My Elder Bro – My Guide, Friend, Mentor & Lifeline! #SiblingRivalry

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The relation of the sibling is a unique one in this world. It starts with confusion when the elder one is suddenly taken aback when he/she sees another kid joining their league, which eventually leads to a lot of fighting and crying while they are growing up and finally ends with immense love and respect for each other. They become each other’s backbone. From keeping secrets to guiding each other for the best, this is my, Mayank Manohar ode to the relation that I share with my elder brother Mrinal Madhukar.

The best memory that I have, which still wanders in the theatre of my mind, is when I was in 4th grade and my brother was in 6th, and we decided to save our pocket money to gift our parents something on their respective birthdays. It was really sweet of him to come up with the idea at such a young age and his will to make me understand. That’s how he is, someone who is always so caring about the people he loves that he will always do something special for them.
My brother has always been sensitive since he was a kid. I remember how when our cousins used to come over and leave, I was the least affected by anyone’s departure. But my brother would start crying from the moment he learned that people are leaving and the vacation was over. A few of my cousins prayed that my brother is asleep when they have to leave but seldom had it happened. For me, it was more disturbing that the vacation was over and it was time to go back to school. For him, people mattered, more than that the relationships mattered.
While growing up though I had my own tantrums, I still remember how we used to play WWE on our bed and always kept on trying to imitate the moves of those wrestlers. He would grab me, lift me and toss me on the bed and it always used to end with our laughter and warning from our mother that the bed will give up soon if we continued practicing the moves…and a day arrived, when planks of the bed were replaced. Mom premonition came out true.
The age when we were crazy about the magnets and would go to any extent to get one…it was easily accessible to get after operating the toy collection, we had. Once, we even ruined one of the soft toys that our mother loved, it was a monkey who used to blabber whenever it was slapped. We operated on him and got that big fat magnet out. We got good slaps multiple times for doing magnet business but trust me, it was worth it.
We have laughed together, cried together and have done a lot of mischiefs together but today both of us are on their respective paths to make something out of the life we have, the best part that exists is we have always got each other’s back. He would lie to our mother when she found something fishy in my bag ahead of my school exams. The way, he made our parents understand how I felt about engineering and how I wanted to do something else in my life.
He has always ensured that I get the best of everything while he would settle for normal things. For instance, I have stayed in many cities for my studies while he couldn’t. He always pushed me really hard for achieving everything that I aspire for. And the reason that I shared my emotions with him about how I felt about engineering was because being my big brother, he used to take my interviews and literally guide me how corporate interviews are supposed to be and how I was supposed to basically put a lot of butter on everything that I say with a lot of emphasis on a few keywords like team player, enthusiastic, optimistic, opportunist etc. It didn’t go well down with me and I realized after getting rejected umpteen times that I was made for something else. But unaware of the fact, my brother was speaking to all of his friends and colleagues to get me a better job on my merit.
That was when one fine day I decided to drop him a text explaining everything which led to one thing to another.  For four years  I am placed in Delhi, pleased and content with my choice of profession and aspiring for more & more.
I have always been on the other side of the shore, where I didn’t share the same aim as my bro to stick to the only study in schools or college. There were times when our teachers used to compare between me and my brother and there were times when I would get really agitated by his aim to study more and more. I received good scolding to concentrate on studies but my mind was always busy doing something creative. My bro has been the best student, best son, best brother, best friend and now a really good husband.
I wish him all the best in his life and hope that he gets the best of everything. I may not have been a good brother at times, but I know I have got your back…that’s my real strength.

Reminiscing those days of childhood, a plan struck to start a blog train on #SiblingStories and 36 Bloggers of them amalgamated to share their sweet, salt and pepper encounters of #SiblingTalk.Brand Angtatva collaborated with me to give a new shape to this beautiful blog train journey.
The Campaign #SiblingStories & #SiblingTalk hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with Angtatva comes to an end after a month-long celebration of adventurous blog train trip with Siblings. I am happy that it ended peacefully minting excellent relationship with new and old bloggers from across the globe. The articles shared by all the participants are indeed wonderful, emotional and funny instances with our siblings and I am sure it has helped in unearthing new facts about our siblings.

