Imbibe Habit of Regular Studies in Children! #Parenting #Studies

These days’ parents are over ambitious pertaining to studies of their children. They want to see them faring with excellent marks and attaining higher ranks in class. It is the wishes of all to see them excel but how you train them to attain, Matters.
The competitive world gives goose bumps to parents and they fear the uncertainty of getting a good job placement or achieving a feat in their career.
Moreover, in spite of a growing number of educational institutions, still, it is tough for the kids to get admission in better institutions of the choice preferred by the parents.
To get through, the cute little tiny tots are prepared with required courses rigorously to get admission in Nursery classes.
Stress & pressure to compete for mounts on the toddlers and the kids from the early age of 3. The overambitious parent’s leaves no stone unturned to get a break in best educational institutions.
What route is followed?
If the child is coaxed and pressurized then there are a lot of chances of a misfire. The child might lose the interest in studies or get bogged down by intense pressure. The child turns into irritant self and at times, they become dull and it plays havoc in their later life.
Whereas if the learning is made interesting for the children by allotting them hours for regular study along with the enjoyment of playing and other extracurricular activities. They will do well and develop interests in their subjects and the consequence will be positive…they will become inquisitive and curious, a positive sign of a worthy student.
The parents have to choose the proper path to imbibe habits of regular studies in their children to see that they are transformed into intellectuals. They don’t emerge as a bookworm but an all-rounder with knowledge on all subjects, ranging from textbooks, GK, sports and hobbies.
The pattern of parenting and handling kids have gone under great transformation, these days.
I find the parents are quite stressed, related to studies of their children. They want to give their best and even wish that their unfulfilled ambition is fulfilled by their children. The peer pressure too works a lot because parents wish to show off their pride and status by remarkable feat and grades achieved by their children. They are more concerned that their children should rank above the neighbors and secure higher marks than neighbor’s and colleague’s kids.
During exam sessions, I come across long faces of parents whose children are studying in the nursery, primary or secondary, all reel under great stress. They mount pressure on kids to excel and make them sit for long hours to mug up the lessons. Both parents put in their maximum efforts in preparing questionnaire and answers and even prepare the projects all by themselves with the sole aim, EXCEL.
I find this situation absurd because I never implied these in my parenting style and I used to remain cool and composed during or before the exam.
I believe in Regular Study and there are great advantages to Regular Study. I imbibed the habit of regular study from Day One and made sure that they stick to it. In a few instances, they went astray but normally, they followed the pattern of regular study.
How Regular Study Benefits Children
•    Regular study keeps the child updated with the progress of studies at school.
•    Every day, the child must revise the lessons that have been taught at school. The contents taught in school remains fresh in mind if it is revised at home and it is easily absorbed.
•    Attend all the questions and answers related to the taught chapter.
•    Jot down all your doubts and queries and get it cleared in next class.
•    Read one extra page or next lesson for the next class. When it is taught in school, it seems that they are aware of the contents of the chapter and the lesson seems interesting and is easy to understand.
•    The child does well in surprise quiz taken at school for the chapters taught in previous class. They are on par with the lessons taught.
•    It boosts the confidence of the child and he initiates in asking a question in classes to clear his doubts and respond to the questions asked in class.
•    During examination time, the regular students don’t require to invest extra time to update their knowledge quotient and preparation.
•    They don’t reel under the stress of appearing in the exam.
•    They transform into confident students and are happy and curious to appear for the test.
•    It inculcates the habit of sitting regularly for the study session.
•    The assignments seem easy and interesting due to regular study.
•    It induces the habit of self-study. They are not reliant on parents and their confidence enables them to do well and progress.
•    Regular study boosts their concentration power and they catch the lessons fast.
•    Children get recognition in class for being proactive and alert.
•    In a sum, regular study boosts them to do better in studies. They are well versed with the chapters. They develop the interest in studies.
Additional Benefits of a Regular Study
•    The health & growth of children is better because they don’t require to stay awake for long hours during examinations.
•    There is no stress in the children, exam phobia, and nervous breakdown.
•    The parents don’t have to take stress to cover up the chapters for the exams and life at home is peaceful and calm.
•    There is a close bonding between parents and children because both don’t stress each other.
•    The children enjoy healthy bonding with the teachers at school.
•    The children enjoy other aspects of life being regular in a study as they get ample time to invest in their hobbies and sports.
My children followed a pattern of regular study and they never had to sacrifice their play and extracurricular activities to pace up with the studies. It was peaceful for me because I did not have to take extra stress for their studies. The accomplishment has been great.
I never stressed them to stand first but made them understand the power of grade and knowledge in life. I even encouraged them to watch films and other healthy shows, read books and magazines, catch up with their hobbies and regular play.
It plays an important part in their grooming and they come out to be calm individuals because they are not deprived of the benefits and they never feel left out in any niche later in life.
The parents should make the children understand the importance of regular study and try to instill the habit in them.
Once the habit is inculcated in children, they will realize the importance and will follow the suit throughout life.
These are my views in the field of parenting. Do share your views and leave a comment.

