Crossroad of Life!

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Every time, I prayed to save a Life

Settling all the rife

But this time, I had to stand strong

Praying to Almighty

To minimize the suffering

Of the caged soul.

The Artificial Respiration & Tubes

Saved her pulse

But, She was unable to recognize.

It was baffling for Me

To watch a witty Soul

Suffering for no cause.

She had lived a life

Of dignity & poise

Her Sparkling skin

Was envy of All.

Prayed to God

To free her Soul

From the worldly bindings

To soar high

Into the realms of Peace & Calmness

Where there is no strife.

My wishes were granted

Finally, She laid in peace forever.

The immortal soul got freedom

To take a flight

Away from Us.

I am sure

Her blessings will be always there

Of the pious soul.

The memories of past

Is etched in my heart

And, it will stay there Forever

To cherish my stay in her company.

© Ila Varma 14.07.2018

In tribute to my Granny with whom I shared my teen life and got acquainted with her versatility, wittiness and a big heart to accommodate me with love and care. Last month, she suffered with a stroke and health deterioration was in full swing. The consciousness dissolved and she was hooked to artificial machines to press her heart beat. She was in a bad state of health and I had to act stern and ask for mercy to free the soul from the burdens of diseases and multiple organ failure. Yesterday, She departed forever to rest in peace leaving the memories of togetherness intact.

Those Innocent Faces!

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Since a year, I am engaged with a NGO to help the unprivileged class, who cannot make his living by his own effort because of old age and physical disabilities. Simultaneously, time to time, we visit orphanage to distribute snacks or items that they require periodically.

Our dreams are embedded with our NGO, but it is in an infancy stage and a minuscule number support us in this race. 
I dream to walk miles before I sleep.
My observation shook me from within when I first stepped inside the orphanage. There were small children from the tender age of 4 to 18 years. 
When they gathered inside the campus to meet us, those innocent eyes that gazed at us were mostly of Girls, only 5 boys were there among the crowd of 50.
The disparity in number of gender triggered queries inside me.
Why the numbers of Girls is so high in orphanage?
A fine reason settled inside me and my conscience supported the reason.
Are these Girls abandoned by the parents?
Are these Girls borne by the Moms out of wedlock or result of outraged modesty of girls?
My inner conscience said yes and my soul was shocked to watch those innocent cute faces. A hollow smile writ large on their faces.
What was the fault of these innocent souls?
Humans are judgmental and they love what they prefer. But, how God can be so cruel with them?
I have seen people asking for children, who aren’t blessed with a child. They are not on the page of choice of gender rather they pray to God to bless with a child. Their only choice is child, Boy or Girl doesn’t matter.
How come God blesses these cursed souls, who don’t have care for a girl child?
I was moved at the sight of those innocent faces of cute girls, each had its own beauty and charm. The life that they are gifted with, has a tag of orphan but my mind dwindled in conflict, “are they really orphan.”
My soul was not ready to accept. A feeling emerged that they are tagged orphans due to the compelled ignorance of their parents and extended family members.
Woman is known for her unconditional love for her child and what are these woman made of who abandoned their new-born at the mercy of none.
Science and technology is advancing each and every moment but still the numbers at orphanage growing and that too of GIRLS….pathetic.
It was a trying moment for me.
I want to do a lot for them to bring happiness in their life but I cannot do for all because of my limitations, personal and financial.
I have vowed to help them periodically by distributing stationary items, clothing, food articles etc.
I along with my accomplice and my children distributed snacks among them.

While leaving, I enquired what they want in my next visit.
Most of them said chocolates and colour pencils.
They bid us goodbye with a Big Thank You note and See You Again.
Hopefully, will visit soon but I pray to God in silence to hold the numbers of Orphans.
Why to bring them in this world to be looked upon as an object of sympathy?
Many questions keep rising in my head shaking my belief on humanity.
I have scribbled my feelings that I encounter with in my solitude. I share the turmoil that churns within me on the subject. No offences to any social or political people.

