Why Demean Mother’s Love for Brand Promotion? #Swiggy

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I am not crazy or impatient for watching idiot box on regular basis. I do take care to keep myself updated with the news, announcements, and declarations and I do tune in periodically to update. Being music lover, during weekends, after regular chore, I do switch in to watch my musical and dance shows relayed on weekends. Normally, I am unable to catch on regular time but try to watch repeated telecast in my leisure hours.

Generally, I don’t watch advertisements in between the shows rather I catch up with my incomplete chores. One day, I was lazing around during break and watched Swiggy ads depicting Mom and child. In first go, I took it at ease but when I watched in repetition over different channels, tentacles of my mind was alarmed.

I felt pity for the ad team of who on spree to establish the brand in the market preferred to disgrace mother’s instinct of unconditional love and affection.

Is it fair on the part of the Swiggy brand promotion team?

A big No…I would say and I believe that the Mom fraternity and the family people would not digest it easily if they watch the advertisement carefully.

The truth is, Mom is the most caring creature on the planet who is ever ready to attend to their baby‘s call unmindful how old is she. The instinct is found in all mothers irrespective of species, human, birds or animals.

If at any time of the hour, the child asks for food…Mom is ready to cook and serve…not only Mom, all motherly figure, Moms, Aunts or Grannies tend to have the same tendency to attend to their child and promise them a good satisfying meal.

It is believed that No Food can replace the taste of food cooked by Mom, because she cooks with devoted love and devotion which spice up the indispensable relation.

Swiggy’s ad depicts that the Mom ignores the request of children to provide them with the sumptuous meal rather places an online order to Swiggy and the delivery boy is at the doorstep with the food parcel.

I felt quite hurt watching these ads and could not imagine as to why Swiggy stooped so low for branding.

Why Swiggy depicted such sensitive issue to demean the worth of Mother’s love for TVC

The time is changing and so the values and ethics. The Kids of today are not so concerned about their elders and if a Mom acts in a typical way as shown in advertisements, will the kids have respect for their Mom.

The message aired should be in the line of accordance of society.

Please don’t create a bad image of a Mom to promote your brand. There are umpteen ways to gather public attention towards a brand, why stoop to such a level where you demean a Lady who is worshipped as a Goddess by their children and considered to be a Super Woman with Super Powers.

As far as I know about myself, my ancestors, my friend circle and society, Mom gets over anxious if a child skips one bread less than their appetite.

I do agree, Mom have their own life and she can enjoy TV games with her child or a leisure period with her Mom and child…but she cannot go to an extent to order food on Food chain website when child requests to prepare his/her favorite homemade food.

Yeah, Mom throws parties to celebrate special occasions and weekends but still a kind request of a child for home cooked food can never get ignored.

I request Brand promotion team to study the bad impact of the ad on social strata and Motherly figure.

Please withdraw the current advertisement depicting Mom and child with a kind request for food…don’t demean the generous love of a Mother.

Readers, please do share your views on this article.

Will love to receive brickbats, applause and criticism.

Ila Varma
Mom of Two Kids.

Happiness Quotient! #HappinessBlogTrain

I asked,
“What is Happiness for you?”
He said,
“Lots and lots of money in my saving account, which can fetch me all the
luxuries of the world that I wish to acquire.”
“Really”, I
“No doubt,
Mom. Everyone wishes for loads of money and enjoy life on his own terms. Don’t
you wish the same?” He said trying to convince me.
I smiled at
his innocence, still, he is far off from the bare reality of life.
I trudged
down the memory lane and discovered that in my youth, I too longed for fat bank
balance and believed that money can buy happiness. The thoughts took
transformation as I trudged with life and had rendezvous, where I discovered
that money is important for life but is not solely responsible to keep us
My thought
deepened when I tasted sweet and pepper of life and discovered that the
materialistic things did add comfort to life but real happiness could not be
attained by materialism.
“Hey, you
know, happiness is real when smile purses on your lips and a unique glow
spreads on your face and soft and sweet twinkle light up your eyes. This
embellishes your face when you are truly happy with the soul, no makeup is
required to give the touch up to the beauty of real happiness and bliss. It
touches you naturally and for this natural feel and sheen, you don’t require
wealth, you just need an eye and a soul to listen to the whims of nature. I may
sound philosophical and you might feel that I am giving free sermons, but this
is true.”
I discussed
with him the encounters of life that we faced together and surplus money could
not straighten things.
What is the meaning of Happiness for


Being a
social animal, I love to be surrounded by people. I am always ready for the
people who need my love and care. Helping people gives me immense satisfaction.
I feel that my life is worth that I am capable of helping people. I have seen
people hoarding a lot of money, but no social contact. Nobody stands for them
in time of their need and distress. In my life, I have made a point to extend
my care and support to all who is really in need irrespective of who he is. He
can be my family, friend, associate, neighbor or a stranger. I don’t trust
strangers and don’t mix with them easily, but in distress, keeping myself on
the safe side, I extend my support. My experience led me to believe that the
care that you extend to others works like a boomerang and it comes back to you
in different forms in life. Helping gives me real happiness and it has helped to
survive several setbacks of life, because, it has made me strong to the core
while facing the naked fact of life through bare eyes.
Cooking & Serving

Cooking and
serving is my hobby since childhood. I freely share the cuisines or specialty
food that I prepare. These days, I find most of the people cook on compulsion
and are always in a look out to escape from the kitchen. I prepare food with
love and people relishing on my choice and preparation helps me to bask in the
glory of happiness. People close to me know well about my skill and I try my
best to serve my guests, family, and others on festive and special occasions. I
believe in cooking at home on special occasions instead of buying ready-made
food and snacks from the market.

