Give Wings to Your Child’s Creativity! #Creative #Imagination


While surfing, I came
across a beautiful project made by a lady. I loved her project and
congratulated her for her creativity. But her reply dampened my mood.
She told me that she had
made the school project of her child who was a student of Class I.
The project that she had
prepared was not a match for a student of Class I. It was far ahead of his age.
I could not stop myself
and I right away told her that her concept was not approachable…she should not
do it…unconsciously she was clipping the creative wings of her child.
She told me that it was
not possible for her child to prepare the project all by himself, so she made
I told her that it is nice
to indulge in creativity and if she has inclination towards it, she should
pursue wholeheartedly using her creative ideas to decorate her house, prepare
gifts for special occasions or can also take up as professional commitment…but please
don’t clip the wings of your child.
My intention was not to
hurt her but to show her the right path.
I asked her to give her
child the liberty to use his imagination in school projects and let him prepare
the things all by himself.
This is not the story of
one Mother…there are many Mothers who do the same.
Even in my neighbourhood
and extended family, there are many parents who do the same.
I believe that in this way
they are not helping their child rather blocking their imaginative power.
Whenever I come across
such parents who spoon feed their children, I object to it firmly because I don’t
approve this idea.
Through this post, I wish to request to all
budding parents not to nip the creative ideas of your children.
Let them explore their ideas, this way their imagination
power will improve and will give wings to creativity.
Children learn through trial n error and in this
bid, they may scatter things around or may spoil the things, but they need that
space to develop.
Always remember your childhood…once upon a time
you too went through the same phase, so keep the patience with your kids.
Arrange the things required for the project and let
them take the initiative, guide where they falter.
If you have inclination in creativity, pursue your
own hobby and use it for yourself…don’t impose them on your kids.
If the project is far ahead of the child’s age
then the teachers too understand that it is the parent’s skill and child does
not receive due credit. 
Further other school children get discouraged if their
work is not appreciated.
The child ability won’t develop then they will
always be in a lookout for ready-made solution.
Parents…give fair chance to your child to soar
high on their own ability.
My Experience:
One of my close relative spoon-fed their children
and in school time, they achieved high marks in all subjects but later in life,
they could not clear any competition. I had watched them closely. All the
homework and school work was done by the parents and the kids mugged up. The
school projects were either bought from market or made by parents. I too was a
kid and watching them achieve feats of success in school, I grew envious of
them n at times despised my parents for not helping. Later in life, I realized
their parent’s mistakes and feel sorry for the children.
While raising my children, I did not repeat the
mistakes that my relatives did. I accompanied them but never imposed my skills
and the result is that I am satisfied with my children skills, few they have
inherited from us and some they have developed on their own.

Mothers, Shower your love and affection but not at
the stake of clipping their wings…Watch them soar heights…you will love to
watch their achievements. 

