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I am
different from the crowd and so are my dreams and passions. People yearn to
have a fat purse loaded with several plastic cards and an awesome bank balance
and then they move out to places where they can spend a hefty lot and enjoy the
worldly pleasures which is more hi-tech today, in my perspective, it’s more of
munching money to derive pleasure out of it.

There are a few lot who wish to take a deep plunge into the nature and refresh their mood
surrounded with the beauty and habitat of nature. I am one bird who wish to
wander in places where I can watch the majestic and mystic beauty of Nature
with habitats of nature, swaying and dancing with the pleasant soft breeze caressing my
body and soul. It will be a great stress booster and natural rejuvenation

My soul
craves to wander in the lands of Himachal Pradesh, the beauty of Shimla,
valleys of Kasol, serenity of Dharamshala, the snow fall of Kullu-Manali. Once
I have been for a short trip to this land but due to time constraint could not
enjoy in the lap of nature, but its beauty enchanted me. The nature too has
planned the trees of Himachal as per the climate, Tall Pine, Cheer and Deodar trees with slanting leaves that they don’t hold snow for long, it trails out. I
wish to spend my vacations in these spots and more and derive pleasure and
inner satisfaction leaving fatigue & stress behind.

I wish to visit
the Land of Gods, Kerala and enjoy the greenery sprawled across. It is a land of
wonders and yet people there lead a traditional life quite attached to the
roots of Ayurveda which is purely ethical and it’s a refined form of natural
ingredients. The backwaters, the sea, the house boats, boat races, the fields
of plantations.
I wish to
spend my time in those lands close to nature.

The Leh and
Laddakh too are in my itinerary,
desire to see how the life springs up in these cold regions and watch its

God has
created the planet so artistically but due to over population and urbanisation,
the planet is losing its sheen and the lifestyle that is been backed up is all
by different forms of energy which emits pollution in the atmosphere and the climate has
undergone substantial change. To save planet from further disintegration, we
need to step out in open air and enjoy the feel of nature. If in vacations
people move out to places where they use less of energy to sustain then at
least pollution can slow down.

Go green
concept has started but it is more literal, people need to be made aware to
change the scenario of our planet and save environment.

There are
many beautiful exquisite spots, we need to explore the destinations and there
are numerous health benefits to be associated with nature.

It’s my
dream and I am following to fulfill it in the ambiance of nature, with nature,
greeted by the cooing n chirping of the birds, kissed by the sun-rays of sunshine and
sunset, move with the clouds and numerous things which can be felt but cannot be explained in words.

I will require few things to carry on the destinations, a camera to capture the marvels of nature, pen & paper to jot down, my tea-bags and a mobile without internet just to catch on my family to drop them messages of my whereabouts. I seriously wish to partake in Go Green revolution, a minuscule contribution from me 

I want to
breathe in fresh air and exhale all the toxins of mind and body we are
contaminated with and it will be the best rejuvenation program at my own cost
without paying to Spa’s and Wellness center.

This is my
dream that trails with me and prods me to take the initiatives.

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Navigation into the Cyberspace

A Day without connectivity is difficult to envisage in life
of today. And a World without Internet is inconceivable in today’s scenario,
incomprehensible where life’s maximum demands depends upon internet and a
single day without internet will plunge the world into a tunnel of darkness and
loss in terms of economy alone is unfathomable. Today’s life survives in a
world of internet. Pros and cons are always there for each and every sphere,
but in the case of connectivity, pros outweigh largely the cons. Each and every
needs of life spheres is connected with cyberspace.

If a link fails of a single bank, whole transactions comes
to a halt, even the emergency services can’t be accessed. The Dalal Street too runs
in the grip of net, whole transactions comes to a grinding halt if their
connections are snapped for even a fraction of seconds.

These are simple examples which came to my mind while
writing, I feel whole world is connected with the link and a dream to snap it
lines for few seconds is alarming. Life will come to a Halt. One can say, “It’s
all about habit”, it’s true to a large extent but the whole mechanism of the
world is connected, so snapping it is Impossible.

The whole world has shrunk, it is on the fingertips of an
individual, a single click will transport you in any corner of the world, where
you desire and on a single platform all are interconnected. When connectivity
wasn’t there, none could ever imagine that it was possible, but the net has made
it accessible & possible in its truest sense.

For me, internet is a boon. With few simple clicks, I manage
all my things on my own, whether it’s my finances, shopping, writing, pursuing
my hobby, music etc. In spite of certain disabilities, I am far ahead from a
normal person, a very independent person with a strong will and a simple plug
plugged my life with adventures. Even it helped us to reunite with our
childhood buddies with whom we had lost connections, but now after meeting on
the social platform, we meet in person and relive our school days. Even if you
forget special occasions of near & dear ones, it reminds you and you can
surprise people with cakes, gifts and flowers. The whole world is in your fist.
You are blessed with grandchildren in abroad, you don’t need to wait to visit
them. A single click takes you to the room of a newcomer and you can hear the
cries & babbles of your loved ones. Watch snowfall and what not. You can
navigate the places that are out of the reach of your pocket.

