#WOW- Quirky friend


“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

Life without friends just can’t imagine…they are the integral part of our life. Though we don’t count the number of people we interact in our day to day life, but there are some with whom we gel well and we share a bond of friendship. Friendship means you accept a person with all the flaws, agreements & disagreements, love and fights, all happens among friends. You don’t need to be a hypocrite, there is no inhibitions or formalities…it’s a “Bindaas” (carefree) relationship.  The real friends of our life are our childhood buddies, whom we call “Chuddy Buddies”, they know all the inns & outs of life, and they are close to our heart. Each individual is unique in their own way, so in a circle of friends, there are all types of friends, introvert & quiet, extrovert and loud, funny, quirky, serious, boasters, down to earth. Pack of friends is a bouquet of variety of flowers, in group they go well. Unity in Diversity.

Quirky type are sometimes irritating too, but their absence hurts as their typical attitude of doing things or reacting makes their presence feel and keep you on toes with their witty or kinky gestures, and one or two of such a typo is always there in a group.

One of my close friend had a typical habit of laughing at passers-by which irritated me a lot and many times, we were at loggerheads just because of some third person. I was mischievous at heart, I say so about myself because only few close associates of mine knew this secret of mine, and others held entirely different perception of my personality. I was known to be an introvert and a serious person, many concluded that I was a snob or self-centred etc. My friend was a good-looking girl and took care of her looks n dresses, which was a farfetched dream for me, I was more of Tomboyish clad in casual jeans and loose top. We gelled well but whenever we went out on rickshaw for shopping or marketing, by the end of the day, I would fight with her or be annoyed with her. She had a bad habit of pin pointing at others with fingers, made fun of their looks or ways and would laugh out loud. Three decades before, girls laughing in open or pin pointing at others were not welcomed, rather people would watch scornfully. I disliked this habit of hers and would ask her to refrain, but she never understood my point or did deliberately to tease me and watch my reactions. It did bothered me a lot and I would be on fire.

Now when I look back and tread down the memory lane, smile purses on my lips and I really miss those days. They were the best part of life, no responsibilities, no tension, full freedom to enjoy life but we poor soul would be annoyed on the slightest pretext but now after living four decades of life, I realize those were the precious days of our life.

I miss my friend, Shabnam too and her nagging habit of irritating me or pulling my leg. Recently, I met her and she disclosed that she enjoyed watching me getting irritated by her habit and she indulged into it deliberately.

Friends are the oxygen of our life, who replenishes and rejuvenates our energy and we enjoy each bit of life with the childhood friends. We meet with them with open hearts shedding all the decorum and formalities and indulge shouting at each other, breaking the norms that we follow in our lives as principle. Whenever we catch with our chuddy buddies now, the way of interactions changes completely and the onlookers who find us quite sophisticated n formal are aghast seeing tremendous change in way of indulgence.

“Gossip ka koi ghoomta phirta satellite

Koi sath rahe toh kar de sab alright

Koi effortless koi forced hota hai

Lekin har ek friend zaroori hota hai!!!”



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Music is My Life

Music is the
forte of my life which keeps me agile and perky. I just can’t imagine a day
without music. I am very much of
fond of peppy songs. I keep humming
some song or the other of my choice. I used to sing a lot and even participated
in music shows in school & college. I nurtured a desire to learn musical
instruments, though due to time constraints and familial responsibilities could
not dare to learn instruments, the desire still remains unfulfilled. I am in a
look out to learn, let’s see when I turn out to be lucky to try my hands on
keyboard. I could not continue with my singing due to tonsillitis, but still I
listen to songs of all kinds, conventional, classic, rock, jazz, peppy and all
It has to be music and the choice of the songs depends upon
my mood, the fast peppy numbers attract my attention, because it keeps me
chirpy and lightens the mood.
I tap my hand and feet with the song and it keeps me on high
and I even love to dance on my favourite peppy
numbers & it keeps the boredom at bay. I prefer listening to songs in
solace and it soothes me to the core and I feel as if I am sailing in an
entirely different world where only two things exist, that’s me and the music. The feeling that I go through is
mystifying and enticing.
I am not fond of watching TV shows, I prefer listening to
songs of my choice. There is one more advantage, if you listen to songs, your
time can be utilized to fulfil other chores of life and you don’t need to sit glued
and get hooked unlike the idiot-box viewers who waste their precious times in
watching shows. Hey…the lovers of television world, please excuse me if I
have offended all of you by my statement, it’s truly my own perception and I
don’t even impose on anyone. It’s my observation and I believe I’m correct to
some extent.
Everyone has their own way of judgment. If someone spots me
listening to songs might judge me to be abnormal and the way I sway my body
with the rhythm, onlookers might take me as an insane. I involve myself into it
enjoying every bit of it. I feel that I am sailing in dreams, the feeling is
beyond description. It can be experienced only.
I enjoy listening to songs on high pitch, few get offended
often, but I love my way.
I can’t zero in on few songs, because I love most of them
and I have a good number of songs stored in my system and I take care that I
don’t lose them.

