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Bajaj Finserv collateral-free business loans helps in boosting SME growth

Patna, May 28, 2018: Bajaj Finserv, through its lending arm, Bajaj Finance Ltd., is offering collateral free business loans to help SME’s meet their financial requirements. Most of the small-scale business owners aren’t able to realise the expansion opportunities for their business due to the absence of collateral to avail funding.

Collateral Free business loans from Bajaj Finserv give them the opportunity to maximize their growth potential. The collateral free loans have been designed to help small-scale business owners meet their urgent financial requirements and actualise their potential. These loans can be used by the borrower for any purpose they desire.

Some of the salient features of these industry-friendly loans from Bajaj Finserv are: -

-        Funding up to Rs. 30 Lakhs – Customers can avail up to Rs. 30 Lakhs as collateral free business loans depending on their financial requirements.

-        Flexibility in Repayment – These loans from Bajaj are powered by Flexi Loan feature, wherein the customers can borrow according to their needs and repay according to their cash flows.

-        Flexible Tenors – These loans are available for a repayment tenure up to 8 years, with great flexibility offered in repayment terms where only interest can be repaid as the EMI and principal to be paid as a lump sum at the end of the tenure.

-        Minimal Documentation – These loans are approved at a quick speed and require only basic KYC and financial documents.

-        Online Access – Customers can exercise complete control over their loan including repayment over the Experia portal.

With small-scale businesses being touted as the engines of growth for the Indian economy, these collateral free loans from Bajaj will help these businesses realise their full potential.

About Bajaj Finance Ltd:

Bajaj Finance Limited, the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv group, is one of the most diversified NBFCs in the Indian market catering to more than 21 million customers across the country. Headquartered in Pune, the company's product offering includes Consumer Durable Loans, Lifestyle Finance, Personal Loans, Loan against Property, Small Business Loans, Home Loans, Credit Cards, Two-wheeler and Three-wheeler Loans, Construction Equipment Loans, Loan against Securities and Rural Finance which includes Gold Loans and Vehicle Re-Financing Loans. Bajaj Finance Limited prides itself on holding the highest credit rating of FAAA/Stable for any NBFC in the country today.

To know more, please visit:

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Karan Butani’s Association with Tigmanshu Dhulia Made Him Confident about Making Phamous!

Making your debut film can be a nerve-racking process, however, when debutant director Karan Lalit Butani set out to make his first film – Phamous, a crime drama set in the rugged ravines of Chambal, he was quite confident about it. Reason being, his schooling with National Award-winning director – Tigmanshu Dhulia.
Karan, before turning a full-time director was assisting Tigmanshu Dhulia and has learnt a lot from him, which helped him with his debut project.

“What I've learnt from him cannot be measured. I believe I went to two different film schools, the first one was Whistling Woods and the second one was Tigmanshu Dhulia’s school. He is definitely an institution in his own right. Right from how to handle your actors to ensure that the drama never drops, I learnt many important filmmaking techniques from him,” reveals Karan.

He further adds, “My schooling with Tigmanshu made me confident about making this film. When you work with him, you automatically learn a lot.”

Starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Kay, Pankaj Tripathi, Jackie Shroff, Shriya Saran and Mahie Gill, Phamous revolves around a power-struggle between four principal characters and invites you on an odyssey that hits your heart and face at the same time.

Phamous is a Karan Lalit Butani film, presented by Raj Khatri Filmz and produced by Raj Khatri, Vidisha Productions and Amitabh Chandra. Phamous is scheduled to releases on June 1, 2018.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Career Lift Ed-Tech – Providing Technology Solutions for Educational Institutes

We have been serving Educational Institutions such as Coaching Centres, Schools, Colleges and Universities in India and the United Arab Emirates since 2012.

Educational Mobile App and Online Test Platform to help educational institutes provide students with latest methods of learning.

EDU CMS, website tailor made as per the needs & requirements of educational institutes.

Course specific Study Material drafted by experts from IIT, IIM, CAs, Former Newspaper Editors and Lawyers.

Our 2200+ clientele includes top education institutes of the country.

