Gifts for Mother’s Day!!! #LoveandRelationships

Mother’s Day is round the corner and the market is flooded with various gifts, flowers, schemes in restaurants and pizza hubs.

Since a decade or so, the celebration of this day has kicked the market and the children’s emotions are satiated by celebrating this day and the market does a brisk business on such celebrations.

When we were young, we weren’t aware of the celebrations but thanks to technology and globalization, now we too ardently wait for the celebration on this D day.

My idea is to gift something which can be readily used by the receiver and a Mother, a symbol of love craves for love and care from her offspring and though at the time of the birth, the connection is severed but the connection of hearts remains intact throughout life.

Gifts for Mother’s Day:

1. A beautiful saree or the latest trend of sober dress can be a great gift for the Moms. Buy a dress of her color choice and give her a surprise. She will be very happy for your concern for her and I am sure she will turn emotional while accepting the gift.

2. Perfume can be one of the best gift for Moms. Before buying, introspect her dressing table and find her choice and give her a surprise.

3. Trendy Jewelry: Women and jewelry are indispensable, so buy it for her as your pocket allows. If she is longing to have some piece of jewelry but aren’t able to make it, buy for her. She would be touched. Generally, Moms are more concerned about their children and save for them and in the run of saving for the future, at times, they sacrifice their wishes. If you are earning, gift her the piece that she longs for.

4. Lady Purse: A purse as a gift can be wonderful and the size of the purse should be in respect of her profession or wish. A child well knows their mother’s choices, so gift her accordingly.

5. Cosmetics & Skin care Products: These days market is flooded with cosmetics & skin care products of all range. Gift her according to her skin type and cosmetics as per her choice. Women love to dress and maintain her style and her favorite product will tickle her soul.

 6. Coffee Mug: Gift her a coffee mug with her image imprinted on it. She will love to have coffee and if you are staying long distance, this small token of love will always be cherished by her.

7. Book a table at restaurant: Take her out to the market and surprise her with her favorite cuisine. She always presents sumptuous meals, throw a party on this eve.

8. Cook her favourite dish and melt her heart by your hard work and love.

9. Gift her a voucher of spa and she will be delighted to relax at spa rejuvenation program and will feel fresh and lively.

10. Gift her a bunch of flowers of her choice, sing a song for her and submit yourself fully on this day.

Mother’s day is not a day to be celebrated. Celebrate everyday by showering love and concern for her keeping tantrums aside.

Women love to flaunt their wardrobe and are conscious about her looks and persona and these gifts will help her to maintain her style and a gift from her children are really heart warming for her.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder

Independent #AtoZChallenge

How to make your child Independent?
Independent child is a virtue to the parents and society if
they are raised in a right manner. A parents gives the right to independence to the
child with a belief that the child will use it in a right manner. The responsibility
lies on the child to keep up the faith.
Recently, I visited one of my friend and saw that she was
busy in taking care of the chores of the child, who was near about 14-15 years.

I was quite puzzled and thought for a while whether to give
sermon to my friend or not on the way she was treating her child.

She was over protective and over caring and this over care
had spoiled the child, he was totally dependent on his Mom for all of his

His school was nearby home, still she accompanied him in the
morning and recess hours. She would feed him, helped him in his school work and
again accompanied to play ground.

I couldn’t stop myself and blurted out in front of her

“What are you doing Maya? You are spoiling Yash. Raise him
as an individual entity and let him grow and handle things on his own. He is no
more a small child, give me some space. Even the moms of small children don’t
follow their children as you do.” I said.
“It’s my love, Dear.” Maya said.

“This is not love, love gives freedom to be independent,
this is your fear and it has made you over possessive. Even I love my children
more than my life but have given space to grow and have made them so
independent that even if I am not in house, they can manage themselves well.”

I told her the ways to handle growing child and how to make
them independent.

As the child grows, start giving him responsibility and
freedom to handle things on their own. They will learn through trial n error
method and in that process they may keep you on toes to clean the mess but
gradually they will pick up the habits and settle.

Once they start kindergarten, ask them to keep their tiffin
& water bottle in their bags and while returning ask them to stack at the
designated place.

This habit will help him to arrange their books in next
classes and be methodical.

