Bollywood Movies Redefine the Boundaries of Love & Romance!

Most Bollywood movies have always been written by an ink, dipped in love and romance. Love and romance is a subject which quips the heart of the people of all ages.
Gradually, Bollywood movies are redefining the precincts of love and romance with quirky twists in their tales. It can be said that they have moved out or above the line in their storyline and it is proving better for the audience.
There are movies which prove the mettle of their film directors. Through these movies, they try to create something new for the audience, and it strikes the right chord of the audiences.
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: Karan Johar’s take on romance is quite different in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil compared to his previous movies. The storyline is contemporary and progressive, and in the lead are Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Fawad Khan and Aishwarya Rai. Ranbir and Anushka meet at a club, and they settle down as best friends. Both have their own love life, but something’s not right in their respective relationships and both decide to move out of those relationships. An unusual take in the movie, Ranbir and Anushka decide to celebrate their break up and head for Paris together. Eventually, Ranbir develops an unrequited love for Anushka. From there, the movie is a heartfelt view of what happens in a one-sided love story.
Love Aaj Kal: The movie, Love Aaj Kal directed by Imtiaz Ali has tried to tell the audience the difference of love and relationships in the past and in the current scenario. The film features Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Rishi Kapoor in the lead.
Barfi:  An unusual story of love and sacrifice where the lover sets her lover free for the sake of his happiness. Barfi is played by Ranbir Kapoor, Shruti by Ileana and Jhilmil by Priyanka Chopra and all have justified their roles in their respective character. The direction of Anurag Basu has given a twist to the romantic tale of Barfi.
Silvat: Silvat is a movie of an intense romance and the powerful acting of the two characters, Kartik Aaryan and Meher Mistry in the character of Anwar & Noor. It glues the audience to the narrative and stirs unsaid emotions. The director, Tanuja Chandra’s attempt, is very decent, clean and powerful.
The idea of romance in Silvat is unlike the romance we see today. Click here to see how the plot takes the audience back to 90’s where emotions were heartfelt but mostly unspoken. In most part of the movie, Anwar and Noor’s attention is glued to each other, and with just that attention, Noor never feels the absence of her husband who had moved abroad just after their marriage.
Silvat means a temporary crease and the unexpressed love of Anwar and Noor justifies the title.
So, basically, Bollywood movies are moving to a new direction to create something different, redefining the concept of love and romance and that is a welcome sign for the audience.

Are The Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Comfortable For Babies?

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A woman’s life completes the worth of being a woman attaining Motherhood, it is indeed a bliss. Being a Mother comes with a lot of responsibility, care and loads her with tonnes of unconditional love for her child. Of all the relationships on the planet, Mother’s love is the purest form and eternal.
“The only day in your life …Your mother smiled when you cried” is on the birth of a child as aptly put by the great leader and scientist Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azaad.
This is very true and she laughs her heart out when she holds her baby close to her bosom and the milk flows incessantly to feed her baby. It is a physiological and psychological phenomenon found in all mammals on the planet, Earth.
Mom Becomes Selective

As a Mom, we become choosy in selecting the right things for our baby right from her feed to her clothing’s, diapers, bed, accessories and each and every article used for the babies. Our motherly instincts tentacles are very alert and we verify each article before using for our baby.
My friends at Mom Bloggers suggested me to use Baby Wipes for my baby and discussed the advantages of using it. The advantages attracted me to the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes, which claims to be As Good As Cotton & Water but I wanted to cross-check the product for my Baby.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes advertises in its campaign that it is a natural plant product derived from nature and do not contain any harmful chemicals, hence perfect and safe for babies use.
Normally, the non-organic baby wipes are helpful for the Moms at home front or on travel but the long use of its results in rashes because of chemicals and non- biodegradable ingredients embedded in the wipes.
There are numerous brands of Baby Wipes in the market and claims of all are tall and convincing. I desired to go through the Flame Test to verify the claims of Brand Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
Brand Mother Sparsh claims:

§   98% water content
§  Bio-degradable, Safe for babies & it curbs garbage pollution
§  Non-irritant to Baby’s Skin
§  Product Fabric derived from Plant
§  No Parabens, Alcohol, Synthetics or Polyester
§  100% Safe for Baby Care

§  Pocket-Friendly

I decided that to encounter the claims, Flame Test will be apt to test its veracity of the claims.
Things you need for the Flame Test

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes
A Candle & a Lighter or a Match Box
Caution: Avoid testing in front of kids because they might imitate you and it can be hazardous for them. Test when kids are not around.
How to Do

Light the candle and hold a corner of a baby wipe on to the flame. It will take a few minutes to catch flame because of its water content. Once it catches fire, burn at least half of the wipe and check for the emitted smell and residue.
When I did the same, the smell emitted was the same as it emits after burning paper or cotton cloth and there was no residue left, only ashes. The ashes were blown away easily by the blow of a fan.

