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Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

Ever since its launch, “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain
has attracted a huge number of fan following. It is one of the most talked show
amidst viewers and the catchphrase Sahi Pakde Hai” is very popular among people of all ages.

The series Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain is produced by Benaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli under the banner of Edit II Productions. It is a light-hearted comedy that refreshes the mind after a hectic day. The daily dose of laughter is a great stress buster and certainly qualifies for a repeat watch.

The colloquial catchphrase from the show has especially gone incredibly popular. Many have started using “Sahi Pakde Hai” in their social media posts and everyday conversations too.

The show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Tiwari’s and the Mishra’s who are fed up with their own partners and both the males develop a crush on each other’s wives. They are always looking forways to impress their crushes. But all the efforts to stir an interest go futile but still, they do not lose hope and continue to devise new methods to impress their crushes.



Interesting Characters From The Show

  • Manmohan Tiwari – Played by Rohitash Gaud, Manmohan is a
    successful businessman dealing in undergarments. He is coined as ‘Kaccha-Baniyaan’ because his neighbour Mishra feels that his business is degrading. He is attracted to Anita, his neighbour’s wife and leaves no stone unturned to
    woo her.

  • Angoori Tiwari  – Played by Shubhangi Atre Poorey, she is a typical traditional Indian housewife who loves to wear sarees and follow the traditions diligently. She is famous for the iconic tagline “Sahi Pakde Hain” and her incorrect English have made her a lovable character with a great fan following. Her “Tu-tu-Main-main” with Ammajee is another hilarious highlight in the show.

  • Vibhuti Narayan Mishra –Played by Aashif Sheikh, he is studious fellow but is not able to get a job due to false pride and ego. Hence, he is termed “Nalla” meaning useless. Most
    of the time, he is busy with devising unsuccessful methods to earn money through odd means. He is well versed in reciting poetry and through poetry, he keeps trying to woo Tiwari’s wife, Angoori.

  • Anita Mishra – Played by Saumya Tandon, Anita is a
    literate, headstrong and independent lady who is the breadwinner for the Mishra family. She runs a grooming class in Kanpur and has a black belt in Karate. She is a good friend of the naïve Angoori and is Tiwari’s crush, who keeps trying to woo Anita.

Why viewers are attracted to the Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

  • The character of Angoori and the way she presents her comical self on screen leaves viewers in splits.
  • Mishra and Tiwari have some really funny quirks to their characters that makes them fun to watch.
  • The epic expressions of the characters take the funny scenes to a whole new level.
  • Catchphrases like “Sahi Pakde Hain” and “I like it” have a massive impact with them becoming a part of popular culture.
  • Even supporting characters like Ammajee & Saxena have got some really fun moments that make the show a great watch.

This show has grabbed the attention of audiences, everywhere in India with a new and interesting comical situation that feels both relatable and funny. That’s possibly what makes the show fun to watch even after so many years of it being on air.


Renowned comedian, Navin Prabhakar roped in for &TV’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain!

of India’s famed Comedian Navin
, most known for his slang ‘Pehchaan
will soon be a part of & TV’s popular sitcom ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’. Navin has already made a good name for
him in the industry and has also been a part of many Bollywood movies like Bombay
to Goa, Khiladi 786 and Phata Poster Nikhla Hero.
Navin Prabhakar as Pramod
Pralay Jhangirabadi
will be playing the role of a ‘Kavi’ and will be seen as a ‘Kavi
on the show.

said. “I am extremely happy to be a part of a show like ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’ which is a complete entertainment package.
My role in this show is of a ‘Kavi’
who has recently become famous and who keeps coming up with hilarious poetries
to which I feel the viewers won’t be able to resist laughing. Though I have
been doing comedy since a very long time, it is still a challenge for me to get
the rhyming and timing right as a ‘Kavi’
on the show. I am hoping viewers enjoy watching this new side to me.”

the upcoming episode viewers will see, that Vibhuti (Ashf Sheikh) and Anita
(Saumya Tondon)
invite their college friend and popular kavi, Pramod Pralay Jhangirabadi. Tiwari (Rohitash Gaud) and Angoori bhabhi (Shubhangi Atre) will
also join them to welcome him in modern colony. While they are happy to see
renowned kavi in their colony, Pramod has some different plans as he professes
his love for Anita which he had developed since their college days. Obsessed
with Anita’s love, he will kidnap Vibhuti and threaten him to marry her. Will
Anita agree to marry Pramod? What will happen to Vibhuti?