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Success Don’t Step in Easily!

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When we catch hold of successful people around us, we vouch for the success and feel belittle in front of the roaring successful person.
We envy their style of life and class and we believe that the person enjoying success is bestowed with success or has been born with a silver spoon.
Whilst reaching near to half-century of life and glancing at the lives of many successful person, I concluded Success don’t step easily in one’s life.
It is the fruits of immense labour that one toils through by using his physical means, knowledge power, creativity, mental makeup and control on finances…and Yes…Luck favours, but it is 99% perspiration and 1% luck.
Here, through my experiences with life, I would add that the person toiling hard to achieve his aim and goal needs to be tolerant and patient. There would be days when you would feel bogged down because your plans are not turning into your favour…if you endure your failure, you are bound to succeed.
Further, there would be people around, who won’t be happy to see you toiling hard, they might be your well-wishers and their love and affection for you would weaken them seeing you marching hard…there, you need power to assimilate and carry on your mission.
Simultaneously, you will have hoard of people, who would be ever ready to discourage and disengage you from your goal, setting examples of failures who lost everything in search of success…beware of this fragment…these chunk are the opportunists and they will hover around in both the times…in tough situations and in success stories. Their statement will change as per the circumstances but they will stick with you….here, you need to act as deaf and dumb, listen to them, but fear not, rather take their charges in right spirit and vow to show them how you excel in life.
The existing billionaires of our country was born with a silver spoon but their fore-fathers weren’t. The Tata’s, Birla’s, Ambani’s etc. rose from ground and they put in extra efforts to achieve success. Even their predecessors are lurking in sunshine because they are capacitated with the power of managing an empire.
Mr. AmitabhBachchan, a living legend is regarded a successful person and certainly, he is, but if you flip the pages of his history, he had a tough phase in start of his career in films. In the middle of his successful career, he went into huge debts and tough days and his comeback as a host of KBC, improved his time and stature. Till today, he is shining and basking in glory, because of his continued efforts. Once considered an Angry Young Man, took plunge into advertisement, films, shows or you can say, he is omnipresent and enjoying success. He has a lot of health shortcomings, still his efforts to give his best never ceases.
Last week, I found success story of Choreographer, Saroj Khan and read her biography. I was shocked to know that she was married at the age of 14 to a man, who was 30 years elder to her. A remorse feeling gripped me and I could feel her pain but she did not stop and success knocked her after toiling for so many years. The choreographer, who makes people dance has come through so many hardships.
If you tap in the lives of successful people, you will come to know that the Success that seems to be flourishing is not easy to achieve. It takes time to deliver and immense effort to illustrate.
Now, let me give a live example of a successful person in my life.
My father is a veterinarian by degree, but he never practised because he was not keen into practice. Initially, he took a career of an Associate Professor in Vet. College and after few years, he managed to earn a position in a reputed AH firm in Sales & Marketing. He started from scratch and managed to establish the company with remarkable sales figures and consistent marketing of the products. His hard labour paid and he was promoted to higher position. With higher position, comes politics and he was weak in playing politics because he believed in adage, “Work is Worship.” The political game played by the fleet of people, who believed to achieve success by eavesdropping and my father became a victim of politics. He saw a doom in his career but it was short-lived but it taught him lesson to recognize people. He was offered a respectable position in a semi-govt. organization and was given a task to launch Vet. Division. His prior experience and knowledge helped him to barter success and once again, he was in leading position managing a fleet of people and he was responsible for whole India and Nepal. Many people talked about his success but very few knew how tough the ladder of success was. He started his job faring on a rickshaw and managed to drive car of his choice and dream.
Do get encouraged by the lives of Successful people, but be ready to put in your maximum efforts into it. Prepare yourself to be deaf and dumb for the people, who defy you and welcome suggestions of all.

Success isn’t that Easy as it appears.
“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”
–John D. Rockefeller

Finally, I Decided to Let it Go!