Keep Mosquitoes at Bay! #Goodknight #Kids

Mosquitoes are a menace in all seasons but it breeds fast in warm weather. It is believed that their thousands and thousands of eggs hatch within three days in warm weather, so just imagine how fast they multiply. In India, the mosquito menace is throughout the year but it is at climax in changing weather i.e. from winter to summer and summer to winter and in monsoon season. They breed in stagnant water, inside tree holes, marshy and swampy places and in garbage and dustbins.
Mosquito bites are itchy and many diseases borne out of their bites such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikunguniya, Yellow fever and Encephalitis. At times, mosquito bites prove to be fatal.
Mosquito bite is harmful for all but the infants, toddlers and kids should be taken care of so that they are at a safe distance with these deadly diseases. The bites creates lump in the skin and often small children are allergic to mosquito bites and their skin gets red, swollen or discolored.

I do follow routine to keep the mosquitoes away from our home and surrounding and religiously use Good knight safe mosquito repellent to be at a safe distance from these ugly and ruthless mosquitoes.
How to Keep Mosquitoes out of Home

We have already discussed that the breeding is fast in warm & monsoon season and further, it breeds in stagnant water and dirty places.
1. We should take care to keep our surroundings clean and disinfected. Daily cleaning and dusting of the house and surroundings is mandatory. Take care that water is not pooled nearby surroundings or inside home. Dirty water attracts mosquitoes and therein, they lay eggs. If you have swimming pool in your society, make a routine to change the water at proper intervals.
2. Plant mosquito repellent plants inside and around your place. Shrubs of tulsi, mint, marigold, trees of lemon and neem and planting citronella grass are effective in preventing the breeding of mosquitoes. They keep the mosquitoes away and simultaneously, they are good for health.
     3. Dark coloured dresses attract mosquitoes so dress your child and yourself in light coloured dresses to keep the mosquitoes away. Cover kids feet by making them wear socks especially in the early evenings. Apply mosquito repellent for babies to keep them safe from mosquito bites. They cannot take care of themselves so we need to be alert and apply the gel on the open areas of the kids. Avoid applying on eyes, lips and open wounds.
    4. Open your doors and windows in day hours so that sun-rays enters your home and the hidden mosquitoes will fly away. Around 4 pm, close all the windows and doors of your house to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
    5. In spite of taking so much care and been alert, still mosquitoes bites the cutie pie of our family. We rely on Good knight repellents and we use them regularly to safeguard our cute angels. We use Good knight Patches to save them from ugly and itchy bites.
Good knight presents kid friendly mosquito repellents to save them from painful bites. It is safe mosquito repellent for children of all ages, skin friendly and certified by Pediatricians.
They have introduced two products, mosquito repellent aloe gel which is applied on the open areas of the kid’s body and the second one is mosquito repellent for infants, in patch form which can be pasted on the baby’s dress, pram, shoes, cradles keep the mosquitoes away.
Good knight Cool Gel

It is absolutely safe for kids and while strolling or going out with your kid, use Good knight Cool Gel to the open areas of the children body to get rid from mosquito bites.
* Skin friendly
* Protection for 8 hours
* Safe for children, Certified by Paediatrician
* Protects from mosquito bite diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya
* Pleasant fragrance
* 100% Natural Formula
* Aloe Vera Infused
* Price: INR 75/50 gm
Caution: Avoid application on lips, near eyes and on open wounds. You can do patch test before using to be on safer side.

Good knight Patches

* 100% Natural Infused with Natural Oils
* Protection for 8 hours
* Safe for children, Certified by Paediatrician
* Protects from mosquito bite diseases such as malaria, dengue and chikungunya
* Available in Fun designs of Chota Bheem Patches comes in 30 designs.
* Price: INR 75/14 Patches

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Unique sheet of the Bey Bee keeps children safe from all infections!