Education methods are continually developing with rapidly changing technology. Along with this advent in technology, educational institutes are shifting to modern methods from traditional methods. While traditional education methods are focused on subjective knowledge, modern methods concentrate more on practical approach of learning.

Increasing usage of electronic devices has changed the way of learning for students. Now, everything a student needs to learn is available on the internet. Along with the availability of information proper guidance from educators is also important. In this dynamic sector, gaining a competitive advantage over others becomes most important for institutes to retain or yield more students. Adapting to such a changing technology is the only way through which growth is possible.

Founder of Career Lift Mr Nitil Gupta says, “We, at Career Lift Ed-tech, are constantly trying to redefine the methods of education to help educational institutes stay ahead of changing trends in the sector. Our products are designed by educational experts with state of the art technology to provide best solutions to Educational Institutes.”  

Our flagship product Edu-CMS, an education website, is designed as per the needs & requirements of Educational Institutes. For coaching institutes, we also offer customized Study Material, Educational Mobile App & Online Exam Platform. We prepare quality material with the best content by incorporating comprehensive research. Our course specific Study Materials are drafted by experts from IIT, IIM, CAs, Former Newspaper Editors and Lawyers.

Career Lift Learno for Schools has been designed by our experts to not only provide exam preparation but also give Career Information and Guidance to
students. Mobile App enables schools to stay connected with administration, students and faculty while increasing mobility and accessibility. This app can be a very useful resource for students, providing them with Career information to help them make better choices and connect them to the right institutes.

We have designed Campus Recruitment Assistance platform for Colleges providing students career counselling, information related to tests conducted by various companies in India, information of various Colleges & Universities in various educational fields, in India & Abroad.

We also organize counselling sessions and seminars for these Educational Institutes. Our focus on Quality and Customer excellence has made us serve 2200+ clientele over the last five years.

For More information please contact
Atul Malikram@9755020247

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Ways to Make Summer Holidays Interesting for Kids!

Moms get scary & restless at mere thought of approaching summer holidays of kids, whether she is a working mom or stay at home. Both dread at the thought of a long summer vacation of kids. Children are overjoyed & go berserk.

The children plan a long To-do-list in vacations. One month ahead, they start dreaming how to roll out their plans in coming holidays.

No issue of getting scolds from Mom & Pa for not getting off bed in early mornings.

No tension of daily homework.

Fewer Studies, More Playtime, Watching TV Shows, Playing virtual games, visiting friends and families, excursion, blah, blah, blah.

They are so busy in their own world of celebrations, not able to sense growing dread on the faces of their Moms.

I have created the scene which happens around especially in nuclear families, where Mom has to tackle lot of things, home, kids, office, external & internal affairs. These days, Pops do share the responsibilities, still Mom care is a large & hectic business.

Rewind, go back in your childhood days. You too was same as your kids, rather I would say, kids of today are more civilized compared to our childhood days. Hope, you all agree with me.

Chalk out feasible routines, easy for you as a Mom and the best for your kids.

Plan an Excursion

Plan an excursion with family. Book the tickets just after the vacation resumes…you will be wondering, why am suggesting to start the vacation with an excursion.

Reason, kids are full of energy to celebrate their vacations. If they stay back, it will be tough to manage them indoors.On outing, their untapped energy will be exhausted in a positive way. You both will get break from your regular chores. Whole family will have great fun together, stress will disappear.

When you return after excursions, you will be filled with zest to do something better. Mind will be relaxed & fresh, kids can test your patience.

Kids will slowly settle down after fun of excursion and can be manageable.

For Working Moms

If you are working, pack your kitchen with readymade or homemade snacks, children need some delicacies to munch.

Pack your fridge with their favourite fruits, Mangoes are the favourite of children, squashes, sauces, jelly and ice-cream to spend their hot days with cold delicious delicacies.