If the school is nearby, let them go by themselves when they
reach the age of 10. At this age, they are matured to cross the road and manage
themselves. Initially, if you have fears, follow them and watch how the child
is managing and gradually wean him out of the habit.

Stop feeding them. Give them their food and let them eat on
their own. Your work of cleaning may double initially but slowly, he will get
into the habit.

Ask them to do their homework on their own. Help them where
they stuck. Don’t provide the answers, teach the technique to reach at the
answer, this way the child will use his brain and be independent.

Teach them activity of outside world too with age. 

Slowly teach them how to interact at Post offices, Doctor’s
Clinic, Banks etc. They will learn how to transact and will become independent
and confident.

Teach them to iron their school uniforms and arrange their
bags and beds.

They will grow into confident individuals and you too will
have time to pursue your hobbies or take rest after hectic schedule.

Maya understood my point and promised that she will abide by
the same and transform Yash to a confident and independent child.

Moms…ensure to teach your child the practical life and make
them independent in thought and actions and guide them on the right track to
ascertain their happy future.

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Hacker #AtoZChallenge

The woman is reborn when she becomes a mother. Howsoever
careless she was, the day she cuddles her bundle of joy, she becomes
responsible, caring and her heart is full of love. Her day starts with the
child and her night ends with her child. She is so obsessed to give her child
all the wonderful things of the world.

She is always on the spree how to make her motherhood
enjoyable and devises ways to achieve them and there she becomes Mom-Hacker.

To spend more time with her child, she discovers shortcut method
to comply with the demands as a Mother, wife and at times as a daughter-in-law.
God made woman very strong from inside and she is used to
multi-tasking. Woman power is often associated with Devi Durga and she has the
ability of Devi to handle multiple things at one time, still she desires to
apply few shortcuts to meet the demand of the situation.

The morning hours are hectic when the kids are young, you
need multiple hands to juggle between school and office timings plus getting
oneself ready to leave the kids to the bus stop. One has to run around packing tiffin’s,
getting them dressed and fed, taking out the office dress of husband.


To manage those errands in a smooth manner, I adopted few
kitchen hacks to get relieved in the morning hours and to control my
temperament which gets on high on pressure of too many work at the same time.
In the night, kids slept early and I had ample time to
arrange the things for morning chores.

  • I prepared the dough at night and stored in the

  • The vegetables to be prepared next morning were
    cut and washed at night.

  • Ironed the dresses of my kids and hubby and hung
    in the designated wardrobe from where they could take themselves without
    troubling me.

  • The shoes were polished.

This organised structure eased my morning schedules and I
was cool n happy watching things run in a smooth manner. My cool temperament
kept the family members at ease and they remained happy.


A homemaker is in trouble when uninvited guests pour in and
it adds more distress if your maid is absent. To encounter it coolly, I store
Cold drinks & juices in refrigerator. I prepare Aam panna and store in
bottles, ready to serve with mint. It is refreshing drink in summers. I store
ready to make coffee blends to prepare hot and cold coffee as per the climate.

For winters, I store homemade cookies, both sugary & salty and besan laddoos to serve the guests.


On birthdays & anniversary, I believe to throw a party
with homemade servings. I love cooking and serving, it’s quite refreshing for
me. I feel happy to entertain people with my cooked food. But we need a proper
planning to make the guests & oneself comfortable.

  • Cut the required vegetables and store neatly in the fridge

  • Fry the kebabs twelve hours before the party.

  • Marinate non-veg 12 hours prior to party.

  • Knead the required dough for puris.

  • Prepare custards and ice-cream a day before to serve cool

  • Check your kitchen store and buy the lacking items one to
    two day before. Don’t wait for last minute.

  • Grind the required masalas and fry them 12 hours before the

  • Wash the cutleries a day before the party.

  • Change the linen and prior to the covers two days party day.

  • Decide your dress a week before and if you need something,

If the above things are done before the D-day, you and your
guests will enjoy the party. Your smiles will give warm welcome to your guests
and your organised party will be appreciated by all. My style of throwing party
is mentioned above in detail.


  • Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness is a tough job and
    needs a lot of planning. 

Instead of doing all the things in a day, divide the cleaning jobs.

