Book Review: Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor! #Meditation

Title: Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor
Author: Mrs. Ranjana Gaur
Genre: Spiritual
Publisher: Kausthubh Prakashan
ISBN: 978-93-82666-52-3
Format: Paperback
First Edition: 2018
Pages: 240
Price:  525
Source: Author Copy
Cover Design: 3.5/5
My Ratings: 4.5/5.
About the Author:
The author of the book, Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor is Ranjana Gaur. She was born in 1953 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. She started her career with Patna Radio Station and her artistic & creative skills helped her to fetch fair chance to act in theatre, IPTA, and Doordarshan. She has done Masters in Reiki Healing and from there, her inclination towards spiritualism raised its head.
Her meeting with her spiritual Guru in 1990 after reading his Guru’s Guru Autobiography, it changed her perspective and her interest in spiritualism deepened. Her inner meditative energy awakened and her interest developed her meditative powers and to see the things differently with an essence of positivity.
By the blessings of her Guru, she was appointed as a Meditation teacher and she took the reins in her hand, sharing and imbibing the teachings of her Guru.
She believes in the power of mediation and she says that it helps to realize one true self and a power to overcome negativity.
The book, Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor is a beautiful chain of the process of meditation. Spirituality is within all of us. We have to just discover and recognize it. Till you don’t recognize, you see life as a heap of happiness and struggles. You love the times of happiness but get overburdened or depressed during the phase of distrust. The author in her book has tried to explain the facts of life illustrating live examples around us and how to deal with it with a faith to overcome via meditation. The meditation has the powers to repel negative energy or transforming it into positive energy.
The meditation is not an easy exercise as it appears but by following it in routine and increasing the duration slowly will invoke interest in the process. The bad thoughts or negative pressures will leave the mind, body, and soul and in positive energy will start building up inside. The positive energy uplifts spiritualism and helps people to accept the challenges without any fear or hiccups.
She has explained how to start meditation, how to benefit from meditation and has given examples from her life. The various interactions she had with people, her own experiences from day to day life, the reactions of people in different instances and how she dealt in her life and how she taught her students to overcome.
The students were not school going kids but adults who required support to understand the realms of meditation and what actually spiritualism is. People believe that to attain spiritualism and practice meditation, one has to renounce the world and become a saint.
The author, Ranjana Gaur has honestly explained that within the normal pursuit of life maintaining a normal life, one can easily practice meditation and enjoys its power. The power of meditation is strong and useful. It changes the attitude and improves perception, the power of perceiving things, diminishes fear of losing and helps in accepting the facts of life.
To know more about the subjects, buy the book, “Antar Samriddhi Ki Aor” and discover the ways and techniques that she has mentioned to follow and her stories from her daily life. The stories are interesting and intriguing.
I have finished the book but still, I am not delving deep because I want you all to buy the book and read for yourself.
My Take:
I received the copy from the author and read thoroughly. I was inspired by her thoughts and it did help to change my ability to perceive knocking negativity down. I do believe in meditation powers and my father got a chance to attend her meditation classes and it helped him in the bouts of Parkinson. I highly recommend this book and request to practice meditation. It has the power to cure diseases, enhance mood and liven up life by energizing our soul. Give time to yourself every day and recognize your power and awaken your inner consciousness.
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Image Credits: Ila Varma & Ranjana Gaur.
Reviewer: Ila Varma.

Disclaimer: It is an honest review, no biasedness. I believe in the powers of meditation and spiritualism and could connect easily with the author’s thought process and her writings.

