Bey Bee के प्रोडक्ट रखेगें बच्चे को सुरक्षित और सेहतमंद।

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isjsaV~l dh igyh ilan

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leL;k dk fujkdj.k <wa<k gS vkSj cPps dks yqHkkus okys ,sls
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vkt gj ekrk&firk
dh igyh ilan gSaA

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ugha gSA ;s ,slh
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Bee us cPpksa dks i‚Vh esa tkus dh blh vknr dks le>k vkSj ,d ,slk
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gSaA Bey Bee
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dkj.k dLVelZ dh la[;k esa 2016&17 esa mNky vk;k vkSj ;s la[;k 30 gtkj ls T;knk
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dh laLFkkid vkSj Mk;jsDVj f’k’kjke [kjsf’k;k us crk;k] gekjs lHkh dLVelZ
Js”B xq.koÙkk vkSj cPpksa dks lqjf{kr j[kus okys çksMDV~l ls iwjh rjg
Bey Bee
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çksMDV miyC/k gSaA vestu ds ykap&isM+ ij Bey
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miyC/k gSA Hkkjr ds vykok vesfjdk] dukMk vkSj baXySaM esa Hkh Bey Bee ds çksMDV
Hkkjh ekax gSA dbZ ns’kksa ds isjsaV~l vius cPpksa dks lqjf{kr vkSj lsgrean
okrkoj.k nsus ds
fy, Bey Bee ij gh Hkjkslk djrs gSaA daiuh ns’k dh
Js”B LVkVZvi daifu;ksa esa ls ,d gS
lHkh çksMDV~l dh jsat dh tkudkjh ds fy, foftV djsa : www-BeyBee-in                
: f’k’kjke [kjsfl;k ¼laLFkkid /
Mob- :
daiuh :
csch ,aM e‚e fjVsy çkbosV
और अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें
laidZ : अतुल मलिकराम ¼laLFkkid / Mk;jsDVj½
: 9827092823

Arfin Rana Mir wins the devotional singing reality show Om Shanti Om !

 Star Bharat’s devotional
musical reality show, OM SHANTI OM, where ‘tradition
meets trends’
, saw an extravagant grand finale. Arfin Rana Mir, a Kolkata
boy, took home the coveted title along with a cash prize of Rupees Ten Lacs. Priya
Malik and Riya Bhattacharya were adjudged as first and second runners up
respectively. The grand finale witnessed splendid performances by the
participants and judges Sonakshi Sinha, Kanika Kapoor and Shekhar Ravjiani.
Om Shanti Om is the first ever devotional music reality show where contestants
performed on a number of devotional songs with a contemporary twist. Ever since
its launch, this unique show became a household name in India and carved its
own place on Indian Television.
Arfin Rana Mir, the much
deserved winner expressed his excitement,
“I am on cloud nine.
The feeling of winning the trophy of Om Shanti Om has not sunk in yet. This is
one of the best moments of my life. I am thankful to Star Bharat for giving me
this platform. I am indebted to the viewers for their constant love, and to the
Gurucools, whose words of wisdom have guided me throughout this journey. I pray
that my journey of becoming India’s best play back singer starts on a brighter

Sonakshi Sinha expressed her happiness on the winner as, Arfin Rana Mir is a well-deserved winner of Om Shanti Om.
He does complete justice to the title. Every week, I would wait for his
performance as he sang all the songs with so much of ‘jashan’. I wish him all
the very best for a melodious and bright future.”
Shekhar Ravjiani, one of the coolest Gurukools on the show, expressed his views on Arfin’s victory
Arfin has grown as a singer throughout the show. He
has always been
and followed our
advice. He is a powerhouse performer and I am extremely happy with his

Calling Om Shanti Om as one of the best experiences Kanika Kapoor
expressed her excitement on the winner as, “Arfin
Rana Mir has an extremely appealing voice and is a very well deserved winner.
Right from the start, I have seen him improving and his voice has just been
enhancing with every episode. One thing that I really loved about him is that
he would respect the feedback given by us and implement the same in the next
round. He is exceptionally talented and has always been loved by all.” 

The judges evaluated the
contestants on the basis of 2 rounds; new compositions and famous devotional
songs. The show even witnessed Sachin-Jigar, who were the guest judges and
performed too.
Om Shanti Om, the ultimate torch bearer of ‘traditional’ music in India that aired on Star Bharat heartily
congrats all its contestants and wishes for their brighter future.