To know, don’t
forget to watch, Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain every Monday – Friday at 10:30 PM only
on &TV.

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When Farhan Akhtar’s was Tongue tied? #Entertainment #Comedy

&TV’s latest offering
Comedy Dangal is making viewers stay hooked onto it ever since its launch.
Bharti Singh – Anu Malik along with their teams are literally making their
viewers roll with laughter with fresh jokes and punch lines. Recently
Bollywood’s dapper hunk Farhan Akhtar made his way to the show, only to take
charge of viewer’s laughter therapy. Anu Malik, who is infamous for creating impromptu songs
created a unique tune using a popular Hindi tongue twister Uuth Ucha, Uche
Uth ki Puch Uchi”

Source set from the set
revealed, Anu Malik created a song on the spot and asked Farhan to sing it
to him. Being a sport
, Farhan immediately obliged and sang the song that was
made out of a popular tongue twister ‘Uuth Ucha, Uche Uth ki Puch Uchi’.
audience thought it was tough row to hoe, Farhan surprised them adding
his own unique style singing the tongue twister within
few seconds.

The ‘Lucknow Central’
actor will be seen on the show along with model turned actress and his co-star,
Diana Penty.
To watch , Farhan Akhtar jam on the tongue twister, don’t forget
to tune into Comedy Dangal, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm only on &TV.

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Vote for Nimki! #StarBharat #NimkiMukhiya

‘Nimki Mukhiya’,
Star Bharat’s show went all out to seek votes for Nimki, through its innovative
marketing campaign~
~One of
a kind activation over a period of 6 days engaged over 16, 00,000 consumers across
Hindi speaking markets~

Mumbai, September,

Star Bharat (Life OK – rebranded) with its philosophy of, “Bhula De Darr,
Kuchh Alag Kar”
is bringing to us stories that will encourage one to
go beyond their fears to achieve their goals. One such story that was launched
on 28th of August“Nimki Mukhiya” traces the journey of a slightly neurotic,
highly opinionated, gregarious girl who by a twist of fate is made the first
woman mukhiya candidate of her village.
Nimki is
unlike any other Hindi serial female protagonist hence, the marketing
initiative taken to promote this show too was unique.
The entire
360-degree marketing campaign for this show was conceptualized and
executed to mimic a political campaign. Just as all political campaigns
have a strong on-ground leg, Star Bharat (Life OK – rebranded) launched
an extensive on ground activation in over 15 cities and towns across Madhya
Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh from 28th of August, 2017 to 2nd
September, 2017.
The political
campaign was flagged off in Lucknow by Nimki on 26th of August. A
political styled press conference was held in her “party’s war room” where-in
she spoke to the media about her political ideologies and unveiled her
manifesto for the first time. Later, in line with her belief, “Ladki ka first
duty hai ooka beauty!”
 – She spoke to journalists while getting beauty
treatments done at Lucknow’s top salon, Stylz Beauty Salon. She
concluded this off beat press conference by urging everyone to show support for
her cause and keeping an eye out for her on ground campaign.
Starting 28th of
August, fleet of colorful autos, custom designed to reflect Nimki’s quirky
personality hit the streets. For a period of 5 days, the autos blared Nimki’s
quirky political slogans. For the first time ever for a Hindi show–
door-to-door political styled campaigning was done where her manifesto was
distributed and viewers were requested to tune in to Star Bharat (Life OK
– rebranded) at 8:30 PM to show their support for Nimki. Additionally, an army
of Nimki’s “party workers” set out and visited stores, markets, places of
interests and heritage sites to distribute her manifesto and to talk about
Nimki’s appeal and her unique political agenda.
To amplify
her political campaigning, radio stations across MP and UP also played Nimki’s slogans.
This extensive
outreach concluded with Nimki’s rally in Bhopal on the 2nd. She first visited a
radio station to talk at length about her political agenda. From there on, like
any politician worth their salt, she set out on a rally in a quirky jeep,
visited various hotspots of the city and interacted with the citizens.
After talking
to the media in Bhopal, Nimki went on to do yet another press conference in
Indore. After all, the life of an aspiring politician is never relaxing! In
the short period of 6 days, over 3, 37,500 houses were visited, 8, 77,000
pamphlets were distributed and over 16, 00,000 consumers were engaged.
With such
an innovative and extensive marketing initiative, the show is sure to catch
attention and endear this eccentric politician to all her viewers.

