Kochi – Land of Backwaters! #Travelogue

It was a Friday evening and I had a long weekend
ahead of me waiting with no plans. I did not wanted to spend all of it in
Coimbatore, my training location. I looked up for the places around and found
out my cousin in the Navy stationed at Kochi. “You can catch the morning
bus if you get up early”, that’s what my mind said but my habit of
sleeping late kept everything in suspense. I went off to sleep packing my small
bag sincerely hoping to get up and make it to the nearby bus depot. To my luck,
it was some day as I got up by 5 in the morning and by 5:30, I was in the bus
sleeping again hoping to see Kochi by noon.
The Journey from Coimbatore started by 0600 hours
and I was awake by 0730 when the Volvo stopped for breakfast. I removed my
curtains and it was a bliss, in the middle of nowhere with all the greenery
around, shading the bus completely. I got down, splashed my face with water and
here was my morning – Serenely placed in the greens of Kerala. When in Rome, be
a Roman, and so was I, sitting at the breakfast table with a banana leaf topped
with Idli – Vada – Sambhar and Coconut Chutney, in short heaven.
The bus took off after a while and the journey
witnessing the splendid landscapes continued, the journey from Coimbatore to
Kochi is mostly dominated by boring straight national highway with few
stretches of beautiful state highways. I could see backwaters and coconut trees
hanging low on them throughout and it was refreshing. The Weather was slowly
becoming humid, expected due to the shores and I could see Ernakulam boards
hanging around. Being a native of North India, I had heard Ernakulam mostly
with a suffix “Express” for the trains which commuted down south. I
asked one of my fellow passengers and he told that Kochi is a city in the
Ernakulam district of the state. I did not know that, was a new one. The bus
stopped at Willingdon Island ending the journey.
My cousin was staying at this island which was
close by to the historical locality of “Mattancherry”, the island was
full of huge ships of Navy and proud officers in uniform. Patriotism hits a new
high every time I get into such surroundings. My cousin came to pick me up at
the Gate where I had to show my identity card and log my details. We went to
his house, typical huge government quarter and surprisingly well maintained. We
got out for a late lunch at Naushad’s, a famous food chain there and had a steamed
pomfret with spices in banana leaf. It was amazing, till date I long to go back
to Kerala and have the same dish again. “We work on Saturdays you
civilian”, he said and left for work again after dropping me back. He had
given me instructions on how to take the ferry to Mattancherry and go around,
as expected from the independent defence brother.
I took the ferry to Mattancherry from a dock near
Taj Malabar, another marvel of the Taj Hotels. This was a new experience,
travelling alone, exploring a new place alone, the ferry, the people and
Mattancherry. It took hardly about 10 minutes to get on the other side and I
was on my feet, exploring the old town. 
Mattancherry is mostly a historically
rich site hosting the grand Mattancherry Palace, a Synagogue, Classic Old
Churches and a beautiful beach with all kind of flea markets. When you walk
here, you can feel time sliding into the older eras seeing the old houses with
vintage doors and windows. I took plenty of pictures, thanks to my Canon point
and shoot camera.
I covered all of it and sat on the bench at the
beach for a while watching the fishermen catching fishes using the Chinese
fishnets, the sun too went low and it was a beautiful evening as I took the
ferry back to Willingdon island where my cousin was waiting at the dock. Later,
we went to few local eat outs, had dinner and crashed to sleep by 10 as next
morning we had planned to drive around Kochi and Old Ernakulam town.
And as planned we were on the streets exploring
the town, but weather had a different plan as it started pouring, so we had to
return back. It was a blessing in disguise, as my cousin took me inside the
huge naval ships and one word for it – unbelievable. It was really unbelievable
how complex these ships were and the operational procedure they had, it was so
much of patience and hard work managing the whole ship. 
I soaked it in, it was
really a proud moment to see one of our biggest defence weapons in its
The day passed by exploring more about the naval
base and its history and the tasty tandoori chicken at the canteen, and it was
night. One thing I did not like about Kochi was that the commercial areas shut
very early, it was almost lull by 2100. We had another meal at Naushad’s as I
was asked to choose. Had the same fish again and went back and slept.
Next morning, I took the Volvo back to Coimbatore
after my cousin gifted me- I love Kochi t-shirt.

