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I was using Mother Sparsh Water wet wipes and was contended by its exclusive features. Mother Sparsh is always striving to unearth something better for the babies and the environment. Once again, Mother Sparsh has succeeded in their mission and recently launched new variant of baby water wet wipes, Unscented 99% Water Wipes. 

#MotherSparshPremiumWipes for the Neonates with sensitive and gentle skin. Mother Sparsh is recognized as India’s Best Wipes Brand and has received a tremendous response in this sector and very soon, they are coming with exclusive baby care Ayurveda products.

Exclusive features of #UnscentedWaterWipes #SensitiveBabyWipe #SuperThickWipes

  • Mother Sparsh has introduced #MotherSparshPremiumWipes fragrance free wipes, suitable for babies with sensitive and delicate skin. Few Moms have trouble in using wipes with fragrance, keeping this in mind, Mother Sparsh launched wipes devoid of fragrance
  • It constitutes of 99% water and its unscented pure wipes are specially designed for newborns, infants with sensitive skin and also meant to clean the hands and mouth of children. Particularly, the medical grade cloth is so soft that it so gentle on even the most sensitive part of baby.
  • Fabric is derived from the plants and treated in a way that makes them super soft. These wipes are 3 times thicker than ordinary baby wipes.

  • Suitable and totally safe for thorough baby cleaning; Hypoallergenic
  • Keeps baby skin hydrated
  • Free from Alcohol, Parabens & Harsh Chemicals
  • Contains No Plastic and Polyester
  • Easily Disposable and 100% Biodegradable, hence, safe for green and clean environment.
  • No hassles of maintenance.
  • Use & Throw
  • Easy to carry while traveling.
  • Super Saver Pack Available at 499.

How is it Different from Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wet Wipes

Features Comparisons Mother Sparsh 98% scented water wipes Mother Sparsh 99% unscented water wipes
Fragrance YES (fragrance wipes) NO (fragrance free)
Skin Type Normal Skin Sensitive skin/Extra gentle
Fabric Plant derived/Natural fabric Plant derived + 3- times thicker + Medical-Grade fabric
Plastic Lid Not available (Resalable Sticker) Yes (Moisture lock plastic lid)

#MotherSparshPremiumWipes comes in a comfortable packaging of 72 wipes priced at Rs.299/-

Really, we are happy and thankful to the brand Mother Sparsh for introducing such an awesome #ExtraGentlewipes with a number of benefits for parents and the Baby.

My life has become easy with #ExtraThickBabyWipes.

  • No hassles of carrying or buying soft fabrics for my Baby
  • It is easy to carry in my Baby diaper bag and in brief outing with my baby, it adjusts in my purse.
  • Fragrance-free and awesome for sensitive baby skin.

  • Use & Throw without damaging and littering the environment. These wipes are 100% biodegradable as they do not cause any harm to the environment. Mother Sparsh is the best eco-friendly water wipes.

I have shared my experience of Mother Sparsh #premiumbabywipes among my friends and family group and already many of them have started to use it for their bundle of joy. They all are happy with the results and are using it profusely.

       Don’t wait, Click here and here get a pack for your Baby to protect her skin from rashes and redness…enjoy the joys of Motherhood and Parenting.

