t keep pets won’t believe that even the pets smile but they do and the pet lovers can sense it). Even I too had the urge to see her first after returning from school. Her small acts multiplied my love for her n I was filled with gratitude.
Kitty grew up along with us, me and my younger sister; even she was fond of kitty but not as crazy as I was for her.
Kitty was a pure vegetarian dog and her staple food was milk and bread but her diet was consistent which amused me and I sued to tease her that she was more concerned about the figure so she took fixed diet.
The funniest thing that I found in Kitty that she never befriended dogs of neighbors or stranger dogs and so I took pride among my friend’s group that my doggie was well-behaved and had a good character rappo. This remark amused my friends and they used to laugh out loud that Kitty was of good character & now too, I agree that we never ever found her near other dogs throughout her life; it was really a remarkable thing. At that time, I didn’t understand that all has inkling for the opposite sex be it human or animal but Kitty was a saint in this respect, I say now after losing her and understanding the worldly facts which I was ignorant of when Kitty was with me, I too was in my early teens.
Gradually, she became old (The expected life of dogs are 12 to 13 years) and weak but yet obedient. My father bought one more Dog, cross Alsatian, named Beauty, as he understood that Kitty was nearing death. She lost her hearing power and even eyesight was weak so she had to be dearly taken care of. Kitty went into distress seeing the newcomer in the house and she started ignoring our orders or requests and even did not eat the meals properly.
I sensed the jealousy factor has crept in and I tried my best to woo her. The newcomer Beauty was too cute but naughty and sometimes would jump and play on Kitty’s body. She had started losing strength in her limbs, so she would scorn ruefully at Beauty’s tantrums but did not harm her.
As far as I can recall, throughout her life, she never bit or hurt anyone, she was exceptional in her breed.
I cannot forget the day she departed from the world ending her sufferings and leaving us forever. In the morning, I gave food to the doggies, Kitty and Beauty in their bowls as per their tastes.  Kitty didn’t step near the food and I couldn’t understand her illness. I wanted her to eat properly and gain strength I coaxed her (that was my love for her which she didn’t seem to understand in distress) to eat the food. Maybe, Kitty was not feeling well so she didn’t have food and hurt by my words she went out of our house gate and sat there. I tried my level best to bring her inside, but she didn’t move a bit from her place, my all pleadings went unheeded. That was the first time in her life that she was behaving rudely. I came inside the house to get ready for school. When I went near the gate, I found Kitty fallen on the ground. I sensed that she had breathed her last and I started howling in grief. The elders of my family gathered and confirmed that kitty had breathed her last. I was devastated at her death because, since my early childhood, she was there with me.
It moved me from within and I took months to recoup from the separation but the memories of my pet Kitty is etched in my mind and the incidence that preceded before her farewell from this world stuns me now too and I feel that she was hurt because of her predecessor Beauty, the cross Alsatian.
Whole life, she enjoyed a whole and sole attention of all family members and she couldn’t digest the welcome of a new member.
What I have gathered from my experiences in rearing dogs, they are the best companion of man, remains faithful to the master and can even lay down their life for the security of their master and very gentle. The sparkle in their eyes are the love for their owners and the pet lovers can only feel this connection, others who don’t have/ had a pet can never understand.

Losing Kitty was a setback for me; though she parted after living for whole life span nearly twelve years but the pain of parting was miserable I felt the most because I was very much attached. At that time, I felt as if I had a lost a part of me and with time the gap filled up. It’s difficult to detach with the attachments.

In memory of my Pet Kitty!

© Ila Varma 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015


Life is full of twists and turn and each day is a new day. I believe that each minute of life is different from the passed one that just passed. Hope everyone agrees what I mean to say. We run from changes in life, but change is inevitable though it is so miniscule that many times it goes unnoticed. But if we sit to gaze in our lives then we will find out that no two moments are alike, life is a process which goes continuous change, So, it is said “Change is the law of nature”

We are born with a clean slate of mind & blank and with the experiences that we gather in the journey of life gets embossed into our minds and gradually our pattern of life is governed by them or we act according to our experiences & unconsciously we start following some dictums to control the reins of life.

