I Don’t Want To Go To School #Children #Bully


Many times, children want to skip school n make vague
excuses to miss the school. Even in our childhood, we too try to invent or
discover reasons to put forth parents and guardians to miss school. It is not a
new thing. Recall the Champak n Nandan days…their stories too had stories of
kids trying to evade from attending school and made flimsy excuses of
health…and they spilled the beans when Doctor tried to give them an
injection…Oh wonderful days of childhood.

Man Lo, you have guests around that too the grandmothers or
Aunts of kids then they may try to find excuse to take a holiday from regular
schedule of classes…because these ladies really pamper the kids and they
don’t wish to miss the opportunity of fun n gifts….but if it becomes recurrent
and turns into something serious…Then, Be Alert…find out the reason behind.

When the child is literally not ready to attend the school…When
the grades are lowering or there is eminent change in his/ her behavior pattern…then…It’s a Warning for the parent.

Take the child into confidence and try to retrieve
information about his school, teachers and friends…figure out the reason or
meet their friends, teachers’ n neighbors and take note of his behavior with

Recently, my friend Mira visited my place and told me that
her son Pratik was getting violent since few weeks, was not concentrating on
studies and was adamant not to attend the school. Her husband
suggested to see a psychologist for his changed behavior…he had become very
unruly and his parents were out of their wits.

In the beginning, he wasn’t supportive with the counselor but gradually he took his reins in his hand and it was concluded that the
reason was bullying at school by the school friends and though he complained to
his teacher, she did not pay much heed. The reason for not paying attention was
that he was a mediocre student and the teacher at large paid attention to high
scoring children and this discrimination changed his behavior n he wanted to
escape from attending the school on some pretext or the other and even he did
not keep well.

I was quite surprised to know because I never thought that
such things can take place at schools, which we look as a temple of education
and uniformity. I felt pity for Mira who had to face such extreme days but we
both were thankful to God that Pratik was counselled on time and he did not
lose his way. Today, he is absolutely normal and very punctual in his academics
and his scores are better than before. Mira and her husband identified and
helped Pratik on time.

But how many of us really delve deep when the child shudders
away from school…rather he is scolded and demoralized and sent to school and we
never think beyond him.
Be attentive to your child unruly reprimands, delve deep and
find out the reason fast else you might lose your child.

We often read or hear in news that the child committed
suicide after been bullied by the teachers or friends…this step is not taken in
a day.

These incidents take place because parents fail in their
duty to understand their child resentment and ignore child requests.

Be careful in handling your children. Be friendly and open
with your child so that he or she shares his fears without any fear…Still if
they do not disclose…meet school teachers and discuss the reason and if still
not sorted out, consult a child psychologist and get the issues diagnosed

Give ears to your kids if they are reluctant…there might be
a valid reason to it.


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Disclaimer: The names and characters are fictitious, the incidents take place around us and my observation skill takes a note of it and I decided to discuss on my blog to create awareness among the masses.

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Musings of Tiny Shoes!!! #Poetry


Look Mamma
I am in your shoes
They fit in me
And I look Good.
I can stroll out
Independent and Free.
Her assertions
Filled me with pride
The heart Dwindled
With her confrontations.
How to say
You were in your best phase
With your Tiny Shoes in.
I need to be more protective
Keep you
Away from the Ogling eyes
Which stares with lust
On your glowing youth.
When I too was a child
Was eager to grow up fast
To scale up from the Tiny Shoes
To Mamma’s exquisite stylish shoes.
The day I fitted in those
Father reprimanded
To follow Deciphered chores.
That day I realized
The stylish shoes
Which I found Attractive & Oily
Wasn’t Easy
For a life Drive.
With it came
Lot of rules & regulations
Ending the cosy life.
I was rigid with parents
Bitter feelings erupted
I was innocent & naive
Nebulous about the
Worldly game.
Trial n errors
Of my life
Made me aware
Of the maddening fear
I realized
The pain
Escaping from
The tiny shoes.

Once again
My yesterday
Was standing
In front of me
With the same aspirations.
I was panting
In a Dilemma
Of fear
Short of words
To express my concerns
To My Daughter Dear.
Tiny shoes were far better
Where you were Minor

You could Dream unfettered.

