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Monday, March 5, 2018

Tread in Style with Craftsvilla Trendy Handbags! #Fashion

Women and girls are very possessive about their handbags and purses. It depicts her privacy as she carries her intimate things in her handbags apart from currency that she requires to flatter herself or it comes handy in case of urgency. 

Bags and purses have been intimate to her since more than 100 years and initially, they carried ornamented piece of pouch, close to their skin. With the passage of time, there was a great progression in the design and size of handbags and different materials started been used for carving out beautiful and useful Handbags, an essential accessory of a woman. Today, it is an imperative accessory of a woman wardrobe and varied range of handbags are available in the market of different contours, sizes, colors and price. You can pick and choose that accommodates your requirements or match with your perfection and style.

Handbags are useful for all, irrespective of age and sex, but a woman’s handbag reflects her personality. The age when women got liberated and started enjoying financial independence and freedom, her requisites of handbags changed. She has different bags for different occasions in her possession. One handbag is not enough for her, she has different for office venture, outing, and party and for casual and formal occasions. In all her bags, toiletries are common as she feels incomplete without them and certainly they come handy when she has to venture out on unplanned outings or meetings.

In today’s parlance and trend, handbags are not only a carrier of currencies and intimate articles, it is a reflection of women’s personality, status, dignity, fashion savvy and freedom. The importance of handbags have accentuated with time. People more often freak out on tours and travels due to easier connectivity of air, sea, and land network and the market of handbags saw explosion of demands to carry their possessions.

A woman handbag is her private closet which holds her personal belongings such as lipsticks, eyeliner, tampons, keys, hair styling gel etc. along with money. She is very passionate of her handbags and hate intruders, who accidentally try to delve in her property. Her passion makes her choosier when it comes to selection of a handbag for her use and she chooses delicately just as she chooses her lingerie. Her choice speaks volumes of her passion.

Craftsvilla offers meticulous range of handbags and bags for the women and girls of all age. They know “Her” choice and they are ever ready with amazing, eye-catching and heart stealing collections to match her persona. 

They offer a wide range of handbags and bags from reasonable and fair price to high price and you can select one that suits your budget and style. The handbags are available for all the occasions and festivities and you can pick one that matches your comfort and wardrobe.

Craftsvilla offers variety, Pouches, Clutches, Tote bags, Potli bags, Leather bags, Wallet, Jhola bags, Backpack, Camera bag and many more. 

Your search for Handbags and Bags ends here at Craftsvilla, explore for quality, different hues and define your style with handbags. You don’t need to worry about net banking and card options if you are not well conversant with digital banking. There is an option of COD with online orders, Order Online and Pay on Delivery. 

Define your style with Craftsvilla exclusive and fashionable Handbags and Bags.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Under Eye Cream Review! #Mamaearth #Eyes

Hello Everybody,

Today, I am going to introduce to the innovative product of Mamaearth, “Under Eye Cream” especially for Moms.

 Mamaearth believes in nature and they come up with “Under Eye Cream” keeping the mind the woes of New Mommies whose eyes become puffy and dark circles, due to sleepless nights.

This “Under Eye Cream” can also be used by the teenagers and women of all age. This is fully loaded with Vitamin C, Peptides, Caffeine and many more supplements to fight against dark circles, puffiness, bags and wrinkles leaving your vision clear and sparkling eyes.

Product description: The key ingredients of “Under Eye Cream” are Coffee, Cucumber & White Lily Extract to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

    The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.

    The product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and use MadeSafe certified ingredients.

MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely free of behavioral, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.

Usage: Clean your face and apply a fair amount around eyes. It needs to be applied daily for best results and to see the product efficacy.

Packaging: Packaging is presentable and the color Pink & Green. It justifies for the products for Women. It comes in a sturdy plastic small tub with well fitted lid which prevents leakage and spillage. It is safe to carry while travelling.