Whatever we learn in life is by trial n error, life is not a lesson to be mugged up nor is it easy to learn in a single day. It takes a lot of time, patience & perseverance. Just watch minute things of life. When we are born, we don’t know the simple things (now I say simple because I am well acquainted with it) to move, to eat, to speak and we all learn with the virtues of patience and concern of our loved ones who helps us out.
There are several inspirations that help us out in life at every corner of life, so I believe one quote isn’t sufficient in the walks of life.

There are few of them which inspire ME to proceed in LIFE and cross the turbulence jubilantly and acts as shock absorbers.

This is the absolute mantra which keeps me going in each and every circumstance. I never give up trying, how challenging or tormenting the situation is rather I give a challenge to my life with a belief that I won’t give up and readily face the adversities of life.
There have been situations in my life when I couldn’t stand on my feet, I couldn’t gulp down by food and movement was totally restricted. Totally Helpless. The onlookers were terrified at my condition, but I withstood all the challenges and emerged as a WINNER with my belief.
I’m not been narcissist or atheist but if I had submitted myself to the fate then I wouldn’t have come out of that pitiable phase so by mantra of life helped me to come out of it mentally unscathed & in a way it helped my family too because my welfare was very much connected with them.

This mantra too keeps us going. Learning starts from the day our life starts and the first teacher of our life is “Mother” and slowly we wean away from her lap and join schools with a method based education system universal to all. After boards, choices are there to start as per our interest in the subject & accordingly we plan our future. Few are quite certain of their interest and focus and they pursue accordingly. But there are people who do not achieve the things as per their choices or the situations is not favorable but if the minds are open to the approach that there is no age bar to learning, then one can pursue their dreams.
Due to health issues and other issues, I wasn’t able to pursue my studies as per my choice but I didn’t have mental blockage so I learnt the things of my choice later in life and proved to people that if one is keen to start something new then age is not the factor to stop you, just you need to be FOCUSSED.

Whatever be the circumstances Keep Smiling, this melts the hardships of life and keeps us peaceful and happy and the people around you are happy too. Even you make a lot of friends with this attitude because Smile is infectious and the most priceless possession yet very precious. Smiles are like boomerangs you give to others and it eventually comes back to you, it is a reflection of life and it adorns the face naturally and the colors of happiness radiates glow in our face and people search for your faces.
These are the few inspirations which has kept me moving against all inns and outs of life and had helped me immensely in crossing four decades of life with a peaceful mind and grin on my face which keeps me going.
I just pray to God to keep me as I am, that’s the most I ask for.
© Ila Varma 2015

This is written for the post Indispire ,Edition 83

Monday, September 14, 2015


As far we travel in life, the reminiscences of the past are close to our heart and we languish for it.

As poet Shelley has put in, “Our sweetest Songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts”.it is very apt for human nature.

I am no exception and I dream to go back into the days of innocence, the childhood days free from any bindings and pamper myself with the things that I didn’t enjoy at that very moment. From early days of my kindergarten days, I had a passion for fine arts and I loved to pursue them whole heartily but my family didn’t approve of it. Three -Four decades before, people disapproved of the idea to become a singer, dancer, painter, and actor. To pursue in the arena of fine arts was a Big No, No among the educated families. It was thought that these hobbies were pursued by the people who were not good in the field of education.

I was good at studies, but secretly I desired to pursue my interests of singing and musical instruments but I was rightly denied the chance of learning the same, even though my teacher was ready to give me lessons free of cost sensing my interest in the field & my voice could contribute in the field of music. I was perturbed but didn't have the courage to go against the wish of the family so it was nipped in the bud. I continued my singing & I sang really well but could not get recognized in this field. 

In our times, even we did not have the platform that the kids of today have, I am thankful to the world of technology which have brought in many platforms for the seekers of fine arts and now they are getting wonderful chances to explore themselves and in addition, the mindset of society and it’s people have changed and now they try to identify the interest of the kids and accordingly train them in their respective field & help them to explore in full form. 

Even I go back into the times that have passed; I won’t be able to make it because I’m not the same anymore.The voice quality has undergone immense changes and I am no more fit for the voice test due to operation of tonsils which had a direct impact on my voice though I sing to myself, I cannot sing on high chords now, the setback I suffered. The removal was a must due to incessant infections that I faced more often and the remedy was to get rid of it, no remedies worked & I was well aware of the consequences before the procedure.