© Ila Varma 05-08-2016

Written for the Prompt- Tiny Shoes of Bar-A-ThonThree Word Wednesday 491; ABC Wednesday D for Dream, Dilemma, Dear, Daughter, Drive, Deciphered, Dwindled

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Story Time #Colgate Strong Teeth

I received four packs of Colgate Strong Teeth with Free Magical Sea World inside from Colgate.I have grown up kids so I distributed them to my close relatives whose kids are school going and one of them rolled out the story. Here it is.

One day Piku was feeling sad & lonely. He was the single
child of his parents & parents were working. After school, he was all alone.
He was sitting in garden gazing at the sky, his thoughts wandering. He felt his
chair wobble and felt a soft tap on his shoulder. When he lifted his eye, he
saw a beautiful angel standing staring at him and passing a sweet smile.

“Why are you sad, Piku?” Angel asked.

“You know my name, Angel?” Piku asked with startled

“Yes, I know and I am here to play with you. You won’t feel
lonely and sad.” The angel said.

“Come with me, I will show you the magical world and
numerous friends to play with and I am sure you will enjoy.” She said.

“How can I go with you? My parents won’t allow?” Piku told

“You don’t have to go anywhere. Just close your eyes Piku
& wait till I ask you to open. Don’t worry. You are safe with me. I am your
friend.” Angel said
“Open your eyes Piku” A sweet voice whispered.

“Wow, what a beautiful lavish Castle. I am amazed. Thank You
Angel.” Piku said but he did not find the angel, instead he saw a beautiful fish Mermaid holding his hand.

“Who are you? Where is my Angel?” Piku asked surprisingly.

“I am the Angel. I have brought you in my kingdom and here I
am in the figure of Mermaid. This is our Magical Sea World. See around, you
will find all the creatures of underwater world. This is our Underwater Castle.
This Shark whale will give you a free enjoyable ride and take you on tour to
our world and you can play with them as much as you want.” The Mermaid told

“Shark whale, take Piku around and show him our world. He is
our guest, so take good care of him and make his trip memorable.” The Mermaid
said to Shark whale.

“Come Piku, sit on my back and let’s roam and play.” The
Shark whale said.

“Piku, Keep this Treasure Map with you, if you miss the way,
you can reach safe by following the map.” The Mermaid handed over the map to

Piku kept it safely in his pocket. The Mermaid wrapped a cover
around Piku’s body to keep his body warm while swimming in chilly water.

Piku sat on the back of the Shark whale and the Shark whale
took off with a thrust.
Indeed it was a wonderful underwater world and he was
astounded by the beauty. It was a colourful magical world, colourful fishes
swimming around and singing sweet songs. The music of the land was ethereal and
he felt very happy to watch them so close.

“Piku, alight from my back and roam around. The creatures of
this world will host a welcome program in your honour. You are our supreme
guest.” Shark whale said & stooped low to alight Piku.

There was greenery all around and the soft grasses caressed
his toes. He wandered in the garden freely, beautiful flowers were in full bloom,
butterflies with lights flickered around.

The colourful fishes sang a welcome song and the octopus and
the crabs shook their hinges on the tune.

The tortoise trailed like a train. The queen tortoise led
around Piku riding on her back.
Piku was very happy and clapped for the show and thanked the
wonderful creatures addressing them as his friends.

After the show, Shark whale told Piku to accompany her back
to the palace.

“Whale, I want to take some flowers.” Piku said.

“No Dear, you can’t. In our kingdom, you can see and play
but cannot hurt someone. See, no one hurt you and so you cannot hurt them.” The
Shark whale explained.

“Can’t we stay for some more time? It will be my pleasure.” Piku asked.

“Come on, let’s go back Piku. The gates of the Castle close
at night and we will be stranded outside. There are wonderful things inside the
palace, the Mermaid will treat you.” The Shark whale explained Piku.

Shark whale twisted her tail and took off for way back.

She stopped outside Castle and showed a close view of the Castle.

