Mommies Dilemma – How to Manage Early Teenagers?

Motherhood comes with a baggage of responsibilities and care. When we are blessed with a bundle of joy, our spirits are high and we feel on top of the world. To take good care of our tiny tot, we require to be good at multi-tasking, time management with a fair speed to finish off chores. As the days roll by, we find the journey of motherhood tough. We console ourselves that in a span of a few years, we will have hours of relaxation, once the kids grow up. It’s true, the physical strain lessens as the child grows but the mental anxiety starts growing as the child enters near teens.
The docile and sweet child turns violent and blurts out if scolded or pinpointed at their mistakes or coils into their cocoon and want to stay isolated.
This is the phase of the dilemma for Parents…but I insist on Mommies because Mums are more stressed by the changing behavior of their children and she tries her best to pacify things to normal.
Reasons for Behavioural Change
Physiological & Psychological Changes
Eminent changes and transformations take place within a teenager. Development of breast, an onset of periods, acne and pimples, increase in size of reproductive organs of a male child, growth of pubic hair, voice change, an onset of puberty etc., takes place in both boys and girls. The transition from childhood to early teens is cumbersome due to physical changes. The child is confused with the changes taking place in them and initially, they are not comfortable with the changes. They coil in their shells and don’t wish to talk about it or share with their parents and siblings.
Mood swings, wanting to take decisions independently, attraction towards opposite sex, sexual arousal are some of the reasons which bring adamant changes in the child who is at the threshold of teens and they prefer to stay aloof.
 With the frequent physical and psychological changes, they find tough to cope with the demands of the body and it is tough for them to maintain sync.
How to Maintain the Balance
Recall your days of childhood when you were stepping into teenage and how you felt those days. Keep yourself in their shoes and handle them tactfully.
•    Never say, “I was not of this type”
You must have been more or less in the same shape and your Mom would have faced difficulty in taming you. If you say, “I was not of this type”, the child will feel humiliated and get enraged. Talk to them that you felt the same in your teens and it took time for you to adjust due to different hormonal and emotional changes. Ask them to accept the changes as it is natural transformation.
•    Be Friendly
Don’t create boundaries with the children. Play with them, watch movies and programmes with them and discuss and debate on any topic under the sun. Give them the privilege to discuss their problems, educate them about good and bad touch, sex education and to respect both the sex equally. Lend your ear and respect their views. Listen and stay calm. Be a child in the company of your child.
•    Be Polite & Firm in Your Approach
Don’t scold on the slightest pretext. Keep yourself soft and calm. Instead of pinpointing the mistakes and shouting at them, be watchful and cautious in approach. Watch their activities silently and if you find something odd in their activity, explain to them. Accept their mistakes as it is normal for a human to err and each one of us learn from trial and error. Explain to them the pros and cons of their mistakes and tell them firmly not to repeat it in future. Explaining things with the cool mind will help them to realize their folly but if you start getting stern with them, it will misfire the situation. Teenagers melt if handled with love and affection and your righteous approach can tame them.
•    Better Practice than Imposing
Being a parent, adopt all the principles, rules and regulations into practice and then ask your child to follow. This method is better for a small child too, but with teens, you first need to rectify yourself and then you can see them following. If you give sermons, they can react and can seek explanations for imposing on them. The child first school is home and gradually, they will pick up the traits that you follow. Follow positive traits if you want to see it develop in your children.
•    Accept the Changes
You cannot expect your child to be timid all way. If he questions you, don’t fret and fume. They are growing and they have the right to be assertive. Listen to them, reply to their questions and give them the space to grow.
•    Help them to Be Independent
Don’t be overprotective. Give them the independence to choose their dresses, passion, and activities. Let them follow their ambition and hobbies. If you find their aim undesirable, you should have valid explanations to validate it.
•    Trust Your Child
The children need the support and trust of their parents. Trust them but don’t go blind in love. Be caring and supportive and a mute spectator. If you find any activity annoying or wrong, explain them with patience. Don’t compel them else they will turn rebellious. Participate in their activities, befriend their friends, plan outings with their friends and invite them at home. It will help you to know them more.
•    Keep Them Engaged
Encourage to pursue their hobbies. It will help them to be engaged and won’t get surplus time to brood. Creative things attract the growing mind and they will devote 100% of their time. Hobbies help them to ignore sexual upsurges which are quite normal at their age. Give them the freedom to pursue their own hobbies, it will build their imaginative and creative powers.
All suggestions won’t work in all the children so as a parent, you require to be diligent in taming them. The teens who are at a threshold of Teens are more vulnerable and they require patience to tame them.
Your Love, Support and Silence will help them to pass this phase easily.
My Experience
While raising my children,
I never forgot my volatile days of teens and my reactions.
I became a child with them and enjoyed passing time with them.
I befriended their friend of both gender and gave them the freedom to call at home.
Never distinguished between BF & GF but warned them about the phase that all go and how to handle it sincerely.
I accompanied them on outings.
I gave them the space to grow, be independent, choose their hobbies and watched them closely and silently with a smile sailing on my face.
I was soft and firm in my approach. I stuck to my promises and never ditched them.
It was a roller coaster ride for me with lots of turbulence and finally, my silence and patience rewarded me.