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VIP Industries launches’50 – 50’ campaign!

~ The brand brings back the most iconic jingle to
celebrate its 50th year ~
National, November, 2017: The iconic ‘KalBhi, AajBhi, KalBhi VIP’ is back! VIP
Industries, leaders in luggage industry and synonymous with travel since 1971,
launches their new advertisement to commemorate 50 golden years in India. This new
futuristic ad campaign with a completely modern twist features superstar Hrithik
Roshan and highlights VIP as a perfect travel partner of India for generations.
To celebrate this special year, the brand has launched the 50-50 campaign,
where VIP industries is offering an exciting 50% discount on their select product
folio including VIP, Aristocrat, Carlton, Skybags.

conceptualized and executed by Whyness, the TVC beautifully encapsulates how the
luggage brand has always been a trusted companion for travelers around the
world. The ad simply depicts that while the mode of transportation has evolved
from trains, to aero-planes to space shuttles, VIP has been the luggage of
choice since India started to travel and will continue to be the ideal
companion in the future too. The fresh twist to the iconic jingle ‘kalbhiaajbhikalbhi’ will certainly ring
the nostalgic bell for many viewers.

Speaking about the
concept and his experience of working for this campaign, Brand Ambassador, Hrithik Roshan says, “VIP is a brand that goes back to my
childhood, I have grown up listening to the KalBhi, AajBhi, KalBhi VIP jingle. It
gives me immense pleasure to be a part of an iconic campaign as this. I would
like to congratulate the brand on its 50th year, as they continue to
create more memories for travelers.”
Sudip Ghose, Senior
Vice President – Sales, Marketing and Service, V.I.P Industries says,
“This is a very exciting year for us at
VIP Industries, as we complete 50 years of being market leaders in the luggage
industry. From a single brand to offering a diverse product portfolio across
multiple brands, VIP industries has come a long way. And we have only our
customers to thank for all the love and support they would have shown us. Therefore
we are doing our bit by offering 50% discount on our select ranges. We hope to
continue our endeavor to manufacture world class products and provide numerous
different offerings to make travel simple and convenient for millions of people
around the world in the future. We completed 50 and are ready for the next 50.”
Speaking from a creative perspective Ravi Deshpande, Chairman,
Whyness says
, “This ad is a celebration of VIP’s
‘50% off on its 50th anniversary’ offer. Bringing together Hrithik Roshan and a
contemporary version of the classic VIP jingle make the ad just right for the

This is a 360
degrees campaign, covering all major TV channels, radio stations, OOH sites and
social media platforms.

Link to the campaign:  Celebrating 50 Years of VIP Bags
─ Creative
Agency: Whyness
─ Chairman:
Ravi Deshpande
─ Creative
Team: Ranjit Sasidharan, Gia Fernandes
─ Accounts
Team: Bhavesh Nainani, Chetan Mane
─ Production
House: FAR Commercials
─ Director
of the film: Jeff Balsmeyer
About V.I.P.
Industries Ltd:  

Established in
1971, VIP Industries Ltd. is Asia’s No.1 luggage manufacturer. Its four
factories produce nearly five million pieces a year, making it the second
largest producer of luggage in the world. The state-of-the-art VIP Design Lab
at Nasik has to be credit several international patents and design
registrations. Since inception, the company has kept in step with the changing
need and taste of the discerning and quality conscious traveler. VIP Industries
already has a global footprint with its products available not just across
India but also all over Middle East, the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy and
select African and South East Asian countries.

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PNG Jewellers Shine the Sultan Way!

With 2017
coming to an end and the advent of the wedding season, PNG Jewellers is here to
give you a chance to celebrate it with an oomph. The brand has returned to
captivate you with a mind blowing offer on their diamond jewellery products.
The mind
blowing offer is accessible over all PNG Jewellers outlets in Pune, Aurangabad,
Indore, Goa and Nagpur. The brand is putting forth their range with a
value worth Rs. 65,000 per Carat now only at as low as Price of Rs. 49,000 per
Carat. The alluring offer on diamond jewellery is accessible for the customers from
24th November onwards and will be valid just till the stocks last.