So, Instead of eloping into the past, I believe that I am looking forward to an appropriate time wherein I can invest my whole time on my interests and hobbies which I wasn’t lucky to proceed in my early days.  I am quite optimistic towards life in spite of facing so many setbacks on health ground, I’ve lost my sweet voice but still my hands can play instruments and I am keen to learn keyboard, so that music is with me in any form & maybe by the grace of God, I may be bestowed again with the voice to continue my singing.

I was good at weaving stories but due to time constraint, I couldn’t pursue it after marriage. Now after fulfilling all my responsibilities wherein my physical involvement has decreased (though responsibilities never cease, they multiply with time),I’ve started work on it & look forward to get my work published, it’s my unrealized dream that I need to conquer.

I fully believe in the adage, “JAB JAGO TAB SAVERA”, so it’s never too late if the desire STRONGLY persists in oneself and you keep the Wick of the Flame Burning.

“MY DESIRE TO FULFILL MY UNREALIZED DREAMS IS BURNING” & I believe it will help me to realize my dreams which have been buried within me due to constraints of Right Time.

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Each of us want to tread on the path which takes us near to our dream but practically very few are the lucky stars who achieve what they dream or what they are passionate about. As soon as we begin to understand the things in life, we start chasing dreams, it’s not always associated with studies, and it can be something other than the studies. Normally passion takes birth from the things or activities in which we indulge with willingness, we are satisfied to do n never give up on the pretext that I can’t do anymore , striving for much better and we chase it till excellence. It’s the passion that keeps us in move
As per my experience, generally parents, well-wishers or teachers cooperate with if it’s related to studies but if it is out of curriculum then all give a second thought  uncertainty prevails in one’s mind & frankly speaking people shy away from improbabilities n don’t want to take risk. In spite of knowing that the people who have or has achieved heights are not the people from the main stream, they are the ones who stood against the crowd n struggled a lot to achieve it finally. Gaze around the globe n you will find that the achievers till date were the exceptions n they followed their mind without thinking of the risks involved, consequences and finally they conquered. The whole affair wasn’t an easy process as it sounds after conquering and if they would have move out believing in negativity then they would have never tasted Success. Simultaneously, there were people who failed too while following their dreams. Its true people fail too but if all sit back in fear for failures & don’t leap then how can one conquer & relish the taste of achievement
Look back it the times when we were born, we knew nothing, absolute zero and we learnt all the chapters gradually with time. We got hurt several times in attempts to stand, move, run or we learnt to adapt the things in the hard way but no one discouraged us rather encouraged to do more to be perfect.
Same thing stands for pursuing our dream but our near n dear ones out of love don’t wish to see their loved ones stumbling or struggling so they emphasize on the probabilities that are more certain, though the life that we are living is not certain still we weave so many things associated with it & the hope that clings to it keeps us moving.
With time people have changed a bit and try to be amicable with the people who want to follow their dreams and they are cooperating to some extent but still change in the mindset is the need of the hour to see more of them to break the barriers & the people who will follow their innate desire is bound to do best because they don’t easily give up and this attitude helps them to flare up their existence and they come out with their best.
What I feel or believe that Education is a medium to elaborate & explore oneself,  been  the basic thing in life so one has to complete the study but simultaneously follow your dreams and achieve the goals in the avenues that u aspire.

Give Up the Fear Of Losing & Be Positive Always. Success is Bound to Arrive at Your Doorsteps.

(The views expressed are solely mine and spontaneous. If anyone feels the need to be rectified then do get in touch with me. Your views will be regarded.) 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mother's Pride


Can’t Believe My Eyes

Created This Tiny Life

Enchanted By The Beauty

Cuddling You In My Arms

I Feel Fantastic

My Life Is Worth.

© Ila Varma 2015   


Friday, September 11, 2015

The Mom

She Shaped & Moulded

Instilled Virtues & Values In Me


I Am Her Reflection.

© Ila Varma 11/09/2015   






The Absolute Truth, We Ignore!!!

Often I Wonder
Sometimes I Ponder                                               

Why We Chase Life 
Which is Evanescent?

We Never Know
Today or Tomorrow 
Will be Mine.
We Woo 
Time, Money, People
What we call Mine
Is Truly Not Ours.

Descended from Mother’s Womb
Empty handed
Destined to Depart Empty.
Struggling to be the Owners
We are the Tenants for A Time.