The Mad World of Crazy Siblings! #SiblingStories

My life has been a thorough roller coaster ride and had many health hiccups. My inner spirit never bogged me down and I continue to be one, who appears composed but is crazy at heart.
Born in a large family with three generations living together, at times, we enjoyed, at times, we got irritated by the intervention of different generations but Today when I look back….I feel lucky to have interactions with so many people of all shapes, sizes and different mental wavelength as we had people in our family born in mid & late 19th century and We classics born in the late-20th century. Imagine our patience the way we dealt with the oldies.
We had a gang of siblings who were always at some mischief or the other…some were silent in giving consequences and few were loud and I was on the middle path…sometimes caught and sometimes not even noticed.
The gang of siblings included our first cousins, second cousins and my siblings from the same mother…but mind it, till today, we don’t address as cousins…we count them as own born from different mothers.
We all lived under one roof and it might appear unusual to the current generation, we shared spaces in one single large room and my granny was our guard to safeguard us when we entered into an alliance to wash & rinse (Dho Daala)  the few that appeared to be our greatest enemy at the moment…it was all momentary…the elders got busy in discussions and we stood in unison….our bonding was so strong.
I am eldest in my five sibling gang born from the same mother…but we hardly got into rough…but with a gang of siblings with different mothers, the pact was strong still it had several dimensions.
Many lived with us and few invaded our territory during festivals, family functions and long holidays.
Little things added joys in our life. We waited ardently for them to arrive and we had great planning ahead to execute.
In our time, we had the privilege to grow amidst nature…big sprawling garden, well, trees, fruits, and veggies plants…and in winters and springtime, our garden was our home where we ate, played, studied and gave results to our mischief…some time we disclosed the name of the culprit but maximum time, it was handled by ourselves.
I was the one to appear meek but knew well to handle things, get it done by the gang and give a final touch…the frontbenchers were caught easily.
We played games like Pitto,” in winter holidays and the siblings that did not listen to us were made the target to hit during the game…hahaha 😆…and after that in the evening, we helped them in smearing Haldi-Chuna to give relief from pain.
We played Teacher game and therein too, our soft targets were the junior ones, whom we spanked with ruler not too hard but we were versed in the task of being a teacher and giving punishments….we all took turn and sometime or the other…everyone received spanking and torturous speech as it was delivered by the teachers of those days.
We had great fun in food sharing…each one of us had their own taste…and the palette included sweets, sugar, jaggery, pickles, Murabba, Bikaneri Bhujia Haldiram.
We were served in fewer quantities as per our age but the craving to eat wished for more and more…we all in a gang asked elders to serve and after getting, we sat on the roof and amalgamated our choice of food and ate till our tummy was full and craving satiated….mine favorite was Haldiram Bhujia.
We fought with each other but when caught by elders, we helped in shifting the scores to one another instead of making one the Bali ka Bakra.
After heavy fights and scores, still we remained bonded, no ill feelings, no remorse hangover…and if any neighbours tried to pry in our privacy, we united and confronted them with our various tools.
We saved each other from the eyes of the elders if anyone did something mischievous.
We were a gang of mad siblings and we felt comfortable in our group…we shared beds, bathrooms, cosmetics, dresses, and accessories…nothing was defined for a specific person.
Ohh…with sharing of dress, I remember few majedaar incidents where we exchanged dresses, mainly it happened in girls gang and the culprit that was hunted by the elders were saved and the innocent caught but the elders rage too diminished after catching the wrong person and the grim environment turned into humorous one.
Really, I miss those wonderful days of pranks, silly encounters, and huge countenance of mischiefs that we shaped carelessly in our childhood carefree days.
Gang of siblings helps children to learn to share and caring and they come up as a better social being and has the potential to defy hurdles of life with a smile…it’s my perception.

Reminiscing those days of childhood, a plan struck to start a blog train on #SiblingStories and 36 Bloggers of them amalgamated to share their sweet, salt and pepper encounters of #SiblingTalkBrand Angtatva collaborated with me to give a new shape to this beautiful blog train journey.

Stay tuned to read more exciting entertaining stories.


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This Blog Train has been hosted by Ila Varma and sponsored by brand Ang-tatva in a bid to unravel the past memories of childhood, Khatta-Mitha experiences and to unearth the glorious times spent with our siblings. The time to recall those times and bring back a bit of innocence in our life…After all, Dil to Bachcha hai Jee.


Reasons to Trust Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes!

The Baby Wet wipes have gathered the great attention of Moms within a decade and they find useful for their babies. It is easy to carry and comes with a policy, “use & throw” so no botheration of washing or gathering mess around. Single-use wet baby wipes have thronged the market for new-born, toddlers and kids. Each brand pronounces about their USP’s to gather customer attention.

