Navigation into the Cyberspace

A Day without connectivity is difficult to envisage in life
of today. And a World without Internet is inconceivable in today’s scenario,
incomprehensible where life’s maximum demands depends upon internet and a
single day without internet will plunge the world into a tunnel of darkness and
loss in terms of economy alone is unfathomable. Today’s life survives in a
world of internet. Pros and cons are always there for each and every sphere,
but in the case of connectivity, pros outweigh largely the cons. Each and every
needs of life spheres is connected with cyberspace.

If a link fails of a single bank, whole transactions comes
to a halt, even the emergency services can’t be accessed. The Dalal Street too runs
in the grip of net, whole transactions comes to a grinding halt if their
connections are snapped for even a fraction of seconds.

These are simple examples which came to my mind while
writing, I feel whole world is connected with the link and a dream to snap it
lines for few seconds is alarming. Life will come to a Halt. One can say, “It’s
all about habit”, it’s true to a large extent but the whole mechanism of the
world is connected, so snapping it is Impossible.

The whole world has shrunk, it is on the fingertips of an
individual, a single click will transport you in any corner of the world, where
you desire and on a single platform all are interconnected. When connectivity
wasn’t there, none could ever imagine that it was possible, but the net has made
it accessible & possible in its truest sense.

For me, internet is a boon. With few simple clicks, I manage
all my things on my own, whether it’s my finances, shopping, writing, pursuing
my hobby, music etc. In spite of certain disabilities, I am far ahead from a
normal person, a very independent person with a strong will and a simple plug
plugged my life with adventures. Even it helped us to reunite with our
childhood buddies with whom we had lost connections, but now after meeting on
the social platform, we meet in person and relive our school days. Even if you
forget special occasions of near & dear ones, it reminds you and you can
surprise people with cakes, gifts and flowers. The whole world is in your fist.
You are blessed with grandchildren in abroad, you don’t need to wait to visit
them. A single click takes you to the room of a newcomer and you can hear the
cries & babbles of your loved ones. Watch snowfall and what not. You can
navigate the places that are out of the reach of your pocket.

Demerits are there, but it’s minuscule compared to its
merits and it can be handled by care & been alert. Alertness is required
even if you place your steps and in this cyber world, you need to be alert
& witty while handing connectivity to kids. Same alertness is required to
raise and rear your kids.

World without Internet just can’t imagine, it has become
necessity of all.

Click, click, click……..and you are ready for Banking, Shopping,
Booking movie tickets, Air & Rail Reservation, Reading, Writing, Video
Conferencing, Social Platforms.

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Learn, Enjoy and Live in the spaces of Cyber world.

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Favourite Films – Peppy Numbers

The star that rules my mind and heart is one and only Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, since I watched his Film, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, when I was barely nine years old. It was the first film of my life and in those days, we did not had any other medium than a Cinema Hall. I became die hard fan of Amitabh Bachchan after watching this film. His acting in the film had great impact of him and I idolise him. He was the first crush of my life, I used to daydream about him, literally I was crazy for him & still I am. While watching him on the screen, my face radiates with happiness and the onlookers tease me for that till today. I feel internal happiness watching him, unknown satisfaction satiates my soul.

Today, I think all like Amitabh Bachchan for his acting,anchoring on KBC and for his potency at this ripe age.Still, he gives competition to the young generations. I liked his angry young man image or you can say, I knew he was so in his life but my perception changed after watching him on KBC as an anchor & was overwhelmed to discover the diverse face of my hero, who reigns in my heart.

My favourite films of my hero, Amitabh Bachchan are as follows:

1. Anand –Starring – Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan
  Story Line – The story is about a cancer (lymphosarcoma of the intestine) patient. Amitabh Bachchan, a simple and honest doctor, upset with reality of India his nation. His role was submissive one but the impact on the audience was positive.

2. Abhimaan:  inspired from movie   A Star Is born.

Starring –      Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan
Story Line – AB is singer he marries Jaya, later Jaya becomes more famous that AB as a singer and what happens between Husband and wife happens same in movie.
Pride and jealousy tear the marriage apart. 
The question becomes whether AB can overcome his jealousy.