Pricing: 500 for 50 ml.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Product review:  I have been using this product on regular basis since mid of June and I am contended with the product efficacy. I use it twice a day around the eyes and on face after cleansing. It has improved the dark circles and puffiness is reduced. Been a content writer by profession, I work late nights. My hubby was flattered by the improved look of my eyes but I haven’t yet disclosed the product behind. It’s recommended for eyes but it can be used for face. The choice depends upon user.
My sisters used this product and is convinced with its usage and has confirmed that they will be a constant user of “Under Eye Cream”

I highly recommend this product to women of all age groups & teens.

Use it on regular basis to fetch good results. The product efficacy is awesome.

Pros: Awesome product derived from nature and it blends easily into the skin and gives relief to tiring and puffy eyes restoring it to original.

Cons: Only a Price is on a bit higher end but the results are worth buying.

My rating: 4.5/5

Buy from AmazonFlipkart Nykaa.

*****I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Domestic Violence #Blogathon


The birth of a girl is detested in our society. There has been a gradual change in the mind-set of people in India and they have at least come to terms to accept the birth of a girl. But still we lag behind and more consciousness is required to overcome.

As the girl grows, so the reprimands of the women folks grow.

“Don’t do this? Behave well, you have to go to husbands house” and so on.

She too was not an exception.

She was elated when her alliance was fixed with the renowned businessman of the town and her dreams to be rich unfolded but it was short-lived.

On the marriage day, her dreams shattered when the in-laws made huge demands after the wedding rituals were over.

She was dumb and could not decide what to do next.

She did not had the courage to walk out of the marriage…neither she was daring nor her family would accept her decision.

She saw her world crashing down.

Her hubby wasn’t co-operative and taunted her over petty issues and didn’t care much about her comforts.

She cried in silence.

Her parents always tried to make her understand that she was the bahu of the family and needs to adjust however adverse the circumstances are.

She was ill treated by her in-laws, sis-in-laws and even support staff did not spare her.

After two years of marriage, she was blessed with a beautiful & chubby girl. None saw the beauty of the baby rather despised her birth and made her responsible for giving birth to a girl child.

She wondered, how a  literate family could give such statements...but couldn't speak out.

She coaxed her fate and the day she gave her affirmation to the proposal.

Her biggest mistake and the outcome she was facing in her daily life.

Her fate was too not supportive and again she was blessed with a baby girl.

It was intolerable for her in-laws family and husband and they neglected her.

The irony of her fate was that when she went for attending functions and parties, she was asked to dress up in expensive clothes and heavy jewellery so that the onlookers could not make out what she was going through, while at home, she lived worse than a maid.

She was never left alone at public places or if relatives or guests poured in so that she couldn’t express her agony.

She submitted herself to fate but promised that she won’t allow her daughters to meet her fate.

She gave best education and they came out with flying colours and the spring of her life returned. She was very happy and thanked God for bestowing his blessings on her family.

She married her daughters in well-educated families and remained happy to see them happy.

Once she planned to visit her elder daughter’s place to see how they were leading their lives.

Everything appeared smooth in her life but the fight behind the doors terrified her. Both were yelling on top of their voice.

Whole night, she was wide awake. In the morning, she called her daughter and scolded her for been nonsensical.

“Mummy, how could you say so, when you led your life in such adverse situation?” her daughter enquired.

She remained tight-lipped but flash back of past reeled before her eyes but she did not had the courage to wreck her home.

“Beta, girls are born to balance life and home, so give in your best and the best will return to you.” She explained her.

She knew, she was wrong but she feared society and the life of a single women in our society.

Technology has advanced but the minds of Indian society need more time to bring progress in women’s life.

A lot is written about it but still in literate circle also, domestic violence is on rise.

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Note: Do read a copy of Meena Kandasamy’s new book, When I Hit You.

Pic Credits: here

Monday, March 20, 2017

Five Beauty Products!!! #ThankfulThursday

                                              Beauty is skin deep - Sir Thomas Overbury.

We all know that real beauty is inner beauty but proper grooming is essential to look presentable and 
flaunt beauty products of one’s choice.

Beauty products are synonyms to woman or vice-versa.

The beauty industry thrives on the Diva’s of this world, so you can well understand the connection between women of this universe and the beauty products.

