How to Attain Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

From time immemorial, it is repeated that Health is Wealth. It is true that of all the assets of the Universe, the health is the greatest asset and nothing can beat or substitute it. We should take extra effort to take care of our precious body and a healthy body leads to sound mind and a happy soul, that is the importance of Health in our life.

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We all know that Health is the most important. A regular regimen to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a must; still, most of us ignore and stress more on earning bucks.


My Baby’s Smiles are Back!

                                                                           Image Courtesy: Pixabay

My baby used to sleep peacefully at night and never did she wake up crying in the middle of the night since she was born. It was a great relief for me because I enjoyed a good sleep at night after being sleep deprived for the whole day. I fed her at regular intervals as per her stage and she cooperated.
Due to a peaceful sleep, my day was perfect and I felt full of energy and managed all the household chores all by myself and with the support of my supportive husband when he used to be at home.
Our relationship was going fine, without any disturbance and we were happy.
However, since a few days, my baby Avni, began to cry while being put on the bed. I thought, maybe, she was suffering from gas or stomach ailment. I tried all sorts of home remedies to sort it out but all in vain. When I took her in my arms, keeping her on my shoulder, she was good, but as I put her back on the bed, her tantrums started again.
The whole night, she was restless and was missing her peaceful sleep. Gradually, even during the day hours, she started getting restless and lost her appetite. At times, she vomited the whole thing that she was fed.
The consequence was that all three of us were disturbed because we could not sleep peacefully. My hubby started getting irritated because he had to catch his office early morning, and being deprived of sleep, he was not able to concentrate on his duties. Even, I could not get enough time to manage my sleep because the baby had gone cranky and she longed to be in my arms only.
Now, it was time to see her doctor and get her reviewed because I could not find anything missing, and Avni was getting restless each day. In the corner of my heart, a feeling crept in of evil eye. I don’t believe in superstitions and blind faith but when it’s about the baby, fear grips in. 
I discussed with my MIL in the beginning, but she laughed out at my apprehension, because she knew me well and that I never bothered about these things.
She said coyly, “Yeah, today, I am talking with a Mom and a Mom is so paranoid about her kids that she can go to any length for them.”
The appointment was fixed with her Paediatrician and Avni was thoroughly examined.
Avni was suffering from nasal congestion, and since babies are obligatory nose breathers, she was cranky and did not sleep peacefully.
The doctor explained to me with a slide show, how the nasal congestion was bothering her and she was not comfortable in taking food, playing or sleeping. It was a type of allergy and she needed medication to get relief. She found solace on my shoulders because it was easy for her to breathe with her mini-nose, but it was difficult for her to breathe while lying down on the bed.
The Paediatrician prescribed Nasivion® Pediatric (Child) 0.025% Nose Drops. Avni was 15 months old and the dosage prescribed was 1 drop into each nostril thrice a day for 5 days and was asked to get re-examined if the problem persisted. She reaffirmed that it will bring relief to my baby and she will be back into her original self, hale and hearty.
I bought the nasal drops from the Pharmacy and the details of the medicine are as under.

One ml of Nasivion® Child Nose Drops contains:
– 0.25 mg Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride USP (active ingredient) in buffered aqueous solution
– 0.3 mg Benzalkonium Chloride Solution 50% IP (as preservative)

10 ml glass bottle with dropper

As prescribed by Paediatrician.

Gradually, she got respite and was back to her earlier routine. Her crankiness and irritation disappeared and my chubby Avni’s smiles were back.
All three of us were having a peaceful night and were vibrant with energy to finish our chores and play with our cute doll, Avni all over again.
Her smiles brought solace to my heart and all the fright and fear of the evil eye vanished.
Thanks to the Paediatrician and Nasivion® Pediatric 0.025% Nose Drops for providing relief from nasal congestion. Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution being the first line of treatment, as it is safe and can be used by anyone. If the problem is aggravated then after consulting the doctor, one can opt for Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops depending on the age of the child.
To know more about the Nose Drops, Click here

Follow your Pediatrician advice before starting any medical treatment.


