Crossroad of Life!

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Every time, I prayed to save a Life

Settling all the rife

But this time, I had to stand strong

Praying to Almighty

To minimize the suffering

Of the caged soul.

The Artificial Respiration & Tubes

Saved her pulse

But, She was unable to recognize.

It was baffling for Me

To watch a witty Soul

Suffering for no cause.

She had lived a life

Of dignity & poise

Her Sparkling skin

Was envy of All.

Prayed to God

To free her Soul

From the worldly bindings

To soar high

Into the realms of Peace & Calmness

Where there is no strife.

My wishes were granted

Finally, She laid in peace forever.

The immortal soul got freedom

To take a flight

Away from Us.

I am sure

Her blessings will be always there

Of the pious soul.

The memories of past

Is etched in my heart

And, it will stay there Forever

To cherish my stay in her company.

© Ila Varma 14.07.2018

In tribute to my Granny with whom I shared my teen life and got acquainted with her versatility, wittiness and a big heart to accommodate me with love and care. Last month, she suffered with a stroke and health deterioration was in full swing. The consciousness dissolved and she was hooked to artificial machines to press her heart beat. She was in a bad state of health and I had to act stern and ask for mercy to free the soul from the burdens of diseases and multiple organ failure. Yesterday, She departed forever to rest in peace leaving the memories of togetherness intact.

Musings XVII

Don’t be a miser with words

Converse wiser

Being frugal with words.

The fire billowing inside

Of intense love & care

Can’t be acknowledged

If you curb the emotions

Caging inside you.

Leave the tempestuous emotions free

You will be allayed of the turbulence

And your beau will be blessed

To discover you

In new attire.

© Ila Varma Aug.2017

(At times, people conceal their emotions and they are misunderstood by their partners. Break your silence and shower your concern & love.)

Musings XVI #Life #Parkinsons

Life is so unpredictable, I never knew.

Little joys of life could bring sorrow one day

Never ever thought of it so.

The day,

when I learned swallowing & chewing

mouthfuls of cereals

Smiles floated on my father’s face.


When he is able to chew & swallow

It seems as if he has cleared the marathon

Smiles flashes on my lips & my eyes moisten.

Never ever thought of it so,

Once again,

I will see my father

in his childhood days

ailing with Parkinson

which has given him a blow.

A strong-willed Man

is razed down

to a stubborn toddler.

© Ila Varma 05-06-2017.

#Parkinson could destruct so much, never ever dreamt in life. The hands that raised me with pride, correcting my each steps searches for my hand to balance his steps.

Bleeding Terror #AtoZChallenge

The world is bleeding

Terror & hatred.

Wounding the masses

With communal violence.

Ripping apart the

Spirit of brotherhood.

Can we vouch for the Day?

When we can breathe in peace 


Watch Smiles on every faces.

© Ila Varma 02-04-2017

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*Keep Smiling*


Indian Bloggers

Misunderstandings brewed.

In surge of emotions

The wild minds vowed to part ways


The mild heart repents


© Ila Varma 21-03-2017.

#WorldPoetryDay #emotions #relationships

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One Single Life!!!

                                                                      Source: here

One Single Life
We have
Drop the worries flat
That we have fed in hurry
Put an end
To chase the gone days
It will call more fury
Nor future we can foresee
What it holds for
Wean out
From the work of
building pressure

Over Tomorrow.
The pattern of worry
& hurry
Peace of mind
Start trusting in righteous
Bequeathing the
A beautiful surprise
Awaits at the door
Calling Us
On the eve of
New Year 2017.

Strike the keys of
Happiness & Smiles
To commence the year
New resolutions
Easy & elusive.

Some we follow
Some we drop
It feels to be
On cloud nine
Scribbling them
To take it further.

With few follow ups
We mend our ways
And by the years
We mature & be wise
Which takes us to fresh rise.

© Ila Varma 28 Dec.2016
Linked to Wordle 275.

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The 12 Months!!!

January brings Cold & Shiver
Hot Piping Coffee & Ginger Tea
Hails  to our rescue.
February warms us with cool sun-rays
Displaying beautiful flowers in lanes
March springs with colors & soft breeze
The sweaters & pullovers are backpacked 
Ready with colors to play.
April makes entry with heated sun-rays
Wild breezes brings dust everywhere.
May drenches us with sweat
Cold shakes & ice-cubes 
Saves us from dehydration.
Colorful, myriad & scented flowers
Bloom in June
July comes with showers
Petrichor envelops
Rejuvenating our minds
The Sun glares  in August
The golden corns stand in fields
September is favorable for farmers
Harvest is lavish.
October softens  the Sun
Children delight  & have fun
November creeps in 
With low temperature 
Sweat & distress are far away
The breezes of December
Are cold & clear
We wrap ourselves 
To relish the cool weather
The myriad blossoms are 
Treat to the eyes
Hot & Spicy food 
is on plate.
The Twelve months
With different nomenclature
Are far distinct from each other
Holding back monotony faraway 
Bestowing fascination in our lives.
© Ila Varma December 2016.
Pic Source: here

The Butterflies!!!

Under the blue sky

Race was held

Of butterflies

The butterflies were tasked to

Grab the juice

Of red flowers around.

Time was locked

To complete the task assigned.

Vowing to win

Burning their bums

Took the blessings of bright Sun

Not to lose & stump.

Finishing the task

They had to take seat

On the stick

Voting was on start

All performed best

To their abilities

Concealing the flower juices

In their mouths

Red butterfly won the race

Defeating others in line

None was subdued by defeat

B’coz they had true fun

Among their friends


They partied together.

© Ila Varma 2016


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Clouds Quadrille #18




The flower gifted

Instantly fell out

Regrets of losing

My love

Clouded my mind

Tearing my heart apart.

The dangerous cargo ship

Gobbled you

While fleeting in the sea

Leaving me torn.

Everyone inquired

I couldn’t speak a word,

I felt my tongue tied.

© Ila Varma 12-10-2016

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Thoughts Following Me!!!


In the stillness

Of misty morning

As I amble

On the bridge.

The trail of yesteryear’s

Trip, taken together

Spills before me


Fills me with remorse.
The thoughts of you

Pinches my soul

Like needles.
The view of beautiful sky

And the emerging Sun

Elates my dampened mood

The velvety breeze 

Caresses my soul

And, trims me out of clamminess.
 © Ila Varma 11-10-2016

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