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I was using Mother Sparsh Water wet wipes and was contended by its exclusive features. Mother Sparsh is always striving to unearth something better for the babies and the environment. Once again, Mother Sparsh has succeeded in their mission and recently launched new variant of baby water wet wipes, Unscented 99% Water Wipes. 

#MotherSparshPremiumWipes for the Neonates with sensitive and gentle skin. Mother Sparsh is recognized as India’s Best Wipes Brand and has received a tremendous response in this sector and very soon, they are coming with exclusive baby care Ayurveda products.

Exclusive features of #UnscentedWaterWipes #SensitiveBabyWipe #SuperThickWipes

  • Mother Sparsh has introduced #MotherSparshPremiumWipes fragrance free wipes, suitable for babies with sensitive and delicate skin. Few Moms have trouble in using wipes with fragrance, keeping this in mind, Mother Sparsh launched wipes devoid of fragrance
  • It constitutes of 99% water and its unscented pure wipes are specially designed for newborns, infants with sensitive skin and also meant to clean the hands and mouth of children. Particularly, the medical grade cloth is so soft that it so gentle on even the most sensitive part of baby.
  • Fabric is derived from the plants and treated in a way that makes them super soft. These wipes are 3 times thicker than ordinary baby wipes.

  • Suitable and totally safe for thorough baby cleaning; Hypoallergenic
  • Keeps baby skin hydrated
  • Free from Alcohol, Parabens & Harsh Chemicals
  • Contains No Plastic and Polyester
  • Easily Disposable and 100% Biodegradable, hence, safe for green and clean environment.
  • No hassles of maintenance.
  • Use & Throw
  • Easy to carry while traveling.
  • Super Saver Pack Available at 499.

How is it Different from Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wet Wipes

Features Comparisons Mother Sparsh 98% scented water wipes Mother Sparsh 99% unscented water wipes
Fragrance YES (fragrance wipes) NO (fragrance free)
Skin Type Normal Skin Sensitive skin/Extra gentle
Fabric Plant derived/Natural fabric Plant derived + 3- times thicker + Medical-Grade fabric
Plastic Lid Not available (Resalable Sticker) Yes (Moisture lock plastic lid)

#MotherSparshPremiumWipes comes in a comfortable packaging of 72 wipes priced at Rs.299/-

Really, we are happy and thankful to the brand Mother Sparsh for introducing such an awesome #ExtraGentlewipes with a number of benefits for parents and the Baby.

My life has become easy with #ExtraThickBabyWipes.

  • No hassles of carrying or buying soft fabrics for my Baby
  • It is easy to carry in my Baby diaper bag and in brief outing with my baby, it adjusts in my purse.
  • Fragrance-free and awesome for sensitive baby skin.

  • Use & Throw without damaging and littering the environment. These wipes are 100% biodegradable as they do not cause any harm to the environment. Mother Sparsh is the best eco-friendly water wipes.

I have shared my experience of Mother Sparsh #premiumbabywipes among my friends and family group and already many of them have started to use it for their bundle of joy. They all are happy with the results and are using it profusely.

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Rebellious Me, I Broke the Taboo Connected with Period!

In our country, attaining puberty is a matter to hush and is wrapped in covers, just like sanitary napkins delivered in opaque packs or newspapers.
Decades before, there were many myths and taboos attached to periods (monthly cycle in fertile girls or women). It was considered impure and there was a long list of BIG NO’s that the girls and the women of the family had to follow in practice.

I was raised in a large family with three generations staying under the same roof, sharing the common kitchen. Each generation had their own set of rules and formulas and the kith and the kin had to follow silently. Raising a voice was next to impossible even in wildest dreams and questioning elders were out of the question.

In my early years of childhood and early teens, I could not understand why the weird rules were followed by my immediate siblings, aunts, mother and other young females of the family.

The weird rules were uniform for all young woman though the dates differ. One thing I could make out that it lasted for 5 days for a single person.

What were the Weird Rules?
Sleep on the Floor or a Cot – Exclusive bedding was allotted and no one else shared the bed with her on her special 5 days in a month.

