Death of Humanity! #GorakhpurTragedy #Death

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On the eve of coming Independence day, I had planned to write about the
achievements of our country and feel pride in mentioning about it…but the deathtoll of innocent infants & kids who did not even get the opportunity to recognize
their parents who brought them into this world after toiling hard with
pregnancy blues, rising to 70 plus…did not give me courage to scribble about
the goodness of India.

There are valid reasons to be proud of but this setback of
massacre affected me to such an extent that all the best efforts vanished from
my mind and I am left sad and numb.

Loss of one life stirs us so much and subjugates distress to
such level that we are not in a position to think of something else and this
huge loss is indigestible.

When I think of it, I get restless, so well imagine the
blank eyes of more than 70 odd pairs who lost their bundle of joy in seconds.

When a woman becomes a mother, she is reborn and she
conquers all pain just to hold her flesh in her own hands.

All her dreams that she day dreamed throughout nine months
got washed off leaving her in pain…the loss is irreparable…Reason

Even it is the defeat of the State & Central government
who is ignorant of the issues flaring in the hospital running under their nose.

Who cares?

The battle goes on for Ram Mandir and killing of cows. The
people join the protest for these flimsy causes but where is the protest today
for the innocent lives that have been butchered in full public view.

People visit hospital with a faith to be blessed with good
health but this hospital of Gorakhpur turned to be butcher house for the
parents who lost their loved ones.

The literacy rate has flared up, awareness is around but the
greed is at its height to grab more & more killing the throats of humanity.

I am not convinced that the kids have succumbed in unavailability
of oxygen.

Can anyone answer me?

Were all the kids hospitalized on Oxygen?

There is something more in the backdrop.

The reality is trapped.

I feel there might be issues in the supply of medicines
administered to the patients admitted which has caused so many deaths.

Authorities, wake up and search the real cause.

I know the lives that are gone cannot come back but as a
human think how many lives got roped in dark….think about the poor parents.

How they will come to terms and lead a normal life?

Deaths do happen every day, some lose lives naturally, few
in accidents and calamities but this tragedy has instilled fear in the minds of
people and people will lose faith in medical fraternity and hospital

I know investigations won’t bring back the lives that
vanished but at least the culprits will come to light and the reason of

The people who have erred need to be booked under law under
the fast track court.

I would request all my countrymen to join the league of protest
so that this act is not repeated again in our country.

All our shows and achievements went underground in the wake
of this dreaded incident.

My prayers for the departed lovely and innocent souls and
wish that God gives courage to the bereaved parents to bear the loss.

It’s easy to say but in practice…it is the most
difficult task.


Disclaimer:  It is my sole view and I haven’t followed any statistics regarding figures. watching the news and reading the news left me bewildered and I penned down my raw thoughts.

Lulling To Sleep! #Kids #MMM

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When the child is born, there is a great difference in the
temperature of the inside world compared to the world outside and it takes time
for the infants to settle in. These changes leads to changes in the sleep
pattern of the kids.
Mostly, we see that the new born sleep well in day hours and
are wide awake at night and it is a punishment for the New Moms to cope with it
and she becomes restless and tired & at times, loses her patience.
At times, I have seen that the babies are dull and sleepy in
day hours and proactive at nights and the couple exchange glances and anxiously
wait for their child to sleep and the smart kid finally relieves her Mom in
early morning hours.
This erratic sleeping pattern goes on for few weeks or few
months and gradually they adjust and sleep on fixed timings thereby giving
enough space to their parents and especially the Mom.
The day the woman conceives…lots of health issues crops up
with the pregnancy and she battles all the odd moments which takes toll on her
health for the bundle of joy.
The first trimester and the last one is scary and it poses
lots of issues but still for the sake of her child, she endures all the pain n
When the child arrives, he /she tests the patience &
power of endurance of her Mom and poses a fresh challenge each day for the Mom.
I am a Mother of two boys and both are two ends of a pole
though they gel well.
My elder son was quite calm n he slept for more than twenty
hours, so there was not much coercion in raising him.
Watching my son sleep for such long duration was not
considered normal by my MIL and she lectured me that we should keep him awake
for few hours else his mental & physical development will be affected.
One more reason I saw to his sound sleep was that I attended
all his chores ten minutes before his defined time, so he did not feel the need
to bother me.
So, I had great time while raising him not a single night was
The arrival of my second child was with a Bang…Bang…Bang.
The second child was proactive and slept only for few hours
and he kept me on toes at night. In day time, he used to play after been fed
but at night, he cried a lot and wanted to be in my arms.
I thank God for the patience that he descended on me that I
never got irritated and enjoyed their tantrums…it was the age factor. I became
Mom of two within 20’s and I never lost patience rather enjoyed the bliss of
Gradually, I followed few tricks to lull him to sleep and it
worked well.
Change in Massage