How to make an Introvert Child more Friendly? #MommyMoments

Parenting is a skill and it requires lots of patience & perseverance on the part of parents while addressing kids.
Each child is unique in its own way and accordingly, the parents need to take care of them…
Some are outspoken, fearless and daring and they
require less guidance while some are shy and meek and they need more attention from parents.
If you see around, you will find kids of one set of parents are quite different in personality though they are brought up in
the same atmosphere has been given the same privileges and comfort…Their characteristics and vital statistics vary because each kid perceives things differently…so it is the duty of the parents especially the Moms to unearth their kids potential and
weakness and deal them accordingly.
In my childhood days, I was a mixture of both; some knew me as Introvert while others knew me as a full package of life and
vigor and over Extrovert.
I myself don’t know the reason for such a dual personality. In our times, parents were loaded with so much of responsibilities
that they did not have enough time to spare to delve into such fine details. They had the huge responsibility of extended families, five children and looking after the house.
Still, I am a pack of both but certainly, I pulled myself out of the shell with passing years and now, I am introvert where I
choose to be…it’s my choice else I am extrovert, ready to pour my ideas and beliefs and even give an uninterrupted sermon where required.
I know that being over introvert mars the personality and at times, we lose best opportunities…though my been introvert
rewarded me with writing skills because whenever thoughts gushed inside me, I poured it raw on the journal and this was my bright side and today I am a gainer choosing blogging as my profession…my been introvert made me Creative.
In our time, we did not have so many gadgets…we had limited choice…either to play in the playground…indulge in some creativity or study…but the scenario of today is quite different.
Children of today are hooked to gadgets, as today’s children have access to multiple gadgets and if they are left alone, it will
hamper their personality. Parents need to be vigilant so that the
personality of kids are not at stake.
Parenting Tips:
  •  If your child is dull and doesn’t want to mingle with the kids of their age group, he needs your attention. Rule out the reason for this behavior and encourage them to be active and participate in group activity.
  • Find out their field of interest and encourage them to participate fully. Have open discussions with your kids and inquire if something is bothering them. At times, children don’t open up because of some unknown fear or inadequate knowledge.
  • Invite them to your living room when some guests
    visit your house and introduce them to your guests, gradually he will develop the habit of conversing with strangers and it will boost their personality.
  • Encourage them to participate in the social activity
    and give them the liberty to arrange special programs on festivals and special occasion, it will add creativity to them.
  • Take them along when you visit your family and
    friends, at times, they may be reluctant but slowly it will interest them.
  • Fix hours of watching TV and playing games on
    Computer because these activities nips the creativity and imaginative skills of a child.
  • If he is more inclined in extracurricular activities, encourage them to indulge. Study is important but they need assistance in carving a niche in their field of interest. Discouragement make kids introvert.
  • Don’t leave them alone for long hours…keep a watch
    on their activities. Time to time, try to find out about the activities of your child at school or with friends, it will help you to know how he is performing with others.
  • Keep a silent vigil on your child’s movements. All
    things should not be pronounced especially when your kids is approaching teens as they are quite vulnerable at this age and they need utmost care.
What I did as a Parent?
While raising my kids, I followed their movements
  • I involved them in all extra-curricular activities and in
  • Brushed their skills and encouraged them to polish
    their areas of interest.
  • Never bullied them in front of other family members, friends or neighbors.
  • Whenever I found their energy levels low, I sat
    down with them and discussed openly what was bothering them.
These tips encouraged them to come out of their shell and enhanced their personality. Open discussion helps to develop confidence in children and they are fit to discuss and sort out issues.
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Innocence Breached! #Rapes #MoralityatStake

threats & murder, rapes and incest paints the newsprint, ho halla on
multiple channels steal the serenity of our mind and at times, we question with

going on?
Why so much
of turbulence in an educated society?
Have we got
educated for the sake of acting barbaric?
The news of
a ten year old girl giving birth to a girl child left me shattered and
thousands n thousands of queries stirred me from within…and I can feel her blank eyes.
Who is safe
in our community?
The small
kids are raped and sodomized. The kids who go through carry the scars with
themselves forever and nothing can help them to erase these unfortunate

What are the people up to?
How can a
man be so cruel with her?
Was he not
able to judge her innocence while outraging her modesty?
My blood
boiled when I came to know that a close family member was involved in this heinous crime…the man stole her childhood forever.
I don’t
know whether this case is the first case of such incident but in my life of 45
years, I have heard it for the first time and this incident challenges all to
be vigilant towards their kids.
Though news
has been floored that she is not informed about the pregnancy & childbirth but
the pregnancy blues are not so easy to digest for a responsible n grown up
woman…how she faced the trauma so silently…She didn’t understand when the man breached
her virginity but carrying baby for so many long weeks…she might be aware of
all the transformations within…even the hushes around are loud enough to make
one aware.
There are
immense physiological & psychological changes, how can it go unnoticed
under her nose?
I don’t
know her nor have I seen her but my heart cries out for her at the thought of
so many unfortunate incidents that saddled her life and never can she be a
normal child again.
ignorance of her parents jeopardized her life forever.
How her
Mother could not notice her physiological changes?
Even the
illiterate chunks are well aware of these basic things.
The law of
our country proved futile for her…leaving her at the risk of giving birth to a
child when she herself was a child, who saw only ten springs of her life.
I may sound
harsh n stern but it would have been far better to terminate her pregnancy
risking her life…even this take was a real threat to her life.
A child came
into this world, who got abandoned on the very first second of life; how she
will cope with her life later on…this question haunts my mind.
In today’s
world where technology is so advanced still such child are born who are consequence
of lust and are abandoned…indeed a very sad facet.
How her
Mother ignore her daughter’s missed period?
Appeal to