Piku was amazed by the enchanting view of the palatial Castle  with
high rising towers illuminated with colourful dimmed lights and it looked
heavenly and pleasant to eyes.
“Thank You Whale for riding me to the magical sea world.”
Piku said.

“Piku, now it is time to return back to your world. Close your
eyes.” The Mermaid said smiling.

“Open your eyes Piku, you are back to your world.” A sweet
voice whispered.

His chair wobbled and he was back in his garden. He felt happy
and was delighted.

This beautiful story was carved by my nephew with the help
of Colgate Magical Sea World Cover which tickled his imagination and he stroked
it beautifully.

I thanked him and cooked his favourite dish as a treat for
the wonderful story. He smiled sheepishly and when I asked him to laugh out
loud, he did but the stained teeth could not go unnoticed.

I gifted him a pack of Colgate Strong Teeth and asked him to
sparkle his teeth just like his sparkling story and to weave one more from the
pictures inside the cover.

My Childhood Hero – Mowgli

I remember it was a rough day for me few weeks ago and I was
scrolling down the news feed on Facebook to kill some time at my office, when
suddenly I came across the video of the famous Jungle Jungle Pata Chala Hain

Despite being at office I couldn’t resist the temptation of
reliving my childhood days. After I plugged in my earphones and started
listening to the song, my entire childhood played right in front of my eyes
when being Mowgli was considered cool and every kid had that song on their

There was a time when Sunday mornings were all about
watching Jungle Book and re reading the classic of Rudyard Kipling.

The love for Mowgli was not because of his heroics but for
the unconditional love he received from other animals in a jungle. The thought
of living in a jungle always excited every kid back then and as a kid nobody
cared about the consequences of living in a jungle. Perhaps we were smart back
then as kids and we wanted to get away from the normal stuff we used to do
every day and perhaps watching Jungle Book and imagining ourselves in Mowgli
shoes did help us to extend the boundaries of our imagination. I feel sorry for
the kids of the current generation. For they have access to all sorts of
technology and gadgets but they have no idea what they are missing out on. They
are missing the imaginative world and the feeling to sail in the world of
dreams is wonderful and no words can express the feel.

Mowgli’s life inspired us all as a kid to overcome our fears
and understand the value of relationships. Perhaps that was one reason why our
parents never stopped us from watching the same episode over and over again.

Talking about the characters, it explains so much. How a
black panther named Bageera found a human baby in jungle and instead of eating
it right away she handed over the baby to a pack of wolves who raised Mowgli as
one of their own. Back then obviously no kid understood the depth of
relationships and love but it did help us to spread love and care for each

And who can forget the typical Baloo, who impressed every
kid with his witty style and bad jokes which made you laugh anyway!

However, Sherkhan has always been portrayed as a negative
character but he was equally loved by the audience for teaching Mowgli the
lessons of surviving against superpowers.
If we look the entire series from a different perspective we
realise, it is a combination of every aspects of our life which teaches us to
value the relationships and be humble.

Even today after gap of long tenure, I feel emotional while
listening to the same old song it explains how important it must have been for
every kid of our generation. I cannot wait to watch the movie…

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“Holi Hai” – #KhulKeKheloHoli


                                                                      Image Source: here        

The contest of the Blogadda #KhulKeKheloHoli in collaboration
with Parachute Advansed drowned me into the reverie of the past where I could
see myself immersed in bright and wet colours of Holi and splashing colours
on the friends and the passers-by without stopping for a second of what impact
it will have on my health or how the friends & strangers will react…Bindaas.

I am talking of the era nearly three decades back where
people did not had any inhibitions like today and they splashed bucket full of
colours and people readily played with full masti on, singing and dancing on
their own songs of Holi without thinking of the actions and reactions of
colours on hair and skin. The old ladies of the house used to advise to oil
hair and body so that it is easy to wash off the colours but frankly speaking,
none paid heed to it. 

In those days, people were not so conscious of themselves
so they indulged in playing holi and sportingly played with family, friends and
neighbours. It was a sport of playing with wet colours and abeer and gulaal and
all loved to indulge irrespective of age and religion.

People shouted “Holi hai” and would come out in groups to
play holi in common ground of colonies, lawns of houses and really it was an
enjoyable affair with colours and all coloured faces looked alike.