I changed the timings of Oil massage from 6 to 7 pm to 10 pm
at night and changed to night dress after wiping him with warm water. He felt
fresh after the massage and tried to sleep.
Soft Light & Music:

After 8 pm, I switched off the tube light (LED & CFL was
unknown in those days) and soft music played in the background. My proactive
son gradually got sleepy in dim light and soft music. By the time of massage,
he would be half asleep and after massage, he slept peacefully.
These two changes brought great change in him and he slept
peacefully, consequence we two were happy. 😆😆
As they grew into kindergarten going kids, again their routine was
disrupted and their disruption perturbed my routine.
I have raised my kids on my own without any assistance of
support staff, so it was essential that their routine matched with mine so that
I could attend to my other chores of managing house, husband and kids.
After changing and feeding them, I took them to bed in noon
so that they could take a nap and I could finish my chores half attended.
I love reading so I purchased a good lot stuff of story
books and would read them aloud and they lulled to sleep in mid of story and I
tip toed to attend the other chores and arrange the things for evening and
*Shukr hai…they did not inherited my instincts in sleeping else Motherhood
has been tough for me. Since childhood, I never sleep in daytime till I am ill
(It wasn’t tough on my Mom because I was raised in joint family).
This quality helped me in raising my kids. I never indulged
in any work till they were awake. I devoted my full time to attend to them and
when they went to bed, I was active managing family n friends.

This was my experience.

Do share yours. 💕

Writing this for #MondayMommyMoments.


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Epsom Bath Salt! #Mamaearth #Healthcare #Review

I believe in using natural products to take care of my skin and hair. I use raw egg for my hair since more than four decades and curd for skincare since two decades or more. I use henna for hair color.
Nothing artificial and synthetic is loaded in my cupboard as I firmly believe in nature and I know that it is not going to give fast results but it is very beneficial in the long run.
Mamaearth has launched the products wherein the final product is derived from nature and is devoid of harsh chemicals and the results are far reaching and mind-blowing.
I have developed trust in the products of Mamaearth baby range and Mama range and I use it profusely.
Today, I am going to detail you about the product, Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt which is in flakes and can be used as a Bath Salt, Soaking Tired Feet in warm water mixed with this Epsom Salt. It reduces body ache, relaxes muscles cramp and nourishes skin.
Product Description:

The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.

The product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and use MadeSafe certified ingredients.
MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely free of behavioural, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.
Product Claims:

Packaging: Packaging is quite attractive and the colour Pink & Green chosen for Mama range products justifies it. It comes in a sturdy plastic tub with well fitted lid. It is easy to carry while travelling without the fear of spillage.
Pricing: INR 399/200 gm
Shelf Life: Two years.


Product Review:  Epsom salt is not a new thing but the components amalgamated with Epsom salt is amazing and the results are awesome. It works well in pain & inflammation of tired feet and relieves soreness too.
I used to check the inflammation of my ailing father who faces issues of inflammation and pain in both the legs.
In five mugs of warm water, I added two big spoons of the Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt and asked my Dad to soak his feet till the water cooled off. He tried for three consecutive days and the results were positive and he asked me to detail the product, so that he could buy for himself.
Using this salt in bathing water too gives good results and it gives a feel of freshness after bath.
It can be used in varied way as per your requirements as a face and body cleanser too.
After mixing the flakes in water, the hue effect is calm and cool.
I use twice or thrice a week and I am contended.
The people using bath tub can mix profusely (two cups) in their bathing water and soak themselves for half an hour.
My friend tried and she vowed to buy the product from Amazon as she found the results amazing.
It is a Healthcare product and can be used by the people of all age.
Pros: Innumerable.
Cons: Price a bit high if one uses profusely as a Bathing Salt but its cheap compared to visit to a neighbourhood Spa,
Available online Amazon, Flipkart & Nykaa.
My Ratings: 4/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

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How to Conquer Anger? #MMM #AngerManagement #Moms

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I could not compete with the timings of Monday Mommy Moments and could not write on time due to other commitments but still I wished to write on this topic…Anger Management for Moms.