Evergen and Airlabs announce World’s first Clean Air Zone- AirHavn!

Evergen and Airlabs announce World’s first Clean
Air Zone “AirHavn”– to demonstrate an innovative new technology to clean air
pollution in Delhi
~National Physical Laboratory’s Gas Metrology Section
to conduct independent validation of the pilot~

New Delhi 14 June 2018:Evergen Systems along with their
technology partner, Airlabs today announced the launch of ‘AirHavn’ the pilot
of the World’s First Clean Air Zone at Lakhi Shah Banjara Hall, Gurudwara Rakabganj
Saheb, Delhi to demonstrate the revolutionary technology and announce their
plans for cleaning air pollution across India. Present at the launch were Dr.
Matthew Johnson, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at University of
Copenhagen, Chief Scientific Officer at Airlabs and Sukhbir S. SIDHU, Founder
and CEO, Evergen Systems, Dr. Shankar Aggarwal, Senior Scientist, Gas Metrology
Section, National Physical Laboratory of India and Manjit Singh GK, President
of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.
Evergen were the pioneers to launch City Tree in
London and became the first company in Britain to install technology solutions
to tackle urban air pollution. Evergen are working with Municipalities, local
authorities and Government agencies to install City Tree across the UK. After
almost two years of researching and trials of a number of technologies, Evergen
has the exclusive license for– City Tree – the world’s first Biotech filter for
cleaning urban air pollution.
AirHavn is an ‘architectural masterpiece’ that has
been especially designed and constructed applying the laws of fluid dynamics to
take control of air flow. The AirHavn combines a design based on extensive
optimisation using high performance computing with high performance air
filters. The innovative Airlabs technology utilises a combination of
atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering and implemented through a
proprietary dual filter system combining nano-particles for removing 97-99%
fine dust particles and a chemical media to remove gases like NOx, SOx, CO2 and
Speaking at the launch Mr. Sukhbir Sidhu, Founder
& CEO Evergen Systems Ltd, “Air quality is huge problem and barely a day
goes by without a story in the national or city media focusing on the
deteriorating quality of our air and its impacts on human health. In early 2016
our company began looking into ways of tackling this problem. He further added,
“We are delighted that we, along with our technology partners Airlabs took the
decision to set up a pilot clean air zone in Delhi to demonstrate the technology
and announce our plans for cleaning air pollution across India. It was a huge
challenge to secure a suitable site in the middle of the city. Let’s be clear,
this is the only proven technology that is capable of cleaning outdoor air
pollution. It has been tested by University of London, now in Delhi and soon by
Scientist and Prof (Dr.) Matthew Johnson,
University of Copenhagen on launching the project said, “We have done the
impossible: Today, together with our partners at Evergen India, we are launching
and dedicating the world’s first open-air clean air zone to the people of
India: The AirHavn. My team has been monitoring the air quality from inside and
outside the AirHavn since last few days. We are having real time updates on
quality of the air, the results are phenomenal as we have monitored pollution
reduction by up to 70 %. The air quality is also being independently monitored
by National Physical Laboratory’s, Gas Metrology Section.”
Gurdwara Rakabganj, where the AirHavn pilot is
taking place for 3 weeks is located in Delhi. General public, students,
politicians and civic leaders are invited to visit the AirHavn, enjoy clean air
and learn about this revolutionary technology completely free of cost.
to the editors:
Evergen Systems Ltd
Established in 2010 Evergen are a multi award
winning Cleantech Company. Since the beginning their mission has been to reduce
energy consumption and CO₂ emissions in the built environment. The company has
been installing solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management
Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. Over the
years company’s business has evolved from saving energy and cutting CO₂ emissions,
to reducing pollution and cleaning the air.
Airlabs was founded by Matthew Johnson, Professor
of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and Sophie Power, a
London based businesswoman concerned about the health of her children. The
company exists to give people clean air to breathe in polluted cities. Airlabs
combines a greater understanding of air pollution through its sensor networks
and airflow modelling capabilities, alongside the technology and engineering to
create true clean air zones throughout cities. Airlabs has launched several
projects in London. From bus shelters to benches and the AirHavn is the first
large scale demonstration of outdoor air cleaning. The company launched its
first consumer product, the Air Bubble, to clean the highly polluted air inside
vehicles. Air lab’s technology has had global media coverage and independent
scientific validation.