Music keeps me chirpy and cheerful.


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हर एक फ्रेन्ड जरूरी होता है

हर एक फ्रेन्ड
जरूरी होता है
जिंदगी के हर
डगर पर
मिलते हैं दोस्त
दोस्तों की महफिल
तो, काफूर हो जाते
सब गम
बिन्दास हो,
गाना-बजाना करते हम
चेहरे से गायब
हो जाती,
हर छोटी मोटी
बातों पर
लोट-पोट हो
हंसी-ठिठोली लगाते हम।।
हम हैं,
गुलदस्ते के रंग-बिरंगे फूल,
संग मिलकर
खूबसूरत आकार देते
बात-बात पर
दोस्तों की बात
दिल पे वार
करती नहीं
चुभती नहीं
ना ही गिले-शिकवे
ना आक्रोश
रह जाते मन
दोस्तों की बात
बाँटतें हम उनसे
हर इक बात
हर एक बात
कुछ मस्ती करते
नही थकते
मनमानी कर
बहुत हंसते
उदास हम
रह नही पाते।।
जिंदगी की आपा-धापी में
दोस्तों से बिछङ
जाते हम
य़ाद उनकी
रह जाती है
मन के अंतरमन
© इला वर्मा 24-01-2016

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#Book Review: The Shameless Betrayals

  • Shameless Betrayals 
    Author- Rashmi Singh 
  • Paperback: 198 pages
  • Publisher: LiFi Publications Private Limited (2015) 
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9382536825
  • ISBN-13: 978-9382536826
  • Rating: 4/5

Overview: She is shameless because on her deathbed she cheated her husband and took the most unique, beautiful but shameful revenge from her ex lover! – She is Mitali Seth. She is shameless because raped by her cousins, married forcefully to an old impotent man, she shows courage to become the most sought after woman journalist and traps a sex addict shooting business man, Karan Arora ruining him to nuts! – She is Madhu Tripathi. She is shameless, because though from Brussels, she falls in love with an Indian man and becomes pregnant before marriage. – She is Lisa. They are shameless because they all are in love with one and the same man – the handsome but a little eccentric, Editor-in-Chief of Future Tech Media, Mumbai, Priyatam Gopal Seth, popularly known as Tam. Their passion for their ‘Love’ knows no limits – no bounds! They are strong willed women who boldly and shamelessly fought for the truth to save their ‘Love’ and finally made a family! Praised by her readers for deftly and adroitly etching out the characters of her fictions and breathing life into them, Rashmi Singh who has already penned down three fictions and two self help books is a well known figure in the Literary World. Shameless Betrayals, is her fourth fiction and sixth book, revolving around the life of Women Journalists and is a marked departure from the earlier tales narrated by her. Besides being an excellent portrait painter, she is also a deft poet of Hindi and English languages.

Author: Rashmi Singh, has already penned down three fictions and two self help books is a well known figure in the Literary World. Shameless Betrayals, is her fourth fiction and sixth book, revolving around the life of Women Journalists and is a marked departure from the earlier tales narrated by her. Besides being an excellent portrait painter, she is also a deft poet of Hindi and English languages.

Review: A bold & beautiful story that revolves around women power.Kudos to the author Rashmi Singh who has portrayed the characters very well, you can’t put down once you start reading. She has penned down the portrays of women,dominated by the male chauvinists & badly hurt but her characters Mitali & Madhu had the strength to stand against the odds of life instead of recoiling in their shells, they fought back & carved a niche for themselves & gained fame, money & power in the world of journalism. One of the strong character is Mitali who proved that a woman can simultaneously lead a life of beauty & beast, she took revenge with her ex-lover who was a spoilt brat & saw women as a sex object who made her life hell till she lived. Another character Priyatama Gopal Seth is a strong contender of this novel who rescues Mitali & gives his name & fame to survive. Another bold character Madhu who was ridiculed by their cousins & married to an old man but she manages to runs out of the mess. Mitali comes as a savior in the life of Madhu & helps her to take her position in the life of Priyatama. Madhu is a dynamic self & knows to tackle men who tries to allure her & betray the spoilt men of society. The author has portrayed it very boldly but it is a thought provoking & interesting. Book a copy & enjoy the story, you will love !!!

