इंसान की पहचान

ख्बाबों में तुम्हे पास पाया 
सोचा था साथ चलोगे मीलों 
कसमें भी खाई थी संग छोङगें ना कभी 
मैं भी इतरायी तुम्हारी बातों पर
खुद को खुशकिस्मत समझती
गम से बहुत दूर अपने आशयाने में 
ख्बाबों को पिरोया सजाया
खूब इठलाती मन ही मन

पर जब सहारा माँगा 

तुम्हारे हाथों का

झटक कर बढ गये आगे
ठगी सी देखती रही
बुत सी बेजान सी
जुबां कुछ नहीं कह पायी
पर अंदर से खोखली पायी
कसमें देने आसां हैं
पर कौन है हमसफर
यह समय ही तय कर पाता है
इंसान की पहचान भी समय ही कराती है।।
 —– इला 

It’s All About Money, Honey

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It’s all about Money, Honey….there are varied opines on the importance of Money in our life…is Money the only thing that can bag happiness…straighten out a broken relationship…maintain a status symbol in our society & family…I never attached importance to this paper…a very dirty thing but still in this materialistic world, we guard it more than our life…Once I was just introspecting , what was the dirtiest thing that we find around & concluded that this paper Money is the most dirtiest thing..very unhygienic but we never wash our hands after touching the notes…it circulates from so many hands…many keep inside their body & even in their private parts but still we never think twice while picking up these coins or notes…just because it can fetch all the comforts of life…not even a single person would have ever thought of washing hands after counting the notes…this is materialistic world & many close relations are also weighed on this scale…the people with better monetary power gets more attention than the one who lacks or has less…

Not only in social circle, people with hefty pay packets are respected but even in family people with best salary structure are given more importance & care….you are good at heart, helping nature but you don’t have much to spare , you won’t be welcomed…people will cut off from you & will have an apprehension that they might have to help the insufficient & this apprehension creates a hype in the relation….

I know better that this Money is not going to fetch inner happiness or peace…but..believe me, you can buy relatives, friends, well wishers, a status in society from this …so this dirty paper is very valuable in our life…the people who have read this would be thinking how stupid I am saying that the Money is not so important…yes, it has immense importance….but is it so important that you keep other relations on stand…even parents who has borne the child into this world & has given many sermons to become a good human being too start differentiating between their kids on the pretext of money….these things hurt me a lot….& I pray to God that never ever make me so that I too start weighing all the relationship on the bar of economics…till today I feel proud of myself that I don’t have ill feelings for my relatives & I am keen to help all as much as I can…& feel happy for all & don’t hold any prejudice though I find many who are jealous of their siblings & friends on their success.

I feel I am lucky self that I don’t harbour such feelings…..Money is the medium to survive & lead a life of our choice as per our income….but after life, all that you hoard are scattered and what trails is your good deeds, I have seen life from close quarters & found that the people who ignored all the relations or comforts of life just to guard the money in bank accounts did not lead a quality life & one fine day left for heavenly abode leaving all the accounts full with Money…but did it give them happiness or peace…No, never & now no one even take their names…

I know many won’t agree with my view…I have seen ups & downs of life & have enjoyed the good & bad days of life…with lots of money or with meager sum…but never ever I changed my way of accepting people & I welcomed all with a happy heart in my good or worse days…my way never changed…so
Honey…Money is important but don’t attach too much of importance….it’s not above the relationships…I know we can’t do without it…but the joys of  life can’t be bought with it…..Time to retrospect !!!

Why we run away from challenges

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The word Challenge inspires us to be challenging & we take up on a positive note  thinking it  would sail away smooth on a fast pace & if it does not work as thought, we try to evade from the scene. The thing which appears to be challenging needs your time & patience to compete with it , if it would have been easy then certainly it would not be challenging but many don’t understand.

In the beginning, one puts in all his effort to make it work out but if they smell that it’s not working up to their expectation, they just give up & put their hands off saying that I can’t. Man, Life isn’t so easy nor their hiccups easy to handle, if it would have been so easy then why would one approach you , it would have been managed on their own.

The starters of today lack the patience & they give up easily….the people lead a fast life of two minute Maggi noodles…they don’t have the resistance power…when they can’t think of cooking for oneself then how can one resist life’s hurdles…life poses hurdles to test your power of fighting with adversities & tests your power & the people who come out of it are the real winners & the ones who back out lack the power to fight with the odds.

