How to Attain Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

From time immemorial, it is repeated that Health is Wealth. It is true that of all the assets of the Universe, the health is the greatest asset and nothing can beat or substitute it. We should take extra effort to take care of our precious body and a healthy body leads to sound mind and a happy soul, that is the importance of Health in our life.

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We all know that Health is the most important. A regular regimen to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a must; still, most of us ignore and stress more on earning bucks.


The Best Barrier between You and Air Pollution! #DettolAirMask

Dettol air mask
provides valuable protection against the threat of air pollution and its impact
on human health.

Modern technology is supposed to ease human life.
It does this by freeing up more time and making complex tasks easier. But
overuse of technology has its fair share of fallout’s.
Take, for example, automobile technology. Since so
many cars are being manufactured in the country and it is now simple enough to
buy one, many homes have more than one car. Then there is the prospect of
rising population, which necessitates the creation of more housing and related
infrastructure – thus giving rise to higher rates of construction and industry.
There are also other things we do, like burn garbage and hack down trees to
create more space. All of these behaviors contribute to rising air pollution.
pollution – the biggest menace of our times

Air pollution is one of the most serious hazards
for mankind, among others like lack of clean drinking water and ineffective
sanitation. You can do without food or water for a day, but nobody can stop
breathing. And so it stands to reason that the air you breathe should be pure and
free of pollution. However, the air we breathe today is riddled with a variety
of pollutants that reduce air quality to dangerous levels.
Regular exposure to impure, polluted air has the
potential to cause a variety of diseases among humans and animals alike. It is
unavoidable in most places in the country today. As a result, there are
increasing cases of respiratory disorders, and associated illnesses that affect
even really young children.But just when things seem dire, help is at hand –
with Dettol Air Mask.
Dettol Air Mask – keeping pollution out the smart way

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The Dettol Air Mask is part of its new range of
SiTiShield products, aimed at keeping the ill effects of air pollution out of
the human body. The Dettol Air Mask keeps harmful particulate matter out even
as you breathe, by filtering the air going inside your body.
The mask is fitted with two main components: a
high quality mask that covers the lower half of your face. It is equipped with
specification filters that keep out 98% of the particulate matter that air
contains, and about 99% of bacteria in the air. Thus, you breathe in pure air
free of pollutants. The second component is the micro fan fitted inside the
mask. The fan is designed to provide ventilation inside the mask so that sweat
does not collect inside and make you uncomfortable. The micro fan also keeps
out heat and carbon dioxide, thus enhancing the air mask’s efficiency.
The Dettol Air Mask satisfies all the parameters
that a good anti-pollution
must offer – hygiene, ease of use and almost 100% filtering of the air
the user breathes. It can be used by anybody, and it is a long lasting product
that you can safely use for weeks and months. It is especially recommended for
the polluted metropolitan areas, where many people are exposed to constant
vehicular and construction-related pollution.
It is hardly feasible to hide in the house fearing
air pollution – and Dettol SiTiShield air mask makes it possible for you to
step out with confidence. 

Apollo Munich introduces WINSURE! #Insurance

A new category in health insurance by launching first-of-its-kind Health Wallet plan

December 16, 2017:
In an endeavor to offer a unique
winning proposition to its customers, Apollo Munich Health Insurance (AMHI) today introduced a new category ‘WINSURE’ with its
revolutionary WIN-WIN health insurance plan called ‘HEALTH WALLET’. This
one-of-a-kind policy is set to redefine the health insurance category by
addressing pertinent questions such as value for money, ease and great service.
Health Wallet not only addresses the current needs of the customers by paying
for their hospitalization and OPD expenses that are usually not covered by
health insurance policies, but also ensures affordability of continuing their
policy in later years.
The disruptive and innovative Health
Wallet plan comes with a path-breaking ’RESERVE’
benefit. True to its name, this feature creates a reserve kitty for the
customers that can be used for a variety of out-of-pocket expenses such as speech
therapy, purchase of medicines, vaccinations, dental expenses, diagnostic tests,
spectacles, contact lenses, medical devices like blood pressure and sugar
monitors, oxymeters, prosthetics, consultations with medical practitioner,
physiotherapist, dietician etc. That’s not all, it also allows the user with
the flexibility of paying for ‘non-payable items’ that are generally excluded
from any health insurance. As a unique offering, it pays for other medical
expenses that are not covered under any other medical insurance such as cosmetic
treatment, Alzheimer’s etc. Last but not the least, customers can even use this
reserve amount to fund for co-payment and deductible cost.