Rich dishes of treats were prepared on Holi festival and the
sweet savouries malpua and gujia were the main dishes prepared in every house
on the festival of Holi and people relished after playing holi with the colours
on, none paid heed to these minor things and the people of those times were
more healthy and sound compared to today’s lifestyle where we take too much of
precautions and still not healthy.

I was one of the energetic souls who played Bindaas Holi and
started preparations much ahead of the festival. My mother used to keep my new
clothes away from my reach because I was very careless that once I played holi
on the new dress which was stitched by her to wear on the eve of Holi. I was a
great prankster so far as this festival was concerned. I used to get colourful
balloons and fill them with liquid colours along with my friends and stored in
a big bucket three four days ahead of the festival… It was easy to carry for
playing colours and people and friends could be splashed with the colours from
a distance…I agree now that sometime it hurt too if thrown hard but who
cares…in my childhood days, I wasn’t aware of it and have lot played with these
colour filled balloons.

We used to emerge in group of friends and would shout and
run in the corridors of our home and on roads and parks of colonies. No one
stopped us from playing, though few directives were given by elders but we
rarely cared for it. The directors too knew how much it would be followed.

In our childhood we played colours with all irrespective of
caste, creed, status or sex and even we befriended those friends with whom we
fought for childish reasons and shared food in same plate. The colours of Holi
were actually the colours of love and friendship which washed away the enmities
and added life to stale relationships.

"होली के दिन दिल खिल जाते हैं
रंगों में रंग मिल जाते हैं
दुश्मन भी गले मिल जाते हैं
गिले शिक़वे भूल के दोस्तों"

We used to roar, laugh and sing Bollywood songs of holi and
danced and played drum on the steel bowls and plates and really it was a fun
and the memories of those bygone days still sends butterflies in stomach and
want to revisit those lanes.

Once fully active in playing colours transformed into a
non-player of Holi, the reason is not so specific but the news aired spoiling
the sport of Holi did have an impact on me and gradually, I stopped indulging
in the game of colours. Now the idea of celebration has shrunk to preparing
dishes of malpua, mutton and dahi- vada and in evening, I put tilak on the
forehead of the juniors and sprinkle little bit on each other among friend

I do a bit of social work on this festival. I distribute
colours, pichkaris, savouries cooked and few bucks to all my support staff to
enjoy their part of Holi with full pomp and show and I feel happy to see smiles
on their faces.

I too have the feeling to indulge once again but don’t dare
to indulge fearing the deadly task of washing out the colours…the reason is not
indulging for a long time but at heart, I want to play. I will use Parachute Advansed to oil my hair and skin and will try to use herbal colours which are easy to wash.

This year, I would break the ice, Blogadda has revived by
spirits and will play Holi sportingly roaring “Holi Hai” in the corridors of my
apartment, shedding all the inhibitions that I have been carrying since long
and capturing in my mobile.

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Share the Domain of Woman’s World #ShareTheLoad #Ariel

                                                                        Pic Credits: here

Times have changed and the outlook of Men and senior
women too have undergone change.

I mentioned senior women because they have a major
role in reformation of males of a family and the women of olden times
discouraged menfolk to enter the arena of household which they looked upon as “
The Women’s World” and disliked the entry of males in their own spaces.

The mind-set needs to be unplugged, it is the demand
of the hour in the scenario where the lifestyle and the social strata of the
society have undergone tremendous change.  

Now woman has stepped out of the house and is
rubbing shoulders with the male counterpart in the domain outside home and
works in equal capacity, so her roles at home too need to change. The young
guys of now residing in cosmopolitan towns and cities have construed and admitted
this fact to some extent but still it is a long journey and we have to go miles
and miles to break the stereotype role of a woman in our society.

People need to understand that in previous times,
women were assigned household tasks not because of her gender but there was a
joint family concept, so many women resided under the same roof and they all
shared the responsibility of household work. It was a boon to stay jointly in
respect of work divisions, none were strained rather the job was enjoyable and
it was not a burden for any one of the house.

