“Shhh! Don’t tell anyone” #WOW

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“Shhh…Don’t tell anyone”…I overheard the voice from the back of bushes while I was returning with my friends from the playground. I checked my watch, it was 7 pm. The Sun was ready to set, birds were flying back to nest and the cows were retreating to their shed.

I was startled to hear the voice and it echoed inside me. I had moved few steps but an inner instinct stopped me from moving further and I smelled something fishy about it.

“Hey Guys, wait…there is something going on behind the bushes…we should check it out,” I said to my friends.

“What happened Pranav? Are you okay?” They asked me in unison.

“Yes, I am ok…see while crossing that spot near to playground, I heard someone saying Shhh…don’t tell anyone…I think we should go and check.” I told them.

“Come on Yaar, Don’t be too judgmental & curious. It said Don’t tell anyone and you are the one spilling out the beans…let’s go fast, we are getting late for the classes.” They said and took fast steps towards the hostel.

I was in a shock and could not move further. My friend Jai waited and others retreated towards the hostel.

I and Jai went back near the bushes. We could hear a faint cry coming from behind the bushes.

We tiptoed towards the spot and the scene that I saw with my naked eyes stopped our heartbeats.

There were two men in the age group of 40’s and they were busy in molesting a boy of ten years. The boy was shivering with fear and crying in the faint voice.

“Chup Raho…else you will be eliminated if you don’t cooperate. If you cooperate, we will give you lots of gifts.”

I had heard in news but never ever confronted with such incident.

We were in a state of the fix. What to do next?

Anyhow, we managed to move out from the place without making any noise and after going few furlongs away from the site, I called up my friends and briefed them about the incident and the place and asked them to inform the police.

I called my mother and told her about the incident that I saw. She got nervous and told me, “Beta, Shhh, Don’t tell anyone about this incident. Don’t go out of the hostel.”

“Why Mom…why you don’t want me to tell anyone? Someday, I can be the victim. Just feel the pain of that boy and how his parents will react if they come to know. There is nothing to hide. I have informed my friends and asked them to inform the police so that he can be spared.” I said and tears welled in my eyes.

PS: It is a piece of fiction but the incident illustrated is sad truth and the social perspective to hide such incidents are actually encouraging the morons and such incidents are on spree.


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Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

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When I was a small girl, life seemed easy and I envied the lifestyle of my father, who used to be on regular tours as he was in the marketing division. 35 years back, traveling by flight and staying at five-star hotels was a luxury and I thought how lucky he was. I often used to tell him with awe that he was leading a glorious life. He never commented, just smiled and I was naive so couldn’t understand the motive behind his smiles.

As I entered in my late teens, I told him that he is leading a luxurious life and nothing more he needs. That day, he broke his silence. I think he was waiting for this day to break the ice.


“How can I be lucky dear? Flying in planes and staying at 5-star hotels is not comforting. I go on my official tour. The company spends on me to get the business and revenue and while flying, I don’t look out at the sky or the height at which I am flying. The whole time, I am busy jotting down minutes of my meeting plans and how to procure business in the right way. As soon as I get off the plane, taxi waits to pick me up and deport me to the office where my customers are waiting with a long list of expectations and grievances and I need to sort it out coolly. It is so hectic that I am not able to gulp my breakfast or tea. At late nights, I am in the cozy suite of the 5-star hotel but the mental load is so piercing that I am not able to enjoy my time and I am in a hurry to complete my pending paperwork. After twelve hours, when  I remove my shoes, I find my feet have swollen and there is excruciating pain which does not let me sleep and I keep changing sides. At festivals, I too have to be on tour and I miss you all. I am more comfortable at home.  The side of my life which you find alluring is actually a facet that I am compromising with for the sake of my job. Dear, you will understand when you will be in my shoes later in life” and his eyes turned moist while making me understand.

When I joined my job then I realized that all that glitters is not gold and the comforts that the organization provides is for the sake of business…and understood life better walking miles in his shoes…while working in the arena of Sales &  Marketing in a reputed financial firm.

Life is a Best Teacher and it teaches us perfectly.