Disclaimer: The article & images used in this blog are the property of pr24x7 & the data is compiled by them.

Meet the ENDS and not ban them



World Health Organization Global TB report 2016, states that India accounts to
a whopping number of 2.8 million of the total 10.3 million new TB cases
globally. Moreover, research also states that deaths caused by oral cancer in India, cross over 10 lakh
annually. These numbers are alarming, India, is at the brink of a health
care crisis while under nutrition could be the major cause for the TB endemic,
the increase in the consumption of tobacco cannot be ignored. With every
passing budget the Finance Minister announces a hike in the excise duty of
tobacco and related products. In 2017, pan masala products, containing tobacco
or gutkha the excise duty had increased to 12 percent from 10 percent while for
other unmanufactured tobacco it raised to 8.3 percent from 4.2 percent earlier.
The excise duty on
non-filter cigarettes of length not exceeding 65 mm had been raised to Rs 311
per thousand from Rs 215. In 2016, the government had increased the excise and
customs duties on cigarettes by 9 per cent. 
This year tobacco and related products were placed in the highest GST
bracket of 28 percent plus a 5 percent cess on tobacco and related products.
Apart from this, in the past few months there has also been a debate on the
packaging warnings that are issued on the cigarette packs.

But the real question here is, do these
measures have a substantial impact on the sale and consumption of tobacco or
related products? Tobacco consumption has emerged as a major health problem in
India, along with diabetes and cardiac diseases. The high amount of nicotine
and chemicals in traditional cigarettes are addictive and makes it almost
impossible for one to quit. The need of the hour is to look at an alternative
that will help addicts wean off the habit and eventually quit smoking. Vaping,
should be considered as an alternative in this endeavor.
In a recent step against cancer-causing
substances, Tobacco Control Division of the Union Ministry of Health and Family
Welfare has circulated a notice to withdraw the amendments of Cigarettes and
Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA), Bill 2015 from the public domain for
modification. The new expected modified amendments will include action against
promoting E-cigarettes / Vaping devices. “The government and ministry should
look at vaping with a holistic approach and not jump to conclusions without
proper research. We believe that regulation of ENDS will provide 120 million
smokers access to technology that can create the difference between life and
death for them. A blanket ban is not a solution, but a violation of fundamental
right to choose better and safer alternatives over smoking,” said Nilesh Jain, founder,
Vaping is considered as a harm reduction
tool, according to experts. Vaping is an act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor
produced by an electronic device—a battery-operated device which vaporizes a
flavored liquid made of propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings. In the month
of November launched a campaign #nosmokenovember and received several
testimonials from customers who shared their experience and spoke about the
change that they experienced as they shifted from smoking cigarettes to vaping.
The also participated in a health and wellness expo. This was the first time a
vaping brand was a part of such an event where even doctors, nutritionists and
fitness enthusiasts were curious to know about the benefits of vaping. “We
believe that the awareness about vaping in India is bare minimum and banning it
will only escalate the problems that the government is already facing. The
products will be sold illegally and the product quality can also be
compromised. Currently all the products we are selling are ISO certified,” added Jain.
If we look at the US, the FDA policy is
working on shifting the focus from tobacco to nicotine and working towards a
far-reaching impact on public health. Evidence demonstrates that alternative
products designed to reduce harm have a place in helping people’s health
outcomes immediately. Clearly, more research needs to be done to validate harm
reduction especially in India, which has a huge tobacco burden and where access
to public healthcare is minimal at best. Making the role of preventive measures
is even more critical. Indian regulators and the health ministry must also take
a step towards new policies and encourage harm reduction alternatives, the
public health benefits can be unprecedented.