Still the audience remembers this film of AB.

3. Deewaar: Starring – Shashi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan

Story Line – The movie tells the story of two brothers, who follow different career paths: a smuggler and the police officer. 

It was a great hit on box office & AB gained popularity.

4.Movie Name – Kabhie Kabhie 

Starring  – Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor
Story Line –A story spanning two generations, where two lovers are forced to marry against their will, but hold onto memories of their romance. Year’s later circumstances force them to confront their spouses, their children and each other.

5.Movie name – Muqaddar Ka Sikandar
Starring       Amitabh Bachchan,Raakhee,Vinod Khanna,Rekha.
Story line –Love story with action 
Super hit songs –
a)    Rote Hue Ate Hain Sab – Kishore Kumar
b)    Zindagi To Bewafa Hai     -Mohammad Rafi
c)    O Saathi Re Tere Bina – Kishore Kumar

6.Movie Name – Silsila 
Starring –   Amitabh Bachchan,Shashi Kapoor,Jaya Bachchan,Rekha
Story line –Love story , typical Indian style,  love each other, marry someone else,  then again go to back first love and again realize now there is no old flame of love.

7.Movie Name – Paa
Starring – Amitabh Bachchan,Abhishek Bachchan,Vidya Balan
Story line –The film is based on a rare genetic condition known as progeria and places emphasis on a father-son relationship. 
Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan, in real life, are father and son respectively, but in Paa, they played opposite roles.

8.Movie Name – Baghban

Starring –  Amitabh Bachchan,Hema Malini
Story line –Family drama, separation of parents by kids , money and love of husband and wife 

9. Movie Name –Piku
Starring –  Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone

Story line- A road trip to Kolkata brings Piku, an architect, closer to her ageing but nagging father Bhaskor Banerjee despite their disparate ideologies and fights over trivial issues.

10.Movie Name –Zanjeer
Starring – Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan
Story line – The world erodes around Vijay, an honest police officer. He is jailed for 6 months on false charges, trapped by gang leader Teja.

It was difficult to sort out Ten Peppy movies of Amitabh Bachchan, because I like all his movies. Still, these Ten are my favourites. Those of you who have missed, tune in to your set and watch and I am sure you will like it.

I started to like him as a Hero of Bollywood, but his energy and the warmth in which he reciprocates has stolen my heart. He was my favorite, he is my favorite and will be my favorite till last breath of my life.

My Fantastico, Mr.Amitabh Bachchan !!!
My wish to meet him in person, let’s see when I get a chance for a handshake with my first crush.


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Oops!!! I broke those eggs – #Impact

Everyone loves to be blessed with crowning
glory….voluminous, black & lustrous, silky tresses with a good texture and
free from hostages…lice & dandruff which makes life miserable. Hope you all agree. I haven’t included long hair because, in this fast pace of life, most people prefer medium to short hair, very few will be spotted with long hairs nowadays. Back to three-four decades, rarely we sighted fair sex with short hair, but now its common phenomena. In today’s life, the length of hair depends upon the profession of a person and the free time that she has in hand to maintain. Its length is proportional to time available with the person, Am I right? Hope so, you all will ditto my statement, excuse me
ladies, who have long hairs as exceptions are always there.

Nowadays, you will find men & boys with long hairs, trying to impress girls….but I just hate Men with long hairs…till Sardar ’s, it’s fine as it is related with their religion & no one has the authority to peep in. But Men be Men groomed with short and trimmed hairs, you look honorable & handsome with it, let the long or medium length tresses be for the fair sex, it adds to her beauty and in you, it mars your handsome persona…Do ponder on my suggestion and you will find me right.

Ohh…I’ve drifted apart from the topic that I started with…Healthy
tresses adorn & highlight the beauty of a woman. All are not lucky to be
gifted with natural sheen or volume of hairs. It requires efforts to maintain
and regular care, which needs hairdressing on time.

