Are The Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Comfortable For Babies?

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A woman’s life completes the worth of being a woman attaining Motherhood, it is indeed a bliss. Being a Mother comes with a lot of responsibility, care and loads her with tonnes of unconditional love for her child. Of all the relationships on the planet, Mother’s love is the purest form and eternal.
“The only day in your life …Your mother smiled when you cried” is on the birth of a child as aptly put by the great leader and scientist Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azaad.
This is very true and she laughs her heart out when she holds her baby close to her bosom and the milk flows incessantly to feed her baby. It is a physiological and psychological phenomenon found in all mammals on the planet, Earth.
Mom Becomes Selective

As a Mom, we become choosy in selecting the right things for our baby right from her feed to her clothing’s, diapers, bed, accessories and each and every article used for the babies. Our motherly instincts tentacles are very alert and we verify each article before using for our baby.
My friends at Mom Bloggers suggested me to use Baby Wipes for my baby and discussed the advantages of using it. The advantages attracted me to the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes, which claims to be As Good As Cotton & Water but I wanted to cross-check the product for my Baby.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes advertises in its campaign that it is a natural plant product derived from nature and do not contain any harmful chemicals, hence perfect and safe for babies use.
Normally, the non-organic baby wipes are helpful for the Moms at home front or on travel but the long use of its results in rashes because of chemicals and non- biodegradable ingredients embedded in the wipes.
There are numerous brands of Baby Wipes in the market and claims of all are tall and convincing. I desired to go through the Flame Test to verify the claims of Brand Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
Brand Mother Sparsh claims:

§   98% water content
§  Bio-degradable, Safe for babies & it curbs garbage pollution
§  Non-irritant to Baby’s Skin
§  Product Fabric derived from Plant
§  No Parabens, Alcohol, Synthetics or Polyester
§  100% Safe for Baby Care

§  Pocket-Friendly

I decided that to encounter the claims, Flame Test will be apt to test its veracity of the claims.
Things you need for the Flame Test

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes
A Candle & a Lighter or a Match Box
Caution: Avoid testing in front of kids because they might imitate you and it can be hazardous for them. Test when kids are not around.
How to Do

Light the candle and hold a corner of a baby wipe on to the flame. It will take a few minutes to catch flame because of its water content. Once it catches fire, burn at least half of the wipe and check for the emitted smell and residue.
When I did the same, the smell emitted was the same as it emits after burning paper or cotton cloth and there was no residue left, only ashes. The ashes were blown away easily by the blow of a fan.

Wow…the Flame Test concluded the claims of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes correct and As Good As Cotton & Water. I decided to use the same for my loving baby.
I had borrowed a single wipe from the group of Mommies and I pinged them in the group and conveyed that the claims of Mother Sparsh and theirs were found perfect by me after taking the Flame Test.
Immediately, I placed the order online on Amazon and it was delivered within a few days.
It is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart and FirstCry, Click and Order.
I and my cutie pie, both are happy with the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. I highly recommend Moms to choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
My baby’s skin is soft and supple and I use it profusely for cleaning her face, hands and body and bum after every pee and poop. I use for myself to wipe my face clean and it is always there in my Baby Travel bag.
Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes takes care of the baby’s skin and environment.
I am loving it.

Extraordinary Qualities of Legend of the Millennium – Amitabh Bachchan!


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I am a diehard fan of Amitabh Bachchan since my early childhood. The first movie of Amitabh Bachchan I watched on the silver screen was Muqaddar Ka Sikandar and my idol-worship began. Since then, no looking back in four decades, no hero fascinated me more than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Fan following of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is huge and he is famous all over the universe and people adore him.

Amitabh Bachchan started his career in the film industry with a scratch and carved a niche for himself. He saw major setbacks in life but still, he survived and emerged as a winner who steals the hearts of people in large numbers.

What makes him stand Exclusive & Extraordinary?


    His Deep VoiceAmitabh Bachchan is gifted with a deep baritone and his voice stands against the crowd. It has an ability to hypnotize and convince people. He has contributed his voice for plays, songs and recites his father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan poems with dignity. His voice pulls the crowd and leaves people spellbound.

    Work is Worship for Him – He is reigning in the film industry for four decades and it is said that he is very punctual. He believes in giving his best and he can work for long hours without getting puzzled. The people love to work with him. He never takes the job for granted rather he take it up as a challenge and puts in efforts as a newcomer in rehearsals. The energy he publicizes on KBC is an inspiration for the people and the participants. I believe this is the reason that he is reigning in the hearts of the public.

