Growing Up #AtoZChallenge

Growing old means growing wiser with each passing day. This
is quite true for the people who have passed the teenage era.

The transition phase of a child from childhood to entry in
teens and surpassing teens is very crucial and needs lot of parental care &
patience to deal with the child in those phases.

When the kid is below nine or ten, you can handle his
tantrums by been lenient or strict as the situation demands but as he steps on
to the threshold of teens, the circumstances demand specific technique to
handle them.

The reason is that there are so many physiological &
biological changes in the child that the child itself is confused at the
changes and it is not easy for them to accept the changes and they become
irritant and the interference from parents or guardians acts like oil in fire.

Along with the major transformations, they feel that they
are grown up individuals and they start demanding attention and they wish that
their voices are heard, so emotional outburst are the common phenomena of this

It is very difficult to tackle the children at this age and
it requires lot of patience and tactics to handle them.

How to handle the growing wizards?

First and foremost, the parents need to be patient and
friendly with the child and handle their tantrums tactfully.

Stop nagging and interfering, rather develop the habit of
listening what the child need to say.

Even if the child is wrong or you dislike his way of doing
things, don’t be straightforward showing your reluctance rather make him
understand by citing examples.

This is the age when the interest develops in opposite sex
and don’t stop the child from making friends of opposite sex rather persuade
him to be friendly.

Persuade your child to bring his friends at home and you too
be friendly with his friends, this way, you would know what company your child
keeps and you can weed out the unwanted by making him understand things.

Children in pre-teens or late teens are not easy nuts to
crack, they need a lot of smothering and the child should have confidence in

In this tender age, parents need to watchful; act as a spy
but the child should not know that their movements are watched, that is the
trick of parenting in this age.

Drop the anger, attitude and rod in this phase of child’s
life, your perseverance will help him to grow into healthy individuals.

You don’t need to rush else your child will be on right

In this age, child develops interests in sports &
movies, start idol worship or can indulge in puppy love.

The parents need to nurture the endurance capacity to watch
their child doing cumbersome things and don’t react to it. Your reaction can

Develop friendly terms with your child, accompany them to
movies and restaurants and allow them to interact with their friends.

Any strict rule and regulation can spoil your child.

Allow them to indulge in their hobbies along with studies
and discipline him to manage time.

Time management is important.

How I managed my children?

I reared my child in this simple way.

Even if I disliked their ways, I never reacted rather
explained them through examples of real life stories and movies.

I gave them freedom to enjoy all the goodies of life but in
a disciplined way.

There were fixed hours for playing, regular studies, reading
comics and novels, watching TV shows and indulging in their hobbies and in
extra time, they helped me in my chores.
I befriended their friends of both the sex, went out for
movies, exhibitions and outings in weekends and holidays and gave them their
pocket money to handle their monetary affairs.

This way, they learnt financial management and even saved few
pennies from the meager amount that was provided to them for enjoying the

Even the days were fixed for playing video games in video
parlours and enjoying ice creams once or twice in a week.

I kept my promises, never ditched them.

I gave them the liberty to bring his girl friends at home so
that I could judge their equation.

I used to tip toe in their bedrooms as a spy and monitored
their each and every movement and guided them accordingly.

My children are my good friends and now they are working and
independent but still we three celebrate the bond of our friendship.

I request the parents to handle your pre-teens and teens
with great care and give them the liberty bonded by discipline so that they can
fully enjoy their life and you too remain calm that your child is on right

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Food Habits #AtoZChallenge

Common complain of Mothers is that they are fed up with the
food habits of their child and whenever Moms gather, they try to discuss and
exchange opinions about food habits of their children and all confronts the
same issue that there child does not eat much or she has to spend hours in
front of TV, computer or mobile to feed them.
I was watching the mothers fret and fume. I was out of the
circle because my kids are now grown up individuals and now they pamper me with
my favourite food.

I was the mute spectator.

After watching them helpless, I started my lecture and asked
them to change their style first rather than blaming the child.