Demerits are there, but it’s minuscule compared to its
merits and it can be handled by care & been alert. Alertness is required
even if you place your steps and in this cyber world, you need to be alert
& witty while handing connectivity to kids. Same alertness is required to
raise and rear your kids.

World without Internet just can’t imagine, it has become
necessity of all.

Click, click, click……..and you are ready for Banking, Shopping,
Booking movie tickets, Air & Rail Reservation, Reading, Writing, Video
Conferencing, Social Platforms.

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Learn, Enjoy and Live in the spaces of Cyber world.

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Responsible Tourism

We all love to visit beautiful destinations during
vacations, planned or unplanned. Unplanned ones are generally during weekends,
when we just drive out with family and friends at nearby spot for a change or
for partying. Planned ones are better for long tour, we get time to spend with
our family and children and it’s after effect is wonderful, it breaks the
monotony of life and brings the members closer. In today’s fast forward life, people
don’t get enough time to spend with family, parents, kids or friends and so it
is a must to take time out for personal life and enjoy life. It rejuvenates our
mind and soul and it’s a great stress buster.

 It isn’t necessary that you go for an expensive trip, it
should be so organised that it is comfortable to one’s pocket else instead of a
stress buster, it will be the stress booster. A planned long distance travel
with family and friends is far better than unplanned ones, because when you are
moving out of the safe zone of your home, few things should be taken into

1. Know the place that you are planning to visit so that you
are well accustomed with the important spots to be visited, it’s routes,
possible conveyance availability, duration of journey, this is the most
important one especially if you are travelling with small kids or elderly
people and the spots where one can break the journey for rest and lunch. Thanks
to the advancement of technology, Google is the best & is of immense help in
this regard and you can enjoy the journey smiling.

2. Be conversant with local language & cuisine
especially if you are travelling to faraway places in own country or abroad.
English language is the most common spoken language but still there are places
where people aren’t conversant with this English tool, so read the details of
the places that is in your itinerary and keep yourself updated and if still you
find difficult, try to hire a local guide who can help you in this regard and
make your journey awesome. Similarly, research about the local cuisine and plan
your trip accordingly. If you are rigid in your diet habits, carry few things
of your choice so that you don’t starve.

3. Try to take local conveyance available in the place of
your itinerary, it will be easy on your pockets and even help you in tracing
the places or spots of visit, so it will save your time and energy.

4. Don’t litter the places and don’t throw garbage on roads
or parks. Park the garbage items in the provided dustbins. Take care not to
urinate at public places. No one likes littered or dirty places but people
throw the items used by them hither n thither. If each and every people local
or tourist takes care then the destinations or spots would be clean. Take care
not to carve names or initials on the public property or on trees.

5. One of the most important thing to be take care rigidly,
is never believe any strangers. They can pose problem to life and property.
However good the people are in their behaviour, don’t trust them and don’t show
that you are offended. Maintain a proper distance and be alert.

 If these few things are taken care of then you are bound to
enjoy the journey and in every vacation, you will look forward to visit new
places, meet new people and interact with the beauty of nature. An enjoyable
journey will add freshness in your mind and body and even the strings of
relationships marred in busy life will be smoothen in the vacations
with your loved ones.

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The First Car

When I was in Class 3, my father bought an Ambassador car. We were very happy at the arrival of our car. My father didn’t know riding or driving two wheeler or four wheeler, till he bought his own. A driver was hired for the classes and a Big L was written on the front & rear side of the car and his driving class picked up at a slow pace.I was fascinated by the passion of driving and I made sure to join my father on his driving class seated on the back seat of the car & I focused more on the tricks of driving. I was keen to take up driving later in life so I concentrated more. 

My father was keen in learning but before this he had never tried cycling or riding in life, so he dashed more frequently in comparison to other learners who knew riding a bike. He had an obsession to learn and he did learn though he took more time and even the face of  Ambassador received brutal blows one after the other from all corners and finally Papa was successful in completing his driving classes and steered well behind the wheels with confidence.

The car was sent to the garage for the makeover after the driving classes concluded and a hefty sum was paid to get back into proper shape.

After that, our errands started during school holidays or on occasions of the family get together. We four (my siblings) all used to get packed in our car and our adventurous journey started. He had developed passion for driving and he drove with full confidence and was adventurous on roads, (now when I recollect back those adventurous drives, I feel he took more risk ) 

We were the one who insisted him to race with the other cars on roads and he did chase them with full speed and left the others behind. We clapped & rejoiced on his overtures on road (now I get goosebumps recalling).

He was so adventurous on roads that he never mind to bounce on the speed breakers or on the open craters on road & finally when we reached the destination, the car was bound to visit garage to get the dismantled parts fixed. It was a routine affair and he never bothered. He thoroughly enjoyed driving and we naughty creatures never left an opportunity to give him an undaunted task on road and he complied with us heartily.