Wow…the Flame Test concluded the claims of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes correct and As Good As Cotton & Water. I decided to use the same for my loving baby.
I had borrowed a single wipe from the group of Mommies and I pinged them in the group and conveyed that the claims of Mother Sparsh and theirs were found perfect by me after taking the Flame Test.
Immediately, I placed the order online on Amazon and it was delivered within a few days.
It is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart and FirstCry, Click and Order.
I and my cutie pie, both are happy with the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. I highly recommend Moms to choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
My baby’s skin is soft and supple and I use it profusely for cleaning her face, hands and body and bum after every pee and poop. I use for myself to wipe my face clean and it is always there in my Baby Travel bag.
Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes takes care of the baby’s skin and environment.
I am loving it.

Pre-Launch of Lockdown -Badshah on ZEE5!

Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia would have never dreamt that one day he will be popular with his stage name, Badshah. Born to a father who hails from Haryana and mother from Punjab. He did his schooling from Delhi and during school days, he participated in the school choir. The gene of music was in him since school days, but the exposure was limited. Later on, in college tenure, he got exposure in the realm of Punjabi music, and it emerged as a turning point in the life of Aditya Prateek Singh. He transformed into a relevant Indian Rapper and music composure in Punjabi, Hindi & Haryanvi music and today people recognise him as Badshah.
His stage name Badshah suits his personality and voice. He is an engineer by profession and confesses that if lady luck had not favoured him in the field of Music, he would have been in administration niche as an IAS Officer. His brilliance showed up in music.
Badshah got a break in music career in 2006 with an upcoming rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh of Punjab. He joined Yo Yo group band Mafia Mundeer, and their music was recognised by the youth and both gained name and fame.
Badshah’s independent Haryanvi number Kar Gayi Chull gained popularity, and later on, it got adapted into Bollywood movie. Since then, no looking back, his music numbers has been a ready choice for the Bollywood movie makers. His distinguished numbers found a place in Bollywood movies, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania and Khoobsurat, The numbers proved to be a hit and added laurels to his career.
Badshah gained remarkable feat of excellence by his debut single, “DJ Waley Babu” featuring Aastha Gill. It ranked number one on Indian itunes charts within 24 hours of its release and crossed a million views on YouTube within 30 hours of release.
He has also collaborated with artists including Gippy Grewal, Diljit Dosanjh, Manj Musik, Raftaar, Navv Inder and Aastha Gill among others.
His song with Navv Inder fetched the 2016 Punjabi Music Awards for best duo/group and most popular song of the year award.
Badshah’s strong footing in the arena of music inspired him to plunge into television production. He says that this domain enticed him and he wanted to explore this field. Badshah’s production house name is After-hours, and it will curate content for web, Film and TV niches.
Finally, he is ready with the launch of his first production web series ‘Lockdown’ on ZEE5. He has collaborated with 19 extraordinary singers to stir a musical extravaganza.
Lockdown will showcase music icons such as Raftaar, Kailash Kher, Sachin Jigar and Monali Thakur collaborating with digital sensations such as Shirley Setia, Jonita Gandhi, Raja Kumari and Mickey Singh.
The format of Lockdown is a brand new flavour for the audiences, and it will stir interest in the participants as well as audiences. It proposes to recreate 20 iconic songs in a ten episode series. Each sequence will comprise of two singers, and they will recreate two music videos in a given time of 48 hours.
ZEE had the concept of Lockdown and Badshah got the opportunity to illustrate his dream as a debutant producer under his banner Afterhours.
Lockdown is a web series to promote and showcase the exclusive talent and hence no competition and winners in the series. Everyone gets the opportunity to recreate a sensational song elucidating their ideas and concept.
Badshah is simultaneously nervous and excited for the premiere of Lockdown Zee Entertainment’s app ZEE5 proposed on 17th August 2018.