The brand
houses an engaging extent of unrestrained and chic statement pieces that hasa
loyal fan base for ages. The new collection of diamonds will enable you to
flaunt these valuables at every occasion. Their gathering of diamonds will
fascinate you with its cuts, everlasting designs and precision.
Speaking on
the occasion, Mr. Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman and Managing Director, PNG Jewellers
quotes, “Since we are around the corner for new year along with too many winter
weddings lined up which only calls for celebration. And India being so rich on
culture where jewellery plays an important part, we wanted to make it easier
for our customers to go out and celebrate with style, leaving aside the huge
amounts they would need to shell out for the same.”
So let’s not
sit tight for your most loved pieces to get off the racks, and head out to your
adjacent PNG store to grab from the best.
About PNG Jewellers Pvt. Ltd:

Jewellers Pvt. Ltd, with 185 years of excellence in creativity and their warm
service for customers across the world is one of the most reputed Jewellers in
the country that have helped a woman discover her beauty. PNG Jewellers Pvt.
Ltd today has its global presence with more than 22 stores across India, Three
stores in the USA and one in UAE. Under the leadership of Mr. Saurabh Gadgil a
strong visionary, PNG Jewellers Pvt. Ltd is becoming a brand that caters to the
taste of modern Indian women too.

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Ayushman Bhav set turns acting school for Tisha Kapoor!

Tisha Kapoor,
who is essaying the lead role of Kaavya in Star Bharat’s popular drama Ayushman
is brushing her acting skills by working with experienced actors on her
She considers
herself to be privileged to be working with actors like Sudha Chandran, Savita
Prubhane, Manish Goel, who have done some great work in the industry and are
looked upon by actors.
On being
asked, she says, “I learn from them so
much. No acting school could have taught me what I get to learn from them in
person. Having spent so much time in the industry, I am still spellbound by
their professionalism. I look at their shots closely and try to improvise mine
with their guidance and support. Each day on the set is a learning experience
for me. I consider myself lucky to be part of Ayushman Bhav team.”

Tisha Kapoor
is seen opposite Sumit Bhardwaj in the show.

Watch Ayushman Bhav from Monday to Friday at 09:30
pm only on Star Bharat.


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Magicbricks Partners with PNB Housing Finance Ltd. to E-Auction Re-Possessed Assets

 45 properties will be put up for
e-auction on Nov 27 on Magicbricks
available at attractive rates, cheaper than the prevailing market rate; quick
and easy possession
November 2017: In an
industry-first move, Magicbricks,
India’s No.1 property site, today announced its strategic partnership with
India’s leading housing finance body PNB
Housing Finance Limited
to e-auction its re-possessed properties on Magicbricks’ online auction platform.
The first e-auction comprising 45 properties will be held on Nov 27, 2017. 
Coming close on the heels of the
successful first-of-its-kind online property bidding
campaign ‘My Bid, My Home’ on Oct 7, Magicbricks will now be
offering its customers re-possessed properties of  PNB
Housing Finance Limited
at attractive rates and priced at  lower than the prevailing market rates.  Further, properties would be available for quick possession.
Customers can log-on to to register by
Nov 24, 2017. The properties are spread across NCR (35), Bhiwadi (2), Mohali
(2), Indore (1), Jagadhri (1), Ludhiana (1), Sonipat (1), Yamunagar (1) and
Zirakpur (1).
Commenting on the
partnership, Mr. Ritesh Mohan, Sales Head-Strategic Accounts,
said: “After the astounding success of ‘My Bid,
My Home’ during which we generated sales in excess of Rs.200 crore, we are now thrilled to announce yet another endeavour for our auction platform with
PNB Housing Finance Limited. Consumers will get a wide choice of properties
to be owned through online auction at attractive rates. Through our auction
platform we are able to provide innovative offerings to our customers and it
certainly signifies the defining moment for online real estate industry. We are
looking forward to a great partnership with PNB Housing Finance Limited.”
at the partnership. Mr Prasanna
Singh, National Head – Collections, PNB Housing Finance said
growing penetration of online transaction the trend towards e-auctions of
properties has picked up speed in India. We foresee it as a viable ground and
hence have partnered with Magicbricks to offer our re-possessed property to
customers at attractive rates. Participation in the e-auction will expand our
reach, without investing much in physical infrastructure or manpower and will
make the recovery process much more efficient and transparent. We are excited
to share a great partnership with Magicbricks and look forward to the success
of the mega event.” 
Magicbricks is India’s only property site with Standardisation,
Testing and Quality Certification (STQC)
by the Ministry of Communications
and Information Technology, making it the country’s only real estate portal
eligible for a bidding platform for properties. For the first-of-its-kind
certification, Magicbricks had to conform to 150 stringent parameters laid down
by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Magicbricks: is India’s No.1 property site. With monthly
traffic exceeding 12 million visits and with an active base of over 14 lakh+
property listings, Magicbricks provides the largest platform for buyers and
sellers of property to connect with each other in a clear, transparent manner.
With this in mind, Magicbricks has innovated several product features, content
and research services, which have helped us, build the largest audience pool.