No Entry in Kitchen Zone – She, the poor soul could not enter the kitchen zone, neither she was allowed to cook or take food for herself.

Don’t Touch Pickles – She was not allowed to touch pickles. It was believed that they will rot if touched.

No Hair wash – On the 5th day, she was allowed to wash her hair. It was believed that she will catch a cold or her flow will be affected.
No Entry in Puja Room or Temples – She was not permitted to perform any religious rites or enter into the area of worship. On the 5th
day, all her clothes, beddings and washable belongings were separately washed and she had to wash her hair to be allowed to roam freely throughout the premises. It was believed that she was clean after the 5th day of periods.

This separation was noticed by all the male fraternity of the house as well as the outsiders. It appeared as if she was an outcast and in exile.

I found these rules weird, unhealthy and humiliating for the people who had attained puberty and thereafter until She was fertile.

I, the rebellious raised voice against such practice. I wasn’t a rebel but on watching these inhumanities against women fraternity, emotions stirred. I could not raise voice to my other two generations in the hierarchy but the immediate hierarchy, My Mom had to face my tantrums.

My periods started later than my siblings and friends of near my age and women of the house were planning to take me to the lady doctor. I was 15 plus and well understood all the things related to periods and ovulation.

I kept a condition to my Mom that I would not see the doctor if these weird practices are not abolished from the house. Further, if my ovulation starts, I won’t disclose to anybody because I find these practices humiliating and

I even added that my periods were delayed just because of watching these tantrums…it was my pace of emotional blackmail to evade emotional

My mom and granny had a discussion under the covers and they disclosed that the day, I am blessed, they will stop these malpractices (It’s
my way of saying to taboos practiced).

God heard my words and I did not have to visit the doctor for the investigations and I was blessed within a quarter of discussion. It declared that I was fertile and healthy.

All the practiced taboos vanished except for two weird rules that still existed. My prayers were heard by them and so I too had to hear and accept two rules, which did not prove to be a hurdle in my life.

Don’t Touch

– It did not bother me because I am not fond of pickles, so it hardly

Don’t Enter Puja Zone or Temples – I believed in God and could not strive courage to break the barrier, being God-fearing Still, I don’t enter Puja zone.

The rest weird practices were non-existent and it gave freedom to all women of the family and even my Mom and Aunt were benefitted. All congratulated me for the courage shown and the lives of all women fraternity improved, it was women liberation.

No more exile period and it added glow on their faces and they thanked me profusely for the bold step.

Attaining puberty for a Man and a Woman should be celebrated as a moment of pride. It proves scientifically that they are fit, healthy and fertile.

These days, various platforms have started to create awareness about ovulation and periods.

Now no more, it is considered a subject to be kept under covers or discussed in a hushed tone. It is a natural process and adequate hygiene should be
maintained. Various departments are working towards it and are arranging
sanitary kiosks at public places for the women fraternity.

Still, the practice exists in many regions and families and the women suffer. People need to understand that it a moment of Pride and nothing to be ashamed of.

More and more awareness programs are required to educate the bizarre and rural population and the movie Pad Man proved to be useful to promote period awareness.

The Best Barrier between You and Air Pollution! #DettolAirMask

Dettol air mask
provides valuable protection against the threat of air pollution and its impact
on human health.

Modern technology is supposed to ease human life.
It does this by freeing up more time and making complex tasks easier. But
overuse of technology has its fair share of fallout’s.
Take, for example, automobile technology. Since so
many cars are being manufactured in the country and it is now simple enough to
buy one, many homes have more than one car. Then there is the prospect of
rising population, which necessitates the creation of more housing and related
infrastructure – thus giving rise to higher rates of construction and industry.
There are also other things we do, like burn garbage and hack down trees to
create more space. All of these behaviors contribute to rising air pollution.
pollution – the biggest menace of our times