Here is my take on this topic.

Been sensitive, I don’t believe in yelling at children. I
know how it hurts so I never went to the extent of yelling or going mad with
anger while raising my kids.
From the very beginning of my life, I am cool with kids and
old but all hell break loose on adults…the reason that I sort out is that what
kids do, they do in innocence but adults deliberately indulge, so I lose
patience with grown-ups…though to some extent, I have managed controlling.
I had great share of anger outbursts in my childhood days
and I had promised that I won’t commit the same mistake with my kids.
And the day came, when I conceived and my happiness knew no
bounds and I got busy with the preparations to welcome my bundle of joy and
finally, the day arrived when I was holding my flesh in my hand…and the feeling
was surreal and no words can suffice to express my feelings.

I kissed him on his forehead and promised to him that you
will never be a victim of my anger and I will try my best to explain the things
when you are wrong, avoiding yelling at you to get rid of my frustrations.

I believe that the kids are fragile and we need to handle
with care.

His arrival in my life made me responsible and patient and I
knitted numerous dreams and all revolved around him…though as a wife…I
justified my presence…so I was successful in managing the both ends and both
were Happy.

Their happiness was my happiness and I felt contended.

Soon, I was Mom of two cute boys and my patience while
raising them proved to be a wonder. They turned out to be well-behaved kids. It
doesn’t mean that they were not into mischief, they were but within the purview
of limits or you can say that my No reaction on their mischief treaty helped
them to be docile.

The kids are smarter than Moms. When they find their Moms
losing their temper, then they deliberately involve themselves in mischief to
enjoy the tantrums of Mama…it’s my perception.
After finishing their chores, I used to sit with them n let
them play with their toys and puzzles and never went eccentric even when they
messed around, just watched them in silence that they don’t hurt themselves
hard…rest I hardly cared…Over caring too poses issues.

The early years were very relaxed but when they entered in
primary school, an unknown pressure built within me and I started losing my
temper at slightest pretext and they poor were victims of my wrath.

One fine day, I pondered over the situation and discovered
that sub-consciously, pressure was building that they study well and do well…so,
I was becoming over-ambitious. I stopped myself then and there…checked my

But there were instances where I had to do drama of been
angry to control their tantrums in their growing stage and it worked out…I
never yelled much rather explained them in their context to discipline them and
my silence worked in moulding them.

They too are my flesh and they  abhor yelling and been

Few times, I spanked them when they were really at fault and
need to be corrected.

They were able to assess for what my anger built up and they
learnt how to avoid those instances…so our co-ordination was perfect…I was
their sole guardian while raising them and there was no interference from my
husband’s side…while I scolded them or checked them…It proved to be a liberty.

Normally, I see that while checking kids, the couple get at
loggerheads and their views on disciplining differs and this difference is
taken as advantage by the children, who are not at an age to judge, rather they
get hooked to the person, who is liberal and encourages even when he is wrong.
I never spanked or yelled at them in frustration or in mood

Where they need to be reformed, I never backed out, I was
there to correct them.

I wish to share my suggestion.

Many times, it happens that if we are in good mood and the
kid has done seriously something wrong, we overlook them in our fun time…and if
we are in bad mood and the kid is demanding something genuine, we spoil the
play because of our anger outbursts…and the innocent has to face the music.
This mood swings of Mom’s blots the kids for no fault of

Remember a golden rule, however good mood you are in and
your ward needs to be corrected, don’t back out, then n there pin point their
mistake and ask them to correct sternly…and never make them victim of your mood

Give them a chance to distinguish between Right and Wrong.

My silence played wonders in raising them…now they are
grown-ups individuals and now if they deliberately go out of way, I yell at
them on top of my voice. They frown at me but never reply back rather when I am
cool they explain me patiently.

I request the existing Moms and would be Moms to work on
patience and anger management and always, remember your childhood days, it will
be convenient to tackle your kidoos.