All was aghast and few laughed at my advice.

“Ma’am, you are out of the problem now, so you are blaming
us.” They said in unison.

“I never faced problem with my kids in rearing or feeding
them.” I told them the truth.

The reason was simple.

While rearing my child, I never forgot my childhood and the
issues that I had faced in my childhood and made it a point not to repeat the mistake
that I had confronted in my life due to over pampered.

I was born after losing my elder sibling, that too a boy.
The whole family of extended family members waited for my arrival and when I
arrived, I was over pampered by my father & grandparents. My mother
couldn’t dare to put me right and there I missed the right flight.

I was given, what I demanded and I was fed what I desired,
either it was prepared at home or bought from restaurant. The direct result was
that I preferred to eat very few vegetables, more focus was on non-veg items
and tongue tickling savouries.

I was totally spoilt and my food habits were erratic.

When I grew up, I faced lot of issues in eating at relatives
or friends place because I never preferred the food that was presented on my
dish and this irritated me.
When I became mother, I vowed not to repeat the mistake that
my elders had done and was quite strict in food habits.

My advice for Mothers:

  • Never cook separate meals for your children,
    feed them that is cooked in the house.

  • When he starts eating, spread the dish in front of
    him and let him eat. Mothers don’t offer food to kids fearing mess around. He will
    surely mess around but will learn to eat in the long run, stop coaxing

  • In the beginning, child won’t eat what you cook
    but when there won’t be any alternative, they will start eating all the stuff.

  • If kid is not ready to eat, don’t feed
    forcefully, gradually they will turn wild and will adopt irritating behaviour. When the child will be hungry, he will eat.

  • Act as a child in the company of your child, you
    will enjoy his tantrums and the child will become your close friend in the
    long run.

Try to adopt these and watch the difference in you and your
child, both will be happy.


Thank You.


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Encourage #AtoZChallenge

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The words of encouragement acts like rain on the parched
island and it boosts the individual to stand out in the crowd or stand with the

My view is that each and every parents & teachers should
learn the art of encouragement and encourage their kids and students…it goes a
long way in moulding the child with positive attitude.

Instead of saying, “Yeh Tumse nahin hoga.”

Say, “Yeh Tum easily kar loge.”

See the difference in your child.

He will look at things with assertiveness and will try to achieve
whether it is his studies, hobbies or sports.

The words of encouragement instigate their mind and they do
the things happily.

If you say the things with negative approach, the child gets
irritated or it hurts his ego and the result is negative.

Say positive and positive things will come to you and

The positive words generate positive energy and negative
words brings in negativity.
Start believing in your child and boost him to take chances
and even if he fails, don’t ridicule him with bitterness rather encourage him
to do best next time and certainly, he will do better.

If a child is ridiculed, bitterness crops up in his mind and
he regards himself a failure and loses all hope.

I request the parents, guardians and teachers to change the
attitude towards children especially in their initial years of growth, don’t
pester him rather encourage him. 

Believe in him & discuss freely with your

Do you agree with my views…Do share friends.


Thank You.


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Mother’s Guide!! #Exam Stress!

The word “Examination” creates a fear in the minds of school
going children, to some extent, it’s healthy because it creates an attention to
do better in the subjects and bring good scores in the exam. Even the studious
child, who is regular in studies and keep himself updated, still the word Exam
has an effect on him to concentrate on his subjects…but if exam disturbs the
child to such an extent that he runs away from appearing, then that’s a concern
and he needs attention of his parents and if still he is unmanageable, then
opinion of counselor should be taken to drain out the fear from his mind.

My kids are no more in this stage, they are settled in their
jobs, but in my society, there are many school going children, so I get
opportunity to watch the reactions of the kids and their parents.

Since a decade or more, I have been observing that the exam
pressure is not only built in the minds of the children but their parents too
are much tensed and they are after their child to mug up all the answers to
score high in class. I too took care of my children & sacrificed my Me time
investing in their study hours but I never got tensed nor never ever did their
homework or project work….These days, I find the parents completing their
children’s project and homework and they spoon-feed their children.