In my childhood & early teens, I was a careless beauty and wasn’t much fond of beauty products but with growing age, the lust for the products grew immense and a reasonable chunk was spent on these items. I started hoarding Face creams, Lipsticks, Nail Polish, Bangles & Bindi & Shampoo. I use the term hoarding because whenever I go for shopping, I buy again in spite of availability in my cupboard…it’s a weakness to shop.


From initial days, I used Tiara egg shampoo for shampooing my hair. I have silky hair and it needs great care and I have a habit of washing hair on daily basis. Tiara egg shampoo was withdrawn from the market and I switched to Sunsilk egg shampoo for long years. Sunsilk again withdrew egg shampoo and came up with Black Sunsilk and Yellow Sunsilk and these two became important items in my cupboard. As I shampoo daily, I use mild shampoos too in between and Sunsilk Pink comes to my rescue. After every six months, I change to Garnier Green Shampoo or Tressemme Black to give my crowning glory a change and then I return back to Sunsilk brand.


I use Lotus White glow Skin Gel cream in winters & LotusNutramoist cream in summers for my face & neck on daily basis and Lotusnight cream while sleeping.

In summers, often, I dab white tone powder while going out in daytime. I avoid too much creamy base face creams as I don’t feel comfortable dabbing them on my face.

Gel cream are best for me.

I hoard foundation, face powder and other BB creams which adorns my shelf more than me. The chance of using them are quite bleak, still they stand tall in my collections.

Recently, I have started Aloe Vera gel and the results are mind-blowing, it removes the scars and clears the skin. I dab on my face one hour before bathing.


Bindi adorns my face 24 hours. Since the day, I got engaged, I am wearing bindi on regular basis, even at night, and I don’t remove them. 

It is an inseparable part of me. I use simple round bindi’s of different sizes in hues of red, maroon, brown & black and I have dozens of them in my beauty bag, daily purse and in my personal cupboard.


I am fond of glass bangles since childhood. In my childhood days, I never ever wore bangles but bought it each time the Churiwalli visited our house and they adorned my shelves. Even my grannies used to say that why I buy when I don’t wear. I wasn’t much interested in wearing but it satisfied me watching them the colourful stack and it gave me an unknown pleasure.

After marriage, I started wearing bangles. I don’t wear bangles of all hues. Some selected hues adorns my wrist; the all-time favorite hues are shades of red, maroon, pink, yellow, orange, golden and multicolored.

I prefer glass bangles more as I love the tinkling sound of them but I do wear bangles of lac and metals.

I avoid metals in regular wear because it causes skin irritation but do wear occasionally.

I have huge collection of bangles of all hues and of all types available in the market.

Lipstick & Nail Polish:

I love buying Lipsticks & nail polishes. I don’t wear lipstick daily but buy shades of red, pink, maroon and chocolate hues and I carry in my daily purse too. Whether I wear or not, that’s not a concern but it should be in my bag.

I wear them occasionally but buy dozens to satiate my hoarding habit.

I love shades of red, pink, chocolate nail polish and I use it for my toe nails. I don’t wear nail polish in my hands but my toe nails are always painted with some hue or the other.

I have got large collection of nail polishes.

These are my best five beauty products for which I am thankful and more or less, it is a part and parcel of daily regimen which takes care of my hair & skin and adorns my persona.

Apart from using beauty product, I take care to keep myself happy, clean & fresh.

Be happy and it will add radiance to your persona which no beauty product can enhance and the real beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What Feminism Means To U?

To think of the plight of women, to raise her standard of life, to educate her and strive for equal rights is praiseworthy…Do we need to be at loggerheads with men to earn the rights of women or improve their status?

In the name of feminism, women are raising their voice against men and building grudges against men…this is not fair…Men alone are not responsible for the pain in the life of a woman, even woman is responsible…the rules and regulations framed within the premises of house is not dictated by men, it’s more or less dictated by women.

I see feminism in a different way. I laugh at the group of people who call themselves feminist but actually getting attached with the drive of feminism, they transform into Men-haters…the slogans raised by them are always against the men of the society.
Society comprises of both men and women. Man & woman both are integral part of a family and they are interdependent on each other, just like wheels of a car, both wheels have the same importance though their working pattern is different, same is the case with Man & Woman.