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Are The Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes Comfortable For Babies?

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A woman’s life completes the worth of being a woman attaining Motherhood, it is indeed a bliss. Being a Mother comes with a lot of responsibility, care and loads her with tonnes of unconditional love for her child. Of all the relationships on the planet, Mother’s love is the purest form and eternal.
“The only day in your life …Your mother smiled when you cried” is on the birth of a child as aptly put by the great leader and scientist Dr. Abdul Kalaam Azaad.
This is very true and she laughs her heart out when she holds her baby close to her bosom and the milk flows incessantly to feed her baby. It is a physiological and psychological phenomenon found in all mammals on the planet, Earth.
Mom Becomes Selective

As a Mom, we become choosy in selecting the right things for our baby right from her feed to her clothing’s, diapers, bed, accessories and each and every article used for the babies. Our motherly instincts tentacles are very alert and we verify each article before using for our baby.
My friends at Mom Bloggers suggested me to use Baby Wipes for my baby and discussed the advantages of using it. The advantages attracted me to the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes, which claims to be As Good As Cotton & Water but I wanted to cross-check the product for my Baby.

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes advertises in its campaign that it is a natural plant product derived from nature and do not contain any harmful chemicals, hence perfect and safe for babies use.
Normally, the non-organic baby wipes are helpful for the Moms at home front or on travel but the long use of its results in rashes because of chemicals and non- biodegradable ingredients embedded in the wipes.
There are numerous brands of Baby Wipes in the market and claims of all are tall and convincing. I desired to go through the Flame Test to verify the claims of Brand Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
Brand Mother Sparsh claims:

§   98% water content
§  Bio-degradable, Safe for babies & it curbs garbage pollution
§  Non-irritant to Baby’s Skin
§  Product Fabric derived from Plant
§  No Parabens, Alcohol, Synthetics or Polyester
§  100% Safe for Baby Care

§  Pocket-Friendly

I decided that to encounter the claims, Flame Test will be apt to test its veracity of the claims.
Things you need for the Flame Test

Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes
A Candle & a Lighter or a Match Box
Caution: Avoid testing in front of kids because they might imitate you and it can be hazardous for them. Test when kids are not around.
How to Do

Light the candle and hold a corner of a baby wipe on to the flame. It will take a few minutes to catch flame because of its water content. Once it catches fire, burn at least half of the wipe and check for the emitted smell and residue.
When I did the same, the smell emitted was the same as it emits after burning paper or cotton cloth and there was no residue left, only ashes. The ashes were blown away easily by the blow of a fan.

Wow…the Flame Test concluded the claims of Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes correct and As Good As Cotton & Water. I decided to use the same for my loving baby.
I had borrowed a single wipe from the group of Mommies and I pinged them in the group and conveyed that the claims of Mother Sparsh and theirs were found perfect by me after taking the Flame Test.
Immediately, I placed the order online on Amazon and it was delivered within a few days.
It is easily available on Amazon, Flipkart and FirstCry, Click and Order.
I and my cutie pie, both are happy with the product Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes. I highly recommend Moms to choose Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes.
My baby’s skin is soft and supple and I use it profusely for cleaning her face, hands and body and bum after every pee and poop. I use for myself to wipe my face clean and it is always there in my Baby Travel bag.
Mother Sparsh Baby Wet Wipes takes care of the baby’s skin and environment.
I am loving it.