An Unknown Call Will Dawn on Us
On A Date Unknown 
The Body Will Stop Breathing
Our Souls Will Fly. 

None Will Own This Body
Once The Soul Elopes.

Pulling Your Body
Down The Earth
Reduce To Ashes..

Why We Don’t Enrich Our Souls
Which Will be There With Us Till Eternity
Instead of 
Enriching our Skins,
With Artificial Enamors, Grinding & Polishing.                                                                                             

© Ila Varma 11/09/2015        





Fireball Sun

Reflects &Refracts.


Yellow & Orange Hues.
Mists Evaporates

In the Impact of Morning Sun-rays.

© Ila Varma







Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Lone Tear

A Lone Tear Trickled Her Cheek

Lips Trembled & Quivered

But She Stood Dumb

Navigating into the

Lanes of the yesteryear's.

© Ila Varma 2015






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Thoughts Uncovered


She Descended On Earth

Laced With Grace & Beauty

Men Disrobed Her Virtues.

© Ila Varma 08/09/2015















Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Dawn

The Sun breaks the Dawn
The Moon goes in hiding
Emitting rays in prism of yellow & orange hues
Turning the clouds to lovely blue
Dispersing dew from the land.

The birds marches out from their nest
Flapping their wings
Soaring to new heights.

The Buds Open up
Shedding the droplets of dew
Emerging beauty around
& Instilling freshness in Each Life.

© Ila Varma 06/09/2015


The Reflected Love!!

I reached the airport by 5 am in the chilly morning to receive my childhood friend Noor who was on a visit to my city. She had called me a day before, requesting me to come over. Her call was a total surprise to me. We had parted ways after graduation. I could not turn down her request as she still was very close to my heart. She had turned down my proposal of marriage on flimsy grounds. I was deeply hurt and the wounds were fresh till today, time couldn’t heal the same.

I spotted Noor at once amidst the crowd; she was still the same, no change in her looks. She was as beautiful as her name, Noor. She waved her hand at me, I stood awestruck. I could hear my heart beat racing and a feeling of owning Noor seem to grip me. The sun has risen and the orange streaks of sunshine enveloped the sky. I was amazed by the beauty of the early morning and beautiful Noor stirred my emotions from within.

“Hi Noor. A very good morning dear” I greeted her enthusiastically

“Hello, Pravin.  Good morning.” Noor greeted, but something was missing in her tone. I did take a note of it.
I helped her with the baggage settled in the back of my car.

“Come Noor.” I opened the front door of my car.

“No Thanks Pravin. I will be comfortable at back seat. Please don’t mind.” She slid herself in the back seat.
I knew she was not an easy girl to get along & her decisions were her sole; none could influence or change her hasty decisions. I say hasty because she never thought twice while taking decisions. I had a better experience of that. Even though I did mind, but there was no option. I did not want to spoil the little time that I had got after wait of several years to spend with the girl I craved the most, who was still in the back of my head, who is still the only love of my life.

The sky was getting sunny and the fog was clearing, night lamps had turned off on the road. I ignited my car & took off accelerating in speed on the highway which parted the city from the airport. The glimpse of Noor had heightened my spirits and I could sense my adrenaline gushing. Suddenly, I saw Noor in the rear mirror of my car, my beauty, It reflected. Noor's sharpen eyebrows & eyes conveyed some intense feeling, they were screaming as if asking for help yet calm. It appeared as if she was lost in her thoughts. However, the spark in her eyes which use to melt my heart down once was now missing. She looked blank and detached. I slowed down.

“Hey Noor, are you okay?”

“Pravin, I’m sorry, very sorry to have hurt you.” Her eyes filled with tears ready to trickle down any moment to touch her soft cheeks.

“Noor, don’t act childish. I’m not hurt. Do I appear to be a fool to be hurt for not accepting the seat in the front? Oh lady, cheer up. See how beautiful the morning is & the sun rays are soothing the mists around. I rarely get up early and now I feel how much I miss the morning glory.” I pacified well though I knew there was some other reason.
It was a rare sight to see tears in her eyes, as she had been a strong personality throughout.
It was a mystery. I could not stop the car on the highway, it was not allowed to stop mid-way, so I continued driving, but my mood dampened.

“No Pravin, I’m not referring anything of today. Sorry to have hurt by turning down your proposal & marrying a rich man in an impulse that he would provide me with all the luxuries and comforts of life & certainly he did.” Tears flowed down wetting her beautiful face.