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I Won’t Give Up! #Life #Suicides #Social #Stress

The cases of suicide is increasing at alarming level.
At times, I cannot come to terms to accept as how educated people are taking such drastic steps to put an end to their life.
Why don’t they think of another alternative?
Today again a bureaucrat ended his life that too in a planned way.
Till now, I knew that the people committed suicide in impulse but now there are cases where suicides are planned
Many queries throng my mind.
Why people commit suicide?
Life is precious and the life of a person is the sacrifice of two living souls who sacrifice all his energy to raise the child and nurtures great expectation to see them happy and prospering and the child never thinks twice before ending their life.
He becomes eccentric & self-centered and only thinks of himself, forgetting all those who are associated with them in some way or the other.
This is not the first bureaucrat who has taken such drastic step; the numbers are alarming.
I want to discuss my views on it and I wish that my readers should try to understand what I mean to say and convey the same in their circles & surrounding so that the cases of suicides and suicidal attempts decline.
To become a bureaucrat is not easy, it’s a tough nut to crack and the person who nurtures the dream of winning the place in bureaucracy puts all his longings and desire on cupboards to satiate his desire to win the chair of bureaucracy. In that race some win, others lose. They take so much pain to fulfil their desire and finally seeks solace when he is selected.
At times, my mind screams when they take such drastic step of ending their precious lives.
Before thinking to end one’s life, one should rethink umpteen times weighing all the pros and cons.
Discuss problems with your friends, accomplice, parents or whom you confide in, it will ease mental pressure and will give time to rethink.
He should first question himself.
Who am I to put an end to this life?


Life is not easy, it is not a bed of roses. It has thorns strewn all over and as roses make their place among thorns to survive, same way, we humans too need to carve a place amongst odd circumstances.
One should always be prepared for the struggles, it can arrive any time. Be prepared for it.
Just like the night comes after the day, likewise tough days come along with happy days.
In the moments of joy, we never count the days then why to count the days of sorrow.
People get petrified at the slightest pretext in adversities but never complain if they are overloaded with happiness.
Oh, I entered into the realm of philosophy; just to interpret why to fret in difficult times.
Take it easy and accept the downfalls as a storm which is temporal in life.
Advice to Parents:
  •  Don’t be over caring & over protective towards your kids.
  • Let them explore around and face the challenges.
  • Be there to guide them but let them fall. Then only the child can learn to rise after every fall.
  • Failures are the pillars of success, so let them taste failure.
  • Don’t take all the pain on your shoulders, share them with your kids.
  • Make them strong and independent.
  • Don’t succumb to each demands. Be firm.
  • Introduce them to the reality of life. They should know that life is not a fairy tale.
  • Teach them to share & care.
  • Don’t panic when they overreact. Gradually, they will learn to come to terms.

I know it’s tough for the parents to watch the child in pain but remember throughout life, you cannot stand by him. He has to stand for himself, so let them taste the fruits of success & failures, happiness & pain, joy & sorrow.
These days the parents cajole their kids too much overlooking their faults and the consequence is child is unable to discriminate between right and wrong.
Three four decades before, there was strict guardianship and the child had fears and many times, he tackled the situation by himself and learnt by trial & error but never gave up. He learnt to comply with the situations.
Today, the situation is just reverse. If once the child says that he is unable to complete the task, both the parents surround him and asks umpteen times what the problem is and hill is made out of the mole. The child is innocent and even at the slightest pretext, he gives up because he knows, his parents are there to help him out.

Helping is not bad but if you see the things minutely, you will find that he is taking advantages of your love and and gives up easily.
Why the parents of today are so lenient?
According to me, they haven’t forgotten the fears that they had in their minds for their parents & guardian and in some way, they don’t wish to repeat the history. In this process, they are not realizing that they are overprotecting their kids and this over care is making their kids weak.
Gauge in the past, how many suicides happened in those times?

Very less compared to today’s statistics.
People of yesteryears had a tough life and they did not gave up easily.
They knew to handle adversities and with each stroke of odds, they emerged stronger.
Parents…let your child struggle. Don’t be ready with readymade solutions, let them learn and fight for themselves.
Advice to Youngsters:
  •  Don’t give up.
  • Fight for your right.
  •  If you cannot bear, change the situations instead of ending life.
  • Life is not easy, it is laden with struggle. Remember, a beautiful butterfly has to struggle a lot in the journey from caterpillar to butterfly. Same ways, to achieve something commendable, one has to take lot of pains.
  • Confide in someone whom you trust.
  • Try to adjust in situations. Life is an adjustment.
  • You have got one life, enjoy to the fullest.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of life.
  • Be happy.
  • Help the needy.
  • Develop hobbies to engage yourself & combat Stress.