For Stay at Home Moms

Keep grocery stock ready at home, the children can relish on the savories prepared by you. Here, I am being bit partial, giving freedom to working Moms to choose readymade stocks.  Mama. Be ready to display your culinary skills, this vacation. Normally, during school days, stress is more of studies and keeping up with the time-table, for both Mom and kids. During vacation, toss the time table, use the relaxed schedule to cook your children’s  and self-favourite dishes. It will be fun if you engage your kids to help you in chores, such as baking, laying down tables or any other fun activity. To make the vacation memorable, throw a small picnic party with their friends & neighbours. Wide smile on their faces will steal your heart.

Engage in Fun-Activities

Arts & Crafts Classes

Discover the interest of your child, make them invest in their favourite art & craft activity, such as painting, sketching, dancing & music, gardening,& other hobby classes. If you are adept in any art and craft, tutor them else admit them in summer hobby classes.

If your child has inclination in any art, he/she can explore on their own, encourage indulging. It will be a good pastime, energy being channelized in a  positive direction.

Summer camps

Nowadays, summer camps are arranged for the children during summer vacations. Sportive and interesting activities are taught with fun and play. The children learn up the things easily, medium of instruction is to learn via play. They enjoy and find engaging, grasp easily. I know of many summer camps where they teach how to take care of plants, first-aid, personal hygiene and self-grooming, how to arrange room and keep surroundings clean. Through play and skid, they are encouraged to weave interesting stories and enact on them. The activities are in sync with the age of the children. I have seen positive results in children attending summer camps, particularly the introverts shed their skin after interaction with summer camps, learn many new activities and etiquette at summer camp.

Word of caution, visit summer camps to see how they involve children in their activities before getting them enrolled. Summer camps are cropping up, so before getting them admitted, inquire about their credentials and authenticity.

Swimming Classes

It is fun for kids to play in water. Enroll them in swimming classes, it is one of the best exercise and fun and frolic for school going kids.

Encourage Reading Habits

In digital world, paperbacks are taking backseat but still I feel, children should be encouraged to read books. Reading books enriches vocabulary, instill interest, instigates creativity & imagination power. Buy books as per their age & interest, allot minimum one hour of reading hour every day. To make reading hour interesting, make them read in group of friends.

Encourage to Complete Summer Projects & Assignments

Ask them at what time they are comfortable to carry on their summer assignments and make them complete their assignments. Guide them but don’t write their projects and assignments. Let their imagination run and let them learn through trial and error. Make them understand that completing them throughout the stretch of vacation is desirable and easy instead of attending it at the last moment and getting stressed. Regular studies are beneficial for children.


The views expressed are my own, gained from my own experiences and observations. If anything offends you, do share, I am open to corrections and suggestions.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Selfie Moments are the Moments to Be Cherished Always! #Mobiistar

Since my childhood days, I have great craving to capture beautiful moments and events. In our era, the camera was quite complicated because the compact camera did not exist in those times. I had to make repeated requests to elders to take a clip of the beautiful moment that I wanted to preserve in my album.

When I was in my secondary school, my father bought a compact camera, wherein, to capture or shoot, you just had to click the button and the snap was captured. It was captured in seconds, but we had to wait for the reel to finish and then it was delivered to studio for developing and then after long wait, we could have glimpse of the clipped pictures.

In those era, photography was rare, not so popular and people had to visit studios to shoot photographs or camera men were appointed for the special events and occasions.

With the introduction of mobile with camera, clippings became easy and there is no waiting period to watch the clippings. You can take innumerable snaps and can see and forward to your system or to your friend.

The Selfie mode made selfies popular such as rage for selfie experience and I have coined this term as “Selfie rage.” The people are busy taking selfies of each and every moment, at times, it looks silly but people have developed craze for selfie experience and day by day, the rage is deepening.

I still catch the special moments with friends, families, with nature and store in my mobile and transfer to my system when mobile alarms, “Not in a mood to accept more.”  😜

Rarely, I take selfie of my own, there are two reasons behind this, first one, I get over conscious and the snap comes out with frown and sad faces and I press Del button to delete it from the mobile gallery.

When my kids visit after long duration, I long to capture those precious moments with my kids and thankfully, the selfie frozen moments comes out beautiful and with poise. Those moments are my real selfie experience.