People have misunderstood the concept of feminism and it’s sad that they are propagating ill notions against men. Minds are been poisoned on the pretext of feminism and this is creating rift and ruckus within the couples.

Basically, the young nymphs are more affected by this, they start nurturing biased opinion against male community and this gives rise to many issues pre & post marriage and even while interactions with men, they judge them with biasedness.

Hey girls,

If really, you desire to improve the plight of a woman then fight for your rights and privileges but retain your feminine qualities, you don’t need to act as a man to attain your rights & privileges.

If you look back into past history, Indian women enjoyed great liberty and freedom but the conquests of different dynasties imposed rules on her movement and deprived her of her privileges, and for ages, people followed the rule, hence the outlook of society towards women changed because from beginning, they saw her blooming amidst rules & regulations, her rights infringed and more dependent on the male community of society. She wasn’t decisive nor was she given freedom of opinion.

With time, people understood the difference between right and wrong and gradually uplifted the impositions imposed on women.

The purdah system gradually abolished from society and importance was given to her education. Day by day, the transition came in the life of a woman and her role got defined in society, she got recognition in society.

Women & females have come a long way and their condition have improved to a greater extent and in society, she is brushing shoulders with men.

Yeah, there are times when men don’t approve her freedom or are biased in opinion.
Fight for your rights retaining your feminine qualities.

I feel sorry for the womenfolk who try to imitate the style of a man…why you need to imitate…boost your own personality, groom it well & then challenge the men.
To me feminine means delicate and sophisticated then what is the need to act rowdy.
If one is copying the tactics of a man that means she has inferiority complex of been a woman.

One more notion, I come across associated with women’s education. They think if I am equally educated as a man then why should I sit at home or why should I take care of house & babies.

Real education makes people gentle and refined and your feminine qualities makes you do homely things much tactfully.

You all must have heard the quote, 

“If you educate a man, only a man is educated but if you educate a woman, whole family is educated.”
There is quite truth in the above statement.

Women are mentally stronger than man and her patience outstanding. Man can never compete with her in terms of her patience & tolerance capacity and that’s the reason that she grooms the kids in the best way…then why you want to compete with the man who is physically sturdy but not parallel to you in terms of your patience.

Can a man bear a child?

There are ample biological, physiological and psychological differences between a Man & a Woman, they need to have equal rights but their performance cannot match at any end, there is bound to be differences.

Ask for your rights & privileges, but don’t demean yourself acting like a Man.

My vision is woman is strong so she chooses to bear children in spite of knowing that she has to undergo bone wracking pain and her life is at risk.

Would a man go if he had the choice to bear children?

My belief is that if men were to bear children then ages before, world would have perished.

Woman, value your potential and retain your qualities.

Tremendous changes have come in the lifestyle of women and men too are pleased watching the woman’s plight improve.

“Rome was not built in a day”, same way, you can’t expect cent per cent changes in one time.

Man has started helping their mother, sister, wife or daughter in the domestic tasks and amicably adjusts themselves and they are readily extending their hands in domestic sphere.

Previously, Men didn’t do domestic chores because they used to be the bread winner and they were so groomed that they thought that the woman staying at home can wonderfully handle it.

Now when both are working, the male community is updating themselves with domestic skills and are readily participating but don’t expect them to be as patient as you can be.

Even, when I was a teenager, I too thought the same and tried to imitate the styles, dressing and talking like men but with age, I matured and shredded these developed skins and I admire myself in my originality.

“A woman can live without a man, but a man cannot live without a woman in his life.”
Do raise your voice for your rights & privileges but don’t develop grudges against men just because of fistful of men who try to jeopardize the lives of females, even there are fistful of women who try to break the homes or horrify the lives of men.

It is not the gender who are breaking rules, there are few handful of people who try to malign the image of a particular gender.

I am not against the cause of feminism but the way it is working in society is not commendable.

Let’s move in a right way treading on right path and bring in the transformations in society.

The views are solely mine, few might not take it easily. I am ready for the brick-bats.