Life has never been easy….when you dawn on this planet you are fed only when you cry out…if the people would not have felt the pangs of hunger no one would have cooked food so at each juncture of life, there is pressure to perform & the pressure mounting compels us to compete….so is our student life…the pressure of family, peers & society & a threat to do something better to lead a smooth life inspires us to study well & the target is set to meet in order to lead a better life….if there wouldn’t have been a pressure…there would have been few in numbers  to work hard in schools / colleges.

Whole life revolves round pressure & challenges & the person who has the capability to handle are the real winners & they keep themselves happy & contended as well as the people who are associated with them. In service industries, there is a challenge & commitment at every step & your patience is tested at every nook & corner…you tend to meet people who are contrary to your expectation…few are difficult to handle…some may appear a threat to you but been in the industry of servicing, you can’t deny the privilege to service & you have to maintain your coolness…what you are going thru is not the matter of concern of your clientele, you are there to help him & you have to when you have vowed to & escaping from the scene is not expected…this is the time to test your grit….and when you have got the opportunity then don’t deny…maybe at this level of immaturity you reject but in the long run….it will be a guilt that you will carry…so better shed your ego & impatience & offer your support & this constant support will help you in the long run…..remember….life rewards us in small packages not with one single big package….as it is with our savings….we save amounts in our bank accounts by investing small amounts at regular intervals !!!

I would like to quote one instance which can be a eye opener for many:

A man visited hospital with his only son badly wounded & he required instant help from surgeon to save him. He was crying & yelling at the doctors to provide immediate help. He became impatient when he came to know that the surgeon was not available in hospital. In a fit of rage, he condemned the whole hospital authorities…in the mean time they admitted his son & started his treatment & soon the surgeon attended the patient & he was operated & his life saved. The surgeon left the hospital post operation, but the man was disgusted & remarked that couldn’t he wait for my son to regain consciousness. The nurse of the hospital told him the episode the doctor was facing, she told him that the only son of doctor had breathed his last & he was going to perform his last rites when his son needed emergency operation  & the doctor came to the hospital just for his son & when his operation was over, he left the hospital so that he could perform the last rites of his son.
The man after knowing the truth was speechless & thankful to the surgeon for providing timely aid to his son & save him. The surgeon did not cared of his tough situation but managed to provide service to his patient on time. He accepted the challenge in the most adverse situation of life.

One shouldn’t run away from adverse situation but ready to accept the challenge….Stay committed &  make the difference in owns life as well as in life of others.

It’s the way of Almighty to test his own people !!!


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The Indian Traditional Wedding is loaded with numerous rituals & it’s hectic for the bride & groom as well as for families of both sides, still all enjoy  & I feel that’s the reason that once tied..it’s tough to unwound…the rituals bind them together though these days people wish to curtail the traditions but the seniors don’t let them miss but insist to follow religiously.
We too were not spared by the seniors & it had exhausted us totally but our love endured all & it was an auspicious occasion which would remain etched in our memory throughout our life & we followed all the customs religiously & the closeness of my Ashwin rejuvenated me from within and I felt closer to my dreams turning into reality & it’s true the power of love is such that it belittles all other things & this time I felt it’s power.

My Mom-in-law was very happy & rejoicing her only son’s marriage & she welcomed me heartily & I was confident that she is no less than my mother, my Mom won this relation because she had undergone the pangs of labour to bring me into this world & it instilled in me a great confidence that my new Mom would be a pillar of strength in my life…this feeling itself is a great thing for a new bride who steps into new house, new world with a whole set of new people & is bound in new relations which becomes her identity throughout the life.

After Bahu Bhaat, all the guests retreated back & we were left alone to start the exciting journey of life …a new lease of life….a totally new aspect which we had vowed to take up together & make this journey memorable for each other. We packed our bags & baggage to start for our honeymoon, the spot pre-booked , Puri , Orissa.

I had packed my baggage secretly keeping the costumes & other things of my choice that I had purchased to wear on honeymoon trip giving surprise to my friend, my confidante who was my hubby now and after tying the knot, the relation was much more sacred…I saw a new dimension in this relationship…before I used to share with him all the things abruptly but now I was on lookout to give him surprises & kept things to me & loved to watch his lovely expressions which raced my each beat & made me love him more than before & so with each passing day & night …my fondness for him grew…..& I had found my true love.