Reserve Benefit

– One-of-its-kind product which offers ‘Reserve Benefit’ that pays for a variety of healthcare expenses

-Let’s your money earn for you by offering a 6% bonus on the reserve balance at the time of the renewal

The most
interesting part of the RESERVE
benefit is that it lets your money earn for you. Every year the unused reserve
amount gets carried forward and earns a 6% bonus. This accumulated reserve kitty
can in turn be used to pay up to 50% of the renewal premium, post 5 continuous
renewals. It is unarguably a new milestone in health insurance industry that
addresses the Indian savings and returns mindset and allows the customers to
fund for their health insurance premium in the later years.
Speaking on this announcement, Suraj Mishra: CEO –
South & Central Zone, Apollo Munich Health Insurance
said, “With changing lifestyles, healthcare needs of Indians are changing at
a rapid pace and with this, we believe it is imperative for the health
insurance sector to redefine itself to cater to the evolving needs of
customers. With respect to healthcare financing there are three major insights
at hand and perhaps also the reason for low health insurance penetration. One –
India ranks 183 out of 189 countries on account of out of pocket expenses,
which means almost 70% of healthcare expenses incurred is out of pocket. Two –
Indian customers are probably most judicious as they always look for great
value for money and it has been imbibed in their minds to save money and plan
for their future. Three – Post retirement people are worried about funding
health insurance premiums. These pertinent concern areas of customers lead us
to re-invent the industry. Today we are proud to be the pioneers in leading
this change for our sector and introducing a new category WINSURE, along with a
revolutionary product – “Health Wallet” which addresses all of the above

Wallet, a next-gen product has been designed to address various dilemmas people
have while buying health insurance and caters to their complete healthcare
financing needs. Health Wallet is set to create a new vocabulary under the
premise of ‘WIN-WIN’ deal. It’s an absolute WIN when all your healthcare needs
from OPD to hospitalisation to emergency are addressed by a single plan and
also a WIN your money earns for your tomorrow. With this, we strongly believe
that we will bring change in the communities at large through our distinctive
offering and will continue our endeavour in making India a health confident

Additionally, at the
event, Mr. Jacob introduced Bollywood celebrity, Farhan Akhtar as the brand
ambassador of the Company
. He is an eminent multi-facet personality,
who has succeeded in various aspects of life from being an actor, writer,
director, songwriter to a doting father and fitness enthusiast. Sharing his
views on the association, Farhan Akhtar
opined, “I have
always believed that healthcare is not a privilege but a right. In a country
where on one hand healthcare is becoming so sophisticated that people around
the world come to India for treatment; on the other hand most Indians can’t
afford these services. It saddens me to know that over 7 crore families in India
get pushed below poverty line every year while trying to tend to the healthcare
needs of their loved one. Seeing what an unforeseen health episode can do to a
family, I believe health insurance is a necessity for all as it not only
enables access to quality healthcare but also protects the dreams of a family.
I feel a sense of pride to be associated with the concept of health insurance
and more so with Apollo Munich for their passion and purpose of making India
health confident.”