Silence speaks more than yelling.

Whenever, you feel like yelling, start backward counting and
by the time you will finish the count, your anger will diminish.

Advantages of Not Yelling:

You will be happy and your family will be happy.

Kids will be friendly with you and will share
their secrets.

Your saved energy will kindle your Creativity.

Kids will grow into mature adults and will know
how to handle adversities.

Kids won’t learn to bicker or retaliate.

Many will say, it is easy to say than to be done. I too
agree but we can at least try for the sake of our children.

The image of a Mom is loving and caring then why to spoil
the image by yelling and getting angry on slightest pretext.

What is Anger?

It is a bottled up frustration and when one gets a chance,
they explode hurting themselves and others.
I am quite impressed by the words of Lord Buddha which runs
as under and this quote proved magical for me and it helped to master control on my
pangs of anger.
Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the
intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

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Under Eye Cream Review! #Mamaearth #Eyes

Hello Everybody,
Today, I am going to introduce to the innovative
product of Mamaearth, “Under Eye Cream” especially for Moms.

 Mamaearth believes
in nature and they come up with “Under Eye Cream” keeping the mind the woes of New
Mommies whose eyes become puffy and dark circles, due to sleepless nights.
This “Under Eye Cream” can also be used by the teenagers
and women of all age. This is fully
loaded with Vitamin C, Peptides, Caffeine and many more supplements to
fight against dark circles, puffiness, bags and wrinkles leaving your vision
clear and sparkling eyes.
Product description: The key ingredients of “Under
Eye Cream” are Coffee, Cucumber & White Lily Extract to get rid of dark
circles and puffy eyes.

    The brand
Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful
product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and
use MadeSafe certified ingredients.
ensures that the products are completely free of behavioral, dermatological and
environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.

Usage: Clean your face and apply a fair amount
around eyes. It needs to be applied daily for best results and to see the
product efficacy.
Packaging: Packaging is presentable and the color
Pink & Green. It justifies for the products for Women. It comes in a sturdy
plastic small tub with well fitted lid which prevents leakage and spillage. It
is safe to carry while travelling.
Pricing: 500 for 50 ml.
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Product review:  I have been using this product on regular
basis since mid of June and I am contended with the product efficacy. I use it
twice a day around the eyes and on face after cleansing. It has improved the
dark circles and puffiness is reduced. Been a content writer by profession, I
work late nights. My hubby was flattered by the improved look of my eyes but I
haven’t yet disclosed the product behind. It’s recommended for eyes but it can
be used for face. The choice depends upon user.
My sisters used this product and is convinced with
its usage and has confirmed that they will be a constant user of “Under Eye
I highly recommend this product to women of all age
groups & teens.
Use it on regular basis to fetch good results. The
product efficacy is awesome.
Pros: Awesome product derived from nature and it
blends easily into the skin and gives relief to tiring and puffy eyes restoring
it to original.

Cons: Only a Price is on a bit higher end but the
results are worth buying.
My rating: 4.5/5
Buy from AmazonFlipkart Nykaa.
*****I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest &

Parenting Journey! #Parenting #MMM

The journey of Motherhood was very satiating and each moment were so captivating that I don’t wish to change anything.
Why I don’t wish to Change?
There are valid reasons.
Stress & Fatigue: The time I gave birth to my cutie pies, I was very young and sturdy and no amount of stress tired me rather it energized me. If I go through once again, I will not able to cope up with the stress & fatigue of a Motherhood.
Impatient with Age: I was careless when I got married but as I conceived, I was transformed with lots of patience. I enjoyed their tantrums rather getting exhausted and never lost temper…no shouting…no yelling…no beating. I silently accepted their mistakes, follies etc. Now, I can’t control my temperament and get irritated easily and I hold growing age is the factor responsible for being impatient & irritable.
 Enjoyed Cooking & Creating things for them:
Now, I want them to help me with my chores and create ideas for my
blogging. I am in no shape to restart the journey of parenting. Still, I love to cook & bake for them but can’t figure myself running after kids to feed them.
Satisfied with my journey:
I am totally satisfied with my parenting journey and don’t wish to alter a single block of it because the consequence of my parenting proved rewarding and watching my big boys fills me with confidence and pride. If I restart, I may not give my best what I gave to my kids in past years.
I did not miss as such something very important to think of restarting the parenting journey but certainly, I look forward to enjoying the bliss of grandmotherhood and would love to indulge with them to revive my childhood.
I missed capturing the beautiful moments in my mobile as the camera wasn’t as handy as mobile. I would love making videos and short movies via Handycam when I am blessed with grandkids.
I am fully contented with my parenting journey and would not like to modify anything.
I am proud of my boys for what they are and they are the rewards of my nurture.
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Happy Memories! #Motherhood!