Do share your take.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Period Pride

The topic of Menstruation, flow and periods were the hush hush topics till yesterday and it wasn’t discussed openly in families. Each n every woman went through and it’s quite a normal thing, but it was the thing to be ashamed of and there were many inhibitions and taboos associated with it.

I do remember, in my childhood days, I saw my Mom n Aunts to stay away from kitchen for three-four days n they slept separately and when anyone asked about them in their period of exile, they were told that they were not well and now I think that the matured men understood the reason but it was beyond my thought to understand the reason, so in simple words, I understood that they were ill but a conflict arose in my mind that why they were not allowed to take their food or give us food or snacks, they appeared more as untouchables.

When I was in my 12 years, my mother & granny used to ask me umpteen times in hushed tone about bleeding in panty and they were on vigil. At that moment, I didn’t understand their concern but now I have understood. My menstruation was late than normal girls, so they were more concerned but they never explained me clearly.

Soon, my younger sister had her period on time and she was exiled just like my Mom n Aunt, sleeping in another bed, not allowed in kitchen blah...blah. I directly asked my sis, she told me that she was bleeding n Maa had asked her to refrain from entering kitchen & puja room, washing hair and touching pickle jars and be vigilant in changing sanitary napkins n staining dresses and not to discuss with anyone…I understood the Mazraa behind this hush hush and been rebellious since childhood, I told my Mom that if you are continuing since nonsense practice of exiling people in periods then I won’t ever disclose to you…I hate this practice.

“Thud” a hard slap hit my face…this was my Mother.

“How do you say nonsense? All members abide by n are you the one exceptionally unique from others…you are bleeding and keeping it a secret.” This was my Mom, fast n furious.

I told her that I wasn’t bleeding but I feel very bad watching this practice and if I come of age n start my periods, I don’t want to go through such practices.

I was in my 15th year and every now n then, the hushed topic of the ladies of my house was that my periods were late in spite of proper physical features n they persuaded me to see the doctor for the same. By this time, I understood the pangs of period’s n was reluctant to visit doctor for the same. Granny gave me one year’s time to wait for it else it was compulsion to see the doctor. I was relieved for a year but my bickering continued about the age old practice.

Before completing 16th birthday, stains of flow showed up and the elder ladies were relieved that I had joined their group but a rebel has its own way. I slept on the same bed, went into the kitchen and led normal life and this way my younger aunt n sis too was relieved from their monthly punishments.

I felt proud of myself that I helped in bringing a change and I led a normal life, the flow did not disturb my daily routine, only I refrained from God worship…maybe the fear of unseen power held me back.

When I was in Tenth, our biology teacher explained the reason of ovulation and its importance in women’s life, I was amazed to know about the production house that a woman carries and how ovulation helps to manufacture eggs with the amalgamation of man’s sperm.

The child is regarded as a soul of God and so the woman who carries the life in her womb for 9 months should be worshipped as goddess and this Period should be regarded as a Pride of a Woman who makes her eligible for motherhood.

The mothers should openly discuss and explain the ins & outs of periods and educate every daughter how to manage herself in periods and lot more associated with it….it is a thing of Pride that God has bestowed to every female on earth.

How to take care of Periods Pride?

  • Maintain cleanliness n good hygiene.
  • Change sanitary napkins at proper intervals and in case of heavy flow, change whenever you feel uncomfortable with the flow.
  • Carry extra napkins while going at work or school.
  • Discomfort tit bits are normal in periods but if you experience excruciating pain n discomfort, immediately see the doctor.
  • Never neglect discomfort, pain n heavy flow, there can be medical emergency & follow Maya app, best friend of a complete Woman.
I feel proud to be a woman and I take special care of myself during my sacred days.

“This blogathon is supported by the Maya App, used by 6.5 million women worldwide to take charge of their periods and health.”

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why? #Karwa Chauth

Why people are becoming so impatient and sensitive towards festivals, traditions n cultures n especially the feminists folk are joining the league of intolerance, I find myself unable to understand.