For customers
who can take care of the first few lakhs of healthcare expenses either with
their personal funds or corporate insurance policies, Health Wallet also comes
with a deductible option. By opting for deductible, the customer chooses how
much expense he/she will be able to take care of in case of a health emergency.
§  Reserve Benefit –
A unique benefit that continues to grow and
earn for you, helps you secure your retirement. Reserve benefit has been
designed to ensure that your money does not get wasted, that’s not all the
amount is carried forward incise not used during policy period. The amount that
is carried forward also earns a 6% bonus at the time of renewal. And the good
news is, that you can pay upto50% of your renewal premium from the accrued
Reserve benefit post 5 continuous renewals.
§  Restore Benefit- This feature automatically restores the sum insured if a
claim is made.
§  Multiplier
– If you’ve had a claim free year, your basic
sum insured will be increased by 50% as no claim bonus. If you don’t claim even
in the second year, your basic sum insured will be doubled as no claim bonus i.e.
100% of the basic sum insured.
§  In-patient
– If the insured is admitted in the hospitals
for more than 24 hours for treatment, this policy will pay for medical expenses.
§  Pre-hospitalisation – The medical expenses incurred before admitting to the
hospital is called pre-hospitalisation. It will cover up to 60 days, prior to
§  Post-hospitalisation– The medical expenses incurred after discharge from the
hospital is called post-hospitalisation. It will cover up to 90 days, after
discharge from the hospital.
§  Day care
procedures –
Covers in-patient treatment and day-care
medical expenses incurred for emergency treatments for an illness or injury
sustained or contracted outside of India which cannot be postponed until one
returns to India, provided such treatment was medically necessary and certified
as an emergency by a medical practitioner.
§  Organ Donor– For
donor, the surgical/harvesting charges for the organ are paid through this benefit.
Organ cost is not paid.
§  Ayush Treatment – Medical
Expenses incurred for in-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha
or Homeopathy upto 100% of in-patient sum insured.
§  Domiciliary
– Treatment in home is covered, provided if
there is no bed available in the hospital or the person cannot be transferred
to the hospital. It is not outpatient.
§  Recovery Benefit– Under this, a
lump sum payment of Rs. 10,000 is given where hospitalization exceeds 10
continuous days. This benefit is payable only once per illness/accident per
policy year. This benefit is not applicable if optional deductible is chosen.
§  Ambulance cover benefit- Expenses incurred on transportation of
insured person to a hospital for treatment in case of an emergency, subject to
Rs. 2000 per hospitalization.
§  Worldwide
Emergency care
– Covers expense on treatment of illness or
conditions first manifested during the Policy Period while travelling overseas
upto a maximum of 20 L, provided Hospitalisation or Day Care Procedure was
necessary and was done

Munich offers innovative and award-winning health, personal accident and travel
insurance plans, with state-of-the art infrastructure and uncomplicated
services, delivered by engaged employees. It is a joint venture between the
Apollo Hospitals Group, one of Asia’s largest healthcare group, and Munich
Health, Munich Re’s health business segment, which offers global health
insurance and reinsurance excellence. 

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Sony Pictures Networks India is one of the best companies for women in India, in 2017