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Off & on, my mobile beeped with a message, “Low Space.”

I clicked to delete the files but my fingers did not race much to erase. Gallery was full of images, some captured by me, some transferred by FB messenger, What Sapp images by friends and relatives.
I scrutinized them regularly but could not fathom courage to delete them or transfer in my laptop, I was indecisive.
Same was the condition with my mobile contact list, overloaded with numbers of support staff to friends, friend’s relative, well-wishers, associates and Who not, carpenter, shopwallah, autowallah and all wallah’s who came to my rescue even once in a lifetime.
My both Sim memory was full, phone memory was in suffocation…but I the stubborn, did not dare to delete or share on my Google Drive and the bare excuse, I had that I might need them in urgency.
Regarding images, I had transferred maximum on my laptop, still I kept most of them especially quotes, images of my children and the clicks that I captured of nature. All were close to my heart and I did not want to lose any.
Now, my mobile phone started acting weird just like me. It consumed battery in few hours and in mid-way of my daily shopping or to market, my mobile ran out of battery and went dead.
I make sure that my mobile is in working state when I go for shopping or out of house, so that I can reach my people if required in case of emergency or if I need any assistance of any sort.
I sought advice from few of my close accomplice and they suggested me to format.
One evening, I was sitting idle and that day, I made up my mind to format the phone at any cost so that it breathes easily and don’t go dead even after been charged up to optimum.
I asked one of my subordinate to help me in formatting.
He asked me if I had contact numbers saved in my Gmail account and I nodded in affirmative without paying much heed to what actually he said. The same he asked for other stored details and I said…LET IT GO.
He punched the button to format and till I realized I had not saved all, ALL WAS GONE IN ONE GO.
Now, I started asking figuratively, is this there in the phone or not and he laughed out loud and said that your reaffirmation made me to format without saving.
I was in melancholy for some time and felt sorry for the details that I had lost and was in distress n despair.
Suddenly, realization set in and an inner conscience spoke aloud, “Hey, what are you doing? Moaning at materialistic things. Pause and think, what all you have lost in past and did they stop you from moving forward?”

I accepted that at times, it is better to release the things that we have captivated for long and not able to let it go. All things materialistic or non-materialistic, life or lifeless have a fixed span of life and one day, we have to LET IT GO.

My mobile was not breathing properly because it was bowed down and it called for free space to respond else it would have collapsed one day, earlier than its assumed life span.
Now, I feel, the action taken was Right else I would have never allow to release if it would have been under my control. I was so obsessed.
Now, my mobile is not panting with heavy breaths and is amicable with me.
This LET IT GO practice made me realize that it is not so difficult to part ways but in our thoughts, we are so much screwed up that we don’t dare to take risk of losing.

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An Ideal Gift for a Father! #FathersDay

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As the Father’s Day date was approaching nearer, I was scratching my head for the gift ideas on the eve of Father’s Day.
A novel idea sprung in my head and thought why to always go for materialistic gifts.
Why not surprise him with something special?
The day, a Man becomes father, his way of thinking and doing things undergo major transformation. His priority changes and he feels proud to be gifted with a tag, Father.
His life’s motive becomes to perform better in life to provide all comforts and luxuries to his child and wish to fulfil his unfulfilled aspirations.

He searches for happiness in all the tiny acts of his child and a sweet smile makes him weak at heart.
Throughout life, he craves to see his children flourishing and when they grow up into responsible adult, he is satisfied that his dreams have reaped fruits of his labour.
Now, he is retired, old and gradually becoming fragile in frame and at heart.
What actually, he requires now?
Whole life, he strive for the children happiness and now, it is the turn of the children to reward him with care, attention and affection.