I find few reasons behind this behaviour…they have fear
instilled in their minds that their child won’t score high if they invest their
time in doing homework…for project work, they think that they will mess the
house so they better do it to maintain cleanliness around and further, they
feel that their parents didn’t spoon-fed them and they take spoon-feeding in
right notion.

But here, I wish to say to the parents of this age to drop
fears from their mind & take care not to instil fears in the minds of
children. Their children can do much better if he is left to do it on their own…Man
learns through trial & error method and by the mistakes, one corrects
himself…same way, if you let your child do his project on his own, there are
certainly chances that he will mess the house but he will learn how to do it
skills and his creativity will bloom…same way, if he does his homework on his
own, the contents will remain in his mind and he won’t need lot of extra time
to learn….Stop spoon feeding…let him evolve, learn & use his intellect.

I observe that the parents are quite easy going before the
exams and when exams approach, they confine the kids and themselves and start
forcing the child to complete the assignments & the portion that is due to
be asked in the examination…but this practice should be stopped.
My thoughts differ from the crowd of today and I wish that
all parents of today should adopt & inculcate healthy habits in their
children and keep their life in routine in normal school days and not to pressurize them during exams.
  • Regular in Studies: Inculcate habits in your children to revise
    the taught lessons. The child should cover up all the portions of every
    subjects on daily basis. If the child is regular in studies then he don’t have
    to invest lot of time during exams. Regular study & revision is a must to
    minimize exam stress.

  • Stop Spoon-feeding: Already mentioned above, Stop
    spoon-feeding. Out of affection, parents indulge in this practice but with this
    technique, your kid won’t be able to explore his ideas or use his creativity.
    Dropping this practice, you will find immense improvement in your child because
    using his own brain, he will become independent & his quality of thought
    will improve too with the passage of time.

  • Give him healthy Diet: Mommies instead of fretting &
    fuming over exams or mugging up lessons of your children, concentrate to cook
    healthy diet for them including much of green & protein & avoiding junk
    or readymade food….I hear mother’s saying that she couldn’t cook due to kid’s
    exam nearing or getting the homework completed & ordered from market. This
    practice will stunt physical & mental growth of the child and a school
    going child needs enough nutrients to boost his growth in all spheres.

  • Assign time for Extra-activities: Assign fixed time for
    watching TV, playing computer or video games or any hobbies that your child has.
    Extra activities release the stress of the children and it refreshes their mind…Even
    during exams, they should be provided time for these activities.

  • Proper Sleep: Adequate sleep is a must for the growing children.
    Don’t let them over-stress during exams, rather they need to be peaceful during
    exams so that they can write the exams efficiently…at times, overstraining
    leads to nervous breakdown. Sleep is essential to repair the cells of the body.

  • Boost the morale of your child: Instead of saying, “You can’t
    do it”. Boost them that he can do it…It has a very positive impact on the child’s
    mind and his confidence builds up.

Exam time can be fun if the child is regular in revision. I
have followed the above practice with my children and it yielded positive
result and it reduces exam stress to a great extent.

Try this & you will see wonderful change in your child’s
behaviour pattern.

It’s solely my take and my observations.

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Skills That I learnt! #Motherhood

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A day a woman becomes a Mother, she is reborn. As she holds
her bundle of joy, a sense of maturity creeps in and she is no more a carefree
girl…She transforms to a doting mother where her child becomes her priority…and
all love & affections flow for the child.

I too was not an exception…motherhood changed me
completely…I careless and bindaas girl transformed into a caring mother, the
moment I bore my first child…and the joy to hold my flesh in my hands cannot be
put into words…words can’t elaborate the feelings that I went through…I was
amazed to watch my child with the features resembling me…I couldn’t believe my
eyes that I had carried him for complete nine months in my womb…the feeling was
surreal and it fetched me immense happiness & satisfaction….it took time to
accept that he was my fragment, incarnated by me.