It was a refreshing trip and Mattancherry remains
the place in my mind for another visit whenever time permits next.

खजुराहो में अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म फेस्टिवल 17 दिसंबर से।

– कनाडा फिल्म उद्योग भी इसमें पार्टनर होगा
– उद्घाटन मध्यप्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री करेंगे, समापन
समारोह के मुख्य
अतिथि उपराष्ट्रपति होंगे  
– शेखर कपूर, जैकी
श्रॉफ, रमेश सिप्पी और प्रेम चोपड़ा
समेत कई नामी
फिल्मकार अतिथि होंगे
   मध्यप्रदेश में तीसरा ‘खजुराहो इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल’ (केआईएफएफ) 17 से
24 दिसंबर तक आयोजित किया जा रहा है। इसका उद्घाटन मध्यप्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री श्री शिवराजसिंह चौहान करेंगे। ‘केआईएफएफ’ के समापन समारोह के मुख्य अतिथि होंगे
देश के उपराष्ट्रपति श्री
वेंकैया नायडू। इस बार कनाडा फिल्म
उद्योग भी ‘केआईएफएफ’ का पार्टनर होगा।
‘केआईएफएफ’ में देश के जाने-माने
फिल्मकार, एक्टर, एक्ट्रेस शेखर कपूर, प्रेम
चोपड़ा, अनुराग बासू,
जैकी श्रॉफ, रंजीत,
भारती अचरेकर, पंकज
पाराशर, सुशांत सिंह
(राजपूत नहीं), रमेश
सिप्पी, कुलमीत मक्कर,
किरण जुनेजा और मनमोहन शेट्टी समेत
फिल्मों से जुड़े
कई लोग शिरकत
  इस फिल्म
फेस्टिवल को चार फिल्म खंडों में विभाजित किया गया है। जनजातीय फिल्म
खंड के अलावा
इस बार बच्चों के लिए अलग सेगमेंट, पर्यावरण, वन्य जीवन और खेल संबंधी फ़िल्में भी इसमें शामिल हैं।
फेस्टिवल की औपचारिक शुरुआत से पहले
खजुराहो, पन्ना और छतरपुर में फिल्म
कार्यशालाएं आयोजित की जाएंगी। इन कार्यशालाओं का संचालन अभिनेत्री सुष्मिता मुखर्जी, मीता
वशिष्ट और मनोहर
खुशलानी करेंगे। इस फेस्टिवल में भारतीय फिल्मों के अलावा
30-35 अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्मों को भी प्रदर्शित किया जाएगा।

  ‘केआईएफएफ’ आयोजन समिति के प्रमुख और ‘प्रयास प्रोडक्शन’ के राजा बुंदेला ने बताया कि फेस्टिवल से पहले
युवा फिल्म निर्माताओं के लिए एक छोटी फिल्म प्रतियोगिता का भी आयोजन
प्रतियोगिता के विजेता को रमेश सिप्पी एकेडमी ऑफ़ फिल्म
सिनेमा एंड इंटरटेनमेंट’ में अपनी पसंद
की किसी एक धारा में निर्देशन, संपादन या छायांकन में छात्रवृत्ति के साथ प्रशिक्षण दिया जाएगा। फेस्टिवल के दौरान पूरे सात दिन किसानों से सम्बंधित फिल्मों का प्रदर्शन जनसामान्य के लिए किया जाएगा। श्री बुंदेला ने बताया कि देश में ये पहला
अवसर है जब किसी विश्व धरोहर
स्थल पर अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म
फेस्टिवल का आयोजन
किया जा रहा है। 

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Louvre
Abu Dhabi today signed the first exclusive platinum partnership with Etihad
. The symbolic ceremony took place under the museum’s spectacular dome
and its ‘Rain of Light’ effect.
Louvre Abu Dhabi will officially open
on 11 November as an iconic landmark on the city’s geographical, cultural and
tourist landscape. The architectural masterpiece is one of only a few truly universal
museums in the world, awe-inspiring in both its scale and design.


