Good Reasons For Extending Your Holiday

If you could stay just a little bit longer on holiday, would you take that opportunity? It’s a no brainer, of course you would! Everyone would like to able to extend their holiday while actually on holiday and not be afraid of missing their obligations back home. But that’s life, you can only do so much and have your way half of the time. Well, that can be one way of looking at it or you could explore the reasons for why you could extend your holiday. The first thing we see in our minds when we hear of holiday and extension is doing more of the same. Why would you want to do the same thing you did the day before, and the day before? If you just want more resting time, then perhaps you might need to go home and get back to normal life. You’ll have plenty of chances to get some sleep that way too. But, if you want to explore, have more experiences, take a few risks and truly immerse yourself in the foreign land you’re in then you have to extend your holiday further. It’s strange but we can find it difficult to integrate into the local life when we see ourselves as tourists. If you stay longer you’re bound to feel more like a local and thus have far better experiences.

You just can’t get enough

As the late Michael Jackson once said, ‘don’t stop til’ you get enough’. When it comes to the sightseeing this rings true for many people. Most of the time when you go on holiday and travel a new land, you’ll end up in a city somewhere. You’ll be walking around or using the public transport to look around art galleries, museums, go to different theatres and generally consume what the city has to offer. Since you are in a city all of these places are usually close together. At the very least you can visit all of the most important locations in a week pretty easily. So what could be a valid reason you should extend your travels?

Going out into the countryside to find different parts of the landscape that are important, is a very good reason. It’s one thing to explore New York City but once you’ve been to a few restaurants and seen a few theatre performances, you get the gist of the city. However, gazing over the Grand Canyon is a totally awe inspiring experience. You’ll never look at the earth or the country you’re in the same again. This is an experience that is worth extending your holiday for.

Considering a life change

Every now and then when you speak to someone who is fond of traveling, they will have a story for you of someone who went traveling in another country and never came back. Hopefully it’s not a gruesome tale but rather, the person loved the country and culture so much, they picked up their life and moved halfway across the world. If you have ever felt this way in a country you have visited, before making any drastic moves, consider renting an apartment. In Singapore for example, you can rent an apartment for around half of what you would in let’s say America. For the same size apartment, you would be paying around $400-300 a month. On top of this, some cultures and civilizations have just gotten used to living a certain way. In Singapore you can expect to get an apartment with a brilliant view almost every time. It’s a small city-state and thus, living space has literally grown taller rather than wider.

Situate yourself in one of these apartments for a month or two, or possibly half a year and see if you like it or not. It might seem like a good thing to do when you’re actually living as a tourist but once you’re immersed in the culture, are going to work regularly and paying bills, then you’ll get feel of it on a deeper level. Once the glamor of the new country wears away then you get a more accurate picture of what your normal life will be like if you did choose to permanently move out there.

You need the emotional break

Holidays aren’t just for relaxing physically but to have mental break too. When your life is in turmoil and you’re going through something that is highly emotionally taxing, having an extended holiday is just what you need. Being far away from a situation that you don’t want to live in is a good temporary escape. By no means does it mean you should rely on it but it can help you to sit back and observe your situation more clearly. With the clarity gained from taking things slow in your life and experiencing some of the better pleasures that holidays have to offer, you can come back to your normal life with solutions to your problems.

It’s also great if you have a family, to extend your holiday which could give you all a better outlook on life. Rather than focussing on the pressures that are on a family such as moving homes for a job or for school, perhaps even that the home is undergoing construction and you can’t live normally until the work is done are all good, ideas and reasons for why you should extend your holiday. It can also help the children to relax and forget about their worries such as having a long year of exams and tests. Their young minds can refresh and learn to appreciate the smaller and simpler things in life before they go back into full-time studying. Who knows, having a longer holiday might actually strengthen your bond as a family.

There are plenty of reasons for why you should take a longer holiday than previously planned. However, there are really only a few good reasons if we’re honest with ourselves. When you need an emotional break then you should extend your holiday if you can. Moving out and perhaps wanting to become a permanent resident in the country you’re visiting is another great reason why you can extend a holiday as a test.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Traveling Budget

If you are a keen traveler, chances are that you often struggle going as far as you always wanted, as you don’t have a big enough budget. Just ask yourself where you would wake up in a week if money was not an obstacle? Thanks to the recent developments in search engines and software, it is now easier to locate deals than ever, and you can save money without employing travel agents. No matter if you are planning on visiting remote villages in Africa or Asia, or want to experience the urban environment of developing countries, you can save a lot of money by doing your research. Find out more below.