The word,
Motherhood” brings lots of memories with it and I believe those are the
happiest moments of life in the life of a woman. The journey isn’t easy rather
it is a roller coaster ride but we face the upheavals of motherhood with smiles

The day
pregnancy test comes positive, she jumps with joy and start weaving dreams about the
life that she is carrying the womb. She faces lots of mental and health traumas
but she bears all happily just for the sake of her flesh. During those nine
months, her dreams revolve around her baby and watches her movement and kicks
within. She readily accepts the bodily changes with each month.
undergoes nerve wracking pain to give birth but the cry of a baby soothes her
pain and she is overjoyed to see the face whom she nurtured with her blood.
treasures each moment of motherhood capturing in her albums, notebook, tape recorder and in
her treasure box.
She notices
each small movement with joy and she is overwhelmed to watch baby growing with
each month.
My boys have
outgrown my lap but still the memories of motherhood are intact and fresh and I
cherish those memories to keep myself happy. Those are the precious treasures
of my life and with each moment, number of stories unfold and it feels as if it
is the incident of yesterday.
Two decades
before, there was dearth of digital media but the Kodak camera and scrapbook
came to my rescue to store those moments of life.
Camera: I am
fond of photography since childhood. When my baby was born, I kept the camera
in my purse and captured each moments into it. In those days, we had to take
prints of the captures so tried to finish the reel in one go as it was
difficult to wait for long. There was curiosity to see them and stick into the
albums. So all memories of my motherhood was captured by Kodak camera and
several albums are stacked in the shelf. Whenever, I feel lonely, I spend time
with the albums. Now I have started scanning them to preserve in my laptop,
because the snaps are losing its sheen in albums.
Scrapbook: I
maintained a scrapbook in which I jotted down my feelings from the day of
conceive till they passed the boards. All the results, moments of pride when
they won contest etc. are preserved in it. When I read them, I feel as if my
kids are around and memories are refreshed.
Since few years, I started scanning the snaps and maintaining a folder of each
year of my boys. Whenever, I miss them, I go through them to recollect memories of the past.

holds their small clothes, the first that they wore and of many other
important occasions. They even hold their toys on which they were not able to try
their engineering, certificates of achievement nicely stacked in files. It hold
the small joys of life.
The first word they spoke, the first sentence they learned was
earlier stored in audio-cassettes, which is now segregated in CD’s. Their cute
baby talks evokes positive vibes within me and in my empty nest, I hear again n
again to bring back the reminiscences of the golden days.
Lots and
lots of memories of Motherhood is stored in my heart and it will always be
intact till the last breath of my life.
The best
thing that happens to a woman is Motherhood and it fills her with unconditional
love and affection.
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Mamaearth C3 Face Pack!!! #ProductReviews #Beauty

Hello Guys,
Now I am going to detail you about the beauty product, The
Mamaearth C3 Face Mask with Coffee, Charcoal, Clay & Fruit Extracts. Mamaearth
has been generous to Moms around the world to present her organic Face Mask to
reduce pregnancy scars and pigmentation, adding glow to her face.
For details about Mamaearth products for Moms, Read
here & here.
  The Mamaearth C3 Face Mask with Coffee, Charcoal, Clay & FruitExtracts. It is a mixture of three C’s; Coffee; Clay; Charcoal and loaded with
minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium to stimulate blood circulation.
Coffee helps in stimulating blood flow removing toxins which helps to smoothen
blemishes. Charcoal treats acne, pimples and other skin problems. It adds glow
to the face if used twice a week, reducing pigmentation, melanin and scars.

The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is
completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC

The product is dermatologically tested in Europe
basis European Union standards and
use MadeSafe certified ingredients.

MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely
free of behavioral, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.