We wish Badshah a huge success on his entrepreneurial endeavours and Lockdown proves to be successful in all spheres bagging laurels for One & Only Badshah.


Undoubtedly, Mother Sparsh is a Better Choice to Keep My Baby Skin Smiling!

Motherhood arrives with a lot of responsibilities and the same was for me. I had transformed into an extra careful and over possessive Mom, from the day my angle arrived in my womb. A phase of hasty decisions and carelessness vanished. I took decisions after verifying and cross-checking all the pros and cons of any article to be used for the baby care.
There are umpteen things that have to be taken care of for our bundle of joy. They are so cute and delicate. We require to be extra vigilant in their care, whether it is concerning their feed, clothes, bedding’s, toys and body care. They require our utmost attention and a bit of ignorance and negligence can add to their discomfort.
The baby skin is very soft and sensitive and requires a lot of attention and care. The products used should be thoroughly studied and researched. We Moms have the advantage of the digital age; we can readily check in the details and veracity of the company from the comforts of our home. We can easily analyze the product’s key ingredients, their efficacy and side effects. It aids us to decide the brand suitable for our cutie pie from among the different available brands in the market.
Infants, toddlers, and kids mess a lot due to their erratic routine of the potty, pee and eating habits. We Moms have to be on our toes to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
For cleanliness, baby wipes come handy whether we are at home or on an outing. It is used profusely and we need to be extra cautious in making an appropriate choice. It should be one that is soothing and comfortable on the baby’s skin.
There are multiple brands of Baby wipes soaring in the market but I was in a search of something eco-friendly, bio-degradable and soft on the skin of my baby.
I explored the market and came to know about the brand MotherSparsh, which has exclusive products for baby care and boosts about Ayurveda ingredients in their range of products. I read the details of the key ingredients and studied in detail…still, I was not so satisfied because every organization tries to prove their product best in the market by attractive promotional strategy.
I read all the reviews of the Moms who had used the product, Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. Most of the reviews defended the product and there was positive feedback. My confidence soared but as I told you earlier that after being Mom, I have transformed into an over-possessive and over cautious Mom…the inquisitive character of a Super Mom.
I wanted to confide in my peer group – a pack of wonderful Moms. Their suggestion would be impartial and near to 100% correct information. I pinged on them on our What Sapp group and the positive messages flowed from them, who had tried their hands on Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. Now, I agreed to buy Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes for my cute angel.
I instantly placed an online order on Amazon and within three days, the pack was in my hands.
Characteristics of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes

Attractive Packaging:

MotherSparsh Baby Wet Wipes comes in a plastic packaging of light blue color with an opening on the top, which has a covering of plastic film. The packaging is informative and contains detailed information about the product and a smiling cute baby image on the package steals our interest in the contents of the pack.
Fabric Material:

The material of the fabric is cotton derived from the cotton plant and a bio-degradable product. The best choice of the organization in an event where hoards of campaigns are been launched to save the environment. It is thin, soft and caresses softly to the delicate baby’s skin & bum.
Key Ingredients:

Purified Water, Aloe Vera extracts, Lactic acid, Jojoba oil, and Castor oil.
Organic, Free from Harmful Chemicals, Parabens and Alcohol Content:

Mother Sparsh claims that Baby Wet Wipes is organic, contains 98% of water content and Ayurveda compound. It is free from harmful chemicals, Parabens, and alcohol. The clinical trials confirm that it is absolutely safe for infants, toddlers, and kids of any age and guards babies against getting infected by germs and dirt if used for regular cleaning.
Dermatologically Tested:

The Baby Wet Wipes are dermatologically tested and clinically proven for prevention against rashes. It affirms to be the safest for the use on baby’s skin.

The wipes are hypoallergenic and balanced pH. It can be undoubtedly used for cleaning and wiping after each feed, pee and poop. It is ideal for face cleaning too. There are negligible chances of allergies, redness, soreness or other skin disorders upon its usage.

It is a bio-degradable being a natural plant fabric. It is a boon for the environment and it can easily sublime in nature reducing pollution.
Prevents Diaper Rash:

The water content is high in Mother Sparsh Baby Wet wipes and it is smooth on the skin and it prevents diaper rash. Diaper rash is a common problem in babies but the use of these wipes clears the issue of diaper rashes and keeps the baby’s bum clean and soft.