His Excellency Saif
Saeed Ghobash, Director General of the Department of Culture &
Tourism – Abu Dhabi, said: “This important partnership comes at an exciting
time as we prepare for our grand opening next month. Louvre Abu Dhabi and
Etihad Airways not only bring people from around the world to Abu Dhabi, but
they are both universal in nature. For the museum, this idea of universal is
about understanding human connections from the beginning of time until the present
through art. We look forward to celebrating Louvre Abu Dhabi’s opening with the
support of our Platinum partner.”
As a Platinum partner, Etihad will
work closely with Louvre Abu Dhabi on areas of brand partnership, marketing,
social media, public and media relations, events and exhibitions, cultural
exchanges, cargo support, inflight programming, and travel trade support.
Etihad Airways’ destination management company, Hala, will collaborate with the
museum on bespoke tour packages in Abu Dhabi.
Peter Baumgartner,
Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer,
said: “Louvre Abu Dhabi is a universal
institution showcasing the achievements of mankind in art, in culture, in
humanity – a beacon welcoming visitors to these shores for generations to come.”
Etihad Airways and
Louvre Abu Dhabi are two leading characters in the same story and we share a
deep bond. As the national airline of the UAE, flying from Abu Dhabi to the
world, we are also a universal connector of people. Together with our partners
at Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi, we
are committed to bringing guests from across our global network to our home, and
to co-creating experiences which will showcase this magnificent museum.”
High resolution images
are available on the following link: https://we.tl/LZqo6nswtn

(Left to right) Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer, and HE Saif Saeed Ghobash, Director General of the
Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi, flanked by members of Etihad Airways’ Cabin Crew,
sign the landmark partnership agreement under the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s
spectacular dome.
 (Left to right) Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways Chief Executive Officer, Manuel Rabaté, Louvre Abu
Dhabi Director, and HE Saif Saeed Ghobash, Director General of the
Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi, flanked by members of Etihad Airways’ Cabin Crew,
celebrate the landmark partnership agreement under the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s
spectacular dome.
About Louvre Abu Dhabi
Louvre Abu Dhabi is a universal museum on Saadiyat Island that exhibits
art and artefacts from ancient times to the present day, its mission is to
celebrate cultural exchange and diversity. Designed by French architect Jean
Nouvel, the museum represents an Arab madina (city) with its 23 permanent
galleries, exhibition galleries, Children’s Museum, auditorium, restaurants,
retail and a research centre. Surrounded by the sea, visitors can walk the
promenades beneath the museum’s stunning dome. They can experience Nouvel’s
enchanting ‘rain of light’, inspired by the shadows of overlapping palm trees
in the UAE’s precious oases where travellers once crossed paths.
Artworks on display originate from civilizations all over the world.
They have been brought together to highlight universal themes and similar
influences. This marks a departure from many traditional Western museums which
separate objects from different civilizations. Themes at Louvre Abu Dhabi
include: the portrayal of power; the representation of the divine; exploring
unknown lands; and the dawn of globalization. Louvre Abu Dhabi has acquired
more than 600 artworks to date including individual works, series and
collections. Many of these will be exhibited alongside 300 works on loan from
13 leading French institutions.
Louvre Abu Dhabi was born of an intergovernmental agreement between the
governments of Abu Dhabi and France in 2007. The agreement includes the loan of
the name of Louvre is on loan for a period of 30 years and 6 months; art works
from French institutions for 10 years on a decreasing basis as the permanent
collection grows; and the programming of temporary exhibitions for 15 years.
Etihad Aviation Group
Aviation Group (EAG) is a diversified global aviation and travel group
comprising five business divisions – Etihad Airways, the national airline of
the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways Engineering, Etihad Airport Services,
Hala Group and Airline Equity Partners.