Extraordinary Qualities of Legend of the Millennium – Amitabh Bachchan!


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I am a diehard fan of Amitabh Bachchan since my early childhood. The first movie of Amitabh Bachchan I watched on the silver screen was Muqaddar Ka Sikandar and my idol-worship began. Since then, no looking back in four decades, no hero fascinated me more than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

Fan following of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is huge and he is famous all over the universe and people adore him.

Amitabh Bachchan started his career in the film industry with a scratch and carved a niche for himself. He saw major setbacks in life but still, he survived and emerged as a winner who steals the hearts of people in large numbers.

What makes him stand Exclusive & Extraordinary?


    His Deep VoiceAmitabh Bachchan is gifted with a deep baritone and his voice stands against the crowd. It has an ability to hypnotize and convince people. He has contributed his voice for plays, songs and recites his father, Harivansh Rai Bachchan poems with dignity. His voice pulls the crowd and leaves people spellbound.

    Work is Worship for Him – He is reigning in the film industry for four decades and it is said that he is very punctual. He believes in giving his best and he can work for long hours without getting puzzled. The people love to work with him. He never takes the job for granted rather he take it up as a challenge and puts in efforts as a newcomer in rehearsals. The energy he publicizes on KBC is an inspiration for the people and the participants. I believe this is the reason that he is reigning in the hearts of the public.

    Humble & Down to Earth – Amitabh Bachchan has won maximum accolades on the national & international platform, still false pride and ego have not touched him. He is humble and down to earth and he recognizes his audience and believes in his audience for his success in the industry. While watching KBC, the way he addresses the contestants and their family members are mind-blowing. He gives immense weight and regard to the participants. He makes the contestants feel at home and comfortable. He has aged gracefully. 

    His Acting is Natural – He enters into the skin of the character that is assigned to him and justifies it 100% without fail. His acting seems to be natural and effortless.

    Adaptable to Changes – He is not conservative in his view and actions and believes in changing himself with the passage of time. He interacts easily with any age group and easily adapts to the latest trends. 

    Sunday Darshan for his Fan followers – Despite having a hectic schedule, he never forgets to give Darshan on Sunday on his residence to his diehard fans and acknowledges their sentiments and emotions. People throng in large numbers to have a glance of their hero. This proves his popularity among people.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan suffers from serious ailments and has to abstain from rich and junk food still you won’t find him anxious. He is a pure vegetarian and a teetotaller. He has accepted his health flaws and maintains a healthy schedule in spite of hectic schedules.
He is nearing close to 78 years still he possesses vibrant energy and knows how to capture the attention of an audience. He is an inspiration for the people of all ages and he gives competition to youngsters. He is a power bank, loaded with positive energy.
Lessons to Learn from Amitabh Bachchan:

   Drop false ego and pride.
    Work on your strengths
    Kick negativity out of Life.
    Success is Temporary & Attitude is Permanent so work to maintain the positive attitude.
    A Grand Smile & Making people comfortable in his company.

I feel happy to watch my hero gaining height of success and popularity. 

I believe my Readers will agree with my views.

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I Missed Blogging Dearly!

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I shifted my domain from Big Rock to another and this process took a quite long time hampering my blogging activities.
I did not anticipate that it will take so long, as of approx. 20 days. The Big Rock did not wished to release me and it kept on hold for a long time requesting, Abhi Naa Jaa.
Finally, it was released and my website was up. I missed my writing activities dearly.
Mostly, I write in impulse and the contents are spontaneous…all those went haywire.
Writing in impulse shoots idea automatically and you cannot write afterwards, however hard you strive….the intensity and the ideas churned disappears with time.
I was in fear that I might lose a good number of traffic and website status. Thankfully, it remained static…neither I gained nor I lost.
Dear Friends, I am back and will share my writings on regular basis. Writing keeps me connected and my feelings gets a positive vent to share.