The wipes are pocket-friendly and we can get a pack of 80 wipes at a throwaway price of INR 175.
Available Online:

It is easily available at AmazonNykaa, Flipkart and other major online platforms.

How I Use Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes For My Angel

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water. Baby wet wipes are my favorite pick and I keep one pack at home and one pack is always there in my baby kit pack. I use it profusely to clean her cute bums after each potty and pee. I use them to clean her toys before offering her to play. I use them to clean her mouth, face, and hands after each feed or meal.
For me, cleaning means baby wet wipes and it is comfortable in use and keeps my angel’s skin glowing and smiling. It has a mild pleasing fragrance and I and my baby adore Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
It comes handy for me too. I use every night to remove my makeup and during day hours, when I am tired, I use to curtail my fatigue and keep me refreshed.
I don’t throw them away after use. I collect them in my trash bin to convert it into compost manure for my plants.
We both are happy to use Baby Wet Wipes and I recommend Moms to use and add smiles to the baby’s skin.


My Baby’s Smiles are Back!

                                                                           Image Courtesy: Pixabay

My baby used to sleep peacefully at night and never did she wake up crying in the middle of the night since she was born. It was a great relief for me because I enjoyed a good sleep at night after being sleep deprived for the whole day. I fed her at regular intervals as per her stage and she cooperated.
Due to a peaceful sleep, my day was perfect and I felt full of energy and managed all the household chores all by myself and with the support of my supportive husband when he used to be at home.
Our relationship was going fine, without any disturbance and we were happy.
However, since a few days, my baby Avni, began to cry while being put on the bed. I thought, maybe, she was suffering from gas or stomach ailment. I tried all sorts of home remedies to sort it out but all in vain. When I took her in my arms, keeping her on my shoulder, she was good, but as I put her back on the bed, her tantrums started again.
The whole night, she was restless and was missing her peaceful sleep. Gradually, even during the day hours, she started getting restless and lost her appetite. At times, she vomited the whole thing that she was fed.
The consequence was that all three of us were disturbed because we could not sleep peacefully. My hubby started getting irritated because he had to catch his office early morning, and being deprived of sleep, he was not able to concentrate on his duties. Even, I could not get enough time to manage my sleep because the baby had gone cranky and she longed to be in my arms only.
Now, it was time to see her doctor and get her reviewed because I could not find anything missing, and Avni was getting restless each day. In the corner of my heart, a feeling crept in of evil eye. I don’t believe in superstitions and blind faith but when it’s about the baby, fear grips in. 
I discussed with my MIL in the beginning, but she laughed out at my apprehension, because she knew me well and that I never bothered about these things.
She said coyly, “Yeah, today, I am talking with a Mom and a Mom is so paranoid about her kids that she can go to any length for them.”
The appointment was fixed with her Paediatrician and Avni was thoroughly examined.
Avni was suffering from nasal congestion, and since babies are obligatory nose breathers, she was cranky and did not sleep peacefully.
The doctor explained to me with a slide show, how the nasal congestion was bothering her and she was not comfortable in taking food, playing or sleeping. It was a type of allergy and she needed medication to get relief. She found solace on my shoulders because it was easy for her to breathe with her mini-nose, but it was difficult for her to breathe while lying down on the bed.
The Paediatrician prescribed Nasivion® Pediatric (Child) 0.025% Nose Drops. Avni was 15 months old and the dosage prescribed was 1 drop into each nostril thrice a day for 5 days and was asked to get re-examined if the problem persisted. She reaffirmed that it will bring relief to my baby and she will be back into her original self, hale and hearty.
I bought the nasal drops from the Pharmacy and the details of the medicine are as under.

One ml of Nasivion® Child Nose Drops contains:
– 0.25 mg Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride USP (active ingredient) in buffered aqueous solution
– 0.3 mg Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 50% IP (as preservative)

10 ml glass bottle with dropper

As prescribed by Paediatrician.

Gradually, she got respite and was back to her earlier routine. Her crankiness and irritation disappeared and my chubby Avni’s smiles were back.
All three of us were having a peaceful night and were vibrant with energy to finish our chores and play with our cute doll, Avni all over again.
Her smiles brought solace to my heart and all the fright and fear of the evil eye vanished.
Thanks to the Paediatrician and Nasivion® Pediatric 0.025% Nose Drops for providing relief from nasal congestion. Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution being the first line of treatment, as it is safe and can be used by anyone. If the problem is aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.
To know more about the Nose Drops, Click here

Follow your Pediatrician advice before starting any medical treatment.