We are the Pillars of Strength to Each Other! #SiblingStories

#SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. 32 esteemed bloggers from blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train to Talk about their Siblings to revive the sweet and tickling hours spent with their cute siblings and unearth the golden memories of the past. In the fast pace of life, the array of emotions, sweet and sour, salt & pepper gets buried. The blogger and the host of this campaign, Ila Varma love to divulge in the past and unwrap the pleasant stories of #SiblingTalk.

Mrinal Madhukar shares his unusual experience reminiscing the time spent with his younger bro. Let’s hear his story in his own words.

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There are few memories we always cherish, no matter how old we grow with them but they remain close to your heart because it is about someone with whom we are close and dear with – Our Sibling. Being the eldest one among the two of us – Brothers, our relation is somewhat like one where both of us look at each other and ensure the other is always away from any kind of problem. Of course, it matters that we exchange the pleasantries, talk to each other and wish on the important days but actually, both of us expect and to matter is to stand for each other whenever the either of us is in need.

“ Because brothers don’t let each other wander in the dark alone.”– Jolene Perry

Looking back, we were never really the actual naughty kind of kids while growing up. We had a different equation, back then in the era of late 90’s and early millennium, playing cricket was a core activity that both of us used to do together. Though it was just about regular colony cricket, there was a lot of planning that went in for that, and we would be regularly scolded for putting ball marks on the walls by throwing back and forth on it. That is a good strong memory of growing up, I remember how my little brother would take the bat away if he was not convinced that he was out, sounds funny when I recollect now. That was then and there, but as we grew up, we chose our paths where we wanted to see ourselves placed in life and today, fortunately, we both of us have realized our dream.
I know my brother is guided more by the emotions, and his passion for writing took him past the regular crowd of engineering and placed him there. That was some time of our lives when in the final year of his engineering, he dropped me a message stating how badly he wanted to be something else. At first, I was astonished, he had trusted me to let it out to the family and try my best to make it work, but I guess that is what the elder ones are supposed to, use their “elder wand” and help their younger ones to come out and face the world with their passion.
 Somehow, everyone in the family took it well, and I loved how brilliantly my brother in no time pushed himself and carved a niche for himself in the world of journalism. Every time I think about it, I feel proud of him.
We both are not that expressive when it comes to telling “Hey Brother I love you” but it is understood between us. I try taking lead to be there for him, my overprotection does get irritating for him at times. I am aware of my habit of being an overprotective irritant but I guess I will be so as long as I live, coz I guess that’s what Brothers do, silently be there for one another. And like I always wish for and say, no matter what I do, I want him to watch him achieving the best of everything in the world and make it bigger than all of us.
There is a marginal difference of two years and 3 months but we have a respect for each other. When I see other kids fighting, cribbing or blaming each other, I too wish to get into such situation with my bro…but we never indulged. We are different, we hardly exchanged bitter words. Being elder, I succumbed to his childish demands and never ever complained. Once or twice, I spanked him but he never retaliated or get into action…he cried and that was enough to tear my heart out…and say sorry.
We are different in many terms but still, an unseen force attracts us and we are indeed the pillar of strength for each other. He fills my shortcomings and I conceal his and we work together on our strength.

When I feel low or defeated, I look for his assurance that all will be well. On the emotional front, I am emotional and his lookout is quite practical. He guides me on these moments where I feel stuck.

May this compatibility and partner in crime remains the same throughout life.

I love him and wish to have him as my sibling in my next life.