                                                  It was the Bliss Of Ignorance

Papa tried all the tricks on roads, but he maintained his car well and it was spotless clean inside and outside and he did all by himself without any support staff. 

On Sundays, I used to help him in washing and cleaning though he never asked to but my lurking interest made me do because I had an inner inkling for driving and the passion of the same drove me near.

My father is nearing 75 and is not keeping well due to health issues and has grown weak. Sometimes, I feel lost seeing him, Is he the same who used  drive ruthlessly on the roads without any fear.

How time changes and we change with time

© Ila Varma 24/10/2015   

Paradise On Earth – A Visit To Kerala (South India) #Travel

Image Source:Kerala Tourism

Kerala, a state in South India along the Malabar coast, which is also known as “God’s Own Country” is a beautiful place to step in amidst the nature beauty that your heart will admire. The same has been with me when I stepped into this majestic place, my heart skipped a beat and my head bows in reverence to the Almighty for one of his wonderful creations. Really, it’s a paradise on earth. The landscape is amazing, nature has bestowed its positive vibes  gifting the place with nature’s pride, the place been more famous for backwaters, beaches, lagoons, natural beauty, heavy vegetation, forests, Ayurveda spa & health resorts.

Greenery in abundance and the place has also its nickname, the Spice Garden Of India & The Land of Coconut Trees; the beaches are lined by dense groves of coconut trees.

The beauty of this place has charmed me so much that every year I descend on this heaven of earth along with my family to enjoy the nature in my holidays and true, it beats my stress and     the Ayurveda therapy rejuvenates my soul.

I request my readers to plan a holiday to this, “God’s Own Country” for once and enjoy the majestic creations in the lap of nature.

Modes Of Travel:
By Air: Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala & Cochin is well connected with International & national airports & Calicut has international services.  So you can fly to the destination.

By Roads & Railways:  All the major cities & towns are well connected with roads & railway services from all corners of India.

Peak Season For Tourists: 
If I am asked, I am ever ready to visit this place. The best time to visit Kerala is from September to March, after the Indian Monsoons and before the advent of Summers.

Of The East: Alappuzha 

The backwaters of Alappuzha are the major attraction of this place & the houseboat cruise is awesome… These days many hotels & resorts  are the owner of houseboat cruises and comes up with varied offers for as little as a day time or you can stretch for days and weeks depending on one’s choice.   

Rich In Natural Habitats: Districts of 

This district is famous for mountains, valleys, streams, hill stations, lakes, sanctuaries, tracking trails and has a high ratio of the tribal populace, having their weird customs & beliefs.

Munnar: is a hill station and famous for tea plantations and you can enjoy the bliss of trekking and there are renowned wildlife sanctuaries, namely, Idduki Wildlife Sanctuary, The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, & Chinmar Wildlife Sanctuary and Nyayamakad renowned for breathtaking waterfalls.

It is the capital city of Kerala with a long shoreline, internationally renowned beaches, rich in cultural heritage and famous for historic monuments. The whole South India is famous for historical monuments with breathtaking architecture. The architecture is so exquisite which speaks volumes of the Indian craftsmanship, each structure is unique in its design.

Ayurveda Spa &
Health Resorts:

The origination of Ayurveda goes back to this land of Kerala somewhere around 5,000 years ago, the oldest healthcare system in the world, the science of life and longevity and it thrives on the medicines procured by the natural vegetation. There are different types of spa’s and health resorts which practices on the traditional system and helps in warding off diseases and mental and spiritual health of an individual through its holistic approach. There are varied programs and packages as per the client’s requirements.

Even if you don’t suffer from any specific ailments, you can avail the natural cleansing of the body which is indeed a stress buster.

The rate of literacy is very high in Kerala, but the inhabitants of this land  follow the truly traditional way of Indian life. 

Weird Custom of the

Garudan Thookam: Hanging
By the Hooks

On seeing this ritual, you will get weird feelings.
This ritual art form is performed in Kali temples of Kerala, which is fascinating and hair-raising… Dancers dress up as Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu who quenched the goddess Kali’s thirst with blood after slaying Darika the demon. After the dance performance, they  hang like eagles (Garudan Thookam) from a shaft, by hooking the flesh on the backs! These hanging ‘Garudas’ are taken around the city in a colorful procession. This ritual is carried out on Makara Bharani Day and Kumbha Bharani Day. (Inputs from online web)

Overall experience on this land is awesome, so whenever you need a break from hustle and bustle of city life, do book your tickets to visit this place and you are sure to be spellbound by the scenic beauty of nature copulated with Ayurveda health resorts which will add few more years to your life.

Do share your experiences with me. I am sure to hear from you all of this wonderland and you will thank me profusely.

Information Gathered n Reported By Ila Varma.

(Information validated by facts by online web data and image sources Google from Kerala Tourism)

A Date With Nature @ Halebidu ,Karnataka

Nature’s Delight — A Big Treat To Eyes Soothing

                          A Date With Nature @ Halebidu ,Karnataka Captured Under My Lens !

© Ila Varma 2015

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