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Off Season

If you want cheaper deals, chances are that you might need to go off season. In Asia, you can pick a date at the beginning or the end of the Monsoon, so you get better deals on flights and accommodation as well. No matter if you are traveling for work or pleasure, you will need to make the most out of your budget. You can save up to 50 percent if you are ready to put up with a couple of rainy days.

Long Term Property Deals

In case you are planning on staying longer than a week, you might not get the best deal by booking a hotel. Instead, you should look at the property listings and see if you can find great luxury apartments for rent and enjoy the comfort that equals the one you have at home. You will also save money on food and services, and may even use public transport to see the city or the surrounding attractions. You might need to engage with local property agencies to get an idea of how they can accommodate your budget.   

Local Agents

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When you are trying to arrange a trip to Asia or the Caribbean, you will find plenty of offers online provided by agencies in your own country. The truth is that these agencies are taking a cut of the price and are simply reselling local providers’ packages. The same applies to car rentals and tours, as well as transportation from the airport. You should always find time to engage with people locally, so you can get a better price and get insider information on the culture, customs, and the best ways to make the most out of your trip.


You will be surprised, but there are several ways you can make the most out of your online or offline network. Indian people, for example, love guests, and you might get invited to a wedding any time. This means that you will benefit from the knowledge of the locals, and always have a couple of people around you who speaks the language, no matter how remote the location is. Invite some of your friends to your home and see if they return the favor. Likewise, you can spend a week in stunning Ireland, provided that you have friends over there. You might even end up in Kochi and spend a long weekend at the backwaters.

Festival Bookings

There are some funny things you need to know about festivals in Asia and the Caribbean. While foreigners are accepted and welcome, you will benefit from locals’ company. Be friendly and engage with locals. Sometimes – more often than not – the best way to find out about local festivals is sitting down and listening to conversations. You should try and learn a few words of the local language, so you can engage with locals and get invited. This will make you feel safe and one of the locals, too.

Attraction Hot Spots

One of the things you should avoid when you are looking to improve your business is booking a hotel near attractions or in the city center. It will cost you much more than staying in the outskirts, not to mention that you will have to put up with the road traffic and the noise. It is always better to get a hotel in the outskirts and travel to the attractions, instead of having to fight your way through the crowd.

Traveling By Train

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No matter which part of Asia you are traveling to, or where you are staying, you will need to experience traveling overnight by train. There is something so unique about the journey and sitting back, talking to locals and listening to their chatter. It is, however, important that you use a local agent to complete your booking, especially when you are traveling to India, as the process can be complicated, and you will find it hard to get it right. There are different classes on trains that only locals fully understand.

Group Travel

To save money on your travel, you can also sign up for group deals. Most hotels and hostels will offer group booking discount, and you can even get your private transfer costs reduced while having the convenience of getting door-to-door service. No matter if you join an existing group or would like to arrange a gateway and cultural trip with your friends, you will certainly have a better deal and spared the cost of your private tours and accommodation.

Villa Rentals

If you are interested in having an environment that is away from the tourist strip, you can also rent a villa or apartment. Before you travel, especially if you are planning on staying longer than a few weeks, you will need to search local websites for apartments for rent so you can work out the cost between all the travelers and do your location research, which is always important when you are traveling to an unknown country.

Connecting Flights

The good news is that you can get connecting domestic flights at a low cost so you can make the most out of your budget and your holiday allowance. While traveling by train and on the road will help you get up close and personal with people and see more of the culture, sometimes you will have to cover hundreds of miles between places you want to visit, and you don’t want to spend it on the train or the back of a car or minibus. Sometimes, the roads will simply be too rough to travel at the speed you want to. Find out more about the airports and the domestic flight services, prices to be able to make an informed decision.

Self Transport

If you are brave enough, and have enough driving experience, you might also drive yourself. The good news is that car rental is pretty cheap in Asia and the Caribbean, especially if you manage to avoid large international companies. There are several great local travel agents that will provide you with a guide or help you make the most out of your trip by giving you driving tips. You can visit remote places usually not accessible without a car. Driving in Asia, however, is not for the faint hearted, and you will need to have an international license that is accepted locally.

No matter if you are looking to travel to Africa, Asia, or the Caribbean, you will need to be prepared for a culture shock. You can, however, make your budget stretch further and stay safe at the same time, if you stay flexible. It is crucial that you understand the differences and the power of personal connections in these cultures. Getting insider tips is extremely valuable when you are looking to experience the culture and engage with it.

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