How to Achieve Success in Business through Whatsapp Marketing? #YesMobo

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In the world of technology, the marketing techniques has been digitized and the Whatsapp platform has proved fruitful for the business organizations big or small.
The emergence of Whatsapp platform has relatively increased the interactions between individuals and group chat. In the beginning, it started with exchange of texts, videos and photos among family and friends. Later on, many business start-ups and small and medium business found it beneficial to advertise their product and get direct feedback from the existing as well as perspective customers.
As per the market survey, nearly 80% users use Whatsapp on daily basis and they are updated with passed on information.
Whatsapp Marketing is in full swing now owing to its popularity among people and easy to use. Mobile is indispensable in current scenario and just with data pack, the functions of Whatsapp are enabled without incurring any extra cost for making calls, texts, photos and videos. The cost of call and SMS is curtailed with the use of Whatsapp.
How Whatsapp is Been Used for Business Promotion
Brand Promotion
The business fraternity is successful in promoting their business, campaigns and products among people via Whatsapp Marketing channel because the acceptance is high among people and response of people is higher.
Easy Interaction among Internal Team of Business Houses
     Interaction and communication with internal team is easy and helps each other irrespective of the location, they are placed. If anyone has query, it is resolved within few minutes or any new amendments are implemented are easily circulated among team members.
    Individual Customer Support in Real Time
    Individual chat is possible and it helps in rendering customer service support in real time basis for the existing customers. Without been on the site, company representatives can help the clients who are in trouble by exchanging real time videos and photos and guiding how to take action for the concern.
    Sharing Marketing Tools
     Brands can share brochures, leaflets and product literature over Whatsapp and make the people aware of their brand. Visual marketing is more efficient and the forwarded message is stored. It comes handy to prospective customers when they need the product or can even share among his group of friends or family.
    Group Promotion
     It is easy to reach a group of 256 people in one group and it is apt for brand marketing. Whatsapp allows 256 people in a group.
     Exhaustive Use of Whatsapp Tools to Flourish Business
     Use all Whatspp features for impressive and exhaustive marketing. It is great tool to share ideas and conceive ideas from the market. A short survey can help the brand to understand the market and requisites of market and accordingly, brands can introduce new or improved product in market.
    Profile Picture
     Use representative Profile picture with business logo in your Whatsapp profile. It will help the people to identify your brand easily.
The power of Whatsapp Marketing is great, the brand require to identify and use the required Whatsapp tool extensively to grow business.

Tread in Style with Craftsvilla Trendy Handbags! #Fashion

Women and girls are very possessive about their
handbags and purses. It depicts her privacy as she carries her intimate things in
her handbags apart from currency that she requires to flatter herself or it
comes handy in case of urgency. 
Bags and purses have been intimate to her since
more than 100 years and initially, they carried ornamented piece of pouch,
close to their skin. With the passage of time, there was a great progression in
the design and size of handbags and different materials started been used for
carving out beautiful and useful Handbags, an essential accessory of a woman. Today,
it is an imperative accessory of a woman wardrobe and varied range of handbags are
available in the market of different contours, sizes, colors and price. You
can pick and choose that accommodates your requirements or match with your perfection
and style.
Handbags are useful for all, irrespective of age
and sex, but a woman’s handbag reflects her personality. The age when women got
liberated and started enjoying financial independence and freedom, her requisites
of handbags changed. She has different bags for different occasions in her possession.
One handbag is not enough for her, she has different for office venture,
outing, and party and for casual and formal occasions. In all her bags, toiletries
are common as she feels incomplete without them and certainly they come handy
when she has to venture out on unplanned outings or meetings.
In today’s parlance and trend, handbags are not
only a carrier of currencies and intimate articles, it is a reflection of women’s
personality, status, dignity, fashion savvy and freedom. The importance of
handbags have accentuated with time. People more often freak out on tours and
travels due to easier connectivity of air, sea, and land network and the market
of handbags saw explosion of demands to carry their possessions.
A woman handbag is her private closet which holds
her personal belongings such as lipsticks, eyeliner, tampons, keys, hair
styling gel etc. along with money. She is very passionate of her handbags and hate
intruders, who accidentally try to delve in her property. Her passion makes her
choosier when it comes to selection of a handbag for her use and she chooses
delicately just as she chooses her lingerie. Her choice speaks volumes of her
Craftsvilla offers meticulous range of handbags and
bags for the women and girls of all age. They know “Her” choice and they are ever
ready with amazing, eye-catching and heart stealing collections to match her
They offer a wide range of handbags and bags from reasonable and fair
price to high price and you can select one that suits your budget and style. The
handbags are available for all the occasions and festivities and you can pick
one that matches your comfort and wardrobe.
Craftsvilla offers variety, Pouches, Clutches,
Tote bags, Potli bags, Leather bags, Wallet, Jhola bags, Backpack, Camera bag
and many more. 
Your search for Handbags and Bags ends here at Craftsvilla, explore for
quality, different hues and define your style with handbags. You don’t need to worry
about net banking and card options if you are not well conversant with digital
banking. There is an option of COD with online orders, Order Online and Pay on
Define your style with Craftsvilla exclusive and fashionable Handbags
and Bags.