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On Road to Fitness! #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Once people with good health were praised and it was thought that they belonged to well to do family and skinny people were scorned at and a number of comments followed, “Tumhe khaana nahin milta” or “Khaana tumko kha jaata ha”.

Now the situation is reversed, skinny people are praised and people throng in numbers to know what the person is following, they will sit with you for hours and try to extract your food and exercise regimen and the hefty people are commented with “Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai, why don’t you cut down your diet, join gym, blah, blah, blah…”

I have been a victim of both the situations so I well know what one feels and it is not easy to take in the comments, but you can’t do much. We live among people and “logon ka kaam hai kehna” we all know well.

When healthy people were welcomed, I was skinny and when the concept of slim figure arrived, I had gained enough to be called hefty and people wanted to see me in my svelte figure.

I know, very few young people are lucky to have enough time to invest in oneself…there are so much botheration’s & the demands of family, job, kids and few hours are dedicated to social media…as these Facebook, Twitter and whatSapp too have become an integral part of life and our time is invested on these platforms too and we are left with no time or less time to take care of our health.

Health is very important but we are so much engrossed in our life that we ignore the health aspect. It’s not that we don’t want to take care, it’s in our mind but every day we make excuses and we give much importance to other aspects.

The same goes for the major population…only a few are determined and stick to their routines…90% goes haywire.

I too was no exception but when health issues started cropping up in sequence then I found out where I was going wrong and decided to do something effective to bring in a change in lifestyle.

I could not afford to leave my house to join the gym because there was no one who could take care in my absence nor could I take morning walk as I had to prepare food for my family and be ready for the office. In the evening, I had to sit with my angels so that they study well.

I seriously and sincerely started working on my lifestyle and brought the major change in my style of working at home and as well as an office and change could be seen in me by me and by my people.

  1. While working in the kitchen, I only stood for cooking and stirring the dishes. I made my seating arrangement on the floor for cutting, kneading, packing and cleaning. An hour is enough for me for completing the kitchen chores in the morning hours. In one hour, I had enough of push-ups and lunges to strengthen my lower limbs and abdomen and I felt lighter and energetic.
  2. While going out, I started taking stairs instead of the lift and even at the office, I did the same.
  3. After an interval of two hours, I moved around within the office premises and even while delving into conversations over mobile, I did the same…initially, my colleague’s ogled at me with disbelief but when I told about my aim, they supported me.
  4. I left the use of intercom rather I bumped whom I needed to talk in office adding discomfort to others…I was comfortable in my new avatar.
  5. While returning from office, I got down a few furlongs before my residence and walked down the distance. In the beginning, I felt drained but gradually I overcame and felt fresh & relaxed.
  6. During evening homework sessions of my angels, I did few stretches which facilitated movements of my hands, neck, and legs while sitting with them.

I brought about a change in my cooking style, minimized oil in gravies, switched to spicy boiled chicken and steamed fish, egg whites, added fresh greens, increased protein intake and fruits & salads in my meals.

I started servings of small meals and increased my intake, instead of three big meals, I started having six meals a day.

Changes in my lifestyle along with diet helped me a lot in shedding my extra kilos and protruding bulges and I gained strength in my limbs and laziness was at bay…and my doctor too had a wide smile…this time, I did not batter him with lame excuses.

These changes did not disturb my daily routine rather it made me proactive and sportive…I battered my timeline with more Selfies of mine in my new look. My maid was bit disturbed that she may lose few bucks of her salary if I engage myself more in household work…she felt like an endangered species.  😀

Watching prominent changes in me, my better half silently started following my routine to be active at home and in office.

His girth too improved and even house started to sparkle, as he switched to dusting, spreading clothes after wash programs, watering plants and strolled around while watching TV news.

Again, people dig at me to know how I am shedding my bulges and about the glow on my face…fan following has increased…“Kuch to log kahenge.”

This time, I did not spill the secrets…I have left the neighbors to guess… 😛

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Grandparents Day! #LoveJatao

My life has been guided by my grandparents and I know the bliss of having them in our lives and their presence in our life makes our life wonderful.