From its
Abu Dhabi base, Etihad Airways flies to, or has announced plans to serve, more
than 110 passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe,
Asia, Australia and the Americas. The airline has a fleet of over 120 Airbus
and Boeing aircraft. In 2013, it placed firm orders for 204 aircraft, which
included 71 Boeing 787s, 25 Boeing 777Xs, 62 Airbus A350s and 10 Airbus A380s.
For more information, please visit: etihad.com


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Gujarat welcomes Madhya Pradesh to experience the many hues of tourism!

Corporation Of Gujarat Limited holds special road show in Madhya Pradesh to
promote tourism.

August 26, Indore: On
Saturday, a motley crowd watched in awe as a presentation unfolded before it portraying
the rich culture and heritage of the picturesque state of Gujarat. The presentation
was a part of a special Road Show organised by the Tourism Corporation of
Gujarat Limited (TCGL) at Indore in Madhya Pradesh
to promote Gujarat as a splendid
tourist destination.
audience mainly consisted of travel agents from Madhya Pradesh with whom TCGL
is looking at forging ties to showcase the best of Gujarat to the people of
Madhya Pradesh. Shri. Jenu Devan, Managing Director and Commissioner of
Tourism, Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited

took the travel agents through the presentation that elucidated the eclectic
offerings of Gujarat in terms of its culture, traditions, music, tourist spots,
its treasure trove of artefacts and handicrafts and much more. This is the
first time that Gujarat is visiting Madhya Pradesh and is looking at building a
bond with the latter by inviting its people over to visit and experience the state’s
inimitable tourism. The idea of inviting travel agents for the Road Show was to
join hands with them and leverage the relations to carry out diverse exchanges
between the two states.
Talking about the unique Road
Show, Shri Devan
, “We are extremely happy to be
in Madhya Pradesh and connect with the people here. This is the first time
Gujarat is visiting MP but we are hoping that we will be able to build long
lasting relations between the two states. I would like to invite the people
from Madhya Pradesh to witness and enjoy the beauty of Gujarat, its cuisines,
its art and culture, tourist spots, its many fairs and festivals and everything
else that the state has to offer. This Road Show is mainly to reach out to
travel agents here and work out opportunities to promote Gujarat tourism.
Together we can build some excellent exchange between the two states.”

of tourists from Madhya Pradesh are known to visit Gujarat every year. This
year, the number of tourists from Madhya Pradesh was a whopping 18 lakh and the
figure is expected to grow exponentially. In fact, in recent years, Gujarat has
become one of the most popular destinations in India. Over 400 lakh tourists
visited the state from within India this year –a 17% rise from the previous
year. Similarly, a record number of NRIs and foreigners –a total of 10 lakh –
visited the state this year making it the highest number in the last decade.
versatile fairs and festivals are already known to be huge crowd pullers. The annual
Saputaramonsoon festival (13 August to 10
September, 2017), Tarnetar fair (24 to 27August, 2017), Navratri Festival (21
to 29 September 2017), the Rann Utsav (1st November, 2017 to 28th
February, 2018)
and the International
kite festival (7 to 15January, 2018)
are some of the many colourful events that
draw tourists from across India and abroad.
State Government gives tourists the chance to experience local culture at its
best by offering the most earthy accommodation option – that of homestays. Homestays
are known to provide the comfort of a home with all the facilities and an
opportunity to eat authentic local food and interact with incredible locals. Besides,
there are also several luxury hotels in the state that provides hospitality

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Taj Madikeri, Coorg!!! #MMTLuxuryStays

Indian Bloggers

The word “Honeymoon” itself gives butterflies in stomach, so you can imagine my status very well. After getting married and heading for honeymoon after a fortnight. You will be amazed why I chose to go for Honeymoon after a fortnight of my marriage. The reason was that I stayed back with parents so that my wife could mix with my family and she’s recognized in the family, few may feel weird. Anyways, each individual has its own way of looking at things.

