She Sleeps in Silence

A soul was freed
snapping all the strings
of relationships
from the clutches
of excruciating pain
physical worries.

She had lived her life
mercenary formalities
of the lives
she evolved.

Lucky was she
to be fringed
by doting
kids n kin
encircling her
in the mellow days
of her life
rearing & raising her
satiating her
desires & dreams
that she left
incomplete for herself
the strifes of life
as a Single Mother.

Destiny had been cruel
Snatching her radiance
in the prime youth
Shattering her life complete.

The road of life ahead
seemed endless
dark & dreary
she had to tread alone
for the life
in her lap
innocent & unknown
who only
babbled & recognized
the lap
the fragrance
of his Mom.

She gathered herself
stood tall
drying her tears that welled
Mustering courage
ready to conquer
the world
defying the norms
shielding herself
the piercing & prying eyes
her womanhood.

The flesh in her arms
a power
to withstand the troubles
the life impregnated
in her path.

She fought
She won
the battle of life
the responsibility
of a parent
rearing a responsible lad.

Her garden of life bloomed
that she nurtured with great care.
Happiness derived
and the small innocent guy
into a boulder
with a strong shoulder
weaning her
from the responsibilities
she shouldered.

Her kind grace
at a slow pace
emanated into
a family of care
who had
wide & contagious smiles
on their faces
her days of moron were over.

She rejoiced
in her garden of joy
Her life infused
innumerable mirth & care
making her forget
the times 
of despair & sorrow.

Time & tide
waits for none.
age advanced
organs failed
no medications functioned
the time dawned
to leave the world.

The commotion 
The conflict
Of family & doctors
Finally ended.

The day arrived
to free 
the immortal soul
caged in the mortal body
which had decayed with time
it lingered for freedom
to wander in space.

Santa stepped at her side
rescuing her 
from the agony of pain
She laid in silence
her divine soul marched ahead
on a spiritual path
her brethren
with a life laden with joy.

© Ila Varma 28/12/2015

Indeed, It was Music to Their Ears

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Everyone loves children and irrespective of their complexion
and features, all children look cute & beautiful and we want to cuddle them
close and it gives altogether a different kind of satisfaction and we are
soaked in the sea of happiness. For this, you don’t need to be a parent. The
innocence of the children steals our heart. But never ever knew that the pain
of been childless couple can be so painful or depressing.

My sister-in-law Dolly was happily married and well adapted
in her new home and regarded herself lucky to be blessed with wonderful in-laws
and hubby. The glow of happiness reflected on her face and she was enjoying her
life. But the happiness was short-lived and she realized that she was missing
chance of been blessed with motherhood. As the years rolled by, Dolly and her
husband Deepak coiled in their shell and avoided social gatherings or parties
as many people unknowingly inquired about kids & they got hurt. They felt
their life incomplete in absence of a child and both were depressed. They got
themselves thoroughly examined and surprisingly all the tests were normal and
still could not conceive.

Seeing them suffer in bouts of depression, I realized the
importance of a child in one’s life. I was very close to Dolly and accompanied
her for the lab tests and doctor’s visit but none came to her rescue. The face
that radiated happiness was blank and they suffered in silence. They cursed
their fate. Seven years passed still they were childless. In the meantime, they
tried all sorts of remedies to get out from the tag of childless couple.
Visiting doctors suggested by relatives and well-wishers,
bowing their head at the temples, alternative medicine and whatsoever people
suggested, they followed religiously. But no respite and I watched their
suffering from close angles.

One day, I mustered courage and discussed with them that why
they were spoiling their life instead of enjoying the bliss of life. They said
in unison that they found themselves aloof at social gatherings or neighbors
where the parents or the couples’ subject of discussion was their kids and they
don’t have anything to talk about, so they avoided people. That day I realized
how we take the kids for granted because we get them easily and then we pose
the choice of gender and the people who aren’t blessed just yearn for a child
and their hearts long to hear the cute cries of a child.

After eight years, Dolly missed her periods and the prega
test was positive. After going through lot of complications of lab tests and
mental trauma, the almighty had heard their prayers. Yet, she could not believe
her eyes showing the changes on prega test and rushed to her doctor. The doctor
confirmed the news and congratulated her heartily.
“Congratulations Dolly, you have conceived and you are
absolutely fine. God bless you” These words of her doctor was a music to her
ears, it was not music for her only, it was for all of us and it ringed in our
ears and with it, it brought back the happiness in the life of Dolly &
Deepak and her face radiated with happiness.

Deepak threw a party to celebrate the occasion and we all
enjoyed the bash. Dolly was blessed with a male child and gradually their life
limped back to normal and they were found at most of the social gatherings
enjoying the bliss of parenting and now they had innumerable stories to tell or
boast in public.