A product of
premium Indian child product “Bey Bee”

Bey Bee is a popular brand of the baby care
product manufacturing company Baby and Mom Retail Private Limited. There were
acute shortage of standard product for safe caring of infants and children in
the country. Good products favorable for tender skin of the children were not
available in the market. Children are having more danger of the infection while
Bey Bee products keep safe children from all these infections. Children require
very safe, tender, comfortable and products which keep them safe from danger of
the possible infections. But, after launching of premium Indian Bey Bee
products this shortage has been fulfilled up to an extent. This company has
manufactured such unique products which are not only look like toys but also
save children from many dangers of the infection by giving them safe
Manufacturers of the “Bey Bee” product said
that “customers of the Bey Bee products
always get satisfaction, it is our only biggest capital. In last two years
those parents used Bey Bee products, expressed their satisfactions. Bey Bee
sheet is among most favorite product of the Bee Bey. This is a product of
better quality which is not only cost effective but also having good absorbing
capacity. In this regard, one of the first tine parents said that their colors
are very attractive for children which are not available in other brands. These
are very delicate products which keeps child happy. It is very delicate and
useful sheet for the infants. According to a parent these are better products
which are being used by use since last two years.  One of the first time mothers declare it as a
good product of value for money. While one working woman consider it as an
excellent  Bey Bee sheet for her mother
who is caring her child because child sleeps on it very comfortably  and not fell any wetness. Its size is so good
that it covers complete bed.”
Manufacturers of the Bey Bee care products
spent lots of time in nursery store and made detailed study of all the products
before its launching. After that they found that there is a big difference
between available Bey Bee products and other world standard products.  Bey Bee is not only manufacturing child
products but also taking care of convenience of the parents. By valuating all
these and seeing availability and excellent customer service, Baby and Mom
Retail Private Limited started Bey Bee care products with Bey Bee brand name
which get immense popularity within a short span.
To manufacture Bey Bee product is an honest
work, a service for giving practical advice and is a social responsibility. After
all it is a most exciting moment for any parent that is why before
manufacturing a product for infant it is very essential to have a positive
experience, complete information and easy availability. By keeping this
essentiality Bey Bee products are made available through online and off line
retail purchasing. Bey Bee products are now also easily available on Amazon, Shop
clues. Snapdeal, EBay and other online stores.
Water frock and ultra-absorbent: Beside
water proof this is having 100% waterproofing capability with airflow
technique. It keeps safe child from allergy, dust particles, bacteria, sweat,
urine and other liquids. By using this children bed can be kept dry and
children can be kept safe from the infections of wetness.
Easy Care: It can easily wash by hand
or in washing machine with warm water having temperature between 30 to 60
degree Celsius. It is comfortable, delicate and silky. It is having capacity to
absorb water more than 8 times of its actual weight.
Features:  This baby sheet made from skin
friendly and heat free soft fabric is very light in weight which gives
comfortable sleep to the child. Due to its water absorbing capacity and
immediate drying property it can be used immediate after washing. Child not
feels any heat under this sheet.
Versatile: it is a versatile
product. This is not only use for sleeping of children but dippers of the
children can be changed on it. By using this product, you can also keep safe
your furniture.
Easy Care: Bey Bee sheet is favorable
to skin of the child, heat free, helpful in taking clean breath, durable and
100% water absorbent. It keeps your costly mattress safe and not left any stain
and not spill liquid here and there. It absorbs wetness and made child safe
from the sweat.
Three layered: Bey Bee sheet is
protective and a best absorbent and made up of three layered safety fabric
which keeps bed sheet dry and provide more comfortable feeling to the child and
his parents. Due to its tenderness it provides extraordinary softness to the
tender skin of the child.
Composition: Bey Bee sheet
absorbs liquid of different level very fast because its composition is such
that it child is not feel wetness for a long time from its upper side.
Therefore, usually there is no danger of skin infection. These are made up of
100 % organic materials.
Rexins:  Second part of the Bey Bee sheet is
made of Rexin material and can be used as a dipper changing mat. This sheet is
light weight and cay be carried anywhere. It can be washed as per your
convenience and can be used again and again for a long time.
For senior family members: As it is having matchless
quality to absorb liquid spread over the bed, it can also be used for the
senior members of the family. Its super thin and effective light contact is
very pleasant which left very good feeling on the skin. It spread equally on
the bed.
Full value for the money: Indeed, it is
cost effective in every sense and pays full value for the money. It can be used
again and again. Even after spreading lot of water it can be used by keeping
your clothes completely dry and safe!
Useful for pets: It is not only
useful for children and old aged members of the family it is equally useful for
your dear pets (dogs and cats) too. It is infection free and can be spread
anywhere. It is easy to wash. If your pet sleeps with you on your bed, you can also
use this sheet on your bed to keep yourself and your pet from any kind of



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Top 10 gifts for this Children’s Day! #Cadbury’s #Celebrations