Schools & Corporates:
Start stress management sessions at schools, colleges and Corporates. There should be interactive sessions wherein people can discuss their problems in general & can find solutions to it.
Once again, the parents and teachers need to adopt strict rules to handle children so that they can cope up with pressures.
Guys, don’t give up easily. Discuss for solutions. Open up. Don’t bottle up your feelings to explode.
This view is solely mine and it’s my perception.
If you find me wrong anywhere, do correct me.

I will be happy to get corrected.


WOW – Superheroes In Disguise

There are many people around us whom we don’t notice but
they are the superman or superwoman of our life. Man been a social animal, the
life revolves around web of relationships, some by blood and some by humanity.
As we grow and move out, the blood relations are left out and the community in
which we live, they become closer than blood ties. It goes the same for all of

I feel that the support staff who are there at our reach are
the superheroes of our life and whose timely approach makes our life cosy and

Till my kids were small and I was healthy, I carried all the
household chores as well as outside world on my own and I enjoyed executing. In
those days, we had two wheeler and my husband handled it. He was in marketing,
so most of the time, he was on tour. I managed all the chores along with
children by rickshaw and so my dependency was more on the Rickshaw puller.

With two small kids and the baggage, it got tough to cross
roads and hire rickshaw. There was one puller, who was quite generous and
helped me a lot. He advised me to tell my timings of plying and he would be
available on my doorstep at the stipulated time. In those days, mobile services
were not there, so fixing “timings” worked. I don’t remember his name but till
date, I am grateful for his services because he helped me a lot in those days
when my kids were too small and there is only two years age difference between
the two, so you can imagine my plight. He was quite trustworthy and he handled
the kids with love and care while I bought things n veggies from the market. He
rendered his services for absolute four years and never had he failed in his
timings. I recall him as a Superman who helped me in the initial years of my
family life.

Life is full of ups and down and I have my share off and on.

In 90’s, my husband fractured his leg and after a week, I
was confined to bed due to over weakness in my limbs, unable to move. I was in
my early twenties and this sudden change gave me a hard blow and I had nervous
breakdown. The situation at my place was grim. The fracture got ignored, rather
it was taken as a disguise that my husband got ample holiday to stay at home
and arrange for my needs. The god was not happy at this situation and tried to
test our patience. Both my kids were down with measles. So, there was endless
tragedy, one after another and none to take care of us. We had lot of relatives
but none turn up. The mother of my husband’s subordinate offered her help and she
stayed back at our place, managing all the things, especially the kids, who
were of three-four years. Her selfless services for more than a month helped
all of us to recoup and the best part was that she managed the house and her
motherly instinct was great. She was the superwoman in disguise, whose timely
help saved my family. To this day, I am grateful and have tried to be available
for her needs. But my help is not selfless, it is my act of Thanksgiving.

Since two decades, I am suffering from neuropathy and
at most, I need assistance. I am grateful to all my colleagues, subordinates,
associates, friends and staff, who are there for me always and they have made
my life wonderful at my workplace or on outing or at home.

I am surrounded by superheroes and superwoman and they make
my life beautiful and enjoyable and I can’t fathom of life without them. The
ties of brotherhood are more intense in my life than the blood ties, because my
blood ties are staying far off and are available on web or mobile.

I am grateful to all who have added joys and are adding joys
in my life. I salute them with reverence and pray for their well-being.

Cheers to my entourage.

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If Money Disappeared

Today is 30th June and each ping on my mobile
gathers my attention…I am alerted and pounce to check the message after each. The
ping is a common thing and it is consistent throughout the day, but today it is
special…Do you know why? It is the salary day and my ardent eyes are waiting to
see the message of bank credit…It is not me alone…same is the case of all working

It’s 8 pm, still no message from bank.