I am not a beauty or hair expert but since childhood, I had been careful about my hair and teeth. I am very particular about it and give
ample time from my free time to myself. I use natural products and it indeed has helped me a lot. In my early days of childhood, I had sparse and thin hair, I believe it was in countable numbers if someone could take the trouble to take a count of it. Family members used to mock at me for my sparse hair as my sister had real crowning glory, it was god gifted but I wasn’t so lucky in this respect.

Since early childhood, I had a fascination for non-veg. foods and I abhorred veg. foods. When I was in Std. III, I was reading a science book and there was a chapter of advantages of non-veg. foods and how they helped in
growth. I found that eggs are good for hair and you won’t believe it, next
moment, I was in the bathroom & khataak… broke a raw egg on my hair and massaged it in my scalp. I myself don’t know how I did it. Even now when I try to envisage, I wonder how I mustered so much courage to do. How I was successful in this venture at an early age of eight years, that too in the era of late seventies. Even nowadays kids can’t manage or mothers can’t leave it to the kids, but I was successful in my venture.

I had dared to try eggs on my hair in a family of three generations living under the same roof  where non-veg. items were not allowed in the kitchen. It was cooked in a designated corner of the house and the utensils and the cookware set was also separately allotted for cooking. No one could dare to roam with eggs in hand. You can well imagine the after effects of the mess created by me in an attached bathroom of the house. The smell of egg is peculiar and it travelled fast through the nostrils of the family members. It
had done its work in fractions of a second. All ran towards the bathroom from where the smell was emanating and just give seconds to your imagination, what all could have happened in those minutes. Don’t imagine that I was spanked, I was spared but the commotion that stirred inside leaving all amazed and restless. It was more than what we see in the parliament’s session of today…now I feel like laughing out loud releasing my bouts of laughter and emotions that was suppressed at that moment.

No one could imagine how and why I did it. The inquiry by
the family members were rigorous than the court sessions which is aired in
films or in serials, luckily, I’ve not got a chance to visit court sessions.

I replied in a submissive tone, “I followed what my Science textbooks said. It’s going to help my hair.”

I was loving the expressions on their faces and thanked my stars that they didn’t tried their spanking skills on me but the insult was worst than spanking.

Next day, I was reprimanded to our family physician along with my granny She briefed him my skills that I had tried a day before. My granny was concerned that I would lose my mental equilibrium if I use eggs for
hair wash. The family doctor proved to a god send saviour for me, he asked me to continue with the egg deal. He explained her sincerely that it was good for my hair and soon they will find the results positive…improvement in volume of my hair.

She couldn’t say anything further to the doctor and she announced the doctor’s verdict to the family members. They all were disappointed and tried other ways to stop me. But I didn’t stop. I don’t know what had happened to me, I continued with my discovery and religiously continued
with it. Gradually, it became a habit and it did improve the texture of my
hair. In those days, no magazines came out with the idea of using eggs for
hairs and all. So, I was the inventor…hahaha… 🙂

Now all eyes prying on my hairs, it improved immensely and
it grew lustrous and silky. Even in schools, I was the cynosure of all eyes and all asked how I managed.  I was in my teens. Been an extrovert, I plainly told them that I used eggs for the scalp and few drops of shampoo to rinse.
Comments sparked after knowing that I used eggs for my hair,
here goes the comments that followed:
  •  Oh’h my god, eggs for hair, it smells…my reaction…neutral.
  • I can’t afford eggs for my breakfast and eggs for hair…No, no…my reaction…I smiled.
  • How your parents react…mine will break my head blah blah…My reaction…neutral.
  • My granny’s verdict will have to find a guy who can bear the cost of eggs…in the days of my invention…one egg cost…40 paise…My
    reaction…smiled on their helplessness.
The tantrums that my family followed after I used eggs for hair wash, it was quite frequent. Till to this day, I wash my hair on alternate days…so imagine usage of eggs…and the drama that followed.

The total components of the bathroom were rinsed with hot water and surf and disinfectant followed and this routine followed until I was married off.