    Humble & Down to Earth – Amitabh Bachchan has won maximum accolades on the national & international platform, still false pride and ego have not touched him. He is humble and down to earth and he recognizes his audience and believes in his audience for his success in the industry. While watching KBC, the way he addresses the contestants and their family members are mind-blowing. He gives immense weight and regard to the participants. He makes the contestants feel at home and comfortable. He has aged gracefully. 

    His Acting is Natural – He enters into the skin of the character that is assigned to him and justifies it 100% without fail. His acting seems to be natural and effortless.

    Adaptable to Changes – He is not conservative in his view and actions and believes in changing himself with the passage of time. He interacts easily with any age group and easily adapts to the latest trends. 

    Sunday Darshan for his Fan followers – Despite having a hectic schedule, he never forgets to give Darshan on Sunday on his residence to his diehard fans and acknowledges their sentiments and emotions. People throng in large numbers to have a glance of their hero. This proves his popularity among people.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan suffers from serious ailments and has to abstain from rich and junk food still you won’t find him anxious. He is a pure vegetarian and a teetotaller. He has accepted his health flaws and maintains a healthy schedule in spite of hectic schedules.
He is nearing close to 78 years still he possesses vibrant energy and knows how to capture the attention of an audience. He is an inspiration for the people of all ages and he gives competition to youngsters. He is a power bank, loaded with positive energy.
Lessons to Learn from Amitabh Bachchan:

   Drop false ego and pride.
    Work on your strengths
    Kick negativity out of Life.
    Success is Temporary & Attitude is Permanent so work to maintain the positive attitude.
    A Grand Smile & Making people comfortable in his company.

I feel happy to watch my hero gaining height of success and popularity. 

I believe my Readers will agree with my views.

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5 Bollywood Movies that Brought Positive Change in Indian Social System!

We watch the movie for Entertainment and only entertainment. It is an age-old way of gushing adrenaline and releasing stress. The silver screen came into existence long back and still the craze of Bollywood movies do exist among people of all age groups. The Bollywood came into existence when there was no video entertainment option available and today, in spite of varied options available, still the craziness for the movies is intact.
Fun, laughter, enjoyment, feasting and spending time in relaxation is the motive to go for a movie outing.
Some movies help us to forget our uncanniness, stress, and pain and few touches the strings of our heart, especially the issues that are least discussed. The social issues touch the lives of many in multiple ways and people find it interesting. The society is open to changes if the movie shows them the path of righteousness. The visual aids have more impact on our senses than reading or listening, thus the movie proves to be a torchbearer and it brings valid and better changes in society uplifting them for the betterment.

In this post, we will discuss 5 Bollywood movies which stirred the emotions of the public and the impact proved to be positive and great in all the sections of society.

v Matrubhoomi

The idea of Matrubhoomi sparked from the continuous cases of female infanticide, abortion and killing of the girl child. The director fantasizes a rural world without women. The movie gives the message by showing barbaric acts practiced by the sex-starved males of the rural India which includes gang rape, incest, homosexuality, bestiality, pornography, and violence. The men in the world of negligible women have to take care of all household and are frustrated because their physical desires are not satiated. The Movie has tried to show that the world without women is impossible. A woman is as precious as a man and to reign peacefully on the planet, both have their own importance for each other. She is the creator of the universe, she is the queen of the household, she is responsible for further progeny and she can only satisfy the physical whims of a man. The social message is clear and loud, save girl child, educate her and remove gender biasedness from society. It had an impact on the minds of the people which led them to believe the importance of a woman in the society. Gradually, the girl child is being welcomed in all sections of society.
v Pad Man