  • I have divided my cleaning chores throughout the
    weekdays excluding Sundays. Sundays are for family and the kids have freedom to

  • One room is cleaned every day and it goes in

  • In morning hours, there is a lot of rush so I
    run my washing machine in noon during winters and in late evenings in summers.

  • I clean my bathroom daily and the rest of
    the family members do the same. This way the bathroom is always clean n dry.

  • Dusting is done every day to ward off dusts and

These hacks reduces the burden and the work is done with ease. Scheduling and doing things in routine eases
troubles and we tend to leave a stress free life.

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Mama Earth Products Reviews. #Childcare

Once again, I am back with more range of products of Mama Earth for the babies and for the moms and even senior citizens can use.

A unique product which caters the need of all generations and especially the product is derived from nature, thereby reducing the risk of the ill effects of synthetic products.

The efficacy of the product is astounding.

This month, we got Three products of Mama Earth to review.

  • Mama Earth Natural Insect Repellent Spray. 

  • Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream.

  • Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies.

 I don’t believe in using sprays for bugs and mosquitoes for the children or myself but when I read the leaflet of the product, my worries were at bay and decided that it can be used during the change of seasons and on the onset of summers to save them from bites from insects, gnats & mosquitoes.

Product Description:  This product contains natural essential aromatic oils, Citronella, Peppermint & Lemon eucalyptus and the smell is great for the babies though pungent for the mosquitoes and they swiftly run away after spray. The product is free from Deet, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances & dyes.

Usage:  Shake well before every use. Do not apply on cuts & wounds.

The next product that is used abundantly is the Mama Earth Diaper Rash Cream. It comes to rescue in the initial years 0 to 2 years when the babies use Diapers and rashes appear on the soft skin of the babies. Diaper Rash cream smoothens the skin of the babies and it leaves the skin soft & supple. It should be used twice or thrice a day, after wiping the nappy area dry. The action of the product is very fast & it provides rapid relief.
Product Description:  This product is zinc oxide based, non-petroleum, natural goodness of Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheat germ, Almond & Olive oil. The product is free from the harmful chemicals, that is, it has no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

The last product that I am reviewing today is Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies. It has come up with the sunscreen lotion for the babies which can save them from getting sunburns or skin been damaged by the sun heat. Now the baby can enjoy outings on the beaches by getting covered by this product. While going out in the sun, apply a layer of the product on the face of your baby and you.
Product Description:  It is especially formulated for the babies and it is SPF 20+ and it contains active minerals, Shea butter, Calendula extract, Wheatgerm, Almond & Olive oil and the best part of this product is that it does not contains Octycelene, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum or synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Buy from AmazonFirst Cry & Nykaa

My Ratings: 4.5/5

Word of Caution: Before using the product, don’t forget to do a patch test on your baby.

I received the PR samples and I used it on myself & my niece and found the result positive and was happy with the products response.
Reviewed By Ila Varma.

Mother’s Guide!! #Exam Stress!

The word “Examination” creates a fear in the minds of school
going children, to some extent, it’s healthy because it creates an attention to
do better in the subjects and bring good scores in the exam. Even the studious
child, who is regular in studies and keep himself updated, still the word Exam
has an effect on him to concentrate on his subjects…but if exam disturbs the
child to such an extent that he runs away from appearing, then that’s a concern
and he needs attention of his parents and if still he is unmanageable, then
opinion of counselor should be taken to drain out the fear from his mind.

My kids are no more in this stage, they are settled in their
jobs, but in my society, there are many school going children, so I get
opportunity to watch the reactions of the kids and their parents.

Since a decade or more, I have been observing that the exam
pressure is not only built in the minds of the children but their parents too
are much tensed and they are after their child to mug up all the answers to
score high in class. I too took care of my children & sacrificed my Me time
investing in their study hours but I never got tensed nor never ever did their
homework or project work….These days, I find the parents completing their
children’s project and homework and they spoon-feed their children.

I find few reasons behind this behaviour…they have fear
instilled in their minds that their child won’t score high if they invest their
time in doing homework…for project work, they think that they will mess the
house so they better do it to maintain cleanliness around and further, they
feel that their parents didn’t spoon-fed them and they take spoon-feeding in
right notion.