I am a
nature lover and love watching plants grow and bloom. Since early days of
childhood, I used to spend hours in my garden watching acres of land
flourishing with greenery. I used to water the plants through water hose and
clean weeds and dry leaves from the garden. Now with urbanization, acres of
land has been squeezed and I am left with small places in the balcony and in
apartment basement area. I keep myself busy in these spreads of space and have
planted lots of green that can be well adjusted in the current space. The first
thing that I do in the morning is to see my plants and it loads me with lots of
happiness and satisfaction. Seeing them flourish speaks volumes about my love
and care showered on the plants.

A radiant
smile gives the sheen to your face and the exchange of a wide smile makes a day
better of all whose life you touch. The smile is the prettiest curve and
priceless. You can exchange with anyone and it crosses the barrier of religion,
sex, creed, castes, language etc. I keep smiling and exchange smiles with all
whom I encounter. It lightens up my face and I feel lively and in high spirits.
These are
the things that fetch real happiness in my life but still, I am not a God so
there are few whims of mine, of whom I am a slave. It is a materialistic thing
and I spend more on them parting from my earnings and it adds happiness to my

Buying Spree for Clothes

The fabric
is my weakness and I spend superfluously on them. I love to dress in the choice
of my dresses and I buy the fabric instantly that attracts me. I spend a lot of
my clothes and I have a habit of wearing pressed clothes whether I am in office
or home. My gifts for others includes fabric, it can be dresses, dress
materials, bed sheets, sarees or curtain. They all attract my attention and I
love to flaunt.

These are
the key to my way which leads to happiness, which is real and satisfying.

What is
yours, Do share in the comment section.

I am participating in The Happiness Blog Train which is all about Sharing & Caring to Make the Life Happy & Lively of All whom We Touch.

I heartily thank Shreenithi, an avid blogger, who runs her blog in the name of Desi Reflexions


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Funny Habits! Thankful Thursday

In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.       Gordon B. Hinckley

Life is unpredictable…no one knows which day, the hour or second will turn out to be the last day of life so why to carry the burden of enduring the precious life…Better enjoy the hours that we have in our hands…who knows…Kal Ho Na Ho.

I may sound philosophical but this is the fact of life that we all know, still, we bury ourselves in grey and accumulate hassles and worries.

Lead a Bindaas life.

Choose and adopt the habits that give you goosebumps & frills and you feel rejuvenated and contended with life.

I love being busy and I keep myself occupied most of the time until I am awake…either my mind is on errands or I am physically mobile. I can’t sit idle and been multitasked, I lay my hands on several things in one go.

What I enjoy most?

Music is my first love and I breathe Music. It is the essence of my life and it keeps me going. It’s fun to listen to songs and even after four and half decades of my life, I still tap my feet on fast numbers and family members are in awe…finding me totally engrossed in Music. Music refreshes my mood and it calms me from within…Nothing can beat Music and I cannot live without music. While listening to music, I enter into the realms of trance and it imports me to another world of serenity. It is very soothing to my ears, mind, and heart.

My second love is Gardening…I invest my important time into gardening and it gives me complete satisfaction to watch my nurtured babies grow. The sight of watching my plants grow and flower…really leaves me happy to the core…It is soul satisfying.

Since childhood days, I used to give time to gardening and prepared compost manure by burying all the plant wastes in a pit and covering for few months and when the wastes transformed into soil, I used them in my garden. At that stage, I was not so conversant about gardening tips but my science book helped me to use and test my knowledge and it turned out to be successful.

Till a few years, we had a huge bungalow and large piece of land was there for sowing and rearing and I indulged in it actively. Now we have shifted to apartment style but still, I take utmost care of the garden in the basement and balcony garden inside our flat.

Watching them grow and flowering is very soothing to the eyes and it gives immense satisfaction and happiness.

My third love is Cooking. I adore to cook and serve people. I never take it as a burden rather it is fun for me to cook and serve.

I cook a variety of Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian dishes, Desserts and Cakes and love to spread out for my guests, family n neighbors.

The happiness that surfaces on others face after having my preparations leaves me satiated and contended & boosts me to indulge in cooking & serving.

In my leisure time, either I am busy taking care of my plants or trying new dishes developing my culinary skills & in the backdrop Music flows.

I love my habits and wish to retain till the last breath of my life.