Every year, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th of November on the birthday of Late Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He loved children and so his birth anniversary is celebrated as Children’s Day since long.
In 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, this celebration was confined within the School premises and this was the important day in the life of a student when he was presented with sweets and gifts by the teachers and school authorities and the teachers organised game and play shows dedicated to children. Children were allowed to go to school in their home dress and a day when they were free from carrying textbooks….A day of freedom…to do masti in school.
This way it was celebrated in our time, but now the things have changed in 21st century. The time changed and so the mindsets….There is a great role of media world and social platforms which has brought changes in the celebrations of Children’s Day.
Now parents celebrate this day with pomp and show and gift their kids with cute and useful gifts and dedicate this day to their children. It is a time of double-celebration for the children…total fun for the children on the eve of Children’s Day.
My kids and my neighbour’s kids wait for this D day with lots of expectations. I celebrate with great fervour by cooking their favourite dishes, gifting them Cadbury chocolate (My favourite chocolate) and distributing gifts to neighbour’s kids. Mine children long awaited wishes are fulfilled by driving them to their favourite toys and puzzles store from where they pick up as per their choice and standard.
Let’s see what Gifts you can choose for your loved ones making Children’s Day, a special day in their lives.

Top Ten Gifts for Children’s Day.

1. Toys, Colors and Puzzles: 
Toys, Colors and puzzles are great for kids and they are fond of them. These days, there are ample choices in the market for each age group. Allot them your budget for the toys and leave them free to choose within your range. They will love the idea and be happy with the gifts.
2. Treat them in their favourite Food-joint: 
Give them a surprise treat at their favourite food-joint and allow them to choose their favorite dishes and you too eat the food of their choice. They will feel special and happy for the due importance given to them.
3. Gifts of their Choice: 
Watch or ask what they are longing for and present them as per their choice, it can be a watch, a clothing, a bicycle, a décor piece for their room, an aquarium, a pen etc. Do gift them their choice and make them feel special.
4. Spend quality time with your kids: 
In today’s world, where both the parents are working, they get minimum time to spend with their kids. Take leave from office and spend quality with them by playing, gifting, and eating out with them. A whole day dedicated to children will make them happy and you too will love their company and beat the stress level.
5. Outing with your kids: 
November is the best season to move for an outing as the season is pleasant and cool. Choose the outing place where kids can have fun. You can pool two three families to make the trip more enjoyable.
6. Bake a Cake for Kids: 
Bake a cake for your kids and surprise them. Cakes are favorite dessert of kids. You can even distribute among your neighbor’s kids.
7. Arrange Games for Kids: 
If you are living in a society, you can pool money and celebrate the day in your society. Arrange song and dance shows by parents dedicated to kids. You can also arrange word games, housie and other games with prizes and give prize who qualify for first and second and congratulatory prize to all the participants for uniformity among kids of society. Buy masks for children and hold a skid play enacted by the kids. The kids as well as the elders will enjoy.
8. Sports Equipment: 
The Indian kids are obsessed with Cricket and a bat as a gift spreads wide smiles on their faces, though he is a kid of five years or fifteen. Gift him a bat as per his age. There are lots of outdoor games equipment, gift as per their choice and inclination.
9. Books: 
Books are awesome gifts for children. Buy them informative books, science fiction, mystery series or any other of their choice. If he is a book lover, gift as per their choice else to inculcate habit of reading in children, gift them good interesting books and encourage them to maintain a small library of books. For toddlers, gift them coloring books.
10. Chocolates: 
Nothing can beat chocolates and we Indians believe to start the auspicious day with “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye” and Cadbury’s has range of chocolates for everyone. Not only kids, chocolates are favorites of grown-ups and old too. Gift them chocolates at the break of a dawn on the eve of Children’s Day.

Every year, I and my kids wait for this special day and I chalk out plan along with them to celebrate Children’s Day in a grand way.

                                                        Source: here 

Do share how you celebrate the Children’s Day.


New world standard education institute “The Phoenix School” at Indore!


  •    World Class education and activity facilities will be available at School
  •    K.J. Edu-Associates , Mumbai will be education-Advisor
  •    School Management comprise of renowned educationalists & businessmen.