Joint family disintegrated…nuclear family emerged
and the entire burden of household fell on the shoulders of a woman and the
poor lady was trapped under the entire work, right from rearing the kids to
entertaining the guests. The men and the children of the house did not partake
in shouldering responsibilities of the house because since ages, they had seen the
women of the house working and they were not accustomed. Sharing household job,
men were not comfortable with it, be it husbands, sons or fathers of the house.

Men was men and they believed that the arena of
their duties was managing outside chores, it was ingrained in their minds

The girls got educated and believed in taking up a
job out of choice or out of sharing economic burden of the male responsibility.

She took the task of managing outside quite amicably
but the home task became tougher for her day by day but the men did not notice.
They were attune in watching their mothers and aunts working so they never
found anything out of the world or unreal that their lady of the house was
The years between 80’s to 2000 was very crucial for
the women. She managed inside and outside all by herself without a grumble. She
too was ignorant of the reality that the men need to share her burden and she
gave in her maximal with integrity but her health started suffering and she
lost her feminine charm.

Time changed and the world got connected globally
and awareness spread in in India that the male counterpart need to take up the
role of managing household job as females have taken up strides to be at par
with men.

It took time but gradually men started #sharingtheload pouring help
in taking care of the kids, helping them in dressing, helping in kitchen and in
small steps one at a time they entered into the entire household domain, this
eased the work burden of the lady of the house and this sharing attitude of
husbands brought sweet curves on their faces and she felt loved and

                                                                       Pic Credits: here

Washing domain was forbidden for men in the start
because ladies are tidier in work in comparison to men and the clothes need to
be sorted out as per their fabric, colour properties and washing type required.

With the arrival of washing machine in each and
every household, it became easy for the men to share the load of washing and
the game is easy for them now with the programmed gadgets and the work load of
women reduced.

I would like to share a secret with you, how
efficiently the husbands handle the washing machines, woman don’t take risk of
giving her attires a try fearing they might mess. She works on safer side and she
wash her clothes on her own, I am one of the ready example. I let my guys (husband
& sons) try their hands in kitchen or other chores but I keep my clothes
away from them. Just can’t dream of giving them a try.

The image of a stereotype type women have modified
in the urban areas and the young guys of today eagerly take part in household
work comforting the ladies of the house, be it mothers, sisters or wife.
In the beginning, when male members moved forward to
help females of the house, onlookers looked at with scorn but now males are encouraged.

Now if a son serves tea to the guests or man of the
house lays table for the guests, cooks food in the kitchen, it’s taken as
normal.They are #sharingtheload.

Though in small towns and rural areas, woman don’t
have much choice.

From early childhood, boys should be encouraged to help
his mother or sister at home and the values of equality should be instilled in
them right from their childhood.

The fair ethics instilled at right time plays a
vital role in all round development of a child, rear a child with right values.

The gender needs to be recognized but not at a cost
of differentiating between genders. Except for giving birth to a child
undergoing bone wracking pain, no job is gender specific.

Men are wrestlers so are women; Men are boxers so
are women; Men earn to run the house so are woman.

Woman are rubbing shoulders with men then why to
bring in discrimination in rendering the duties.
Wake up, share even responsibilities and bring in
smiles to your family and society.

Mothers too need to take the charge of instilling
values in their sons to see their son’s future and family thriving in peace and
the daughter-in-law will be happy and she will follow into your steps
formatting the coming generations.

This survey shows what people think and collective
opinion shows doing any household chore specially laundry is a women’s job.

Most households are of the collective opinion that doing any household chore, especially laundry, is a woman’s job. Ariel and BlogAdda fought the imbalance within the household by asking#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob and asking men to #ShareTheLoad a while back. And now it’s time to think of a long term solution to this problem by nipping the prejudice at the bud.