I was happy for them and thanked god profusely for gifting
the couple with the share of their happiness that they deserved.

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Pampering My Baby with Pampers!!!

   “The cute bundle of joy
packed my life with bounties of love & happiness,                                                       how lucky I am!!!”

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 Nothing is better than the virtues of been blessed with the joys
of motherhood and it makes a woman complete. Baby skin care is not a task for a
single day, it has to be followed in everyday regimen and regular care is
effortless & comfortable for the baby.

The best thing
for the parents is a healthy baby with glowing skin and smiling face. The
babies need utmost care and protection from harshness of weather, chemicals etc
and free from germs to grow into healthy & happy children.
                              “5 things that can be done to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.”

1. Oil
– it can be natural mustard, olive or coconut oil or the baby oil
free from chemicals and fragrances. I’m insisting on “free from
chemicals” because chemicals are very harsh and it will harm the skin of
the new born. There is no such technique need to be implemented in baby
massage; just the hand strokes should be gentle on the baby skin. Touch
triggers hormones, boosts immunity, and helps fight disease and the baby is calm
and relaxed.
2. Sponge the baby with warm water, till the umbilical stump falls
off. Regular bathing is not essential, twice or thrice a week is enough. Baby
should not be soaked for more than three four minutes, baby skin is very tender
loses the natural oil of the skin. The skin should not be rubbed, instead pat
to dry.
3. A good baby lotion or moisturizer prescribed for the
babies should be used to moisten the baby skin just after bath, when the
baby is still wet. Utmost care is needed to maintain the softness &
suppleness of the baby skin.
                                        Image Source: Google; Edit: Self
4. Talcum baby
powders should be avoided, it cause lung
problems & the cornstarch can aggravate yeast diaper rash.

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5. Rashes are
common in babies and many rashes are normal and don’t pose any harm to baby’s
skin, still if irritation persists or baby is uncomfortable, do visit the
pediatrician and follow the prescribed advice. Use good quality and apt size
diapers for the babies and The Pampers
Premium Care Pants is a one stop solution for the diapers to provide your baby
with utmost comfort.
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brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like
softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus
keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. 

Soft, Supple & Cuddly- Woogly – WOW Pampers

Motherhood is indeed a blessing
and the most rewarding job and it comes with the responsibility &
challenges to nurture a new life in the best possible ways and the Mothers
leave no stone unturned.
Nowadays, it is the shared responsibility of parents in nuclear family, and
both the partners share and care in rearing babies. 
When I was blessed with two kids,
my happiness knew no bounds and I followed the methods religiously to keep
their skin glowing and free from skin rashes.

                     “ 5 things that can be done to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.”

1.Oil Massage : Massaging the baby with baby oil,
free from chemicals and fragrances. Gentle stroking and massaging babies
relaxes them and induce them to better sleep. A sweet lullaby, baby talk and
eye contact with the baby is a wonderful way to interact with the baby.

2. Laundry tips: A gentle detergent should be used
for washing the clothes of baby, bedding’s, towels and all baby accessories.
Even new clothes should be washed before using to keep the baby safe from
infections. The skin of baby is very soft and to avoid skin rashes & keep
baby smiling, we need to adhere to this method.

3. Baby Bath:Regular bathing is not required
in case of new born, two- three days in a week and only mild soaps prescribed
for babies are used to retain their skin moisture and keep rash free & free
from skin allergies. Babies should be sponged till the umbilical cord is there.
The skin folds should be cleaned and dried properly.

4. Cotton Essentials:Cotton fabric is the best
fabric, good absorbent and suitable for all seasons and quite comfortable to
the baby skin. Sweaters should be worn over cotton clothes to keep the baby
skin free from rashes & irritation.

5. Do’s & Don’ts: The toys and all the
accessories used for the baby should be cleaned daily.

Nails should be cleaned
and cut properly at intervals.
Direct rays of the sun should be avoided and sunscreen lotion
prescribed for babies should be used on the exposed parts to avoid sun burns.

If baby has
red skin around the diaper area,it is diaper rash, which occurs because of skin irritation, the reason can be tight,wet diapers and not too absorbent. Change at right time, clean & moisten the area and apply zinc oxide cream, it helps in skin rashes. The Pampers Premium Care Pants are the best for the babies to keep their skin soft,supple and rash free….and Cuddly-Woogly Wow with Pampers.
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cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and
allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby

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Blessed To Be A Mother

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Quote By Kalam:

The Only Day In Your Life, Your Mother Smiled When You Cry.

I writhed in pain

The world seemed dark with fear
The sweet cries of you my dear
filled me with pride.

The immense pain vanished

In fraction of seconds
That I underwent to bear.