Indore: A new world standard “the Phoenix School” is going to open at
Indore. This new educational institute will be operated with latest work
procedure and new educational system of world in the field of education. This
school will be worked with the educational guidance of the K.A. Edu-Associates,
. The Phoenix School will conduct classes for grade 1 to 10. This co-education
residential school will open shortly. This will be affiliated with oldest board
of the country- CBSE and arrangements are being made to deliver education
through world famous education systems. Experienced and highly educated
teachers of this school are having ability to understand talents and
extracurricular activities of each student.
The campus of the phoenix school is speeded in vast 7 acre area.
Its impressive classrooms will engage students. In its main capabilities it is
also to engage students in various activities which is treated as essential
part of holistic education .The education of the phoenix school is based on
activities and also based practical, effective, informative, project based
education and also meant to introduce students their understanding about
education. It also provide facilities of cricket, football, skating, basketball
, handball, martial arts, creative arts, dance, music, performing arts, theater
arts , gardening  and chess itself at
school campus.
One of the specialties of this school is to deliver education
of 21st century to students as per the demand of the time, for which
students will be trained in the fields of financial management, project
management, entrepreneurship development and courtesy and idea proficiency.
Management has also taken care of providing enjoyment to students along with360
degree education.   Student will provide opportunity to meet guest
lecturers and writers and subject experts through school workshop. In addition
to this students will also get facilities to participate in interclass and
inter house competitions, photography and publication, field trip, night
campus, student exchange programmes, and adventure sports. Campus is also
having music studio, theatre, art lab, multipurpose hall and skating ring.
There are 11 distinguished members of the advisory board of
the phoenix school which includes Lt. gen. B.S. Sisodiya and international
cricketer and commentator Ajit Agarkar so as to students can get inspiration
with their experience.
K.A. Edu-Associates, the Education –Advisor of the Phoenix
School is working in 30 cities of the country and also working with the
partnership of more than35 schools. More than350 teachers of these schools are
specially trained with professional development training. In a very short span K.A.
Edu-Associates has registered its global presence in the schools of Dubai,
Abudhabi, Qatar and Singapore of the middle-east. World’s best education
organizations, IBOs. Stiner, Finish advantage or Cambridge structure is prepared
on this very basis.  With the advice of
the K.A. Edu-Associates, The Phoenix School will strive to make students
capable in all such skills which are essential to make successful children of
the 21st century in this changing world.  Two day workshop of the Phoenix school is
conducted on 8th and 9th November to connect parents of
the children with the school management as an associate .In this workshop
experiences of learning with education of the 21st century were
shared with participants.



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Lulling To Sleep! #Kids #MMM

Source: here

When the child is born, there is a great difference in the
temperature of the inside world compared to the world outside and it takes time
for the infants to settle in. These changes leads to changes in the sleep
pattern of the kids.
Mostly, we see that the new born sleep well in day hours and
are wide awake at night and it is a punishment for the New Moms to cope with it
and she becomes restless and tired & at times, loses her patience.
At times, I have seen that the babies are dull and sleepy in
day hours and proactive at nights and the couple exchange glances and anxiously
wait for their child to sleep and the smart kid finally relieves her Mom in
early morning hours.
This erratic sleeping pattern goes on for few weeks or few
months and gradually they adjust and sleep on fixed timings thereby giving
enough space to their parents and especially the Mom.
The day the woman conceives…lots of health issues crops up
with the pregnancy and she battles all the odd moments which takes toll on her
health for the bundle of joy.
The first trimester and the last one is scary and it poses
lots of issues but still for the sake of her child, she endures all the pain n
When the child arrives, he /she tests the patience &
power of endurance of her Mom and poses a fresh challenge each day for the Mom.
I am a Mother of two boys and both are two ends of a pole
though they gel well.
My elder son was quite calm n he slept for more than twenty
hours, so there was not much coercion in raising him.
Watching my son sleep for such long duration was not
considered normal by my MIL and she lectured me that we should keep him awake
for few hours else his mental & physical development will be affected.
One more reason I saw to his sound sleep was that I attended
all his chores ten minutes before his defined time, so he did not feel the need
to bother me.
So, I had great time while raising him not a single night was
The arrival of my second child was with a Bang…Bang…Bang.
The second child was proactive and slept only for few hours
and he kept me on toes at night. In day time, he used to play after been fed
but at night, he cried a lot and wanted to be in my arms.
I thank God for the patience that he descended on me that I
never got irritated and enjoyed their tantrums…it was the age factor. I became
Mom of two within 20’s and I never lost patience rather enjoyed the bliss of
Gradually, I followed few tricks to lull him to sleep and it
worked well.
Change in Massage

I changed the timings of Oil massage from 6 to 7 pm to 10 pm
at night and changed to night dress after wiping him with warm water. He felt
fresh after the massage and tried to sleep.
Soft Light & Music:

After 8 pm, I switched off the tube light (LED & CFL was
unknown in those days) and soft music played in the background. My proactive
son gradually got sleepy in dim light and soft music. By the time of massage,
he would be half asleep and after massage, he slept peacefully.
These two changes brought great change in him and he slept
peacefully, consequence we two were happy. 😆😆
As they grew into kindergarten going kids, again their routine was
disrupted and their disruption perturbed my routine.
I have raised my kids on my own without any assistance of
support staff, so it was essential that their routine matched with mine so that
I could attend to my other chores of managing house, husband and kids.
After changing and feeding them, I took them to bed in noon
so that they could take a nap and I could finish my chores half attended.
I love reading so I purchased a good lot stuff of story
books and would read them aloud and they lulled to sleep in mid of story and I
tip toed to attend the other chores and arrange the things for evening and
*Shukr hai…they did not inherited my instincts in sleeping else Motherhood
has been tough for me. Since childhood, I never sleep in daytime till I am ill
(It wasn’t tough on my Mom because I was raised in joint family).
This quality helped me in raising my kids. I never indulged
in any work till they were awake. I devoted my full time to attend to them and
when they went to bed, I was active managing family n friends.

This was my experience.

Do share yours. 💕

Writing this for #MondayMommyMoments.


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How to Conquer Anger? #MMM #AngerManagement #Moms

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I could not compete with the timings of Monday Mommy Moments and could not write on time due to other commitments but still I wished to write on this topic…Anger Management for Moms.

Here is my take on this topic.

Been sensitive, I don’t believe in yelling at children. I
know how it hurts so I never went to the extent of yelling or going mad with
anger while raising my kids.
From the very beginning of my life, I am cool with kids and
old but all hell break loose on adults…the reason that I sort out is that what
kids do, they do in innocence but adults deliberately indulge, so I lose
patience with grown-ups…though to some extent, I have managed controlling.
I had great share of anger outbursts in my childhood days
and I had promised that I won’t commit the same mistake with my kids.
And the day came, when I conceived and my happiness knew no
bounds and I got busy with the preparations to welcome my bundle of joy and
finally, the day arrived when I was holding my flesh in my hand…and the feeling
was surreal and no words can suffice to express my feelings.

I kissed him on his forehead and promised to him that you
will never be a victim of my anger and I will try my best to explain the things
when you are wrong, avoiding yelling at you to get rid of my frustrations.

I believe that the kids are fragile and we need to handle
with care.

His arrival in my life made me responsible and patient and I
knitted numerous dreams and all revolved around him…though as a wife…I
justified my presence…so I was successful in managing the both ends and both
were Happy.

Their happiness was my happiness and I felt contended.

Soon, I was Mom of two cute boys and my patience while
raising them proved to be a wonder. They turned out to be well-behaved kids. It
doesn’t mean that they were not into mischief, they were but within the purview
of limits or you can say that my No reaction on their mischief treaty helped
them to be docile.

The kids are smarter than Moms. When they find their Moms
losing their temper, then they deliberately involve themselves in mischief to
enjoy the tantrums of Mama…it’s my perception.
After finishing their chores, I used to sit with them n let
them play with their toys and puzzles and never went eccentric even when they
messed around, just watched them in silence that they don’t hurt themselves
hard…rest I hardly cared…Over caring too poses issues.

The early years were very relaxed but when they entered in
primary school, an unknown pressure built within me and I started losing my
temper at slightest pretext and they poor were victims of my wrath.

One fine day, I pondered over the situation and discovered
that sub-consciously, pressure was building that they study well and do well…so,
I was becoming over-ambitious. I stopped myself then and there…checked my

But there were instances where I had to do drama of been
angry to control their tantrums in their growing stage and it worked out…I
never yelled much rather explained them in their context to discipline them and
my silence worked in moulding them.

They too are my flesh and they  abhor yelling and been

Few times, I spanked them when they were really at fault and
need to be corrected.

They were able to assess for what my anger built up and they
learnt how to avoid those instances…so our co-ordination was perfect…I was
their sole guardian while raising them and there was no interference from my
husband’s side…while I scolded them or checked them…It proved to be a liberty.

Normally, I see that while checking kids, the couple get at
loggerheads and their views on disciplining differs and this difference is
taken as advantage by the children, who are not at an age to judge, rather they
get hooked to the person, who is liberal and encourages even when he is wrong.
I never spanked or yelled at them in frustration or in mood

Where they need to be reformed, I never backed out, I was
there to correct them.

I wish to share my suggestion.

Many times, it happens that if we are in good mood and the
kid has done seriously something wrong, we overlook them in our fun time…and if
we are in bad mood and the kid is demanding something genuine, we spoil the
play because of our anger outbursts…and the innocent has to face the music.
This mood swings of Mom’s blots the kids for no fault of

Remember a golden rule, however good mood you are in and
your ward needs to be corrected, don’t back out, then n there pin point their
mistake and ask them to correct sternly…and never make them victim of your mood

Give them a chance to distinguish between Right and Wrong.