Air pollution is one of the most serious hazards
for mankind, among others like lack of clean drinking water and ineffective
sanitation. You can do without food or water for a day, but nobody can stop
breathing. And so it stands to reason that the air you breathe should be pure and
free of pollution. However, the air we breathe today is riddled with a variety
of pollutants that reduce air quality to dangerous levels.
Regular exposure to impure, polluted air has the
potential to cause a variety of diseases among humans and animals alike. It is
unavoidable in most places in the country today. As a result, there are
increasing cases of respiratory disorders, and associated illnesses that affect
even really young children.But just when things seem dire, help is at hand –
with Dettol Air Mask.
Dettol Air Mask – keeping pollution out the smart way

Source: here

The Dettol Air Mask is part of its new range of
SiTiShield products, aimed at keeping the ill effects of air pollution out of
the human body. The Dettol Air Mask keeps harmful particulate matter out even
as you breathe, by filtering the air going inside your body.
The mask is fitted with two main components: a
high quality mask that covers the lower half of your face. It is equipped with
specification filters that keep out 98% of the particulate matter that air
contains, and about 99% of bacteria in the air. Thus, you breathe in pure air
free of pollutants. The second component is the micro fan fitted inside the
mask. The fan is designed to provide ventilation inside the mask so that sweat
does not collect inside and make you uncomfortable. The micro fan also keeps
out heat and carbon dioxide, thus enhancing the air mask’s efficiency.
The Dettol Air Mask satisfies all the parameters
that a good anti-pollution
must offer – hygiene, ease of use and almost 100% filtering of the air
the user breathes. It can be used by anybody, and it is a long lasting product
that you can safely use for weeks and months. It is especially recommended for
the polluted metropolitan areas, where many people are exposed to constant
vehicular and construction-related pollution.
It is hardly feasible to hide in the house fearing
air pollution – and Dettol SiTiShield air mask makes it possible for you to
step out with confidence. 

Mamaearth Baby Wipes! #Babycare #Hygiene

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Mamaearth have launched baby wet wipes for the baby care. Wipes are useful for the babies to clean their face, hands and bum taking care of their skin. Mamaearth believes in nature and introduces nature-friendly products and are biodegradable wipes, so no addition in waste pollution.
Product Description: 
Mamaearth Baby Wipes is India’s 1st Organic Bamboo Based Wipes. It is eco-friendly and easy to use. It is clinically tested, Ph balanced and Hypoallergenic and Madesafe certified. It is thicker and its absorption rate is high. It is absolutely safe for the babies and it moisturizes the skin and there is no possibility of developing rashes. The fragrance is mild and soothing. Mamaearth baby wipe is 100% polyester free.
Packaging: The packing is very convenient and it stores well inside the package. There are 72 wipes in one pack. 

There is an option of pulling out the napkins from the packet, one by one. It is easy to carry in your baby bag and you can even keep safe on car’s dashboard.
Key Ingredients: Prepared from 100% Organic Bamboo and enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera. It’s gentle to baby’s sensitive skin and it can be used for new born to kids up to the age of 6-7 years.
Pricing: INR 249
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Buy from Amazon & Nykaa
Product Review
My niece uses all Mamaearth product and we all are satisfied with the efficacy of the product. My sis-in-law found baby wet wipes quite useful for cleaning all the mess that the baby indulges in and even use for herself if she is on outing with the baby. The fragrance is mild and it gives a fresh feel. The size of the wipe is appropriate for the baby and the absorption rate is relatively high. The packaging is convenient to carry on errands. There is no complain of developing rashes or drying of skin. One packet is enough for one month use.  After each use, close the lid nicely to prevent moisture loss.
My Ratings: 4.5/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

Unique sheet of the Bey Bee keeps children safe from all infections!

A product of
premium Indian child product “Bey Bee”