कोई लौटा दे मुझे मेरा बीता बचपन

SOURCE: here

जब हम बच्चे थे
अक्ल के कच्चे थे
हमारे मन सच्चे थे
ऊँच-नीच का ज्ञान नहीं
द्वेष और भेदभाव से परे।।

अपनी इक छोटी सी दुनिया
जो सजती गुङिया-गुड्डों,
रंग-बिरंगे खिलौने से
जिनमें बसती थी जान हमारी।।

सज-संवर कर
रंग-बिरंगे कपङों में
माँ की ऊँगली पकङ कर
जाते हम स्कुल
ज्योंहि माँ ऊँगली छुङाती
उमङ पङते गंगा-जमुना की धार।।

सभी बच्चे प्यारे-न्यारे
हम सब इक बगिया के फूल
खेलते-कूदते, सुर-संगीत से
हम सब सीखे
गिनती,अक्षरमाला, वर्णमाला।।

घर पर हमारी
दादी दुलारी
करती मेरी बङी तरफदारी
सुग्गा- मैना कौर बना कर
मुझे फुसला कर
खिला देती पौष्टिक आहार।।

प्यार की थपकी लगाकर
लोरी गाकर
बिदा कर देती मुझे
नींद रानी के द्ववार
आनंदित हो मैं
रम जाती
लुफ्त उठाती
खो जाती
सपनों के शहर।।

बचपन था हमारा अनमोल
इंद्रधनुष के रंगों का घोल
धरोहर थे
अमूल्य रिश्तों की सच्चाई
बिन मिलावट के
प्यार की गहराई।।

कोई लौटा दे मुझे
मेरा बीता बचपन
फिर से सीखा दे
सादगी और भोलापन।।

© इला वर्मा 24-01-2016

The Cravings


In the late evenings
In dark corners
The bodies pressed
laid near on the shore
Far away from the noises
where we could listen
the breathing heart beats of only two.
The body yearned
For the caresses
Warming up the passion
Burning deep within
Writhed for the fingers
To delve within
Exploring the unexplored rage.
The noises of the
Waves languishing
Ending their might at shores
Soaring our lust of love.
He pressed my fingers into his
Clasping hard & tight
His lips quivered
Licking & Smooching
My earlobes, nape
Swallowing my luscious lips
Sending shivers down
Tingling my back
Whispering softly
The sweet lullabies
Of love
Of ecstasy
His warm breaths
Pouring on my face
Mesmerized me
Which was longing
For a warm touch.
The body yearned
For a caress
His fingers entangled
In between the laces
Stripped me
Baring me all over.
The touch of skin
Sparked & ignited
Me from within.
He rubbed me hard
Fondling playfully
Seducing me to the core.
I surrendered myself
To let him unleash
The hidden desire.
His eyes
Filled with lust
All Over me
Watching me
Heated in his lust.
A crooked smile
Pursed on my lips
Inviting him for more.
I was moaning
Rising & falling
With his hard caresses
Digging & scratching
My bare skin.
I moaned
He groaned
His lips relishing on my skin.
Sweat poured
Glistening our bodies
In the duskiness of moonlight.
His smooth caresses
Spates me to zenith
I shout out aloud
Give me more.
Crossing the boundaries
He took me
Into the depths of eternity
Sailing through
The wanders of lust
Satiating & refreshing
My lost senses.

© Ila Varma 08-01-2016



The evening sets early

Darkness creeping in

Tap-Tap on the glass panes

Flakes of snow in layers

Gathering in.

My numb hands

Wraps Mug of Steaming Coffee

I invigilate earnestly

Trees embellished with Snow.