Keep Mosquitoes at Bay! #Goodknight #Kids

Mosquitoes are a menace in all seasons but it breeds fast in warm weather. It is believed that their thousands and thousands of eggs hatch within three days in warm weather, so just imagine how fast they multiply. In India, the mosquito menace is throughout the year but it is at climax in changing weather i.e. from winter to summer and summer to winter and in monsoon season. They breed in stagnant water, inside tree holes, marshy and swampy places and in garbage and dustbins.
Mosquito bites are itchy and many diseases borne out of their bites such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikunguniya, Yellow fever and Encephalitis. At times, mosquito bites prove to be fatal.
Mosquito bite is harmful for all but the infants, toddlers and kids should be taken care of so that they are at a safe distance with these deadly diseases. The bites creates lump in the skin and often small children are allergic to mosquito bites and their skin gets red, swollen or discolored.

I do follow routine to keep the mosquitoes away from our home and surrounding and religiously use Good knight safe mosquito repellent to be at a safe distance from these ugly and ruthless mosquitoes.
How to Keep Mosquitoes out of Home

We have already discussed that the breeding is fast in warm & monsoon season and further, it breeds in stagnant water and dirty places.
1. We should take care to keep our surroundings clean and disinfected. Daily cleaning and dusting of the house and surroundings is mandatory. Take care that water is not pooled nearby surroundings or inside home. Dirty water attracts mosquitoes and therein, they lay eggs. If you have swimming pool in your society, make a routine to change the water at proper intervals.
2. Plant mosquito repellent plants inside and around your place. Shrubs of tulsi, mint, marigold, trees of lemon and neem and planting citronella grass are effective in preventing the breeding of mosquitoes. They keep the mosquitoes away and simultaneously, they are good for health.
     3. Dark coloured dresses attract mosquitoes so dress your child and yourself in light coloured dresses to keep the mosquitoes away. Cover kids feet by making them wear socks especially in the early evenings. Apply mosquito repellent for babies to keep them safe from mosquito bites. They cannot take care of themselves so we need to be alert and apply the gel on the open areas of the kids. Avoid applying on eyes, lips and open wounds.
    4. Open your doors and windows in day hours so that sun-rays enters your home and the hidden mosquitoes will fly away. Around 4 pm, close all the windows and doors of your house to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
    5. In spite of taking so much care and been alert, still mosquitoes bites the cutie pie of our family. We rely on Good knight repellents and we use them regularly to safeguard our cute angels. We use Good knight Patches to save them from ugly and itchy bites.
Good knight presents kid friendly mosquito repellents to save them from painful bites. It is safe mosquito repellent for children of all ages, skin friendly and certified by Pediatricians.
They have introduced two products, mosquito repellent aloe gel which is applied on the open areas of the kid’s body and the second one is mosquito repellent for infants, in patch form which can be pasted on the baby’s dress, pram, shoes, cradles keep the mosquitoes away.
Good knight Cool Gel

It is absolutely safe for kids and while strolling or going out with your kid, use Good knight Cool Gel to the open areas of the children body to get rid from mosquito bites.
* Skin friendly
* Protection for 8 hours
* Safe for children, Certified by Paediatrician
* Protects from mosquito bite diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya
* Pleasant fragrance
* 100% Natural Formula
* Aloe Vera Infused
* Price: INR 75/50 gm
Caution: Avoid application on lips, near eyes and on open wounds. You can do patch test before using to be on safer side.