“I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”

Impact of Games in Life

                                                  Image Credit: here
In our childhood days, there were numerous indoor and
outdoor games that we used to play…and in those games, we only needed bunch
of kids, that’s all. The games were priceless and precious and it used to be a
total physical and mental workout. The best stress booster for our mind and
body, and the kids had a good sleep at nights. In our times, we never chased
our mothers till late night as the kids of today do.
Shsssshhh…One more secret, I would like to share. In our
time, we slept with our parents, still parents had a peaceful time for
themselves…unlike today’s parents who has to coax their kids to sleep to have
their “Me” time, I hope you all must have read between the lines. I am getting
naughty. Ohh…bad habit…hahahaha.
The games notable of our times are almost extinct now. The
people of 80’s, be ready to dwell into the past and refresh old memories and I
am sure, you will love to unravel the thoughts of the games played in our
golden days.
The peppy games of our times, 80’s and 90’s were         
  • Hide & Seek, which we played in our orchards
    or fields and bungalows, there used to be ample spaces for hideouts and it was
    great fun to play and even elders of the family got involved in playing. 
  • Ringa Ringa Roses too was a famous game among small
    children, a team game played while singing the Ringa Ringa song, generally
    girls played. 
  • Blind Man’s Bluff: We used to play this game and
    it used to be a great fun teasing the blindfolded and it was apt for playing in
    spacious spaces. 
  • Musical Chair Game.
The common indoor games that we indulged in
hot afternoon’s of summers. It used to be a great fun and we played with our
siblings, cousins and the elder members of the family too played with us. I
hope still people of 80’s remember them though in fast paced world, no more it
is been played rather few games are now played in virtual game rooms.
Ludo; Chinese Checker; Raja, Chor and Sipahi; Criss-cross;
Clapping Games; Scrabble.
Times changed, family disintegrated and
these and many more games too underwent changes or more of them is extinct now.
In our times, the games that we played required number of heads to play and a
big space to sprawl. The number in families shrank to four and more walls were
built in open spaces, so the games Hide & Seek, Blind Man Bluff etc.
gradually was outdated and new games stepped in the world of technology, like
Video games, computer games and games played in virtual rooms and there was no
need of a friends group, people started playing all alone in leisure times and
got addicted to it.
The impact that set in was interaction
among family members and friends went to minimal and people started avoiding
and interacting with people. The kids too became introvert and irritant. The
major drawback I find in kids of today are they have become more self-centered and the fear of losing makes them uncomfortable and impatient.
The children of today are more intelligent,
I must say but they have lost precious little things. They can’t accept
failures or resentment, they don’t wish to share things and they get upset
easily. They don’t exchange their feelings, it gets bottled up within.
Many will ask, how I am saying this…friends,
this is my judgment that I have concluded comparing the kids of our time and the kids of today.
In our days, we lived in joint family and
there used to be guardianship at all levels, rigidity differed from person to
person but we stayed in close vigil. Other than parents, other elders of the
family had right to scold us, spank us or stop us from doing wrong. Nowadays,
parents are the only guardian of a child and they are so busy that they cannot
monitor the kids at all time, further the rules of spanking changed to scolding
that too a mild one. Punishment disappeared from scene and the kids are free to
exert their power in indulging in wrongs…or I feel they are too young to judge
right and wrong and there is no one to tell them to differentiate between right
and wrong.
The games that we played in groups too had
some positive impact on our behaviour, through games, we tasted the fruits of
winning and failure and it gave us an impetus to yearn for success. We too felt
bad on our failures but we never carried a fear to lose rather we enjoyed and
celebrated our failures. Nowadays, interaction on the playground is negligible
and the kids of today can’t accept failures easily and that is also one of the
reason of rising suicide cases and depression because they don’t know to accept
failures and one jolt in life leaves them devastated and they lose hope.
In our times, playground was also a place
to express our feelings and we shared the good and the bad things in groups and
laughed out loud so there was no bottling up of feelings and no ill feelings
stayed inside. It boosted our energy and intensified our spirits and made us
peppy in approach. We knew the fervor to celebrate.
I feel people should encourage their
children to mingle with their friends and use their peppy energy in a positive
way to keep them happy and healthy. Instead of running to gym, if we run
towards play field, the cases of depression, suicide will go low and people will
feel more happy and energetic and light at heart.
I feel my readers will agree with my view.

Innocence & Fantasy in Bulk!

                                              Image Credits: here

Childhood is the best part of our life. The child is away
from worries and lives in a world of dreams. In small gestures of life, a child
finds happiness & joy. A story told by grandmother gives wings to his dream
and a sweet lullaby is enough to put him to sleep. The priceless things are the
precious moments of one’s life.