“Hey Tarun, why are you peeping at the mobile on each ping? Anyone
special.” Tia asked watching my movements since an hour.

Normally, message reached latest by 6 pm. I was wondering…is
there some issue with mobile network or my mobile.

“Yes…true special message of an important person…I am
sincerely waiting for it.”

“May I know who this is?”

“Madame…it’s my banker…Have you received the message from
your banker?” I enquired.

“Nahin…even you did not get the credit. Is something wrong
with the network, but other messages are pouring in…the bankers have slept.”
Tia said and arrived with two cups of hot masala tea.

She took the seat next to me and the hot topic of discussion
of the time was non-credit of salary.

“Mamma, give me some bucks. I need pen and few copies for my
assignment.” He was my elder son Vicky.

“Beta, go and take it out from my wallet. Go fast, it’s
already 9 pm. The shops will close in sometime.” I said.

“Dad…there is no money in your wallet.”

“Have you checked properly? There was no more than two
thousand rupees.” I said and ran to my room to check for myself.

Aww…no currency in my wallet. Did anyone pickpocket…many
untoward thoughts thronged my mind.

“Tarun…even my money is missing from my bag. Did anyone
barge in the house and ran away with the money.” Tia said, her tone was pitched

“Dad…even my money is missing. I am sure there is some foul
play in the house. Some outsider has done the work.” Vicky screamed from his study

The mobiles started ringing.

“Hey Tarun…did you get the message from the bank?” One of my
colleagues enquired.
“No, Dear…even I am wondering what the matter is. I am at
wit’s end, someone has barged in the house and took all the currencies from the
house. I am very perturbed. Will talk later.” I said going to disconnect the

“Same is here Sir. We need to check with the Police.” The voice
at the other end said.
I was shunned.

What’s wrong?

I switched on the T.V….

Breaking news…Money disappears from each and every corner of
the world. Chests are empty…wallets empty…Card showing nil balance…it’s a
Suspect…Attack of Alien on Earth.

“Whaaat…Aliens attack on money? Have they gone insane?” I

There was some authentication of the disappearance of money…The
channels were showing the commotion…of people stranded on roads, markets,
hotels…without money.
The people interviewed were sad and sulking and their minds
had stopped working…how to move without money.
Many queries thronged my mind…these paper currencies are so
valuable…the tingling coins are so precious…it has thrown life out of gear at
sudden disappearance…mental peace perturbed…Oh God…these papers rule our lives…in
a way, we are slaves to this piece of paper which we term as money and it rules
our each and every activity from basic needs of food, clothes and shelter to
luxuries of life…our scores of travelling, health, refreshment and what not. It
straps our each and every activity. Now…what to do. I was not the only one…it
had attacked the total machinery…it was a consolation for me and it saved from
getting mentally imbalanced 🙂
My wifey Tia was glued to the television news and was
changing channels to be updated about the sudden disappearance of money and the
way the media reporters howled, it confirmed that it was authentic news. Her
commentary too was on along with the media personnel and even she was attending
the calls…so…God has made women multi-tasking…watching Tia work on several
issues at one moment of time…I was confirmed that the women had the potential
of the same.

Suddenly, I saw the commotion in the live new room…all were
shaking and the newsreader said that The Alien has flashed the message and they
took the responsibility of this money disappearance. They had locked the
transactions and the money was in their possession.

Live conversation with The Alien.

“Yes…the total currency is in our possession, we are the
masters of it. We wanted to watch the impact of human beings on the
disappearance of money which they call, “Haath ka Mail” and they believe that
they are the most powerful. From past few hours, we are watching the impact and
it is humorous to watch these powerful creatures go berserk. It’s our pleasure
to watch them…money disappeared and they are helpless. We have captured their
live drama….Ha hahaha… enjoy life without money.”