The story of a Pad Man revolves around the monthly cycle that every girl goes through after attaining puberty at a tender age of 9 to 12 years. The monthly cycle, the period is least talked about in our society and it is a matter believed to be under covers. There are a lot of myths and taboos attached to it. The educated mothers educate their daughters on the subject and the hygiene to be followed. But the larger population is ignorant and deprived of sanitary napkins, hygienic conditions. They are not educated enough to maintain hygiene during the time of periods. The consequence is bad health, infections, and diseases related to reproductive organs. The high cost of sanitary napkins poses an issue to use for the population below the poverty line or not economically sound. The movie Pad Man educates through the movie the importance of monthly cycle, uses of sanitary napkins, the healthy alternative of sanitary napkins, and to maintain hygiene during the period phase. It encourages for open discussion with parents and be proud of the periods because it proves that the girl or a woman is fertile and it is not a subject to be ashamed of. The message of the movie was taken in a positive stride and various platforms and activists came forward to address the issues related to periods. Schools and institutions came forward to obtain sanitary kiosks for the girl students and women employees so that they don’t face awkwardness at work or study place. The movie gave a clear and positive message and the transformations have taken place in our society.

v Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

Since ages, Indians have not attached much importance to the existence of toilets in the house. They believed that it was inauspicious to have a toilet within the premises of a house or a building. They went to fields to attend to nature call. With urbanization, the concept came into existence in big cities and towns but the semi-rural and rural area were deprived of the facility. The womenfolk suffered a lot because they had to venture out in dark to relieve themselves, either before sunrise or after sunset.

The movie Toilet conveyed the message to society on the importance of the toilet within the premises, especially for the womenfolk. It focussed on the unhygienic conditions related to open defecation in public places, lands and water bodies.

The movie had a great impact on the social and political machinery of India and the movement of building toilets in all homes and public places gathered pace. The ignorant and the unaware mass population realized the importance of a toilet. The girl to be married of became particular about the existence of toilets at their in-law’s place and they denied entering into such a relationship where the toilet did not exist for women.

v 3 Idiots

The movie 3 Idiots moved the thought process of Indian parents. It revolutionized the primitive thinking of the parents, who aspired to see their children qualify in medical, engineering, civil services, and other superior jobs and did not have respect for all types of jobs. They overlooked the ambitions nurtured by the child according to his interest.

The movie tried to convey the message that no occupation is higher or lower and the interests of a student matter. If a student pursues the subject of his interest, he will excel and be confident always. The parental pressure on the child proves fatal at times or the child loses his interest and confidence.

This movie proved a game changer in society as it revoked the sentiments of the students. It encouraged them to voice their opinions and select a path that they find suitable for themselves. The mindset of parents changed and they readily welcomed the decision of their children.
v  Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par movie revolves around the character of a child, who suffers from a learning disability, Dyslexia. The parents are not able to assess that their child is not on par with his sibling or other children of his society and class. He does not do well at studies front and fails or gets lower marks. As a punishment, he is shifted to a boarding school. There, Aamir Khan identifies him with his disability and shifts his studies to the special course of the disabled or differently abled child. His patience and perseverance identify the potency of the child and he helps him on all fronts. The child excels in his subject of interest. Aamir Khan acquaints the parents of the disability his child is facing and how to help him to progress as a special child.

This movie has sent a positive message across all parents, teachers, children, and students. All the students are not alike, the potencies differ so never compare kids. Further, in our country, there is minimal support offered to a special child of God by the schools. There is a lack of special schools and amenities required for differently abled children.

The message was strong in the movie and it had a great impact on parents and teachers. They understood the reason and started accepting the kids who were different from the normal crowd, suffering from autism, dyslexia etc. 

India has to go a long way in this field but the consciousness has arrived and the movie Taare Zameen Par stirred the minds of people to think about the special children of God and accept their flaws. Many schools, institutions, and social organizations are coming forward to settle scores of a special child and make them independent by identifying their abilities and working on it.

All the 5 movies had a strong social message that stirred the emotions and changed the mindset of the society.

These 5 movies stood apart from the crowd and taught a lesson to our society and encouraged them to rise above the social taboos and improve the fabric of society.

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Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry VIII – Healthy Besan Laddoos!

The Eighth Contestant of Traditional Indian Food Contest is Mrs. Jaya Verma, based at Srinagar. 

Mrs. Jaya Verma, a post-graduate in Economics and worked with MNC before marriage. She gave up her job because of family responsibilities. She is a perfect homemaker and fond of trying new dishes, especially sweet dishes, due to the sweet tooth. Her kids enjoy relishing on her saviors and guests do not forget to woo her for her extraordinary dishes. 
She has shared the recipe of Healthy Besan Laddoos, a mouthwatering sweet dish that you can prepare on special occasions, festivals and good for munching in biting cold. The ingredients will keep you warm.

