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Mother’s lap is the first school of the kids and the first
words that babies babble are Maa & Mamma.

The first person that the baby recognizes is her mother,
first by her body smell and gradually by her face.

The impact of Mom is immense in the life of the baby. In initial
years, maximum time is spent with her mother and this influences the child to a
great extent.

I lead a life of Creativity and love to indulge in creating
things and the same thing, I instilled in my kids and it was a great fun along
with my tiny tots.

I believe in doing things on my own and I made my children
independent in this arena.
My eldest child, M loved drawing pictures and cartoons and
from the age of one and a half, he used to draw figures and different shapes of
different sizes.

When I was expecting my second child, the eldest one was
just one and a half and I had to manage him & myself all alone. My better
half was in marketing job and so his job demand was that maximum time, he was
on tour. As days came closer of delivery, I found it difficult to run after M
and so I devised a plan discovering my child’s interest in drawing.

I got drawing book and coloured pencil for him and guided
him to draw different shapes & sizes and he carried it out with great
interest. In this way, he was manageable and learnt the early techniques of
drawing and remained happy…in this way, he got creative and I got rest from
running after him in pregnancy.
As they grew up, I used to take their help in gardening, in
decorating the house on special occasions and in kitchen.

This way, they learnt great many things and their creativity
sparked and I loved their company.

Watching them learn and completing things with me satisfied
me to the core and I enjoyed doing in their company.

I don’t watch TV show much and I kept them busy after school
so that they watch less TV shows.

I believe that the gadgets kills creativity, it provides ready-made solutions and thus there is no place of creativity to grow.

Now they are grown up responsible kids and are well versed
in drawing, cooking, decorating homes and managing outside world with a

Creativity helped them to grow into positive mind-set

I request Moms of today to recognize the virtues of their
children and mould them accordingly.

Creativity helps children to grow into responsible
individuals and there are minimal chances to go astray.

Hope the readers will agree with my views.

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Thank You.


*Keep Smiling*

Family #Unconditional Love


Where can one find unconditional love?

Parents are the pillars of unconditional love and their love for their kids never ceases and the child is always a child in the eyes of their parents…they outgrow their lap but they never outgrow their hearts…that’s the beauty of love where there are no conditions, no boundaries…it is the love that is never tired of giving.

The day, woman comes to know of her pregnancy, her attention & focus shifts to the life that she is carrying in her womb and she tackles all the pregnancy blues to have a glimpse of the baby…the token of her love.

She goes through bone wracking pain for the sake of bringing a child…a mother knows of the pain that she undergoes to bring a life in the world…and the day she bears, it is her rebirth.

Parents are attached to their child but the intensity of attachment is at maxim in mothers, the reason is that she carries for nine months in her womb and the umbilical cord is severed to bring out the child, so the attachment is deep.

Parents are quite protective towards their children…it is not seen only in human…but you can see this attachment on all life on this earth who can bear offspring.

Watch the birds…how they feed their children, teach them to fly and how they protect their eggs & babies from enemies…even in animals, you will find the same unconditional love towards  their children and how beautifully they rear them, making them independent.

Why is Family important?

Man is a social animal and he needs people around to share and care and in the initial stage of life, family is the backbone of an individual and one is fully dependent on their parents, grandparents & siblings. The child learns the basics from family through trial n error and the family stands by through thick and thin to guide and hold when you stumble.

After blood relations, the role of friends in our life is appreciable and the good friends are not less than own siblings…we share our joys and sorrows and by sharing joys multiplies and sorrows gets divided.

When we are settled or completed education…we settle with the companion to share and care and procreate…at every juncture of life, we need family at the back end to support us mentally, physically, emotionally & financially and we pay the debts of our parents by bringing the child into the world and taking its responsibility.

Life is a circle…we reach at the same point we started our life though the characters & the characteristics change with time.

We all need a family to share our good & worst things of life and a shoulder to cry.

At one instance, family makes you powerful & courageous to fight against the odds of life and in another instances, this family  makes you weak and you are scared to lose someone.

Can’t fathom a world without family?

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Sibling Rivalry!!!

He and I were always on loggerheads. He was two years younger to me but he called me by my name and none disapproved because he was a boy, an awaited son after four daughters and was apple of the eye of all family members. I say all family members because we lived with our extended family.

I was the fourth daughter of the family and a distress to whole family when I was born. People wanted a son to carry the name of the family.