I am doing my part by devoting my time in care of my father, who is suffering from Parkinson. Once a dashing personality has been squeezed into a spoilt brat, who adores attention and requires attention classes from us to play with him, to make him write and indulge in coloring and drawing.
The things that he did for us in our kindergarten days are now been repeated by us for him. He behaves like a child and he needs to be tutored and tamed as a child.
While doing these activities, feeling of nostalgia grips me. The situation is same as it was 45 years before but the roles are reversed. Now, I have taken seat of a father and he has become my child.
When we were kids, we used to wait for him to come back from office and tours and now he desperately waits for his children to come back to his nest and gets anxious as a child.
I feel that the care and attention is the greatest gift that a child can give to his father in his old days, when he is deteriorating with age or disease. At this juncture, materialistic gifts are of no importance but a helping hand boosts his morale and confidence and the tender touch will be the greatest gift and healer for a father.
Luckily, my father is bestowed with sufficient for his needs and even 24 hours caretaker is employed to take care of his chores but without his children care, he will be hurt and unhappy.
I feel proud to say that my father is lucky to have 5 children and all are caring in their own ways and are available for him in his old and degenerating age.
I feel Care is the best gift option that we can provide to our Fathers on the eve of Father’s Day.
Isn’t this an ideal gift for a Father from his Children?
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Unbeatable Blues!

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Sure, Life is Unpredictable. You plan something and something else turns up instantaneously. It is not always, but yes, it is at times. God adores to test our endurance power and watch our spontaneous expressions and reactions.

Same happened with me in last few months.

Life was going as smooth as it should be, I was busy with my tasks and writing, along with my roller coaster life.

I explored Food Contest for my Blog, shared with my friends, well-wishers, and bloggers. Used resources to maximum in my social circles and platforms.
Idea was big, it appeared to me interesting and bright, and so I called for a Food Contest, the Traditional Indian Dishes. Direct motive behind this was that that if I receive a good number of Indian cuisine from different parts of our country, then I would go for e-book publishing and paperback publishing.
I have keen interest to revive old delicious dishes, which were cooked by our “Daadi Maa” and “Naani Maa” which have now totally disappeared from the scene. Reason is nowadays, most of the people don’t love cooking, and they just cook because they don’t have any option. The crowd that has option have started employing a cook and the cook is so professional that she delivers her duty, so the essence of culinary treat is missing. I want to revive and enjoy each home-cooked morsel with Indian spices and groceries.
I did receive number of entries but not in huge numbers as I had expected. I wanted to tap the entire Indian market and squeeze most of it, few people wanted but due to their own commitments, many could not participate.
I was ready to post on my blog everyday under the heading, Food but God embarked another plan for me.

I had to participate in the initiation of shifting of my sister from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.
People can understand the blues of shifting and our unique gifted family added more to the crisis.
Father suffering from Parkinson, sister affected by cerebral palsy and old aged mother, all require good amount of care. Thank God, all siblings arrived to care of their needs.
The whole situation became grim in absence of efficient workers to attend to the disabled, suffering and old. Literally, how months passed, I could not figure out and could not zero in on my target of posting Indian cuisines, received participants.
As I was trying to wean out myself from the settling situation, another blow shattered my thought-process.
My better half fractured his patella and within 12 hours, I reported back to Patna…high unexpected air-fare expenditure n lot of botheration’s pierced my mind. Thankfully, by grace of God, it wasn’t a severe blow but still it was a matter of concern as he fractured his leg for the fifth time in 5 decades of life.
Orthopedic advised plaster and rest for six weeks. For whole six weeks and after, I was glued to him. It wasn’t his demand but you cannot ignore. It was tough for him to spend more than a month within the four walls of home, he felt exiled.
Anyhow…time passed peacefully.
Now, I have ruled out time for myself and ready to roll the recipes one after another from tomorrow. Planning to post every alternate day, so that my readers don’t have to rush.
I took time to publish, now you take your time.
I sincerely apologize to the contributors, who took so much of pain and interest to gather recipes.

The scenario was out of my control or you can say that God had his own plans…we, mere puppets cannot move a bit without his nod.

Let’s drop the grudges and anguishes and give blogging journey a new start.

Readers, you all are my lifeline. Always be there for me so that I can bring loads of surprises for you in coming time.