“Tia…where is my wallet…where is my money?”

“Hey Tarun…what happened? Its 3 am, sleep. Even in sleep,
you are running after money.” Tia cajoled me.

“Ohh…it was a bad dream…money disappeared…captured by aliens
and the commotion in life without money. This piece of paper is responsible for
both, good and bad but it is not indispensable. It is a part of our life and
our life regulates on these currencies.” I said.
“Hey…Tarun…don’t be too philosophical…sleep. Philosophy is for
daytime.” Tia embraced me tight in her arms and I floated in sweet dreams far
away from the dreadful nightmare.

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#D for DRINKING – #A to Z Challenge

There is a good news for the fair sex of Bihar as government
has banned the sale of country liquor and spirit and the stringent laws have
been framed to execute for those who won’t abide by the rule…I hate people
who drink and the step taken by the government is really praiseworthy and I am
quite happy.
The ban has created chaos in the life of thousands and
thousands people who thrived by drinking local liquor and they are addicted to
it and the after effects of not consuming liquor is manifold on the drunkards
and especially the men folk of economically backward class is depressed.
There are people who mouth washed the first gargle with
liquor…so you can well imagine…the addiction is so widespread and it will
take time to eradicate from society.

The ban imposed has affected the people of the state;
outlets of liquor shops have been reduced to less than half, so the earnings of
many families are disrupted who sustained their life from the income from

The labour and worker class is disturbed due to imposed ban
though in the long run, it will help in improving the productivity of working
class…but in present scenario…their condition is pathetic but their dependents
and other members of the family are happy with it.

The government has come up with De-addiction centers to
treat the liquor addicted patients, so finally the leaders have realized that
the liquor is posing problem and issues in society and have taken bold accept
to put a stop to it.

Many families have been disturbed and many people lost their
lives just because of this drinking habit. Crimes are on rise and the domestic
violence too is the result of over drinking habits. Nuisance on roads and
colonies also take place by the drunkards.

I have come to know from reliable sources that the govt. has
planned several guidelines and support to curb the consumption of liquor and
the local made is completely banned.
Fines have been imposed for the people who will consume,
sell or propagate drinking habits.

Since the day, ban is implemented, my support staff is very
happy and is planning to visit temple to thank god for banning country liquor
because she too was the victim of domestic violence which she had to confront
in the hands of her drunkard husband.
Resort to drink juices and health drinks instead of
consuming liquor and bring in the difference in society…families will live
happily and prosper.

I am happy with this step of Bihar govt, it’s a commendable
step to raise the prosperity of the state and bring happiness in lives of all.
The family members are celebrating the ban, looking forward for a better life.
May God Bless All.

The news says that the ban has proved beneficial for the labour class, where there were too much of violence and nuisance because of consumption of alcohol and the women and the children are happy and supporting ban.

I thank CM, Nitish Kumar to impose ban and I am sure it will prove beneficial and help in the upliftment of unprivileged class.

I hate Boozers and Boozing and I am very happy and believe that the ban continues and the foreign liquor too should come under this purview.
This post is for A to Z Challenge 2016 and my details are as under.

Ila Varma

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Lost Love


I had a crush for Tia since school days but I concealed my
feelings because she had a liking for my best pal, Tarun and I did not wish to
spoil the game and intrude in their lives. I found Tia to be quite chirpy and
sporty with Tarun and her happiness was my concern. I loved to watch her
wearing smiles on her cute face.

After schools, life raced and we all parted in different
directions. In the beginning, we were connected through phones, but time
constrains snatched our precious associations and all got busy in shaping and
securing their future.

After completing my higher studies and snatching a higher
profile, when I returned to my home town, I came to know that Tia is settled in
a respectable profile in financial industry and had parted ways from Tarun. I
felt bad for her broken relationship, but somewhere I saw a hope for myself.

My feelings for her got intense which I had concealed long just
for the happiness of my friend and my love.