Be frank
with your child and let them open up in your presence, especially Mothers need
to be careful.
Teach them
about good and bad touch.
Win their
confidence so that they share each and every piece of information….good or bad.
Be vigilant
for both; Sons and Daughters.
At times, parent’s
surveillance is more towards the girls of the family and this creates a rift
between siblings and the girls don’t share their feelings fearing they might be
Be firm
when the child is wrong but in normal cases, be friendly in your approach.
Don’t make
your children timid, strengthen their innate qualities and be in reach when
they need you.
them about Puberty so that they don’t get traumatized when they face and inform
the bare truth of Puberty.
Have faith
in your child but check their movements, friends & social circle.
them when they are going for outing.
Even check
the antecedents and movements of the extended family who are your regular
visitors or staying with the family.
incident can be a real lesson for many parents who ignore their offspring’s,
keeping them over busy in professional, personal and social commitments.
remember, your child needs your presence much than your gifts.
Many might
argue that the commitments that they are involved in are for their children…it’s
true it is, but don’t ruin their childhood…their safety also comes under your
jurisdiction so the parents needs to keep their eyes and ears open and time to
time evaluate the situations.
If ever you
find your child low, don’t ignore.
openly the reason and try to solve and bring back their smiles.
A parent
folly stole her smiles forever.
I pray to
God that not again such incidents take place…it’s very tragic for the child,
family and the society.
is at stake.
 ***In our
society, people are more vigil for girls and ignores the male community but
such acts is the amalgamation of both the sexes, so parents, teachers and
guardians should be vigilant towards both the sexes so that they don’t get involved
in such mistakes where repentance cannot change anything.

Disclaimer: The views are solely mine and it is my outburst so the feelings penned are raw.

Parenting Journey! #Parenting #MMM

The journey of Motherhood was very satiating and each moment were so captivating that I don’t wish to change anything.
Why I don’t wish to Change?
There are valid reasons.
Stress & Fatigue: The time I gave birth to my cutie pies, I was very young and sturdy and no amount of stress tired me rather it energized me. If I go through once again, I will not able to cope up with the stress & fatigue of a Motherhood.
Impatient with Age: I was careless when I got married but as I conceived, I was transformed with lots of patience. I enjoyed their tantrums rather getting exhausted and never lost temper…no shouting…no yelling…no beating. I silently accepted their mistakes, follies etc. Now, I can’t control my temperament and get irritated easily and I hold growing age is the factor responsible for being impatient & irritable.
 Enjoyed Cooking & Creating things for them:
Now, I want them to help me with my chores and create ideas for my
blogging. I am in no shape to restart the journey of parenting. Still, I love to cook & bake for them but can’t figure myself running after kids to feed them.
Satisfied with my journey:
I am totally satisfied with my parenting journey and don’t wish to alter a single block of it because the consequence of my parenting proved rewarding and watching my big boys fills me with confidence and pride. If I restart, I may not give my best what I gave to my kids in past years.
I did not miss as such something very important to think of restarting the parenting journey but certainly, I look forward to enjoying the bliss of grandmotherhood and would love to indulge with them to revive my childhood.
I missed capturing the beautiful moments in my mobile as the camera wasn’t as handy as mobile. I would love making videos and short movies via Handycam when I am blessed with grandkids.
I am fully contented with my parenting journey and would not like to modify anything.
I am proud of my boys for what they are and they are the rewards of my nurture.
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Why I chose to become a Mommy Blogger? #Parenting #Motherhood

Blogging is in my nerves. Since childhood, I have
a habit of scribbling my emotions; be it happy ones or the hardening facts. I
wrote to diffuse my struggles and escalate my happy moments.
I was an introvert, so did not believed in sharing
with people rather found solace in writing…still in a habit of
scribbling…previously, the diaries shared my good n bad moments of life and now
my lappy laughs at my overtures.
However busy I am, I do take time out to write few
lines. Now with blogging, to reach out to more n more audiences, to watch my
page views stumbling to new numbers, followers n friends increasing, I can’t
stop myself from venting out my experiences & varied hues of my life.
Initially, I wrote my observations, experiences
and emotions in the form of prose and poetry, fictional short stories. When I
gained momentum on my blog, an idea buzzed to share my experiences with Moms of
past, present and future and chose to become a Mommy blogger.
Becoming Mommy blogger brings back the memories of
the days spent with my kids and now in my Empty nest, the memories of past appends
cheerfulness to my life and I reminiscence and cherish those glorious flashes.
When you become a parent and especially a Mom,
once again childhood revisits you and you share it with your child and the
experience of it cannot be summed up in words…those cuddly-googly memories are
so refreshing and your life seems brilliant and meaningful, when you hold the
bundle of joy close to your heart…it can be only relished.
With the passage of time and changes in family &
social system, Parenting has become challenging and the Working Moms are on
their wits end, juggling between home, office and baby care. At times, they are
so wretched that they feel that having a child is not a bliss rather a
punishment and they start abhorring parenting.
Through my columns, I wish to spread the virtues
of a Blessed Mom; how to tackle with the Motherhood blues and enjoy the bliss
of Motherhood; how to handle the growing kids and many queries of which they
need suggestions.
Down the years, there used to be elders at home,
who guided them and helped them while raising kids but now, when people are
living alone, no one is there to guide and the articles would be of great value
to Mothers.
I thoroughly enjoyed the bliss of Motherhood and
raised my kids with great enthusiasm and never ever I gave up, in spite of numerous
challenges coming in my way.
I request the Moms to be patient and cool and
overcome the challenges with a wide smile and the kids that you raise would be
Happy Souls and an asset to your life and society.