I Raised My Son by My Life Experiences! #Parenting

I became Mom when I was waving goodbye to my late teens. I was very happy to hold my child in my arms.
I could not sum up my emotions in words, because no amount of words could suffice and express my inner happiness.
While holding M, I vowed few things; I won’t raise my hand on him, I will never scold him in moments of my anger, and will habituate him to eat all that is offered in his plate.
There were valid reasons behind these vows and I had learned the lesson in a hard way from my life and I did not wish to repeat it in future.
Let me explain the reasons for the vows to understand what I really meant.

I was quite emotional since childhood and if I was slapped or coaxed by parents and extended family, it hurt me a lot and I used to feel bad. The feeling that sailed in my mind was, why my family don’t try to explain me coolly when I am wrong instead of raising a hand. In our time, we were raised in such an atmosphere, where questioning or reasoning with parents was not allowed, so we kept mum.

When I conceived and was in a family way, I chose to be a parent, who can give the child the freedom to express his emotion and my first rule would be to adhere to explain the things clearly to the child, instead of taking the path of slapping.

Secondly, why I vowed not to get angry with kids when I am in temper for other reasons. I was raised in a large family and my Mom had to face unlikely situations. Forty years back, DIL could not even think of answering back or making faces if scolded or remarked by elders. Not always, but there were trying moments when we became victims of her wild temper. She felt sorry afterward but only after we were offered on the altar.
Lastly, never to encourage to become a picky eater. I was the eldest child of the family and I did not eat easily. Family members allured me with my favorite food so that I could have my food. This pampering turned out to be bad for me and I survived on a restricted diet of my choice. My Mom was not in favor to encourage my habit but being raised in a large joint family, she did not have much say and I got the freedom to be a picky eater. When I grew up then I realized that I had to suffer during outdoor visits and literally, I used to gulp down the food which I did not prefer. In our time, we were not encouraged to speak up even if you dislike, and I know how hard it was when I visited at someone place who was not aware of my habits.
While raising my son, I had to raise the hand to inculcate good habits in him and later, I realized that it wasn’t easy to spare the rod while disciplining the child. In the first and second instance, I used to explain things but still if he did not co-operate, I had to break my promise to discipline him. I did raise my hand when things were out of control and I had to take care that he does not go astray from the path and I was successful in disciplining him. My big protruding eyes were enough to control him, normally.
I did stand by my two vows, never ever lost my temper on him when I was in bad mood or hurt. The however tough or unfavorable situation would be, I handled them patiently and they could never judge what I was going through in the trying times.
I inculcated the habit of eating everything that was offered on a plate. It was not easy but I had to be strict in this term. I never cooked extra for my son. I fed him all that was cooked for everyone. In beginning, he made faces but I never bothered and gradually, he picked up the habit of eating everything that was cooked at home. This habit made him adjust in all the situations and never ever he complained. Later, he adjusted well in hostel life.
I raised my son with the experiences and lessons that I learned from my life.

My experiences say that being Mom is a wonderful experience and a woman is full of affection for her flesh. To discipline the child, at times, she has to act as an enemy and for that, she requires to be strong-willed and take impartial decisions to make the life great of her child.
What were your experiences as a Mom? Did you ever face the situation that I faced or did you check your parenting style by your experiences?

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What is Safe and What’s not during Pregnancy!

Most expectant moms get worried about what is safe and what’s not during pregnancy. While being pregnant, it is important to be extra cautious about your diet, habits and daily routine. Therefore, in this blog, we have simplified some of the common confusion of the expectant moms related to the safety during pregnancy.

In general, consuming alcohol is tagged under unsafe health habits. If a pregnant woman takes a glass of wine, it will to her baby too through the placenta, which can possibly cause harm to the growing foetus. The best time to quit alcohol, of course, is when you are planning how to get pregnant. As the major development in fetus happens before the realization of pregnancy.
Verdict: Unsafe.


If you wonder that if coffee can be dangerous during your pregnancy, then according to the experts, it is not. However, an excess of anything is not good for health, and same it goes with the consumption caffeine too. A consumption in moderate quantity like one cup, which makes 300 milligrams a day, is not harmful to your fetus.

Verdict: Safe.