I found her profile on facebook and without wasting time
further, I sent her a friend request and it was instantly accepted by Tia and
she initiated chatting.

Thousand messages flowed from both the sides sharing the
times of the past years but she did not utter a word for Tarun. I wished to know
the reason of their break up but could not gather courage to inquire.

Tia told me about the get together of school batch been organised at Goa and
asked me to join. She appeared very enthusiastic and I agreed to join the
party. It was a fair chance to meet my love after a gap of over a decade.

Tia booked my accommodation and forwarded the details on my
email id and as per the plans, we reached the venue. It was a grand resort on
the beach of Goa.

After check in and getting refreshed, we all had to gather
in the ball room for the celebrations.

I dressed myself in one of my favourite suit and cared to
look handsome to catch the attention of Tia.

Finally, I was in amidst the group and bingo, it was mind
blowing experience and we met like tiny tots of Primary school among Hoo &
haa…weaning out of the skin of superficiality that we held in our professional arena.

My eyes were frantically searching for Tia and finally, my search ended
and settled on her. She had grown more beautiful and charming and her supple
skin glowed and I heard the thuds of my heart beats.

She approached near me and I was astounded by her beauty and
lovely trim figure dressed in blue gown with matching accessories. I was

I extended my hand asking her to join me on dance floor and
she briskly accepted my request. A diamond ring sparkled in her ring finger and
her nails were painted with blood red nail paint which enhanced the beauty of
her long fingers.

Ring on her finger…it bothered me…I held her close and moved
on to the dance floor. A romantic number was been played and I enjoyed her close
proximity but my concealed feelings were stirred spotting a diamond ring on her
finger and this time, I did not wish to keep silent.

I asked her about the ring. Tia smiled and told me that she
was engaged to Tarun.

“Tarun…you broke off with Tarun?” I blurted out.

“Yes, we had moved away from each other for three long
years. The long absence made us realize our follies and we decided to hold the
relationship with more care and this time, our parents played the trick of
getting us engaged to understand the value of commitment and relationship and
we are going to marry in Christmas this year.” Tia said coolly.

My bottled feelings spurted and I said, “Tia…you are lucky
to get a chance to win love back and I am loser in the journey of love. I loved
you but never ever apprised you. I still love you and when I came to know that
you have parted ways with Tarun, I was hopeful.”

“You loved me…I am shocked, I never knew. You never
disclosed.” Tia said.

“I never got a chance, this time too, I failed in my
attempt. May God bless both of you.” 

I said and moved away from her.

I ran out of the ball room and when to my room to change.

I cancelled my previous booking of air travel scheduled day after tomorrow and checked
out of the hotel. I wanted to go back to my town and I started off for the
airport with heavy heart and tears rolled down.

Wordy Wednesdays



Stomping of his feet
Made me aware
Of his erratic moods
Sweeping his mind.
I was no angel,
No tarot card reader
No astrologer
To read his mind.
I, was his mother
Who very well
The mood-swings of her child
The footsteps that followed
Warned me
What was in queue?
I was ready with my tools
To handle

My growing kids…

© Ila Varma 27-03-2016

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That Day….

That day, Tarun was ardently waiting for a call from the placement cell to confirm his 

appointment. The mobile beeped and  he hurriedly picked up. A female was there on the 


She said, “Sorry Tarun, you could not make it. Better luck next time.”

Tarun gasped and banged his wrist hard on the table and shouted, “Why it’s me always?”


© Ila Varma 25-03-2016


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Stop Violence Against Women – #Weird

                                                           Image Credits

Weird impressions clutches
Making me wild
Induce me
To sever
The bodies into pieces
Of the offenders
Ravishing the decency
Of the innocent

The innocent buds
Before they blush
The beautiful bodies
Their mind & soul
With fear of the devil.

The Men
With soiled Soul
To be punished
With severity
Don’t dare
To envisage
To indulge
In the weird acts
Of blemishing


© Ila Varma March 2016

Midweek Motif ~ Weird

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