Press Release:
Mumbai, November17, 2017:
Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), India’s
leading entertainment and sports broadcast network, has been recognized amongst
the 100 Best Companies for Women in India for 2017. This award is based on a
prestigious study conducted by Working
– a global leader on gender equity- and AVTAR, a pioneer in
diversity and inclusion in India. With women comprising 33% of its workforce, the
company has undertaken various award-winning initiatives to create a work environment
in which they can truly fulfil their potential. Grooming women leaders at
various levels and building an equal-opportunity, inclusive culture have been
some of the key focus areas for SPN. The network’s significant progress in this
direction has been recognized in the study, making it the only media and entertainment
company to be a part of this prestigious ranking this year.
The Working Mother and AVTAR Best Companies
for Women in India
is a one-of-its-kind study to identify, share, showcase and
celebrate best practices from India’s best employers to foster women’s career
advancement. The 2017 Working Mother & AVTAR 100 Best Companies for Women
in India
were chosen based on performance across 7 key policy clusters namely,
workforce profile, flexible work, women’s recruitment and retention, benefits, paid-time
off/parental leave, company culture, safety and security.360 companies
participated in the study, which is India’s largest and most rigorous gender
analytics exercise.
Over its 22 years of existence, SPN has
created a culture of high performance and engagement, with various human
resources polices by the network being industry firsts. SPN was one of the
first organizations in the country to extend maternity, adoption and surrogacy leave
to 6 months, well before it became mandated by law. Pregnant women can also
avail preferential parking on the office premises. The network has a special
provision of a mothers’ room, where a new mother can pump and store milk for
her baby, and near-site crèche facilities for employees to avail for their
children. SPN also prioritizes women’s safety through practices like
sensitizing all employees on prevention of sexual harassment (POSH), and
training women employees on self-defense techniques. SPN allows its employees
to strike a perfect work life balance with in-house activities like fitness
challenges, an employee assistance program, healthy lifestyle workshops, desktop
yoga to boost employee motivation and productivity.
These are just a few of the many initiatives that
have contributed towards makings an employer of choice within and outside the
media industry. SPN has won three prestigious employer awards in 2017 alone –
AON India Best Employers, India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces (awarded by the
Great Place To Work Institute to our distribution business for the third
consecutive year), and being among the Top 10 Companies in India for Best
Health & Wellness Practices (awarded by the Society of Human Resource
Management and CGP Partners for the fourth consecutive year) – which are a
testimony to the outstanding people practices undertaken by the network.
NP Singh, CEO, Sony
Pictures Networks India:

“At SPN, we have an inclusive culture which delivers
fulfilling career experiences and growth opportunities. It is a tribute to our
organization’s culture that we are being recognized as among the top 100 companies
for women in India.”
Smriti K. Singh, CHRO, Sony Pictures Networks India:

“Our people practices are designed to support women
employees in the unique challenges they face while balancing and excelling at
various roles in and outside the office. Being part of this list reinforces our
standing as an employer of choice.”
About Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN):
Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation
which owns and operates the Sony Entertainment network of television channels.
It has many Indian and overseas subsidiaries including Sony Pictures Networks
Distribution India Private Limited (India), MSM-Worldwide Factual Media Private
Limited (India), MSM Discovery Private Limited (India), Taj Television (India)
Private Limited (India), Aqua Holding Investments [Pvt.] Ltd. (Mauritius), and
Bangla Entertainment Private Limited (India).
SPN comprises 31 channels including Sony Entertainment Television (SET
and SET HD), one of India’s leading Hindi general entertainment television
channels; MAX, India’s premium Hindi movies and special events channel; MAX 2,
another Hindi movie channel showcasing great India Cinema; MAX HD, a high
definition Hindi movie channel airing premium quality films; WAH, the FTA
channel for Hindi movies; SAB and SAB HD the family-oriented Hindi comedy
entertainment channels; PAL, a genre leader in rural Hindi speaking markets
(HSM) showcasing the best of Hindi general entertainment and Hindi movies from
SPN’s content library; PIX and PIX HD, the English movie channels; LePlex HD
showing critically-acclaimed Hollywood films; AXN and AXN HD, the action and
adventure-oriented English entertainment channels; Sony BBC Earth and Sony BBC
Earth HD, the premium factual entertainment channels, Sony AATH, the Bangla
entertainment channel; MIX a refreshing Hindi music channel; ROX HD, a channel
for contemporary Hindi music; YAY!, the kids entertainment channel; Sports
Network comprising 11 sports entertainment channels – SONY SIX, SONY SIX HD,
2 HD, SONY TEN 3, SONY TEN 3 HD, SONY TEN GOLF HD; SonyLIV – the digital
entertainment VOD platform, SPN Productions, the networks’ film production arm
and Sony Pictures Networks Distribution Pvt Ltd. (SPND) that distributes the
networks television channels across different genres and languages through
multiple content delivery platforms. SPN reaches out to over 700 million
viewers in India and is available in 167 countries.
The network is recognized as an employer of choice within and outside
the media industry, and has been awarded the elite title of ‘Aon Best Employers
India’ in the 2017 edition in recognition of SPN’s unique workplace culture and
exceptional people practices. It has consistently ranked for the past four
years amongst India’s Top 10 Companies with Best Health & Wellness
Practices by SHRM & CGP Partners, listed by Working Mother & AVTAR as
one of the 100 Best Companies for Women in India in 2017 and adjudged India’s
Great Mid-Size Workplaces awarded by the Great Place To Work® Institute for our
distribution business for the 2017