Bey Bee is a popular brand of the baby care
product manufacturing company Baby and Mom Retail Private Limited. There were
acute shortage of standard product for safe caring of infants and children in
the country. Good products favorable for tender skin of the children were not
available in the market. Children are having more danger of the infection while
Bey Bee products keep safe children from all these infections. Children require
very safe, tender, comfortable and products which keep them safe from danger of
the possible infections. But, after launching of premium Indian Bey Bee
products this shortage has been fulfilled up to an extent. This company has
manufactured such unique products which are not only look like toys but also
save children from many dangers of the infection by giving them safe
Manufacturers of the “Bey Bee” product said
that “customers of the Bey Bee products
always get satisfaction, it is our only biggest capital. In last two years
those parents used Bey Bee products, expressed their satisfactions. Bey Bee
sheet is among most favorite product of the Bee Bey. This is a product of
better quality which is not only cost effective but also having good absorbing
capacity. In this regard, one of the first tine parents said that their colors
are very attractive for children which are not available in other brands. These
are very delicate products which keeps child happy. It is very delicate and
useful sheet for the infants. According to a parent these are better products
which are being used by use since last two years.  One of the first time mothers declare it as a
good product of value for money. While one working woman consider it as an
excellent  Bey Bee sheet for her mother
who is caring her child because child sleeps on it very comfortably  and not fell any wetness. Its size is so good
that it covers complete bed.”
Manufacturers of the Bey Bee care products
spent lots of time in nursery store and made detailed study of all the products
before its launching. After that they found that there is a big difference
between available Bey Bee products and other world standard products.  Bey Bee is not only manufacturing child
products but also taking care of convenience of the parents. By valuating all
these and seeing availability and excellent customer service, Baby and Mom
Retail Private Limited started Bey Bee care products with Bey Bee brand name
which get immense popularity within a short span.
To manufacture Bey Bee product is an honest
work, a service for giving practical advice and is a social responsibility. After
all it is a most exciting moment for any parent that is why before
manufacturing a product for infant it is very essential to have a positive
experience, complete information and easy availability. By keeping this
essentiality Bey Bee products are made available through online and off line
retail purchasing. Bey Bee products are now also easily available on Amazon, Shop
clues. Snapdeal, EBay and other online stores.
Water frock and ultra-absorbent: Beside
water proof this is having 100% waterproofing capability with airflow
technique. It keeps safe child from allergy, dust particles, bacteria, sweat,
urine and other liquids. By using this children bed can be kept dry and
children can be kept safe from the infections of wetness.
Easy Care: It can easily wash by hand
or in washing machine with warm water having temperature between 30 to 60
degree Celsius. It is comfortable, delicate and silky. It is having capacity to
absorb water more than 8 times of its actual weight.
Features:  This baby sheet made from skin
friendly and heat free soft fabric is very light in weight which gives
comfortable sleep to the child. Due to its water absorbing capacity and
immediate drying property it can be used immediate after washing. Child not
feels any heat under this sheet.
Versatile: it is a versatile
product. This is not only use for sleeping of children but dippers of the
children can be changed on it. By using this product, you can also keep safe
your furniture.
Easy Care: Bey Bee sheet is favorable
to skin of the child, heat free, helpful in taking clean breath, durable and
100% water absorbent. It keeps your costly mattress safe and not left any stain
and not spill liquid here and there. It absorbs wetness and made child safe
from the sweat.
Three layered: Bey Bee sheet is
protective and a best absorbent and made up of three layered safety fabric
which keeps bed sheet dry and provide more comfortable feeling to the child and
his parents. Due to its tenderness it provides extraordinary softness to the
tender skin of the child.
Composition: Bey Bee sheet
absorbs liquid of different level very fast because its composition is such
that it child is not feel wetness for a long time from its upper side.
Therefore, usually there is no danger of skin infection. These are made up of
100 % organic materials.
Rexins:  Second part of the Bey Bee sheet is
made of Rexin material and can be used as a dipper changing mat. This sheet is
light weight and cay be carried anywhere. It can be washed as per your
convenience and can be used again and again for a long time.
For senior family members: As it is having matchless
quality to absorb liquid spread over the bed, it can also be used for the
senior members of the family. Its super thin and effective light contact is
very pleasant which left very good feeling on the skin. It spread equally on
the bed.
Full value for the money: Indeed, it is
cost effective in every sense and pays full value for the money. It can be used
again and again. Even after spreading lot of water it can be used by keeping
your clothes completely dry and safe!
Useful for pets: It is not only
useful for children and old aged members of the family it is equally useful for
your dear pets (dogs and cats) too. It is infection free and can be spread
anywhere. It is easy to wash. If your pet sleeps with you on your bed, you can also
use this sheet on your bed to keep yourself and your pet from any kind of



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