*****Remember, “Nothing comes easy in Life!”

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Teach Your Child to Manage Money! #Experiences

Parenting is the tough nut to crack and it needs a lot of patience and perseverance to tackle the kids and guide him on right track.
The unconditional love for our children makes us do the impossible things and Mom is always ready with, “I’M POSSIBLE”knocking impossibilities down.
Mine journey wasn’t easy. My patience and experiences of my life helped me to fare out well managing both my kids…in spite of heavy turmoil inside, I am able to be cool outside & I don’t have the habit of cribbing rather I abhor cribbers.
Many people believe that in initial years, the children should be given immense freedom and after a certain age, start curbing them. I am against this practice.
You have to do the groundwork in initial years and inculcate good values and show them the differences between right & wrong.
We all learn from trial and error and parents are there to identify and rectify their errors.
Children are innocent at heart but smart too and catch things easily and if they are left to leave on their own terms, then they will have great difficulty in later life and to keep them disciplined will be challenging.
Train them with good habits from the initial days of their childhood.
Managing money is not an easy task and the children should be educated on how to manage efficiently.
How I Taught My Kids, “Value of Money
I am sharing my very own experiences with my two kids. My hubby was lenient towards children and rarely does he lose temper. He believed in pleasing them by fulfilling their demands. I was against this and made him understand that he is pampering them and we will have a tough time to handle them in the future. Initially, he did not pay much heed to it but my constant effort changed his thought and he decided to back out.
I took the reins in my hand and implemented few rules to follow to Teach them the VALUE OF MONEY.
  • Never fulfill all demands: The first & foremost rule is, never fulfill all demands of children else they will not understand its value and how tough is to earn a good sum. Simultaneously, they will learn the
    PRIORITIES OF LIFE and how to prioritize. Secondly, they will develop patience to deal odds of life.
My Experience: I was brought up in joint family where my Mum didn’t had the power to  tame me and my all demands were fulfilled.  
Consequences: Till today if my demands are turned down, I am hurt at
heart. I don’t put up my genuine demands fearing it might not be attended.
  • Buy Essential things: I see around that the people who are affluent and have several sources of income, they gift such toys and appliances to children which aren’t essential, rather it’s superfluous.
    You as a parent are spoiling them. Buy the things which are best for him as per his age and requirements. They will learn the VALUE OF MONEY AND THINGS.
  • Pocket Money: Fix a specific sum of pocket money for the children. Initially, fix a sum for a week and later on spread it for a fortnight & month. Ask them to spend on their toys, stationery, snacks and
My Experience: When my elder son was in KG and the younger one in a nursery, I fixed a certain amount for a week to spend on ice creams, cold drinks, and snacks. I was amazed to find them saving from that meager amount. With that little amount, even we both got a treat from our children, such was the power of money management of those kids.  I pinpointed to my hubby who used to readily give in to their demands to watch how smart they are in spending their own pocket money. This habit inculcated in them habits of SAVING & VALUE OF PENNY.
  • NEVER DISCLOSE FAMILY INCOME: If you are on the affluent side, never disclose income to your children. At a tender age, they
    won’t understand the sweat behind the flowing income but will be ready to spend extravagantly. Parents too have to check their expense style. If you are extravagant in spending then you can’t ask your ward to be thrifty.
  • REWARD THEM: by buying gifts for them on special occasions and when they do well in studies or maintain discipline during vacations etc. Appreciate them & reward them by giving money to buy the
    things they love to buy or the parents can gift them that their children love to have in their possession.  Even you can gift them a pot of flowers and make them responsible for watering and taking care. This way VALUE OF CARE will be instilled in your child. These small acts will motivate them to do better and get surprise gifts.
I shared my experiences of parenting and what I learned from my life experiences.
My children are quite spendthrift and they know the VALUE OF MONEY IN LIFE.
Share your experiences.
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Blessed Mom!!!