About PNB Housing
Finance Limited:
PNB Housing Finance Limited (NSE: PNBHOUSING, BSE: 540173)
is promoted by Punjab National Bank and is a registered Housing Finance Company
with National Housing Bank (NHB). The Company got listed on the Indian stock
exchanges on 7th November, 2016. The Company offer its retail
customers “housing and non-housing loans”. The Company is also into
construction finance loans to real estate developers for residential housing.
PNB Housing Finance is a deposit taking Housing Finance Company.

In conversation with the Chirpy and lively Dolly aka Shweta Gulati in Sony SAB’s ‘Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double’

and Beautiful actress will be soon seen in in Sony SAB’s upcoming crime based comedy show ‘Partners- Trouble Ho
Gayi Double’. She will portraying the role of Dolly Nadkarni who is a café owner.
She loves reading suspense novels and tries to apply her acquired Detective
Knowledge in all Aditya & Manav’s cases. She plays Manav’s love interest in the show.  In conversation with Dolly Nadkarni.
1) After
a long time you are coming back on television, so how does it feel?

     A) I don’t know why people calls it as a comeback. I just choose not to do anything
on television because I wanted to have time for myself. I am very choosy when
it comes to work. When I got this offer, I was very excited to work with the
production house, as I have worked with them before. One of the reasons to pick
up the show was it’s a hilarious and fun show. Another reason is, I have done
many shows for Sony SAB l in the past and I love working with them. Sony SAB is
like a huge happy family.
      2) What
is the connection of you with comedy, that you are seen more in comedy shows?
t  A) It is not that I choose comedy but the fact is comedy chooses me. I would love to
do drama, I would love to have tears in my eyes. But somehow the shows which
come to me and I end up liking is comedy. I pick what I feel is the best for
3)  You
have been doing theatres, television so which is more comfortable to you as an
 A) I
don’t think an actor look for comfort, they look for challenges. I look for
challenge. Theatre is definitely any day more challenging than television
because in theater you don’t get another chance to prove yourself. You don’t
get another episode to prove you. Television is my love because I began my
career with television. I can’t deny my love for TV. So I am comfortable with
both the mediums.
4) Tell
us more about your character in the show?
A) I
will start between the similarity about my character Dolly and me. Dolly loves
thriller, horror and she loves solving mysteries. She thinks that she has the
attitude for it but she doesn’t or maybe she does also. As we progress in the
show we will figure out if she really has the passion or no. My theatre genre
is thriller and horror, so that is the similarity between Dolly and Shweta. The
biggest difference is Dolly zones out. When she gets into the thriller mode
than she is tripping on that mode. Dolly is a coffee shop owner who hates
coffee or she doesn’t even drink coffee. She is always wondering about why
people even drink coffee and is always amused that people are drinking coffee
and giving her money in return. In her own thriller attitude she tries to crack
the cases for the boys- Manav and Aditya. Dolly is a very sweet, fun loving
girl next door who probably aspires to become a detective but she is trapped in
the coffee shop.
5) The
show is about Partners and crime, so who is your partner in crime in real life?
A)  My
dogs are my partners in crime in real life. I just love them and the reason I
am working today is to give them a better life. I just love them immensely.
6) The
show has many big actors, comedians in the show like Johnny sir, so how do you
feel about the same? Are you nervous or very excited?

A)  I
just feel so honored to work with Johnny sir. As we have grown up watching his
comedy. He is a living legend of comedy. Till now I haven’t shot any episode
with him as he is the commissioner but I am sure in the future we will get a
chance to shoot with him so I very much excited for the moment. Yes I am very
nervous as well to share the screen with such a veteran actor.
in to Partners- Double Ho Hayi Trouble premiering from November 28th, Monday to
Friday at 9.30 pm only Sony SAB!