I will share my secret of our destination. Our Honeymoon stay was wonderful in the lap of nature and peaceful ambiance – Coorg at the famous Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri. The staycation added colors to our trip and the days afterwards.

I will not delve more about my alliance with my beautiful lady but would definitely delve into minute details of the staycation @ Taj Madikeri.

We started from Bengaluru by car in late evening and by morning, we had our eyes gazing at the amazing valley of Coorg from the stunning lobby of Taj Madikeri. We were given a warm welcome at the reception in a regional manner. The start was so beautiful, our expectation rose high and the team of Taj met our expectation without any hiccups. Frankly, the service was much higher than my expectation and imagination. 

The majestic property of Taj mesmerized me from within. Its grandeur, architecture, aesthetic design and the location of the property is surreal and breath-taking. It is tucked into the hills and greenery sprawls all over the landscape of hills and forest.

From reception, we were escorted to our beautiful cottage by a buggy. The Buggy had to basically run down the slopes of the hill and we could see the other beautiful cottages on our way.

As we stepped inside our cottage, the intricate design, aesthetic sense & simplicity simply awed us. It gave us a royal feeling for sure. My wife was mesmerized and we thanked ourselves for choosing the best we could, considering that we did not wanted to travel too far from Bengaluru.

We were asked to visit the Breakfast dining area. The spread was nicely decked up and consisted basically of all types of cuisine – Continental, North – South Indian specials, some special delicacies of Coorg(Kodagu) and wide choice of juices. We tried as much as we could, it was sumptuous.

The lunch and dinner varieties were equally amazing and there are no words to describe how well Taj stands out from the rest. 

The property also has a small museum which reflects on the history of Kodagu (Coorg) along with some plantations of coffee, tea and strawberry.

The lobby of the hotel stands at the best place, offering view of the entire valley. The infinity pool adjacent to it, only make the view stunning. The Barbeque restaurant at the foothills – the Grill along the pool is mind-blowing for what it serves.

We enjoyed the stay at Taj thoroughly and the courteous management stole our hearts – right from the reception, during our stay in the property, housekeeping staff, F&B teams at Ferntree and the Grill were amazing.

The property is immaculately clean and grandeur and they take too much care to maintain the cleanliness of the property.

Due to professional obligations, we stayed for three days & two nights but the memory of the stay is etched in our memory and I look forward to many more stays at Vivanta by Taj, Madikeri to enjoy the lavishness in the luscious backdrop of Coorg.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Here are my few clicks of the Taj property which I managed to click when I was relieved from my newly wedded bride.
Overview of Taj Madikeri, Coorg.

                                                                    View from Lobby

                                                                                Breakfast Joint

                                                                  Internal View of Cottage

                                                             Cottage Decked up #Honeymoon Package

                                                                           Neat Decoration with Warm Wishes

Inputs by Ila Varma, in the voice of my Son.
“I am blogging about my luxury stay experience for an activity at BlogAdda in association with MakeMyTrip

Skywatch Friday – 20 October 2016 – Conflict Resolution Day!

On the Eve of Conflict Resolution Day, The Clouds Seem to Have Resolved the Burning Issues & Appears Calm n Cool.
                                                   The Dark clouds kisses the Snowy Clouds
Captured by Me at Tirupati, Tamil Nadu.

Pic Courtesy: © Ila Varma 2016

On a Date to Nandi Hills Bangalore #Karnataka

I had heard a lot of Nandi Hills from friends and
family staying at Bangalore and even had a chance to read about it on web and
was charmed by the photo clippings shared with me. I had been to Bangalore numerous
times but never got chance to enjoy in the Nandi Hills.