Healthy Besan Laddoos


Wheat Flour: 250 gms
Besan Flour: 100 gms
Roasted Groundnuts: 100 gms
Roasted White Sesame Seeds: 50 gms
Roasted Flax Seeds: 50 gms
Powdered Gond: 50 gms
Roasted Makhana: 50 gms
Roasted Almonds: 50 gms
Roasted Cashewnuts: 50 gms
Chuwara: 50 gms
Jaggery: 250 gms grated
Ghee: 250 gms
Turmeric pwd.: 1 tbsp.
Pepper pwd.: 1 tbsp.

Grind Gond to a fine powder and keep aside. Grind all the roasted ingredients into coarse powder and keep ready.
Note: Roast all the ingredients separately because different ingredients take different time to roast. You can grind all in one go.

Take heavy bottomed pan or kadhai, heat 200 gms ghee. Add wheat and gram flour and continue to fry on medium flame. See that no lumps are there and it is evenly fried. Keep on flame till it changes colour and it gives a sondhi fragrance. It will take half an hour to get it fried evenly. Add turmeric and pepper powder into the mixture and put off the flame. Add powdered Gond and other roasted ingredients that you have ground coarsely into the hot laddoo mixture so that it mixes well.  Mix evenly so that it is uniform in taste.
Keep this aside and add rest ghee to another pan and add grated jaggery into it. Mix well on low flame. Once the jaggery melts evenly, add it into the laddoo mixture and mix properly. Start making laddoos when the mixture is warm and spread on a ghee smeared plate. You have to make the laddoos while the mixture is warm, else it will not get into shape.
Healthy Laddoos are ready to relish. Pack in an airtight container when it cools off. Relish with your family and friends. This can stay for more than a fortnight and you can prepare this recipe on the eve of festivals. Gear up for forthcoming Ganesha Chathurthi & Durga Puja celebrations with Healthy Laddoos.

Dear Readers, 

Pl post your comment after trying the recipe. Share & care.

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Book Review: Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor! #Meditation

Title: Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor
Author: Mrs. Ranjana Gaur
Genre: Spiritual
Publisher: Kausthubh Prakashan
ISBN: 978-93-82666-52-3
Format: Paperback
First Edition: 2018
Pages: 240
Price:  525
Source: Author Copy
Cover Design: 3.5/5
My Ratings: 4.5/5.
About the Author:
The author of the book, Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor is Ranjana Gaur. She was born in 1953 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She started her career with Patna Radio Station and her artistic & creative skills helped her to fetch fair chance to act in theatre, IPTA, and Doordarshan. She has done Masters in Reiki Healing and from there, her inclination towards spiritualism raised its head.
Her meeting with her spiritual Guru in 1990 after reading his Guru’s Guru Autobiography, it changed her perspective and her interest in spiritualism deepened. Her inner meditative energy awakened and her interest developed her meditative powers and to see the things differently with an essence of positivity.
By the blessings of her Guru, she was appointed as a Meditation teacher and she took the reins in her hand, sharing and imbibing the teachings of her Guru.
She believes in the power of mediation and she says that it helps to realize one true self and a power to overcome negativity.
The book, Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor is a beautiful chain of the process of meditation. Spirituality is within all of us. We have to just discover and recognize it. Till you don’t recognize, you see life as a heap of happiness and struggles. You love the times of happiness but get overburdened or depressed during the phase of distrust. The author in her book has tried to explain the facts of life illustrating live examples around us and how to deal with it with a faith to overcome via meditation. The meditation has the powers to repel negative energy or transforming it into positive energy.
The meditation is not an easy exercise as it appears but by following it in routine and increasing the duration slowly will invoke interest in the process. The bad thoughts or negative pressures will leave the mind, body, and soul and in positive energy will start building up inside. The positive energy uplifts spiritualism and helps people to accept the challenges without any fear or hiccups.
She has explained how to start meditation, how to benefit from meditation and has given examples from her life. The various interactions she had with people, her own experiences from day to day life, the reactions of people in different instances and how she dealt in her life and how she taught her students to overcome.
The students were not school going kids but adults who required support to understand the realms of meditation and what actually spiritualism is. People believe that to attain spiritualism and practice meditation, one has to renounce the world and become a saint.
The author, Ranjana Gaur has honestly explained that within the normal pursuit of life maintaining a normal life, one can easily practice meditation and enjoys its power. The power of meditation is strong and useful. It changes the attitude and improves perception, the power of perceiving things, diminishes fear of losing and helps in accepting the facts of life.
To know more about the subjects, buy the book, “Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor” and discover the ways and techniques that she has mentioned to follow and her stories from her daily life. The stories are interesting and intriguing.
I have finished the book but still, I am not delving deep because I want you all to buy the book and read for yourself.
My Take:
I received the copy from the author and read thoroughly. I was inspired by her thoughts and it did help to change my ability to perceive knocking negativity down. I do believe in meditation powers and my father got a chance to attend her meditation classes and it helped him in the bouts of Parkinson. I highly recommend this book and request to practice meditation. It has the power to cure diseases, enhance mood and liven up life by energizing our soul. Give time to yourself every day and recognize your power and awaken your inner consciousness.
To Buy books, Amazon: Click here
Image Credits: Ila Varma & Ranjana Gaur.
Reviewer: Ila Varma.