Our childhood days were more precious. We were born in the
era where world of television and internet was not even heard of. We grew in
the lap of nature relishing the delicacies of nature in abundance.

                                                         Image Credits: here

I was proactive and enjoyed racing in open fields under the
sun without fear of getting tanned, flying colourful kites in the open sky and
a dream raced my heart to touch the sun or the evening bright star, making paper
boats out of newspapers and watching them float in the rain waters. Making paper
planes and flying high in the sky and nurtured a wish that my father would fly
back from his tour on my paper plane…just can’t believe that so innocent I was,
which will be coined as “Buddhu” in today’s smart world…Aww.

In these small gestures, huge dreams were hidden underneath.
In those days, a kid was truly a kid, full of innocence and their minds navigated in the world of fantasy.

                                                    Image Credits: here

While flying a kite in open bright sky of winters, a secret wish
lurked deep inside to touch the sky and I used put in my best to reach near my
dreams. Nowadays kids do indulge in flying kites but the innocent dream of
touching the sky is missing from their minds, the reason they are very smart
and they are well aware of the fact. But in our days, we were ignorant and
innocent and our early days of peppy
childhood navigated in the world of

But I think our childhood days were the best, the ignorance soared
our imaginations high to great heights and our mind sought to achieve and the
tiny flakes of achievement generated loads of happiness which is missing from
today’s kid’s mind.

They know that their kites cannot touch the sky, but I, as a
child banked on the belief that someday my kite would reach the sky and as colourful
kites soared high in the sky, dreams multiplied and I jumped in joy and the joy
derived knew no bounds.

Our mind was a blank canvas and the small joys of life
painted its colours on it and the life was joyous.

Image Credits:here

We believed in the characters of grandmother’s stories of
fairies and angels, dragons & devils, owls and bats and eagerly waited for
the arrival of fairies & angels to fulfil our dreams and were afraid of
dragons & devils and we tried to evade from indulging in something wrong
for the fear of their arrival. The
of story characters were great on our minds.

Children of today cannot be pushed into the realms of
fantasy, they are aware of the facts, the impact
of tech world.

If today, these peppy things are mentioned to kids of today,
they would laugh out loud making fun of us because they are living in the world of
facts and we lived in a world of fantasy.

We had games amidst nature for every season and we relished
the flavour of all. The games that we indulged in too did not cost a penny,
except for few pence sometime for buying kites or rubber balls to play.

Paper, dough or mud to make figures, stones to play, sand to
make houses were in abundance and we enjoyed playing with nature.

Indeed, life as a child was very peppy and joyful and the precious moments are still with me and when
I navigate down the memory lanes, a
beautiful smile purses on my lips and I feel, I am going crazy of now.

Can I be blessed with the same ignorance and innocence now?  

People born before ’80 can feel the feeling that I portrayed
above and experience the bliss of innocence and fantasy that were in bulk in our
childhood days.

Do share in your comments if you agree.

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Rendezvous with My Fantastico Pet & Family- Part II

                                                       Self Click      The 3 Musketeers                    

I went to Delhi for routine checkup and
I was out of town for three days. When I came back, I found a cute puppy, fur
as white as snow waiting on the doorway. I was quite surprised but I well knew who
the people were behind to fetch this new member. The way it glanced at me with
cute eyes, I couldn’t stop myself from cuddling this new fantastico member. I accepted it as my third child. The three great
members of my family heaved a sigh of relief and a contended smile sailed on
their faces, who were bit perturbed and anticipated that they might face the
music for their secret plan hatched among father & son. In the back of
their minds, they knew that the plan hatched by them would work, not work but
run & it did.

My kids, Mridul & Tuktuk got a new company in their entourage & they
enjoyed with Fantastico Rocky named by my hubby. All were contended with the
new member and busy navigating all round the home and the campus, showing off their new found happiness to their close aides. The doggie was just a month old & needed extra care, and I was
more alert to get it vaccinated on prescribed time, feeding on time and toilet
training etc. So, now my time was fractioned among four members and I couldn’t
neglect any one of them.