Earlier, cotton and muslin cloth was used to clean the bums after pee and potty and to clean the baby after feeding, playing etc. There was a concern of washing and drying and it was a real botheration to carry on travels or on outings. The Moms feared going on errands with kids rather more plans were postponed. The introduction of single-use baby wet wipes relieved mothers with the responsibility of carrying cloth wipes and washing them. It brought tremendous changes in the life of a Mom and she sighed with a great relief finding baby wet wipes in her custody.
Comfort of Using Baby Wet Wipes
* Easy to use

* Comfortable to clean babies bum
* Soft on Baby skin
* Multiple uses to clean babyface, after feeding, play hours
* On travel, wet wipes take good care of the babies hygiene
 * The toys can be wiped clean by wet wipes
 * Wet wipes take care of cleaning running nose
 * Babies love the mild fragrance of the wipes
 * Moms can use to clean their face after a hectic schedule
 * You can use wet wipes to clean dining space mess
 * Best for cleaning shoes of babies and parents. Leather shoe sparkle
 * Wet wipes can be used to clean baby accessories
 * It can be used to clean public toilet seats
 * Multipurpose
Mothers are very alert with regard to the articles used for her baby and she tries her best to verify the products before using it for her baby. She goes through reviews, discusses with experienced Moms…she is total action before choosing the product finally for her baby.
Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes
 * Bio-degradable
 * Eco-friendly
 * Cotton Fabric
 * 98% Pure Water
 * Infused with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera & Jojoba Oil
 * PH balanced
 * Affordable
 * One piece is enough for a single use, good tensile strength
 * Attractive packaging
Each month, I buy India’s 1st water-based wipes Brand Mother Sparsh Baby Wet wipes online. I buy a large pack for home use and small packs for errands and tours. One small pack of wipes is parked in our car as we both prefer long drives and our weekend is spent in nearby locations. One small pack is always stacked in my purse.
I rely on Mother Sparsh Baby Wet wipes after I conducted Flame Test. The test verified the absence of plastic and harmful chemicals and confirmed the presence of a high volume of water, Vitamin E and cotton fabric. Cotton and water both are soothing on the children skin and takes care of babies’ skin. No diaper rashes or peeling of the skin and baby and Mamma both are happy with the results of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet wipes. I too use for myself, it has replaced my handkerchief.
The product of Mother Sparsh is genuine and it is easily available on online shopping portals, Shop Now.
I and my Mom group are happy with Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes and we are a regular customer.

Are The Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Comfortable For Babies?

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A woman’s life completes the worth of being a woman attaining Motherhood, it is indeed a bliss. Being a Mother comes with a lot of responsibility, care and loads her with tonnes of unconditional love for her child. Of all the relationships on the planet, Mother’s love is the purest form and eternal.
“The only day in your life …Your mother smiled when you cried” is on the birth of a child as aptly put by the great leader and scientist Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azaad.
This is very true and she laughs her heart out when she holds her baby close to her bosom and the milk flows incessantly to feed her baby. It is a physiological and psychological phenomenon found in all mammals on the planet, Earth.
Mom Becomes Selective

As a Mom, we become choosy in selecting the right things for our baby right from her feed to her clothing’s, diapers, bed, accessories and each and every article used for the babies. Our motherly instincts tentacles are very alert and we verify each article before using for our baby.
My friends at Mom Bloggers suggested me to use Baby Wipes for my baby and discussed the advantages of using it. The advantages attracted me to the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes, which claims to be As Good As Cotton & Water but I wanted to cross-check the product for my Baby.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes advertises in its campaign that it is a natural plant product derived from nature and do not contain any harmful chemicals, hence perfect and safe for babies use.
Normally, the non-organic baby wipes are helpful for the Moms at home front or on travel but the long use of its results in rashes because of chemicals and non- biodegradable ingredients embedded in the wipes.
There are numerous brands of Baby Wipes in the market and claims of all are tall and convincing. I desired to go through the Flame Test to verify the claims of Brand Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
Brand Mother Sparsh claims:

§   98% water content
§  Bio-degradable, Safe for babies & it curbs garbage pollution
§  Non-irritant to Baby’s Skin
§  Product Fabric derived from Plant
§  No Parabens, Alcohol, Synthetics or Polyester
§  100% Safe for Baby Care

§  Pocket-Friendly

I decided that to encounter the claims, Flame Test will be apt to test its veracity of the claims.
Things you need for the Flame Test

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes
A Candle & a Lighter or a Match Box
Caution: Avoid testing in front of kids because they might imitate you and it can be hazardous for them. Test when kids are not around.
How to Do

Light the candle and hold a corner of a baby wipe on to the flame. It will take a few minutes to catch flame because of its water content. Once it catches fire, burn at least half of the wipe and check for the emitted smell and residue.
When I did the same, the smell emitted was the same as it emits after burning paper or cotton cloth and there was no residue left, only ashes. The ashes were blown away easily by the blow of a fan.

Wow…the Flame Test concluded the claims of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes correct and As Good As Cotton & Water. I decided to use the same for my loving baby.
I had borrowed a single wipe from the group of Mommies and I pinged them in the group and conveyed that the claims of Mother Sparsh and theirs were found perfect by me after taking the Flame Test.
Immediately, I placed the order online on Amazon and it was delivered within a few days.
It is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart and FirstCry, Click and Order.
I and my cutie pie, both are happy with the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. I highly recommend Moms to choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
My baby’s skin is soft and supple and I use it profusely for cleaning her face, hands and body and bum after every pee and poop. I use for myself to wipe my face clean and it is always there in my Baby Travel bag.
Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes takes care of the baby’s skin and environment.
I am loving it.

Undoubtedly, Mother Sparsh is a Better Choice to Keep My Baby Skin Smiling!

Motherhood arrives with a lot of responsibilities and the same was for me. I had transformed into an extra careful and over possessive Mom, from the day my angle arrived in my womb. A phase of hasty decisions and carelessness vanished. I took decisions after verifying and cross-checking all the pros and cons of any article to be used for the baby care.
There are umpteen things that have to be taken care of for our bundle of joy. They are so cute and delicate. We require to be extra vigilant in their care, whether it is concerning their feed, clothes, bedding’s, toys and body care. They require our utmost attention and a bit of ignorance and negligence can add to their discomfort.
The baby skin is very soft and sensitive and requires a lot of attention and care. The products used should be thoroughly studied and researched. We Moms have the advantage of the digital age; we can readily check in the details and veracity of the company from the comforts of our home. We can easily analyze the product’s key ingredients, their efficacy and side effects. It aids us to decide the brand suitable for our cutie pie from among the different available brands in the market.
Infants, toddlers, and kids mess a lot due to their erratic routine of the potty, pee and eating habits. We Moms have to be on our toes to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
For cleanliness, baby wipes come handy whether we are at home or on an outing. It is used profusely and we need to be extra cautious in making an appropriate choice. It should be one that is soothing and comfortable on the baby’s skin.
There are multiple brands of Baby wipes soaring in the market but I was in a search of something eco-friendly, bio-degradable and soft on the skin of my baby.
I explored the market and came to know about the brand MotherSparsh, which has exclusive products for baby care and boosts about Ayurveda ingredients in their range of products. I read the details of the key ingredients and studied in detail…still, I was not so satisfied because every organization tries to prove their product best in the market by attractive promotional strategy.
I read all the reviews of the Moms who had used the product, Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. Most of the reviews defended the product and there was positive feedback. My confidence soared but as I told you earlier that after being Mom, I have transformed into an over-possessive and over cautious Mom…the inquisitive character of a Super Mom.
I wanted to confide in my peer group – a pack of wonderful Moms. Their suggestion would be impartial and near to 100% correct information. I pinged on them on our What Sapp group and the positive messages flowed from them, who had tried their hands on Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. Now, I agreed to buy Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes for my cute angel.
I instantly placed an online order on Amazon and within three days, the pack was in my hands.
Characteristics of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes

Attractive Packaging:

MotherSparsh Baby Wet Wipes comes in a plastic packaging of light blue color with an opening on the top, which has a covering of plastic film. The packaging is informative and contains detailed information about the product and a smiling cute baby image on the package steals our interest in the contents of the pack.
Fabric Material:

The material of the fabric is cotton derived from the cotton plant and a bio-degradable product. The best choice of the organization in an event where hoards of campaigns are been launched to save the environment. It is thin, soft and caresses softly to the delicate baby’s skin & bum.
Key Ingredients:

Purified Water, Aloe Vera extracts, Lactic acid, Jojoba oil, and Castor oil.
Organic, Free from Harmful Chemicals, Parabens and Alcohol Content:

Mother Sparsh claims that Baby Wet Wipes is organic, contains 98% of water content and Ayurveda compound. It is free from harmful chemicals, Parabens, and alcohol. The clinical trials confirm that it is absolutely safe for infants, toddlers, and kids of any age and guards babies against getting infected by germs and dirt if used for regular cleaning.
Dermatologically Tested:

The Baby Wet Wipes are dermatologically tested and clinically proven for prevention against rashes. It affirms to be the safest for the use on baby’s skin.

The wipes are hypoallergenic and balanced pH. It can be undoubtedly used for cleaning and wiping after each feed, pee and poop. It is ideal for face cleaning too. There are negligible chances of allergies, redness, soreness or other skin disorders upon its usage.

It is a bio-degradable being a natural plant fabric. It is a boon for the environment and it can easily sublime in nature reducing pollution.
Prevents Diaper Rash:

The water content is high in Mother Sparsh Baby Wet wipes and it is smooth on the skin and it prevents diaper rash. Diaper rash is a common problem in babies but the use of these wipes clears the issue of diaper rashes and keeps the baby’s bum clean and soft.

The wipes are pocket-friendly and we can get a pack of 80 wipes at a throwaway price of INR 175.
Available Online:

It is easily available at AmazonNykaa, Flipkart and other major online platforms.

How I Use Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes For My Angel

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water. Baby wet wipes are my favorite pick and I keep one pack at home and one pack is always there in my baby kit pack. I use it profusely to clean her cute bums after each potty and pee. I use them to clean her toys before offering her to play. I use them to clean her mouth, face, and hands after each feed or meal.
For me, cleaning means baby wet wipes and it is comfortable in use and keeps my angel’s skin glowing and smiling. It has a mild pleasing fragrance and I and my baby adore Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
It comes handy for me too. I use every night to remove my makeup and during day hours, when I am tired, I use to curtail my fatigue and keep me refreshed.
I don’t throw them away after use. I collect them in my trash bin to convert it into compost manure for my plants.
We both are happy to use Baby Wet Wipes and I recommend Moms to use and add smiles to the baby’s skin.


Let Your Child Play with Colors! #Review of Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner

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This time, I hereby present the review of Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner, which helps to remove any stubborn stains from your baby’s skin and is gentle on baby’s skin.

The remarkable thing about Mamaearth’s products are they are Made Safe Certified and dermatologically tested, & hypoallergenic; hence totally safe for the babies, toddlers, and kids. Mama’s worries are over with the products of Mamaearth.

As babies start crawling, Mom’s concern increases and she has to be extra cautious, still, they mess with Mom’s lipsticks, eye-liner, and nail paint and as they grow, they mess up more with color pens, inks and pencils. The stains don’t go easily in spite of washing with soap & liquid.

Mamaearth has introduced Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner, and Mama can relax now. Spray few drops on the skin and wipe with cotton and the stain vanishes.

Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner


Product Description:

It is a skin cleanser and cleans the toughest marks and stains the kid accidentally messes with or gets stained while playing any game or recreational activity. It is formulated with plant based cleanser and no harsh solvents are present so highly safe for children. It has antibacterial properties embedded in it to prevent children’s skin from any skin ailments. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft and supple. It is Certified Toxin free and contains no traces of Alcohol, SLS, Paraben, Sulfated Surfactants, Preservatives and Synthetic Ingredients.