But here, I wish to say to the parents of this age to drop
fears from their mind & take care not to instil fears in the minds of
children. Their children can do much better if he is left to do it on their own…Man
learns through trial & error method and by the mistakes, one corrects
himself…same way, if you let your child do his project on his own, there are
certainly chances that he will mess the house but he will learn how to do it
skills and his creativity will bloom…same way, if he does his homework on his
own, the contents will remain in his mind and he won’t need lot of extra time
to learn….Stop spoon feeding…let him evolve, learn & use his intellect.

I observe that the parents are quite easy going before the
exams and when exams approach, they confine the kids and themselves and start
forcing the child to complete the assignments & the portion that is due to
be asked in the examination…but this practice should be stopped.
My thoughts differ from the crowd of today and I wish that
all parents of today should adopt & inculcate healthy habits in their
children and keep their life in routine in normal school days and not to pressurize them during exams.
  • Regular in Studies: Inculcate habits in your children to revise
    the taught lessons. The child should cover up all the portions of every
    subjects on daily basis. If the child is regular in studies then he don’t have
    to invest lot of time during exams. Regular study & revision is a must to
    minimize exam stress.

  • Stop Spoon-feeding: Already mentioned above, Stop
    spoon-feeding. Out of affection, parents indulge in this practice but with this
    technique, your kid won’t be able to explore his ideas or use his creativity.
    Dropping this practice, you will find immense improvement in your child because
    using his own brain, he will become independent & his quality of thought
    will improve too with the passage of time.

  • Give him healthy Diet: Mommies instead of fretting &
    fuming over exams or mugging up lessons of your children, concentrate to cook
    healthy diet for them including much of green & protein & avoiding junk
    or readymade food….I hear mother’s saying that she couldn’t cook due to kid’s
    exam nearing or getting the homework completed & ordered from market. This
    practice will stunt physical & mental growth of the child and a school
    going child needs enough nutrients to boost his growth in all spheres.

  • Assign time for Extra-activities: Assign fixed time for
    watching TV, playing computer or video games or any hobbies that your child has.
    Extra activities release the stress of the children and it refreshes their mind…Even
    during exams, they should be provided time for these activities.

  • Proper Sleep: Adequate sleep is a must for the growing children.
    Don’t let them over-stress during exams, rather they need to be peaceful during
    exams so that they can write the exams efficiently…at times, overstraining
    leads to nervous breakdown. Sleep is essential to repair the cells of the body.

  • Boost the morale of your child: Instead of saying, “You can’t
    do it”. Boost them that he can do it…It has a very positive impact on the child’s
    mind and his confidence builds up.

Exam time can be fun if the child is regular in revision. I
have followed the above practice with my children and it yielded positive
result and it reduces exam stress to a great extent.

Try this & you will see wonderful change in your child’s
behaviour pattern.

It’s solely my take and my observations.

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Skills That I learnt! #Motherhood

Indian Bloggers

A day a woman becomes a Mother, she is reborn. As she holds
her bundle of joy, a sense of maturity creeps in and she is no more a carefree
girl…She transforms to a doting mother where her child becomes her priority…and
all love & affections flow for the child.

I too was not an exception…motherhood changed me
completely…I careless and bindaas girl transformed into a caring mother, the
moment I bore my first child…and the joy to hold my flesh in my hands cannot be
put into words…words can’t elaborate the feelings that I went through…I was
amazed to watch my child with the features resembling me…I couldn’t believe my
eyes that I had carried him for complete nine months in my womb…the feeling was
surreal and it fetched me immense happiness & satisfaction….it took time to
accept that he was my fragment, incarnated by me.

Motherhood transformed me completely. The journey to
motherhood wasn’t easy but I readily accepted all the physiological, physical
and emotional changes within me and the pregnancy blues with happiness just for
the sake of my child and when the doctor put me into my arms, tears of
happiness welled in my eyes & that day itself, I promised with myself to
rear him a good human with good values…I think all Mom’s feels the same.