Bey Bee के प्रोडक्ट रखेगें बच्चे को सुरक्षित और सेहतमंद।

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Js”B LVkVZvi daifu;ksa esa ls ,d gS
lHkh çksMDV~l dh jsat dh tkudkjh ds fy, foftV djsa : www-BeyBee-in                
: f’k’kjke [kjsfl;k ¼laLFkkid /
Mob- :
daiuh :
csch ,aM e‚e fjVsy çkbosV
और अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें
laidZ : अतुल मलिकराम ¼laLFkkid / Mk;jsDVj½
: 9827092823

Mamaearth Plant DHA For Mama! #Review #TraditonalRecipe

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Once again, I am back with the review of Mamaearth Wellness range and this time, I am going to brief you the details of the Mamaearth Plant DHA for Mama.

This product is pure vegetarian product and it consists Omega3 and fish oil is the main source of it but some people abhor the taste, so the brand has come up with a solution of providing Algae Omega derived from the plant life. It is free of contaminants and external impurities.

Product Description: The omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is crucial for the healthy structure and function of the brain. An optimal intake of DHA is especially essential for pregnant and nursing mothers to ensure adequate brain development in their children. Researchers found that infants born to mothers with higher blood levels of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA at delivery had advanced levels of attention spans well into their second year of life. During the first six months of life, these infants were two months ahead of those babies whose mothers had lower DHA levels. DHA is good for pregnant women, as it helps baby’s brain, nervous system, and eyes. A baby in uterus needs to get these fats from its mother. It has even properties to cure neurological problems and elevates mood.Consult your Doctor before starting Mamaearth Plant DHA for Mama.


Packaging: It comes in a green bottle packing with fitted white lid and it’s easy to carry. The DHA comes in capsule form and it is light brownish in color. It is available online.
Ingredients:  DHA 250 MG per serving.

Dosage: 1 or 2 capsules a day along with meal.

Pricing: INR 699/60 Tabs.
Shelf Life: Two years.

Product ReviewSince fortnight, my sis, who is mother of a two year old child is using this product after consulting our family doctor and she is happy with the result. She is feeling active & her energy level has enhanced. We have read articles on DHA and are confident to fetch positive results. 


*DHA helps promote nervous system development and optimal memory function.

*DHA is essential for the adult brain, where it impacts the brain’s structure and signaling systems.

*An optimal intake of DHA is especially essential for pregnant and nursing mothers to ensure adequate brain development in their children.

*It boosts metabolism of human body and develops immunity.

*It is vital for the brain and eye development of the foetus.

*It lubricates & strengthens joints.

Buy from Amazon.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

विश्वस्तरीय कंपनी नेचरलैंड आर्गेनिक के उत्पाद की विस्तृत श्रृंखला अब महू ऑ नेचुरल में उपलब्ध