Usage:  This face pack comes in a tub packing sealed
with a properly fitted lid which prevents spillage and due to tub packing, it
is absolute easy to use without staining our hands. Two three fingers will do
the job. The first look is not so appealing due to charcoal. The color of the
pack is dark greyish black and you can well scare your kid in day hours and
scare your better half at night. 😛😛😛
Apply a thick, even layer
of pack on your face and neck leave it to dry for 20-25 minutes. Apply
directly, its consistency is even so you don’t need to dilute it. You will feel
a cooling sensation because of peppermint oil in ingredients. When dried, wipe
out with a damp soft cloth and see and feel the differences. It adds glow, exfoliates and
rejuvenates the skin texture and upon two weeks use, skin tightens closing the
open pores and even complexion lightens remarkably.
Packaging is quite attractive and the colour Pink & Green chosen for Mama
range of products justifies it. It comes in a sturdy plastic tub with well
fitted lid. It is easy to carry while travelling without the fear of any spillage.
: Two years.
received the product in mid-May and have used 5 times till date and have seen
the real difference in my skin texture, scars and blemishes. Its cooling effect
is soothing in scorching heat of summers. I use it a bit profusely and relax in
my restroom for more than half an hour. When it is about to dry, I sprinkle water on my face and massage with the face pack for few seconds and wipe
it off with a soft damp cloth. My complexion lightened and instant glow
sparkled on my face.  It is a good exfoliator
I am happy with the
result of the product and insist my readers to try once at least. You will fall
in love with C3 Face Mask.
 AmazonFlipkart Nykaa.
Ratings: 4.5/5

*****I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest
& unbiased.

Mamaearth Body Wash for Mama! #ProductReview #BodyCare

Mamaearth Product Review

Hello Guys,
Once again, I am here to surprise you with the range of the Mamaearth products for Mama’s. Initially, the company floated range of products for infants and babies and it is doing well on the online counters.
Mamaearth is Asia’s 1st brand who has come up with made safe certified and toxin free products for babies and now for the beautiful Moms to uphold her beauty.
On the eve of the Mother’s Day this year, the company launched range of products for the Mama’s for a healthier and happier mama. The Mama too needs care but she is so much engrossed in baby care that she forgets her own needs. 
I loved the idea of The Mamaearth, who thought for the Mommies and introduced range of products for her Skincare and Mothers care. Now, she won’t forget her needs. While placing the  online orders for her baby, she can order her requirements, too. Now, No forgetfulness that Moms suffer from while raising her piece of heart.
This month, I am writing product reviews for these three products, whose name is undermentioned.
Range of Products:
  • Mamaearth Calming Body Wash.
  • Mamaearth Nourishing Body Lotion.
  • Mamaearth Charcoal, Coffee & Clay Face Mask.
Product Description:     Mamaearth Calming Body Wash with Aloe, Allantoin & Vitamin E is refreshing body wash. It is a transparent liquid. In very small quantity, it lathers easily. It leaves the skin soft and silky. As it name suggests, the feel after use is calming and is suitable for the scorching summers. It has a soft fragrance which is quite soothing.

It has natural ingredients in it such as Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Cocoa butter & Geranium essential oil.

The brand Mamaearth confirms that the product is completely free from all harmful chemicals, which means NO PARABENS, NO SULFATES, NO MINERAL OIL, NO DYES & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES.

The product is dermatologically tested in Europe basis European Union standards and use MadeSafe certified ingredients.

MadeSafe ensures that the products are completely free of behavioural, dermatological and environmental toxins. It is also cruelty free & NON GMO COMPLIANT.

Usage:  Squeeze small quantity into your palm or loofah, spread throughout your body, lather and
Packaging: Packaging is quite attractive and the colour Pink & Green chosen for Mama range of products justifies it. It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with dual caps and pump dispenser. Packaging is so good that you can carry on your errands without any second thoughts.
Pricing: INR 349/200ml.
Product Review: From the day, I received the product, I am using this Mama earth Calming Body Wash and I am very much satisfied with this product. I take a small portion of it but it lathers generously and its mild fragrance is very soothing and leaves the skin soft and supple. It is very refreshing after each bath and it frees us from weariness & tiredness. Before this, I had to use Moisturiser profusely after every bath but now a very small portion of Mamaearth Nourishing Body Lotion does the job well.
I am satisfied with this product and I must say that it is good for the Women of all age groups. I shared this product with my sis-in-law and she was awe struck and placed online order for more.