We started our journey full of excitement & looked ahead for the surprises that was in store for both of us.Throughout journey, we maintained the discipline to behave unlike the new couple of today who don’t bother of people in surrounding & indulge in cuddling & kissing…they think they have every right…there are many things which all of us know but it’s better that it is done in privacy maintaining the sanctity of relationship & in early 80’s we didn’t had the courage to explore at public places though today I don’t deny that we didn’t had the desire …yes we had the desire but the inhibitions prohibited us to indulge…secretly we wished that we reach our destination fast  & explore our new self to each other.

After 24 hours of journey, we landed on the shores of Puri…pleasant weather welcomed us & we loved the environment…away from the hustle-bustle of city..breathing fresh air far from pollution…we had booked our room in OTDC …the hotel was on the sea shore…panoramic view of sea from the hotel ‘s room window & the cool breeze eased us from the exhaustion of wedding & journey. After getting fresh & having a brunch…we surrendered ourselves to each other exploring completely unknown facets of each other & there was no inhibitions, no fear..no boundaries to be maintained & the passion of fire melted us to the core leaving us restless …& we didn’t wish to part from each other not even for a second & the cool weather sparked our love making to new heights..it wasn’t first encounter after nuptial knot but amidst silence of the breeze…we sailed to new horizon ….the expressions spoke more than the words….and this was the first time since we started seeing  each other that we didn’t exchange a word the whole day….the initiative of Ashwin was mind blowing…I had never seen this facet of Ashwin….a complete Man & now I was no more a naive….a woman of substance as Ashwin remarked.

The baggage that we had carried long way was still lying as bundle in the corner of the room & we were under the sheets where we had explored each other…I thoroughly enjoyed the initiation of my hubby which made me feel like an angel…My Man was wild & soft & his passionate moves filled me up to the brim of satisfaction & I felt on top of the world…it can’t be said in words…no amount of words can suffice the passion of fire which had kindled our love.

After a hot & refreshing shower, we strolled on the sea shore cuddling each other…& watching the tides on the full moon night….the tides were high due to the effects of full moon so people don’t step into the sea….the view was pleasing & the company of my love made it more comforting & the silence of a long day was broken by the spurts of jokes that Ashwin cracked….he had a good collection of it…..with few unhealthy ones which he shared with me today for the first time…..and our laughter echoed on the shore amongst the tides that fiercely rose but sublimed at the shore…




I LOVE YOU DIVYA.….it echoed in the distance !

to be continued….. 


Why I wait for you
 I don’t know
Your cool Smile made my day
I reciprocated to your Smiles
When I came close to you
I don’t know !!!

A tingling on my mobile
Gathered my attention
With a hope that there would be
a short SMS or a call for me !!!

When I became We
I don’t know
Your care made me Weak
I started knitting my dreams with you!!!

Your soft ways of Expression
sent tingling all over me
How & when U became my World
I don’t know!!!

The confidence with which you held me
Made me more confident
I started yearning for all attention
And wished to go miles & miles
With you beside me!!!

In my pursuit of Happiness
Forgot that whom I cherished
Was not mine & can’t be mine
But still I wait for you
I don’t know Why!!!

Still I long for you
And, We can be Friends
Let the flame of Trust
Be Ignited Under Love & Care!!!

Let this bond Survive
Without A Name
Near The Stream Of
Purity & Sanctity!!!

All are not Lucky
To receive what they Crave for
A Bit of Attention & Love
Can Bring Wonders In My Wonderland!!!

In Thy name of Friendship
I believe I can Ask for
A Token Of Acceptance
To Restore My Faith
In Myself & Thyself!!!

© Ila Varma 2015


Isn’t it weird that when we hate somebody, we disclose our feelings to all but when we love somebody we don’t dare to say to anyone not even to the person whom we love…The justified feeling is suppressed & the unjustified one is expressed freely & it circulates in a faster pace…

Why not express your true feelings & let the other self know that he / she  is the lucky one, who reigns in your heart & in your dreams…expression gives wings to feelings and leaves you relaxed freeing you from the fear of losing…

To handle yourself, Use your head; to handle others, Use your Heart.

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others use your heart ” Quoted by Roosevelt drew my attention but in real life, we just do the reverse …we handle ourselves using our heart & handle others using our brains & get caught in the soup…Roosevelt must have been caught in the same situation & after the consequences, he would have realized & quoted the same.
It’s true that life gives us an opportunity to learn and we learn from our experiences; good experiences adds joys to our life & bitter ones are the lessons that we learn in a tough way but it is with us all throughout the life & the toughest lessons does not leave us…there is a scar which remains with us & it tends us not to repeat further.