Asthma Inhalers

Inhalers medicine which is used when you are suffering from asthma is completely safe during pregnancy. Hence, if you are a patient with asthma and pregnant too, then it is absolutely fine to use inhalers. Avoiding inhalers can be a fatal decision as asthma restricts the adequate oxygen supply to your fetus. Consult with your obstetrician in your early trimester of pregnancy to know if any adjustment with respect to asthma medicine is needed to avoid any complications.
Verdict: Safe.

 Sleeping Aids

It is totally understandable that during pregnancy, it is difficult to have a good sleep. However, taking help of any sleeping aids is certainly not advised during pregnancy. These sleeping aids are not being tested on pregnant women and hence become harmful to your pregnancy.
It is good if you take the help of pillows or a glass of warm-milk before the bedtime for having a good rest and sleep.
Verdict:  Unsafe.

This is one of the most common confusion during pregnancy. Most of the pregnant women and their partners wonder whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy or not. Hence, if you are having a normal pregnancy, sex is completely safe for your growing fetus. Penetration and intercourse movement will not harm your baby, as he is well protected by the uterus’ muscular walls and amniotic fluid.  Moreover, these muscular walls are strong enough.
However, it is good to consult with your obstetrician to understand your pregnancy condition before enjoying intimacy with your partner.
Verdict: Safe.


According to the experts, the woman who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or even planning how to get pregnant should consume more fish. Fish is a vital source of important nutrients which includes omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and iron. These nutrients foster healthy fetal development.
However, it is recommended that pregnant women should avoid eating raw fish as it is prone to food-borne diseases.
Verdict: Safe.

Insect Repellent

Nobody wants to be bitten by an insect even by a mosquito. However, every insect repellent is composed of several chemical substances which are not safe for a pregnant woman. Hence, it is good to prefer some easy remedies to stay protected from these insects. You can use a mosquito net or sand flies while sleeping. These alternatives are the best way to prevent complications during pregnancy.
Verdict: Unsafe.

Pregnancy is full of joy and excitement; hence an extra care has to be given so as to continue excitement until 40 weeks. Feel free to consult with your doctor if you want to be sure about what is safe and what’s not during pregnancy.

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This post is a Guest Post on my Blog and the contributor is Akansha Bansal.

Lives with a notion “SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING” and have an optimistic approach towards life. Always eager to learn new things. She is founder of a Parenting website called “Budding Star”.
The views expressed are of Ms. Akansha Bansal and the images have been provided by her for the post.
Disclaimer: The ideas are just mere suggestions on the basis of day-to-day experiences and to verify, cross-check with your Doctor for its authenticity.

Evergen and Airlabs announce World’s first Clean Air Zone- AirHavn!

Evergen and Airlabs announce World’s first Clean
Air Zone “AirHavn”– to demonstrate an innovative new technology to clean air
pollution in Delhi
~National Physical Laboratory’s Gas Metrology Section
to conduct independent validation of the pilot~