My job was more challenging as a full
time housewife, mother and a beloved. I would be on my toes throughout but I
adored giving in my best for all. I felt contended.
Along with my kids, Rocky grew up and it
was one of the most obedient member of the family, much better than my kids who
used to falter some time but this one never did. It religiously stuck to it’s
routine of food, playing and toilet, many times I would set examples of Rocky
to my sons, at times they would be baffled n get irritated on me that they were
been compared with this. I was the most amused one among four.

Rocky was the center of attraction &
each one of us was attentive for him. Gradually, kids learnt the tricks of
taking care of Rocky and it enjoyed in their group. Most of time, three
musketeers were found together. Rocky was the happiest one, getting care from
all members, a lucky one and wagging his tail, it demonstrated its happiness.

My kids outgrew my lap and moved out of
the nest for higher studies, so we two & Rocky was left behind and it
became our center of attraction. I joined a job so that my precious time could
be well spent & could earn respectable bucks to pamper the growing demands
of family.

To be continued….

Link to Part I

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the#Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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Sex determination test: Impact on Indian Society

                            “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.” ― Carl Sandburg
endorse the idea put up by Mrs. Maneka Gandhi to make the foetus test mandatory
for sex determination. Hue and cry will be raised against it, because in our
country people’s reactions come first and afterwards, they try to understand
the matter. If one thinks coolly, it’s an idea to be welcomed with open arms. You
might question me, why am I supporting this view?

in our country, legally, there is a ban on foetus sex determination test to
stop female foeticide, but is this mandate followed 100%. A Big “No” and we all
know. The laws are passed and implemented but is not followed religiously, that’s
the beauty of our country. People are well habituated and they do what they

funniest thing I discover about the mentality of people, a woman is the enemy
of a woman. A woman wants to give birth only to a male child, no females. I don’t
understand how insane a person can be. Can society of only males survive? What
do they have in their mind? Will all the males of our country live as singles
or marry with the same sex?

icing on the cake is She desires beautiful bride for her son, from where she
will fetch. Is she planning to get one from Mars? Actually, the problem is with
her mind-set. It’s so attuned from the beginning to desire bearing male child only.
People need to attend awareness programs to understand that for a family, a
child is necessary irrespective of sex.

spite of ban, under the covers, scissors are used to terminate pregnancies, if
foetus test confirms a girl child. The laws of our land need to be amended for
womb wash or abortions. The term “Abortions” needs much clarity and crystal
clear policies to put a stop to female foeticide.

many countries, in initial phase of pregnancy, sex is determined and declared
to the couple, because people don’t go for abortion and it is vice versa in our
country. Here people deliberately visit for sex determination test and if they
spot a girl, they willingly go for termination of pregnancy, this is the case
under legal ban.

we revoke this ban and implement the laws which will have positive impact on
our society.

1.      Make
sex determination test mandatory for each pregnancy and the case should be
registered in records after verifying the antecedents of the expecting parents.

2.        Cross
checks will be done by the attending doctors and the file to be maintained with
the signatures of parents and the doctors.

3.        No
abortions will be allowed after sex determination tests.

4.       Abortions
to be carried only in the cases of birth defects and abnormalities of foetus,
not fit to produce.

5.        Birth
defects cases should not undergo the sex determination test.

6.       Better
that the government mandates both, birth defect tests and sex determination tests.

7.      In
birth defect test, if the foetus is found abnormal, it should be terminated    and
sex determination test should not be carried.

8.       The
data of Births and Abortions should be maintained.
It is not an easy
task, it is a daunting task and the whole machinery needs overhauling to
implement it. The proposal is good if drafted with possible possibilities and
implemented with extra care and effort. The laws need to be stringent and it
should be strictly followed to improve the statistics and status of our
country. Introduce awareness programs and educate women of society to bring a
change in their mind-sets.
We have less females
in our country in comparison to male ratio and we shouldn’t forget that the Creator
of the Universe is a Woman and she needs to be welcomed with love. Strive for a
child to add happiness in life, drop the fantasy of cherishing male child. I
believe it will have positive impact in our country and improve the condition
of our country.

(The views are solely mine and not influenced by anyone. Author Ila Varma.)

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This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the#Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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