My husband did not get a chance to see his grandparents and did not know much about the unconditional love and care of them.

When after marriage, he visited my house and met my caring grandparents, he was in awe and that moment, he realized that he had missed valuable part of his life been not connected with his grandparents.

When we were blessed with cute angels, he made it a point to instill in them the values of been connected with the grandparents and always made sure that they mingled with them…as he felt incomplete not having enjoyed the bliss and care of grandparents.

I too inculcated in them the habit to be connected with their grandparents. They were not living with us but I took care that they interacted with them more often sharing their feelings and reciprocating to their advances. Gradually, they became an inseparable part of their lives and they share a close bonding with them.

Sharing their joys & sorrows: They are closely connected with them and they share all the ups and downs of life and look for their suggestions to improve…at times, they don’t miss a chance to get me scolded by them as they enjoy the sight. What they can’t dare to do, they get it done from them and they mischievously look at each other.

During holidays, they invite their grandparents so that they can enjoy their company and they love to hear the stories of past as well as stories of their parents from their mouth and they too are so innocent that they spill all. With age, the grandparents become mild and act similar to kids…we avoid that our tantrums are not shared with our kids but the granny of both the party joins the troupe of kids and shares all and the kids get a chance to peep in the past of parents and at times, if we try to be firm, they babble, “You two were mischievous…Dadi-Nani was saying” and we are at wits.

Love is unconditional of the grandparents and they loiter all their affections on their grand-kids. They play games together and I am amused to watch them playing hide n seek with them instead of limping n other joint related issues are all forgotten…singing on top of their voices and the kids encourage them to propose each other and they do it in perfection as if they were waiting for the nod. Once I overheard them saying, “Beta, tumne meri varshon ki muraad puri kar di, chahta tha tumhari dadi ke liye gaana gaun par kabhie mauka na mila”…I could not hold my laughter and a second thought arose in my mind, maybe down the line, we two will grow old like them and yearn.”

The relationship between grandparents and kids are platonic and both enjoy each other company a lot and look forward to more holidays to be spent together.

Outings are easy with grand-kids. With growing age, they have developed a lot of health issues and they don’t get ready easily for outings with us but their spirit soars high when the kids are around. They have full faith in them and they are ever ready to trot in their company. Even the kids hover around them and they don’t leave them alone for seconds. They help them sincerely on staircases or on uneven roads and help them to cross roads by holding their hands.

Forbidden food is easily available to both of them. I and my hubby are regarded villains as we monitor the food habits of kids and both sets of parents. They gorge on forbidden food in each other company. My son had bad tonsils so he had to avoid ice creams and my father suffers from gastro issues, so he was barred from having spicy food. My son got Golguppas for himself and father got ice -cream for him and as I turned and ambled few steps further, they exchanged their plates…both were caught red-handed and their faces turned crimson, I chose to remain, mum, because in our childhood, we did the same helping each other.

I enjoy their ways of #LoveJatao and memories of my childhood with my grandparent’s flashes before my eyes.

When they are around, I am carefree about my kids and did not have much to bother for the kids in their presence.

In today’s scenario, people are drifting away from these beautiful relationships and both the grandparents and grandchildren are at a great loss missing these golden days of life.

On the eve of Grandparents Day, I want to pass a message to all,  not to snatch these golden moments from the life of both.  Give your child the opportunity to grow under the care of grandparents…the benefits outweigh the losses and once again our society which is losing sheen of real relationships will regain and happiness will blossom around and even kids will be safe in the company of grandparents.