Just see this snap of mine, with my two young boys, escorting me from both sides. The moment that is frozen with them are the moments of pride and happiness for me, to watch my yesterday’s little boys grown into handsome Men. The feeling that sails through cannot be deciphered in words, it can only be felt and the feeling is very soothing.

I request youngsters to be alert while taking selfie and avoid in busy traffic, near railway track or trains or on hills and in water- bodies.

Make selfie experience memorable by newly introduced Mobiistar phone, which is an amalgamation of exquisite features and #EnjoyMore.

Features of Mobiistar suggests that people like me who are not so well-versed in capturing sharp selfies will be able to do with Mobiistar phone.

Mobiistar is introducing a phone with front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot and a large number of people can be captured at one time. Drop in at Flipkart to know more about its specifications, price and availability of Mobiistar phone.The salient features are mind-blowing, so if you are planning to buy a phone, then go for Mobiistar, no second thought. I have made up my mind to buy one for my personal use.

Let Your Child Play with Colors! #Review of Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner

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This time, I hereby present the review of Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner, which helps to remove any stubborn stains from your baby’s skin and is gentle on baby’s skin.

The remarkable thing about Mamaearth’s products are they are
Made Safe Certified and dermatologically tested, & hypoallergenic; hence totally safe for the babies, toddlers and kids. Mama’s worries are over with the products of Mamaearth.

As babies start crawling, Mom’s concern increases and she has to be extra cautious, still they mess with Mom’s lipsticks, eye-liner and nail paint and as they grow, they mess up more with color pens, inks and pencils. The stains don’t go easily in spite of washing with soap & liquid.

Mamaearth has introduced Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner, and Mama can relax now. Spray few drops on the skin and wipe with cotton and the stain vanishes.

Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner

Product Description: 

It is a skin cleanser and cleans the toughest marks and stains that kid’s accidentally mess with or gets stained while playing any game or recreational activity. It is formulated with plant based cleanser and no harsh solvents are present so highly safe for children. It has antibacterial properties embedded in it to prevent children’s skin from any skin ailments. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It is Certified Toxin free and contains no traces of Alcohol, SLS, Paraben, Sulfated Surfactants, Preservatives and Synthetic Ingredients.


It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with dual caps and a pump dispenser. Packaging is such that there is no chance of spillage it can be carried easily. It comes in the hue of white and green, the colour of nature. Pump dispenser avoids over usage and you can take the amount as required.


It is formulated by using Lavender & Chamomile water, Purified water, Coconut, Coconut oil, Rind of Orange.

Pricing: 199/100 ml.

Shelf Life: Two years.

Product Review

As in practice as soon as I receive the product, I try and test on me, first before handing over to kids. Deliberately, I smeared ink and eye liner on my hands and after half an hour, sprayed Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner on the messed up area. Took a cotton ball and wiped and really, it vanished without any extra effort. So nice, I jumped with joy because I watch my sis-in-law reactions when my nephew smears himself with some stubborn stains. She has to rub his body with soap or liquid many times to get rid of stains and finally, his clothes are changed and her activity is full of hassles. I showed her the pack and detailed her about the product and she exclaimed, WOW, now, I will be spared and even baba won’t have to face trouble or listen my sermons when I am in panic state. She has been using for her son and is happy with it and she has advised her friends and neighbours to use Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner. Her experience has led her to market the product through mouth and she appreciates Mamaearth’s vision.

Buy from Amazon, Nykaa and Mamaearth website.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Save Marriage! #OneLinerWednesday

"Love for him did not let her go
Lust for her did not let him go
Gradually, Love & Lust United
    Giving Birth to Faith in Each Other!"

Every now and then, I come across news of marriages failing and people moving out of relationship breaking them forever.
My experience and view say, 

"Give time to marriage, initially, Men are hooked to women through lust and love & faith takes time to build and grow. Don't react if he ignores you at times. Remember, it's easy to break but tough to build relationships."

Written for One Liner Wednesday

Musings of Ila Varma.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies! #Reviews

Again, I am back with the reviews of Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies. Give a massage to your loved one and enjoy the feel.