My vision blurred with tears, but I managed.

“Noor, be cool. I’m happy that you married a man of your dreams & he fulfilled your desires. He is a nice guy. Don’t feel bad for me. I’m happy for you.” I tried to explain her.

“No, no…I’m not happy. God has redeemed my doings. I’m in a fix. I’m in your city not for any work but I have fled away from my house due to undue pressure of by my so-called husband to indulge in wrong doings…to attending physical favors of his clients & he saw it was an easy way to reach the heights of success. He is a rustic & to achieve he can do anything” She was crying loudly with hiccups.

Unknowingly, my leg touched the brakes & car came to a halt with a screeching noise on the highway.

Cars lined up and a traffic policeman came running to my side invading the reason of halt.
I did not have any explanation, anyhow I tried to explain that I felt giddiness and hazy to get out of it. I was lucky that I was released with least questioning.

I tried to retain my cool and started driving again. An eerie silence stretched in the car.  I begged Noor to be at ease and ensured her that I would be readily available for her. I spoke the truth which I had concealed from her since years. I stayed a bachelor only because of Noor, my love and she can stay with me if she wishes to and I will help her by hook or crook to get out of the messy situation and will take care that her so called husband, the notorious industrialist is booked under law.

My eyes fell on the rear mirror. Tears had dried up. Her face was red and eyes swollen, but calmness sailed on her face. She was comfortable. There was trust in her eyes.

I was overwhelmed. God had been kind to me giving back my love. Tears welled up in my eyes but the feeling of hurt that Noor underwent pierced my heart. I regained control on my emotions with a firm belief that I will help her out to get out of the mess and havoc that she is surrounded with and adorn her life with my love. I promised to myself.

“I Love You Pravin. I love you” Noor whispered in my ears resting her on my shoulders.

"I love you too."  I said snuggling beside her.

© Ila Varma 06/09/2015

This has been written for Creative Writing Ink Prompt September 2nd

Friday, September 4, 2015

When Ignorance Was Bliss

The Drops of Rain
On my window Sill
Takes me down the Memory lanes
Of Childhood.

The days of Innocence
The days of Fun
Watching Paper boats snaking down the drains
Wading in knee deep drain water
Dauntless of Leeches & Snakes.

Life was Carefree
Nothing to Bother
When Ignorance
Was Bliss To Falter?

© Ila Varma 2015

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This poem is written in response to the 81st IndiSpire prompt:
Write a indispire_170x1102minute poem! Yeah Heard right! An INSTANT 2-minute poem,a simple,sweet,nicely rhyming poem,playing with words,not hard but easy,funny and cool,a relief to your mind,not to grind,but to find,a solace and some peace #My2MinutePoem

Wrap Me In Your Arms

Wrap Me In Your Arms
Entwining Our Souls
Caressing My Curves
Tucking My Silks Behind.