I hardly cared what his importance was. We were born to fight with each other either physically or verbally abusing each other…best example of sibling rivalry where we both couldn’t stand each other nor we could sit separate with each other…from where the attraction came to be seated in the same room, God knows…it seems the Law of Magnetism worked perfectly with us,“Like Poles Repel & Unlike Poles Attract”

When we were in kindergartens, we verbally abused each other but as we grew, we clashed physically and in the run of hitting each other, often one of us hit hard and got injured.

My Mom and elder sisters were at wit’s end and they tried different remedies to settle our scores and be amicable with each other…but literally, we never paid heed to it.

We enjoyed knocking, hurting & abusing each other.

Years rolled by but there was no improvement in our relationships…improvement was in our fights…we discovered improved tools to tease each other…we started pinching each other with the needles of compass and hit each other by rulers and getting stubborn with the passage of time.

My elder sis could not control her fears and one day, she spanked us hard and asked both of us not to talk with each other. She took promises from us that we won’t talk with each other.

It was deliberately done to put an end to this unending fight. We were in our teens…family people hurled such abuses that we  were worse than the guys of fish market…and really we were…we had learnt filthy and nasty remarks to ridicule each other…we both were competitors & complemented each other.

We stopped talking to each other but silent fight was on. He would hit me & I would pull his hair..but gradually with years, it came to a halt.

We got separated to pursue higher education and years after, we got married.

Gradually our interactions started over phone and after years of separation, I really missed him and recalling the childhood fancies, tears welled up and I missed him badly.

The separation brought us closer and our bond grew stronger and I could sense magic of warmth brewing in our relationship. Now, I feel that the bond was stronger in childhood too but the ways of expression was childish as sibling rivalry is, always ready to knock & attack each other either verbally or physically.

Now whenever we meet, we are quite amicable and understanding and now I find my kids at loggerheads, a bit refined in 21st century but more or less, they are the same as we were and when I am at my wit’s end, I recall my childhood days and refrain myself from scolding and a smile spreads recalling the glorious days of the past.

The gene of we two have sincerely passed into these four, two mine & two of my bro.

When my brother visits my place, I indulge in giving him a head massage with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil and don’t forget to pull his ears…he just smiles and says….”I miss those grand days of the past but the legacy is continued by our kids.”

And, we both laugh as how naughty we were.

Still examples of our fight is discussed in the family, our fights were so popular.

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Role Reversal #Quirky

These days it’s quite common for the Dads to take care of
the kids, due to nuclear family set up and if Mums are working then they have
to be more diligent in taking care of the child.

Earlier there were joint family set ups, so there were herd
of people to take care of the young ones & Mom- Dad did not had much
botheration if they were to go for outing, job or for some work.

But nowadays, after kids, if Mom has to go out then she
needs to plan quite prior to the day and it’s amicably decided that the Dad
will take leave from work to be iin-housetaking care of little ones.

In my case, my husband is fond of kids and he can go to any
length to keep them happy. I am too fond of kids but I am a disciplinarian and
see that the children doesn’t take advantage of my lenience. I am more
particular to the judgment but my husband is just my antonym (I added this word in lieu of opposite, just for fun).

Judgment stands on his mood, if he is happy, he won’t care.
He will fulfill all demands and if he is in the slack mood then genuine things too won’t be heard and in my case, it isn’t so.

I don’t move along with moods, I am judgmental in all
circumstances and I hook up with my take.

I have two boys, now they have outgrown my lap but the
memories are still intact as if it is the story of yesterday.

My tiny tots were manageable and I raised them into
independent child. It wasn’t easier to train but they were easy to manage…I
consider myself lucky.

I started working when my kids completed their primary
school, before that I managed business of pharmaceuticals operating from my
home, but still there were instances when I had to go out for some work and in those situations, my husband stayed back.
As soon as my kids came to know that I was going for an outing,
they were very happy, though they didn’t show externally I could sense from
their body language…Maa hoon naa.

They knew that their Papa will cook their favorites (he is
a good cook), will approve their demands for toys and games along with cold
drinks, chocolates & chips and they would be free to move freely in the
house, jump on the sofa etc…a complete masti day.

Once I was getting ready for the outing, then I overheard
the conversation of Dad and beta:
“Papa, mummy jab
jayegi to mujhe wo wala toy dila dena.”
So was the prakop (wrath) of Mummy in my house.

And Papa smartly didn’t reply in words, just shook his head
in affirmation.

As soon as I would be ready to leave, their best question
propped up, “Mummy, kab aaogi?”

I would just smile, I understood the meaning of their smart

And both boys in unison will say, “Yayyyyy” & Dad was
happy too.

He would cook their favorite delicacies and after having
food, he would snore and these smarty’s had immense freedom to watch cartoons, play around uncaring about the furnishings.