This time, I hit Nandi Hills though we were a bit
late & missed the encounter of the sunrise view from the top of Nandi
As we took turn for the spot, a fresh air enveloped
us and greenery sprawled around was a real treat. The fragrance of freshness
emanated from the surroundings and I felt wonderful.

Once Bangalore was known for its greenery but now
with shooting population & massive construction around has stolen the charm
of the beautiful garden city.

As we inched closer near the foothills, I was
enchanted by the view. The mist on the top hill was a sight to watch and it
felt soothing and relaxing. But my joy was short-lived. As we meandered through
few turns, a huge crowd awaited further and the road was packed with traffic
clogging the road. We waited for some time inside our car but there was no
scope of taking it further. People started parking at one side of the road and
our journey to reach Nandi Hills started off on foot and in more than an hour,
we reached near the top.

The mood was dampened by the crowds, it was 14th
of August 2016, a long weekend and people had thronged in large numbers and
most people were on four wheelers.

It was my first trip to Nandi so I captured moments
of our trip and I felt nice roaming amidst the mist laden atmosphere and the
tall trees of Eucalyptus stood tall in the hills. It was
refreshing and the refreshing air helped me to walk barefoot for more than ten
kilometres on one side, but we could not reach on the top because the mist
cleared and the beauty of Nandi hills is the condensation of greens which
enables the mist to envelope the entire Nandi hills.

It was a
great respite from heat of North India and I felt fresh. The localites of
Bangalore had dressed up tight in warm clothes, but I felt soothing in my
cotton suit.

I am
still in Bangalore and planning one more chance to barge in the hills of Nandi
on any working day to be saved from the chaos of crowd.

Enjoy the
clippings that I could manage to click. 

Monkeys relishing banana & biscuits

                                                        Traffic Congestion on the Hills on 14th August 2016


All the pictures are captured by me and it’s the sole property of varmaila.com

Skywatch! #Photography

The photograph is shot by me while flying to Bangalore and I love watching sky and clouds while flying and love to capture in my camera. It’s the nature’s beauty and a treat to our eyes and clears the thoughts.

This snap is shot by me while descending down from Nandi Hills @Bangalore and the day breaks in.

All Rights Reserved. © Ila Varma 2016


DreamTrails #Blogadda #Club Mahindra

I am
different from the crowd and so are my dreams and passions. People yearn to
have a fat purse loaded with several plastic cards and an awesome bank balance
and then they move out to places where they can spend a hefty lot and enjoy the
worldly pleasures which is more hi-tech today, in my perspective, it’s more of
munching money to derive pleasure out of it.

There are a few lot who wish to take a deep plunge into the nature and refresh their mood
surrounded with the beauty and habitat of nature. I am one bird who wish to
wander in places where I can watch the majestic and mystic beauty of Nature
with habitats of nature, swaying and dancing with the pleasant soft breeze caressing my
body and soul. It will be a great stress booster and natural rejuvenation

My soul
craves to wander in the lands of Himachal Pradesh, the beauty of Shimla,
valleys of Kasol, serenity of Dharamshala, the snow fall of Kullu-Manali. Once
I have been for a short trip to this land but due to time constraint could not
enjoy in the lap of nature, but its beauty enchanted me. The nature too has
planned the trees of Himachal as per the climate, Tall Pine, Cheer and Deodar trees with slanting leaves that they don’t hold snow for long, it trails out. I
wish to spend my vacations in these spots and more and derive pleasure and
inner satisfaction leaving fatigue & stress behind.

I wish to visit
the Land of Gods, Kerala and enjoy the greenery sprawled across. It is a land of
wonders and yet people there lead a traditional life quite attached to the
roots of Ayurveda which is purely ethical and it’s a refined form of natural
ingredients. The backwaters, the sea, the house boats, boat races, the fields
of plantations.
I wish to
spend my time in those lands close to nature.