Motherhood blessed me with Patience & Tolerance: I was
the impatient one and I was not well- acquainted with the word patience. I
never got irritated even if he kept me on toes whole night rather I managed him
solely with happiness emerging within me. I used to give him five times massage
in a day, all by myself after C-Section. I fed him on time at regular intervals
as suggested by doctors & mums at home. Never ever I felt tired or low
while attending my son, even I was amazed at the change in me and never knew
the hidden potential within me…the relatives & onlookers eyes were widened
watching me handling the things with ease…I believe the virtue of motherhood
teaches us well. Now my toddlers have outgrown my lap, but with time, I have
grown more patient and calm and lend them my ears whenever they need my

Motherhood transformed me to Early Bird: Never in my life, I
had woken up at 4 am in the morning not even for the final exams, but just a
vague cry of my son early in the morning broke my slumber and I was alert to do
his chores…normally, I never woke up before 8 am and if ever I did, I took half
an hour or more to be alert but becoming mother changes within me came in

Motherhood made me Overprotective & Faint-hearted: With
the passage of time, I found that I had become overprotective and possessive
about my son and feared something untoward when for a fraction of second, my
eyes missed him…such was the impact of becoming a Mother. I never left my son
with support staff or helpers, an unknown fear gripped on the thought of leaving him
to strangers and preferred that he be around me most of the time.

Motherhood graced me with DIY skills: Never before, I had
knitted sweaters or stitched any cloth but after becoming a mother, I learnt
all the skills and guys, you will surprised to know that my kids never ever
wore ready-made sweaters till Std. XII. It was my passion to make sweaters for
them and this passion led me to learn it in depth & afterwards, I started
tutoring people who had flair for knitting. Same was the case with stitching, I
stitched all the napkins, caps, frocks and bed rolls for my kids. I derived
happiness indulging in stitching and knitting and I gain mastery in these subjects especially knitting. Even I updated my
knowledge in Homeopathic medicines & learnt the techniques of first-aid,
which comes handy when the child hurts while learning to walk or crawling. I
became well versed in Do-It-Yourself Techniques.

In my eyes of my children, I am their Role model and they
follow me and their trust is built upon me, so I have to keep myself updated so
that I don’t ever disappoint them. Becoming mother, once again, I revised all
the rhymes of kindergarten, updated my general knowledge quotient because in
their eyes, I am a Supermom, who knows everything at the fullest.

Becoming a mother is challenging but once you cuddle your
sweetheart in your arms, the world looks small and we feel our wings
strengthened ready for any ride, be it on smooth plains or on roller and
coaster ride. With babies, we enjoy each moment of life and the tough ride
appears easy. The best thing is that they keep you busy, you don’t get time to
brood over disappointments of life and their cute smiles & the way they
reciprocate to your lullabies makes your day beautiful and you profusely thank
Supreme power for gifting you a cute child, a part of you plays in your lap.

                                                                       Copyright Ila Varma, 2017

It was my share…What you learnt as a Mom, Do share.

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Role Reversal #Quirky

These days it’s quite common for the Dads to take care of
the kids, due to nuclear family set up and if Mums are working then they have
to be more diligent in taking care of the child.

Earlier there were joint family set ups, so there were herd
of people to take care of the young ones & Mom- Dad did not had much
botheration if they were to go for outing, job or for some work.

But nowadays, after kids, if Mom has to go out then she
needs to plan quite prior to the day and it’s amicably decided that the Dad
will take leave from work to be iin-housetaking care of little ones.

In my case, my husband is fond of kids and he can go to any
length to keep them happy. I am too fond of kids but I am a disciplinarian and
see that the children doesn’t take advantage of my lenience. I am more
particular to the judgment but my husband is just my antonym (I added this word in lieu of opposite, just for fun).

Judgment stands on his mood, if he is happy, he won’t care.
He will fulfill all demands and if he is in the slack mood then genuine things too won’t be heard and in my case, it isn’t so.

I don’t move along with moods, I am judgmental in all
circumstances and I hook up with my take.

I have two boys, now they have outgrown my lap but the
memories are still intact as if it is the story of yesterday.

My tiny tots were manageable and I raised them into
independent child. It wasn’t easier to train but they were easy to manage…I
consider myself lucky.