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The charming and good looking Vikram Singh Chauhan, ‘Vyom’ from Ek Deewaana Tha is a director’s actor who always believes in going an extra mile to get into the skin of the character. In the upcoming episode of Ek Deewaana Tha, Vikram is seen playing a guitar to serenade Sharanya (Donal Bisht) and he got so involved into the act that he ended up hurting his fingers and blood started oozing out! But that didn’t deter Vikram from shooting and he played the strings until the shot was okayed.
When contacted Vikram said, “Acting for me is not merely a profession, it’s also my passion. It’s a constant endeavor for me to present my best performance for the audiences. While shooting for the sequence with the guitar, I was required to strum the strings constantly as I sing a song to appease Sharanya. After the completion of the shot, when I went back to my vanity I realized that my fingers were bleeding! I was so engrossed while shooting that I didn’t even know I had hurt myself. The crew quickly provided first aid which was a relief.”
In the upcoming track of Ek Deewaana Tha Sharanaya portrayed by Donal Bisht is upset with Vyom as he does not let her consult Odhni to find out about her past life. Vyom visits Sharanaya’s home and sings a song to serenade her and win her affection wherein Shiv will use his mystical powers to keep both of them apart from each other.
Tune in to ‘Ek Deewaana Tha’ every Monday to Friday at 10.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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Mumbai, November 2017:  Rare and
precious, platinum jewellery is the preferred choice for young Indians to
celebrate and mark the important milestones in their lives. Culturally relevant
and global in its design aesthetic, PLATINUM EVARA is synonymous with the inimitable
bond that is weaved not only between two individuals but their families too. This light weight jewellery, whilst being a symbol
of a heartfelt blessing, is also unique in its design philosophy, capturing the
sartorial choices of the modern-day bride and groom.
Inspired by global trends and
keeping in mind the fashion forward choices of the millennial bride and groom,
the new collection by PLATINUM EVARA celebrates the global design trend of
“MODERN FEMININE” for the bride and “BOLD MINIMALISM” for the groom jewellery.
The designs inspired by Modern Feminine trend explores fluidity through
interlinks – specifically, interlinking various classic motifs to create the
elegant and a contemporary collection which compliments the post wedding
lifestyle of today’s bride. Whilst the Men’s range features
minimalistic pieces inspired by geometrical forms and patterns which has a bold
interplay of lines and structures. The combination of matt and satin finishes
add character to this collection. Each piece in the collection is crafted
keeping in mind the discerning urban man.
This wide range comprises of
necklaces, earrings and bracelets for women, and chains for men.
Built on Platinum
heritage and infused with cultural relevance integral to Indian weddings, Platinum
EVARA offers an opportunity for dual gifting for the modern couple from the
parents, in-laws or from the elders in the family, who wish to bless the
couple. PLATINUM EVARA’s contemporary designs can be worn across several
occasions and they come with
assured purity, exclusivity and elegance- synonymous with preciousness and the
rare blessing of love!
Platinum 30 times
rarer than gold is progressively becoming the metal of choice of young India.
Appeal lies in the high emotional connect of the metal and innovative designs
which are reflective of the international trends.
Price: Rs
45000 onwards

Availability: Leading retailers have a platinum counter at
their stores. Please visit – to get additional information on designs and
locate a platinum authorised retailer near you.
About Platinum Guild

order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, Platinum Guild
India Pvt. Ltd. has appointed Trust Ever Assurance Services LLP to audit and
monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum
jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity
mark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of
a ‘buy back’ programme.


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Sony Pictures Networks India is one of the best companies for women in India, in 2017