New Delhi 14 June 2018:Evergen Systems along with their
technology partner, Airlabs today announced the launch of ‘AirHavn’ the pilot
of the World’s First Clean Air Zone at Lakhi Shah Banjara Hall, Gurudwara Rakabganj
Saheb, Delhi to demonstrate the revolutionary technology and announce their
plans for cleaning air pollution across India. Present at the launch were Dr.
Matthew Johnson, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at University of
Copenhagen, Chief Scientific Officer at Airlabs and Sukhbir S. SIDHU, Founder
and CEO, Evergen Systems, Dr. Shankar Aggarwal, Senior Scientist, Gas Metrology
Section, National Physical Laboratory of India and Manjit Singh GK, President
of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee.
Evergen were the pioneers to launch City Tree in
London and became the first company in Britain to install technology solutions
to tackle urban air pollution. Evergen are working with Municipalities, local
authorities and Government agencies to install City Tree across the UK. After
almost two years of researching and trials of a number of technologies, Evergen
has the exclusive license for– City Tree – the world’s first Biotech filter for
cleaning urban air pollution.
AirHavn is an ‘architectural masterpiece’ that has
been especially designed and constructed applying the laws of fluid dynamics to
take control of air flow. The AirHavn combines a design based on extensive
optimisation using high performance computing with high performance air
filters. The innovative Airlabs technology utilises a combination of
atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering and implemented through a
proprietary dual filter system combining nano-particles for removing 97-99%
fine dust particles and a chemical media to remove gases like NOx, SOx, CO2 and
Speaking at the launch Mr. Sukhbir Sidhu, Founder
& CEO Evergen Systems Ltd, “Air quality is huge problem and barely a day
goes by without a story in the national or city media focusing on the
deteriorating quality of our air and its impacts on human health. In early 2016
our company began looking into ways of tackling this problem. He further added,
“We are delighted that we, along with our technology partners Airlabs took the
decision to set up a pilot clean air zone in Delhi to demonstrate the technology
and announce our plans for cleaning air pollution across India. It was a huge
challenge to secure a suitable site in the middle of the city. Let’s be clear,
this is the only proven technology that is capable of cleaning outdoor air
pollution. It has been tested by University of London, now in Delhi and soon by
Scientist and Prof (Dr.) Matthew Johnson,
University of Copenhagen on launching the project said, “We have done the
impossible: Today, together with our partners at Evergen India, we are launching
and dedicating the world’s first open-air clean air zone to the people of
India: The AirHavn. My team has been monitoring the air quality from inside and
outside the AirHavn since last few days. We are having real time updates on
quality of the air, the results are phenomenal as we have monitored pollution
reduction by up to 70 %. The air quality is also being independently monitored
by National Physical Laboratory’s, Gas Metrology Section.”
Gurdwara Rakabganj, where the AirHavn pilot is
taking place for 3 weeks is located in Delhi. General public, students,
politicians and civic leaders are invited to visit the AirHavn, enjoy clean air
and learn about this revolutionary technology completely free of cost.
to the editors:
Evergen Systems Ltd
Established in 2010 Evergen are a multi award
winning Cleantech Company. Since the beginning their mission has been to reduce
energy consumption and CO₂ emissions in the built environment. The company has
been installing solar generation, electricity storage and Energy Management
Systems on homes, commercial properties and public sector buildings. Over the
years company’s business has evolved from saving energy and cutting CO₂ emissions,
to reducing pollution and cleaning the air.
Airlabs was founded by Matthew Johnson, Professor
of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen and Sophie Power, a
London based businesswoman concerned about the health of her children. The
company exists to give people clean air to breathe in polluted cities. Airlabs
combines a greater understanding of air pollution through its sensor networks
and airflow modelling capabilities, alongside the technology and engineering to
create true clean air zones throughout cities. Airlabs has launched several
projects in London. From bus shelters to benches and the AirHavn is the first
large scale demonstration of outdoor air cleaning. The company launched its
first consumer product, the Air Bubble, to clean the highly polluted air inside
vehicles. Air lab’s technology has had global media coverage and independent
scientific validation.

Disclaimer: The article & images used in this blog are the property of pr24x7 & the data is compiled by them.

La Trobe Business School – Indore!

Press Release
La Trobe Business School, Australia makes New Announcements
to cater to Indian Students!
·       NEW
intake in January for selected master’s programs
·       Continuing
successful intake in November to complement March and July intakes, and
·       Scholarships
to meet ever-growing demand from Students
Indore, 26th May, 2018 – Opening NEW
opportunities for Indian Students, a Senior Delegation led by Professor Jane Hamilton,
Dean and Head of La Trobe Business School (LBS), La Trobe University (LTU),
Australia visited Kathmandu; India and Colombo.
In response to Student demand from India,
LBS has introduced a New Intake for selected Post Graduate Business courses in
January, with accelerated study programs to allow earlier completion. This is
in addition to the very successful introduction last year for undergraduate and
postgraduate programs in November. The November intake is in addition to the two
intakes in February and July semesters. La Trobe Business School few years
earlier introduced third semester for its Post Graduate Courses, which is now
very popular amongst Indian students. In addition, New Subjects have also been
introduced to meet the needs of Industry and the latest trends in the job

Professor Jane Hamilton said “La Trobe
University’s steady endeavour to connect with key countries in our region and
to keep generating better opportunities for Students has brought La Trobe
Business School back to India. Our New January intake for Post Graduate Programs,
three Intakes a year for Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs and
continuing to offer excellence Scholarships should help Students from India to
reap significant benefit from the expertise and brand new cutting-edge
facilities at La Trobe Business School.”