I started working when my kids completed their primary
school, before that I managed business of pharmaceuticals operating from my
home, but still there were instances when I had to go out for some work and in those situations, my husband stayed back.
As soon as my kids came to know that I was going for an outing,
they were very happy, though they didn’t show externally I could sense from
their body language…Maa hoon naa.

They knew that their Papa will cook their favorites (he is
a good cook), will approve their demands for toys and games along with cold
drinks, chocolates & chips and they would be free to move freely in the
house, jump on the sofa etc…a complete masti day.

Once I was getting ready for the outing, then I overheard
the conversation of Dad and beta:
“Papa, mummy jab
jayegi to mujhe wo wala toy dila dena.”
So was the prakop (wrath) of Mummy in my house.

And Papa smartly didn’t reply in words, just shook his head
in affirmation.

As soon as I would be ready to leave, their best question
propped up, “Mummy, kab aaogi?”

I would just smile, I understood the meaning of their smart

And both boys in unison will say, “Yayyyyy” & Dad was
happy too.

He would cook their favorite delicacies and after having
food, he would snore and these smarty’s had immense freedom to watch cartoons, play around uncaring about the furnishings.

They celebrated the day as their independence day.

After having good sleep, he would take them to market to buy
the goods of their choice.
As I stepped inside, the younger one will come to me with
his toys and very innocently would say, “Dekho naa, Papa khareed diye hain”

The smart explanation they had and Dad would be busy in keeping
the things in their place so that I don’t give sermons to all.

My hubby’s body language clearly communicated that he had a
sound sleep.

In conclusion, all the three of them enjoyed to the fullest
in my absence.

If I complained, “You are encouraging them to be undisciplined.”
His simple reply, “You are there to handle & bachche
tumse darte hain aur hum bhi”
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Period Pride

The topic of Menstruation, flow and periods were the hush
hush topics till yesterday and it wasn’t discussed openly in families. Each n
every woman went through and it’s quite a normal thing, but it was the thing to
be ashamed of and there were many inhibitions and taboos associated with it.

I do remember, in my childhood days, I saw my Mom n Aunts to
stay away from kitchen for three-four days n they slept separately and when
anyone asked about them in their period of exile, they were told that they were
not well and now I think that the matured men understood the reason but it was
beyond my thought to understand the reason, so in simple words, I understood
that they were ill but a conflict arose in my mind that why they were not
allowed to take their food or give us food or snacks, they appeared more as

When I was in my 12 years, my mother & granny used to
ask me umpteen times in hushed tone about bleeding in panty and they were on
vigil. At that moment, I didn’t understand their concern but now I have
understood. My menstruation was late than normal girls, so they were more
concerned but they never explained me clearly.

Soon, my younger sister had her period on time and she was
exiled just like my Mom n Aunt, sleeping in another bed, not allowed in kitchen
blah…blah. I directly asked my sis, she told me that she was bleeding n Maa
had asked her to refrain from entering kitchen & puja room, washing hair
and touching pickle jars and be vigilant in changing sanitary napkins n
staining dresses and not to discuss with anyone…I understood the Mazraa behind
this hush hush and been rebellious since childhood, I told my Mom that if you
are continuing since nonsense practice of exiling people in periods then I
won’t ever disclose to you…I hate this practice.

“Thud” a hard slap hit my face…this was my Mother.

“How do you say nonsense? All members abide by n are you the
one exceptionally unique from others…you are bleeding and keeping it a secret.”
This was my Mom, fast n furious.

I told her that I wasn’t bleeding but I feel very bad
watching this practice and if I come of age n start my periods, I don’t want to
go through such practices.

I was in my 15th year and every now n then, the
hushed topic of the ladies of my house was that my periods were late in spite
of proper physical features n they persuaded me to see the doctor for the same.
By this time, I understood the pangs of period’s n was reluctant to visit
doctor for the same. Granny gave me one year’s time to wait for it else it was
compulsion to see the doctor. I was relieved for a year but my bickering
continued about the age old practice.

Before completing 16th birthday, stains of flow showed up
and the elder ladies were relieved that I had joined their group but a rebel
has its own way. I slept on the same bed, went into the kitchen and led normal
life and this way my younger aunt n sis too was relieved from their monthly

I felt proud of myself that I helped in bringing a change and
I led a normal life, the flow did not disturb my daily routine, only I
refrained from God worship…maybe the fear of unseen power held me back.

