Special Bonding – Sibling Love! #SiblingStories

Life is one, yet we are connected with so many people. I too have #SiblingStories and I am eager to share….and Yes, I got a chance to share. #SiblingStories is a blogging train hosted by varmaila in collaboration with the Brand Ang-Tatva…Esteemed bloggers from blogging fraternity have joined hands to participate in the Blog train for #SiblingTalk reviving […]


Relationships are Fragile!

Relationships are Fragile, Handle with Care.  Been proactive on social media and included in many groups within social media acquaints me with the issues faced by the people. Relationship management is not an easy task and it requires patience and perseverance.  We need to remember that the relationships are like the sacred thread which needs […]


A Spontaneous Thought!

PC: here Don’t Give a Name to a Relationship It Starts to Decay. The Unsaid Ones Lasts Longer. © Ila Varma 11.08.2018


Media, Change the Style of Reporting to Improve Health of Our Nation! #News

The newspapers, social media and TV news is flooded with the nuisances, such as murders, killing, rapes, eve teasing, molesting, kidnapping, cheating etc. All evils are reported and we take for granted that Humanity has disappeared from our Planet. When I gave some time and explored on other aspects, I concluded that the news of […]


Crossroad of Life!

Every time, I prayed to save a Life Settling all the rife But this time, I had to stand strong Praying to Almighty To minimize the suffering Of the caged soul. The Artificial Respiration & Tubes Saved her pulse But, She was unable to recognize. It was baffling for Me To watch a witty Soul […]



A Film Packed with Lessons Learned from Life – Sanju!

A week before, I along with my friend went to watch Sanju…a biopic of Mr. Sanjay Dutt, directed by Rajkumar Hirani and the role played by Ranbir Kapoor as Sanju. There is a wide difference of opinion regarding the role of Ranbir Kapoor, some agree that he has justified his role as Sanjay Dutt and some are […]


Those Innocent Faces!

Since a year, I am engaged with a NGO to help the unprivileged class, who cannot make his living by his own effort because of old age and physical disabilities. Simultaneously, time to time, we visit orphanage to distribute snacks or items that they require periodically. Our dreams are embedded with our NGO, but it […]


Success Don’t Step in Easily!

                                                                       Image Courtesy: here When we catch hold of successful people around us, we vouch for the success and feel belittle […]


Finally, I Decided to Let it Go!

Off & on, my mobile beeped with a message, “Low Space.” I clicked to delete the files but my fingers did not race much to erase. Gallery was full of images, some captured by me, some transferred by FB messenger, What Sapp images by friends and relatives. I scrutinized them regularly but could not fathom […]


An Ideal Gift for a Father! #FathersDay

As the Father’s Day date was approaching nearer, I was scratching my head for the gift ideas on the eve of Father’s Day. A novel idea sprung in my head and thought why to always go for materialistic gifts. Why not surprise him with something special? The day, a Man becomes father, his way of […]