The dream I started weaving
The day my love germinated
Inside my womb.    
It was celestial to feel
a life evolving inside
With the cute little kicks
Tingling in my tummy.

Gradual changes in me
with life growing inside me
Making me gorgeous
Day by day.

With each passing hour
edging near hope
With a faith
to feel soft and supple
Over the nine months
Appear to be true.

As you lay on my chest
Cute little mouth moved over my nipples
and milk overflowed to quench your thirst.

The small little fingers
clinging on my arms with a faith
cute little eyes twinkling
gaze fixed on my face.

The feeling was awesome
Which words can’t hold.
Blessed to be a Mother
of this cute little soul.

© Ila Varma 10/10/2015


The bone wracking pain I underwent vanished when my eyes fell on this cute baby blinking at me, really he was so cute, small eyes, nose, and small red lips pouted, I fell in love with him at first sight, what a beauty.
I could not take my eyes off. I felt relaxed n rejuvenated. I forgot all the pain that I  just underwent. A wonderful gift of my life which made me forgot all the sour n bitter moments. Cuddled in soft pink fur towel, he was laid beside me. I wanted to caress him, feel his soft supple skin. He was a bundle of joy which had brought immense happiness in my life. 
I wanted to share my joy with Tony, my beloved husband. I asked the nurse to call him inside. Tony grabbed me & the newborn in his arms, tears of joy trickled down his cheeks, kissing me & the baby all over. It was one of the best moments of my life.
“I know you have gone thru a lot of pain, but I feel it’s worth it, Sandra” Tony whispered.
“Tony, no gain without pain n this cute life has filled my life with happiness till brim, I am very happy dear.”
We both giggled & this cute baby too smiled with us.
We named this baby boy; Sid &celebrated his birth with full pomp n show inviting our friends and families. We all rejoiced at his birth.
Our childhood days had revived with Sid, singing nursery rhymes to put him to sleep. I wanted to devote full time to my boy so I resigned from my job taking up full responsibility of been a full-time mother. 
In the beginning, Tony was a bit reluctant but when he found that with Sid, I had become more active, playful n happy then he appreciated my choice to stay at home.
“Sandra, you‘re totally a new persona after the birth of Sid” Tony said.
“Yes, my darling, now I’m a mother …so naturally new person with new responsibility” Sandra said.
I was totally engrossed in my baby Sid growing, babbling the first word “Mom” hearing I felt my life worth. There were moments of surprise to relinquish each of it lifelong. 
The small baby steps that he first took, the first word that he spoke clearly, the first morsel that I fed, all the first moments were captured in my camcorder and camera captivating all the beautiful things of life with Sid.
After work, Tony would watch all the activities of Sid which energized him relieving him from the stress.
As Sid grew, I was more attentive so that he doesn’t tumble n hurt him. All day long, he would explore the things n tried all mischief. I enjoyed his day-long activities, he kept me on toes still I never felt tired rather I felt lively.
With time, he grew curious and would ask series of queries and I had to be ready with the answers…I thoroughly enjoyed his company n never yearned for anything else. 
The complete motherhood was satisfying and it kept me happy, full of life.
Time passed n now Sid was a grown up boy of 18 years ready to leave my nest for further studies. I was happy for my boy, but the feeling of leaving filled me with anxiety n left me emotional. 
I wasn’t aware how time flew with Sid enjoying each bit of it.
There was mixed feeling, a feeling of joy that my boy was moving to achieve his aim of life, but a feeling of parting ways chilled my heart, but there was no choice before me rather than accepting the fact that I had to give Sid a space to explore the things for himself. 

Tony & I planned his itinerary & bid him goodbye with a smile on the lips, but the heart grieved for him. I had to be strong to see him flourishing in his life and I did.

This black n white snap of my baby Sid in my album revived the old days spent with him leaving me rejuvenated, full of life. Closing the album, I sat beside Tony cuddling him in my arms showering kisses all over, now it was his turn to be taken care of.


It was a great surprise
I created you inside me
You were part of me
feeding on my blood
A life growing within me.
Silently you lived there
No Tantrums,No Excuses
Still I cared a lot
I counted the days
When I will be able to see my little self.
I was feeling you inside me
but was curious to see
how you will look like

 I felt your movements within me
Slow, Soft and Soothing
I could not believe
I was the creator of a life.
I longed to feel your kicks
which tingled my soul
I was no more a careless girl
Transformed into a graceful Woman
Ready for Motherhood.
For Full Nine Months
I carried you in my womb.
And one fine day
You came into my life
A small bundle of joy
Soft and Cuddly
I could see myself in you
My Eyes, My Nose
My Lips, My Chin
You were My Pride
You clung to my soul.
Lucky to be Blessed with Motherhood!

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