The Leh and
Laddakh too are in my itinerary,
desire to see how the life springs up in these cold regions and watch its

God has
created the planet so artistically but due to over population and urbanisation,
the planet is losing its sheen and the lifestyle that is been backed up is all
by different forms of energy which emits pollution in the atmosphere and the climate has
undergone substantial change. To save planet from further disintegration, we
need to step out in open air and enjoy the feel of nature. If in vacations
people move out to places where they use less of energy to sustain then at
least pollution can slow down.

Go green
concept has started but it is more literal, people need to be made aware to
change the scenario of our planet and save environment.

There are
many beautiful exquisite spots, we need to explore the destinations and there
are numerous health benefits to be associated with nature.

It’s my
dream and I am following to fulfill it in the ambiance of nature, with nature,
greeted by the cooing n chirping of the birds, kissed by the sun-rays of sunshine and
sunset, move with the clouds and numerous things which can be felt but cannot be explained in words.

I will require few things to carry on the destinations, a camera to capture the marvels of nature, pen & paper to jot down, my tea-bags and a mobile without internet just to catch on my family to drop them messages of my whereabouts. I seriously wish to partake in Go Green revolution, a minuscule contribution from me 

I want to
breathe in fresh air and exhale all the toxins of mind and body we are
contaminated with and it will be the best rejuvenation program at my own cost
without paying to Spa’s and Wellness center.

This is my
dream that trails with me and prods me to take the initiatives.

“I am
blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra #DreamTrailsactivity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your

Navigation into the Cyberspace

A Day without connectivity is difficult to envisage in life
of today. And a World without Internet is inconceivable in today’s scenario,
incomprehensible where life’s maximum demands depends upon internet and a
single day without internet will plunge the world into a tunnel of darkness and
loss in terms of economy alone is unfathomable. Today’s life survives in a
world of internet. Pros and cons are always there for each and every sphere,
but in the case of connectivity, pros outweigh largely the cons. Each and every
needs of life spheres is connected with cyberspace.

If a link fails of a single bank, whole transactions comes
to a halt, even the emergency services can’t be accessed. The Dalal Street too runs
in the grip of net, whole transactions comes to a grinding halt if their
connections are snapped for even a fraction of seconds.

These are simple examples which came to my mind while
writing, I feel whole world is connected with the link and a dream to snap it
lines for few seconds is alarming. Life will come to a Halt. One can say, “It’s
all about habit”, it’s true to a large extent but the whole mechanism of the
world is connected, so snapping it is Impossible.

The whole world has shrunk, it is on the fingertips of an
individual, a single click will transport you in any corner of the world, where
you desire and on a single platform all are interconnected. When connectivity
wasn’t there, none could ever imagine that it was possible, but the net has made
it accessible & possible in its truest sense.

For me, internet is a boon. With few simple clicks, I manage
all my things on my own, whether it’s my finances, shopping, writing, pursuing
my hobby, music etc. In spite of certain disabilities, I am far ahead from a
normal person, a very independent person with a strong will and a simple plug
plugged my life with adventures. Even it helped us to reunite with our
childhood buddies with whom we had lost connections, but now after meeting on
the social platform, we meet in person and relive our school days. Even if you
forget special occasions of near & dear ones, it reminds you and you can
surprise people with cakes, gifts and flowers. The whole world is in your fist.
You are blessed with grandchildren in abroad, you don’t need to wait to visit
them. A single click takes you to the room of a newcomer and you can hear the
cries & babbles of your loved ones. Watch snowfall and what not. You can
navigate the places that are out of the reach of your pocket.

Demerits are there, but it’s minuscule compared to its
merits and it can be handled by care & been alert. Alertness is required
even if you place your steps and in this cyber world, you need to be alert
& witty while handing connectivity to kids. Same alertness is required to
raise and rear your kids.

World without Internet just can’t imagine, it has become
necessity of all.

Click, click, click……..and you are ready for Banking, Shopping,
Booking movie tickets, Air & Rail Reservation, Reading, Writing, Video
Conferencing, Social Platforms.

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Learn, Enjoy and Live in the spaces of Cyber world.

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