From infancy, I have been watching the festivals been carried out with great pomp n show and the ladies were more inclined n involved in it and menfolk were indirectly, you can ask me. They supported financially so if you see it with a broader look, you will find that there was involvement of all the members.

Nowadays, since two-three years, I find that lot of hue n cry are raised over the petty issues, there are numerous issues been inflated every now n then, and when I brood over it, I feel that somewhere this impatient and sensitivity is adding miseries in society n the outlook of youngsters are the most affected...the reason been simple...they can't see young is courageous n outrageous both and the petty issues are being flared up by them.

Now I am in my mid forties, so I can see through the things, can weigh pros n cons but when I was in late teens or late twenties, I reacted badly but in our time, we had regard for elders, be it family members or neighbors, so we never blurted out or acted undisciplined...we were raised with a notion that even if the elders are wrong, we could not cross them.

All those kids who felt been crushed became parents and they never stopped their kids from raising voices or reacting and the situation is more lot of people turning arrogant, impatient etc.

The simple Karwa Chauth vrat is an old age penance observed by the North Indians though after globalization n the effect of Daily soaps aired on TV n Bollywood films impact; more ladies joined the league n today it is spread across the country.

I find people taking up the festival with more zest n fervor, there is no thing more, I wish to add that the current generation is not so simple that the elders can compel them.The in-laws are very supportive, rather I feel the youngsters are not docile n aren't ready to compromise.

I found many articles n ho-hulla that the daughter-in-laws have been compelled to observe fast and it's exploitation to fair sex n blah..blah...whereas I find that the ladies observing fast do it on their own and they visit beauty parlours to enamour themselves with heavy make up, hairstyle n mehndi. If one disagrees to perform Karwa Chauth, they won't go for make up, styling n flaunting new dresses n celebrate with gaiety with family n friends.

Few years back, it was celebrated only in North India but the way it is screened in the soaps n films caught attention of the people, who did not celebrate or they did not have a tradition to perform but out of sheer emotion, they too picked up.

Karwa Chauth is a colorful festival and the ladies observe for the longevity of their husbands. It is the love and admiration for the husband that the woman-folk observe this sacred festival.

Many say that why there are no festivals for women power. I think people are mistaken, Dusherra, Deepawali & in Basant Panchmi, Goddess Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati all women power is worshipped.

The Dusherra & Deepawali Puja was solemnised by the Men only, nowadays, women to worship.

I think there are a handful of people who wish to dismantle the mental peace of people and in the name of religion n feminism, they raise hue and cry. It will be better if they study the social n religious strata of Hinduism and then see if there is a chance for raising voice n creating chaos n confusion in the minds of people.

To follow religion is a personal choice and so are the traditions and customs. It cannot be enforced on anyone neither it can be easily weaned out. It's a matter of faith.

Let it be a personal choice and let the people observe who wish to.

Disclaimer: The ideas are totally mine and uninfluenced by anyone. I think rationally n pen down my views boldly.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

One Liner #Daughter's Voice

"Dear Daughter, I gave you liberty to stand n express yourself but you stood against me & barred me from expression, Is this fair, my Daughter?"

#Distressed Parent's Thought.

It's true from time immemorial, daughters of this land were suppressed or are been suppressed and many voices were raised to give freedom and rights and she got. Nowadays, I observe that the parents who treated her equally are now in distress because they disobey them. She was given liberty to stand n live freely, but that doesn't mean that she becomes disobedient.


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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trending Mehndi Designs

I was flipping through the albums and the digital snaps loaded on my system and found a lot many

Mehndi designs and decided to take a plunge to share it on my blog to share with my viewers and the

world around.

                                                                 Image of Nandita Zafar

                                                                                            Monalika Kumar

                                                                                                Monalika Kumar

Flaunt the designs on the auspicious occasions of coming Durga Puja & Diwali. Month of festivities arriving with a bang.

All the pictures are property of and these designs are of my friends and family members.

Thanks for sharing friends.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

#ShareTheLoad with Gen Next!

“Break the age old taboo Mitali, distribute the work among your kids and your husband and soon you will find enough time for yourself.” I advised my neighbour Mitali, whom I found her on toes, overburdened with work and the creases on her face said that she was irritated at heart.