© Ila Varma 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


In just two unplanned meetings, we couldn't judge each other’s feelings but there was a charm in his demeanor which had caught my attention & I eagerly waited for him. Why, l didn't know?
 I had noted down his number & wished to talk, but something was stopping me from taking the initiative. Ishmeet didn't have my number so he couldn't reach me & I had the no.but certain inhibitions were not letting to step forward, but I had to take the plunge. After much brooding, an idea struck me. I texted my no.& soon my mobile rang displaying his heart beats raced faster & felt goose bumps all over.
 “Hello...hi Ishi. How are you dear?”...he said
,"Fine & you..." I replied
 "Took long to give a call, seem busy. I was desperately waiting for your call. I shared my no. but you didn't take time...u believes in EMI'S...what u say...” He laughed.
 Was it sarcasm or mocking or just a tease, tough to make out but the words which he addressed was taken in note by me, "dear and desperate"
 "Is he really interested in me?"...this haunted me but was very early to conclude & I was in no mood to hurry...better to wait. But this mind or conscience says but the matter of heart is is not decisive or logical...doesn't know to reason...just knows to beat making you impatient...&basket of expectations....inflating...keeping you on toes...only knows to take chances...the best part of losing your heart is it keeps you happy to the core and adds glow to your persona which is not missed by this is the first step of love...deep crush which crushes your soul emitting fragrance of sweet puppy love.
 “Hmmm...You can say so...b'coz I acted the way but Ishmeet...first time it was intentional, but I missed it in second chance when we met by chance..." I replied softly unlike my persona who is a dominant self, but this leap was taken by heart.
 "Can we meet.” He asked
 "We have already met,” I said it was my chance.
 "We met accidentally, but now I want to meet you...planned one...or can I put it this way...are you coming with me on a date...I feel that sounds better" He said in a calm tone.
 I wished, but I wished to keep him waiting...testing him...we girls love to keep the boys waiting...this wasn't me; this was my false pride to test his eagerness.
 "Ok, I will see" I replied in a cold tone.
 He asked me to join on hangout to chat...I feel my cold response put him off over mobile.
 I never liked chatting on Fb or Hangout, but my eagerness drove me. In late evenings, we talked on hangout...and there were more exchanges...more of leg pulling...kidding...sometimes I felt like a child has emerged in me...enjoying the moments childishly.
 He ran a Dance Institute in was a prominent one...and he was more conversant in Salsa...and I was interested in fine arts & I didn’t want to waste this opportunity which had come to me uninvited & it would be a better way to meet each other to understand…I had not conveyed to Ishmeet, but it was there in the back of my mind, engrossed in his thoughts I don’t know when I slept.
 Ring on the mobile broke my deep slumber, I hurriedly woke up. Aww...It was 10:30 am...
 "Hi, Dear Ishi..." Ishmeet was on the line
 "Hi Ishmeet...hope all is fine....calling so early," I said.
 “Early. It’s not early, Early bird, its 10:30. Are you day dreaming? He said teasingly.
 "Yeah...yeah, but today I have off so I don't care to check time. I was just relaxing. No tension in weekends." I replied coolly, I didn't wish him to know that I was sleeping till this time of the hour so tried to pacify.
 "Are we meeting today?" Ishmeet asked bluntly.
 "Not yet decided, did we discuss yesterday to meet? I don't think so, we did. Let me think over?" I said been sarcastic, testing his patience, I knew it wasn't fair from my part, but we girls are like that. We run after mirage but doubt the real people & I was doing the same thing & was enjoying the thrill.
 "No thinking over, you have thought a lot, just listen you are coming to Barista CP by 4 pm today, no excuses...Bye," said disconnecting the line.
 I was taken aback, how can he ask me so confidently or command me within such a short span of time & be sure that I will be there...
 Many queries emerged abruptly...
 Why was he so adamant to meet me?
 Was he trying to be dominant?
 I had a habit of reasoning and I tried to reconcile our conversations & concluded that Ishmeet was a nice guy and because I was taking lot of time in deciding, he took this way & he didn't wish to lose the opportunity as in working days, it wasn't possible to meet with ease.
 I too wished to meet him & today I was already late in finishing my daily chores. I hurriedly finished my daily chores of cleaning, washing and home decor & today I needed ample time to groom myself to meet my new found friend who was dear to me & I desired to look special today.
 My wardrobe was full of dresses but couldn't make my mind what to wear for the this quorum of deciding I took more than an hour expertise of taking decision in haste seemed to disappear today...I pinched several times whether I was the same Ishi who is famous for taking hasty decisions...where I had landed the World of Dreams Chasing My Prince of My Dream.
Throughout the day off & on, I was checking my mobile for call or Sms...But no call or Sms till I left my place for Barista Cafe. I didn't take Metro route instead I took a taxi to reach the fixed destination.
 I reached Barista on time but no sign of Ishmeet. I searched hither & thither and then took a seat inside. I felt bit low, was he trying to fool me & many untoward thoughts cropped up but still deep inside there was a feeling that he will come...with the conviction he had said , he won't let me down. Music playing in the background soothed the turmoil inside me...
Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder....sending shivers throughout with this unfamiliar touch. I turned my head back...there Ishmeet was standing with a broad smile spread across his face....a tall figure was standing in front of me clad in a T-shirt & Denims.
 "Hi, Ishi.You are looking awesome" He squeezed my hands softly, a touch of him just made me shiver, I was speechless. The way his gaze followed...I was merely dumb, but now I was sure that I can leap forward to bind myself in this beautiful relationship. I was very happy.

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#This has been written for the post of Indispire, "Love comes in all shapes & sizes. Blog about a love story that inspires you the most! "