I look forward to hearing from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017, on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Unforgettable Years Spent With Grandparents! #GrandparentsDay

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As I saw the post of Blogadda inviting us to write on the theme Love Jatao on the eve of Grandparents Day been celebrated on 10th of September, 2017.
                                                 Selfie of Our Time 
I turned emotional and tears welled in my eyes and the past memories and all sweet times spent with them flooded before my eyes and I missed them more today. My soul got impregnated with millions and zillions of fragrant memories of the times spent around them. In our times, each day was a celebration and one who has enjoyed the fruits of living together under one roof can well understand. Lots of memories are such that we can feel the warmth of it but cannot scribble into words but still there are heaps with me which I can share.
Now, I have lost both of my grandparents. I carry their memories along and through this post, I am paying tributes to the departed beautiful souls who carefully nurtured us watering us with the manure of love and care and what I am today is the real parcel of their care.
My parent’s responsibility was restricted to raising, feeding and imparting education and other basic components were under the jurisdiction of my grandparents and they were ever ready for us with wide smiles on their faces. Their cute smiles and affection filled me with lots of reverence for them.
Since early days of life when I could acknowledge people around me, I opted for my Daadi and my heart beat for her only. I could not live without her so the result was that she carried me wherever she went. I acknowledged her presence even in my sleep by touching her umpteen times at night to be sure that she is with me and her body scent was so familiar to me that she could not fool me in my sleep. My mother wanted me in her bed but I preferred to sleep with my Dadi-Maa. At times, they were at cross just because of me.
I was close to both of my grandparents but shared a close pact with my granny.
She made beautiful dolls out of old clothes and sew it so immaculately that ready-made dolls failed in front of those dolls…I regret that in those days camera was rarely used so I don’t have any snap of it but it is intact in my memory and those dolls were my sleeping partner in my childhood.
Her bedtime stories were so interesting and we had fixed hours at night to hear those stories of the fairies, monsters, animals etc. and in all stories, moral was embedded though in the early years could not understand much but now when I recall those then I understand the message that she passed on to us through her stories. She was not educated, only knew to read and write letters but her insight was impeccable.
In the morning hours, before going to school, I used to spend few hours with my Baba. He was good at making paper toys and every day he made one for me using old newspapers. In rainy days, he made paper boats and we two sailed them together in the nearby puddles of water. He caught fishes for me in rainy season and we two kept them in bottles and together we made dough balls to feed the fishes.
My granny waited for me to come back from school and she shared the plate. She fed me each morsel weaving stories and I picky eater threw lot of tantrums while eating but she never lost her patience. She was a cool type and she did not show any reaction.
During tea time, I sat with my books in my grandfather’s room. After completing the homework, he used to tell rows of General knowledge and briefed about the history and of the times during British rule.
I was poor in tying my hairs properly so my granny oiled them and plaited them nicely. Every day, she gave me a foot massage at night when I went to bed till the time I got married.
My granny was well versed in preparing different types of Aachaar (pickles) and I learnt all the techniques of making them in her presence. Since early teens, I used to help her in the preparations and this invoked my interest in making pickles and today, I continue her legacy and I prepare varied types of pickles.
Since early years of my life, I followed her footsteps so I learnt a lot from her in matter of religion, morality, etiquette, customs and traditions…I imitated her styles and adopted lot of her teachings in my life.
The grandparents were our saviours too who saved us from bad moods of our parents and they stood in front of us if any one of them tried to scold and at times, they hid our wrong doings and took the blame on them…in those times we felt happy but now at times, I feel guilty that they were so weak in our love that they took the blame on them if we indulged in some mischief. 
Afterwards, they used to explain us where we were wrong and corrected us but they did with lots of patience and even they made us understand why parents lose their patience.
They explained us that in young age, there are lots of stress and that’s the reason that the parents react with much intensity.
They inculcated good habits in us and taught us to respect people.
They did not read textbooks to us but their sermons had beautiful messages and they taught us through examples.
In our days, grandparents were indispensable with us and we had much respect for them and their Love jatao and ours Love jatao was mind-blowing. 

Reciprocation from both the sides was beyond words as we all know, “Actions speak louder than words.”

In our time, we did not required a special day to celebrate Grandparents day. Each day was the day for both of us. The love bonded us together and we had due regards for them.
Today, I miss them but I am happy for them that they lived life king-size with us and they left the world at a ripe age and did not face much issues of health and loneliness.
They had the privilege that whole life, they were surrounded by us and in later age of their life, we stood for them whenever they were in need of a support and they left the world contended and their blessings helped us to reach the pinnacle.