Friends huggind

We come across numerous people in our life.…but few leave their footprints in our lives…in just twenty-four hours of a day, we tend to meet many faces some familiar, few new but we don’t even remember all…we don’t keep a note of all whom we meet but there are some who carve a niche in your life & you feel a strong connection with them…keeps you preoccupied…some just step into your world & make you feel that you are one of the important aspects of one’s life…promises to be at your side when you need the most & you to dig faith but the promises are not kept  & you are let down…you feel loss of words to express…emotions flow out thru your eyes & you yearn for a caring hand…but when you need the most..you don’t find it & it makes you feel that you were emotional fool caught between the words…though you tread cautiously in this world still destiny plays its part & you were destined to go thru it consciously or unconsciously….a big jolt leaves you dumb & speechless but it is true that eyes speak the truth & you crave for a warm hand holding you & this craving makes you weak…and the realization set in that the words said was mere a mixture of vowels & consonants & it didn’t carry a meaning…it was said casually & you took it seriously….life mocks at you because you dealt with your heart in lieu of mind.
We don’t listen to our mind because it shows you a naked truth but you aren’t ready to accept it & you love to see a beautifully dressed lie which captivates you & you love to tread in the world of lies which seems beautiful but its hollow from inside.

I feel we should try to tread on the words of Roosevelt, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” & we will certainly feel or see the difference in our lives…it can be painful in the beginning…BIGGEST TRUTH OF LIFE…NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN…even when we took birth on this earth, it wasn’t easy to come out of the womb…had to go thru the constrictions & pain to breathe a new life & the mother who gave birth had to undergo tremendous pain to bring us & she did to see her bundle of joy & her pain vanished off at the sight of a new life.



Everyday is a new chapter of life & we learn new things with each encounter of life….it is in continuation…many instances goes unnoticed but few jolt us or surprise us ….& we learn from our deeds or mistakes..it is easy to say learn to Trust or don’t be prejudiced…it jolts you to the core when you trust someone blindly  with utmost faith & the faith is torn…it hurts a lot but you can’t even complain nor say anything because you held your faith very high & now you don’t know how to react….set in silently or cry out…crying out will attract attention of many…& one has nothing to give in for an explanation…the faith was held in high esteem & in one go you can’t blow it out, out of proportion…mind allows to break the barriers but heart refuses to proceed further & since time immemorial heart has won over mind & that’s the reason that hearts are broken into pieces so small that it is difficult to take back its shape…If one had mastery over mind then the picture of heart & emotions could not have been found anywhere in this universe….still we run after emotions as it is a binding factor & we can’t unbind easily.

In any relationship, personal touch is important for survival …be it professional, family or friends…the essence of all is involvement of affections….& one should learn to care for the affections & trust one has built on one another…it’s not easy to gain trust & when you are trusted at least pay in the price of it in kindness….it’s true money buys everything that we need to survive but still the inner peace can be bought by faith & affection so this tops the list but we are so much engrossed in materialism that we ignore the bare fact….& the caring hand goes unnoticed.

To tear apart..it’s not mandatory that you abuse by derogatory remarks because when we do so we aren’t hurting the other self but one is hurting oneself as Buddha said, “If you throw hot coals on someone then you are bound to burn your hands first”….but people forget this fact & invite trouble for themselves…

Breaking is easy than constructing but in a fit of rage…one doesn’t understand the importance of a relationship which is formed in years or months or weeks & if one has hold you high in his eyes then respect the beholder…you won’t loose much instead you will gain…gain won’t be in momentum but in long run you are bound to reap the fruits of it…over care or dependence feels like pressure on one self but try to see the beautiful side to it that you are privileged to be the owner of the pride & try to maintain the sanctity of it…care goes by sharing care….that’s it !!!



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A Very Happy New Year To all the people of this Universe. May the year 2015 starts with a bang and an era ushers with all the pleasantries filling the lives of all with peace & prosperity & the people who suffered setbacks due to loss of loved ones in air crashes, mothers losing their flesh & many incidences which agonized the masses…we can’t bring back the people that we lost…start the year with a silent prayer that we don’t go through the trauma and let peace prevail in bringing zillion smiles on the faces of millions.

May God bless the people & the people indulge in practising good things to add sparkle to one’s life and we all be blessed with the beautiful things of the world.


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