Many times, she wondered how I managed to remain cool and calm and my house was well managed, things arranged on proper place and I was in gaga mood.

“Di, tell me your secret. How you manage? I am at wits end and I feel overstressed. What to do?” Mitali enquired.

I passed a smile and said, “Mitali, you work hard, but you need to be a smart worker.”

“Smart worker, Am I unsmart and dull di?” She made a long face.

I could feel that she was hurt by my words.

“Ohh, Mitali. Grow up, you talk like a school going kid. I mean to say that you have taken all workload on your shoulder and that is the reason that you don’t get enough time to rest or be at ease. Share your responsibilities, it will reduce your burden and your kids and husband will learn to manage. Afterwards, they will praise you for your effort to make them learn to shoulder responsibility and when you are on outing, they will not pile up the work for you and wait for your return rather they will clean and clear the work and you will feel light at heart. Make kids and hubby independent, they will love you more once they are independent.” I explained her.

“Di…they will not feel my need once they learn to be independent.”

“Hey innocent Mitali, now I have to be strict with you. Come on. I will explain to your kids and husband.”

In evening, I called up her kids and asked Mr.Chanda to join me over tea and snacks in evening. They all were there on time as I had scheduled.

“Why don’t you all help Mitali in managing household and ease her burden? She is overloaded and irritated. I believe you all must have marked the changes in her.” I told them.

“Aunty, you are right but mamma does not allow us to do. She feels she is perfect and we are not.” The three kids said in unison.

Mr.Chanda held the same view. I told Mitali and explained her that she should teach them else they are the ones who will face the problems of adjustment in life. After high school, they will leave her nest for further studies and in lack of habit of doing work, they will feel burdened and the easy things will be tough for them.

I started the training then and there from my house itself. I called up the kids and distributed the work of serving ready tea and snacks to all the people present in the house, even I did not spare Mitali’s husband.

If I would have done all by myself, it would have taken half an hour to distribute and with the help and support of all, I was relieved from the work in ten minutes and none felt the burden. The smiles were running on the faces of all.

Mitali had two daughters and one son and she was more particular about her son, an attribute of a typical Indian mother. I lack this quality, maybe because at my place, I am in minority. I am the only lady in my house.

I asked Mitali to distribute the work evenly among the kids sparing none and involve your husband too. You will feel inner happiness to find him near to you, this way you will enjoy his company and your load will be shared.

After a fortnight, Mitali dropped in at my place with a family pack of dark chocolate, my favourite one.

“Wow Di…really you are a magician. Your idea changed my lifestyle and me. I feel happy and involved with my family. Previously, I used to drag along alone and at times, I felt pity on my status but now I feel happy and elated and the division of work has brought smiles on the faces of all and we crack jokes, share our feelings working together and even my house is sparkling.” She hugged me tight.

“Hey Mitali, leave me. I am not your hubby. Go and catch him tight, he will enjoy the hug.” And we laughed out loud.

My daughter who was studying in next room rushed into living room.

“What happened Mom? Hope you are okay.” She enquired.

“We are very much okay, dear. We are celebrating with chocolates.” Mitali said and laughed.

Her lost laughter was back and I was happy to see happy Mitali.

There are lot more Mitali’s in our society, who are dragging the reins of household in her hands and has lost the glow on her face and she is reduced to mere bickering figure.

  • Share the workload among the family members.

  • Involve them with yourself in arranging things, cleaning the house, laundry and cooking as per their capacity.

  • Make the family people independent and caring so that when you are unwell or out of town, they don’t suffer.

There is no gender stereotyping in household work, all can do all jobs and with practice, they will excel. Remember failures are the pillars of success and all learn with trial and error, no one is perfect.

The woman of the family needs to take the initiative to induce the feeling of sharing the load and it will be passed on from one generation to another. If a child is watching his father, brother and sister sharing work, he will follow the same trend for his family and the coming generation will be more jolly and caring towards each other.

At a lighter note, Woman has the birth right to give birth to a child, Men cannot snatch away her bliss, rest everything can be shared. 

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.