की मानी
हुई कंपनी  नेचरलैंड
के आर्गेनिक
उत्पाद की
पूरी श्रृंखला
अब महू में भी
है| हेल्थ
24×7 के अतुल
मालिकराम ने
बताया है
कि आर्गेनिक
अनाज में
विटामिन, मिनिरल
कर्बोहिड्रेटस, फेट्स,
इसेंसियल आयल
व प्रोटीन
की भरपूर
मात्रा होती
है | जैविक
खेती से
उगाई गई
दाल व
दलहन में
भरपूर प्रोटीन
व एमिनोएसिड
होते हैं
रसोई में
उपयोग होने
वाली सामग्री
के साथ
ही स्वास्थ्य
के लिए
लाभकारी त्रिफला,
आवला, एलोवेरा
जामुन इत्यादि
के जूस
व पाउडर  भी
उपलब्ध है|
मालिकराम का
कहना है
की महू
में भी
लोग स्वास्थ
के प्रति
जागरूक हो
गए हैं
और कीटनाशक
व रासायनिक
खाद में
प्रयुक्त विषैले
रासायनों से
मुक्त आर्गेनिक
प्रोडक्ट उपयोग
करना चाहते
हैं महू
के लोगो
के लिए
शुद्ध व
जैविक प्रोडक्ट
आसानी से
ऑ नेचुरल स्टोर में  उपलब्ध
हो सकेंगे|
ऑ नेचुरल स्टोर
महू के
मोहम्मद कांचवाला ने
बताया की
त्योहारों के
अवसर पर
शहर वासियों
के लिए
नेचरलैंड आर्गेनिक
के सभी
उत्पाद प्रस्तुत
करते हुए
हमें प्रशन्नता
है इस
अवसर पर
हम ग्राहकों
को नेचरलैंड  आर्गेनिक  के
सभी उत्पाद
पर आकर्षण
छूट भी
उपलब्ध करा
रहे हैं|
के मध्य
ऑ नेचुरल
स्टोर में
भाया जी रोड ,अपोजिट मदर मेरी स्कूल ग्राउंड महू  में
भी अब
भारतीय रसोई
में उपयोग
होने वाले
आर्गेनिक के
सभी उत्पाद
उपलब्ध हैं
इसमें मुख्य
रूप से
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Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drink For Mama! #Review #Mamaearth

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Once again, I am back with the review of Mamaearth range of products and this time, I am going to present the detail of the Wellness Product, “Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Mama.”

In the Wellness industry, Apple Cider Vinegar is a common name and people use it for skin care & hair care as well as for internal digestion & rejuvenation and it claims to help in weight loss, lowering of cholesterol & blood sugar and thus improves the immunity of the body though the product is not medically intended to treat or cure diseases.

Today, Wellness industry has progressed and lot of people are following our age old traditional recipes to combat stress and for all round development of health and the products used in the wellness industry are derived from nature so it does not pose any health risk and it improves one’s health.

Mamaearth has come up with the product “Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Mama” to help the Mama’s to improve their post pregnancy blues and claims that it helps to tone her body, improves the texture of skin and hair and it helps in weight loss. Pregnancy is one of the wonderful things in the life of a woman but while nurturing the child for nine months in her womb, essential nutrients of her body are at times depleted and supplements are required post pregnancy to maintain standard nutrients and keep her healthy. She needs extra care and Mamaearth has introduced the product to rescue her from post pregnancy issues. Even while rearing the kids, she has to be on toes and her body needs extra nutrition to keep her fit and active.

Product Description: “Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Mama” specifically formulated for women to assist in weight loss with extra strands of the ‘Mother’. It is naturally fermented from Certified Organic Himalayan Apples. It is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized, preserving live cultures known as the ‘Mother’ to keep enzymes and nutrients intact. The ‘Mother’ in it is the dark, cloudy substance found in the vinegar, formed from naturally occurring pectin and apple residues. The presence of the ‘Mother’ shows that the best part of the apple has not been destroyed. With New Zealand’s Manuka Honey, Turmeric, and Ginger, it naturally assists in healthy metabolism and weight loss. It is completely free of Artificial Colours and Preservatives.

Packaging: is good. It comes in a green colour fibre bottle pack with a well fitted cap and a measuring cap to measure the vinegar.