Motherhood transformed me completely. The journey to
motherhood wasn’t easy but I readily accepted all the physiological, physical
and emotional changes within me and the pregnancy blues with happiness just for
the sake of my child and when the doctor put me into my arms, tears of
happiness welled in my eyes & that day itself, I promised with myself to
rear him a good human with good values…I think all Mom’s feels the same.

Motherhood blessed me with Patience & Tolerance: I was
the impatient one and I was not well- acquainted with the word patience. I
never got irritated even if he kept me on toes whole night rather I managed him
solely with happiness emerging within me. I used to give him five times massage
in a day, all by myself after C-Section. I fed him on time at regular intervals
as suggested by doctors & mums at home. Never ever I felt tired or low
while attending my son, even I was amazed at the change in me and never knew
the hidden potential within me…the relatives & onlookers eyes were widened
watching me handling the things with ease…I believe the virtue of motherhood
teaches us well. Now my toddlers have outgrown my lap, but with time, I have
grown more patient and calm and lend them my ears whenever they need my

Motherhood transformed me to Early Bird: Never in my life, I
had woken up at 4 am in the morning not even for the final exams, but just a
vague cry of my son early in the morning broke my slumber and I was alert to do
his chores…normally, I never woke up before 8 am and if ever I did, I took half
an hour or more to be alert but becoming mother changes within me came in

Motherhood made me Overprotective & Faint-hearted: With
the passage of time, I found that I had become overprotective and possessive
about my son and feared something untoward when for a fraction of second, my
eyes missed him…such was the impact of becoming a Mother. I never left my son
with support staff or helpers, an unknown fear gripped on the thought of leaving him
to strangers and preferred that he be around me most of the time.

Motherhood graced me with DIY skills: Never before, I had
knitted sweaters or stitched any cloth but after becoming a mother, I learnt
all the skills and guys, you will surprised to know that my kids never ever
wore ready-made sweaters till Std. XII. It was my passion to make sweaters for
them and this passion led me to learn it in depth & afterwards, I started
tutoring people who had flair for knitting. Same was the case with stitching, I
stitched all the napkins, caps, frocks and bed rolls for my kids. I derived
happiness indulging in stitching and knitting and I gain mastery in these subjects especially knitting. Even I updated my
knowledge in Homeopathic medicines & learnt the techniques of first-aid,
which comes handy when the child hurts while learning to walk or crawling. I
became well versed in Do-It-Yourself Techniques.

In my eyes of my children, I am their Role model and they
follow me and their trust is built upon me, so I have to keep myself updated so
that I don’t ever disappoint them. Becoming mother, once again, I revised all
the rhymes of kindergarten, updated my general knowledge quotient because in
their eyes, I am a Supermom, who knows everything at the fullest.

Becoming a mother is challenging but once you cuddle your
sweetheart in your arms, the world looks small and we feel our wings
strengthened ready for any ride, be it on smooth plains or on roller and
coaster ride. With babies, we enjoy each moment of life and the tough ride
appears easy. The best thing is that they keep you busy, you don’t get time to
brood over disappointments of life and their cute smiles & the way they
reciprocate to your lullabies makes your day beautiful and you profusely thank
Supreme power for gifting you a cute child, a part of you plays in your lap.

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It was my share…What you learnt as a Mom, Do share.

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Role Reversal #Quirky

These days it’s quite common for the Dads to take care of
the kids, due to nuclear family set up and if Mums are working then they have
to be more diligent in taking care of the child.

Earlier there were joint family set ups, so there were herd
of people to take care of the young ones & Mom- Dad did not had much
botheration if they were to go for outing, job or for some work.

But nowadays, after kids, if Mom has to go out then she
needs to plan quite prior to the day and it’s amicably decided that the Dad
will take leave from work to be iin-housetaking care of little ones.