MBA “La Trobe University’s practical Industry-focused MBA
prepares Students for the rapidly changing 21st century business environment. Our Program is accredited by EPAS and Recognised
by CEO Magazine as a Tier One Global Program. 
A feature of the Course
is an opportunity for Students to participate in an Enterprise Learning Project
within an Organisation”.

“La Trobe University has jumped about 200 places in the
latest Academic Ranking of World Universities
. It is placed 301stin the world and it means
that the University is placed in the top 400 in the world in all three
recognised International Rankings of Universities”,
said Professor Jane Hamilton.                               
Once again, La Trobe Business
School, Australia is offering Scholarships
to the value of 15%, 20% and 25% of the Total Tuition Fee
for Undergraduate
as well as Postgraduate International Students commencing in 2018 for our
popular courses (
These Scholarships are merit based and will be offered to students based on
their prior academic performance. These Scholarships will be offered to
students on a first come first serve basis.

La Trobe Business School has introduced new subjects that respond to changes in the job market and the need for graduates to
be aware of business trends. These subjects include Big Ideas in Business and Digital Business, both of which are part
of the Bachelor of Business.
About La Trobe University
La Trobe University is multi-campus university based in
Victoria, Australia. Named after the first Lieutenant Governor of Victoria, La
Trobe University has been at the forefront of higher education in Australia for
the past fifty years. La Trobe University is renowned for its academic
excellence and research achievements. It has seven campuses in Victoria and one
campus in New South Wales in Australia. More than 181,000 students have
graduated from La Trobe University and have gone on to achieve great things in
all walks of life, giving La Trobe its well-deserved reputation. For details,
please visit
For further information, please contact:
Atul Malikram|9755020247

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IL&FS Skills – Certificates Distributed to Successful Trainees of PMKVY!

distributed to successful trainees of PMKVY- RPL in Agriculture by Shri Rajiv Pratap
Rudy at Chhapra, Bihar

 IL&FS Skills is implementing RPL in Agriculture Sector for Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur, Tuber
Crop Cultivator and Maize Cultivator Job Roles