It adds spices to my life.

I never get bored of my habits rather I am continuously in a lookout to develop my skills and expertise in these areas.

Many might wonder what is funny about these habits…They might frown.

I love indulging in these acts and it gives me pleasure, so obviously, these are my funny habits and I am thankful to the Almighty to bless me with this expertise.

My habits are a treasure to me and my family.

Music heals bruised souls.

Gardening fills us with happiness to prosper & grow.

Serving people is next to Godliness.

Thank You, buddies, for choosing such a beautiful prompt for this Thankful Thursday.
I loved writing for this Prompt, “3 Funny Habits you are Thankful for”

Linking up with Amrita, TinaDeepa or Mayuri.

Navigation into The World Of Pickles



रंगबिरंगा अचार



  • एक किलो कच्चा आम, छोटे टुकङों में कटे हुए।
  • एक किलो अदरक, बारिक टुकङों में कटे हुए।
  • एक किलो नींबू, छोटे टुकङों में कटे हुए।
  • एक किलो हरी मिर्च,दो टुकङों में कटे हुए।
  • एक किलो अमङा,दो टुकङों में कटे हुए।
  • एक किलो करौंदा, साबुत।

सभी सामग्री को भली-भांति धो कर, साफ मलमल की धोती या दुपट्टे से पोंछ कर सुखा कर धूप में सुखा लें।

मसाले की सामग्री:

  • हल्दी पा. -100 ग्राम
  • लाल मिर्चा पा.-300 ग्राम
  • एक छोटी डिबिया हींग
  • उजला सिरका – आधा लि.
  • मंगरैल-अजवाइन- 50 ग्राम
  • नमक स्वादानुसार (एक पैकेट टाटा)
  • सरसों तेल-एक लि.
  • काला नमक- 50 ग्राम

बनाने की विधि:

हल्दी,मंगरैल-अजवाइन और थोङा नमक अचार की साम्रगी में मिला दें और एक साफ सुखे मर्तबान में एक दिन के लिए रख दें।

दूसरे दिन उसको एक बङे बर्तन में निकाल कर सिरका छोङ सभी मसाले को भली-भांति मिला दें।अंतिम में सिरका मिलाएं।

मर्तबान में रख कर दो दिन धूप दिखा दें। रंगबिरंगा अचार तैयार हो गया।

पंद्रह- बीस में अचार तैयार हो जायेगा। पकौङी और खाना के साथ अचार के स्वाद का आनंद उठाएँ।

यह अचार बनाने का उपयुक्त समय बरसात है, अमङा और करौंदा इसी मौसम में उपलब्ध होता है।


लाल मिर्च अचार


  •  सरसों तेल-एक लीटर.
  • नमक स्वादानुसार (एक पैकेट टाटा)
  • 50 ग्राम- मंगरैल-अजवाइन
  • 50 ग्राम- साबुत जीरा
  • पाँच किलो लाल मिर्च (अचार वाला)
  • आधा किलो -पीला सरसों
  • एक किलो -काला सरसों
  •  100 ग्राम- हल्दी पा.
  • काला नमक- 50 ग्राम
  •  आधा किलो- अमचूर पा.


मसाला बनाने की विधि – लाल मिर्च (अचार वाला) को सूती गीला (पानी निचोङा हुआ) कपङे से पोंछ दें,ध्यान रहे पानी का अंश ना रहे।  बीज निकाल कर एक बरतन में रखें।

जीरा, मंगरैल-अजवाइन को कङाही में गरम कर मिक्सी में पीस लें। सभी मसाले को एक जगह मिला दें, नमक स्वाद से थोङा तेज रखें, अचार चटकार हो। सरसों तेल 100 ग्राम के करीब में मसाला में मिला दें।

अचार बनाने की विधि – मसाले को लाल मिर्च में भर दें, भरावन की तरह भर कर रखती जाएँ। जब पूरा मिर्च भर लें तो मर्तबान में सहेज कर रख दें। अगले दिन पूरा सरसों तेल गर्म कर के मिर्च पर डाल दें। मर्तबान में रख कर एक सप्ताह धूप दिखा दें।

दो महीने बाद अचार तैयार हो जायेगा। अचार का लुफ्त उठाएँ।

यह अचार बनाने का उपयुक्त समय ठण्ड का मौसम है, यह लाल मिर्च जाङे में उपलब्ध होता है।

मैं अचार खाने की शौकिन नहीं, बनाने और बांटने की शौकिन हूँ।

If you ever drop down at my place and navigate into my kitchen spaces, you will find jars full of colourful pickles, it’s a sight to watch. I love the colors of pickles marinated in my love & care & buoyant peppy colourful spices.

PS: This method is followed by me to prepare pickles, its shelf life is two years. You have to be careful in preserving, store in clean place and free from moisture and always take out pickles with a dry spoon and for daily use, keep it in a small jar on your dining table. Pickles have enmity with water, so be careful. Handle with Care.

If anyone wish to contact me for clarification of the process, drop a mail on [email protected]

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