Disclaimer: It is an honest review, no biasedness. I believe in the powers of meditation and spiritualism and could connect easily with the author’s thought process and her writings.

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Traditional Indian Food Contest Entry VII – Harabhara Kebabs! #VegetarianCuisine

The seventh contestant of the Traditional Indian Food Contest is Mrs. Ranjana Gaur from Mumbai.
About Ranjana Gaur

Ranjana Gaur is a creative and spiritual person. She has worked with Patna radio Station, Theatre in Mumbai, IPTA plays and Doordarshan as an artist. 
She is an author and her debut book published, based on spiritualism, titled, “Meri Adhyatamik Yatra” and her second book published, “Antar Smridhhi Ki Oar”
She has written about her journey on the path of spiritualism and how she attained. How she guided people to attain following the normal worldly life living among the family and people, without denouncing a normal life.
Upon my request, she agreed to participate in the Traditional Indian Food Contest. She is an all-rounder, trying her hands in all fields of creativity and her video of her culinary skills proves her excellence.
Let’s watch her video and learn how to make the vegetarian dish, 

“HaraBhara Kebab.” 

Try her method and get praised for your culinary skills by your near and dear ones.


Boiled Potatoes
Jeera Powder
Green Chillies
Salt to taste
Garlic paste
Ginger paste
Cooking Oil to sauté.
Cooking Method

Explained by Ranjana Gaur in the embedded video.
You can prepare this delicacy in the monsoons and relish with a cuppa of hot tea and coffee with your loved ones. It will be wonderful to try this cuisine in winters. You can add more green veggies available in winters to heighten the taste and brighten the hues of the Kebabs.
Dear Readers,

Please try the cuisine shared by Mrs. Ranjana Gaur, Mumbai and share your experiences with us.

You can access the recipe on YouTube.

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Relationships are Fragile!

Relationships are Fragile, Handle with Care. 

Been proactive on social media and included in
many groups within social media acquaints me with the issues faced by the
people. Relationship management is not an easy task and it requires patience
and perseverance.  We need to remember
that the relationships are like the sacred thread which needs the care to be
handled and maintained. Too much of expectations and alterations might affect
and the thread can be snapped. Once snapped, it is not possible to come back
into original shape, how hard you try. A knot will always be there and it
suffocates the relationship.

रहिमन धागा प्रेम का, मत तोड़ो चटकाय।टूटे से फिर ना जुड़े, जुड़े गांठ परि जाय।

Doha of Rahim is apt to understand the essence of a relationship.

If we remember the words of Rahim, we can be true in maintaining long-term

Today, in one of the groups, hot discussion of the day was,

to handle Relatives & Friends who sprawl or sit on the sofa with feet up,
Should they be asked to sit properly or ignored?”

The answers thronged the platform and maximum were of the view that they should ask their relatives and friends to sit in a proper way.  If it sounds rude, they did not feel to be bothered and negligible were of the opinion, अतिथिदेवो भव and we should refrain from being rude and offensive.

I too plunged in the discussion with my own opinion.

I hold the view that the relatives and friends that visit our place are because they nurture love and care for us and we should respect them.

In today’s scenario, people lazily sprawl on sofas while watching TV or time spent with family. When you yourself do the same then you don’t feel the need to be questioned then how come, you feel like asking family members and guests to avoid.

Further, people love to be in the comfort zone and because they feel at home at your place so they tend to get informal on their visit.