Nutritional Information:

Directions for Use:


Pricing: INR 599/500 ml
Shelf Life: 18 months.
Appearance & Taste: It is of light yellowish color with a sour taste. Initially, you may not like it but with usage, you will develop taste of it.
Product Review:  I shared the product with my sis-in-law and initially she was reluctant to drink due to the strong smell and the sour taste but when I insisted her and told her about the benefits, she agreed to my advice and she is using the product since fortnight. She briefed me that she agrees with the product claims and she is feeling lighter and active. She is following the instructions religiously and we are looking forward to see the changes in her physical appearance. We all know natural products works slow but slow and steady wins the race. It is helpful in detoxification of the body and body is rid of toxins.
• No Added Colour
• No Artificial Fragrance
• No Preservative
• 100% Natural & Organic
• Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurized
• Non GMO
• Natural Gluten Free
• Naturally Fermented with 5% Acidity
Cons: It is available online.
Buy from Amazon.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

***I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

You Don’t Need To Hit The Gym To Remain Healthy! #Health #Active #Saffola


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Health is wealth is an old adage and we all know the benefits of possessing good health but do we really push ourselves towards attaining and maintaining good health. Sound health keeps one happy and irritation is at bay.
Sedentary lifestyle and mechanized offices have added more flabs & pounds to our body and the junk & readymade food is the real culprit and further stress flares up.
These days people are becoming conscious of their health and follow several advertisement advice to reduce and keep oneself fit but most of them don’t continue for long and drop midway, the consequence is they regain more than what they lost. At times, they lose interest to maintain and take for granted that it is not their cup of tea.
Down the years, people relished on rich food and even they had good appetite to digest them, the good reason behind it was that they burnt the calories that they consumed because they led an active life, walked miles to reach schools and offices and the children played in fields and the women were physically active in managing home, laundry and home management without any gadgets and managed to keep themselves in shape.
Nowadays, life is driven on gadgets, so physical exertion is minimal and mental stress is optimum.
In one of the reports on gym, I came across a reported fact that said that all the people who register for gym sessions, all don’t turn up or continue with the gym sessions and it said that this extra money is the real profit generated by gym owners and they even spilled the fact if attendance goes to 100% then the gym will nose dive to losses. This stats clearly indicates that the people are eager to indulge in exercises but they cannot make it to the gym, each person has a different excuse for not been present to the gym.


On doctors visit, a doctor suggests exercises and the patients give excuses that they don’t have time to spare for exercises and briefs a long list of been occupied. The helpless doctor passes a smile because he knows well that his patient lacks the willingness to exercise.
Why don’t we change our lifestyle and enjoy the exercises in the precincts of our home with our partner and children?
We don’t need extra time and place to exercise. Change the style of your working inside the home and try to do maximum chores by yourself.
The young parents wake up early to prepare for work and send children to school. The husbands can involve themselves in tidying bed sheets and dusting the layers of furnishings and home décor while the wife is busy with the kitchen and getting the kids ready for school.
Don’t wait for your partner to handover you a cup of tea…walk and get one for yourself. Till tea water boils, spin your hands in circular motions, clockwise and anti-clockwise…your tea will be ready to sip till you do ten times each.
Balcony Garden
Plant some plants in your balcony, this too will help in exerting your muscles and water them regular intervals, prune & manure them weekly and enjoy seeing them grow…it will lend you happiness and will keep you active.
Rise early and watch the sunrise and do some breathing exercises…your lungs will be filled with fresh air and you will feel nice. If you are bored to do alone, call your partner and your kids to give you a company…the lungs of the whole family would be oxygenated and day of all would start on a positive note.
If you feel early morning sickness, ask your kids to wake you up. Just tell them that you all be will be going to the park next to your house for playing, they won’t leave any stone unturned in waking you up and full family will enjoy morning stroll and play…if you follow this regime successfully for a week, you will find noticeable change in yourself and morning sickness will elope leaving both of you energetic and the children will be happy for early outing and they too will be active whole day…Don’t tell me how to take time out in the morning schedule…you have so much to do…I agree there are a lot of tasks in the morning…when you are attending all the tasks then why to leave this healthy one…get up half an hour early than you are doing it now and hang out with family.
When you are back from the park or balcony, don’t sit with newspaper. Help your partner in kitchen work and till the lunch is been cooked on the stove, indulge in doing some exercises of your hands, legs, neck, push-ups and walking on toes. Do together or count each other movements…a feeling to compete will grip both of you and each one will try to do better in order to compete with each other and doing together will keep you closer.
Divide work between partners of dusting the rooms, furnishings, cutting vegetables and cleaning work after the morning cooking and packing is over…this way, the work will be done nicely in half of the time since both of you are helping each other and none will feel the load of work and will be present in the office on time.
Even ask your kids to keep their packed lunch in their school bags, inculcate in them the habit of polishing their shoes and when they are in the fourth or fifth class, gradually teach them to iron clothes, arrange their bags and shelves and help you in household work…they will develop a habit of doing work and it will help them to remain active, lethargy will be at bay.
In evenings, when the children come back from school, take them on a roof or in the park and play with them…do some stretching exercises…if you are working and you arrive home late, try the stretches with your partner & kids in your living room.
While watching TV, don’t sit idle. Indulge in push ups and sit ups. If you are a music lover, then do some quick steps and lunges to keep yourself fit.
During weekends, indulge in cleaning cobwebs, bathroom, kitchen, and other cupboard and shelves. Involve your partner and kids, a sense of togetherness will develop among the family.
If you follow the routines mentioned above then you don’t need to spend extra bucks or hit gym to lose your extra pounds nor you will need to curb your regular diet and crave for your favorite dishes. Avoid eating out or relishing on junk food …Yes, do check out that you take healthy diet which consists of protein diet to build muscles, green leaf and vegetables, lean meat, eggs, and fish, including more of pulses, legumes, sprouts, low-fat milk, curd and cottage cheese, complex carbohydrates and add in more of fruits in your diet chart. Refrain from using too much oil in gravy, the body requires everything in the right proportion to maintain good health.
If you do all these in the right way then you will see that more than 45 minutes a day is invested in physical activity and it is more than enough to maintain the curves.
Don’t brood…stand up and do your part to be #ApneTareekeSeHealthy…If you are single, then help your parents around instead of excusing yourself that you don’t have a partner…😛