They celebrated the day as their independence day.

After having good sleep, he would take them to market to buy
the goods of their choice.
As I stepped inside, the younger one will come to me with
his toys and very innocently would say, “Dekho naa, Papa khareed diye hain”

The smart explanation they had and Dad would be busy in keeping
the things in their place so that I don’t give sermons to all.

My hubby’s body language clearly communicated that he had a
sound sleep.

In conclusion, all the three of them enjoyed to the fullest
in my absence.

If I complained, “You are encouraging them to be undisciplined.”
His simple reply, “You are there to handle & bachche
tumse darte hain aur hum bhi”
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When I was A Child!!!

As I was flipping through the pages of the album, this snap of mine with my brother, my perfect partner in crime…Don’t go on his looks…he looks cute & innocent but he is away from these two in practical life.

Blogadda WOW prompt, “When I was a child” prompted me to meander down the lane of childhood n bring back the sweet memories of past, where we fussed so much that at times, Mom used to get annoyed and lose patience but we hardly cared.

Childhood days are the wonderful days of our life…now when I rewind the gone days, I feel at a loss to have severed myself from the golden era of life where we only knew, life means fun & we fully enjoyed n at times, enjoyed the look on the face of my Mom, an anxious look but her love for us made her forget our tantrums.

There is a gap of only two years between brothers and when we were small, we started crying & throwing tantrums simultaneously…but now I remember how patiently she handled silently.

The days of childhood are the best because there is no stress and the children are the king of house and elders shower all their love and affection and pamper us so much that we feel loved and center of attraction.

There are no policies to be followed, no routine to stick to, no cut-throat competition, no thought of leg pulling, no thought of status and dignity. All seem equal, no disparity…Yeah, Life is a just wonderful garden and the children are the lovely flowers of the garden.

Just watch the glow on my face on getting a tricycle as a birthday gift, now even if I get a Mercedes then too such a smile won’t spread on my face now. This is the true innocence of a child, who is not worried about financial management and receiving gifts of his choice leaves him drenched in joy & satisfaction and the shelter of parents means a lot, which I miss now.

Crying and sprawling on the floor to gather the attention of parents…can I do the same now…if I repeat it, I would be taken as a mental case…My name is the same n my parents are the same…So what changed My temper, my outlook, my perceptions. In early days, we don’t have any inhibitions and we act as heart says.

The golden era moved out with life but reminiscences are fresh in memory and I love to dwell in those moments of love and laughter and these snaps of childhood give me goosebumps n revive the past glory.

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Innocent Boy!!!

Whenever I see this picture, mixed feeling arises within and I’m reminded of my younger son, Tuktuk, who cried at the time of every haircut till the age of two and a half and no amount of cajoling could stop him from crying, even the glimpse of this child is very close to my son’s look, when he was a toddler.

This picture gives me goosebumps and tears flood my eyes n blurr my vision..and I feel like taking the child in my arms close to heart…My child is now a big man who has completed silver jubilee of his age but when I meander down the lane and recall the past memories, I feel as if it is of yesterday.

On Sundays, my husband planned to go for hair-cutting with his two tiny tots…They got ready fast on pretext of riding on LML vespa, the common scooter of those times..but the happiness subsided of Tuktuk as he landed at the salon for hair cut and as the barber readied him to start the cutting, he use to cry on top of the voice. This went for more than a year, the passers by hoarded at the salon to watch the child crying inconsolably.

When he was about to complete two and a half years n could explain things, then I asked him,

“Why you make so much hulla at salon, do you want to keep the hair long as girls?”

“Mummy, you don’t know, it pains a lot that’s why I cry” He explained me innocently and I was bowled over by his expressions.

I cuddled him in my embrace and explained him that hair cutting is not painful n asked him not to cry next time.

That day, I understood the reason n laughed at his innocence.

Gradually, he came out of this habit n I could just say, Mera Masoom bachcha.

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She!!! #Daughter #Girlchild



Ready for the world

She came like a shooting star
She didn’t had the inkling
Her life was for war.

The day she dawned
In her mother’s lap
She kissed
Showering all her love.

As doctor declared
She was a girl
Mother’s radiant eyes
Fond with love
Changed to scorn
And the people around
Was in frown
Appeared as if they were
Under the burden of tonnes.
She was ignorant of 
The rhythm
Humming around
She was crying 
in full pace
Welcoming the beautiful world 
With grace.
She never knew
The beautiful world
Would rasp her
Concealing her freedom
Reducing her to a mere object
Rejecting her from every corners.

Ila Varma 15-10-2016


Razzle, Dazzle, Sparkle!