When I was in Tenth, our biology teacher explained the
reason of ovulation and its importance in women’s life, I was amazed to know
about the production house that a woman carries and how ovulation helps to
manufacture eggs with the amalgamation of man’s sperm.

The child is regarded as a soul of God and so the woman who
carries the life in her womb for 9 months should be worshipped as goddess and
this Period should be regarded as a Pride of a Woman who makes her eligible for

The mothers should openly discuss and explain the ins &
outs of periods and educate every daughter how to manage herself in periods and
lot more associated with it….it is a thing of Pride that God has bestowed to
every female on earth.

How to take care of Periods Pride?

  • Maintain cleanliness n good hygiene.
  • Change
    sanitary napkins at proper intervals and in case of heavy flow, change whenever
    you feel uncomfortable with the flow.
  • Carry extra napkins while going at work or
  • Discomfort tit bits are normal in periods but if
    you experience excruciating pain n discomfort, immediately see the doctor.
  • Never neglect discomfort, pain n heavy flow,
    there can be medical emergency & follow Maya app, best friend of a complete Woman.

I feel proud to be a woman and I take special care of myself
during my sacred days.

“This blogathon is supported by the Maya App, used by 6.5 million women worldwide to take charge of their periods and health.”

Bliss : Impact of Motherhood

The peppy emotions of a mother who is on cloud nine cuddling her child in her arms and she feels her life worth to be born as a girl. With the birth of a child, her life is complete and she forgets the impact of pain that she underwent in bearing. A mother and a child shares a true relationship, a connection of umbilical cord and the emotions & unconditional love binds them throughout.

She navigates down the memory lanes of her youth and scribbles in favour of a peppy life that God bestowed on her with his grace and chooses her to be a fantastico Mother of a beautiful life.

“The Only Day in Your Life, Your Mother Smiled When You Cry.”…the words of Dr. Kalam holds true for a mother.

I was blessed with a motherhood at a very young age and was very careless and carefree before the birth of my kids. The peppy feelings of mine that I have composed at different junctures of life, when I felt great to be a Mother and nothing can else would have satiated me more than this bliss. Now my kids have outgrown my lap and have flown away to carve a niche for themselves. We are connected via modern technology still at times I miss them a lot.

I believe in writing and my emotions overflow with my expressions in ink.

The impact of my profound feelings vents out in the form of poems. Hope you all will enjoy and join me in my navigation to the world of dreams and desires.

Poem I

I writhed in pain

The world seemed dark with fear

The sweet cries of you my dear

Filled me with pride.

The immense pain vanished

In fraction of seconds

That I underwent to bear.

The dream I started weaving

The day my love germinated

Inside my womb.   

It was celestial to feel

A life evolving inside

With the cute little kicks

Tingling in my tummy.

Gradual changes in me

With life growing inside me

Making me gorgeous

Day by day.

With each passing hour

Edging near hope

With a faith

To feel soft and supple

Over the nine months

Appear to be true.

As you lay on my chest

Cute little mouth moved over my nipples

And milk overflowed to quench your thirst.

The small little fingers

Clinging on my arms with a faith

Cute little eyes twinkling

Gaze fixed on my face.

The feeling was awesome

Which words can’t hold?

Blessed to be a Mother

Of this cute little soul.

Poem II

I Can’t Believe My Eyes


I Created This Tiny Life

Winking & Blinking

At Me

With Cute

Twinkling & Sparkling


Charmed By the Beauty


My New Born.

Caressing & Cuddling


In My Arms

I Feel

My Life Is Worth

To Be a Mother.

I got relief by executing my emotions via pencil sketch and see for yourself the impact of the bliss on a piece of paper.

10630629_10202838637271360_6098450417905259440_o (1)

© Ila Varma 2015

Do leave a comment if you agree with my feelings.

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घना कोहरा,  बर्फीली
ठिठुरते नन्हें फरिश्ते, तन
पर कपङे कम,
बटोरी लकङियों से,
अंगीठी जलाकर,

मालिस करती माँ।।

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