Now when I brood over the past then I feel the pain that they took for the egg.
Now, listen to my story.
Till today, I don’t know how egg smells, I find odorless. Now even my son makes faces while entering my bathroom after my chores of hair wash. He knows the smell but I don’t know.
It helped to improve the texture of my hair, it’s very soft and silky, lustrous and greys are there but at a minimum, I don’t use any dye. Sometimes, I use raw henna as a conditioner, but I avoid using in winters. Touchwood, I don’t have a problem of hair fall which
normally people face, have been lucky.
1.  I get my hair trimmed at short intervals, so no split ends.
2. I use vinegar or curd to ward off dandruff which tries their attack in monsoons or winters.
3. I keep four sets of combs, two wide-toothed and
two normal brand Lily combs and I wash them the day I shampoo my hair. I don’t share my combs with anyone, not even with my parents, siblings or kids.  If on an outing, I miss carrying them, I buy new ones but don’t use others. I am very much possessive of my combs.
4. I carry my comb in the purse because due to a straight, soft and
silky texture, it’s difficult to keep tied for a long time or manage, though it doesn’t entangle. I am over conscious about my hair.
Previously, I too had long hairs, as I said hairstyle changes due to time constraints and I was no exception. I too joined the race, so at present it’s up, to shoulder length.
The cost of eggs multiplied with times, now one egg cost Rs.5 or 6, the journey has been enthusiastic from forty paise to six rupees, our income enhanced and so the cost of an egg.
But please don’t ask me, how it smells, I am not aware of it and my hair smells nice after shampooing and I am happy with my invention.
Many followed my tactics watching the growth of my crowning glory. It has started to grey and I have accepted the truth and I love the greys & wish to age gracefully.
This is the story of the Impact of Eggs on the Fantastic Crowning Glory.

Images are a mine of my childhood and young days. and Now.

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Stranger #Fantastico

I was ruminating in the memory lanes of yesteryears, a flash
flickered of an incident when an unknown guy had helped me generously and his
behaviour made me believe that still good souls thrive on this earth where we
find untoward incidences happening every now and then jeopardizing lives of
As far as I can remember, the incident is of May, 2002. The heat
spells were at maximum in our town, Patna, it’s a normal course in the summers.
I had to attend a funeral ceremony get together at my relative’s place and my
car was in garage, due to sudden breakdown. It was a necessity to attend the
ceremony, so there was no choice. I along with my son started for the
destination on a rickshaw in the afternoon around 1 pm and the vehicles were
off the road,due to scorching sun. We had reached halfway of the destination
and the rickshaw was going on its own speed, suddenly one rickshaw intercepted
the way from wrong side and clashed with our rickshaw and I saw rickshaw
turning turtle but couldn’t jump out of it. In the next moment, I was on road and
thankfully, we were not injured. Dusting my clothes, I managed to stand holding
hands of my younger son. I felt dizzy and dark in front of my eyes, I hurriedly
ambled to the nearby shop and took a seat to balance myself, but fell

Suddenly, I felt been pulled up by a stranger. I was alarmed &
tensed, it was the time when Jungle Raj reigned in Bihar and kidnapping &
looting was on spree. I resisted and asked him to leave me.

“Please trust me sister, you are unwell. I will drop you at
your residence. Believe me.” The unknown guy said.

“Sorry, how can I trust you? I don’t know you” I said
holding my son tight.

He persisted me to believe him and accommodated us in his
car. With heavy heart and recalling Almighty, I accepted his request, deep
inside, a turmoil unfurled, but I maintained my cool.

He was a good fellow, he offered water to wash my face and
took me to the nearby hospital to get first aid and check -up. On way, he
narrated an incident that happened with his sister, she too met with an
accident and was badly hurt and on finding me unconscious in the shop, the
incident flashed in his mind and he rescued me.

Indeed, he was a nice guy and he dropped us at our place. I
was relieved and thanked him profusely for his help and thanked my stars too to
reach safely in the reigns of Jungle Raj.