God bestowed all his blessings on me and he chose me to become Mom of two cute kids. None in my family could believe that I a careless and carefree bird will manage the kids so wonderfully, leaving no stone unturned.

Time is the best teacher and the journey of pregnancy brought massive transformations in me. I readily accepted all the early pregnancy pangs and blues without complain and my heart was filled with love for the unseen child and charted big plans for my child’s future, from which few were implemented. Maximum plans was just dreams seen for my child but in practical, the implementation was impossible.

Finally, the D day arrived and after going through bone wracking pain, I bore the child and when the doctor laid him in my lap, my happiness knew no bounds and I felt blessed with divine powers. And this cute bundle of joy let me forget the pains that I underwent through.

I saw my shadow in him, same nose, same eyes and the eyes that twinkled stole my heart.

Active: The girl who never came out of bed after 7:30 a.m. or so, was up on toes at four a.m. ready to act. No alarm was required. The first cry of my son broke my slumber. The careless lad became responsible and active.

Patience: Becoming a Mom made me patient and impatience was left far away. I never got irritated or felt overworked and balanced my work and home well.

Beautiful: My skin and hair glowed with sheen after becoming a Mom. The colors of love played with my persona.

Attentive: The bliss of motherhood was that I became attentive and readily attended the demands of my child.

Responsible & Overprotective: I never left my child with strangers, helpers or support staff. However responsible they were, I never entrusted them.

The journey to motherhood changed me completely. I forgot my whims and the first thought that came in my mind was of my son.

In nutshell, I became responsible mother, spendthrift to save bucks for my child’s future and it made me courageous to withstand all odds in life and the love for my child made me weak at heart and I couldn’t stand separation from my son.

The love of a Mom is unconditional and it always overflows.

Hey Readers, do you agree with me?

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Happy Mother’s Day.





Gifts for Mother’s Day!!! #LoveandRelationships

Mother’s Day is round the corner and the market is flooded with various gifts, flowers, schemes in restaurants and pizza hubs.

Since a decade or so, the celebration of this day has kicked the market and the children’s emotions are satiated by celebrating this day and the market does a brisk business on such celebrations.

When we were young, we weren’t aware of the celebrations but thanks to technology and globalization, now we too ardently wait for the celebration on this D day.

My idea is to gift something which can be readily used by the receiver and a Mother, a symbol of love craves for love and care from her offspring and though at the time of the birth, the connection is severed but the connection of hearts remains intact throughout life.

Gifts for Mother’s Day:

1. A beautiful saree or the latest trend of sober dress can be a great gift for the Moms. Buy a dress of her color choice and give her a surprise. She will be very happy for your concern for her and I am sure she will turn emotional while accepting the gift.

2. Perfume can be one of the best gift for Moms. Before buying, introspect her dressing table and find her choice and give her a surprise.

3. Trendy Jewelry: Women and jewelry are indispensable, so buy it for her as your pocket allows. If she is longing to have some piece of jewelry but aren’t able to make it, buy for her. She would be touched. Generally, Moms are more concerned about their children and save for them and in the run of saving for the future, at times, they sacrifice their wishes. If you are earning, gift her the piece that she longs for.

4. Lady Purse: A purse as a gift can be wonderful and the size of the purse should be in respect of her profession or wish. A child well knows their mother’s choices, so gift her accordingly.

5. Cosmetics & Skin care Products: These days market is flooded with cosmetics & skin care products of all range. Gift her according to her skin type and cosmetics as per her choice. Women love to dress and maintain her style and her favorite product will tickle her soul.

 6. Coffee Mug: Gift her a coffee mug with her image imprinted on it. She will love to have coffee and if you are staying long distance, this small token of love will always be cherished by her.

7. Book a table at restaurant: Take her out to the market and surprise her with her favorite cuisine. She always presents sumptuous meals, throw a party on this eve.

8. Cook her favourite dish and melt her heart by your hard work and love.

9. Gift her a voucher of spa and she will be delighted to relax at spa rejuvenation program and will feel fresh and lively.

10. Gift her a bunch of flowers of her choice, sing a song for her and submit yourself fully on this day.

Mother’s day is not a day to be celebrated. Celebrate everyday by showering love and concern for her keeping tantrums aside.

Women love to flaunt their wardrobe and are conscious about her looks and persona and these gifts will help her to maintain her style and a gift from her children are really heart warming for her.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder

Are you Just With Your Children? #AtoZChallenge

Many times, we come across such parents who favour one child
more than the other. I feel very bad for those kids and I believe that been
unjust, the parents are creating a strife between the siblings.