 I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda. has helped over 1 million smokers quit Smoking! #HealthCare

August 2017: Mumbai based
start-up is a leading vaping brand in India. It was incorporated in
2014 with a vision to help
people quit smoking and to ensure that vaping products are affordable and
accessible to the Indian population.
is a term used to describe the inhaling and exhaling of vapor produced by an
electronic battery-powered device which is a healthier alternative to smoking the
hazardous cigarettes.
There are approximately 108 million smokers in
India; tobacco is the second highest cause of disability, WHO also calls
tobacco a gradual killer. Many addicts are looking for a healthier option and has helped over 1 million
smokers switch to vaping.
on the occasion Nilesh Jain, Founder, said, “There is very little
awareness about vaping as a cleaner alternative. At, it is our endeavor
to help smokers quit tobacco out of will and not compulsion. We use only FDA
approved flavors in our e-liquids which are meticulously handcrafted at our ISO
9001 certified manufacturing unit.”
Since inception, witnessed a month-on-month sales revenue growth of 10-15 percent. And
being a pioneer in India’s vaping industry, aims to create a
widespread awareness about vaping to help the millions of tobacco addicts in
Smoking versus Vaping:
India, the government is skeptical about legalizing vaping. However studies in
the west show that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking tobacco based
cigarette. Recently in the US,The Food and Drug
announced a road-map to
reduce deaths from tobacco, and tobacco-related disease. According to the body,
more than 480,000 deaths in the US are caused by tobacco every year. The FDA in
the United States wants people to switch to a healthier alternative like
vaping.  The greatest health hazard of
cigarettes is the smoke that it produces, it also contains harmful chemicals
like cyanide, carbon monoxide and methanol. These primarily affect the heart
and arteries.  Vaping doesn’t not contain
any of the harmful chemicals, experts also believe that through vaping the physiological need of nicotine reduces as body
undergoes a, weaning-off effect. Vaping also doesn’t leave the foul smell and
taste of burnt tobacco.

 Disclaimer: The article & images used in this blog are the property of pr24x7 & the data is compiled by them.

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