“ Nothing can stop me from loving my brother.”– Brandy Norwood

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Ready to Catch Up Blog Train with Sibling Stories! #SiblingStories #SiblingTalk

#SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by Ila Varma in collaboration with the Brand Ang Tatva. 31 esteemed bloggers from blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train to Talk about their Siblings to revive the sweet and tickling hours spent with their cute siblings and unearth the golden memories of the past. In the fast pace of life, the array of emotions, sweet and sour, salt & pepper gets buried. The blogger and the host of this campaign, Ila Varma love to divulge in the past and unwrap the pleasant stories of #SiblingTalk.
The blog train journey is kicking on 07-10-2018 and it will reach the final destination on the eve of Bhai Dooj on 09-11-2018.
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Being a writer, off and on, ideas flare up and this year on the eve of Rakshabandhan, an idea sprang to introduce a Blog train on the topic Sibling and unravel the glorious time spent with the siblings. 
A bond which appears inseparable in childhood days but with the passage of time, obligations of family, job, and marriage drift us apart. The emotional bonding continues but we miss the frictions, petty fights, being partner in crime, competition, fun, plays etc. We meet after a long interval and try to be coherent with each other. Rationalization in relationships mars the innocence and never ever the days come back when we cribbed at each other, fought with Mom that he/she was more loved, partnered in mischief etc.
This blog journey will help us to cherish those moments once again to bring back our lost innocence and a wide smile on our faces reminiscing those unforgettable moments.
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Crossroad of Life!

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Every time, I prayed to save a Life

Settling all the rife

But this time, I had to stand strong

Praying to Almighty

To minimize the suffering

Of the caged soul.

The Artificial Respiration & Tubes

Saved her pulse

But, She was unable to recognize.

It was baffling for Me

To watch a witty Soul

Suffering for no cause.

She had lived a life

Of dignity & poise

Her Sparkling skin

Was envy of All.

Prayed to God

To free her Soul

From the worldly bindings

To soar high

Into the realms of Peace & Calmness

Where there is no strife.

My wishes were granted

Finally, She laid in peace forever.

The immortal soul got freedom

To take a flight

Away from Us.

I am sure

Her blessings will be always there

Of the pious soul.

The memories of past

Is etched in my heart

And, it will stay there Forever

To cherish my stay in her company.

© Ila Varma 14.07.2018

In tribute to my Granny with whom I shared my teen life and got acquainted with her versatility, wittiness and a big heart to accommodate me with love and care. Last month, she suffered with a stroke and health deterioration was in full swing. The consciousness dissolved and she was hooked to artificial machines to press her heart beat. She was in a bad state of health and I had to act stern and ask for mercy to free the soul from the burdens of diseases and multiple organ failure. Yesterday, She departed forever to rest in peace leaving the memories of togetherness intact.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

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When I was a small girl, life seemed easy and I envied the lifestyle of my father, who used to be on regular tours as he was in the marketing division. 35 years back, traveling by flight and staying at five-star hotels was a luxury and I thought how lucky he was. I often used to tell him with awe that he was leading a glorious life. He never commented, just smiled and I was naive so couldn’t understand the motive behind his smiles.

As I entered in my late teens, I told him that he is leading a luxurious life and nothing more he needs. That day, he broke his silence. I think he was waiting for this day to break the ice.

“How can I be lucky dear? Flying in planes and staying at 5-star hotels is not comforting. I go on my official tour. The company spends on me to get the business and revenue and while flying, I don’t look out at the sky or the height at which I am flying. The whole time, I am busy jotting down minutes of my meeting plans and how to procure business in the right way. As soon as I get off the plane, taxi waits to pick me up and deport me to the office where my customers are waiting with a long list of expectations and grievances and I need to sort it out coolly. It is so hectic that I am not able to gulp my breakfast or tea. At late nights, I am in the cozy suite of the 5-star hotel but the mental load is so piercing that I am not able to enjoy my time and I am in a hurry to complete my pending paperwork. After twelve hours, when  I remove my shoes, I find my feet have swollen and there is excruciating pain which does not let me sleep and I keep changing sides. At festivals, I too have to be on tour and I miss you all. I am more comfortable at home.  The side of my life which you find alluring is actually a facet that I am compromising with for the sake of my job. Dear, you will understand when you will be in my shoes later in life” and his eyes turned moist while making me understand.