Sony Pictures Networks India is in its 23rd year of
operations in India.


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I am Thankful to God! #Health #Happiness

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I am Thankful for My Health!

Health is wealth, we all know still we ignore beautiful body which is gifted by God. Body is precious and needs lots of care.

We should take a lot of care and Be Thankful to the Almighty & Parents for gifting us a wonderful life with a wonderful body.

I am a forceps delivery baby and my face was disfigured due to forceps. My family was happy for the child but my disfigured face and severe attack of infections distressed them and they had to run from pole to post so that I am saved and back to normal.

Finally, by the grace of God, it was remedied and I was back in my pink of health.

Since childhood, I have fallen ill several times and every time, it was severe but I thank God for the strength that he gave me to battle umpteen times and I succeeded in every chance.

I cannot change my fate but I gained inner strength and that was much needed in crucial moments.

There were times when I was on bed for seven to eight months, completely immobile due to nerve weakness in limbs but I never coaxed my time and fate rather I used the time in a positive way.

I created things, wrote journals and blog was born during those times when I could not move.

I was physically challenged but professionally, I attained heights of success because been mentally strong, I could manage my work efficiently.

I have seen many setbacks in life but never ever I receded backward.

I gained and gained.

All credit goes to the Supreme Power who fraught my way with health issues but still helped me to face with strength.

I am Thankful to God for the opportunities that he gave me in my life and kept me cheerful so that the onlookers could not guess my physical issues.

You may ask how I been thankful after so many issues?

My answer is he never let me fail in my mission and spirit and a sweet smile runs on my face which is apt to make my day and make the day of all the people who connect with me.

It gave me a power of endurance, care of family and friends and never ever I let anyone extend their sympathy rather I became an inspiration of many hearts.

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Vaping Ban, necessary or all smokes and mirrors?

 Here’s an extensive research over vaping:
The recent
news about the government of India planning to ban vaping is doing the rounds.
According to experts in the industry this decision has been taken without
extensive research and analysis. An association of vapers has also taken up the
matter in the courts to fight for their rights, the intent is to inform the
government that they must work together and educate the tobacco consumers and
in turn save lives.
nicotine delivery systems)
are battery-operated devices that create vapor by
heating a mix of  propylene
glycol,vegetable glycerin
and flavour which when inhaled feels like smoking a
cigarette but prevents carcinogenic content entering the lungs.There are
certain myths which are present around e-cigarettes which has put the whole
concept of e-cigarettes in bad light.
Sixty years of
science has proven that smoking is a very risky activity. Around half of all
long-term smokers will die prematurely from its effects.
The science of
vaping is much newer, but what we do know is that no serious or widespread
harms have been proven. Nicotine in its pure form either in cigarettes or
e-cigs, or other nicotine products, has not been shown to be carcinogenic.
Long-term studies of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and Swedish snus users
show no verifiable link between nicotine and cancer. Cancers from smoking are
caused by the combustion of tobacco. The smoke forms a sticky chemical slurry
called tar, and the tar coats delicate parts of the lungs. Over the course of
years, the damage created by tar in the lungs can lead to tumor growth.
are at least 95% safer than the traditional cigarettes. A study
included two years of data (2014 and 2015) from the National Health Interview
Survey (NHIS).
Data from a
sample of 15,532 recent smokers (either current or those who quit on or after
2010) revealed 25% were former smokers and of those 52% who quit in the last
five years were daily users of e-cigarettes versus 28% of those who never used
e-cigarettes.The authors of the study concluded that, “daily e-cigarette use
was the strongest reason to quit at the time of the survey, suggesting that
some smokers may have quit with frequent e-cigarette use or are using the
products regularly to prevent smoking relapse.”
The government
of New Zealand has supported the use of e-cigarettes and will make it legal to
vape in accordance with their mission to make their country smoke-free by
2025.Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner has announced the sale of nicotine
e-cigarettes and e-liquid will be made legal and will likely come into force
late next year.“Scientific evidence on the safety of e-cigarettes is still
developing but there’s a general consensus that vaping is much less harmful
than smoking,”
she stated.
Speaking on
the occasion, Nilesh Jain, Founder of said that “Based on current
knowledge in philosophy, pharmacology and toxicology there are no grounds for
supporting that vaping could be particularly harmful. Moreover a legit ban on
the business of ENDS may substantially increase smuggling and clandestine trade
of e-cigarettes in the country,with no assurity of standard quality products.”
To conclude,
as Prof. John Britton, Chair, Tobacco Advisory Group, Royal College of
“If all the smokers in Britain stop smoking cigarettes and started smoking
e-cigarette we would safe 5 million deaths in people who are alive today. It’s
a massive potential public health price.” 

