An Essential Wear of a Modern Girl! #Zivame

The Camisole was essential to wear of man and women in olden days, the history of existence dates back to the medieval era. It was a long simple loose piece worn as underwear underneath the clothing. Gradually, with the liberation of women and the emergence of fashion fiesta in 1920, it underwent tremendous changes in […]


Bollywood Movies Redefine the Boundaries of Love & Romance!

Most Bollywood movies have always been written by an ink, dipped in love and romance. Love and romance is a subject which quips the heart of the people of all ages. Gradually, Bollywood movies are redefining the precincts of love and romance with quirky twists in their tales. It can be said that they have […]


Are The Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Comfortable For Babies?

A woman’s life completes the worth of being a woman attaining Motherhood, it is indeed a bliss. Being a Mother comes with a lot of responsibility, care and loads her with tonnes of unconditional love for her child. Of all the relationships on the planet, Mother’s love is the purest form and eternal. “The only […]


Extraordinary Qualities of Legend of the Millennium – Amitabh Bachchan!

                                                                              I am a diehard fan of Amitabh Bachchan since my early childhood. The first movie of […]


Book Review: Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor! #Meditation

Title: Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor Author: Mrs. Ranjana Gaur Genre: Spiritual Publisher: Kausthubh Prakashan ISBN: 978-93-82666-52-3 Format: Paperback First Edition: 2018 Pages: 240 Price:  525 Source: Author Copy Cover Design: 3.5/5 My Ratings: 4.5/5. About the Author: The author of the book, “Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor” is Ranjana Gaur. She was born in 1953 in […]


My Baby’s Smiles are Back!

                                                                           Image Courtesy: Pixabay My baby used to sleep peacefully at night and never did she wake up crying […]



A Film Packed with Lessons Learned from Life – Sanju!

A week before, I along with my friend went to watch Sanju…a biopic of Mr. Sanjay Dutt, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and the role played by Ranbir Kapoor as Sanju. There is a wide difference of opinion regarding the role of Ranbir Kapoor, some agree that he has justified his role as Sanjay Dutt and some are […]


From Barren to Green!

A tale about a Diva, who instilled life in the barren land by transplanting trees, which were removed by builders to construct buildings and apartments. She took them and transplanted in her land and revived their life and they are flourishing in her garden. The Diva happens to be my Chuddy-Buddy, Jyotika Kapoor Kalra. Her […]


Let Your Child Play with Colors! #Review of Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner

This time, I hereby present the review of Mamaearth’s Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner, which helps to remove any stubborn stains from your baby’s skin and is gentle on baby’s skin. The remarkable thing about Mamaearth’s products are they are Made Safe Certified and dermatologically tested, & hypoallergenic; hence totally safe for the babies, toddlers, and […]


Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies! #Reviews

Again, I am back with the reviews of Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies. Give a massage to your loved one and enjoy the feel. Mamaearth is continuously working with an insight to introduce phenomenal products in the market for the babies, safe and easy to use and hypoallergenic. Babies skin are delicate and they require […]