When I joined my job then I realized that all that glitters is not gold and the comforts that the organization provides is for the sake of business…and understood life better walking miles in his shoes…while working in the arena of Sales &  Marketing in a reputed financial firm.

Life is a Best Teacher and it teaches us perfectly.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Grandparents Day! #LoveJatao

My life has been guided by my grandparents and I know the bliss of having them in our lives and their presence in our life makes our life wonderful.

My husband did not get a chance to see his grandparents and did not know much about the unconditional love and care of them.

When after marriage, he visited my house and met my caring grandparents, he was in awe and that moment, he realized that he had missed valuable part of his life been not connected with his grandparents.

When we were blessed with cute angels, he made it a point to instill in them the values of been connected with the grandparents and always made sure that they mingled with them…as he felt incomplete not having enjoyed the bliss and care of grandparents.

I too inculcated in them the habit to be connected with their grandparents. They were not living with us but I took care that they interacted with them more often sharing their feelings and reciprocating to their advances. Gradually, they became an inseparable part of their lives and they share a close bonding with them.

Sharing their joys & sorrows: They are closely connected with them and they share all the ups and downs of life and look for their suggestions to improve…at times, they don’t miss a chance to get me scolded by them as they enjoy the sight. What they can’t dare to do, they get it done from them and they mischievously look at each other.

During holidays, they invite their grandparents so that they can enjoy their company and they love to hear the stories of past as well as stories of their parents from their mouth and they too are so innocent that they spill all. With age, the grandparents become mild and act similar to kids…we avoid that our tantrums are not shared with our kids but the granny of both the party joins the troupe of kids and shares all and the kids get a chance to peep in the past of parents and at times, if we try to be firm, they babble, “You two were mischievous…Dadi-Nani was saying” and we are at wits.

Love is unconditional of the grandparents and they loiter all their affections on their grand-kids. They play games together and I am amused to watch them playing hide n seek with them instead of limping n other joint related issues are all forgotten…singing on top of their voices and the kids encourage them to propose each other and they do it in perfection as if they were waiting for the nod. Once I overheard them saying, “Beta, tumne meri varshon ki muraad puri kar di, chahta tha tumhari dadi ke liye gaana gaun par kabhie mauka na mila”…I could not hold my laughter and a second thought arose in my mind, maybe down the line, we two will grow old like them and yearn.”

The relationship between grandparents and kids are platonic and both enjoy each other company a lot and look forward to more holidays to be spent together.

Outings are easy with grand-kids. With growing age, they have developed a lot of health issues and they don’t get ready easily for outings with us but their spirit soars high when the kids are around. They have full faith in them and they are ever ready to trot in their company. Even the kids hover around them and they don’t leave them alone for seconds. They help them sincerely on staircases or on uneven roads and help them to cross roads by holding their hands.

Forbidden food is easily available to both of them. I and my hubby are regarded villains as we monitor the food habits of kids and both sets of parents. They gorge on forbidden food in each other company. My son had bad tonsils so he had to avoid ice creams and my father suffers from gastro issues, so he was barred from having spicy food. My son got Golguppas for himself and father got ice -cream for him and as I turned and ambled few steps further, they exchanged their plates…both were caught red-handed and their faces turned crimson, I chose to remain, mum, because in our childhood, we did the same helping each other.

I enjoy their ways of #LoveJatao and memories of my childhood with my grandparent’s flashes before my eyes.

When they are around, I am carefree about my kids and did not have much to bother for the kids in their presence.

In today’s scenario, people are drifting away from these beautiful relationships and both the grandparents and grandchildren are at a great loss missing these golden days of life.