  “A grandparent is someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart”

I believe that their blessings have helped me to reach where I am today and I teach my kids too to create a close bond with their grandparents as I know the virtues of grandparents been in one’s life.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Bliss of Technology! #ThankfulThursday

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Globalization is the virtue of Technology and the whole large world shrunk into a fist, connecting people and giving lots of opportunities in various fields and opened doors of opportunities for all sections of people.

Since childhood, I was an outgoing person n could never sit still in one place. Even while reading and writing, I changed places to charge my mood and I loved to be close to nature so most of the time, I was traced  more in outside world trudging in garden or hanging out on roof.

In my childhood days, technology was confined to provide luxuries in our life and did not had much role in our day to day life.

Years later, with the advent of Television and Computer, technology gripped us all. The places which we longed to visit someday could be viewed from inside the comforts of the living room and today television has entered the privacy of the bedrooms.

In the beginning, when it arrived, it took care of the Entertainment part but with the entry of Internet, it made wide difference in our lives and gradually most of the task got routed through them.

I am thankful for the growing technology which erased the boundaries of distance and people got connected. The virtual bonding is not less than the actual ones and it is growing day by day with leaps and bounds.

I was fond of writing since my early days of life but it remained confined in the journals but with the advancement of technology, we got a platform where we showcase our ability. The world of bloggers is a big world and it gave definition to my interests and even I earned huge number of virtual friends and we share a good bonding and our basic motto is “Sharing & Caring.”

The technology gave me wings to work from home and in my case, I work from my location because I keep hopping around from Patna to Mumbai and Bangalore and the technology proved to be a boon for me. I carry my lappy along wherever I move and my work is always in progress…thanks to the growing technology.

I don’t hang out for chatting but the different domains of social media has helped me to increase my reach among people and establish myself as a blogger…the social media is a boon for the world of bloggers.

With a mere click, we are apprised of the situations around and that is the boon of technology.

In nanoseconds, we are connected with our family and friends staying far away and with video calling n conferencing, celebrations are easily shared.

With Whatsapp, we are connected with our loved ones.

Today, we don’t need to panic in case of financial emergency, a click at any time of the day & night can solve your financial crisis.

In the comforts of our living room, we can order the required articles online and get it delivered in short period of time.

The technology is very advantageous if used in a positive and proper way and I believe to use it in a disciplined manner.

It changed my life for the better and I am so much tech savvy that I can’t imagine life without tech.

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One Liner Wednesday! #Bereaved


“The gutsy desired to bring in the change, the cowards nipped her voice forever.”

There are immense people who want to change existing system but the fear of attack stops them to move further.  Gauri Lankesh tried and unfortunately met with the ill fate of losing her precious life. Under fear people don’t raise their voice against machinery.

May her soul rest in peace.

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Me Time! #FridayFotoFiction

woman reading a book with a smile

Since childhood, I was fond of reading and my shelves were stacked with different kinds of books and magazines and this reading habit gave birth to my writing skill.

My inner desire was to get my writings published giving shape to a novel.

Being the eldest of five, I was married off early and got totally engrossed in family life, managing kids, husband and household and could not take time out for myself.

After shouldering off my responsibilities, once again I diverted my attention towards my reading & writing habit.

I dusted the journals that I was carrying in my shelves and synchronized them and sent to various publishers to get it published.

Thankfully, one of the leading publishers of  Mumbai accepted my work and today I received the paperback of my publication.

I can’t scribble my emotions in words…I am speechless.

© Ila Varma 30/08/2017


Word Count: 147 Words.

Wish I could Rewind the Clock! #WOW




Yes…I wish  to go back and revisit those moments where I brimmed with innocence and never knew what envy or pride was. I could laugh out easily on the silly jokes and play pranks on friends and family without any guilt.

I questioned few of my friends that if they get a chance to revisit the past, what will they do?

Most of them wanted to change their past as they are hanging out with regrets.

I asked myself, what I will do if I get a chance to revisit the lanes of the past that I left back 25 years before.