My silence played wonders in raising them…now they are
grown-ups individuals and now if they deliberately go out of way, I yell at
them on top of my voice. They frown at me but never reply back rather when I am
cool they explain me patiently.

I request the existing Moms and would be Moms to work on
patience and anger management and always, remember your childhood days, it will
be convenient to tackle your kidoos.

Silence speaks more than yelling.

Whenever, you feel like yelling, start backward counting and
by the time you will finish the count, your anger will diminish.

Advantages of Not Yelling:

You will be happy and your family will be happy.

Kids will be friendly with you and will share
their secrets.

Your saved energy will kindle your Creativity.

Kids will grow into mature adults and will know
how to handle adversities.

Kids won’t learn to bicker or retaliate.

Many will say, it is easy to say than to be done. I too
agree but we can at least try for the sake of our children.

The image of a Mom is loving and caring then why to spoil
the image by yelling and getting angry on slightest pretext.

What is Anger?

It is a bottled up frustration and when one gets a chance,
they explode hurting themselves and others.
I am quite impressed by the words of Lord Buddha which runs
as under and this quote proved magical for me and it helped to master control on my
pangs of anger.
Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the
intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

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Why I chose to become a Mommy Blogger? #Parenting #Motherhood

Blogging is in my nerves. Since childhood, I have
a habit of scribbling my emotions; be it happy ones or the hardening facts. I
wrote to diffuse my struggles and escalate my happy moments.
I was an introvert, so did not believed in sharing
with people rather found solace in writing…still in a habit of
scribbling…previously, the diaries shared my good n bad moments of life and now
my lappy laughs at my overtures.
However busy I am, I do take time out to write few
lines. Now with blogging, to reach out to more n more audiences, to watch my
page views stumbling to new numbers, followers n friends increasing, I can’t
stop myself from venting out my experiences & varied hues of my life.
Initially, I wrote my observations, experiences
and emotions in the form of prose and poetry, fictional short stories. When I
gained momentum on my blog, an idea buzzed to share my experiences with Moms of
past, present and future and chose to become a Mommy blogger.
Becoming Mommy blogger brings back the memories of
the days spent with my kids and now in my Empty nest, the memories of past appends
cheerfulness to my life and I reminiscence and cherish those glorious flashes.
When you become a parent and especially a Mom,
once again childhood revisits you and you share it with your child and the
experience of it cannot be summed up in words…those cuddly-googly memories are
so refreshing and your life seems brilliant and meaningful, when you hold the
bundle of joy close to your heart…it can be only relished.
With the passage of time and changes in family &
social system, Parenting has become challenging and the Working Moms are on
their wits end, juggling between home, office and baby care. At times, they are
so wretched that they feel that having a child is not a bliss rather a
punishment and they start abhorring parenting.
Through my columns, I wish to spread the virtues
of a Blessed Mom; how to tackle with the Motherhood blues and enjoy the bliss
of Motherhood; how to handle the growing kids and many queries of which they
need suggestions.
Down the years, there used to be elders at home,
who guided them and helped them while raising kids but now, when people are
living alone, no one is there to guide and the articles would be of great value
to Mothers.
I thoroughly enjoyed the bliss of Motherhood and
raised my kids with great enthusiasm and never ever I gave up, in spite of numerous
challenges coming in my way.
I request the Moms to be patient and cool and
overcome the challenges with a wide smile and the kids that you raise would be
Happy Souls and an asset to your life and society.

*****Remember, “Nothing comes easy in Life!”

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Teach Your Child to Manage Money! #Experiences