It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with dual caps and a pump dispenser. Packaging is such that there is no chance of spillage it can be carried easily. It comes in the hue of white and green, the colour of nature. Pump dispenser avoids over usage and you can take the amount as required.


It is formulated by using Lavender & Chamomile water, Purified water, Coconut, Coconut oil, Rind of Orange.

Pricing: 199/100 ml.
Shelf Life: Two years.
Product Review

As in practice as soon as I receive the product, I try and test on me, first before handing over to kids. Deliberately, I smeared ink and eye liner on my hands and after half an hour, sprayed Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner on the messed up area. Took a cotton ball and wiped and really, it vanished without any extra effort. So nice, I jumped with joy because I watch my sis-in-law reactions when my nephew smears himself with some stubborn stains. She has to rub his body with soap or liquid many times to get rid of stains and finally, his clothes are changed and her activity is full of hassles. I showed her the pack and detailed her about the product and she exclaimed, WOW, now, I will be spared and even baba won’t have to face trouble or list to my sermons when I am in panic state. She has been using for her son and is happy with it and she has advised her friends and neighbours to use Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner. Her experience has led her to market the product through the mouth and she appreciates Mamaearth’s vision.

Buy from Amazon, Nykaa and Mamaearth website.
My Ratings: 4.5/5
I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

The Glow guide with Vaseline Lotions! #VaselineBodyLotion

The Glow guide with Vaseline Lotions

~ Dr. Aparna Santhanam shares her insights on how
one can retain and maintain a glowing skin despite their crazy schedules during
the festive season~

Come October and you will see yourself
immersed in the festive spirit, attending multiple parties and perhaps hosting
your own! Goes
without saying that the continuous application of make-up, intake of rich food
and unstable sleeping schedules during festivities can deprive your skin of its
natural, healthy radiance. However,
you can retain the glow on our skin and keep it moisturized with Vaseline
Lotions throughout this stressful month.
Dr. Aparna Santhanam shares some easy to
replicate and quick tips that will help you maintain that impeccable radiance this
down a broad food guideline for yourself
o   Keep your skin moisturized with a
lotion that best suits your skin. Vaseline Deep Restore and Vaseline Cocoa Glow
is a good option for deep nourishment
o   Also, keep your body hydrated by consuming
water at regular intervals
Food items to avoid:
o   The most important food item to avoid is
sugar. It promotes inflammation and reduces glow
o   It is also better to avoid items with refined
The skincare regime:
o   Regular
cleansing followed by moisturizing is a must. Make sure you continue
moisturizing your elbows, knees and back
o   Also,
ensure that you remove every bit of makeup from your face before going to bed
and allow your skin to breathe
Glow without makeup:
o   Regular
skin care and moisturization
o   A
healthy diet high in protein and anti – oxidants and
o   Adequate
sleep for at least 7 hours should do the trick
Moisturizers to choose from:
o   It
is important to use a lotion with a moisturizing property which are suitable
for our skin type.
o   You
could choose a traditional home remedies like oil and malai that gives you
short-lived results or a potent moisturizing lotion that gives you 24-hour
o    For instance, those with very dry skin may
need cocoa or Shea butter while normal skin could use the Vaseline Aloe Soothe
Post the festive season:
o   A
slightly stricter diet with reduced simple carbs, avoiding sweets altogether
and using minimal make up while focusing on moisturizing can help our skin
recover faster
So, go ahead, give these tips a try
and notice a complete glowing makeover this festive season!

Disclaimer: The article & images used in this blog are the property of pr24x7 & the data is compiled by them

Simple Solution to Soft Skin- Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion! #Review

Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

Mommies are always on a look out for the best
products to take care of their toddlers and I am no exception. I am too in a
search of good things for my cute angel and do indulge in online research. My
sons have outgrown my lap but the birth of a daughter in our family has given
me a second chance to mother and I am more curious because I did not get the
opportunity to rear a daughter so my niece is a blessing in my life and I thank
my sis for believing in me. We both trudge on websites to get the best things
for her.
Recently, I read a lot about Aveeno Baby Daily
Moisture Lotion
and the positive reviews kicked an idea to buy for my angel.
Soon God came to know about my wishes and I was approached to try Aveeno and
give an honest review of the same and I happily agreed to the offer.