In the winters

When the sun stood bright

We two ferried in the park

To swing & sway

In the open fields

Which dazzled

With pretty flowers & sparkled green.


It was amazing

To meander on the lane

The groves standing by

Leaning towards each other

Ready to hug one another.


The colourful birds

Chirping & cooing


Hither & thither

Was a razzle sight

To watch.


The colorful fishes

In the pond

Ambled & tumbled

Sparkled in the bright sun.


We were awed

To observe the nature fun

We cooed like the birds

Swim like the fishes

And hugged like the trees.


We learnt to live in harmony


Our fights forever!

© Ila Varma 08-10-2016

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A Lesson to Remember!!!


When I was in my childhood, I did not have the privilege of TV, radio was there but it wasn’t for the kids of the house, so we were entirely dependent upon our Granny for the story-time or story hours.

Normally, the time was fixed, so I mentioned story hours, either in the afternoons or at bedtime…now when I recall those days, I laugh out loud…humko bekawoof banaya jaata tha…kaise…We were Oddball, they wanted to get rid of us in afternoons to relax. The storytelling was so interesting that we slept in mid of it and the ladies of the house ke chehre par muskurat n kamar ko thoda I understand fully because we too did more or less the same…Current generation’s notable kids lie down in front of TV & Computer, elders sleep and they are wide awake…Smart kids!

I remember one story told by my Granny, I recall more often because it conveys a lesson that we need to remember or follow in our life.

Story: There was a  man, Shyam, who had domesticated two donkeys Hira & Sona for his business. He lived in a village and often went to town in terms of his business. He had to cross the river to reach the town. When he had to carry the stocks, both the donkeys were his carriers & they accompanied him.

Both the donkeys shared good rappo and were quite perky with each other.

Once Hira got a load of salt & Sona got a load of cotton on his back. Hira was walking swiftly & Sona was moving slowly.

After walking for a half distance, Shyam lied under the shade of a tree to relax and so the Hira & Sona.

“Why you are walking so slowly, Hira” Sona asked.

“It’s very heavy, I am finding it difficult,” Hira said to Sona.

Again, they started for the town along with their master Shyam.

While crossing the river, Hira stumbled and fell in the river.

Shyam helped Hira to get back on his legs.

When he stood back, he felt relieved and gained speed. Sona watched wide-eyed the terrific change and asked Hira the reason.

“Bhai, I got hurt but the salt load reduced after falling into the river,” Hira said to Sona.

Sona thought that he too should follow the same and deliberately he stumbled n fell in the water.

Again, Shyam tried to help him but the cotton soaked in water increased the load and it was unmanageable for Shyam to manage Sona.

Hira understood the story of Sona, he did it in greed and the result was that he could not stand back. Anyhow, he was dragged out of the water but it was the last day of Sona’s life.

He breathed last.

Hira was unhappy over the loss of his friend but he felt pity for his friend and on his greed..

Cotton is light and he should not have stumbled with a purpose. Hira’s stumbled by mistake and it was the bad luck of Shyam that salt dissolved in water, so it was a loss for their master n it was blessing in disguise that a load of Hira reduced.

The moral behind this story is that Never Imitate Others Without Knowing The Whole Story & Don’t Be Greedy.

The God above watches us and if he feels that life is cheating with a purpose, he punishes there and then.

We can’t see God but can feel his judgment.

Someone has rightly said, “Upar wale ke laathi main aawaz nahin hoti.”

It’s perfectly true.

Come on Guys, Storytime is over for today. Again will be back with another interesting piece tagged with a moral behind.

The best part of Granny’s stories was that they had a lesson behind and this lesson is quite practical to follow.

I summed this with my quote, “In Trying To Grab More, I May Lose What I Intend To Gain!” © Ila Varma 2015

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Child’s Talk

A Child asks: When we will quit from learning?

I said: Never, it goes on.

Child: O My God, I thought after few years, I will be free from the burden of books.

I said: No Dear, A long way to go. This is your best period of life, enjoy.

Child: How you say best? I think elders are better, no studies, no scolding and free to do what you like.

I said: You are mistaken, my boy. You are at your best. The things that you see and perceive is unreal, reality is quite harsh and difficult for you to understand. Be happy that you are in golden period of life.

This is not the story of one child, every child observes their elders and believe that the elders are far better than them.

Their reasoning is simple, they observe that the elders are free to move at any time of the day, they 

can spend money as per their choice and they feel that they are at loss. 

They observe the superficial things and don’t know what is the situation behind the curtain.

They realize the day they step in their shoes, this is the basic fact of life.


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