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Mamaearth Plant DHA For Mama! #Review #TraditonalRecipe

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Once again, I am back with the review of Mamaearth Wellness range and this time, I am going to brief you the details of the Mamaearth Plant DHA for Mama.

This product is pure vegetarian product and it consists Omega3 and fish oil is the main source of it but some people abhor the taste, so the brand has come up with a solution of providing Algae Omega derived from the plant life. It is free of contaminants and external impurities.

Product Description: The omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is crucial for the healthy structure and function of the brain. An optimal intake of DHA is especially essential for pregnant and nursing mothers to ensure adequate brain development in their children. Researchers found that infants born to mothers with higher blood levels of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA at delivery had advanced levels of attention spans well into their second year of life. During the first six months of life, these infants were two months ahead of those babies whose mothers had lower DHA levels. DHA is good for pregnant women, as it helps baby’s brain, nervous system, and eyes. A baby in uterus needs to get these fats from its mother. It has even properties to cure neurological problems and elevates mood.Consult your Doctor before starting Mamaearth Plant DHA for Mama.


Packaging: It comes in a green bottle packing with fitted white lid and it’s easy to carry. The DHA comes in capsule form and it is light brownish in color. It is available online.
Ingredients:  DHA 250 MG per serving.

Dosage: 1 or 2 capsules a day along with meal.

Pricing: INR 699/60 Tabs.
Shelf Life: Two years.

Product ReviewSince fortnight, my sis, who is mother of a two year old child is using this product after consulting our family doctor and she is happy with the result. She is feeling active & her energy level has enhanced. We have read articles on DHA and are confident to fetch positive results. 


*DHA helps promote nervous system development and optimal memory function.

*DHA is essential for the adult brain, where it impacts the brain’s structure and signaling systems.

*An optimal intake of DHA is especially essential for pregnant and nursing mothers to ensure adequate brain development in their children.

*It boosts metabolism of human body and develops immunity.

*It is vital for the brain and eye development of the foetus.

*It lubricates & strengthens joints.

Buy from Amazon.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drink For Mama! #Review #Mamaearth

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Once again, I am back with the review of Mamaearth range of products and this time, I am going to present the detail of the Wellness Product, “Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Mama.”

In the Wellness industry, Apple Cider Vinegar is a common name and people use it for skin care & hair care as well as for internal digestion & rejuvenation and it claims to help in weight loss, lowering of cholesterol & blood sugar and thus improves the immunity of the body though the product is not medically intended to treat or cure diseases.