Save Marriage! #OneLinerWednesday

“Love for him did not let her go
Lust for her did not let him go
Gradually, Love & Lust United
    Giving Birth to Faith in Each Other!”

Every now and then, I come across news of marriages failing and people moving out of relationship breaking them forever.
My experience and view say, 

“Give time to marriage, initially, Men are hooked to women through lust and love & faith takes time to build and grow. Don’t react if he ignores you at times. Remember, it’s easy to break but tough to build relationships.”

Written for One Liner Wednesday

Musings of Ila Varma.

Happiness Quotient! #HappinessBlogTrain

I asked,
“What is Happiness for you?”
He said,
“Lots and lots of money in my saving account, which can fetch me all the
luxuries of the world that I wish to acquire.”
“Really”, I
“No doubt,
Mom. Everyone wishes for loads of money and enjoy life on his own terms. Don’t
you wish the same?” He said trying to convince me.
I smiled at
his innocence, still, he is far off from the bare reality of life.
I trudged
down the memory lane and discovered that in my youth, I too longed for fat bank
balance and believed that money can buy happiness. The thoughts took
transformation as I trudged with life and had rendezvous, where I discovered
that money is important for life but is not solely responsible to keep us
My thought
deepened when I tasted sweet and pepper of life and discovered that the
materialistic things did add comfort to life but real happiness could not be
attained by materialism.
“Hey, you
know, happiness is real when smile purses on your lips and a unique glow
spreads on your face and soft and sweet twinkle light up your eyes. This
embellishes your face when you are truly happy with the soul, no makeup is
required to give the touch up to the beauty of real happiness and bliss. It
touches you naturally and for this natural feel and sheen, you don’t require
wealth, you just need an eye and a soul to listen to the whims of nature. I may
sound philosophical and you might feel that I am giving free sermons, but this
is true.”
I discussed
with him the encounters of life that we faced together and surplus money could
not straighten things.
What is the meaning of Happiness for


Being a
social animal, I love to be surrounded by people. I am always ready for the
people who need my love and care. Helping people gives me immense satisfaction.
I feel that my life is worth that I am capable of helping people. I have seen
people hoarding a lot of money, but no social contact. Nobody stands for them
in time of their need and distress. In my life, I have made a point to extend
my care and support to all who is really in need irrespective of who he is. He
can be my family, friend, associate, neighbor or a stranger. I don’t trust
strangers and don’t mix with them easily, but in distress, keeping myself on
the safe side, I extend my support. My experience led me to believe that the
care that you extend to others works like a boomerang and it comes back to you
in different forms in life. Helping gives me real happiness and it has helped to
survive several setbacks of life, because, it has made me strong to the core
while facing the naked fact of life through bare eyes.
Cooking & Serving

Cooking and
serving is my hobby since childhood. I freely share the cuisines or specialty
food that I prepare. These days, I find most of the people cook on compulsion
and are always in a look out to escape from the kitchen. I prepare food with
love and people relishing on my choice and preparation helps me to bask in the
glory of happiness. People close to me know well about my skill and I try my
best to serve my guests, family, and others on festive and special occasions. I
believe in cooking at home on special occasions instead of buying ready-made
food and snacks from the market.

I am a
nature lover and love watching plants grow and bloom. Since early days of
childhood, I used to spend hours in my garden watching acres of land
flourishing with greenery. I used to water the plants through water hose and
clean weeds and dry leaves from the garden. Now with urbanization, acres of
land has been squeezed and I am left with small places in the balcony and in
apartment basement area. I keep myself busy in these spreads of space and have
planted lots of green that can be well adjusted in the current space. The first
thing that I do in the morning is to see my plants and it loads me with lots of
happiness and satisfaction. Seeing them flourish speaks volumes about my love
and care showered on the plants.