I did not asked his name or whereabouts but till today, I am
grateful to him for his kind gesture. It instilled a belief that still fantastico souls rule this earth and he arrived as a Messiah to help me. May God Bless

© Ila Varma 2016

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Musings of Heart II

Story Part I

Ours was a love cum arranged marriage. Our parents were family friends and very close to each other. Both families had well established business and in each vacation, both the families went on excursion and the trip would be very enjoyable. After boards, we both moved out of Delhi for further studies and in the meantime, we lost contact with each other. In holidays, we came to Delhi and our families met, but we two never got a chance to interact in five years.

After completion of my BBA with Integrated MBA with specialization in Marketing from University of Bath, my father kept a grand party to celebrate my come back from UK and big shots were invited to the party, it was a show off party from the King of Industrialists showcasing his huge empire and his power roared.

I was a fat chubby girl and a spoiled brat, gracefulness was a far-fetched thing for me and in a way, I was stubborn too, it can be said because my parents attended and fulfilled all my whims, I wasn’t aware with the term “scarcity” in my life. Living in UK for five years in my prime youth, I was totally transformed; my own physique was a surprise for me. I didn’t know I could be so beautiful; mesmerized to see myself in the mirror. With this transformation, there was a remarkable impact in my attitude and I was more confident.

An hour glass figure, hair flowing down from the shoulders with improved structure, soft and silky and flawless complexion n my way of presentation all had changed immensely. I could sense in the eyes of onlookers when my proud father introduced me on dais. All eyes were riveted on me, few surprised at my visage, was I the same fatso of yesterday, Pankhuri.
“Hello, my Princess Fantastico,” greeted Pranav.

“Hi Pranav,” I replied, turning to him.

He was stunned to see me. His expressions were; never seen before. I missed capturing the moments of his awful expressions in my DSLR.

“I just can’t believe it’s my fatso” Pranav taunted.

“Don’t you dare call me so, Pranav else I will scratch your face with my long nails,” I reprimanded showing off my painted nails with the killer red color, accidentally brushing the creases of his shirt.

I don’t know what happened to him. He caught me tight by my elbows and raced me out of the hall taking me into one of the corners of the garden which was dimly lit. For a fraction of second, I couldn’t make out what he was up to. I tried to pull my hand out of his grip, but it wasn’t a fun to pull. I could feel the hardness of his masculine hands and the tightening grip.

“Pankhuri. Don’t tease me.” He whispered near my earlobes, sending shivers throughout. He released me from the grip & disappeared. I was quite embarrassed by his behavior, but couldn’t speak out. I could not make out why I had to face music in his hands, what were his intentions. Numerous queries shrouded my mind and I gaped for the solutions.

To be continued….

© Ila Varma 2016

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Will You Be My Valentine?

A gaze followed
Intercepting her way
With a fine proposal
“Will You Be My Valentine?”

Amazed & baffled
By the Guy’s craziness
She didn’t had the guts
To accept or reject
She ambled in silence.

© Ila Varma 

Indispire Edition 101


A baby girl

Dawned on this earth

Big protruding eyes

Crimson cheeks

Very fair


In the arms of her mother


The nipples


The honours of motherhood.


The family

Scorned & Ignored

The new-born

The fault was simple

She was a Peppy Girl.


Her mother

Faced the music

Been incapable

To bring a heir

She was cursed

For the disaster.


Mother nurtured

Her Fantastico

Like princess


The brunt of all.


With a hope

A day will dawn

When girls will be


With open arms.


Time navigated

The baby


To a charming nymph

Under the impact

Of myriad

Love & care.




A fitting alliance

For their lovely



To be showered

With positive vibes.


The Day Arrived

Wrapped in bridal red attire

Decked in dazzling gold



The relations behind.

To start a life a fresh

With the Prince Fantastico

With the blessings of all.

Thousands of peppy dreams

Weaved in fantasy

Caged in her heart

To lead a life

In the aura of happiness & care

In the close embrace of her love.