In my case, my husband is fond of kids and he can go to any
length to keep them happy. I am too fond of kids but I am a disciplinarian and
see that the children doesn’t take advantage of my lenience. I am more
particular to the judgment but my husband is just my antonym (I added this word in lieu of opposite, just for fun).

Judgment stands on his mood, if he is happy, he won’t care.
He will fulfill all demands and if he is in the slack mood then genuine things too won’t be heard and in my case, it isn’t so.

I don’t move along with moods, I am judgmental in all
circumstances and I hook up with my take.

I have two boys, now they have outgrown my lap but the
memories are still intact as if it is the story of yesterday.

My tiny tots were manageable and I raised them into
independent child. It wasn’t easier to train but they were easy to manage…I
consider myself lucky.

I started working when my kids completed their primary
school, before that I managed business of pharmaceuticals operating from my
home, but still there were instances when I had to go out for some work and in those situations, my husband stayed back.
As soon as my kids came to know that I was going for an outing,
they were very happy, though they didn’t show externally I could sense from
their body language…Maa hoon naa.

They knew that their Papa will cook their favorites (he is
a good cook), will approve their demands for toys and games along with cold
drinks, chocolates & chips and they would be free to move freely in the
house, jump on the sofa etc…a complete masti day.

Once I was getting ready for the outing, then I overheard
the conversation of Dad and beta:
“Papa, mummy jab
jayegi to mujhe wo wala toy dila dena.”
So was the prakop (wrath) of Mummy in my house.

And Papa smartly didn’t reply in words, just shook his head
in affirmation.

As soon as I would be ready to leave, their best question
propped up, “Mummy, kab aaogi?”

I would just smile, I understood the meaning of their smart

And both boys in unison will say, “Yayyyyy” & Dad was
happy too.

He would cook their favorite delicacies and after having
food, he would snore and these smarty’s had immense freedom to watch cartoons, play around uncaring about the furnishings.

They celebrated the day as their independence day.

After having good sleep, he would take them to market to buy
the goods of their choice.
As I stepped inside, the younger one will come to me with
his toys and very innocently would say, “Dekho naa, Papa khareed diye hain”

The smart explanation they had and Dad would be busy in keeping
the things in their place so that I don’t give sermons to all.

My hubby’s body language clearly communicated that he had a
sound sleep.

In conclusion, all the three of them enjoyed to the fullest
in my absence.

If I complained, “You are encouraging them to be undisciplined.”
His simple reply, “You are there to handle & bachche
tumse darte hain aur hum bhi”
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Why Mamma Scolds Me?


Aruna was taking a nap in afternoon after meals. Ria’s cry broke her slumber. She silently walked down the bed to see why Ria was crying. Ria was sobbing in one corner.

“What happened dear?” Granny enquired.

“Mamma beat me up. She doesn’t loves me, all the time she scolds me.” Ria told her.

“Don’t cry. Come on, let’s go in the garden. I will tell you a story.” Aruna consoled her.

It was afternoon of early winters and the mellow sunrays were soothing n the beautiful butterflies were hovering on the bloomed flowers.

Aruna took a seat and grabbed Ria in her arms.

“Look at the beautiful butterflies, they are as beautiful as you.” Aruna said to Ria

“Nanny, their Mamma don’t scold them. They freely roam hither n thither upon their choice.” Ria said & tears welled up in her eyes.

“All Mother’s scold their children to groom them better, even I used to scold your Mom & when she was of your age, she too said the same thing to her Nanny. Look, Mothers are god send angels to take care of the young children and show them right path. To make the kids learn good things, Mom has to be strict at times and even Mom’s heart cries out when her child cries. Ria, it’s not only you alone that are been scolded or beaten when you don’t listen or is adamant to not to listen to elders.” Aruna explained her in simple terms.

“Mamma too got beating & scolding?” Ria asked Aruna.

“Yes, when she was a child.” Aruna said.

A sly smile pursed on Ria’s lips and she felt lighter.