A radiant
smile gives the sheen to your face and the exchange of a wide smile makes a day
better of all whose life you touch. The smile is the prettiest curve and
priceless. You can exchange with anyone and it crosses the barrier of religion,
sex, creed, castes, language etc. I keep smiling and exchange smiles with all
whom I encounter. It lightens up my face and I feel lively and in high spirits.
These are
the things that fetch real happiness in my life but still, I am not a God so
there are few whims of mine, of whom I am a slave. It is a materialistic thing
and I spend more on them parting from my earnings and it adds happiness to my

Buying Spree for Clothes

The fabric
is my weakness and I spend superfluously on them. I love to dress in the choice
of my dresses and I buy the fabric instantly that attracts me. I spend a lot of
my clothes and I have a habit of wearing pressed clothes whether I am in office
or home. My gifts for others includes fabric, it can be dresses, dress
materials, bed sheets, sarees or curtain. They all attract my attention and I
love to flaunt.

These are
the key to my way which leads to happiness, which is real and satisfying.

What is
yours, Do share in the comment section.

I am participating in The Happiness Blog Train which is all about Sharing & Caring to Make the Life Happy & Lively of All whom We Touch.

I heartily thank Shreenithi, an avid blogger, who runs her blog in the name of Desi Reflexions


This post is
written as a part of the “ Happiness blog
train ” presented by Snehalata  ( Blogsikka ) and Momsmethods  and sponsored by “ Nayasa ”.

Nayasa has introduced a new range of bottles.
These bottles are insulated, maintain the liquid’s
temperature inside the bottle either hot or cold.
The new designs are practical and aesthetic.
Which Are easy to Hold in palms to the cap, everything is
designed carefully. They always Think Fresh! Think Nayasa!

I am Back!


I am back to pen down my feelings, turbulence and fear.

I used to pen down daily but suddenly I stopped, without any reason. Took hiatus from penning down my emotions.

I had stacked myself with various content writing jobs and it weaned out my creativity and my fingers stopped to vent out my emotions.

Everyday, I promised to begin but lagged behind and finally today,. after 23rd Dec. 2017, I logged into my account to write down and meet my friends and peers of blogging kingdom to share and care.

Now, I will continue to write everyday and there is a surprise for you all.

I will share my happiness over being on a loser’s bench and remain happy.

Can You Guess?

Keep Guessing.

Will share rest in my next post.

Stay Tuned.


I am Thankful to God! #Health #Happiness

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I am Thankful for My Health!

Health is wealth, we all know still we ignore beautiful body which is gifted by God. Body is precious and needs lots of care.

We should take a lot of care and Be Thankful to the Almighty & Parents for gifting us a wonderful life with a wonderful body.

I am a forceps delivery baby and my face was disfigured due to forceps. My family was happy for the child but my disfigured face and severe attack of infections distressed them and they had to run from pole to post so that I am saved and back to normal.

Finally, by the grace of God, it was remedied and I was back in my pink of health.

Since childhood, I have fallen ill several times and every time, it was severe but I thank God for the strength that he gave me to battle umpteen times and I succeeded in every chance.

I cannot change my fate but I gained inner strength and that was much needed in crucial moments.

There were times when I was on bed for seven to eight months, completely immobile due to nerve weakness in limbs but I never coaxed my time and fate rather I used the time in a positive way.

I created things, wrote journals and blog was born during those times when I could not move.

I was physically challenged but professionally, I attained heights of success because been mentally strong, I could manage my work efficiently.

I have seen many setbacks in life but never ever I receded backward.

I gained and gained.

All credit goes to the Supreme Power who fraught my way with health issues but still helped me to face with strength.

I am Thankful to God for the opportunities that he gave me in my life and kept me cheerful so that the onlookers could not guess my physical issues.

You may ask how I been thankful after so many issues?

My answer is he never let me fail in my mission and spirit and a sweet smile runs on my face which is apt to make my day and make the day of all the people who connect with me.

It gave me a power of endurance, care of family and friends and never ever I let anyone extend their sympathy rather I became an inspiration of many hearts.

Linked with Thankful Thursday.

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