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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Argan Hair Mask to Reduce Hair Fall. #Mamaearth #ProductReviews

Hello Everybody,

Today, I present you the detailed presentation of newly introduced product by Mamaearth especially for Mama.

As Mamaearth believes in nature, they have entered into the market with “Argan Hair Mask to Reduce Hair Fall” especially for New Mommies who face hair fall during pregnancy and after childbirth. Their hair need extra care and this hair mask is going to solve the issue of hair loss in Mommies. This hair mask will not only reduce hair loss but it will add sheen & strength to crowning glory.

This “Argan Hair Mask” can also be used by the girls and women of all age. It takes care of hair health and is good for long or short hair. It's usage is easy for the busy Moms as it absorbs the contents and there is no issue of dripping and messy.

Product description: 

The ingredients used in the mask is Argan, Avocado Oil, Milk Protein & Curd Extract. The Argan Hair Mask is a complete solution to reduce hair-fall. It repairs damaged hair and cleanse and soothes the scalp. It is a toxin free product and improves total hair health.

    The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.

    The product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and use MadeSafe certified ingredients.

MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely free of behavioral, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT

Usage:  Moisturize your hair with enough water so that it can be towel dried. The water should not drip from the hair but it should be moist. The hair should be clean before the usage of mask to give good & positive results. Use a fair amount of the Argan Hair Mask and apply it generously from scalp to the roots. The usage amount depends on the length and volume of the hair. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with sufficient water. It can be used before shampooing the hair or as a conditioner. It adds sheen to the hair and leaves it soft and silky and hair volume improves. Use twice a week to keep your hair healthy. It treats split ends too.

Packaging: Packaging is presentable and the color Pink & Green justifies for the products of Dames. It comes in a sturdy plastic tub with well fitted lid and it prevents leaks and spillage. It is safe to carry while travelling.

Pricing: 599 for 200 ml.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date. Of manufacture.

Product review:  I am very careful about my hair and take extra to maintain my shiny and bouncy crowning glory. Two decades before, I had long and silky hair without any damaged hair. But with time, pregnancy, childbirth and age, hair has lost the original shine though it is silky. Even, I cut my hair to shoulder length due to job and time constraints. I use henna to color my grey hairs. I am very choosy about hair products and use only authentic products. I received Argan Hair Mask from Mamaearth. I took advice from the gals who used before and they convinced me about the product.
Initially, I used the mask in my shampooed hair. I moistened my hair and applied generously from roots to the ends and left for 20 minutes. The best thing is that it absorbs into the hair and scalp so there is no issue of dripping and mess. I washed off with sufficient water to remove the mask and I was surprised to see the result on my crowning glory. Generally, I don’t use creamy products after shampoo and in the beginning, I had the inhibition that it might leave hair oily. But my inhibition proved wrong, my hair came out smooth, manageable and silky with added sheen. After that I am using it as a conditioner and it works well and enriches the sheen & volume of hair.

My sisters used this product and was convinced with the usage and has said that they will be constant user of “Argan Hair Mask toReduce Hair Fall”.

I have applied four times in 21 days and I am contented with the positive result. I highly recommend this product to women of all age groups.

Use it generously and see the result for yourself and I am sure you will thank me for this good stuff.

Pros: The product claim is very true and after its use, it leaves the hair soft, silky and manageable. It will be a good bet especially for the frizzy and brittle hairs. The hair treatment with this mask reduces hair fall, split ends and repairs damaged hair. It thoroughly cleanses the scalp and it is very soothing.

Cons: Only a Price is a bit high but it’s worth the penny.

My rating: 4.8/5

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*****I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.