© Ila Varma 22-01-2016


बारिश की बौछार
बदले सर्दी का मिजाज
जिंदगी आसां घर बैठे लोगों का
चाय-काॅफी की चुस्की से
लुफ्त उठाते सर्दी की
कठिन है जिंदगी उनकी
जिनके पास छत नहीं
सर छुपाने के
ना ही गर्म कपङे
तन को बचाने के
किन्हीं के लिए
आनंदमयी सुहानी सर्दी
कितनों के लिए
हाङ कंपा देने वाली ठण्ड
यह भी करती भेदभाव
इंसानों की भांति।।

© इला वर्मा 20-01-2016


मिलेगें हम एक बार

रूबरू हुए हम

बीते पल से

सजते थे महफिल

हमारे दम पर।।

समय के चक्रवात ने

कर दिया चकनाचूर

संजोए उम्मीद सारे।।

दफन हो गये सब

ख्बाब हमारे

रह गए सिर्फ

अवसाद हमारे।।

एक आस है बाकि

कभी तो, कहीं तो

मिलेगें हम

एक बार।।

 © इला वर्मा 19-01-2016

Books I read in 2015

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. –Neil Gaiman

I am fond of reading books. I read a lot of them and most genres, I love reading except for ghost stories or murders. I despise them as they disturb my thoughts. I have made it a point to buy books worth of Rs.500 in a month and try to read them within the month of buying.  I am a lot possessive about books and don’t believe in lending books easily, if someone close by insists, then I part with my books with a promise that the borrower will return me back after reading. I have a fascination for book collection since childhood. I am quite attached to it though I had to sell off my books on occasions when there was no place to accommodate the lot and the books had worn out and was inviting termites.

I love watching books neatly stacked in the cabinet, it gives me immense satisfaction. In 2015, I read many books, most of them was of new aspiring authors because I am in a process to come out with my debut novel, so I have a soft corner for the upcoming buddies whose stories draws my attention.

The novels of Sudeep Nagarkar & Ravinder Singh’s Romantic numbers, Novoneel Chatterjee’s Thrillers, John Green’s, and The Fault in Our Stars, Chetan Bhagat’s The Half Girlfriend, Paul Coelho, and The Alchemist & Wings of Fire by APJ Kalam & There’s Something About You by Yashodhara Lal were few read by me in 2015. The name I remember, for others I need to check in my book shelf which I don’t wish to do at this point of time. : P

I enjoyed reading all of them, if I would not have, then I would have not finished them or added in my reading list. The debut authors had tried their best to showcase their work in their best abilities and draw audience.

I believe The Alchemist must have been read by most of the book lovers, it’s a book of journey of life elaborated philosophically and I don’t find the need to share with you all. If any of you haven’t read then get one for yourself and do read.

Even the famous dialogue of Shahrukh Khan is from The Alchemist.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The Hindi interpretation is,

कहते हैं अगर किसी चीज़ को दिल से चाहोतो पूरी कायनात उससे तुमसे मिलाने की कोशिश में लग जाती है


I would like to share the happenings of There’s Something about You by Yashodhara Lal. It is not a normal romantic novel of a boy and a girl, it’s different and the story is quite realistic and traumatic which many face in their life.

It’s a story of a middle class family and a single child, Trish who is overweight, and her parents are financially dependent on her. Her father suffering from major ailment and requires a lot of care and caring eyes of Trish for her father explodes her mother, who feels that she is ignored or in a way we can say that she yearns for attention and behaves childish. Trish loses her job and the whole responsibility of running the house in in the hands of Trish and she remains in a great pressure and loses her temperament easily. There is immense pressure on her from all quarters and her neighbour, who gets well with her mother is too in the group of naggers.

Trish is a careless girl and not concerned about her outfits or her figure and not even cares what onlookers views are… The story deals with her struggles at work, at home where her father is on bed and needs continuous pampering. Trish meets Sahil while she counsels online as an anonymous counsellor and he sees a spark in Trish and follows her sincerely and finally, they accept each other and slip into a relationship.

The author has described this journey in a very amusing manner and she conveys the message among people that it’s true that people are fascinated by external looks and the people who are not in the race of good looks are often depressed. The true love seeks the heart of a person as at times, looks can be deceptive. The author has depicted a life of a simple girl, who goes through a lot of tantrums in life at each front and finally, the story has a happy ending.

To know more about it, do read the novel and I am sure you will enjoy.

I am hooked with the novels of Nicolas Sparks Classic series unlike the books of Indian authors. The pace of story in Sparks’s collection is a bit slow but it can be catchy after reaching the end.

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