The very first night

Her dreams were scattered

Hearing his first verdict

Of her Man

She was only

An ornamental mistress

Some other


His mind & heart.




In pain & disaster


The impostor

Shed off his skin

Of mildness.


Numerous questions


Reverberated in her mind

Why was she opted

For this Music

Roping her name

Deflowering her life

Where she erred?

She cried out loud

Howled & pleaded

Appealing for the mercy

With a hope

He will melt.

Her pleads went in vain

He was a living monster

With steel heart & claws.

He laughed & thundered

Narrowing his eyes

Enjoying her unspeakable plight.

She was breached


All her dreams tattered

Before her eyes.

Mustering courage

She navigated


Superficial bindings


Imposter a blow.

With a vow

To recast

Her life anew.

© Ila Varma 28-01-2016

The girl’s birth is not welcomed in most of the families. People celebrate the birth of a son with pomp and show and there is a innate belief that the son’s are the heirs of family. Biologically, a female has no role in giving birth to a son or a daughter, it is the male’s sperm which decides the sex of a child, but still females are held responsible for it. Since primitive days, people scorned at the birth of a girl child. People got educated, lifestyle changed but the mindset did not underwent major changes and the society still disapproves her existence.

What an irony, the creator of universe is not welcomed, her hard luck.

A bit change crept in as times navigated and the parents supported & educated her. When she attains a marriageable age, they search a suitable alliance and marries her off nurturing a dream that she is blessed with a loving  husband and family.

Sometimes, luck does not favor her and she is cheated. In our society, man can live a life on his own terms but in the case of a woman, people back out to help her and she is locked in the four walls of house suppressing her desires.

Time has changed and it is the need of the hour to change the mindset of society. She too has a right to live and her wants to be fulfilled.

Society disapproves but few have dared to bring in the change and has moved out of the relationship which was farce and has carved a place of her own. It requires a lot of courage and perseverance to bear the taunts of family & society.

We need to change our perspectives for the female child and raise her without discrimination.

Such cases still prevails in our society and it needs to be changed. Impact of education has upsurged in society but still a long way to go.

Dark facet of the society exist in the dark corners of our country.

Poet of the Poem: © Ila Varma

(The views expressed are solely of the author Ila Varma, my close observations. It is not influenced by anyone.)

Image Source:here

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Greenery Reducing – Impact of Unnecessary Constructions

There were a time when we had greenery all over, tall trees
stood in line on both sides of the roads and the individual houses &
schools had sprawling garden and playgrounds. Gradually with the rise in
population and more and more people flocking to urban areas, the look of town
and cities underwent tremendous change….the reason that I cite.
Commercialization, people started thinking in terms of money. It’s true that
money is an important medium to lead a life with required comforts, but there
is no dearth of requirements or luxury. It’s a matter of choice.

The commercialisation set in, changing the face of towns
& cities. A good chunk of population expatriated to towns in search of jobs
& after settlement of jobs, families shifted, a considerable change in
family set up sprung. Joint families disintegrated and nuclear families emerged
and with it there was a huge spurt in demand of accommodation. All were

With a rise in demand of house on rent, people started expanding
their houses, homes transformed into flat style with 1, 2, or 3 BHK flats to accommodate
the people filling in the towns & cities. The change in the construction
fetched a reasonable amount of rent to the owners. In the beginning the people
with strong finances indulged in house remodelling to meet the demands of
market, but soon it spread like epidemic and the people who couldn’t bear the
brunt of investing huge amount in construction too indulged in remodelling of
the houses or fresh construction in open spaces of their houses in greed to
fetch rental income by taking home loans from banks or NBFC’s.

Within few years, the trees, plants and saplings were
uprooted and there stood constructions accommodating the emigrants from nearby
towns or interiors. In the whole process, some gained considerable amount of
money, an additional income and some paid back the EMI’s of loans.

Certainly, there was a gain but at the cost of losing
environment equilibrium. Proper ecosystem is a must for a healthy survival and
in course of massive construction, we lost the precious things of life, the direct impact was on nature’s creation.