Good knight Patches

* 100% Natural Infused with Natural Oils
* Protection for 8 hours
* Safe for children, Certified by Paediatrician
* Protects from mosquito bite diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya
* Available in Fun designs of Chota Bheem Patches comes in 30 designs.
* Price: INR 75/14 Patches

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Top 10 gifts for this Children’s Day! #Cadbury’s #Celebrations

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th of November on the birthday of Late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He loved children and so his birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day since long.
In 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, this celebration was confined within the School premises and this was the important day in the life of a student when he was presented with sweets and gifts by the teachers and school authorities and the teachers organised game and play shows dedicated to children. Children were allowed to go to school in their home dress and a day when they were free from carrying textbooks….A day of freedom…to do masti in school.
This way it was celebrated in our time, but now the things have changed in 21st century. The time changed and so the mindsets….There is a great role of media world and social platforms which has brought changes in the celebrations of Children’s Day.
Now parents celebrate this day with pomp and show and gift their kids with cute and useful gifts and dedicate this day to their children. It is a time of double-celebration for the children…total fun for the children on the eve of Children’s Day.
My kids and my neighbour’s kids wait for this D day with lots of expectations. I celebrate with great fervour by cooking their favourite dishes, gifting them Cadbury chocolate (My favourite chocolate) and distributing gifts to neighbour’s kids. Mine children long awaited wishes are fulfilled by driving them to their favourite toys and puzzles store from where they pick up as per their choice and standard.
Let’s see what Gifts you can choose for your loved ones making Children’s Day, a special day in their lives.

Top Ten Gifts for Children’s Day.

1. Toys, Colors and Puzzles: 
Toys, Colors and puzzles are great for kids and they are fond of them. These days, there are ample choices in the market for each age group. Allot them your budget for the toys and leave them free to choose within your range. They will love the idea and be happy with the gifts.
2. Treat them in their favourite Food-joint: 
Give them a surprise treat at their favourite food-joint and allow them to choose their favorite dishes and you too eat the food of their choice. They will feel special and happy for the due importance given to them.
3. Gifts of their Choice: 
Watch or ask what they are longing for and present them as per their choice, it can be a watch, a clothing, a bicycle, a décor piece for their room, an aquarium, a pen etc. Do gift them their choice and make them feel special.
4. Spend quality time with your kids: 
In today’s world, where both the parents are working, they get minimum time to spend with their kids. Take leave from office and spend quality with them by playing, gifting, and eating out with them. A whole day dedicated to children will make them happy and you too will love their company and beat the stress level.
5. Outing with your kids: 
November is the best season to move for an outing as the season is pleasant and cool. Choose the outing place where kids can have fun. You can pool two three families to make the trip more enjoyable.
6. Bake a Cake for Kids: 
Bake a cake for your kids and surprise them. Cakes are favorite dessert of kids. You can even distribute among your neighbor’s kids.
7. Arrange Games for Kids: 
If you are living in a society, you can pool money and celebrate the day in your society. Arrange song and dance shows by parents dedicated to kids. You can also arrange word games, housie and other games with prizes and give prize who qualify for first and second and congratulatory prize to all the participants for uniformity among kids of society. Buy masks for children and hold a skid play enacted by the kids. The kids as well as the elders will enjoy.
8. Sports Equipment: 
The Indian kids are obsessed with Cricket and a bat as a gift spreads wide smiles on their faces, though he is a kid of five years or fifteen. Gift him a bat as per his age. There are lots of outdoor games equipment, gift as per their choice and inclination.
9. Books: 
Books are awesome gifts for children. Buy them informative books, science fiction, mystery series or any other of their choice. If he is a book lover, gift as per their choice else to inculcate habit of reading in children, gift them good interesting books and encourage them to maintain a small library of books. For toddlers, gift them coloring books.
10. Chocolates: 
Nothing can beat chocolates and we Indians believe to start the auspicious day with “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” and Cadbury’s has range of chocolates for everyone. Not only kids, chocolates are favorites of grown-ups and old too. Gift them chocolates at the break of a dawn on the eve of Children’s Day.

Every year, I and my kids wait for this special day and I chalk out plan along with them to celebrate Children’s Day in a grand way.

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Do share how you celebrate the Children’s Day.


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