On the eve of Grandparents Day, I want to pass a message to all,  not to snatch these golden moments from the life of both.  Give your child the opportunity to grow under the care of grandparents…the benefits outweigh the losses and once again our society which is losing sheen of real relationships will regain and happiness will blossom around and even kids will be safe in the company of grandparents.

I look forward to hearing from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017, on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Unforgettable Years Spent With Grandparents! #GrandparentsDay

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As I saw the post of Blogadda inviting us to write on the theme Love Jatao on the eve of Grandparents Day been celebrated on 10th of September, 2017.
                                                 Selfie of Our Time 
I turned emotional and tears welled in my eyes and the past memories and all sweet times spent with them flooded before my eyes and I missed them more today. My soul got impregnated with millions and zillions of fragrant memories of the times spent around them. In our times, each day was a celebration and one who has enjoyed the fruits of living together under one roof can well understand. Lots of memories are such that we can feel the warmth of it but cannot scribble into words but still there are heaps with me which I can share.
Now, I have lost both of my grandparents. I carry their memories along and through this post, I am paying tributes to the departed beautiful souls who carefully nurtured us watering us with the manure of love and care and what I am today is the real parcel of their care.
My parent’s responsibility was restricted to raising, feeding and imparting education and other basic components were under the jurisdiction of my grandparents and they were ever ready for us with wide smiles on their faces. Their cute smiles and affection filled me with lots of reverence for them.
Since early days of life when I could acknowledge people around me, I opted for my Daadi and my heart beat for her only. I could not live without her so the result was that she carried me wherever she went. I acknowledged her presence even in my sleep by touching her umpteen times at night to be sure that she is with me and her body scent was so familiar to me that she could not fool me in my sleep. My mother wanted me in her bed but I preferred to sleep with my Dadi-Maa. At times, they were at cross just because of me.
I was close to both of my grandparents but shared a close pact with my granny.
She made beautiful dolls out of old clothes and sew it so immaculately that ready-made dolls failed in front of those dolls…I regret that in those days camera was rarely used so I don’t have any snap of it but it is intact in my memory and those dolls were my sleeping partner in my childhood.
Her bedtime stories were so interesting and we had fixed hours at night to hear those stories of the fairies, monsters, animals etc. and in all stories, moral was embedded though in the early years could not understand much but now when I recall those then I understand the message that she passed on to us through her stories. She was not educated, only knew to read and write letters but her insight was impeccable.
In the morning hours, before going to school, I used to spend few hours with my Baba. He was good at making paper toys and every day he made one for me using old newspapers. In rainy days, he made paper boats and we two sailed them together in the nearby puddles of water. He caught fishes for me in rainy season and we two kept them in bottles and together we made dough balls to feed the fishes.
My granny waited for me to come back from school and she shared the plate. She fed me each morsel weaving stories and I picky eater threw lot of tantrums while eating but she never lost her patience. She was a cool type and she did not show any reaction.
During tea time, I sat with my books in my grandfather’s room. After completing the homework, he used to tell rows of General knowledge and briefed about the history and of the times during British rule.
I was poor in tying my hairs properly so my granny oiled them and plaited them nicely. Every day, she gave me a foot massage at night when I went to bed till the time I got married.
My granny was well versed in preparing different types of Aachaar (pickles) and I learnt all the techniques of making them in her presence. Since early teens, I used to help her in the preparations and this invoked my interest in making pickles and today, I continue her legacy and I prepare varied types of pickles.
Since early years of my life, I followed her footsteps so I learnt a lot from her in matter of religion, morality, etiquette, customs and traditions…I imitated her styles and adopted lot of her teachings in my life.
The grandparents were our saviours too who saved us from bad moods of our parents and they stood in front of us if any one of them tried to scold and at times, they hid our wrong doings and took the blame on them…in those times we felt happy but now at times, I feel guilty that they were so weak in our love that they took the blame on them if we indulged in some mischief. 
Afterwards, they used to explain us where we were wrong and corrected us but they did with lots of patience and even they made us understand why parents lose their patience.
They explained us that in young age, there are lots of stress and that’s the reason that the parents react with much intensity.
They inculcated good habits in us and taught us to respect people.
They did not read textbooks to us but their sermons had beautiful messages and they taught us through examples.
In our days, grandparents were indispensable with us and we had much respect for them and their Love jatao and ours Love jatao was mind-blowing. 