I am not against expansion or construction but in a bid of
expansion, we forgot that many unwanted constructions cropped up because people concentration
was more on economic gains and did not bother for saving the creation of nature. We need oxygen
to survive, but we diminished the source of it. It wasn’t deliberate action but
we didn’t give a thought to it and the consequence was disastrous.

We lost beauty of greenery and missed the sight of peppy gardens with blooming flora, chirping sparrows, flying birds and butterflies and much more. The chirps of birds were no less than the rhythms of music, but we did not pay heed to it. Our
pockets are full with currencies and we are poorer by nature’s delights. I am
too one of the offenders who played with nature’s creation.

My heart went out in search of nature’s beauty and I vented
out the turmoil within through these lines.

    Greenery…Don’t end it up!!
Listen to the rhythm of the drizzles,
Striking free without any pain,
Drenching the heart of the Earth
With Music
Patches of greenery around.
The solacing aroma of this wet musky earth
Rejuvenates my Soul.

Pastures of greenery shrinking
The fauna & the flora
Even squalls
existence declines.
Disgorging the woods 
The people down here
Razing & Grazing
The Beauty of the Ground.
Nobody cares what may be impact
It’s just few articles and some touchy text
Has anybody ever
Thought of the depletion around
It might not take long
When there’s nothing left
Except barren grounds….
Oh my people
Just listen to me
 Care for the nature
   Care for the
Else the planet will lose its sheen.
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Rhythms – Elixir of Life

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expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain
silent”    ― Victor Hugo
Music in
any form is a healer, it heals body and mind and tranquilizes the mental
trauma. It revitalizes our system and rejuvenates our soul. It acts as a balm
for the bruised body and mind. And for me, music of any kind and form refreshes
me to the core and transports me into a different world of trance, where I want
to be all alone. I prefer listening to songs in loneliness and grasping its
true magical power, a lover of music can truly feel my feeling else others
might think that I am insane… 😉
those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not
hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.
numbers that really drives me crazy and I tap my feet on the rhythm of it
swaying my body and uplifting my mood with each beat. The fast peppy numbers
that is shortlisted in my favourite Dance Playlist. Try to listen to this songs
and you will find yourself gone crazy, watch the onlooker’s reaction if you
wish to.

  •            Sunny Sunny, Yaariyan.

  •           It’s Time to Disco, of Film Kal Ho
    Na Ho.

  •            Matargasti of Film Tamasha….it
    uplifts the mood.

  •          Radha of Film Student of the
    Year…a peppy number with a classical bend.

  •          Marjaani Marjaani of Film Billu
    Barber….sway your body to the tune.

  •           So gaya yen jahaan of Film
    Tezaab….it exhilarates me.

  •          Ishq wala love of Film Student of
    the Year…tempting and peppy number.

  •          Mahiya Suzanne of Awaarapan

  •         Mar Jawaan of Film Fashion

  •        Mauja Hi Mauja, of Film Jab We
    Met…dance to the beats of this song.

  •        Desi Girl of Film Dostana – an
    alluring blend of Indian and western music.

  •     Balam Pichkari of Film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani…best songs to dance in                   weddings.

  • Dilli Wali Girlfriend of Film Yeh
    Jawaani Hai Deewani… tempting with peppy tune.

  • Senorita
    of Film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – an alluring blend of Indian and western

  • Dil
    dhadakne do of Film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara…mind blowing.

these peppy numbers in your music system and tap your feet and enjoy dancing in
groups or at weddings and record the reactions in your camcorder.
 The list is endless, but I am concluding now
so that you enjoy these peppy numbers and add sugar & spice to your life,
enriching the life with the fragrance of Music and dance…Bingo.
Music enchants
all living beings and connects people irrespective of barriers of age, place,
or language. Even our religious scriptures are sung in the form of Bhajans.

Let’s Dance To the Tune….Abhi to Party Shuru Hui Hai…..from Film Khoobsoorat.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the#Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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