Mamaearth is continuously working with an insight to introduce phenomenal products in the market for the babies, safe and easy to use and hypoallergenic.

Babies skin are delicate and they require safe products that does not steal away the softness and suppleness of the skin, rather it should add in to enhance the skin texture of tender babies.

Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies

Product Description: 

Hair oil is a must for babies to take care of their hair and scalp. A regular gentle massage helps to lull them to peaceful sleep and strengthens the hair roots and promotes hair growth. It is Made Safe Certified and dermatologically tested. Generally, babies suffer from cradle cap in initial days of infancy, this nourishing oil rescues babies from cradle cap and reduces Mom’s concern. It is free from Paraffin Wax, Mineral Oil, Silicones, Dyes, Petrolatum, Artificial Fragrance and SLS.


It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with dual caps and a pump dispenser. Packaging is such that there is no chance of spillage while travelling and it can be carried easily. It comes in the hue of white and green, the colour of nature. Pump dispenser enables to take the amount as required.


Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Oil and Caprylic Capric Triglycerides. All are derived from plants, so it is an amalgamation of products derived from nature and free from synthetic components and harsh chemicals.

Pricing: 299/100ml

Shelf Life: Two years from the date of manufacture.

Product Review

Whenever I purchase some new body essential products, at first, I try on myself. It is the mother’s instinct that does not allow me to use directly on the babies. After usage, I felt pleasant and the mild scent of hair oil is quite soothing. This time, I used the products on my nephew and we were delighted with the results. It is good for giving gentle hair massage to infants, toddlers and kids. I am reviewing it after using it for near about a month and I and my sis-in-law are happy with the results. It leaves the hair smooth and cleanses the scalp and after massage, my nephew lulls to sleep. He enjoys getting a head massage as he enjoys the touch of his Mamma and the Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil. It is fully absorbed into the scalp and it is non-sticky.

Buy from Amazon, Nykaa and Mamaearth website.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

ALTBalaji ropes in Bollywood actress Sandeepa Dhar for ‘The Family – It’s a bloody business’

ALTBalaji’s next show titled ‘The Family – It’s a bloody business’ has some big faces hailing from, both film and TV industry. After roping in the talented Vivek Oberoi, Ravi Kishan and Rithvik Dhanjani to play the leads, the makers have now signed up Bollywood actress Sandeepa Dhar.

Sandeepa, who has been part of films like ‘Heropanti’ and ‘Dabangg 2’ is making her digital debut with the show and will be seen essaying the role of Shweta, who is Ravi Kishan and Vivek Oberoi’s sister.

Owing to the popularity of crime dramas in the International digital space, ALTBalaji is the first Indian OTT platform all set to explore the genre that focuses on the dark world of the mafia land. Starring Vivek Oberoi, Ravi Kishan and Rithvik Dhanjani in pivotal roles, the shoot for the show has begun and is surely a one to look out for on the ALTBalaji app and the website.

Kartik Aaryan Roped In To Endorse Emami Fair and Handsome! #PressRelease

Undoubtedly, Kartik Aaryan is one hot sensation in B-town today. The actor, who entered the coveted 100 crore club with his last release Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, has not only been flooded with movie offers from top banners but also becoming favourite amongst prominent brands wanting him as the brand ambassador. 

And Kartik, whose popularity is soaring sky high every second day, has been roped in as the new face of Emami Fair and Handsome to endorse their range of men’s products.

Mohan Goenka, Director, Emami Ltd says, "We are happy to be associated with one of the most promising, upcoming stars in Bollywood, Kartik Aaryan. Being a pioneering Brand, Fair and Handsome has a strong leadership position in the Men's Grooming space and we are confident this association will enable the Brand to strengthen its relationship with the young audience. Kartik will be the face of Fair and Handsome Laser 12; the communication leverages the insight of how a man's face goes through new challenges every moment and Fair and Handsome Laser 12 is the one-stop solution to every challenge,"

Kartik has already shot for the commercial, which is releasing in the ongoing IPL season soon and from what one hears, the young star boy is looking absolutely dashing in the advertisement.