It is better to refrain from asking friends and relatives to be formal and not to sit with feet up or lying on the sofa. It will hurt the sentiments. Why be so concerned about the things that are perishable? It is far better to save the relationships because the relationships are delicate and fragile and need lots of care to flourish. The things damaged can be amended or replaced but a relationship cannot.

People don’t remember us through our articles and commodities, we are remembered for our good and bad deeds.

My sincere advice was that overlook these petty things and rise above these materialistic things to maintain the sanctity of our relationships.

Moreover, if your conscience does not allow to accept the informal behavior of the people, who visit you, then there are a few ways that you can adhere to and maintain silence.

Change your habit and keep the rules uniform for the insiders as well as the outsiders
Don’t allow anybody to break the rules
It is better not to restrict, instead use sofa covers that can be frequently washed or sprawl cotton thin comforters on the sitting arrangements. Wash them weekly.
People loved my idea and I too follow the same at my place. I don’t pinpoint if visitors, friends, and families live informal at my place because I believe that the relationships are above these petty things and why to mar relationships.

I am a firm believer of Rahim Doha and I support it heartily.

Readers, share in your views. Honest views will be appreciated.

Disclaimer: The post is written solely on my experience with the open discussions in various forums. I don’t hold any grudge against someone nor I want to offend someone. I believe in healthy open discussions and I don’t get offended, rather I believe that the open interaction helps us to know many new things to learn and improve.

Kerala Razed by Natural Disaster!


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Science and technology have advanced and continuous research are on to improve life on the planet. None can fight against the natural disasters and these are the only factors beyond the means of a human mind. The natural calamity stakes thousands and thousands of lives and ransacks the place in its own disastrous way. Man becomes a mute spectator and can only raise hands in prayers to the Supreme Power to control the overpowering of nature.
This time, nature fury gulped beautiful state of South India, Kerala, and “God’s OwnCountry” thronging the place with the alarming flood, devastating lives, crops, farms, infrastructure and place. The heavy continuous rainfall played havoc in Kerala displacing the equilibrium of Kerala.
We believe whatever action the Supremo takes is always right and a benefit plan is tagged with it, which human eyes cannot see through. I am not sure how true it stands for the present situation of Kerala.
The heavy rainfall added woes to the family residing mismanaging lives and property worth infinite crores. Kerala faces heavy rainfall every year but this year 2018 saw unusual rains, which the place could not absorb. The water bodies swelled abnormally and the dams were not in a position to hold water. Finally, the authorities had to give in by opening the shutters of 35 dams out of 42. The unusual rainfall aggravated cases of landslides, resultant, the whole state is in its worst condition.
No doubt, Kerala has a high literacy rate and even poverty level is lowest among all the Indian states. The major literate population works abroad and there is an excellent flow of international cash in the state. The current flood plundered the state and the people have lost their precious belongings, buildings, livestock and the state has lost its amenities and infrastructure as well as agriculture and farming prospects.
Watching the areas inundated, it gives a feeling that it will take years to regain its glory and come back into shape.
It requires complete renovation and the state and the residents of  Kerala is in dire need of huge finances and aids from the government, NGO’s, private agencies, industrialists, socialists, and individuals.
Normally, after the massive flood in a state, there are chances of spreading deadly diseases, waterborne infections and epidemics.
Now the floods are receding and the state need support and assistance to build their fortune and bring their life back to normalcy.
It is my sincere request to all who can afford to extend financial help to Kerala, do reach out to them by sending money, food and grains, medicines and flood relief material to help the deprived and unprivileged.
Send funds to the authentic addresses as mentioned on several websites and newspaper. The conman, hooligans, and other trespassers are also active to mint money in the name of Kerala floods, so refrain from getting stuck into transactions with them. Cross check before extending help so that it reaches in right hands and it is utilized in a proper way.
The Quartz India has provided links to donate and contribute to save Kerala and its people from financial crunch and for state restoration, Click here
The newspapers and the news channel say that Kerala is in need of the huge number of mechanics, laborers, technicians and other support staff to restore life and facilities in Kerala. There are immense opportunities and people operating in these fields can contact administrative people in Kerala to extend their help to restore the glory of Kerala.
The natural scenic and landscapes will be taken care of by nature and the Supreme power albeit…men start their actions in restoring Kerala.