Do show
your support for Nimki by tuning in to Star Bharat, Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM

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Sunny Deol recreates dad Dharmendra’s Sholay on Comedy Dangal! #Entertainment

is usually said that the iconic movies should be left untouched and their
remark shouldn’t be made.  Despite this fact, Bollywood has seen numerous
remakes of iconic and popular movies from 80’s and 90’s while few have lived up
to their original version some have tanked badly. But there is this new remake
which is definitely going to win the hearts of the viewers this weekend as
&TV’s popular comedy show – Comedy Dangal gives a comical twist to the 70’s
iconic Bollywood movie Sholay. And guess who joined the cast of Comedy Dangal
for this remake? The original action hero of our country, Sunny Deol along with
his Poster Boys co-star Shreyas Talpade.
original version of Sholay saw Thakur as the victim and Gabbar as the assailant
but the tables will be turned on the stage of Comedy Dangal as Gabbar (played
by Anu Malik) will be seen as the victim and Basanti (Bharti Singh) will be
seen attacking him. With the Bollywood’s most dreaded villain, Gabbar in danger
the action king of Bollywood, Sunny Deol couldn’t stop himself from helping
Gabbar. Sunny along with his ‘Dhai Kilo ka haath’ and co-star come to
Gabbar’s rescue from Basanti’s antics. 

Sunny and Shreyas be successful in saving Anu Malik (Gabbar) from Bharti’s
(Basanti) pagalpanti
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Interview – Anita Hassanandani!

Q) You are
part of this show Comedy Dangal, is Dangal happening on the sets?
A) No Dangal,
only fun is happening on the show. It is a very positive and high energy show
and like the show, the entire cast is also very entertaining.
Q) How has
been your experiences of working in a comedy show?
A) Comedy
Dangal is my second comedy show, I have previously worked on some other comedy
shows as well. So this time when I was offered Comedy Dangal, I was more
confident than before. It is very different from the usual daily soaps that I
do. I feel that this show de-stresses me as an actor. I am really enjoying this
show and we have a great team to work with which makes it more fun.
Q) How is your
experience of working with Anu Malik?
A) He is a
very sweet man. Every day when he comes for shoot, he carries great energy with
himself. In fact, both Bharti and Anu Malik have a lot of fun on the sets so
it’s great to work on a show where you indulge in laughter therapy.
Q) Has Anu
Malik done any planning with you for your team or given any advice?
A) No, he has
not given any advice but he always appreciates when the act is good and gives
compliments. I get a lot of positive energy and vibes. When I come on sets
after the shoot of my regular shows it’s like a stress buster and I’m tension
free. After a hectic schedule of 5 days, I get recharged shooting for Comedy
Q) How do you
prepare for each act?
A) Preparing
for a Comedy act is totally different than shooting for normal daily soaps. We
start rehearsal two-three day’s prior sometimes we even have a script reading
session in groups.
Q) You have a
bunch of popular celebs in your team? How is your bonding with them and whom
you have bonded most with on the show?
A) All are lovely
people and they have become a family now. I have bonded most with Bharti. I
have previously done a show with her and that’s why there is a comfort level
between us.
Q) You are in
Anu Malik’s team but you are bonding more with Bharti?
A) Yes, because
she is my old friend and I like her more. At the end of the day, our aim is to
make people laugh and bring in the cheer.
Q) There is no
elimination round on Comedy Dangal, how is winner going to be declared?
A) There is no
winner and there is no loser. Winner will be the one who makes people laugh the
most. Viewers are the biggest critics. There is no competition, its only pure
Q) Stand-up
comedy or Skit comedy which is better according to you?
A) I think
both are entertaining in their own way but stand-up comedy on Comedy Dangal is
very unique. Some of the comedians are extremely popular on YouTube, they have
very different style of Stand-up so personally I enjoy that more.
Q) What are
you going to take away from Comedy Dangal?
A) My only
take away is that – it’s very important to laugh in life. In today’s hectic
life we take a lot of stress and tension so it becomes very important to have
that entertainment. After this show, I will definitely watch some live comedy
acts and comedy shows on television.