Reciprocation from both the sides was beyond words as we all know, “Actions speak louder than words.”

In our time, we did not required a special day to celebrate Grandparents day. Each day was the day for both of us. The love bonded us together and we had due regards for them.
Today, I miss them but I am happy for them that they lived life king-size with us and they left the world at a ripe age and did not face much issues of health and loneliness.
They had the privilege that whole life, they were surrounded by us and in later age of their life, we stood for them whenever they were in need of a support and they left the world contended and their blessings helped us to reach the pinnacle.

  “A grandparent is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart”

I believe that their blessings have helped me to reach where I am today and I teach my kids too to create a close bond with their grandparents as I know the virtues of grandparents been in one’s life.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Happy Memories! #Motherhood!

The word,
Motherhood” brings lots of memories with it and I believe those are the
happiest moments of life in the life of a woman. The journey isn’t easy rather
it is a roller coaster ride but we face the upheavals of motherhood with smiles

The day
pregnancy test comes positive, she jumps with joy and start weaving dreams about the
life that she is carrying the womb. She faces lots of mental and health traumas
but she bears all happily just for the sake of her flesh. During those nine
months, her dreams revolve around her baby and watches her movement and kicks
within. She readily accepts the bodily changes with each month.
undergoes nerve wracking pain to give birth but the cry of a baby soothes her
pain and she is overjoyed to see the face whom she nurtured with her blood.
treasures each moment of motherhood capturing in her albums, notebook, tape recorder and in
her treasure box.
She notices
each small movement with joy and she is overwhelmed to watch baby growing with
each month.
My boys have
outgrown my lap but still the memories of motherhood are intact and fresh and I
cherish those memories to keep myself happy. Those are the precious treasures
of my life and with each moment, number of stories unfold and it feels as if it
is the incident of yesterday.
Two decades
before, there was dearth of digital media but the Kodak camera and scrapbook
came to my rescue to store those moments of life.
Camera: I am
fond of photography since childhood. When my baby was born, I kept the camera
in my purse and captured each moments into it. In those days, we had to take
prints of the captures so tried to finish the reel in one go as it was
difficult to wait for long. There was curiosity to see them and stick into the
albums. So all memories of my motherhood was captured by Kodak camera and
several albums are stacked in the shelf. Whenever, I feel lonely, I spend time
with the albums. Now I have started scanning them to preserve in my laptop,
because the snaps are losing its sheen in albums.
Scrapbook: I
maintained a scrapbook in which I jotted down my feelings from the day of
conceive till they passed the boards. All the results, moments of pride when
they won contest etc. are preserved in it. When I read them, I feel as if my
kids are around and memories are refreshed.
Since few years, I started scanning the snaps and maintaining a folder of each
year of my boys. Whenever, I miss them, I go through them to recollect memories of the past.

holds their small clothes, the first that they wore and of many other
important occasions. They even hold their toys on which they were not able to try
their engineering, certificates of achievement nicely stacked in files. It hold
the small joys of life.
The first word they spoke, the first sentence they learned was
earlier stored in audio-cassettes, which is now segregated in CD’s. Their cute
baby talks evokes positive vibes within me and in my empty nest, I hear again n
again to bring back the reminiscences of the golden days.
Lots and
lots of memories of Motherhood is stored in my heart and it will always be
intact till the last breath of my life.
The best
thing that happens to a woman is Motherhood and it fills her with unconditional
love and affection.
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Joy Of Giving! #WOW

Joy has numerous meanings and people can feel the joy when one indulges oneself full fledged. The intensity can only be felt if you drown yourself into it, the joy will be ethereal n you will feel on top of the world. The ways of achieving joy varies from person to person, some derives from hobbies, some from their passions n ambitions n some from helping the needy.