Today, Wellness industry has progressed and lot of people are following our age old traditional recipes to combat stress and for all round development of health and the products used in the wellness industry are derived from nature so it does not pose any health risk and it improves one’s health.

Mamaearth has come up with the product “Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Mama” to help the Mama’s to improve their post pregnancy blues and claims that it helps to tone her body, improves the texture of skin and hair and it helps in weight loss. Pregnancy is one of the wonderful things in the life of a woman but while nurturing the child for nine months in her womb, essential nutrients of her body are at times depleted and supplements are required post pregnancy to maintain standard nutrients and keep her healthy. She needs extra care and Mamaearth has introduced the product to rescue her from post pregnancy issues. Even while rearing the kids, she has to be on toes and her body needs extra nutrition to keep her fit and active.

Product Description: “Mamaearth Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for Mama” specifically formulated for women to assist in weight loss with extra strands of the ‘Mother’. It is naturally fermented from Certified Organic Himalayan Apples. It is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized, preserving live cultures known as the ‘Mother’ to keep enzymes and nutrients intact. The ‘Mother’ in it is the dark, cloudy substance found in the vinegar, formed from naturally occurring pectin and apple residues. The presence of the ‘Mother’ shows that the best part of the apple has not been destroyed. With New Zealand’s Manuka Honey, Turmeric, and Ginger, it naturally assists in healthy metabolism and weight loss. It is completely free of Artificial Colours and Preservatives.

Packaging: is good. It comes in a green colour fibre bottle pack with a well fitted cap and a measuring cap to measure the vinegar.

Nutritional Information:

Directions for Use:


Pricing: INR 599/500 ml
Shelf Life: 18 months.
Appearance & Taste: It is of light yellowish color with a sour taste. Initially, you may not like it but with usage, you will develop taste of it.
Product Review:  I shared the product with my sis-in-law and initially she was reluctant to drink due to the strong smell and the sour taste but when I insisted her and told her about the benefits, she agreed to my advice and she is using the product since fortnight. She briefed me that she agrees with the product claims and she is feeling lighter and active. She is following the instructions religiously and we are looking forward to see the changes in her physical appearance. We all know natural products works slow but slow and steady wins the race. It is helpful in detoxification of the body and body is rid of toxins.
• No Added Colour
• No Artificial Fragrance
• No Preservative
• 100% Natural & Organic
• Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurized
• Non GMO
• Natural Gluten Free
• Naturally Fermented with 5% Acidity
Cons: It is available online.
Buy from Amazon.

My Ratings: 4.5/5

***I received the PR samples and my opinion is honest & unbiased.

Reasons to Buy A Livpure Water Purifier!

Finding the best water purifier is a task in a country like India. Tap water quality is far away from the expected standards and purification plants are still distant and few in number. With the pollution levels rising and the changing climate every few kilometers, enquiring for a water purifier price is necessary in the modern times.

Various impurities reside in your tap water. While we can argue about their varying quantities, which differ from region to region, all these cannot be spotted by the naked eye. Also, chances of eliminating these impurities with traditional water filters like using a cloth or just by boiling is simply not possible.

Hence finding the best water purifier for your home becomes imperative for a healthy life. You can also see a clear reduction in water-borne diseases once you get used to water purification with Livpure’s advanced purifiers. Our electric water purifiers are well equipped to tackle the impurities in your water, which keeps the diseases away from your family.

In today’s scenario, where water pollution is at its peak. The population is multiplying due to urbanization and nothing much has been devised to find a remedy for the garbage management and the wastes and overpopulation is adding woos to the purity of water and the pollution level is increasing at an alarming level.

The water purifier is a must and a simple purifier won’t serve the purpose. The best water purifier is the need of the hour and Livpure water purifier is the answer which clears & cleans the water by following 7 stages of advanced stages purification with UV & UF and enhances the taste of water.

Livpure is the brand, you can rely on.

For more details on Livpure water purifier, click here.