It is not healthy for the children, it stunts their emotional
growth and inferiority complex envelops them.

Many times, I wonder as to why parents differentiate between
their children when all are their own offspring.

In many families, younger ones are more pampered and elder
one is shelved with responsibility though the difference between the siblings
are only two to three years.
At times, the sincere or studious
kid is pampered or is the centre of attraction.

Through my article, I wish to address to all the parents to
be JUST with their kids.

All are your offspring, the same pain you have undergone to
bring them to this world, so justified treatment should be given to all.

Treat all the kids alike and give them the same opportunity.

Don’t compare the children, complex develops within the
child and it affects their personality. Even sibling rivalry develops among the

Parents or other members of the family should take care to
treat all alike in spite of differences in their persona & presentation.

I believe the kid who is weak needs more care than the
sincere ones. Push your child to do better.

Your encouraging words will bring in a lot of positive changes.

Don’t bully them or discourage them.

The elder one is too a kid, two three years difference doesn’t
make him a man, hence responsibility should not be loaded rather it is should
be well distributed among them and they will take as a challenge to complete n
will rather enjoy doing it.

A child who fetches good numbers in class or is a bright
student is more cared by the parents than the other one who is average in
studies. The disparity among children should be abolished.

Parents, do justice in sharing your love towards your

Justified treatment will enhance the persona of the children
and they will grow into independent entity with healthy mind & positive

Children with positive thoughts are an asset to the society
too and we can hope for safe environment in society.

I believe that the frustrated souls are the species who
create nuisance in society by indulging in eve teasing, murder, rape etc.

Parents love and care is the important ingredient in the
life of a child and the basic care and affection moulds their personality.

Do you support my view?

Pl leave your comments.


Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*

Independent #AtoZChallenge

How to make your child Independent?
Independent child is a virtue to the parents and society if
they are raised in a right manner. A parents gives the right to independence to the
child with a belief that the child will use it in a right manner. The responsibility
lies on the child to keep up the faith.
Recently, I visited one of my friend and saw that she was
busy in taking care of the chores of the child, who was near about 14-15 years.

I was quite puzzled and thought for a while whether to give
sermon to my friend or not on the way she was treating her child.

She was over protective and over caring and this over care
had spoiled the child, he was totally dependent on his Mom for all of his

His school was nearby home, still she accompanied him in the
morning and recess hours. She would feed him, helped him in his school work and
again accompanied to play ground.

I couldn’t stop myself and blurted out in front of her

“What are you doing Maya? You are spoiling Yash. Raise him
as an individual entity and let him grow and handle things on his own. He is no
more a small child, give me some space. Even the moms of small children don’t
follow their children as you do.” I said.
“It’s my love, Dear.” Maya said.

“This is not love, love gives freedom to be independent,
this is your fear and it has made you over possessive. Even I love my children
more than my life but have given space to grow and have made them so
independent that even if I am not in house, they can manage themselves well.”

I told her the ways to handle growing child and how to make
them independent.

As the child grows, start giving him responsibility and
freedom to handle things on their own. They will learn through trial n error
method and in that process they may keep you on toes to clean the mess but
gradually they will pick up the habits and settle.

Once they start kindergarten, ask them to keep their tiffin
& water bottle in their bags and while returning ask them to stack at the
designated place.

This habit will help him to arrange their books in next
classes and be methodical.

If the school is nearby, let them go by themselves when they
reach the age of 10. At this age, they are matured to cross the road and manage
themselves. Initially, if you have fears, follow them and watch how the child
is managing and gradually wean him out of the habit.

Stop feeding them. Give them their food and let them eat on
their own. Your work of cleaning may double initially but slowly, he will get
into the habit.

Ask them to do their homework on their own. Help them where
they stuck. Don’t provide the answers, teach the technique to reach at the
answer, this way the child will use his brain and be independent.

Teach them activity of outside world too with age. 

Slowly teach them how to interact at Post offices, Doctor’s
Clinic, Banks etc. They will learn how to transact and will become independent
and confident.

Teach them to iron their school uniforms and arrange their
bags and beds.

They will grow into confident individuals and you too will
have time to pursue your hobbies or take rest after hectic schedule.

Maya understood my point and promised that she will abide by
the same and transform Yash to a confident and independent child.

Moms…ensure to teach your child the practical life and make
them independent in thought and actions and guide them on the right track to
ascertain their happy future.

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 Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*

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