Today, Blogadda’s idea to write on Joy of Giving gave me a chance to express my emotions n paint it with the colors of My Joy of Giving.

From the time, I can recall my life when I gained consciousness, I have been standing for the needy people, all needy aren’t poor but they are desperate n need a hand to help them out and I stood for all of them n till date, I render my services in my capacity. Sometimes, I stretch myself in pursuit of helping people but generally, I am ever-ready in the ways I can help.

I recall the days, when I was less than five year old, I used to give detergents to the girls who came to our house to work at home and in fields. They wore torn clothes n dirty ones and when I asked them, they used to say that because of poverty they are like that. My emotions got stirred and I gave them Surf to clean their clothes and at times, I gave my clothes if they were near to my size. In seventy’s there wasn’t issue of child labour and they readily worked to earn few coins n every time after giving, I felt satisfied and happy.

In the days of 70′ & 80’s, I used to give 1 or 2 rupee coin to beggars. I have mentioned the amount bcoz in those days, I fully remember that people gave 10 or 20 paise, you can say less than a quarter paisa. 1 or 2 Rs.coin had immense value in those days. I never felt bad in parting with the coins rather my soul was satisfied.

Everyone at my place knew my habits, some appreciated, few taunted but nothing stopped me.

People exchanged clothes for utensils, I never let my mother do and asked her to donate to the people who are in need.

If someone would fall ill either in the family or out of the family, I would be present and would help them as required; accompany them to doctor or hospital or look after them as situation demanded. At times, parents cribbed at my take but nothing could stop me…I am bit adamant type person n do my bit if I decide to do.

Gradually, with the increase in crimes n theft, I weaned out of allowing unknown people to house to work nor would help them with money. The situation of drug addiction stopped me from donating money. I helped but changed my way, instead of money, I gave food or grains to the hungry and clothes, books n pencils to the needy.

This habit of Giving n deriving joy continues till date though the ways has changed with the change in time.

The world in 1970 n the world of today; there is no comparison, lot underwent transformation but my feeling to share n care remains the same.

Now, when I am free from the responsibilities of my kids, I donate clothes and the necessary items of celebration in festivals like in Holi, I give out “Pichkari’s & Colors” to the kids of my society and support staff along-with sweets n savouries prepared.

In Deepawali, I donate “Soundless Crackers, Candles,Grains, Sweets and the clay utensil sets (toys).

Nowadays, outlook of people have changed, so I give cash to all my support staff n the people who are around me right from my office place to residence place.

I minimize my expenses but never minimize their shares.At times, few of them have ditched me at the moment, I needed them. It bruises my soul but I don’t store grudges, I forgive readily.

I feel satisfied and I am overjoyed to see the smiles on their faces.

I am not very affluent but I have never been let down by Supreme Power when I am in need. I believe it’s my karma of giving joy to people, I am never left out rather my work goes on smoothly.

People, never back out from helping or giving, from the pious hands you deliver, you receive double, every time it’s not materialistic things & feel the happiness buzzing around you.

Our good acts acts as a Boomerang, I firmly believe in it.