On Road to Fitness! #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Once people with good health were praised and it was thought that they belonged to well to do family and skinny people were scorned at and a number of comments followed, “Tumhe khaana nahin milta” or “Khaana tumko kha jaata ha”.

Now the situation is reversed, skinny people are praised and people throng in numbers to know what the person is following, they will sit with you for hours and try to extract your food and exercise regimen and the hefty people are commented with “Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai, why don’t you cut down your diet, join gym, blah, blah, blah…”

I have been a victim of both the situations so I well know what one feels and it is not easy to take in the comments, but you can’t do much. We live among people and “logon ka kaam hai kehna” we all know well.

When healthy people were welcomed, I was skinny and when the concept of slim figure arrived, I had gained enough to be called hefty and people wanted to see me in my svelte figure.

I know, very few young people are lucky to have enough time to invest in oneself…there are so much botheration’s & the demands of family, job, kids and few hours are dedicated to social media…as these Facebook, Twitter and whatSapp too have become an integral part of life and our time is invested on these platforms too and we are left with no time or less time to take care of our health.

Health is very important but we are so much engrossed in our life that we ignore the health aspect. It’s not that we don’t want to take care, it’s in our mind but every day we make excuses and we give much importance to other aspects.

The same goes for the major population…only a few are determined and stick to their routines…90% goes haywire.

I too was no exception but when health issues started cropping up in sequence then I found out where I was going wrong and decided to do something effective to bring in a change in lifestyle.

I could not afford to leave my house to join the gym because there was no one who could take care in my absence nor could I take morning walk as I had to prepare food for my family and be ready for the office. In the evening, I had to sit with my angels so that they study well.

I seriously and sincerely started working on my lifestyle and brought the major change in my style of working at home and as well as an office and change could be seen in me by me and by my people.

  1. While working in the kitchen, I only stood for cooking and stirring the dishes. I made my seating arrangement on the floor for cutting, kneading, packing and cleaning. An hour is enough for me for completing the kitchen chores in the morning hours. In one hour, I had enough of push-ups and lunges to strengthen my lower limbs and abdomen and I felt lighter and energetic.
  2. While going out, I started taking stairs instead of the lift and even at the office, I did the same.
  3. After an interval of two hours, I moved around within the office premises and even while delving into conversations over mobile, I did the same…initially, my colleague’s ogled at me with disbelief but when I told about my aim, they supported me.
  4. I left the use of intercom rather I bumped whom I needed to talk in office adding discomfort to others…I was comfortable in my new avatar.
  5. While returning from office, I got down a few furlongs before my residence and walked down the distance. In the beginning, I felt drained but gradually I overcame and felt fresh & relaxed.
  6. During evening homework sessions of my angels, I did few stretches which facilitated movements of my hands, neck, and legs while sitting with them.

I brought about a change in my cooking style, minimized oil in gravies, switched to spicy boiled chicken and steamed fish, egg whites, added fresh greens, increased protein intake and fruits & salads in my meals.

I started servings of small meals and increased my intake, instead of three big meals, I started having six meals a day.

Changes in my lifestyle along with diet helped me a lot in shedding my extra kilos and protruding bulges and I gained strength in my limbs and laziness was at bay…and my doctor too had a wide smile…this time, I did not batter him with lame excuses.

These changes did not disturb my daily routine rather it made me proactive and sportive…I battered my timeline with more Selfies of mine in my new look. My maid was bit disturbed that she may lose few bucks of her salary if I engage myself more in household work…she felt like an endangered species.  😀

Watching prominent changes in me, my better half silently started following my routine to be active at home and in office.

His girth too improved and even house started to sparkle, as he switched to dusting, spreading clothes after wash programs, watering plants and strolled around while watching TV news.

Again, people dig at me to know how I am shedding my bulges and about the glow on my face…fan following has increased…“Kuch to log kahenge.”

This time, I did not spill the secrets…I have left the neighbors to guess… 😛

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

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