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A Mukhiya Like None Other Age old traditions get shaken up by an unconventional political candidate in STAR BHARAT’s – ‘Nimki Mukhiya’

righteous, sacrificing Hindi serial female protagonists have always been the
focal point of most Indian TV shows. However, for the first time Star Bharat brings a female character
who is truly one-of-a kind.
Nimki is the
princess of a poor father. She sees the world through rose tinted glasses and
lives in her Bollywood inspired day dreams. Despite the drudgeries of the
mundane village life, she is whimsical and full of live. Nimki is marriage
obsessed, slightly neurotic, highly opinionated and most importantly far
removed from politics. But, by a chance of faith and a new government
regulation she finds herself elected as the first female mukhiya of her village.
And, this outlandish yet gregarious girl soon
finds herself amidst conspiracies far beyond her understanding. While various
individuals flock with the plans to manipulate her, Nimki’s eccentricities leave
them baffled.
This new show on STAR BHARAT,
channel that showcases inspirational stories about journeys of strong and
fearless characters who rise for the collective, draws inspiration from
the life and times of rural India’s political state but in a never seen before fresh
and light manner. It introduces a quirky protagonist, who is a misfit in the
power hungry world of politics but in her own bumbling way manages to bring
about a better, new normal.
Produced by Qissago the show highlights the journey of Nimki who breaks
stereotypes and in her bumbling way challenges the status quo. To ensure that
the essence of Bihar and the village
where the show is plotted is kept intact, the makers have gone in-depth into
the nuances of characters, the body language, the costumes and the dialect. The
hinterland audiences will feel at home with the show as it packs a punch by
being closest to reality.
Lead actor Indraneil
aces his character and debutant Bhumika Gurung marks a very promising debut.

The acclaimed TV writer Zaman Habib on
his debut as a producer said
, “The concept of Nimki Mukhiya is unusual and different
from what we have seen on television so far. This show will resonate with every
Indian as it has a straight connect with the heartland where absolute autocracy
and male dominancy continues. Our character Nimki is the USP of the show who is a complete entertainment package. Nimki is brave
yet Naïve, entrepreneurial yet lazy, dramatic yet loving. The show traces the
journey of this unconventional hero who brings a twist to the established
political scenario of Bihar.”
political change is the need of the hour. For resurgence to happen – traditions
need to be challenged. But can deep sated societal problems be successfully
tackled by an unorthodox hero? Would you have supported a slightly out of box

To show your support for Nimki, tune in
to Star Bharat on Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m.

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Rahul (Anu Mallik), Anjali (Kajol) and Tina (Geeta Kapoor) from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai reunite on Comedy Dangal!

Geeta Kapoor,
the queen of dance and one of the best female choreographers in Bollywood recently, joined Comedy Dangal team as celebrity guest
for a special episode that pays tribute to women. Since the episode is a
special dedication to all the ladies of the country, it is full of
entertainment, drama and lots of spice. 
show will see Anu Mallik and Bharti Singh team up to present a
parody on Geeta Maa’s debut movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! While you will get
to see Anu Mallik as the ‘cool dude’
that SRK portrayed – Rahul, Bharti as
‘jhalli’ Anjali
will rock the stage. But the icing on the cake is Geeta Maa joining the duo as the ‘sexy’
Tina and showing them the moves on the song Koi Mil Gaya! And that’s not all! 
by Surbhi Jyoti’s ichhadhari naagin
and Rajesh Kumar’s sapera skit, Geeta
and Bharti Singh were
compelled to join them on the stage to dance on the tunes of naagin song along
with other ladies of the show. The ladies Bharti
and Geeta also give the men a crash
course in bargaining!
masaledar episode turned into an emotional ride for Comedian Mubeen Saudagar
who was surprised by the cast and crew of Comedy
with his wife who is soon expecting a baby. Like a loving husband, Mubeen thanked his wife for all her
support during his struggling days.

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