Kerala is in distress…extend financial cooperation to help the state and its people overcome the tyranny caused by nature.

Pic Courtesy: Google Pics

Rebellious Me, I Broke the Taboo Connected with Period!

In our country, attaining puberty is a matter to hush and is wrapped in covers, just like sanitary napkins delivered in opaque packs or newspapers.
Decades before, there were many myths and taboos attached to periods (monthly cycle in fertile girls or women). It was considered impure and there was a long list of BIG NO’s that the girls and the women of the family had to follow in practice.

I was raised in a large family with three generations staying under the same roof, sharing the common kitchen. Each generation had their own set of rules and formulas and the kith and the kin had to follow silently. Raising a voice was next to impossible even in wildest dreams and questioning elders were out of the question.

In my early years of childhood and early teens, I could not understand why the weird rules were followed by my immediate siblings, aunts, mother and other young females of the family.

The weird rules were uniform for all young woman though the dates differ. One thing I could make out that it lasted for 5 days for a single person.

What were the Weird Rules?
Sleep on the Floor or a Cot – Exclusive bedding was allotted and no one else shared the bed with her on her special 5 days in a month.

No Entry in Kitchen Zone – She, the poor soul could not enter the kitchen zone, neither she was allowed to cook or take food for herself.

Don’t Touch Pickles – She was not allowed to touch pickles. It was believed that they will rot if touched.

No Hair wash – On the 5th day, she was allowed to wash her hair. It was believed that she will catch a cold or her flow will be affected.
No Entry in Puja Room or Temples – She was not permitted to perform any religious rites or enter into the area of worship. On the 5th
day, all her clothes, beddings and washable belongings were separately washed and she had to wash her hair to be allowed to roam freely throughout the premises. It was believed that she was clean after the 5th day of periods.

This separation was noticed by all the male fraternity of the house as well as the outsiders. It appeared as if she was an outcast and in exile.

I found these rules weird, unhealthy and humiliating for the people who had attained puberty and thereafter until She was fertile.

I, the rebellious raised voice against such practice. I wasn’t a rebel but on watching these inhumanities against women fraternity, emotions stirred. I could not raise voice to my other two generations in the hierarchy but the immediate hierarchy, My Mom had to face my tantrums.

My periods started later than my siblings and friends of near my age and women of the house were planning to take me to the lady doctor. I was 15 plus and well understood all the things related to periods and ovulation.

I kept a condition to my Mom that I would not see the doctor if these weird practices are not abolished from the house. Further, if my ovulation starts, I won’t disclose to anybody because I find these practices humiliating and

I even added that my periods were delayed just because of watching these tantrums…it was my pace of emotional blackmail to evade emotional

My mom and granny had a discussion under the covers and they disclosed that the day, I am blessed, they will stop these malpractices (It’s
my way of saying to taboos practiced).

God heard my words and I did not have to visit the doctor for the investigations and I was blessed within a quarter of discussion. It declared that I was fertile and healthy.

All the practiced taboos vanished except for two weird rules that still existed. My prayers were heard by them and so I too had to hear and accept two rules, which did not prove to be a hurdle in my life.

Don’t Touch

– It did not bother me because I am not fond of pickles, so it hardly

Don’t Enter Puja Zone or Temples – I believed in God and could not strive courage to break the barrier, being God-fearing Still, I don’t enter Puja zone.

The rest weird practices were non-existent and it gave freedom to all women of the family and even my Mom and Aunt were benefitted. All congratulated me for the courage shown and the lives of all women fraternity improved, it was women liberation.

No more exile period and it added glow on their faces and they thanked me profusely for the bold step.

Attaining puberty for a Man and a Woman should be celebrated as a moment of pride. It proves scientifically that they are fit, healthy and fertile.

These days, various platforms have started to create awareness about ovulation and periods.

Now no more, it is considered a subject to be kept under covers or discussed in a hushed tone. It is a natural process and adequate hygiene should be
maintained. Various departments are working towards it and are arranging
sanitary kiosks at public places for the women fraternity.

Still, the practice exists in many regions and families and the women suffer. People need to understand that it a moment of Pride and nothing to be ashamed of.

More and more awareness programs are required to educate the bizarre and rural population and the movie Pad Man proved to be useful to promote period awareness.

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The sad reality of our society and the lady with her eyes covered holding a balance in hand depicts the helplessness of our social structure.

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