I ransacked my brain and concluded that there is no inclination to change anything about the past rather I was a more a happy soul 25 years back where I did not care about the status of my friends or neighbours nor I was worried about boasting my status in society.

I was in my real self and enjoyed full freedom of expression. I did not had to wear any mask in those days like today. Wherever I go, I tread with my mask which changes in different situations so I possess numerous masks and it has become a habit that I have forgotten who am I in reality…I have lost my identity.

These worldly overtures has snatched my innocence and has loaded me with guns of envy, distrust and pride, making me aggressive and ever ready to compete with my near and dear ones…my mind always been at loggerheads.

All my healthiest possessions are lost.

In my early days of life, I was more caring and sharing but now maturity has jeopardized my mind, even if my conscience is ready to care the needy, my ego fights with me and asks me what the other has done for me.

When I was in my younger self, I never weighed down the pros and cons but now I am ever ready to weigh down each and every relationships on the scales…I am no more my real self. The world has polluted my mind and infected my souls with jealousy, false pride, and distrust and believes more in boasting.

I don’t have any regrets for the past rather I wish to change my present self. I want to shed down the scales that have encroached my real identity and laugh out loud.

I wish to delve deep into the past and bring my innocence back and the faith that I had for the people around and once again, I wish to see the world with the naïve eyes of my younger self.

Wish, I could turn the clock back.

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Birthdays are Special. #Celebrations

I am very particular about my birthday celebrations and till today, I celebrate it with full zest with my family, friends and well-wishers.

Every year, I wait anxiously for the D-day and celebrate each year in a different way…motto is to hangout with my favorites, munch chocolates and cakes and I love throwing parties…you all will be surprised to know that my wedding anniversary falls on the date of my birthday and the date was intentionally chosen…Chalo…let me disclose the reason behind it.

I got married in my late teens…and now I have completed three decades of marriage and in those days, I was not sure whether my would be family would be particular about my Birthday celebrations…so the date was fixed with a view that even if my in-laws family forget my birth date, they would at least celebrate my anniversary…Thankfully, my family, hubby and kids are particular about it and both important dates of my life is celebrated lavishly…now I often regret to have chosen the wedding date on my birthday…but you can’t have best of all.

Even I am particular about the birthday celebrations of my kids ..and planning of the D day starts three -four months ahead to make the celebration big and I try to make each year memorable for my kids.

When I was in my teens, I had a chance to participate in birthday of my cute neighbor who was hardly three-four years old.

They had laid the tables lavishly, huge cake was cut on the occasion and even the gathering of attendees was huge…but I felt that the adults and parents were more into enjoyment leaving the birthday boy to mess around…parents hardly cared about it, they were busy in boozing and dancing…I was quite hurt to watch the pity state of the birthday boy and that day, I vowed that never in my life, I would create such situation for my kids and will celebrate the occasion with their friends and give them a chance to enjoy their day in a special way…it’s their birthday and they have complete right to enjoy.

I celebrated first birthday of my kids with pomp and show inviting huge number of family n friends…next year onward…I invited their friends, who were more or less of the same age.

1.Cooking favorite meals of my kids and the menu is different in each birthdays. They love my cooking fusions and the whole chunk of kids relish on my mouth watering snacks.

2. Arranging a Game so that all the birthday attendees are engaged fully and enjoy every bit of the celebrations. Every year the pattern of game is improved and organised as per the age of the child.

3. Interesting Return Gifts: The kids themselves decide what would be the return gift. I declare my budget for the return gifts and within the declared budget they get special gifts for the special guests.

4. Decoration: Till the age of 5, I along-with my husband used to decorate the house with colored papers and balloons. After that the kids along with their bosom pals decorate as per their choice and they have the freedom to play songs of their choice.

5. Celebrations at home: Home is the best place to throw Birthday party…no need of been over conscious. They don’t need to act in a weird way rather they are in their real form and I give them the freedom to enjoy the day in their own way…they are in their original skin.

Now the kids are grown up but still they and their friends are fond of my culinary skills and make it a point to visit me when they are in town to feast on my festivities.

This is my way of celebrating Birthdays of my Cute pies, What is Yours?

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