Parenting is the tough nut to crack and it needs a lot of patience and perseverance to tackle the kids and guide him on right track.
The unconditional love for our children makes us do the impossible things and Mom is always ready with, “I’M POSSIBLE”knocking impossibilities down.
Mine journey wasn’t easy. My patience and experiences of my life helped me to fare out well managing both my kids…in spite of heavy turmoil inside, I am able to be cool outside & I don’t have the habit of cribbing rather I abhor cribbers.
Many people believe that in initial years, the children should be given immense freedom and after a certain age, start curbing them. I am against this practice.
You have to do the groundwork in initial years and inculcate good values and show them the differences between right & wrong.
We all learn from trial and error and parents are there to identify and rectify their errors.
Children are innocent at heart but smart too and catch things easily and if they are left to leave on their own terms, then they will have great difficulty in later life and to keep them disciplined will be challenging.
Train them with good habits from the initial days of their childhood.
Managing money is not an easy task and the children should be educated on how to manage efficiently.
How I Taught My Kids, “Value of Money
I am sharing my very own experiences with my two kids. My hubby was lenient towards children and rarely does he lose temper. He believed in pleasing them by fulfilling their demands. I was against this and made him understand that he is pampering them and we will have a tough time to handle them in the future. Initially, he did not pay much heed to it but my constant effort changed his thought and he decided to back out.
I took the reins in my hand and implemented few rules to follow to Teach them the VALUE OF MONEY.
  • Never fulfill all demands: The first & foremost rule is, never fulfill all demands of children else they will not understand its value and how tough is to earn a good sum. Simultaneously, they will learn the
    PRIORITIES OF LIFE and how to prioritize. Secondly, they will develop patience to deal odds of life.
My Experience: I was brought up in joint family where my Mum didn’t had the power to  tame me and my all demands were fulfilled.  
Consequences: Till today if my demands are turned down, I am hurt at
heart. I don’t put up my genuine demands fearing it might not be attended.
  • Buy Essential things: I see around that the people who are affluent and have several sources of income, they gift such toys and appliances to children which aren’t essential, rather it’s superfluous.
    You as a parent are spoiling them. Buy the things which are best for him as per his age and requirements. They will learn the VALUE OF MONEY AND THINGS.
  • Pocket Money: Fix a specific sum of pocket money for the children. Initially, fix a sum for a week and later on spread it for a fortnight & month. Ask them to spend on their toys, stationery, snacks and
My Experience: When my elder son was in KG and the younger one in a nursery, I fixed a certain amount for a week to spend on ice creams, cold drinks, and snacks. I was amazed to find them saving from that meager amount. With that little amount, even we both got a treat from our children, such was the power of money management of those kids.  I pinpointed to my hubby who used to readily give in to their demands to watch how smart they are in spending their own pocket money. This habit inculcated in them habits of SAVING & VALUE OF PENNY.
  • NEVER DISCLOSE FAMILY INCOME: If you are on the affluent side, never disclose income to your children. At a tender age, they
    won’t understand the sweat behind the flowing income but will be ready to spend extravagantly. Parents too have to check their expense style. If you are extravagant in spending then you can’t ask your ward to be thrifty.
  • REWARD THEM: by buying gifts for them on special occasions and when they do well in studies or maintain discipline during vacations etc. Appreciate them & reward them by giving money to buy the
    things they love to buy or the parents can gift them that their children love to have in their possession.  Even you can gift them a pot of flowers and make them responsible for watering and taking care. This way VALUE OF CARE will be instilled in your child. These small acts will motivate them to do better and get surprise gifts.
I shared my experiences of parenting and what I learned from my life experiences.
My children are quite spendthrift and they know the VALUE OF MONEY IN LIFE.
Share your experiences.
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Why this Double Standard? #Relationships


                                                                                                      Source: here                      

Recently, I visited one of my close associates home to meet
them after a long time. There were lots of complains from her for not turning

I too wished to meet them but my routine was packed with numerous
commitments of job n home and I couldn’t take time out for Me time.

Finally, I banged one day.

She was happy to meet me and we exchanged a lot. The meeting
was exciting.
She had moved to a new house so she took me to show around
her interiors. Really, she had kept it magnificently and I felt a guilt inside
for not keeping up so well because of time constraints.

A beautiful collage standing tall in the living room attracted
my attention and enquired about it.

Ria told me that her sons have presented her on the eve of
Mother’s Day and she had received precious gifts from them.

Just to celebrate Mother’s day, they had flown to the town
and while telling, her face glowed with happiness and her wide smile and
sparkling eyes were the witness.
“Wow…you celebrated in a big way…that’s nice, so caring are
your children.” I said.
After an hour or so, as I was about to leave, her Mom-in-law
came in to meet me and she reciprocated with warmth.

“Is Mother’s Day celebration for new generations Mommies,
Swapna?” She asked me.

“No Aunty, it’s for Moms of all ages. Every day is Mother’s
day because we are the witness of her art. Father too has the credit in
bringing us to the earth but the nine months hectic journey is solely on the
shoulders of a Mom. Why Aunty, what made you ask?” I said.

“Nothing beta.” She replied.

Ria came to see me off.

As I was about to put on the ignition, Ria said that her
Mom-in-law expects gifts and celebration on Mother’s day and that’s why she
“There is nothing bad in it, Ria. It’s quite natural.” I

“Budhape main shaukh jag gaya hai.” She said and laughed.

I felt hurt and drove off without sharing words further.

I couldn’t digest her double standard.

The whole excitement of meeting Ria melted and the only
query haunted my mind.

“Why this Double Standard? Can she not feel the feelings of
her Mom-in-law, she too is a Mother as Ria is.

There are many instances in life when you wish to speak out
but you can’t always express and remain in guilt.

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