“Thank you Nanny. My all grudges are gone now. I had developed many ill feelings towards Mamma & day by day, I was getting rigid. Now, I have understood the fact & now onwards, I will try to listen to her.” Ria said and she wrapped her small arms around her Nanny.

“God bless you, my child. You are wonderful.”

Ria’s mother, Shelley found subtle changes in Ria, she behaved well and tried to follow what she asked and Aruna informed her about her interaction with Ria.

Shelley kissed her Mom, Aruna.

Photo prompt written by Ila Varma Dec.2016.

Normal complaint of children towards their Mother, Why Mamma scold me?

I have tried to justify as per my notions.

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Joys of Parenting

Parenting isn’t an easy task, we all know and people make it more difficult if they vent out their frustrations n burdens on the innocent n cute kids, who are bundles of joys in real sense.

There are few things that the parents, to be parents or who are the parents need to be reminded of that while rearing your child, try to visit down the memory lanes of your childhood n recall the tantrums you created and how efficiently they handled without giving up.

Nowadays, when I happen to come across the parents especially the Mom’s, they are perplexed n frustrated in rearing their kids or kid (most couple opting for single child), and have so many issues at hand.

If they complain about the child to me, I have a simple answer or you can say my takiakalam, “Apna bachpan yaad karo aur bachcha palo.” and this is very true also. If you keep in your mind, your golden days of childhood, you won’t lose your temper rather you will enjoy looking after them.

What I feel, people forget their past dramas of childhood n blame their kids for creating restlessness in their life, but if you see practically, we all are mind-blowing in our childhood days and the child should be active. A normal child will be restless n will keep you on your toes.

Never say, “Hum aise nahin the?”

We all were worse than the present ones. Present ones are sophisticated, they don’t eat mud n chalk, we did in our times.

I reared my kids remembering my days of childhood and never lost temper on them, till they really did something that called for punishment, rather I enjoyed with them n felt that once again, I revisited my childhood and became innocent bachcha with them. Even I rectified the mistakes that my parents did to pamper me out of love.

Enjoy the joys of parenting, it’s a golden chance once in a lifetime phase and when you will  be out of that phase, you will miss the best phase of life and the memories of the past will be the treasure to cherish life long.

Whenever I meet couple who are distressed due to child, I ask them to recall their past n repeat my pet dialogue and there is immense truth in it.

Many don’t wish to go for a child, due to demand of attention by the child.

I try to make them understand and ask them to indulge into to feel the joys of parenting and it even disciplines oneself.

Give time to your child and pluck the joys, revisit the lanes of your childhood with your child and play with them as friends.

Company of kids is a great stress booster n it rejuvenates our entire system, body, mind and soul.

Parenting is complex but best gift from nature.

By Ila Varma, Oct.2016.

The views are solely mine and is not influenced by anyone. My writings speak of my experiences, observation and realities that I find going on around me.


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Innocent Boy!!!

Whenever I see this picture, mixed feeling arises within and I’m reminded of my younger son, Tuktuk, who cried at the time of every haircut till the age of two and a half and no amount of cajoling could stop him from crying, even the glimpse of this child is very close to my son’s look, when he was a toddler.

This picture gives me goosebumps and tears flood my eyes n blurr my vision..and I feel like taking the child in my arms close to heart…My child is now a big man who has completed silver jubilee of his age but when I meander down the lane and recall the past memories, I feel as if it is of yesterday.

On Sundays, my husband planned to go for hair-cutting with his two tiny tots…They got ready fast on pretext of riding on LML vespa, the common scooter of those times..but the happiness subsided of Tuktuk as he landed at the salon for hair cut and as the barber readied him to start the cutting, he use to cry on top of the voice. This went for more than a year, the passers by hoarded at the salon to watch the child crying inconsolably.

When he was about to complete two and a half years n could explain things, then I asked him,

“Why you make so much hulla at salon, do you want to keep the hair long as girls?”