Press Release:
Mumbai, November17, 2017:
Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), India’s
leading entertainment and sports broadcast network, has been recognized amongst
the 100 Best Companies for Women in India for 2017. This award is based on a
prestigious study conducted by Working
– a global leader on gender equity- and AVTAR, a pioneer in
diversity and inclusion in India. With women comprising 33% of its workforce, the
company has undertaken various award-winning initiatives to create a work environment
in which they can truly fulfil their potential. Grooming women leaders at
various levels and building an equal-opportunity, inclusive culture have been
some of the key focus areas for SPN. The network’s significant progress in this
direction has been recognized in the study, making it the only media and entertainment
company to be a part of this prestigious ranking this year.
The Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies
for Women in India
is a one-of-its-kind study to identify, share, showcase and
celebrate best practices from India’s best employers to foster women’s career
advancement. The 2017 Working Mother & AVTAR 100 Best Companies for Women
in India
were chosen based on performance across 7 key policy clusters namely,
workforce profile, flexible work, women’s recruitment and retention, benefits, paid-time
off/parental leave, company culture, safety and security.360 companies
participated in the study, which is India’s largest and most rigorous gender
analytics exercise.
Over its 22 years of existence, SPN has
created a culture of high performance and engagement, with various human
resources polices by the network being industry firsts. SPN was one of the
first organizations in the country to extend maternity, adoption and surrogacy leave
to 6 months, well before it became mandated by law. Pregnant women can also
avail preferential parking on the office premises. The network has a special
provision of a mothers’ room, where a new mother can pump and store milk for
her baby, and near-site crèche facilities for employees to avail for their
children. SPN also prioritizes women’s safety through practices like
sensitizing all employees on prevention of sexual harassment (POSH), and
training women employees on self-defense techniques. SPN allows its employees
to strike a perfect work life balance with in-house activities like fitness
challenges, an employee assistance program, healthy lifestyle workshops, desktop
yoga to boost employee motivation and productivity.
These are just a few of the many initiatives that
have contributed towards makings an employer of choice within and outside the
media industry. SPN has won three prestigious employer awards in 2017 alone –
AON India Best Employers, India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces (awarded by the
Great Place To Work Institute to our distribution business for the third
consecutive year), and being among the Top 10 Companies in India for Best
Health & Wellness Practices (awarded by the Society of Human Resource
Management and CGP Partners for the fourth consecutive year) – which are a
testimony to the outstanding people practices undertaken by the network.
NP Singh, CEO, Sony
Pictures Networks India:

“At SPN, we have an inclusive culture which delivers
fulfilling career experiences and growth opportunities. It is a tribute to our
organization’s culture that we are being recognized as among the top 100 companies
for women in India.”
Smriti K. Singh, CHRO, Sony Pictures Networks India:

“Our people practices are designed to support women
employees in the unique challenges they face while balancing and excelling at
various roles in and outside the office. Being part of this list reinforces our
standing as an employer of choice.”
About Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN):
Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation
which owns and operates the Sony Entertainment network of television channels.
It has many Indian and overseas subsidiaries including Sony Pictures Networks
Distribution India Private Limited (India), MSM-Worldwide Factual Media Private
Limited (India), MSM Discovery Private Limited (India), Taj Television (India)
Private Limited (India), Aqua Holding Investments [Pvt.] Ltd. (Mauritius), and
Bangla Entertainment Private Limited (India).
SPN comprises 31 channels including Sony Entertainment Television (SET
and SET HD), one of India’s leading Hindi general entertainment television
channels; MAX, India’s premium Hindi movies and special events channel; MAX 2,
another Hindi movie channel showcasing great India Cinema; MAX HD, a high
definition Hindi movie channel airing premium quality films; WAH, the FTA
channel for Hindi movies; SAB and SAB HD the family-oriented Hindi comedy
entertainment channels; PAL, a genre leader in rural Hindi speaking markets
(HSM) showcasing the best of Hindi general entertainment and Hindi movies from
SPN’s content library; PIX and PIX HD, the English movie channels; LePlex HD
showing critically-acclaimed Hollywood films; AXN and AXN HD, the action and
adventure-oriented English entertainment channels; Sony BBC Earth and Sony BBC
Earth HD, the premium factual entertainment channels, Sony AATH, the Bangla
entertainment channel; MIX a refreshing Hindi music channel; ROX HD, a channel
for contemporary Hindi music; YAY!, the kids entertainment channel; Sports
Network comprising 11 sports entertainment channels – SONY SIX, SONY SIX HD,
2 HD, SONY TEN 3, SONY TEN 3 HD, SONY TEN GOLF HD; SonyLIV – the digital
entertainment VOD platform, SPN Productions, the networks’ film production arm
and Sony Pictures Networks Distribution Pvt Ltd. (SPND) that distributes the
networks television channels across different genres and languages through
multiple content delivery platforms. SPN reaches out to over 700 million
viewers in India and is available in 167 countries.
The network is recognized as an employer of choice within and outside
the media industry, and has been awarded the elite title of ‘Aon Best Employers
India’ in the 2017 edition in recognition of SPN’s unique workplace culture and
exceptional people practices. It has consistently ranked for the past four
years amongst India’s Top 10 Companies with Best Health & Wellness
Practices by SHRM & CGP Partners, listed by Working Mother & AVTAR as
one of the 100 Best Companies for Women in India in 2017 and adjudged India’s
Great Mid-Size Workplaces awarded by the Great Place To Work® Institute for our
distribution business for the 2017

Sony Pictures Networks India is in its 23rd year of
operations in India.


Disclaimer: The article & images used in this blog are the property of pr24x7 & the data is compiled by them.

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