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Me & 21 Facts of Mine!!! #Friday Reflections

Finding 21 facts for the person in front of you is easy but
quite tough to find for oneself and post it public…Still Write Tribe has
given a chance to share the facts ranging from good to worst, quirky and
anything  that is related with me.
Let me roll out the long list of 21 facts about Me.
1. I am a Music lover and can listen to music endlessly
without getting bored. It rejuvenates my mind n heart. I am in love with music
of all kinds…old, new jazzy, rocking all goes well with me, the selection
fluctuates with mood but the flame of music kindles always.  🙂 I love to hear music in solitude, the feel
is lovely.
2. At times, I am introvert and at times extrovert. Dual
personality and my Sun Sign is dual…any guesses…I am Gemini. I love dwelling
in solitude, at least for one or two hours…I am in search of more.
3. I am emotional brat and gets hinged to people easily
& even get hurt easily but the ill feelings never bottle up. It catches me
fast & evaporates faster. I don’t nurture grudges.
4. I am a wanderer and my mind takes long journeys from
Himalayas to oceans, streams and snow covered mountains.
5. I am a keen observer and try to reason out the reasons
which affects our life and surroundings.
6. I am great lover of nature, passionate about clouds,
sunrise, and sunset & landscape views. My inner self wants to reside among
greenery and close to nature though practically it is not possible for always,
so I inhale freshness when I am in and the feeling is awesome, no words to
describe the feelings. I love photography n do indulge often.
7. I am a passionate writer since childhood days. In early
days of life and till teens, I expressed my feelings through writing, after
that too chose writing to be the best medium of expressing myself & venting
out my emotions.
8. I am a voracious reader and since early days, I carry
newspaper, books, magazines, pen n paper. It surrounds me wherever I am…it
depicts Me. I can read anything, it should be paperback. It started with daily
newspaper n Champak n it continues with latest novels, magazines. Anything that
can be read.
9. I hate porn’s, viewing or reading, just can’t stand them.
10. I am fond of gardening and I managed my garden all by
myself from manoeuvring the soil to grooming the garden till we had individual
garden. Now in apartment with helpers, I take care. I feel happy to see the
plants blooming whom I nurture. It gives immense satisfaction. It is soul
11. I love cleanliness and maintain my house n my belongings
with great care and it dazzles with shine. Once I used to do on my own but now
after health issues, I take help of support staff but final makeover is done by
us…Me n my hubby.
12. I react fast with those who don’t comply with my
instructions especially the ones from whom I have expectation…it’s tough for
them at that moment…not less than Aloo bomb.
13. I have weakness for clothes and I never get tired of
buying, situation is this that I always have few new sets in my wardrobe to get
it stitched n few lie with my tailor master. I spend extravagantly on my
clothes and even I gift to others.
14. I have weakness for furnishing items like bed-sheets,
curtains n covers and don’t get tired of buying and I do maintain them
15. I maintain my clothes nicely and I always wear ironed n
clean clothes n if I perspire little bit, I instantly change n wash the
worn…my secret, I don’t perspire much else you could imagine what would have
16. I have weakness for hair wash and I shampoo my silky
crowning glory daily and use raw eggs too for washing along with shampoo, I bar eggs
on festival days.
17. I maintain relations life long, don’t believe in
breaking…at times, if it’s strained, I try utmost to straighten the things n
I’m readily available with Tan, Mann & Dhann to those who are in need & at times, I part with my necessary cash to help others.
18. I cry easily, tears are my friends for expression. I cry
when I am sad as well as I am happy, it rolls down.
19. I am strict where needed and I do what I decide to,
nothing can stop me if things are with positive notions. Even with my kids, I
am strict as well as I stick to my promise. I never ditch them n don’t believe
in getting ditched, though people with habit of ditching do their part.
20. I forgive easily and firm believer in the adage,
“As you Sow, So you Reap” and “If you do Good, Good & Best
will come back to you” and it has worked well in my life.
21. I love dancing on my favorite numbers n I enjoy doing
when I am alone n in mood of tapping on the beats as well as in get together
parties n marriages….ohh…I forgot to mention driving…love to sit behind
the wheels n steer around with loud music in the backdrop…nothing can beat

Write Tribe

O My God, finally, I have rolled down 21 facts or secrets of
my life. Hope you all enjoy reading. 
Do drop in your comments, will love to read.

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