“Mummy, you don’t know, it pains a lot that’s why I cry” He explained me innocently and I was bowled over by his expressions.

I cuddled him in my embrace and explained him that hair cutting is not painful n asked him not to cry next time.

That day, I understood the reason n laughed at his innocence.

Gradually, he came out of this habit n I could just say, Mera Masoom bachcha.

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Sweet Sixteen!!!

Today, I was
feeling low and wanted to flip the pages of time when I was my real self
without any artificial enamors and true to myself.

I parked my
car near by the park and strolled inside. The sunny afternoon of winters was
soothing and I took a seat under the tree, the sun-rays filtering through the
branches were comforting my senses and I felt at ease.

I went into
the state of flash back and stopped at my sweet sixteen phase, for which each
teenager strives to reach and the movies show the crushes and infatuations and
romantic aura at 16 and every teenager dreams of it. I too was in the same
line, waiting to attain sweetness in my life at the sweet age of 16.

As I grew
up, my skin glowed, my crowning glory was in full glory and there was immense
radiance on my face. I too was puzzled to see myself in mirror. I had changed a
lot for good and my mother eyes were on me with a feeling of pride for my
emerging beauty and a fear gripped her seeing her princess spinning into young
nymph. I could sense her fear though I did not understand why she was growing
so possessive of me.

My body
curves got prominent and accentuated at right places and I gradually grew
conscious of my body and at times, I had to be conscious to carry myself and
especially in rowdy crowd, it was difficult for me.

I was in my
final board of Tenth and I had devoted myself to study but I secretly dreamt to
be a singer and wanted to pursue Fine arts but my parents were reluctant
because they did not see future of these subjects. They had the concept that
the traditional education can only give comfortable future. I tried hard to
convince them but I failed in my approach. I wasn’t daring to stand against
them or retaliate, so with heavy heart, I accepted their opinion. I shelved my
passion with a secret thought that I would pursue music in coming future but
never knew that a dreamer lives forever and a thinker dies soon. My thought did
not die but I murdered with my own hands supported by time factor.

sixteen enters with beauty but it has its hiccups too, reality is very harsh at
times. The pimples are the woes of a nymph, she abhors but pimples adore nymphs
and tries hard on beautiful faces to fade their beauty. These pimples added
misery to my life and I hated to go on outings or party with pimples on.

As you grow
beautiful, parents go berserk and are ready to guard you all time and barge
deliberately in your loneliness and they did the same, at times, I grew
impatient and rowdy. It is the age where you need to handle many emotions and
different pressures of life and the fantasy and the dreams tears you apart from

The pressure
of exams, peer pressure to look better and the pressures of parents to be in
right frame just kicked me out of the required format…it was tough.

It is more
about balancing the act but it’s not easy to handle.

The idol
worship is intense at this age and the eyes that notices becomes the cynosure
of eyes and I was no exception. I loved to be noticed but never accepted.

The crush on
AB was unparalleled and I was crazy for him and I felt my beats racing when I
watched him in movies.

The mood
swings limited my interactions with family members and I insulated myself from
others when I dislike their views.

Today, I am
at rim of 45 plus and have seen life closely from all quarters and Dear Sweet
16, I want to tell you that it was the best part of your life where you had the
support of your parents n siblings to handle you when you stumbled and they
were always there to patiently bear your tantrums. In those days, Board exam
looked scary but after walking miles and miles on the topsy curvy lane of life,
I feel like laughing loud at my innocence, it was nothing compared to tough
things that one faces in life and can’t even express. 
The fear the parents had
about us were genuine as I feel now for my daughter.
I can’t go
back into the time so I will fulfill my ambition through my daughter if she
really wish to take fine arts as her career and will readily help her to pursue
her passion. The things that I left incomplete will be completed by my
daughter, I see a mirror image of myself in my daughter. She is going to
complete Sweet 16 next year and I am waiting eagerly for the day with pride and
fear. Time changes, people change but few things remains the same.
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