Aveeno Baby has been launched in India by
Johnson & Johnson. Aveeno is a brand of Skin & Hair care products in USA
owned by Johnson & Johnson. Aveeno was launched in 1946. The unique trait
of the Aveeno product is that the Active Key Ingredients in all of the Aveeno
products is colloidal Oats or Oats extracts and even Aveeno has derived its name
from the scientific name of Oats, Avena Sativa and is believed to treat skin
conditions and ailments.
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture

* It is beneficial for infants and toddlers.
* It blends well into the skin absorbing whole of it
and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated for long hours.
* It can be even used as a massage to lull your baby
to sleep.
* It is non-greasy formula and the consistency is
fine to blend easily.
* It is a healthy nourishment for the baby’s skin.
* It is an organic product and free from Artificial
Fragrance, Paraben, Phthalate, Steroid.
* It is Hypoallergic.
* It is good for all skin types.
* It is formulated under the guidance of scientific
experts and the key ingredients used are of High Standard and Best for the Infants
and the toddlers.
* It is highly recommended by the Pediatricians.
The Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
comes in a huge squeeze tube of cream colour with light blue flip cap. The cap
closes well so no extra care is required to keep the tube safely and there is
no chance of spillage and leakage. I found the packaging safe to carry on tours.
The minute details of the product is mentioned on the packaging.

Pricing: INR 799/227 gm.

Shelf Life: Two years.

When I received the product, the packaging
appealed to me. I am in a habit of trying the product on myself before
using it on the baby, same I did this time too. Upon usage, I was amazed by the
result, one dollop was enough for my hands and it blend well absorbing into the
skin and the skin was smooth and silky and the best part is that it is
non-greasy, so it is good for summers too. I trialled on myself for two days
and when I was totally satisfied, I started using on my beautiful angel and we are happy with the result. We use twice for the baby, once after morning bath
and twice at night before lulling her to sleep. It acts as a good massage
lotion and as it is non-greasy so there is no need to wipe after application. We
have been using since ten days and found noticeable changes in her skin for the
good as her skin has become more soft and supple and I believe this is because
of natural & organic ingredients, Oats and no harsh chemicals. I would
recommend Aveeno Baby to the Mommies to try this product for their angels.
My sis too is infatuated by the result and we have
decided to continue with Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion.

My Rating: 4.5/5

To Buy, Click here.
Don’t forget to use Exclusive Coupon Code AVEENOBABYMJ  to avail
a discount of Rs.100 on your purchase of Aveeno baby from First cry.

* Don’t Forget To Do a Patch Test.


– Continues to strengthen Tier II
presence –
The Body Shop, the iconic global retailer of
cosmetics and toiletries, is all set to strengthen its base in Nagpur by
opening its second store in the city. This is the second standalone store in
the city, the first one being in the Empress Mall. This outlet offers a wide
range of 100% vegetarian products for Skin Care, Bath & Body, Make Up,
Hair, Fragrance, Men’s and Gifts
. Apart from the fabulous products, the store
also offers specialist services like skincare consultation and make-up
application. Customers can also enroll into The Body Shop Customer Loyalty
program “Love Your Body”
for a nominal fee and they will be able to enjoy
fantastic member benefits, year round discounts, member’s special offers, VIP
access to all important brand events and many other privileges throughout the
Speaking on the occasion of new store opening,
Ms. Shriti Malhotra, Chief Operating
Officer, The Body Shop India
, says: “We
are extremely excited to announce our second retail store in Nagpur with our
new standalone store. Since the inception of The Body Shop in India in 2006, we
continue to be inspired by the thoughts ideas and ethical passion of our
fonder, Dame Anita Roddick. In our endeavor to expand our horizon and the
reach to as many consumers across the country, we have added another store to
the brand. With this store, The Body Shop has presence in more than 150 stores across
India and we continue to work passionately, campaigning for causes close
to our heart and bringing positive impact for thousands of local communities. The
Body Shop Commitment places us at the fore front, affirming our mission to be
the most ethical and sustainable beauty brand in the world. We are proud to be
representing The Body Shop and the Commitment in our country.
The Body Shop has over 150 stores in India
across 50 cities which includes standalones, Shop-in-Shops available in malls,
shopping centers, high streets, department stores and airports. 
The Body Shop has recently
launched a new campaign ‘FOREVER AGAINST
for a global ban on cosmetics animal testing on products
and ingredients by 2020, revolutionizing the beauty industry and protecting
millions of animals around the world. Partnering with the leading non-profit organization
working to end animal testing, Cruelty Free International, The Body Shop aims
to collect 8 million signatures and will take the campaign to the highest
authority, the United Nations, and request an international convention banning
cosmetics testing on animals forever and everywhere.
Store Address:

Body Shop, Shop No. 2, 3&27,
floor PrathibhaSankul,
Alankar Cinema,
– 4400010

The Body Shop
Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England,
by Anita Roddick, The Body Shop is a global beauty brand. The Body Shop seeks
to make a positive difference in the world by offering high-quality,
naturally-inspired skincare, hair care and make-up produced ethically and
sustainably. The Body Shop pioneered the philosophy that business can be a
force for good and after being acquired by L’Oréal in 2006, it is scaling up
its vision. The Body Shop has more than 3,000 stores in more than 60 countries.
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Epsom Bath Salt! #Mamaearth #Healthcare #Review

I believe in using natural products to take care of my skin and hair. I use raw egg for my hair since more than four decades and curd for skincare since two decades or more. I use henna for hair color.
Nothing artificial and synthetic is loaded in my cupboard as I firmly believe in nature and I know that it is not going to give fast results but it is very beneficial in the long run.
Mamaearth has launched the products wherein the final product is derived from nature and is devoid of harsh chemicals and the results are far reaching and mind-blowing.
I have developed trust in the products of Mamaearth baby range and Mama range and I use it profusely.
Today, I am going to detail you about the product, Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt which is in flakes and can be used as a Bath Salt, Soaking Tired Feet in warm water mixed with this Epsom Salt. It reduces body ache, relaxes muscles cramp and nourishes skin.
Product Description:

The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.

The product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and use MadeSafe certified ingredients.
MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely free of behavioural, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.
Product Claims:

Packaging: Packaging is quite attractive and the colour Pink & Green chosen for Mama range products justifies it. It comes in a sturdy plastic tub with well fitted lid. It is easy to carry while travelling without the fear of spillage.
Pricing: INR 399/200 gm
Shelf Life: Two years.


Product Review:  Epsom salt is not a new thing but the components amalgamated with Epsom salt is amazing and the results are awesome. It works well in pain & inflammation of tired feet and relieves soreness too.
I used to check the inflammation of my ailing father who faces issues of inflammation and pain in both the legs.
In five mugs of warm water, I added two big spoons of the Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt and asked my Dad to soak his feet till the water cooled off. He tried for three consecutive days and the results were positive and he asked me to detail the product, so that he could buy for himself.
Using this salt in bathing water too gives good results and it gives a feel of freshness after bath.
It can be used in varied way as per your requirements as a face and body cleanser too.
After mixing the flakes in water, the hue effect is calm and cool.
I use twice or thrice a week and I am contended.
The people using bath tub can mix profusely (two cups) in their bathing water and soak themselves for half an hour.
My friend tried and she vowed to buy the product from Amazon as she found the results amazing.
It is a Healthcare product and can be used by the people of all age.
Pros: Innumerable.
Cons: Price a bit high if one uses profusely as a Bathing Salt but its cheap compared to visit to a neighbourhood Spa,
Available online Amazon, Flipkart & Nykaa.
My Ratings: 4/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

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