Buy from Amazon, Flipkart & Nykaa.

My Ratings: 4/5

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Gifts For New Mom!!! #MMM #Love&Relationships

Buying Gifts is an enjoyable thing on the eve of birthdays, anniversaries, home warming and so on, but the request of Amrita & Deepa to come up with the gift ideas for a New Mom wasn’t easy.
It was a brainstorming session, googled to find ideas and introspected what New Moms really need and the useful gifts which can be of great use to her.
Years down the lane, there was system of joint family or the women used to visit their parents or in-laws place for delivery; a well-planned itinerary and the expectant Mom was carefree and did not had any guilt or inhibitions while waiting for the D day.
But now, family system has undergone tremendous changes and disintegrated to nuclear families thereby shifting all the load on the couple. The women has to involve herself more in this activity and so she needs to plan for the motherhood as there is no one to help her. Even if her Mom or MIL is coming at the time of delivery, they can’t arrange all due to time constraints.
New Mom has to take care of everything. In initial months, most of them have nausea, morning sickness etc. and they are perplexed by the sudden changes within her, both physiological and psychological. As pregnancy progresses, she is at ease and starts planning and getting the things ready to welcome her child.
I believe if the family, well-wishers and relatives gifts the things of her needs and requirements, then her maximum problem will be solved.
There is a celebration of baby shower in most of the families where relatives and friends gather for the celebration and bless the expectant mother to bear a healthy child. On this day, there is a custom of presenting gifts. If one keeps in mind about the needs of New Mom while buying the gifts, it will save some bucks of the expectant couple and the couple will be at ease. 
When we think of gifts, generally we conclude at buying for the child. Let us be considerate and gift her too that she needs entering motherhood.
After brainstorming session & googling, finally I got the list ready.
Top Ten Gifts For New Mom:

  • Nursing Bra & Nighties: In pregnancy and afterwards, inches increase of the busts and it’s difficult to hop around for perfect bra. Gift her a nursing bra of good brand so that it gives best support to her bust and it’s easy for breastfeeding. Buy colourful cotton fabric nursing nighty to give her comfort.

  • Stretch Marks Cream: is a good gift option, beneficial to her. These days, many brands are available in the market. Gift her one with Vitamin E composition, so that she can flaunt in low jeans & sari thereafter.

  • Baby Sling Bag: will be a wonderful gift for the Moms to hop around with the baby for shopping, walking and going on errands and she won’t need anyone to help her. Today’s Mom wish been independent, Baby carrier will help her.

  • Car Back Organiser: is one of the best gifts for the Moms who love to go on long drives with their hubby and this organiser will help her to organise her beauty n baby kit and use it comfortably on short errands. Very useful for vagabond parents.

  • Baby Bath Tub: There are wide varieties available today. Shop for a comfortable one and gift her either on baby shower or on birth celebration day. Indispensable in today’s life. If you are good in stitching, stitch few Malmal nappies to gift. It prevents baby rash and it is comfortable for the baby skin n easy to dry.

  • Collection of Lullabies & Rhymes: will be a wonderful gift for Mom to lull her child to sleep. If you can sing well, prepare a collection to gift. There would be emotional bonding with the child and Mom…Naani, Daadi, Mausi, Bua can do this work well.

  • Gift Coupon for Ayurveda Spa: will be a rejuvenating treat for New Mom and she will cherish the surprise spa lifelong. Get the coupon for the lovely Mom.

  • Soft Towel Set: can be presented to the Mom for her and her baby. Try to get same color for both, it will look good on them.

  • Colorful bedspreads: is one of the useful gifts for the Mom and baby. One needs good numbers of bed sheets and spreads to tackle the needs after childbirth. Choose cotton and soft linen to add comfort to both.

  • A wacky one, a gadget which can lull baby to sleep till the couple enjoys their Me time, without distractions. Couple will love. Brands should work on this to invent one.

There are wide range of gadgets and gifts, available in the market.
It all depends upon your choice, budget and viability.
Enjoy the shopping spree for your Daughter, DIL, Sister, Friend….and so on.

These are my choices, Share yours.

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