IL&FS Skills, a joint initiative of
IL&FS Education & National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), organized
a certificate distribution ceremony for successful trainees of PMKVY RPL in
Agriculture Sector for Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur, Tuber Crop Cultivator and
Maize Cultivator Job Roles at Community Center, Amnour, Chappra, and Bihar. Fifteen
successful trainees were awarded certificates by Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Member
of Parliament and former Minister of State for Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship, Government of India; Shrimati Neelam Pratap Singh; Shri C N
Gupta, MLA, Chhapra; Shrimati Anu Singh, BJP Mahila Morch President; Shrimati
Bhawana Verma, Representative, NSDC and Shri Rohit Kumar, SDO Amnour, Chhapra.
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programme
in the Agriculture sector under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY),
the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
(MSDE), Government of India was launched at Ishrauli Bazar, Madhora, Saran, and
Bihar on 22nd February 2018. 
The ceremony was graced by Dr. Prem Kumar, Hon’ble Minister of
Agriculture, Government  of  Bihar, 
Shri  Gyan  Chandra 
Manjhi,  Ex-MLA,  Garkha 
and  Shri Vinay  Singh, 
Ex  MLA,  Sonpur. 
The ceremony was attended by Ms. 
Bhawana Verma, Official from NSDC, Mr. 
Amit Verma, Official from ASCI, local Panchayat members, Mukhiya from
villages of across Chhapra. In total, attendees included  over 
1000  people  including 
RPL  trainees,  community 
members,  media and  members 
of  IL&FS  Skills 
regional  team  in 
The Project Launch Ceremony was focused upon
the RPL project launch and commencement of first batch of training. The
ceremony also included welcome speech by hon’ble guests and trainers. The
candidate welcome kits including a t-shirt/jacket, cap, notebook, pen etc. were
distributed along with other course material and domain books.
Saran, being a predominantly agrarian district
of Bihar state, agriculture is the main occupation  of 
the  people  of  the  district 
and  also  their 
main  source  of 
livelihood. Livestock  is  very 
important  in  a 
district  like  Saran 
with  a  predominantly agricultural economy. Dairy  farming 
is  largely  practiced 
as  a  traditional 
backyard  activity  and  it
represents  a  considerable 
share  of  income 
even  for  the 
poor  households  in 
cases where  household  with 
only  dairy  income 
is  considered  and 
Saran  is  also  one  of such district of Bihar. Although  Saran 
is  positioned  to 
leverage  the  opportunities,  farmers 
practicing dairy  farming,  paddy, 
wheat,  maize  and 
tuber  crop  cultivation 
are  reportedly constrained due to
structural and skill related gaps and other external factors also. Further,
demand for Maize and Tuber crops is on the rise, and Saran District is endowed
with deep, flat and fertile soil capable of sustaining crop production. In  view 
of  the  above 
and  to  ensure 
sustainable  means  of 
livelihoods  for  the existing 
farmers  by  means 
of  up-skilling  and 
enhanced  scope  for 
better  price realization  of 
their  produce,  it 
has  been  envisaged by Ministry of Skill Development
& Entrepreneurship (MSDE) to structure a suitable Recognition of Prior
Learning (RPL) for these experienced farmers.
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) aims to
align the competencies of the unregulated workforce of the country to National
Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF), which is a competency based framework
that organizes all qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge,
skills and aptitude. RPL is a platform to provide recognition to the informal
learning or learning through work to get equal acceptance as the formal levels
of education.
The programme aims to impart skills training
for existing workers to align the competencies of the unregulated workforce to
the NSQF under PMKVY RPL scheme. RPL focuses on enhancing the career/
employability opportunities of an individual as well as provide alternative
routes to greater standards of living through skill enhancement. It also
envisages providing opportunities for reducing inequalities based on certain
privileged forms of knowledge over others. It is a process of assessment of an
individual’s prior learning to give due importance to learning as an outcome
rather than learning as a process.
IL&FS Skills has been allotted a target to
train 10,000 farmers, including both men and women, in Saran district of Bihar,
belonging to socially marginalized communities. Post completion of training,
the farmers will be certified by Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI).
IL&FS Skills has conducted RPL program for
multiple sectors including Agriculture, Apparel, Construction, Leather,
Handicrafts & Carpet, Security, Tourism & Hospitality, RPL of
Rashtrapati Bhawan employees, CRFP Jawans and street vendors through FSSAI in
past as well, under the aegis of NSDC, and MSDE. This initiative of RPL under
the PMKVY is expected to enable a large number of Indian youth to take  up 
industry-relevant  skill  training, which  will 
help  them  secure 
a  better livelihood.
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From Barren to Green!

A tale about a Diva, who instilled life in the barren land by transplanting trees, which were removed by builders to construct buildings and apartments. She took them and transplanted in her land and revived their life and they are flourishing in her garden. The Diva happens to be my Chuddy-Buddy, Jyotika Kapoor Kalra. Her contributions gave life to many trees, who was ready to succumb and she proved to be a saviour. She is multi-faceted personality and Diva in real terms, she is caring and supportive and her touch is a golden touch that erupts brilliance and life in the lives of people, flora and fauna, pets that she touches.
She is my inspiration and she can be a inspiration to many and many can choose her path to revive the natural glory of planet. I agree it is not possible for a middle class man to follow the path of transplantation, but certainly, the industrialists, celebrities and business houses of our land can choose her path to add greenery to planet, they can certainly roll out plans for transplantation, new plantations and maintain green patches at all places.
Jyotika‘s  journey in her own words,

“I bought a land in a very prestigious Gated community in Bangalore …it was Devoid of any Greenery. When I thought of the Design of the Home …my concept was New meets Old…so the first step was to Transplanting 100-200 years old Trees being cut by the builders. As the project proceeded, I managed to give life to 15 Old trees which are all blooming today .First tree was put 5 years back and its nearly a 200 yr. old tree. Last 2 years transplanted the rest 14 Trees including Kadam, Raintree’s, Coconut Trees, Gulmohar Trees, and Coral Trees and lots other varieties .Now I live with 4 Nests too and have the Birds all day long. Below are photos of the first transplanted tree in 3 stages.”

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